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Multi-modal auto complete function for a connection
System and method for integrating projects events with personal calendar and scheduling clients
Producing method of polymer optical waveguide
Heat roller
Exposure apparatus, image forming apparatus and heat adjustment method
Position measurement system
Method for remote proofing of DFE color architecture
Patch codes with improved robustness
System and method for creating patterned encoded halftones
Array based sensor to measure single separation or mixed color (or IOI) patches on the photoreceptor...
Method and system for preparing grayscale image files for highlight printing on a four color printer
Corona charging device cleaning apparatus and method of cleaning a corona charging device
Image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus and method for producing charging roll
Operating method and device, and image processing apparatus using the same
Facsimile and information processing apparatus
Tilt control method and apparatus for optical disc recording and playback apparatus
Employee internet management device
User authorization system and method for a sedation and analgesia system
Ceramic sintered product and method for production thereof, and decorative member using the ceramic ...
Multiple bus charge sharing
Transmission system enabling reliable reception by a single device of information in channels concur...
Optical phase shift device and antenna system utilizing same
Skateboard deck and spring-based truck
Semiconductor package having non-ceramic based window frame
Current comparator using wide swing current mirrors
High-speed, low-power input buffer for integrated circuit devices
Low skew differential amplifier using tail voltage reference and tail feedback
Power consumption of display apparatus during still image display mode
Imaging apparatus
Image forming apparatus with sensing member that senses reflection of light rays from an intermediat...
Communication apparatus changing measuring methods of communication quality
Vehicle and control device and control method for the same
Industrial endoscope
Device for shortening hairs by means of laser induced optical breakdown effects
Metal component treated by putting sublayers in compression, and method of obtaining such a componen...
Liquid jet apparatus, printing apparatus, and method of adjusting phase of drive pulse
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device production system
Etchant composition, methods of patterning conductive layer and manufacturing flat panel display dev...
Aqueous blends and films comprising a first electrically conducting conjugated polymer and a second ...
High efficiency light emitting diode (LED) with optimized photonic crystal extractor
Semiconductor light-emitting device with wavelength change material
Method for fabricating light-emitting device through inspection
Electronic device with an electroluminescence lens mask
Method for manufacturing an organic semiconductor device that utilizes ionic salt
Dropwise deposition of a patterned oxide superconductor
Monolithic semiconductor ceramic capacitor having varistor function and method for manufacturing mon...
Layered product olefin foam and use
Optical unit using plastic lenses
Apparatus and method of monitoring operating parameters of a gas turbine
Hologram-recording material, hologram-recording medium, and hologram-recording method
Biosensor for the detection of protein kinase A, and kit comprising the same
Method and device for detecting ammonia odors and helicobacter pylori urease infection
Atomic layer deposited barium strontium titanium oxide films
Solid state multi frequency fluorometric measurements system and method
Piezoelectric element and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element
Liquid crystal display device
Downhole sensor assembly
Methods for improving the structure and function of arterioles
Financial transaction system and method
Bulk polymerization reactor methods
Time polynomial Arrow-Debreu market equilibrium
Secure printing via a wireless internet service
Authorizing radio frequency transactions using a keystroke scan
Shrub rose plant named `Radliv`
Game system and image generating method
Remote control systems that can distinguish stray light sources
Modeling protocol transactions as formal languages with applications for workflow analysis
Automated transaction machine
Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, electron source, image display device and inf...
Producing method for electron-emitting device and electron source, and image display apparatus utili...
Dielectric antenna
Optical resin film and polarizing film and liquid crystal display device using the same
Process for making microlens arrays and masterforms
Electrical double layer capacitor and production method therefor
Method for fabricating wiring board and an apparatus for fabricating wiring board
Open-work knitted textile resin infusion medium and reinforcing composite lamina
Recovering ethylene and vinyl acetate from the residual gas stream of vinyl ester-ethylene copolymer...
De-foaming spray dried catalyst slurries
Methods and Apparatuses to Secure Data Transmission in RFID Systems Against Eavesdropping
Electronic Device and a Method for Transfer of Data
Signal processing in electronic apparatus
Locatable and Autonomously Powered Backscatter Transponder for Registering Measured Variables
System and Method for Providing Information About Broadcasted Content
Adaptive Noise Figure Control in a Radio Receiver
System and Method for Determining Mobile Telephone Voice Quality in a Live Network
Mobile Communication System and Mobile Unit
Location dependent handling of mobile subscribers
Technique for Performing a Random Access Procedure Over a Radio Interface
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imaging
Sputter coating system
Withdraw-in and withdraw-out apparatus for air circuit breaker
Reset cradle for a quick rekey cylinder
Key distribution for encrypted broadcast data using minimal system bandwidth
ABCA1 elevating compounds
Polymorphic crystal of 4'-{2-[ (1S, 2R)--2- hydroxy-2- (4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-methylethylamino]ethoxy}...
Intra-luminal device for gastrointestinal stimulation
Method for predicting treatment classes using animal behavior informatics
Cellulose fiber-based filters
Muteins of fibroblast growth factor 21
Selective VPAC2 receptor peptide agonists
Derivatives of isothiazol-3(2H)-one 1,1-dioxides as liver X receptor modulators
Tri(cyclo) substituted amide compounds
Azacycloalkane derivatives as inhibitors of stearoyl-coenzyme a delta-9 desaturase
Hydroxy alkyl substituted 1,3,8-triazaspiro[4.5]decan-4-one derivatives useful for the treatment of ...
Pyrrolopyridine derivative and use thereof
Light-emitting device and method for providing phototherapy to the brain
Infiltrant matrix powder and product using such powder
Wader with air ventilated legsock attachments
Watch case
Rotational nozzle
Methods and apparatus for dynamic signal processing
Vehicles with dual path hydromechanical transmissions
System and method for major trading area (MTA) routing in a telecommunications network
Methods and systems for providing duplicate point code support in a signaling message routing node
Dual-axes hinge part for hinged components
Telephone hook switch using non-contact capacitive sensor and telephone using the same
Radio communication system
Peer to peer voice over IP network with distributed call processing
Systems and methods for discovering features in a communication device
Communication systems and methods for switching communication services
Subscriber aggregated power
Apparatus and method for voice conversion using attribute information
Communication management system for computer network-based telephones
Rotational split adaptor
Method and apparatus for an electric meter
System and method for collection and redistribution of video conferences
Method of monitoring the quality of a realtime communication
Music stand for pianos
Hammer keyboard system and chassis
Chinrest device for musical instrument, method and kit
Drum lift
Percussion instrument spinner
Tuning device for musical instruments and computer program for the same
Song search system and song search method
Musical content utilizing apparatus
Expressing music
String musical instrument
Head assembly for string instruments and method for manufacturing string instruments
Ported bevel for musical instrument and method for making the same
Process for producing a capsular polysaccharide for use in conjugate vaccines
Multipurpose tooth paste dispenser
Internet based mobile device tracking and interactive communication system and method
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless termi...
Web-enabled subscription marketing application
Method and system to archive data
System and method for continuous monitoring and measurement of performance of computers on network
Store and forward architecture
Method for controlling home automation system
Deployable secure communication system
Internet protocol phone system and control method for internet protocol phone system
Methods and systems for online transaction processing
Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
Online educational trust creation and management
Product protection gateway and method for checking the authenticity of products
Method and apparatus for representing text using search engine, document collection, and hierarchal ...
System and method of correcting video data errors
Systems for dynamically allocating finite or unique resources
Method, system and business model for a buyer's auction with near perfect information using the inte...
Electronic check presentment system and method having an item sequence capability
System and method for managing dedicated use of a credit account
Methods and apparatus for updating credit bureau data
Validating negotiable documents using public document validation profiles
Escrow method for settlement of tax liens ("EMSTL".TM.) (federal, state, local) of lienholders again...
Method for migrating financial and indicative plan data between computerized record keeping systems ...
System for facilitating selection of investments
System and method for electronic trading and delivery of a commoditized product
Systems and methods for interactive beef cattle marketplace
Financial exchange system and method
System and method for providing automated trade confirmation
Method and system for providing option spread indicative quotes
Method for producing polarizing plate, polarizing plate, optical film, and image display
Tetrafluoroethylene/hexafluoropropylene copolymers with higher drawability
Spinal fusion implant
Spiral shaped filter
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Nonwoven fibrous mat for MERV filter and method
Methods and compositions for identifying anti-HCV agents
Monitoring camera
Permeable container receiving a volatile agent for air treatment, in particular of a ventilating, he...
Waste water treatment apparatus and waste water treatment method
Cold weld hermetic MEMS package and method of manufacture
Apparatus for producing nano-particles of silver
Multiple magnet coil in gap generator
Electrostatically-controlled diffraction gratings using ionic electrophoresis
Method of applying a polymer thick-film resistive paste for making polymer thick-film resistor havin...
Modification of selectivity for sensing for nanostructure device arrays
Method for operating photosensitive device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having organic semiconductor film
Source code annotation language
Software updating system and method
Method and system for peer-to-peer software distribution with a package builder
Mechanism for reducing remote memory accesses to shared data in a multi-nodal computer system
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
Strategies for scheduling bandwidth-consuming media events
System and method for authorizing use of a connection device coupled to a processing system
Policy engine and methods and systems for protecting data
Representing non-structured features in a well formed document
Startup and control of graph-based computation
Computer-implemented system and method for facilitating and evaluating user thinking about an arbitr...
System and method to customize the facilitation of development of user thinking about an arbitrary p...
Cognitive image filtering
Updating estimated process runtime
Self learning event parser
Method and apparatus for automatically providing expert analysis-based advice
System and method of load balancing using fuzzy logic
Registration system and duplicate entry detection algorithm
Methods for the construction and maintenance of a knowledge representation system
Reliability measure for a classifier
Systems and methods for performing quantum computations
Sampling messages from a data feed
Systems and methods for new time series model probabilistic ARMA
Process for the creation of fuzzy cognitive maps from Monte Carlo simulation generated Meta Model
Parameter adjuster
Adaptive configuration of platform
Automated adaptive computer support system generating problem solutions having confidence levels use...
Invariant object recognition
System and method providing utility-based decision making about clarification dialog given communica...
Visual representation tool for structured arguments
System for accessing multimedia files from a mobile terminal
Rotating slide-type mobile communication terminal
Speaker apparatus and a computer system incorporating same
Escalated handling of non-realtime communications
Method and system for sharing brand information
On-demand data-providing system for transmitting stream of content in real time
Steganographic method and device
Current controlling circuit arrangement and associated method for reducing crosstalk
Supply of power utilizing fuel cell and rechargeable storage portion
Single feedback input for regulation at both positive and negative voltage levels
Battery pack controller with specific battery voltage detection
Constant-voltage circuit capable of reducing time required for starting, semiconductor apparatus inc...
Portable power supply and recharging apparatus
Current regulator and method therefor
Information handling system capable of operating with a power adapter having a power rating lower th...
Apparatus and method for flywheel current injection for a regulator
PWM/PFM control circuit and switching power supply circuit
Voltage generator
Low power and high accuracy band gap voltage reference circuit
Battery management apparatus
Digital bandgap reference and method for producing reference signal
Clock generator with reduced electromagnetic interference for DC-DC converters
Power source apparatus
Programmable calibration circuit for power supply current sensing and droop loss compensation
Electric power supply system
DC power source with fuel cell and electric power storage device
Battery charger casing
Cosmetic preparation containing a metallic pigment
Methods for determining a safe end of scan for generational garbage collection
System and method for computer automatic memory management
2-phenylpyran-4-one derivatives as selective COX-2 inhibitors
Vitamin D receptor modulators
Method and apparatus for providing data communication in data monitoring and management systems
Particulate water absorbent agent and production method thereof, and water absorbent article
Cyanopyrrole-containing cyclic carbamate and thiocarbamate biaryls and methods for preparing the sam...
Taxane derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Electric beverage heater
Coffee dispensing device and method
Luminescent lanthanide complexes with imine ligands and devices made with such complexes
Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Organic metal compounds in which compounds for host and compounds for dopant are connected, organic ...
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescence element having two electroluminescent layers through electron barrier la...
Luminescent device
White electroluminescent polymeric material and preparation thereof
Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Color electroluminescent displays including photoluminescent phosphor layer
Composite thin film holding substrate, transparent conductive film holding substrate, and panel ligh...
Solution processed crosslinkable hole injection and hole transport polymers for OLEDs
Signal line driving circuit, light emitting device, and method for driving the same
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Light emitting device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Organic light-emitting device with a phosphor-sensitized fluorescent emission layer
Light emitting device and method for fabricating light emitting device
Network-based database communication system
Projection optical system and method for photolithography and exposure apparatus and method using sa...
Optocoupler current transfer ratio temperature compensation method and apparatus
Solid state imaging device with reduced cell pitch and driving method thereof
Accelerometer comprising an optically resonant cavity
Optical system for inputting pointer and character data into electronic equipment
Device for regenerating an optical signal, the use of such a device, and an installation including s...
Substrate, method of exposing a substrate, machine readable medium
5-substituted hydantoin racemase, DNA coding for the racemase, and processes for producing optically...
Optically active halohydrin derivative and process for producing optically active epoxy alcohol deri...
Process for producing optically active ester
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Quick change barrel system for a firearm
Ignition element
Structural system with high absorption capacity to impactive and impulsive loads
Device to separate the links of an ammunition belt
Fire control mechanism for selectable fire
Method of manufacturing connecting rod
Gas turbine engine assembly and methods of assembling same
Combined radial and axial bearing
Offset thrust bearing
Abrasion resistant pump thrust bearing
Laminated composite material, production and use thereof
Apparatus and method for determining patterns of damage being caused in rolling contact element
Motorcycle engine and assembling method thereof
Linear guide and under seal
Linear guide device
Fluid dynamic-pressure bearing device and spindle motor
Slip joint for use in steering system
Thrust bearing
Wiper bearing
Bearing with lubricant reservoir
Integral tandem bearing for high speed flexible shafts
Apparatus for aligning first and second tool sections and tool utilizing same
Dynamic pressure bearing motor
Controllable load apparatus
Abdominal muscle standing exerciser
Apparatus and method for increasing, monitoring, measuring, and controlling perspiratory water and s...
Weight selection and adjustment system for selectorized dumbbells including motorized selector posit...
Method and apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
Compact multi-function exercise apparatus
Resistance exercise machine
Method for forming buried contact electrode of semiconductor device having pn junction and optoelect...
Method of manufacturing directional coupler
Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand
Senate card game
Players choice blackjack
Collapsible game table
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Motor vehicle entertainment unit with a printer
Network-extensible reconfigurable media appliance
Scalable vehicle processing system
Three card blackjack
Card table, card table topper and card serving track
Skinnable rotating dart board game
Methods and apparatuses for indicating and/or adjusting tension in pliant tension members, including...
Terminal docking port for an operational ground support system
Passenger seating arrangement
Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed
Aircraft ejection seat system
Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof
Sealed structural passenger window assembly and method of forming same
Pressure responsive blowout latch
Aircraft door arrangement
Internal security door for an aircraft
Attaching panels to support structures in an aircraft
Rotating air cargo delivery system and method of construction
Reefing apparatus for controlling the inflation of a gliding wing parachute
Digital programmable driver for solenoid valves and associated method
Catalyzed decomposing structural payload foam
Conformable skin element system for active vortex control
Link mechanisms for gapped rigid krueger flaps, and associated systems and methods
Device and method for transmitting and providing the power of capacitive actuators
Modular aircraft control system and method
Methods and systems for controlling multi-body vehicles with fuel slosh
Semiconductor device having overlay measurement mark and method of fabricating the same
Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Mounting and adhesive layer for semiconductor components
Monolithically integrated light-activated thyristor and method
Apparatus comprising an avalanche photodiode
Semiconductor devices having polymetal gate electrodes
Non-volatile memory and method for manufacturing non-volatile memory
Electro-static discharge protection circuit and method for fabricating the same
Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
Optical leadless leadframe package
Heat dissipation device
Vertically integrated system-in-a-package
Hermetic interconnect structure and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Method for arranging print head chips
Substrates for optical die structures
Combined sensor and bearing assembly
Method for building virtual private networks using routers
Automated probe card planarization and alignment methods and tools
Method and apparatus for facilitating interaction between a home subscriber server (HSS) and a home ...
Method and apparatus to manage a resource
Synchronizing call feature data between an IMS network and a legacy network
Method of transmitting paging indicator and notification indicator and corresponding modulation and ...
Locating and tracking acoustic sources with microphone arrays
Enhanced approach of m-array decoding and error correction
Method of filtering an image for high precision machine vision metrology
Segmented fiber optic sensor and method
Fiber optic connector holder
Multi-bit memory technology (MMT) and cells
System and methods for detecting network failure
Scalable and fault-tolerant link state routing protocol for packet-switched networks
Mixture including hydrogen and hydrocarbon having pressure-temperature stability
Emulsified feedstock for hydrocarbon process units that incorporate spray atomization
Maleate Salts of 6-(5-Chloro-2-Pyridyl)-5-[(4-Methyl-1-Piperazinyl)Carbonyloxy]-7-oxo-6,7-- dihydro-...
Preparations of new polymorphic forms of varenicline tartrate
Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms
Substituted indole derivatives
Tricyclic Angiotensin II Agonists
Methods for monitoring IL-18
Substituted Benzo-Condensed Cycloheptanone Derivatives And Their Use For Producing Drugs
Therapeutic Molecules and their Uses
Mitotic Progression Genes and Methods of Modulating Mitosis
N-Phenyloxamide derivatives
Means for the inhibition of anti-beta1-adrenergic receptor antibodies
Disease-associated proteins
Pharmaceutically Active Antiviral Peptides
Metastin derivatives and use thereof
Use of atp for the manufacture of a medicament for the prevention and treatment of oxidative stress ...
Organic compounds
Novel Triazolopyridine Compounds for the Treatment of Inflammation
Duct mapping device using sonde
Method and system for routing emergency data communications
Method and system to improve the transport of compressed video data
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Telephone call log email
Method, system, and articles for providing a family telecommunication service
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call cont...
Method and apparatus for managing lightpaths in optically-routed networks
Employing different signal thresholds based on type of information transmitted
Method and system for protocol feature communication
System and method for targeted tuning module of a speech recognition system
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for associating dynamic sound content with a web page ...
Providing automated gift registry functionality to assist a user in purchasing an item for a recipie...
Electronic financial assistant
Parakeratosis inhibitor, pore-shrinking agent,or rough skin preventing/ameliorating agent, and exter...
Heterologous Protein Production Using The Twin Arginine Translocation Pathway
Triprenyl phenol compound, process for production of triprenyl phenol compound, and thrombolysis enh...
Process for the isolation of paclitaxel
Method for Producing Optically Active Alpha-Ionone
Method of Risk Management for Patients Undergoing Natalizumab Treatment
Method and apparatus for reducing a nitrogen oxide, and control thereof
Curable base-resistant fluoroelastomers
Process for the synthesis of 2,5-Dihydroxyterephthalic acid
External pressure plate glazing element
Liquid crystalline polymer composition
Process of making staple fibers
Extrusion process and product
Fluorosulfates of hexafluoroisobutylene and its higher homologs and their derivatives
Spun yarn, and method and apparatus for the manufacture thereof
Rotary process for forming uniform material
Electroblowing fiber spinning process
Method for the production of 1,3-propanediol by recombinant organisms comprising genes for coenzyme ...
Two step preparation of random polyoxadiazole copolymer and articles resulting therefrom
Coated printing papers
Optical detection of label-free biomolecular interactions using microreplicated plastic sensor eleme...
Pt-Pd diesel oxidation catalyst with CO/HC light-off and HC storage function
Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing honeycomb structure
Use of vinic alcohol in personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes
Poly(arylene ether) composition, method, and article
Polymerization catalysts for producing polymers with low levels of long chain branching
Light filter having a wedge-shaped profile
Process for anodically coating aluminum and/or titanium with ceramic oxides
Toner compositions including styrene containing external additives
Titanium dioxide pigments, process for the production thereof, and resin compositions containing the...
Highly active photocatalyst particles, method of production therefor, and use thereof
Air purification wall
Supported catalysts with controlled metal cluster size
Portion of a sprayer head
Surface indicia for a container
Dip-tube positioner
Hydroxyl polymer web structures comprising a tuft
Liquid detergent composition exhibiting enhanced .alpha.-amylase enzyme stability
Packaging container
Portions of a container
Front waistband of a diaper
Indicia for laundry treatment product
Disposable nonwoven cleansing mitt
Disposable absorbent article products with improved stages of development identification
Fibrous structure comprising an oil system
Oligomeric alkyl glyceryl sulfonate and/or sulfate surfactant mixture and a detergent composition co...
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Secondary package for dispenser
Sanitary towel
Methods for the detection of cervical cancer
Aligned scaffolds for improved myocardial regeneration
Branched carboxylic acid compound and use thereof
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand fusion proteins
Substituted acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Method and device for the delivery of a substance
Ligand for G-protein coupled receptor FPRL2 and uses thereof
Eyewear supporting after-market electrical components
Administration of TLR7 ligands and prodrugs thereof for treatment of infection by hepatitis C virus
Morpholinyl piperidine glycine transporter inhibitors
Aralkyl-alcohol peiperazine derivatives and their uses as antidepressant
Amide derivatives as ion-channel ligands and pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the sa...
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Spirocyclic heterocyclic derivatives and methods of their use
Synthesis of thienopyridinone compounds and related intermediates
Substituted amides
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Thiazole-based nitric oxide donors having alkyl substituent(s) and uses thereof
5,6-dihydro-1H-pyridin-2-one compounds
Pyrro[1,2-b]pyridazinone compounds
System for optimizing application start-up
Plug-in model
Compact production of reformate and segregated H.sub.2, N.sub.2 and CO.sub.2
Fuel processor for use in a fuel cell system
Methods and systems for gasification system waste gas decomposition
Method of optimizing operating efficiency of fuel cells
Reformer and process for reacting fuel and oxidizer into reformate
Fuel cell voltage feedback control system
Analysis and use of cardiographic bioimpedance measurements
Espresso maker
Continuous production and packaging of perishable goods in low oxygen environments
Method of improving abrasion resistance of plastic article and article produced thereby
Mold assembly having a pressure reducing device
Image transfer sheet for electrophotography, method for manufacturing image recorded medium using th...
Radiation curable ink compositions and applications thereof
Percutaneous gastrointestinal anchoring kit
Apparatus and method for liquid sample testing
Diffusely-reflecting polarizer having nearly isotropic continuous phase
Single-shot rifle
Self-contained, non-intrusive data acquisition in ammunition
Insulated cartridge case and ammunition, method for manufacturing such cases and ammunition, and use...
Dipole antenna projectile with sensor
Operating element for a telescopic sight
Weapon extractor and cartridge
Method for blocking discharge of firearm
Weapon system retention device
Position sensing based on ultrasound emission
Target positioner
Method of volume visualization
Optical coherence tomography system
Method and apparatus for processing information
Diagnostics device comprising an X-ray system with coordinated frequency operation
Integrated collimator handling system and method
Method and apparatus for determining treatment for stroke
System providing visualization of magnetic field intensity variation
System for detecting position of capsule endoscope in subject
Methods and apparatus for securing a therapy delivery device within a burr hole
Contrast agents to improve gastrointestinal tract opacification during abdominal and pelvic CT scans
Medical-use image data analyzing apparatus and method of analysis using the same
Method and apparatus for embolism analysis
Method for correcting image artifacts due to detector overexposure in computed tomography
System and method for using learned discriminative models to segment three dimensional colon image d...
Automotive vehicle seat having a comfort system
Method for improving body weight uniformity and increasing carcass yield in animals
Software controlled access control door controller
Method for storing and/or changing state-information of a memory as well as integrated circuit and d...
Radio frequency identification device and method
RFID antenna circuit board
Method for supporting an antenna wiring, and a system
RFID antenna circuit board
Method and system for tracking containers having metallic portions, covers for containers having met...
Security tag adapter for containers
Folded dipole loop antenna having matching circuit integrally formed therein
Optoelectronic system for sensing an electric field signal
Catalytic hydrogenation processes
Electrically conductive concrete and controlled low strength materials having spent carbon sorbent
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method for producing hydrogen by chemical process using heat with electricity
Controlled fabrication of gaps in electrically conducting structures
Low equivalent weight ionomer
Precursor containing copper indium and gallium for selenide (sulfide) compound formation
Battery structures, self-organizing structures and related methods
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
Adenosine receptor antagonists and methods of making and using the same
Imidazoyl-benzamide anti-cancer agents
Solid polymer electrolyte
Synthesis of poly(arylene)s copolymers containing pendant sulfonic acid groups bonded to naphthalene...
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Plating method
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Face cradle insert device
Use of mannan from saccharomyces cerevisiae for the treatment of asthma
Nucleic acids and polypeptides of C.sub.1 bacteriophage and uses thereof
Salt and crystalline forms of (2R)-anti-5-{3-[4-(10,11-difluoromethanodibenzosuber-5-YL)piperazin-1-...
Aryl aniline .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Monolithic active pixel dosimeter
Magnetic resonance angiography with automated vessel segmentation
Multi-chamber cardiac capture detection using cross chamber sensing
Fixing device for image forming apparatus
Working cylinder with terminal position damping
Coolant nozzle
Transmission with resistance torque control
Solenoid valve combining a core and cartridge in a single piece
Method for the production of cyclohexanone
Hand-held dental tool
Magnet valve
Gradient coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
RF coil for MRI apparatus, method of using RF coil for MRI apparatus, and MRI apparatus
System and apparatus for providing electrical and cooling interconnections in a magnetic resonance i...
Cross-drive impedance measurement circuits for sensing audio loads on CODEC channels
Arrangement for magnetic field measurement
Systems, methods and apparatus for a partially elongated field of view in a magnetic resonance imagi...
Electromagnetic clutch
Radio-frequency acquisition device for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Arrangement for signal conversion
Magnetic field generator, photomagnetic information storing system, and photomagnetic information st...
Multi-frequency electromagnetic field generator
System and method for monitoring operation of a press assembly
Wear detector for ink fountain films
Printing material sheet gripper and method for producing the sheet gripper
Sheet delivery for a printing press
Cylinder for processing sheets of printing material and printing press having the cylinder
Sheet combining device and a method for combining sheets
Longitudinal folding device
Human monoclonal antibody against TGF-.beta. type II receptor and medicinal use thereof
Compositions and methods to modulate an immune response to an immunogenic therapeutic agent
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Reduction of phenolic compound precursors in tobacco
Method for removing carbon-containing residues from a substrate
Papermaker's forming fabric with cross-direction yarn stitching and ratio of top machine direction y...
Alkali-free glass
Raw material carbon composition for carbon material for electrode in electric double layer capacitor
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Semiconductor light emitting device
Atomic layer deposited titanium-doped indium oxide films
Method for micromachining metallic materials
Controlling tar by quenching cracked effluent from a liquid fed gas cracker
Gas conduit for plasma gasification reactors
Odor control composition
Biaxial-optical polynorbornene-based film and method of manufacturing the same, integrated optical c...
ALD film forming method
Personal exercise system
Video endoscope
Method for manufacturing a thin film semiconductor device
Roller curtain device
Nucleobase phosphonate analogs for antiviral treatment
Transmission method, transmitter, reception method, and receiver
Rack-mounted fishing rod holder for bicycle
Bicycle seat lock
Bicycle wheel covers
Bicycle frame whose bearings will not be pressed
Training bench for cyclists
Multi-use linkage device
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
Programmable communicator
System and method for fitting clothing
Method to synchronize and upload an offloaded network stack connection with a network stack
Opacifying particles
Particles having an organized internal structure which are dispersed in an aqueous phase, the prepar...
Medical device employing liquid crystal block copolymers and method of making the same
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Pigment dispersion with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Stabilized unsaturated polyester resin mixtures
Video Processing with Multiple Graphical Processing Units
Scalable Scan-Based Test Architecture With Reduced Test Time And Test Power
Hydrophobic formulations and vessel surfaces comprising same
Zero index material omnireflectors and waveguides
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing microfeatures on workpieces using plasma vapor processes
High electron mobility transistor semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Resonant structures and methods for encoding signals into surface plasmons
Polypeptides homologous to VEGF and BMP1
Compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related diseases
Arrays of nano structures for surface-enhanced raman scattering
Multichannel microscale system for high throughput preparative separation with comprehensive collect...
Ceramic diesel exhaust filters
Rapid development of heat resistance in chocolate and chocolate-like confectionery products
Anisotropic optical element
Phase change inks
Allergenic proteins of natural rubber latex, their production and use in assays
Collar stay punch, storage device and method
Membrane scaffold proteins and tethered membrane proteins
Compositions and methods for the evaluation and resuscitation of cadaveric hearts for transplant
Selected CGRP antagonists, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Heterocyclic compounds as inhibitors of factor VIIa
Method and system for stimulating a dorsal root ganglion
Piperidine derivatives and methods of use
Modulation of gamma delta T cells to regulate airway hyperresponsiveness
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Arginine silicate inositol complex and use thereof
4-phenylpiperdine-pyrazole CCR1 antagonists
Ion detection methods, mass spectrometry analysis methods, and mass spectrometry instrument circuitr...
Selected CGRP antagonists, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Heterocyclic compounds useful in treating diseases and conditions
Mass spectrometers
Optical glass
Gear lubricant with low Brookfield ratio
Fluorinated polymers, method for producing the fluorinated compounds and polymers
Mass spectrometer
Thin film transistor array panel
Phase difference compensating device and liquid crystal apparatus using the same
Image processing device
Printed circuit board including embedded passive component
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Image reading apparatus and its driving method
Authentication service schemes
Method, system, and program product for controlling a display on a data editing screen
Microphone stand
Organizer kit
Beauty supply organizer
Implantable frame with variable compliance
Self-deployable tent including an inside chamber
Targeted bisplatinum polyamines as pro-drugs: selective release of platinum
Controlling optical resonances via optically induced potentials
Illuminable image-conducting optical assembly including light-conductive optics housing for creating...
Coupled optical waveguide resonators with heaters for thermo-optic control of wavelength and compoun...
Update dependency control for multi-master replication
Dynamic language translation of web site content
System and method for duplication of virtual private server files
Method, systems and computer program products for monitoring files
Web service generation
Coordinating use of independent external resources within requesting grid environments
Lossless, stateful, real-time pattern matching with deterministic memory resources
Memory mapping for single and multi-processing implementations of code generated from a block diagra...
Modular optical transceiver
Method and apparatus for generating a signal strength model for an access point at an arbitrary loca...
Location based reminders
Method of agglomerating wet chopped fiber
Dihydrospiro[dibenzo[a,d][7]annulene-5,4'-imidazol] compounds for the inhibition of beta-secretase
Method of diagnosing tuberculosis
Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions
Substituted imidazole derivatives
Methods and compositions for diagnosing or monitoring autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases
Cellular retinoic acid binding protein II as a marker for breast cancer
Body fluid testing device
Dispenser for flattened articles
Policy algebra and compatibility model
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Sink organizer and splash guard
Knife and badge holder
Toner and, developer, toner-containing container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and ima...
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Method and system for antenna selection in wireless networks
Sample support for desorption
Bicyclic compound
Composition and method for enhancing the weld strength of polyphenylene ether compositions
Histone deacetylase inhibitors based on alpha-ketoepoxide compounds
Printing system, printing method, and computer program
Image forming apparatus
Method for generating a display list
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, archive information management meth...
Print controlling method and apparatus that prevents transmission of print data from clients until a...
Color processing method and apparatus
Printing control apparatus, system and method
Multifunctional network device and a network system
Electronic document binder builder
Signal output and image forming apparatus with method of judging sheet type by impact detection
Image input system
Image processing apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Photographic lens system and image pickup apparatus
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Optical element holding structure, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Notification method, connection apparatus, communication method, and program
Configurations and methods for ribbed downcomer wall
Mobile water treatment system
Treatment of fluids with wave energy from a carbon arc
Length-based liquid-liquid extraction of carbon nanotubes using a phase transfer catalyst
Wastewater treatment equipment and method of wastewater treatment
Method of removing silicon dioxide from waste liquid, method of cleaning membrane tube and method of...
Thermally autogenous subsurface chemical reactor and method
Methods of making medical devices
Coating an interdental cleaning region of an interdental cleaning device
LbL-coated medical device and method for making the same
Multi-dimensional ultrasound transducer array
UZM-27 family of crystalline aluminosilicate compositions and a method of preparing the compositions
Monitor device for monitoring the exposure of circuits to current and voltage from a tool
Method and apparatus for automatic network configuration
System and method for controlling access to content carried in a caching architecture
Method and apparatus for analyzing integrated circuit operations
Apparatus, method and system for improving network security
Controlling interaction of deliverable electronic media
Plush toy
Optical transceiver module with multipurpose internal serial bus
Methods and apparatus for high-speed serialized data transfer over network infrastructure using a di...
Communications headset
Photoactive metal nitrosyls for blood pressure regulation and cancer therapy
Bicycle rear wheel suspension system with controlled variable shock rate
Method and system for creating and tracking appointments and tasks from email messages
Systems and methods for corneal surface ablation to correct hyperopia
Method and apparatus for debugging embedded systems having read only memory
Methods for preventing mitochondrial permeability transition
Nucleic acid compositions for stimulating immune responses
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Tissue factor targeted antibodies as anticoagulants
Polypeptides involved in the biosynthesis of spiramycins, nucleotide sequences encoding these polype...
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Methods of modulating neurotrophin-mediated activity
Humanized antibodies that recognize beta amyloid peptide
Compressor unit
Lubricating device for a plurality of lubricating stations
Sealless rotary blood pump
Disposable integrated bag and pump
Enclosed pump switch level control system
Control for integrating compressor-turbine-motor train with power grid
Hermetic compressor
Embedded fluid pump using a homopolar motor
Peristaltic pump having pumping and occluding rollers and alternating pumping systems utilizing ther...
Combined pump with rotodynamic impeller
Drive transmission mechanism between two or more rotary shafts and oil-free fluid machine equipped w...
Fluid separating device
Fan, motor and stator structure thereof
Connector piece for a fuel pump
Automatic air-feeding mechanism for pneumatic tire
Device and method for controlling a thick matter pump
Fluid separation devices, systems and/or methods using a centrifuge and roller pump
Wagering card game
Double draw poker-type reel-type gaming system
Gaming device having a matrix and symbol generator
Gaming device having accumulation game with selection of terminator symbols
Techniques for generating random awards using a plurality of average values
Location and user identification for online gaming
Gaming device and method having payline progressive awards
Sample holding mechanism and sample working/observing apparatus
Process for the production of ultrafine plate-like alumina particles
Focused ion beam processing method
Methods and systems for determining a viscosity of a fluid
Long term analyte sensor array
Referencing or registering a patient or a patient body part in a medical navigation system by means ...
Sensor inserter methods of use
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Fluorescence image display apparatus
Measuring time dependent fluorescence
Horizontal surface plasmon resonance sensor apparatus
Blood analyzer, sample analyzer, and flow cytometer
Image inspection method by polarized compensation for deformation of lens
Angularly resolved scatterometer and inspection method
Sensor and polarimetric filters for real-time extraction of polarimetric information at the focal pl...
Catheter surgery simulation
Biological property check device using light
Surface profile measuring apparatus
Signal processing device, method, and program
Random-type identifying material, 3-D identifying system and method using the same
Measurement of mitotic activity
Medical kinematic analysis apparatus and a medical kinematic analysis method
Image handling and display in X-ray mammography and tomosynthesis
System and method for detecting content in-vivo
Optical detection of dental caries
Method of color correction
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Direct vision sensor for 3D computer vision, digital imaging, and digital video
Image processing method
Color fringe desaturation for electronic imagers
Device and method for the configuration of a microscope
Density-adjusting device that changes the gamma characteristics of regions of a copied image based o...
Medical imaging apparatus
Method for determining organ-dependent parameters for image post-processing and image processing dev...
Using statistical process control (SPC) to demonstrate solution convergence in a technician guided s...
Image region partitioning using pre-labeled regions
Image processing device, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Device and method for correcting image including person area
Image processing apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Hearing aid and hearing aid system
Stabilization of the system clock in a hearing aid
Method and arrangement for transmitting signals to a hearing aid
Behind the ear hearing aid part with exchangeable cover
Implantable hearing aid actuator positioning
Method of forming a nickel layer on the cathode casing for a zinc-air cell
Port expander for fibre channel fabrics in storage area networks
Method and system for optimizing DMA channel selection
Method and system for DMA optimization
Apparatus and method for performing cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on partial protocol data units (PD...
Multi-speed cut through operation in fibre channel switches
Method and system for improving bandwidth and reducing idles in fibre channel switches
Method and apparatus for establishing metazones across dissimilar networks
Sleep staging based on cardio-respiratory signals
Using electroencephalograph signals for task classification and activity recognition
Enhanced ore communication process and apparatus
Pacifiers comprising polyester compositions formed from 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol and ...
Single balanced mixer
Re-configurable embedded core test protocol for system-on-chips (SOC) and circuit boards
Process for the preparation of a tetraalkycyclobutane-1,3-diol using a promoted-copper catalyst
Structured peer-to-peer push distribution network
Method and system for a sending domain to establish a trust that its senders communications are not ...
Trusted handler and data association
Detecting local graphic password deciphering attacks
Systems, methods, and software for classifying text from judicial opinions and other documents
Systems and methods for content type classification
System for determining email spam by delivery path
Email filtering system and method
System and method for sorting e-mail
Network invitation arrangement and method
Method for node classification and scoring by combining parallel iterative scoring calculation
Verifying information in a database
Replicating message queues between clustered email gateway systems
Systems and methods for prefetching objects for caching using QOS
Browser-based spell checker
Adaptive security for information devices
Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing disease
Hirulog-like peptide and gene therapy
7-substituted imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor
Substituted 2-oxo-3-phenyl-5-carbonylaminomethyl-1,3-oxazolines and their use as anticoagulant and a...
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Compounds for the treatment of CRTH2-mediated diseases and conditions
Piperazinylimidazopyridine and piperazinyltriazolopyridine antagonists of Gonadotropin Releasing Hor...
Methods and compositions for treating mammalian spinal cord injuries
Pharmaceutical formulations of bivalirudin and processes of making the same
3-(4-amidopyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
Apparatus of electro-stimulation and relative data support
Heap leach process
Metal recovery from a tank bioleaching solution with the use of coated magnetic particles
Intelligent tape drive assembly that diagnoses and repairs its own tape drives
Air bearing with both low altitude and speed sensitivities
Apparatus and method compensating mechanical tolerance of brushless direct current motor and related...
Suspension and limiter mechanism for a data storage device
Disk drive adaptive resonance compensation method and apparatus
Rotating disk storage device and integrated wire head suspension assembly
Disk drive determining operating fly height by detecting head disk contact from disk rotation time
Tolerance ring for data storage with cut-out feature for mass control
Hard disk drive apparatus, method to control flying on demand of hard disk drive apparatus using the...
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, head arm assembly and magnetic disk drive
Method and apparatus of dual stage servo control with dual control paths and decoupling feedback for...
Thin-film magnetic head with heater in overcoat multilayer, head gimbal assembly with thin-film magn...
FCC-like trilayer AP2 structure for CPP GMR EM improvement
Up-sampled filtering for servo demodulation
Disk drive writing wedge RRO data along a sinusoidal path to compensate for reader/writer offset
Thin film magnetic head, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording apparatus
Method incorporating a tip into an endovascular device
Connector for use with a medical catheter and medical catheter assembly including said connector
Multifunction adaptor for an open-ended catheter
Drainage catheter with lockable hub
Heat-sensitive recording material, heat-sensitive recording method and method for manufacturing heat...
Image recording material and image formation process thereof
Image recording media and image layers
A/D converters based on sigma delta modulators and iterative methods
Reducing the time to convert an analog input sample to a digital code in an analog to digital conver...
Pipeline A/D converter converting analog signal to digital signal
DAC architecture for an ADC pipeline
Distributed intrusion response system
Process for incorporating whey proteins into foodstuffs
Methods for making soft or firm/semi-hard ripened and unripened cheese and cheeses prepared by such ...
Stabilisers useful in low fat spread production
Heterocyclo inhibitors of potassium channel function
Methods of treating an inflammatory-related disease
Bissulfonamide compounds as agonists of GalR1, compositions, and methods of use
Nutraceutical compositions and use thereof
Benzimidazolone and dihydroindolone derivatives and uses thereof
Dicycloalkyl urea glucokinase activators
Organic compounds
Synthesis of triethylenetetramines
Derivatives of 4,4'-dithiobis-(3-aminobutane-1-sulfonates) and compositions comprising the same
Conformationally constrained 3-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-substituted-propanoic acids useful for treating me...
Multi-channel connector for brain stimulation system
Genetic diagnosis using multiple sequence variant analysis
Heat exchanger of plate fin and tube type
Heat exchanger
Air conditioning system for motor vehicle
Hybrid combustor for fuel processing applications
Substrate supporting unit, and substrate temperature control apparatus and method
Semiconductor cooling system for use in electric or hybrid vehicle
Heat dissipation assembly for graphics card and blade server using the same
Heat dissipation device with a fan holder
Power supply and fixing structure of heatsink and circuit board applicable to the same
Control scheme for an evaporator operating at conditions approaching thermodynamic limits
Exhaust cooling system of an amphibious vehicle
Heat dissipating device with adjusting member
Air conditioning seat device
Lightweight structural members
Variable position cooling apparatus
Electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing heat dissipation of high performance integrated circuits (IC)
Thermal module allowing adjustment in the height of heat sink relative to fixing rack
Cooling assembly
Near infrared dyes
Solid state image pickup device and method of producing solid state image pickup device
Method and system for detecting a body in a zone located proximate an interface
Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials
Torque transmission for a surgical or dental rotating tool
Hydraulic cement compositions and methods of making and using the same
Method for manufacturing particles for use in forming a resorbable implant for stimulating bone grow...
Method for depositing a polymeric coating on a substrate
Method of treatment of bone-related disorders or conditions
Wound dressing with a bacterial adsorbing composition
Methods for correcting tooth movements midcourse in treatment
Process for recombinant expression and purification of antimicrobial peptides using periplasmic targ...
Methods for enhancing antioxidant enzyme activity and reducing c-reactive protein levels
Interactive dental restorative network
Vitronectin receptor antagonist derivatives, method for preparing same, use thereof as medicines and...
Therapeutic use of N-(1H-indolyl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives
Systems and methods for encoding randomly distributed features in an object
Methods of forming low-k dielectric layers containing carbon nanostructures