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Geographic and space positioning system and process
Specifying security for an element by assigning a scaled value representative of the relative securi...
Systems and methods involving electric-field cages
Certificate revocation system
Image forming apparatus and fixing apparatus
Equipment service vehicle having on-board diagnostic system
Long gun stock
Portable observation tower
Composite laminated armor structure
Mortar ballistic computer and system
Quick-mount flexible interlocking attaching system
Process for the manufacture of a ballistic-resistant moulded article
Magnetic disk device with rotor supported by fluid bearing
Rolling bearing assembly having magnet to prevent brittle flaking
Wheel supporting bearing unit
Fan motor and oil-leak proof bearing system thereof
Telemetry system
Sensor element for detecting a physical measuring variable between bodies exposed to high tribologic...
Pivot base assembly for traffic pole
Auger car bearing support
Bearing support with double stiffener
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Radial/axial bearing
Rolling bearing
Cage for tapered ball bearings
Dynamic pressure bearing and motor using the same
Machine components having IC tags, quality control method and abnormality detecting system
Railroad freight car sidebearing
Bearing unit and rotating apparatus using the bearing unit
Hydrodynamic bearing type rotary device and recording and reproduction apparatus including the same
Heterogeneous power supply management system
Systems and methods for managing multi-device test sessions
Method and system for control of broadcast content access
Spiked axisymmetric nozzle and process of using the same
Shaped interlayer for heads-up display windshields and process for preparing same
Acyltransferases for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and oil content in oleaginous yeasts
Slurries containing microfiber and micropowder, and methods for using and making same
Ethylene/alkyl acrylate copolymers, compounds and vulcanizates thereof
Horizontal rotary hook for sewing machine
Low-temperature curable photosensitive compositions
Flame retardant multi-layer photoimagable coverlay compositions and methods relating thereto
Mortierella alpina lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase homolog for alteration of polyunsaturated f...
Two step preparation of random polyoxadiazole copolymer and articles resulting therefrom
Utilization of fructose in microbial production strains
Polymers and fibers formed therefrom
Continuous manufacture of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Method for preparing N-phenylpyrazole-1-carboxamides
Plant diacyglycerol acyltransferases
Preparation of poly(tetramethylene) glycol
Continuous process to produce hexafluoroisopropanol
Diagnostic devices for the controlled movement of reagents without membranes
Enhanced boron nitride composition and compositions made therewith
Displacement method and apparatus for reducing passivated metal powders and metal oxides
Organic electro-luminescence display with multiple protective films
Ferroelectric ceramic compound, a ferroelectric ceramic single crystal, and preparation processes th...
Production of high purity and ultra-high purity gas
Enhanced boron nitride composition and compositions made therewith
Hydrophilic reflective article
Organosiloxane compositions
Multiple use fabric conditioning composition with improved perfume
Phase change solvents
Multi-phase personal care compositions, processes for making and providing, and articles of commerce
Method and apparatus for creating a pulsed stream of particles
Hydride reduction process for preparing quinolone intermediates
Chewing gum
Disposable absorbent article having elasticized outer leg cuff
Cosmetic applicator
Sprayer head and container therewith
Cosmetic applicator
Vitamin D.sub.3 lactam derivative
ENA mineral bioactive solution, manufacturing method thereof and its application for the osteoporosi...
Hydroxy, .omega.-carboxyaryl substituted diphenyl ureas and dirivatives thereof as raf kinase inhibi...
Rapid production of high titer virus
Method of preparation of a water based epoxy curing agent
Eyewear with lens and interlocking nosepiece and frame
Crosslinked polyvinyl acetals
Electronic apparatus having display portion and oscillator and manufacturing method of the same
Photosensitive polymeric material for worm optical data storage with two-photon fluorescent readout
Rinse-off personal care compositions comprising anionic and/or nonionic perfume polymeric particles
Service implementing method and apparatus based on an ultraviolet index in a mobile terminal
Black ink composition, ink set containing the same, and ink jet recording method
Dimensionally stable solid rinse aid
Personal care article with distinct active zone
Photopolymerizable composition
Fabric care composition
Method for controlling weeds
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
White polyolefin compositions having reduced die drool
Method to produce a carboxylic acid ester from a carboxylic acid ammonium salt by alcoholysis
Non-hormonal vaginal contraceptive
Methods and devices for promoting endothelial morphogenesis
Biofunctional fibers
Partial pressure swing adsorption system for providing hydrogen to a vehicle fuel cell
Thermal management of fuel cells
Fuel cell system with electrokinetic pump
Switching of PVC connection
Method for manufacturing laser hologram paper
System and method for floating-substrate passive voltage contrast
Powder primeable low moisture SMC
Espresso machine
Cappuccino maker
Method and system for printing onto a deformable cast polymer article
Transducer-protector device for medical apparatus
Oxygen-scavenging polyester compositions useful in packaging
Safety shielding needle assembly with passive shielding
Method for manufacturing formable thermoplastic laminates
Method of improving abrasion resistance of plastic article using functionalized polymers and article...
Thermoplastic molding composition having improved toughness at low temperatures and surface appearan...
Advanced armor-piercing projectile construction and method
Valve assembly for paintball guns and the like, and improved guns incorporating the assembly
Shot pattern control system
Connector assemblies and methods for making a connection
Back-up electric power generator for electronic components attached to automatic firearms
Extendable electronic immobilization staff
Breach plug for muzzleloading rifle
Adjustable rear pistol sight and sight mounting and adjustment method
Over riding chamber impulse average weapon
Stabilized non-lethal projectile systems
Less-lethal force device
Medical fluid container
Ballistic shield and methods of use
Backlight unit having heat dissipating layer, display device having heat dissipating layer, and meth...
Display unit
Backlight unit
Lightguide plate of a double-sided illumination backlight and a double-sided liquid crystal display ...
Surface emitting device and display apparatus including the same
Liquid crystal display device
Direct-type backlight module
Light guide plate and backlight module using the same
Light guide plate with diffraction gratings and backlight module using the same
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Backlight module having colored reflective structure and liquid crystal display using same
Backlight assembly including a buffered lamp holder for impact absorption and display apparatus havi...
Back light assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Light regulation device
Optical module, method of forming the optical module, backlight assembly having the optical module a...
Polarization conversion system and illumination module
Optical film having multi-story prisms and manufacturing process thereof
Optical steering element and method
Light guide and line illuminator
Optical element and system using the same
Electrical reset of optical functions for tunable fiber optical devices
Light guide plate with compensated emission light field
Computing distortion of media signals using embedded data with repetitive structure and log-polar ma...
Method for specifying equivalence of language grammars and automatically translating sentences in on...
Data processing device capable of processing image data with small memory capacity, image processing...
SIMD four-pixel average instruction for imaging and video applications
Denoising method, apparatus, and program
Correlation function for signal detection, match filters, and 3:2 pulldown detection
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, program, and recording medium
Acoustic detection of vascular conditions
Blood flow monitor with venous and arterial sensors
Method of determining cardiac indicators
Light fixture accessory connector and mounting bracket
System and method for determining an in-ear acoustic response for confirming the identity of a user
Device and method of use for functional isolation of animal or human tissues
Methods for real-time autonomic nervous system monitoring using total heart rate variability, and no...
Detection of renal failure by cardiac implantable medical device
Method and system for characterizing a representative cardiac beat using multiple templates
Driving force calculating device, driving force calculating method, power assisting device, driving ...
Keratinocyte culturing method and the use thereof
Process for producing modified particle, carrier or catalyst component for addition polymerization, ...
Male urethral stent device
Method and system for passivating a processing chamber
Insulin related transcription factor and uses thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Negative-working radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Polyalkenamer compositions and golf balls prepared therefrom
Accelerated organoborane initiated polymerizable compositions
Fatty acid monomers to reduce emissions and toughen polymers
Preparation of linear ethylene-acrylate copolymers with palladium catalysts and free radical scaveng...
Shape memory polymers based on semicrystalline thermoplastic polyurethanes bearing nanostructured ha...
Method for forming finely-structured parts, finely-structured parts formed thereby, and product usin...
Frequency domain processing of scanning acoustic imaging signals
Mechanical actuator interface system for robotic surgical tools
Method and apparatus for location and tracking persons
System and method for toboggan based object segmentation using divergent gradient field response in ...
Enhanced cardiac radionuclide imaging techniques
Three-dimensional slice-selective multi-slice excitation method in MRT imaging
Supporting apparatus and monitor apparatus with the same
Reels, bail arm and fishing rod
Method of producing clumping animal litter composition and the composition
Portable waste remover with integrated bag
Containment systems and components for animal husbandry
Thermoformed litter scoop
Non-invasive drug self-administration system for animals
Clusterin-mediated inhibition of apoptosis via stromal bone marrow cell delivery to a cardiac site
Animal habitat and display system
Non human animals with human-glial chimeric brains
Animal instrumentation
Triglyceride fat
Parts list system used for part number management and method for preparing the same
Artificial fly fishing lure
Apparatus with at least one replaceable element and a base with elevating means for raising the at l...
Olefin waxes having improved hardness or viscosity
Fluid colloid crystal and process for producing three-dimensional aligned particle mass therefrom
Preparation of heat transfer member and heat-dissipating structure
Dyes for anisotropic dye films, dye compositions for anisotropic dye films, anisotropic dye films an...
Photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Fabric protectant
Cyclic olefin copolymers, and methods of making the same
Method for incorporating nitrogen containing methine light absorbers in PET and compositions thereof
Cyanate ester compound, flame-retardant resin composition, and cured product thereof
Olefin polymerization process
Method for vapor phase catalytic oxidation
Method for connecting electrodes, surface-treated wiring board and adhesive film used in the method,...
Passive dynamic antenna tuning circuit for a radio frequency identification reader
RFID portal array antenna system
Tracking device for polymeric packaging
Circuits for RFID tags with multiple non-independently driven RF ports
System and method for providing visual and physiological cues in a matching system
Data encoder system
Class D analog-to-digital converter
Multiple feed point slot antenna
Image metadata attachment
Apparatus and method for adapting a machine to communicate with customer replaceable unit monitors h...
Configurable homodyne/heterodyne radio receiver and RFID reader employing same
System and method for location based push-to-talk
Activation device for an intelligent luminaire manager
Biometric fingerprint recognition home security system alarm panel
Process for the preparation of lactones or epoxides
Arylalkyl- and cycloalkylalkyl-piperazine derivatives and methods of their use
Capture and systematic use of expert color analysis
Rosmarinus plant named `Gold Dust`
Holders for beds
Block polymer, polymer-containing composition containing the same, ink composition and liquid applyi...
Cordless power tool with overcurrent protection circuit permitting the overcurrent condition during ...
Gel electrolyte battery
Battery pack for driving electric motor of compact engine starting device, engine starting device dr...
Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte battery and method of producing the same as well as n...
Identifying defective electrodes in lithium-ion polymer batteries
Long life thin film battery and method therefor
Non-aqueous solvent electrolyte battery with additive alkali metal salt of a mixed anhydride combina...
Sealed alkaline storage battery, electrode structure and charging method for the same, and charger f...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Alkyl-glycoside enhanced vaccination
Method of protecting metals from corrosion using thiol compounds
Non-aqueous electrochemical cells
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary battery
Binder resin for electrostatic image developing toner, binder resin liquid dispersion for electrosta...
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Taxanes having a C10 ester substituent
Secondary battery including resin cavity side covering
Ink jet printing apparatus
Seal for an electrochemical cell
Anode and battery using it
Non-aqueous electrolyte and secondary battery containing same
Nonaqueous secondary battery
Ion channel modulating compounds and uses thereof
Electronic component case and battery and electric double layer capacitor
Flexible cathodes
Three-dimensional thin-film microbattery
Nickel powder for use as electrodes in base metal electrode multilayered ceramic capacitors
Ultra low temperature fixed X7R and BX dielectric ceramic composition and method of making
Gun tube support assembly
Multi channel approach to capture verification
Small survival-promoting/immunomodulatory peptide for treatment of brain damage, neurodegenerative d...
Histone H2A peptide derivatives and uses thereof
Signal acquisition and processing method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Electromagnetic valve
Method, system and apparatus for load balancing of wireless switches to support layer 3 roaming in w...
Speech recognition using ambiguous or phone key spelling and/or filtering
Process for desulfurization of hydrocarbons
Horizontal milling-boring machine with mobile column
Electrical contact assembly and connector system
Submarine shaped condom
Zeppelin shaped condom
Cucumber shaped condom
Filled beer glass shaped condom
Trach tube holder
Dust cap
Mouth piece
Undercushion insert for a respiratory mask
Undercushion insert for a respiratory mask
Medical waste container hinged lid
Handle for surgical instruments
Bone scraper
Fixture for a pool or spa
Housing for a biological sample processing apparatus
Cup tray
Laundry treatment compositions
Fiber tracking phantom
Method and system for adjusting the fundamental symmetric mode of coupled high temperature supercond...
Alignment method and system for electromagnet in high-energy accelerator
Magnet assembly and a method for constructing a magnet assembly
Combined positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography unit
Configurable radiofrequency receive coil system for a magnetic resonance imaging system
System for magnetic resonance imaging assisted surgery
System and method for multi-channel MR transmission
Method and device for active compensation of magnetic and electromagnetic disturbance fields
Magnetic resonance scanning apparatus
Magnetic shielding apparatus and magnetic field measuring apparatus using same
Magnetic attraction preventive system
Gradient coil system and MR imaging system embodying same
Superconductive magnet device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Knob for skid-steer loader
Driving element and saddle chain
Apparatus and method for detecting moisture in a printing plate exposer
Method and device for lifting individual flat objects, particularly printing plates to be exposed
Cylinder for processing flat material
Printing group of a rotary printing press
Device for transmitting and conveying a strip of material and method for regulating these devices
Deliverer module for a press with a displaced paddle wheel for various sized media
Angiopoietin-2 specific binding agents
Diaza heterocyclic amide compounds and their uses
Calcium receptor modulating agents
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Children's combination toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser, and method
Radar apparatus
Activated carbons from animal manure
Synthesis of sterically hindered secondary aminoether alcohols
Process for the preparation of a tetraalkylcyclobutane-1,3-diol using an iridium-promoted cobalt-bas...
Process for the production of 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropane
Preparation of yttria-stabilized zirconia reaction sintered products
Heating system of batch type reaction chamber and method thereof
Nanocomposite scintillator, detector, and method
Optical fiber Bragg grating with improved hydrogen resistance
Multi-color gemstones and gemstone coating deposition technology
Transparent substrate coated with at least one thin layer
Cleaning medium
Polyester for toner
Semiconductor on insulator structure
Wiring substrate, electronic device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Integration type and converter and device including same
Radar signal processor
Bicycle seat pad
Strap attachment assembly
Area information provision system and method
Seat adjustment tool for bicycle
Cable lock
Bicycle shift position control mechanism
Bicycle toe positioning device
Combination shift and brake lever arrangement for a bicycle
Bicycle crank
Rear derailleur for bicycle
Card processing system and card processing method on toll road
Method and system for providing data to a graphics chip in a graphics display system
Method to incorporate pigment into paint by formation of resin beads
Pressure-sensitive adhesive with dual crosslinking mechanism
Mono-, di- and polyol phosphate esters in personal care formulations
Headphone with Enhanced Voice Communication
Color balanced ophthalmic system with selective light inhibition
System for vision examination utilizing telemedicine
Presbyopia correction using patient data
Compositions and methods for siRNA inhibition of HIF-1 alpha
Therapeutic contact lens for pseudo-aphakic eyes and/or eyes with retinal neuro-degeneration
Siloxane prepolymer containing pendant and end-capping cationic and polymerizable groups
Optical apparatus with optical element made of a medium exhibiting negative refraction
Filler layer for solar cell module and solar cell module using same
Amine compound and uses thereof
System, apparatus and method for correcting vision with an adaptive optic
Displays with integrated photovoltaic cells
Isolator and a modem device using the isolator
Suzuki polycondensation for preparing aryl polymers from dihalide monomers
Organic photoelectric device with improved electron transport efficiency
Method and apparatus for generating hydrogen gas on demand from water with recovery of water and com...
Dual stack compact fuel processor for producing a hydrogen rich gas
Carbon monoxide adsorption for carbon monoxide clean-up in a fuel cell system
Method for producing vapor grown carbon fiber
Fuel cell system with thermally integrated combustor and corrugated foil reformer
Flow field plate for use in fuel cells
Contact combustion gas sensor
Electric system for fuel cell, fuel cell vehicle, and method of supplying electric power
Compact devices for generating pure hydrogen
Sulfur resistant sensors
Method for detecting undersupply of fuel gas and method for controlling fuel cell
Start up of cascaded fuel cell stack
Thin multichip flex-module
Connection between composites with non-compatible properties and method for preparation
Fuel cell separator and production process thereof
Compounds and their use in therapy
Actively tunable electromagnetic metamaterial
Microfluidic design automation method and system
Method of making prestructure for MEMS systems
Foam filling member
Apparatus for manufacturing a wiring board
Color-stable superabsorbent polymer composition
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified resist composition containing the sam...
Adhesive tape for an intravascular catheter
Irreversible immobilization of enzymes into polyurethane coatings
Chlorins possessing fused ring systems useful as photoselective compounds for photodynamic therapy
Modified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties
Method for detecting molecules expressing a selected epitope via fluorescent dyes
Azaindazole compounds and methods of use
CGRP-antagonists, process for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
High-Q pulsed fragmentation in ion traps
Jewelry arrangement
On die RFID tag antenna
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device including a crystalline insulation film made of perov...
Extended-range tiltable micromirror
Curable silicone release composition and sheet having a releasability using the same
Synclecron time keeping apparatus
Method for enantioselective hydrogenation of chromenes
Electro-acoustic transducer for a portable communication device
Fixed contract pattern and switch device including the same
Automated alternative dispute resolution
Method and device for stabilizing the state of polarization of optical radiation
Integrated circuit incorporating wire bond inductance
Exchangeable delivery system for expandable prosthetic devices
Pitch extraction methods and systems for speech coding using quadratically-interpolated and filtered...
Method, system and storage medium for lockless InfiniBand.TM. poll for I/O completion
Iterative decoding of packet data
Combined disc player, tuner, amplifier, mixer and docking system for media player
Multifunction-type vibration actuator and mobile terminal device
Multifunction-type vibration actuator and portable communication equipment
Method of diagnosing an operations systems
Method, computer program product, and apparatus for designating region of interest
Device and method for producing images of the heart
Optical air data system
Trifluid reactor
Electrophotographic photoreceptors having reduced torque and improved mechanical robustness
Electrophotographic toner
Method for producing substrate having carbon-doped titanium oxide layer
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising ziconotide
Thiosemicarbazones as anti-virals and immunopotentiators
Silicon containing compounds having selective COX-2 inhibitory activity and methods of making and us...
Compositions and methods for genetic analysis of polycystic kidney disease
Bacteriophages as selective agents
Cartridge for monitoring the function of a device for testing blood platelet function, method for fu...
Process for the preparation of simvastatin
Fault diagnosis
Tree remover
Hard surface cleaning composition with hydrophilizing agent and method for cleaning hard surfaces
Method of producing a nitride semiconductor device and nitride semiconductor device
Cutlery support
Knife holder
Knife holder
Knife and badge holder
Methods for deposition of sensor regions onto optical storage media substrates and resulting devices
System and method for providing intelligent airbag deployment
High-sensitivity fiber-compatible optical acoustic sensor
Method, apparatus, and system for securing areas of use of vehicles
High numerical aperture fiber
Hardware-efficient reconstruction for periodic non-uniformly sampled signals
Vibrating inertial rate sensor utilizing skewed drive or sense elements
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Operation monitoring and enhanced host communications in systems employing electronic article survei...
Sensor fabricating method
Induction sensor
Sigma-delta modulator for operating sensors
Liquid crystal display
Compounds having .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonist and muscarinic receptor antagonist activit...
Methods of forming image sensor microlens structures
Optical translation of triangulation position measurement
Optical integrated device and optical control device
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus
Therapeutic device and method using feedback from implantable pressure sensor
Methods for identifying modified tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme inhibitors
Two-piece connector for flat blade windshield wiper
Ultrasonic welding method, ultrasonic welding device and pipe joined by the same
Process for off-line processing, and method and program for controlling printing process including h...
Printing apparatus, data processing method for printing apparatus, and printing system
Image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus and image printing apparatus using the same
Sensor system and apparatus for identifying recording medium
Image reading apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Image scanning device and its control method
Image forming apparatus with multiple image heating nip portions
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, stor...
Multi-function peripheral for initiating a workflow process and providing status feedback of the sam...
Apparatus and method capable of executing plug and play installation processing operation upon acqui...
Optical element and optical apparatus having the optical element
Apparatus for limiting use of particular network address
Fluid distributor for a material and heat exchange column, in particular, a packed column and column...
Subsea separation apparatus for treating crude oil comprising a separator module with a separator ta...
Anaerobic wastewater treatment system and method
Effluent purifying plant with centralized structure
Mixer for use with media in wastewater treatment
Extractant composition including crown ether and calixarene extractants
Method for reducing slime production and mixture making the same
Water treatment process for oilfield produced water
Separation devices, systems and methods for separation of particulates from liquid
Cyclonic particle separator for fuel systems
Edge chirping within series connected interdigitated transducers
Embedded chip package with improved heat dissipation performance and method of making the same
Semiconductor device, power converter device using it, and hybrid vehicle using the power converter ...
Semiconductor device having insulating material dispersed with conductive particles which establish ...
Electron emitter and method of fabricating electron emitter
Extended probe tips
Dual substrate electrostatic MEMS switch with hermetic seal and method of manufacture
Display device and electronic apparatus
Methods of forming mirror layers and structures thereof
Methods and systems for detecting pinholes in a film formed on a wafer or for monitoring a thermal p...
Deflector mirror with regions of different flexural rigidity
Cathode header optic for x-ray tube
Defect detection system, defect detection method, and defect detection program
Tetrasubstituted imidazole derivatives as cannabinoid CB.sub.1 receptor modulators with a high CB.s...
Division approximation for implantable medical devices
Substituted pyrazoline compounds, their preparation and use as medicaments
Biaryloxymethylarenecarboxylic acids as glycogen synthase activators
Compounds for use in weight loss and appetite suppression in humans
PPAR alpha selective compounds for the treatment of dyslipidemia and other lipid disorders
OB protein compositions and methods
Compounds effecting glucokinase
Certain 9-aza-bicyclo[3.3.1] nonane derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptak...
Tetrahydrothiopyrano pyrazole cannabinoid modulators
Malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors useful as metabolic modulators
1,5-diarylpyrrole derivatives, preparation method thereof and application of same in therapeutics
Method and apparatus for humidification of breathable gas by condensation and/or dehumidification
Alkyne compounds with MCH antagonistic activity and medicaments comprising these compounds
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Engine fuel supply apparatus and engine fuel supply method
Articulating soft top convertible backlite
Pop-up display
Gear part with lubrication coating and method of manufacturing the same
Multilayer circuit board and production method for same
Resistivity logging tool and method for building the resistivity logging tool
Bass reflex box arrangement including tool storage
Rivet driving anvil retention method
Container discharge and fill port fitting
Catheter having main body portion with coil-defined guidewire passage
Structural elastic-like nonwoven web
Electrochemical fabrication method for producing multi-layer three-dimensional structures on a porou...
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery having exposed electrode collector portions
Integrated circuit die containing particle-filled through-silicon metal vias with reduced thermal ex...
Fiber-crystalline thermoplastic resin composite material and pellet thereof
Multi-layered printed circuit board embedded with filter
Motorcycle with inclination sensor
Golf club head with concave insert
Process for producing a composite body part for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for determining a transmit PSD at a remote location
Portable terminal and opening or closing method therefor
System and method for PDA to PDA communication using a network portal
Ground connecting apparatus for mobile terminal
Test system for assessing DSL capability of telephone lines
Method of controlling multiple calls of communication device
Method of performing insertion loss estimation
Method and system for single-step enablement of telephony functionality for a portable computer syst...
Telephone number allocation and management in a wireless access point
Automated telephone line test apparatus with intelligent diagnostic function
System and method to provide local service for all emergency services numbers and to provide languag...
Device for remote diagnostics of a field device
Message tracking method, apparatus, and system
Methods of operating radio communications devices including predefined streaming times and addresses...
System and method for providing remote data access for a mobile communication device
Administration of protection of data accessible by a mobile device
System for development, management and operation of distributed clients and servers
Granular reduction in power consumption
System and method for aligning data in a network environment
Seamless change of depth of a general convolutional interleaver during transmission without loss of ...
Semiconductor device and testing method for same
Graphics display system with graphics window control mechanism
Mechanism for determining applicability of software packages for installation
Method for representing complex numbers in a communication system
Notifications for shared resources
Reduction of message flow between bus-connected consumers and producers
Adaptive, scalable I/O request handling architecture in virtualized computer systems and networks
Mixed-signal single-chip integrated system electronics for data storage devices
Method for accessing in reading, writing and programming to a nand non-volatile memory electronic de...
Pantropic neurothrophic factors
Threat analysis
System and method for security rating of computer processes
Method and apparatus for providing network security using role-based access control
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of software
Chassis for connecting audio-video balun transformers
Liquid crystal display device
Method and system for managing network access device using a smart card
Dynamic access decision information module
Interfacing with a dynamically configurable arithmetic unit
Electrochemical fabrication methods incorporating dielectric materials and/or using dielectric subst...
Optical transceiver module with onboard diagnostics accessible via pins
Perpendicular magnetic recording system and medium with high-moment corrosion-resistant "soft" under...
Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple lingoes
System and method for automatically synchronizing and acquiring content for battery-powered devices
Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions
Communication between an accessory and a media player using a protocol with multiple lingoes
User interface for a display screen
Laminated write gap to improve writer performance
Method and device to process digital media streams
Spelled speech recognition method and system accounting for possible misrecognized characters
Communication between an accessory and a media player using a protocol with multiple lingoes
Method and system to monitor a diverse heterogeneous application environment
Network with mobile terminals as browsers having wireless access to the internet and method for usin...
Optical fiber and optical transmission medium
Methods and devices for tracing fiber optic cable
Subband spectrum analysis for optical multiplex section protection
Method and system for supporting multiple services with a subscriber optical interface located outsi...
System and method for transmitting data on return path of a cable television system
Optical receiver and optical reception method compatible with differential quadrature phase shift ke...
Automatic seeding points selection for DTI fiber tracking
Brillouin distributed temperature sensing calibrated in-situ with Raman distributed temperature sens...
Optical combiner/decombiner with reduced insertion loss
Scalable and defect-tolerant quantum-dot-based quantum computer architectures and methods for fabric...
Wavelength routing optical switch
Beam steering element with built-in detector and system for use thereof
Fiber optic cables using dry inserts for coupling and methods therefor
Method for manufacturing single mode optical fiber having low polarization mode dispersion
Spider silk protein encoding nucleic acids, polypeptides, antibodies and methods of use thereof
Materials and processes for reducing combustion by-products in a lubrication system for an internal ...
Dishwashing method
Rotary nozzle and detergent dissolving system using the same
Warewashing composition for use in automatic dishwashing machines comprising an aluminum/zinc ion mi...
Bleach composition and bleaching detergent composition
Event detection module
Method and system for pulling information from a mobile vehicle within a mobile vehicle communicatio...
Method and system for acoustic upgrading of firmware
Miniaturized inertial measurement unit and associated methods
Method for reducing the power assistance for a gearshifting unit of a vehicle transmission
Hydrogen fuel manufacturing method and system with control program for use therein
System for, and method of, monitoring the movement of mobile items
Radar device for transmitting radio signal over angular scanning field
Electronic device and electronic system
System and method for wireless remote control of locomotives
Configuring a device using a configuration manager
Vehicle integrated-control apparatus and vehicle integrated-control method
Gateway and hybrid solutions for wireless location
Time display system, method and device
Crystalline form of a substituted pyrrolidine compound
Dialkylphenyl compounds having .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonist and muscarinic receptor anta...
Methods of treating an injury to, or disorder of, the eye involving photoreceptor proliferation by a...
G-protein coupled receptor having eicosanoid as ligand and gene thereof
Determination of high lipophilicity values
Dynamically configurable architecture for mixed data processing
VOIP drop amplifier
Security system and method for an industrial automation system
Data storage method and data storage device
System and method for efficiently performing bit-field extraction and bit-field combination operatio...
System and method for distributing keys in a wireless network
Support for multiple login method
Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery by in situ combustion of oil sand formations
Method for manufacturing colloidal crystals via confined convective assembly
Method for mitigating risk associated with the settling of foreign exchange (FX) payment-based trans...
Support self-heal tool
User-space return probes
System and method for adaptive run-time reconfiguration for a reconfigurable instruction set co-proc...
Method and apparatus for prefetching data from a data structure
Method and apparatus for improved computer load and store operations
Multistage compression type rotary compressor
Electrically driven air pump and method for the production thereof
Nested bellows expansion member for a submersible pump
Sewage handling system, cover, and controls
Dilution apparatus for a thickener
Displacement control mechanism for variable displacement compressor
Method for assembling a modular fluid end for duplex pumps
Device and method for treating hydrocephalus
Pump container lid
Fan array fan section in air-handling systems
Micropump for integrated device for biological analyses
Method and apparatus for compressing a gas to a high pressure
Expansible chamber pneumatic system
Pump provided with exhaust valve device and hemodynamometer incorporating the same
Medication infusion and aspiration system and method
High speed actuating device and circuit breaker
Driving controlling apparatus of linear compressor and method thereof
Fuel rail damping assembly including an insert
Inertia valve vehicle suspension assembly
Steer axle suspension
Stowable vehicle seat apparatus and method
Tension management system for an endless track of a work machine
Reciprocating power tool having a vibration-damping handle
Impact power tool
Brake cylinder for motor vehicle brakes
Low-cost cable connecting system for movable/separable electronic devices
Working tool with damped handle
Ejector pump for a fuel system for a gas turbine engine
Interlocking rectangular container
Modified kraft fibers
Antimicrobial liquid hand soap composition with tactile signal comprising a phospholipid surfactant
Mascara brush
Cutlery utensil
Hygienic article for incontinence
Tissue product with mixed inclination embosses
System and method for distinguishing between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia using an implantable med...
Implantable sensor electrodes and electronic circuitry
Instrument having optical device measuring a physiological quantity and means for transmitting and/o...
Multiple reference non-invasive analysis system
Method of constructing a biosensor
Real-time linear-birefringence-detecting polarization microscope
System for and method of investigating the exact same point on a sample substrate with multiple wave...
Apparatus and method for equalizing illumination of light sources for digital image test member, and...
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
System and method for active optical target detection with polarized receiver
Method and apparatus for examining surfaces containing effect pigments
Biological tissue elasticity measurement method and ultrasonographic device
Workflow engine based dynamic modification of image processing and presentation in PACS
Image sharpening
System and method for image composition using position sensors
Systems, methods and apparatus for filtered back-projection reconstruction in digital tomosynthesis
Blood and cell analysis using an imaging flow cytometer
Methods and apparatus for automated image correction for digital image acquisition
Method and apparatus for image processing based on a mapping function
Content based hanging protocols facilitated by rules based system
White balance processing apparatus and processing method thereof
Method, apparatus and computer product program for performing shading correction of image processing...
Computerized tomography device using X rays and image processing method
System and method for facilitating cardiac intervention
Method for processing an image sequence of a distortable 3-D object to yield indications of the obje...
Analysis, secure access to, and transmission of array images
Automated microscopic sperm identification
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
Correcting image gradation based on neighboring pixels
Hearing aid with a switching device for switching on and off and corresponding method
Multi-coil coupling system for hearing aid applications
Handheld wireless communicators with reduced free-space, near-field emissions
Method and system for radar tracking of moving target from moving station
Dual wavelength strain-temperature Brillouin sensing system and method
Method and system for reducing latency and congestion in fibre channel switches
Method and system for detecting congestion and over subscription in a fibre channel network
Method and system for efficiently using buffer space
Method and system for non-disruptive data capture in networks
Method and system for auto routing fibre channel class F frames in a fibre channel fabric
Method and system for selecting virtual lanes in fibre channel switches
Storage area network interconnect server
Active call context reconstruction for primary/backup resource manager servers
IPv6 over MPLS IPv4 core
Liquid fuel reformer
Centrifugal separator and method for separating heavy and light matter in a substance
Integrated machining module for processing workpieces and a method of assembling the same
Moisture exchange module having a bundle of moisture-permeable hollow fibre membranes
Process for removing water and apparatus for removing water
Fluid treatment apparatus
Water filtration system and its use
Storm water runoff treatment system
Housing closure for a filter
Rapid non-equilibrium decompression of microorganism-containing waste streams
System for treating wastewater
Method and apparatus for oil spill containment
Apparatus, system, and method for multistage water separation
Method and separating module for the separation of particles from a dispersion, in particular of blo...
Driving an image sensor with reduced area and high image quality
Wide-input windowed nonlinear analog-to-digital converter for high-frequency digitally controlled SM...
System and method for efficient power utilization and extension of battery life
Current sensing circuit and boost converter having the same
Method and apparatus for overcurrent protection in DC-DC power converters
Temperature estimation based on a signal oscillation
HID buck and full-bridge ballast control IC
Circuit for reducing crosstalk
Class-D amplifier with noise-immunity feedback
Multi-channel digital amplifier, signal processing method thereof, and audio reproducing system havi...
Liquid crystal sealing agent and liquid crystalline display cell using the same
Flame retardant adhesive composition, and adhesive sheet, coverlay film and flexible copper-clad lam...
Flame retardant adhesive composition, and adhesive sheet, coverlay film and flexible copper-clad lam...
Conductive adhesive
Mixing and curing carboxy-terminated butadiene-nitrile rubber, epoxy resin and curing agent
Process for the preparation of tetraalkylcyclobutane-1,3-diol in the presence of a cobalt-based cata...
One-pass method for implementing a flexible testbench
Regenerable particulate filter
Fuel cell stack
Method for preparing beads containing a crosslink mineral/inorganic matrix
Fire alarm device and method
Ink set and ink jet recording method
Biomass carrier promoting simultaneous nitrification-de-nitrification
Oligonucleotides, reagents and amplification methods for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome...
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of chronic immune diseases
Supported polymerisation catalysts
Hybrid silicon-on-insulator waveguide devices
Polymer composite fibrous coating on dipped rubber articles and method
High strength monolithic carbon foam
High energy curable coatings comprising thermoplastic polymers
Water-soluble substrate with resistance to dissolution prior to being immersed in water
Subcutaneous electrode and lead with temporary pharmacological agents
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Identifying URL target hostnames
Method for performing multiple hierarchically tests to verify identity of sender of an email message...
System and method for establishing that a server and a correspondent have compatible secure email
Semiconductor device
Method and system for providing travel time information
Content search in complex language, such as Japanese
Systems and methods for optimizing dynamic mailings
Matching consumers with billers having bills available for electronic presentment
Semiconductor memory card, and program for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for secure module restoration
Method and system to verify data received, at a server system, for access and/or publication via the...
Fixture for manual functional testing of wireless devices
Routing a service query in an overlay network
Wireless router system and method
Methods, systems and devices for packet watermarking and efficient provisioning of bandwidth
System and method for obtaining equipment status data over a network
Methods and apparatus for reestablishing a data connection with a wireless communication network
System for distribution and use of virtual stored value cards
Conversational networking via transport, coding and control conversational protocols
System and method for efficiently creating, managing, and deploying a device database
Data providing system, data providing apparatus and method, data acquisition system and method, and ...
Sulfonylaminovalerolactams and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Hybrid proteins with neuregulin heparin-binding domain for targeting to heparan sulfate proteoglycan...
Thrombin inhibitors
Kinase inhibitors
Compositions, method and kits relating to deletion mutations of immunodeficiency virus gp120 hyperva...
Antibodies and pharmaceutical compositions containing same useful for inhibiting activity of metallo...
Nitrate esters of phenylaminothiophenacetic acid derivatives
Transgenic cancer models in fish
Method of inhibiting the generation of active thrombin on the surface of a cell within an atheroscle...
Substituted pyrazine inhibitors of AKT
Substituted pyrroline kinase inhibitors
Method for reducing dielectric overetch when making contact to conductive features
Magnetic write head with high moment magnetic thin film formed over seed layer
Write element with recessed pole and heat sink layer for ultra-high density writing
Head stack assembly with interleaved flexure tail bond pad rows
Controlled pulse operations in non-volatile memory
Compensating for coupling based on sensing a neighbor using coupling
Systems for erase voltage manipulation in non-volatile memory for controlled shifts in threshold vol...
Methods of end of life calculation for non-volatile memories
File system that manages files according to content
TFT mask ROM and method for making same
Non-volatile storage with adaptive body bias
Method of high-performance flash memory data transfer
Apparatus for controlling bitline bias voltage
Method for using a reversible polarity decoder circuit
Methods for optimizing page selection in flash-memory devices
Balanced Grey code utilization to increase NVM endurance
Efficient flash memory device driver
Method and apparatus for effectively enabling an out of sequence write process within a non-volatile...
Method and system for testing of magnetic disks using F-BER
Track width measurement for magnetic recording heads
Disk controller and methods for use therewith
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Control apparatus, storage device, and head retracting method
Servo loop employing correction vector from a secondary disturbance sensor to minimize correlation b...
Track pitch examination method of storage apparatus, program, and storage apparatus
Method for determining read/write head position based on phase detection of a servo pattern
Read and write head element arrangement
Tape drive for maintaining lateral position utilizing longitudinally shifted servo pattern with incr...
Bearing support for a spindle motor of a disk drive
Disk drive including a balancing element with first and second cavities and a cylindrical portion di...
Laminated magnetic thin films with weak antiferromagnetic coupling for perpendicular magnetic record...
Magnetoresistive sensor having magnetic layers with tailored magnetic anisotropy induced by direct i...
Exchange bias structure for abutted junction GMR sensor
Memory control method for a personal video recording system
Downloading system
Tubing fitting
Inks for use on optical recording media
Extrudable antistatic tielayers
Sigma-delta modulator with DAC resolution less than ADC resolution
Test writing method and information recording device
Light source with precisely controlled wavelength-converted average power
Auto collage
Fiber optic cable comprising improved filling material and method of fabrication
Method for implementing an adaptive mixing energy ratio in a music-selected video editing environmen...
System and method for batch operation of CMP beans
Determining which objects to place in a container based on relationships of the objects
Log shipping data replication with parallel log writing and log shipping at the primary site
Data processing apparatus and method for performing a cache lookup in an energy efficient manner
Scoring method for correlation anomalies
Energy dispersion type radiation detecting system and method of measuring content of object element
Composites, method of manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom
Intrusion detection system and method
Method and system for actively defending a wireless LAN against attacks
Use of thiazolidinediones derivatives for preventing uterine contractions in premature labour or lac...
Lactoferrin compositions and methods of wound treatment
Lactalbumin production process
Oil in water emulsion
Constant-velocity joint and image forming device
Electrically driven microfluidic pumping for actuation
Random test generation using an optimization solver
Mechanism for lossless user-level tracing on an x86 architecture
Method and placement tool for designing the layout of an electronic circuit
Method and system for detecting runtime defects in a program by comparing correct and incorrect runs
Programmatic access to the widest mode floating-point arithmetic supported by a processor
Program code coverage
Method and system for code modification based on cache structure
Method and apparatus for automated registry clean-up
Method of resource allocation using an access control mechanism
Facilitating access to input/output resources via an I/O partition shared by multiple consumer parti...
Method and apparatus for dimensional analysis encoded in metatypes and generics
Program analysis tool presenting object containment and temporal flow information
Quick close security door system
Use of floatation material to support a vehicle in water
Hydraulic safety circuit
Automated method for conducting buy/sell transactions for non-commodity materials or devices
Method for presenting related items for auction
Method and system for designing a catalog with optimized product placement
Foreign home-delivery transport system and method
Apparatus and method for identification of transmissions and other parts
Apparatus and method for providing transaction history information, account history information, and...
Accounting system
Single-source multi-conduit apparatuses and methods for adjudicating pretax expenses
System and method for implementing employee stock plans
Bond issue risk management
Method and system for artificial neural networks to predict price movements in the financial markets
On-line trading system
Electronic trading system for simulating the trading of carbon dioxide equivalent emission reduction...
System and method for managing trading using alert messages for outlying trading orders
System and method for determining latent demand for at least one of a plurality of commodities
Systems and methods to facilitate a transfer of a refund amount from an educational institution to a...
Method for manufacturing a composite layer for an electronic device
System and method for distributing voice and data information over wireless and wireline networks
System and method for integrated audio stream manager
Seamless switching between random access units multiplexed in a multi angle view multimedia stream
Lights Out Learning
Board Sport Training Apparatus
Use of Composite Bitmapped Images in Conjunction with Display of Captured Data
Devices and related methods for teaching languages to young children
Method for teaching critical thinking
Computerized system and method using a symbolic language for dance
Method of sequencing multiple simulated flashcards for effective learning
Linearly regulated battery charger
Compensator device for stabilising the power of alternators in electrical power generating plants
Power supply switching circuit for a halogen lamp
High-voltage regulator system compatible with low-voltage technologies and corresponding electronic ...
Switching DC-DC converter with parallel switches
Spread spectrum power converter with duty-cycle error compensation
Current transformer with impedance compensation and associated methods
Load abnormality detecting system and method
Current sense circuit
Switching mode power supply and method for generating a bias voltage
Power supply system and apparatus
Method to control a frequency converter
Nonlinear thermal control of a PEM fuel cell stack
Method and apparatus for reducing the power consumed by a computer system
Method for operating or controlling a wind turbine and method for providing primary control power by...
Method and device for predicting the starting ability of a vehicle
Method for charging a battery using a constant current adapted to provide a constant rate of change ...
Rechargeable battery having bare cell and protection circuit module
Systems and methods of programming voltage and current in a battery charger
Method and apparatus for correcting voltage of secondary battery, and method and apparatus for estim...
Control panel for exercise equipment
Exercise device
Weight plate retention collar
Interactive search engine
Portable step exerciser
Weight exercise device
Electrode arrangement
Upper body exercise and flywheel enhanced dual deck treadmills
Vitamin D analog--NEL, methods and uses thereof
Pyridine derivatives as H3 antagonists
Substituted pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidines as glycogen synthase kinase (GSK) inhibitors
Aminopyrimidines useful as kinase inhibitors
Deoxynojirimycin analogues and their uses as glucosylceramidase inhibitors
Polyarylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Indazole derivatives as inhibitors of hormone sensitive lipase
Chroman derivatives and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for neuromodulation and physiologic modulation for the treatment of metabolic a...
Controlled release cooling additive composition
Fixing frame
Computer module
Computer with heat dissipation system
Heat exchanger for high purity and corrosive fluids
Electronic component cooling apparatus
Double-acting device for generating synthetic jets
Heat exchanger
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Sliding valve, especially for heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
Heat exchanger with multiple stage fluid expansion in header
Method of producing heat pipe
Heat dissipating device with preselected designed interface for thermal interface materials
Data center cooling
Heat-dissipating device connected in series to water-cooling circulation system
Heat dissipation device
Power semiconductor module and method for cooling a power semiconductor module
Electromagnetic interference shield and heat sink apparatus
Integrated heat sink and light pipe mounting assembly
Diimmonium compound and use thereof
Flat element having a dark surface exhibiting a reduced solar absorption
1,6,9,14-tetrasubstituted terrylene tetracarboxylic acid diimides
IR transparent cyan inkjet ink
Poly cross linked phthalocyanine compound for solar cell and ink composition comprising the same
Coloring matter absorbing near-infrared ray and filter for cutting off near-infrared ray
Tunable laser-based chemical imaging system
Medical device for treating prostate diseases by using near-infrared LED
Hemodialysis apparatus and methods
Method for improvement of soft tissue attachment and implants making use of said method
4-arylmorpholin-3-one derivatives, their preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Apparatus for dental shade measurement
Method for preparing ladderanes
Fabrication of self-assembled dendron monolayers
Memory array with ultra-thin etched pillar surround gate access transistors and buried data/bit line...
Nanoscale shift register and signal demultiplexing using microscale/nanoscale shift registers
System and method for high resolution optical imaging, data storage, lithography, and inspection
Therapeutic prosthetic device
Nonplanar transistors with metal gate electrodes
Forwarding for network devices
Method and apparatus for determining the source of user-perceived voice quality degradation in a net...