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Absorbent article having apertures for fecal material
Head-mounted matrix display
Tactile feedback man-machine interface device
Soft shell protective head gear and fabrication method
Portable music player
Computer-based real-time transient pulse monitoring system and method
Infrared ATR glucose measurement system (II)
Process of making a reversible chemical thermometer
Method and composition for deforming soft tissues
Sealing or filling tissue defects using polyfunctional crosslinking agents and protein polymers
Method and product using sturgeon notochord for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis
Cosmetic and dermatological preparations with flavonoids
Limbic system-associated membrane protein
Systems, methods and computer program products for electronic trading of financial instruments
Microtiter plate with integral heater
Original reader
Optical pre-amplifier apparatus and method for receiver performing windowed and gain change rate con...
Integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Optical fingerprint security verification using separate target and reference planes and a uniquenes...
Method and apparatus for object recognition
Chipset-based memory testing for hot-pluggable memory
Synchronizing crawler with notification source
Double-meshing-type silent chain drive and sprocket used therein
Multifunction electronic bookmark
Object-oriented event notification system with listener registration of both interests and methods
Auto-summary of document content
Method and apparatus for improved signal filtering
System for presenting and managing enterprise architectures
Gunstock and scope mounted storage assemblies
Hypoxic fire prevention and fire suppression systems and breathable fire extinguishing compositions ...
Security apparatus for use in a firearm
Firing mechanism for a rotary machine gun
Smart bullet
Method and system for importing database information
Hydrodynamic sleeve bearing with tilting thrust buttons and oil distribution ring
Precisely repositioning powder metal components
Rolling bearing apparatus
Active piezoelectric spindle bearing preload adjustment mechanism
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
System for reducing wear and improving longevity of a electric submergible pumping system
Galvano mirror unit
Method and apparatus for emulating an input/output unit when transferring data over a network
Biased control loop circuit for setting impedance of output driver
Skill-based call routing
Light scattering film and liquid crystal display device
Special container for cleaning or sterilizing lumen devices
Method, wireless MP3 player and system for downloading MP3 files from the internet
Internetworking system and method for a global telecommunications network
Fourier optical switch
Surface acoustic wave filter device with a shared reflector and portable telephone comprising same
Lens-carrying film unit having protective cover
Exposure control device for use in camera
Camera having interlock preventing simultaneous use of electronic zoom and panoramic format
Zoom lens assembling mechanism
Focus detecting device, and camera having the focus detecting device
High level automatic core configuration
Incremental design tuning and decision mediator
Auto correction of error checked simulated printed images
Method and system for controlling visual access by a user to broadcast video segments
Integrated retrieval scheme for retrieving semi-structured documents
Machine learning based electronic messaging system
Method and system for gathering and buffering sequential data for a transaction comprising multiple ...
Account authority digital signature (AADS) system
Alert configurator and manager
Skin sanitizing compositions
Process for making soap bar comprising about 6% and greater triglycerides
O-substituted N,N-diacylhydroxylamine bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Process for making high-active detergent agglomerates by multi-stage surfactant paste injection
7-(2-imidazolinylamino) quinoline compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Method of preventing cancer
Motion based event detection system and method
Computer generated recipe selector utilizing defect file information
Aircraft ground power unit
Method of calculating for the speed control of a CVT
Closed-loop actuator control system having bumpless gain and anti-windup logic
Bus signature analyzer and behavioral functional test method
Universal tactile feedback system for computer video games and simulations
MRI noise detector and suppressor
Method for registering images of a subject with a magnetic resonance system and magnetic resonance s...
Radiation therapy and radiation surgery treatment system and methods of use of same
Laser directed portable MRI stereotactic system
Method to reduce artefacts in the magnetic resonance image due to spurious magnetic signals
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Small molecule modulators of G protein-coupled receptor six
Process for making 2, 5-substituted pyridine
Device for removing toxins from blood or plasma
Dispersible macromolecule compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Refuse-treatment method and apparatus
Camera display system
Aqueous solution for maintaining floors
Method and device for detecting the presence of a patch cord connector in a telecommunications patch...
Image forming apparatus using shaped toner particles and transfer roller pressure for fine image qua...
Brake device
Thermoelectric-enhanced heat spreader for heat generating component of an electronic device
Oil coating roller, oil coating device, and fixing apparatus
Battery powered gyroscopic entertainment device and system
Multi-functional balance rotary disk
Reversible slide/climber playground equipment
Method for locating copy protection pulses within selected video lines of a video signal
Convertible swing/highchair and method of use
Bulletin board and method for making the same
System and method for providing selection of timer recording
3D navigation system using complementary head-mounted and stationary infrared beam detection units
Extended release formulation of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Methods for treating neuropsychiatric disorders
Method of making high strength aluminum sheet product and product therefrom
Method for extracting iron by direct reduction
Device for producing slag in an electric arc furnace
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server communication framewor...
Cache management mechanism to enable information-type dependent cache policies
Method and apparatus for internet co-browsing over cable television and controlled through computer ...
Queued method invocations on distributed component applications
Computer-aided display for comparative gene expression
Apparatus for forming polynucleotides or polypeptides
Cartridge washing system and methods
Plastics material mesh structures
MG-based negative electrode active material, method of manufacturing the same, hydrogen-storage allo...
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode and method for manufacture thereof
Solder-coating method, and solder paste suitable for use therein
Molybdenum-sulphur coatings
High purity aluminum materials
Prosthetic arm powered by an ultrasonic motor
Utility meter interface unit
Inflatable, cushioning, bubble wrap product having multiple, interconnected, bubble structures
Web of sterile bags for automatic bagging equipment
Dispenser pumps
Bottle base
Slotted induction heater
Synthetic bale and method of using the same for erosion control
Energy source for use in seismic acquisitions
Outboard engine with acoustic seals installed in motor housing opening
Sound attenuating inlet silencer for air supplying fan
Viscoelastic damping foam having an adhesive surface
Loudspeaker with a suspension member made of a laminate
Exhaust gas muffler for internal combustion engines
Motor noise silencer with vibration-based cooling system
Methods of diagnosing and treating urinary incontinence relating to collagen proteolysis in pelvic s...
Silicon-containing chain extenders
Injectable thermal balls for tumor ablation
Instrument for inserting graft fixation device
Biodegradable poly(propylene fumarate) networks cross linked with poly(propylene fumarate)-diacrylat...
Coumarin endcapped absorbable polymers
Method and apparatus for total energy fuel conversion systems
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell cogeneration system
Fuel cell system with an assigned hydrogen generating arrangement
Nondestructive fatigue test method for ferromagnetic construction materials
Organic chemical compounds and method for producing the same
Compositions and methods for producing recombinant virions
Unmarked deletion mutants of mycobacteria and methods of using same
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Urushiol induced contact dermatitis and method of use
Nucleotide deduced amino acid sequence, isolation and purification of heat-shock chlamydial proteins
Method for configuring cable television converter terminal using multiple channels and arrangement t...
Process and apparatus for the controlled pyrolysis of plastic materials
Laminates prepared with reactive hot melt adhesive
Cosmetic use of copolymers with a rigid hydrophilic backbone grafted by flexible hydrophobic macromo...
Method and apparatus for treatment and remediation of contaminated soils
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Biodegradable stent
Method of making Ni-Si magnetron sputtering targets and targets made thereby
Production of polyethylene
Dicing apparatus, kerf inspecting method and kerf inspecting system
Gas diffusion electrode and brine electrolytic bath
Espresso cup saucer with a five-point star indentation
Aminobutyric acid derivatives
Buffered resorbable internal fixation devices and methods for making material therefore
Method for the preparation of compound micro array chips and the compound micro array chips produced...
Ball-point pen and a penpoint tip therein
Hybridization assay for detecting a single-stranded target nucleic acid in which excess probe is des...
Combinatorial selection of oligonucleotide aptamers
Amplification of nucleic acids
Method of labeling a nucleic acid amplicon with simultaneous contamination prevention
Process and agent for instabilizing viral quasi-species-distributions avoiding resistance phenomena
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Method and apparatus for maldi analysis
Sprouty related growth factor antagonist (FGFAn-Hy) materials and methods
Fiberglass cloth resin tape insulation
Golf ball comprising a metal mantle with a cellular or liquid core
Manufacturing process of a hybrid contact-contactless smart card with an antenna support made of fib...
Child-resistant blister package
Trailer and method of use
Ink jet printing method
Method and apparatus for curling light-curable dental materials
Calcium-independent negative regulation by CD81 of receptor signaling
Forms of free prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and their association with prostate tissues from prost...
Mammalian hyaluronan synthases, nucleic acids and uses thereof
Human serine protease
Phycoerythrin labeled thyronine analogues and assays using labeled analogues
WD-40 derived peptides and uses thereof
Upregulation of type III endothelial cell nitric oxide synthase by agents that disrupt actin cytoske...
Handgun safety device
Method for controlling animal populations utilizing a sterilant projectile
Blank training cartridge for a self loading gun
Robotic manipulator
Adjustable flexible vacuum gripper and method of gripping
Robot apparatus, body unit and coupling unit
Tape drive apparatus for judging an operational mode of the tape based on detected tape management i...
System and method for parsing a document using one or more break characters
Spelling and grammar checking system
Method for displaying information contained in an electronic message
Network image scanning system which transmits image information from a scanner over a network to a c...
Apparatus and method for synchronizing software between computers
Method for factory-installation of files and directories with long filenames while maintaining prope...
Method and apparatus for dehydrating a vehicle lamp housing
Fiber optic light source with two chamber cooling
Fast connecting structure for fitting lights
Electronic-endoscope light source unit for setting shading period
LED warning signal light and light bar
Optical transmitter and transceiver module for wireless data transmission
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing video data, and recording medium
Modular airborne flir support and extension structure
Apparatus for setting the tuning voltage of tunable resonant circuits
Distributed IRD system
Fiber trough coupling system
Optical fiber distribution frame with pivoting connector panels
Fiber optic splice closure and method of routing optical fiber ribbons
Optical fiber reel, optical fiber storing case and optical repeater
Grating coil package for reduced fiber strain
Fiber-optic endpiece
Illumination assembly
Apparatus and method for efficient implementation of 2-dimensional pixel window averaging
Image synthesis apparatus and image synthesis method
Pixel interpolation method and circuit therefor
Reproduction apparatus
Watermark applied to one-dimensional data
Apparatus and method for viewing vasculature of a human being
Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in vivo using a novel spectroscopic approach
Myocardial ischemia and infarction analysis and monitoring method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring the moisture level within enamel dentine or tooth tissue
Camera referenced control in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Unsupervised adaptation and classification of multiple classes and sources in blind signal separatio...
Insulated asymmetrical directional force resistant building panel with symmetrical joinery, integral...
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Automatic assembling system of galvanized steel sheet by spot welding
Process for the coating of electrical steel strips with an annealing separator
Method of making grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss
Niobium-stabilized 14% chromium ferritic steel, and use of same in the automobile sector
Stainless steel plate for shadow mask method for production thereof and shadow mask
High tensile hot-dip zinc-coated steel plate excellent in ductility and method for production thereo...
Process for making steel
Laminated assembly for active bioelectronic devices
Graphical handwriting recognition user interface
Optical device and method of making the same
Feedforward and feedback control in a radio
Methods and apparatus for measuring spectral energy
Apparatus and method for handling dispatching messages for various applications of a communication d...
Fibre channel controller having both inbound and outbound control units for simultaneously processin...
Method and apparatus for tolerating scheduling latency and achieving time alignment for transmit and...
Antimicrobial locks comprising taurinamide derivatives and carboxylic acids and/or salts thereof
Tailoring the grafting density of organic modifiers at solid/liquid interfaces
Methods of making micropatterned foams
Combined four stone round gemstone arrangement and setting
Precious gemstone setting
Process for the preparation of ortho-substituted arylmetal compounds and their reaction with electro...
Ichthyological resuscitation apparatus
Apparatus and method for elevating a watercraft out of a body of water
Sporting water vehicle
Boat mooring device
Hydrofoil angular alignment tool
Method and device for driving bore-holes, in the sea bed using a counterflush method
Towed airborne array system
Propulsion system of a vehicle having two flywheels with different moments of inertia
Adjustable delay turn signal reminder device for mounting on a motorcycle and the like
Automatic steering system for vehicle
Steering column differential angle position sensor
Device for producing a signal to initiate actuation of a security system in a vehicle making an over...
Vehicle occupant restraint control system using a crash severity model
Novelty item with user actuated noise maker
Decorative wind driven sculpture
Dual-function balloon weight
Dynamic collapsible revolving toy
Toy doll
Twin flying discs
Elastomeric hand exerciser writing implement and amusement device
Portable electronic units including notebook computers, PDAs and battery operated units
Electronic device having a display
Hand-held computers incorporating reduced area imaging devices
Dual FPD and thin client
Method for producing beta-alumina solid electrolyte
Method and apparatus for noise compensation in digital to analog converters
Method and compositions producing cherry derived products
Housing for receptacle filling
Combination therapies using benzimidazolones
Cocoa extract compounds and methods for making and using the same
Denture adhesive compositions comprising a polymeric activator
Oxygen scavenging high barrier polyamide compositions for packaging applications
Antenna mounting assembly for a guided-microwave spectrometer
Method and apparatus for activating a power interlock system and automatically disabling a power sup...
Tridentate ligand
Catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization
LAN docker unlocking system
Identification marking by means of laser peening
Device for transmitting signals to one or more circuits integrated into the head rest of a motor veh...
Method and apparatus for severe braking alert
Modularized carriage having shock absorber struts for a contact image sensor module
Method and apparatus for interactive curved surface seismic interpretation and visualization
Activation control apparatus of occupant safety system
Method and apparatus for satellite orbit interpolation using piecewise hermite interpolating polynom...
Intervertebral spacers
Cationically polymerizable compositions capable of being coated by electrostatic assistance
Poly (1-trimethysilyl-1-propyne) membrane regeneration process
Technique for measuring properties of polymeric fibres
Easily cleanable polymer laminates
Antisense modulation of hepsin expression
Acid functional two-stage polymer dispersion with neutralization between polymerization stages
Method for improving the impact resistance and scratch resistance of polymeric systems
Channel preview with rate dependent channel information
Method and apparatus for resolving divergent paths in graphical programming environments
Composite container for vacuum packaging food products such as dough and associated methods
Apparatus and method for surgical stereotactic procedures
Object segregation in images
System for confocal imaging within dermal tissue
Magnetic field measurement apparatus
Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus
Method for the localization of targeted treatment areas in soft body parts
Dual-bearing reel having a detachable handle
Adjustable brake for baitcast reel with infinite control
Fishing reel spool having a variable dimensioned front flange
Food which slows down the speed of ingestion in dogs
Low pH antimicrobial food composition from total milk protein and process of manufacturing same
Beverage for animals
Aqueous dispersion
Averaging multiple hybridization arrays
Synthesis of pseudopterosin compounds
Illumination system with several gas discharge tubes
Resilient containers for hyperpolarized gases and associated methods
Method and apparatus for rapid execution of FCOM and FSTSW
Branch prediction device with two levels of branch prediction cache
Integrated verification and manufacturability tool
System for automatically generating tests to ensure binary compatibility between software components...
Method to produce application oriented languages
System, method, and program for testing translatability of software by using english multi-byte tran...
System and method for upgrading client software
Cellulase preparation comprising an endoglucanase enzyme
Line-narrowing module for high power laser
Method and apparatus of compressing images using localized radon transforms
Delivery of pharmaceutical compounds and collection of biomolecules using electromagnetic energy and...
Multiple mode digital X-ray imaging system
Weather typing system and method with spatial synoptic classification by sliding seed days
Saturation region transistor modeling for geometric programming
Recording method for phase-change recording medium
Non-invasive glucose monitor
Tablets and methods for modified release of hydrophilic and other active agents
Odor-masking coating for a pharmaceutical preparation
Process for the preparation of a solid pharmaceutical dosage form
Isolation of neurotrophins from a mixture containing other proteins and neurotrophin variants using ...
Specific antibodies for use in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions useful in the prevention o...
Highly purified cytokine activating factor and methods of use
System and method of animal identification and animal transaction authorization using iris patterns
Security system enclosure
Method and apparatus for wave therapy
Cell phone with integrated personal mirror
Internet server and method for providing access to internet e-mail and internet web pages
Multi-function telecommunication device
Portable telephone
Call response method for vehicle
Method and apparatus for managing local resources at service nodes in an intelligent network
Ingress testing of CATV system utilizing remote selection of CATV node
Process for the production of linear low density ethylene copolymers
Ammonia-free composition for dyeing keratinous fibres
Titanated chromium/silica-aluminophosphate catalyst
UV-photostabilization of dibenzoylmethane sunscreens by compounding with micronized insoluble screen...
Hypoallergenic make-up or care composition comprising a crosslinked organopolysiloxane comprising an...
Topical delivery systems for active agents
External skin treatment composition
Dimerized fatty acid based polyamides useful for clear candle and gel applications
Cosmetic compositions containing di-block, tri-block, multi-block and radial block copolymers
Temperature-stable polyamide resin-based composition, and products
Dahlia plant named `Pecos`
Antigonon plant named `Colvey`
Dahlia plant named `Jacqui`
Floribunda Rose Plant Named `Meisponge`
Athyrium niponicum var pictum plant named `Silver Falls`
Anthurium plant named `Lucky Leny`
Petunia plant named `MP4`
Adapter unit for a personal digital assistant
Method and system for audio portion test management in a client/server testing architecture
Vacuum actuated vehicle speed control system
Spinel-type lithium manganese complex oxide for a cathode active material of a lithium secondary bat...
Positive electrode for lithium battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and its anode
Nanotube-based high energy material and method
Lithium polymer consistent lamination process
Polymer electrolyte lithium battery containing a potassium salt
Powder composition for capacitor and sintered body using the composition, and capacitor using the si...
Methods of making separators for electrochemical cells comprising pseudo-boehmite layers and a prote...
Monitoring method of developing solution for lithographic printing plates
Image forming material
Photosensitive composition and method of making lithographic printing plate
Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
Process for producing an electrode for a battery
Lithium manganese oxide spinel compound and method of preparing same
Alkaline battery separators
Electrode plate for secondary battery with nonaqueous electrolyte and process for producing same
Hydrocarbon polymer based nonaqueous electrolytic secondary battery and method of making the same
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and composition, and film, laminate and electrical insulating mate...
Combination backpack and hydration pack
Wire spool cart
Treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma with IL-12
Dipeptide and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
4,4-disubstituted-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinazolinones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
External peripheral attachment device for use as a hub or computer
Sense amplifier with data line precharge through a self-bias circuit and a precharge circuit
Portable system for programming hearing aids
Use of acousto-optical and sonoluminescene contrast agents
Encrypting secrets in a file for an electronic micro-commerce system
Postage metering system
Zero detection in digital processing
System permitting the display of video or still image content on selected displays of an electronic ...
Electronic watermark system electronic information distribution system and image filing apparatus
Notebook security system using infrared key
Prevention of disk piracy
Thick-film thermal printhead
MRI vertical magnet apparatus and MRI apparatus
Nuclei acid and polypeptide compositions encoding lepidopteran-toxic polypeptides
Inhibitors of interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme
Command of force sensations in a forceback system using force effect suites
X-ray catheter using a step-up transformer
Iontophoresis electroporation and combination patches for local drug delivery to body tissues
Apparatus and method for timing the delivery of non-excitatory ETC signals to a heart
Dual mode transurethral microwave warming apparatus
Polyol-amino acid compounds having anti-helicobacter pylori activity
Scratch-resistant sol-gel coating for clear powder-slurry lacquer
Preparation of sterically hindered amine ethers
Coalescer for hydrocarbons containing surfactant
Golf ball
Method of coating an uncured mineral substrate
Composite molding and process for the production of the same
Polymer compositions
Hand-held container
Popcorn vendor
Bag attachment for golf pull-cart
Pallet guard section
Tissue holder
Resource allocation device for reducing the size and run time of a machine language program
Image signal reading operation control device
Common bulkhead cryogenic propellant tank
Method and apparatus for improved horizontal and vertical overlay signals for greater concealment in...
Hydroxamic acid polymers formed from primary amide polymers
Working machine and its communication method
Distributed processing system for component lifetime prediction
Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping h...
Stochastic encoder/decoder/predictor
Medical network system and method for transfer of information
System and method for restoring previously backed-up data in a mass storage subsystem
Circuit arrangement and method with state-based transaction scheduling
Medical fluid injector having face plate with magnetic conductors
DNA encoding human 5-HT.sub.1D receptors and uses thereof
Omeprazole solution and method for using same
Sectional storm panel assembly
Reglazable window
Methods of treating migraine and compounds useful for such methods
Water leakage protector apparatus
Window protector assembly
Decorative collar and method of altering the appearance of a collar
Apparatuses for exchanging information over computer and broadcast networks
Integrated circuit device with power analysis protection circuitry
Rotating machine integrated with controller, and inverter
Embossed absorbent paper sheet
Memorabilia organizer capsule for casket
Method and apparatus for database fault tolerance with instant transaction replication using off-the...
Constant temperature coolant circulating apparatus
Electric power operated clamp with spring lock
Method and device for recovering gases
Transesophageal magnetic resonance analysis method and apparatus
Polynucleotides encoding persephin and related growth factors
Triple drug therapy for the treatment and prevention of acute or chronic pain
Thermal switchable composition and imaging member containing cationic IR dye and methods of imaging ...
Substituted imidazoles, their preparation and use
Adsorbent having improved selectivity for the separation of gases
Method and apparatus for variable power control in wireless communications systems
System and method for finding preempted threads in a multi-threaded application
Bottom plate assembly for wheeled luggage
Viral treatment
Method and system for processing alarm objects in a communications network
Compounds having antitumor activity: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions c...
.alpha.-aminoacetic acid derivatives-.alpha.4.beta.7 receptor antagonists
Image forming assembly and method using a lamination apparatus
Method of eliminating inhibitory/instability regions of mRNA
Identification code for color thermal print ribbon
Ergonomic load port
Cradle for a handheld device
Wafer centering system and method
Poly(organophosphazene) matrices for bone replacement
Syringe/plunger coupling
Dual transmitter pet confinement and training system
Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
Method and apparatus for continuous liquid flow in microscale channels using pressure injection, wic...
Sizing and stabilizing apparatus for bicycle helmets
Wide tuning range variable MEMs capacitor
Method for improving the moisture absorption of porous low dielectric film
Direct polymerase chain reaction assay, or bio-PCR
Miniature rose variety `POULhilda`
Neutralizing high affinity human monoclonal antibodies specific to RSV F-protein and methods for the...
Volume reducing agents for expanded polystyrene, methods and apparatus for processing expanded polys...
Sensor structure for measuring vehicle suspension related information
Leakproof and breathable hand covering and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display device in which light transmitting portion is on the opposite substrate
EGR module having orifice in a pressure sensing port
Enhanced vehicle controls through information transfer via a wireless communication system
Microelectromechanical mechanisms for real-time mechanical vibration signature monitoring and analys...
Piezoelectric torsional vibration driven motor
Matrix biochip sensing system
Method and mechanism for providing partial results in full context handwriting recognition
Accident avoidance system
Antenna recommendation map
Developer agitating sheet and developer container
Water-cooling panel for furnace wall and furnace cover of arc furnace
Abrasive resistant open cell articulated seabed mat
Highly impact-resistant ABS moulding materials
Human beta-alanine-pyruvate aminotransferase
Assembly for components and method for mounting
Scraper for a wiper in an ink jet service station
Foamed caulk and sealant compounds
Fiber optic illumination and detection patterns, shapes, and locations for use in spectroscopic anal...
Spill resistant pharmaceutical compositions in semi-solid form
Rapid-melt semi-solid compositions, methods of making same and methods of using same
Staphylococcus aureus genes and polypeptides
Gas separation with split stream centrifugal turbomachinery
Antithrombotic agents
Ob receptor and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of body weight disorders
Apparatus and process for hydrogenations
Palm scanner
Structure for expanding holding capacity of luggage
Thermal printer and method of designing hot cathode fluorescent tube for thermal printer
Mechanical interlocking device for electrical apparatuses, and use thereof in a motor start assembly
Upper golf bag cradle for a golf cart
Device and method for balancing the weight on a robot arm
Multi-stage collagen-based template or implant for use in the repair of cartilage lesions
Front-loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Medical fluid injector having watchdog circuit
Mounting for jumps
Jewelry setting
Method and device to prevent foreign metallic object damage in fluid ejection systems using microwav...
Internet protocol layer processor
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Tango 71 nucleic acids
Specific salt forms of triphenylethylene derivatives as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Device for RF control
Method and apparatus for drying wood strands
MRAM architecture and system
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having nonvolatile memory and logic circuit using multi...
Method of manufacturing a barrier metal layer using atomic layer deposition
On screen display processor
Picture size conversion method and device thereof
Modulation of pilot tone amplitude in DTV broadcast for faster channel acquisition
Color modification on a digital nonlinear editing system
Color filters, sequencers and displays using color selective light modulators
Method and system for supporting a cathode ray tube display
Adjustable magnifying apparatus and method for viewing video or computer screens
Prediction apparatus for predicting based on similar cases and method thereof
Anesthesia machine with head worn display
Compact load bearing webbing attachment method
Automated galley cart storage system
Simplified buoyancy system for avoiding aircraft crashes
Apparatus and method for enhancement of aerodynamic performance by using pulse excitation control
Side facing multi-passenger divan assembly
Active heater control circuit and method used for aerospace probes
Using meta-descriptors to represent multimedia information
Method and system for developing interactive multimedia applications for use on an interactive netwo...
Method and apparatus for broadcasting information over a network
Metaserver for a multimedia distribution network
Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes and/or sounds recorded in a media f...
Device for optically scanning a record carrier
Bayesian belief networks for industrial processes
Method of cloning the file system of a window web operating system by using a bitmap file
Data warehouse programs architecture
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for persisting objects in a relational database
Means and method for the treatment of migraine headaches
Biocompatible low modulus titanium alloy for medical implant
Sputtering target and its manufacturing method
Free machining aluminum alloy containing bismuth or bismuth-tin for free machining and a method of u...
Nickel based superalloy
High strength steel for dies with excellent machinability
Lead-free free-cutting copper alloys
Silver-copper-nickel infiltration brazing filler metal and composites made therefrom
Method of changing key fragments in a multi-step digital signature system
Data structure for distinguishing data of authorized and unauthorized publishers
Document security system and method
Parallel processor for use in distributed sample scrambler
Data transformation apparatus and data transformation method
Enzyme electrode sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Photocatalytic oxidation of organics using a porous titanium dioxide membrane and an efficient oxida...
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and insulating film
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and insulating film
Composition for polishing a semiconductor device and process for manufacturing a semiconductor devic...
Cleaning agent
Method for growing a nitride compound semiconductor
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Reactive nanoparticles as destructive adsorbents for biological and chemical contamination
Preparation of potent macrophage activating factors derived from cloned vitamin D binding protein an...
Bouvardia plant named `Royal Daphne`
Anti-picornaviral ligands via a combinatorial computational and synthetic approach
Highly rigid, high-tenacity impact-resistant polystyrene
Protection of a component video signal
Device and methods for the application of mechanical force to a gel/sensor assembly
Electronic bill pay system for consumers to generate messages directing financial institutions to pa...
Anchor sheet framework and subflooring
Aircraft maintenance tracking system
Heating element containing sewn resistance material
Acid etching machine
High density web server chassis system and method
Millimeter wave scanning imaging system having central reflectors
Piezoelectric transformer with patterns for recognizing node point
Portable biochip scanner device
Polymerization of olefins
Geranylgernayl pyrophosphate synthases
Methods of extracting liquid hydrocardon contaminants from underground zones
Pigment dispersions containing ABC-block polymer dispersant
Method of producing durable layered coatings
Process of open-end spinning of polyester staple fiber
High surface area sol-gel route prepared oxidation catalysts
Heating elements comprising polybutadiene and polyisoprene based thermosetting compositions
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substra...
Binder compositions for bonding particulate material
Method of repulping repulpable and recyclable moisture resistant coated articles
Polyethylene glycol-containing paper
Fluidized bed reactor having a centrally positioned internal heat source
Method for reprocessing waste acid to form gypsum and iron oxide
Wireless ATM networks
Power consumption reduction method in a digital mobile radio system and a mobile radio station
Scheme for adaptive control of transport layer connection in communications via radio and wire netwo...
Multi-directional multiplex communication system and ISDN servicing method therein
Portable radio telephone equipment and control thereof
Pump and liquid applicator apparatus for health and beauty products
Information retrieval and speech recognition based on language models
Autonomous navigation, guidance and control using LDRI
Method and apparatus for the localization of element concentrations in a continuous casting
Opto-electronic devices for processing and transmitting RF signals based on brillouin selective side...
Method and apparatus for supporting a wall
Methods of analyzing polymers using ordered label strategies
Thermoplastic resin composition
Process of preparing a multilayer cholesteric film I
Growth factor HTTER36
Device for releasing with delayed effect an active substance, in particular veterinary
Bus rack for accommodating plural stand-alone computers
Methods of identifying modulators of kinases responsive to stress
Composited intervertebral bone spacers
Printing device with optimized print head positioning logic
Method and apparatus for using an assist processor to pre-fetch data values for a primary processor
Power saving of a portable computer using human sensing device
Histological reconstruction and automated image analysis
Therapeutic laser device and method including noninvasive subsurface monitoring and controlling mean...
Growth factor receptor binding protein
Antibodies to neutrokine-alpha
Odor suppression in ammonia-containing cosmetic products
Messaging processing system and method
Ubiguinone-containing composition suitable for promoting enhanced intramitochondrial transportation ...
Process for separating a triglyceride comprising a docosahexaenoic acid residue from a mixture of tr...
Polypeptide molecules of the G protein-coupled heptahelical receptor superfamily and uses therefor
Method for regenerating an alkylation catalyst
Portable handheld terminal housing
Encapsulated lithium alloy electrodes having barrier layers
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Layered arrangements of lithium electrodes
Method for electrochemical detection
Crosslinked polymer, electrolyte using the polymer, and nonaqueous secondary battery using the elect...
Battery device for loading on moving body
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Power source for a hearing aid
Method of manufacturing highly-airtightened porous paper, highly-airtightened porous paper manufactu...
Multi layer electrolyte and cell using the same
Tote-bag cooler
Thermally actuated ink jet printing mechanism having a series of thermal actuator units
Portable data terminal and cradle
Method for determining a minimal set of rotor blade adjustments
Selective and renewable encryption for secure distribution of video on-demand
Cooperative system and method using mobile robots for testing a cooperative search controller
Biodegradable mixtures of polyphoshazene and other polymers
Roller massaging apparatus with suction function
Front-loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Method of injecting fluid into animals
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Voice activated fireplace control system
Navigation method using a small volume of data
Method and apparatus to maintain compass heading with a moveable sensor mounting
Navigation system having travel path replacing function
Navigation device
Method of playing a group participation game
Data compression/decompression based on pattern and symbol run length encoding for use in a portable...
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
Apparatus for setting precious gems in jewelry through the use of screws and other stabilizing means
Pop beads having elongated necks
Method for using applications in a mobile station, a mobile station, and a system for effecting paym...
Valve timing control for engine
Valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
Cam phaser apparatus having a stator integral with a back plate or a front cover plate
Valve timing regulation device
Chain guide for a control-shaft drive of an internal-combustion engine and method of producing a cha...
Captive volume accumulator for a lost motion system
Variable valve apparatus of internal combustion engine and method of varying the open-close characte...
Internal guardband for semiconductor testing
Use of high hydroxyl compounds for water sensitive hot melt adhesives
Starch polymer combinations used in papermaking
Starch products having hot or cold water dispersibility and hot or cold water swelling viscosity
Use of isolated soy protein for making fresh, unripened cheese analogs
Astaxanthin over-producing strains of phaffia rhodozyma, methods for their cultivation, and their us...
Plants, seeds and oils having an elevated total monounsaturated fatty acid content
Process for preparing a noncrystallizable polyol syrup
Bimetallic catalysts for olefin polymerization
Automated library kiosk
Seat scale for health care measurement kiosk
System and method for delivering out-of-home programming
Digital watermark insertion system and digital watermark characteristic table creating device
Digital image coding/decoding apparatus and method for evaluating the quality of images transmitted ...
Paper processing system
Seat belt tension sensor, methods of integration and attachment
High stable vegetable oils
Alimentary integrator
Biological fertilizer based on yeasts
Biological fertilizer compositions comprising garbage
Plasmid encoding a modified steroid hormone
Embryogenesis process for initiation
Data structure for representing video program subtitles
Music score display apparatus with controlled exhibit of connective sign
Apparatus for and method of providing a performance guide display to assist in a manual performance ...
System and method for disk mapping and data retrieval
Hierarchical fully-associative-translation lookaside buffer structure
System and methods for remotely accessing a selected group of items of interest from a database
Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
Electronic file retrieval method and system
Method and apparatus for obtaining storage information from a transaction log
Semiconductor light emitting device with II-VI group semiconductor contact layer containing alkali m...
Method for cleaning of combustion gas containing impurities
Curable epoxy resin compositions
Furylphosphines and organometallic complexes containing them
Sensor/support system having a stabilization structure affixed to a side of a platform oppositely di...
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Stable arylpyrrole particles, process for their preparation and suspension concentrate compositions ...
System and method for routing a call using a communications network
Topical treatment for oily skin
Conditioning shampoo containing arabinogalactan
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Nonionically derivatized starches and their use in non-aerosol, low VOC hair cosmetic compositions
Water- and ion-conducting membranes and uses thereof
Process for preparing an aqueous polymer dispersion for redetachable pressure sensitive adhesive fil...
Process for reducing the odor emission of aqueous vinylaromatic/1,3-diene copolymer dispersions
Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers
Method for preparing aqueous size composition
Onium salts, photoacid generators, resist compositions, and patterning process
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Process for producing metal interconnections and product produced thereby
Planar magnetic device without center core leg
Means of producing high diblock content thermoplastic elastomers with functional termination
Carbon black graft polymer
Film and stretch packaging film
Method of making 2-bromo-4-chloro substituted phenols
High temperature flip chip joining flux that obviates the cleaning process
System for cell-based screening
Microstructured optical fiber with improved transmission efficiency and durability
Optical conductor and its method of manufacture
Optical fiber and fiber-optic sensing system using the same
Circularly polarizing plate comprising linearly polarizing membrane and quarter wave plate
Light semitransmitting type liquid crystal display device
Wide viewing angle polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Reflection liquid crystal display
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for lighting backlight thereof
Stabilized organic peroxydicarbonates compositions
Polyamide/emulsion polymer blends
Non-aqueous composite wax particle dispersion
Polyvinyl chloride compositions
Methods of making modified condensation polymers
Compounds and methods for cancer therapy
Peptide nucleic acids having 2,6-diaminopurine nucleobases
Treatment of human herpesviruses using hyperthermia
Products of and method for improving adhesion between substrate and polymer layers
Recombinant inactive core streptavidin mutants
Online modifications of dimension structures in multidimensional processing
Aluminium production cell with an insulating cover having individually removable sections
Building member
Decoupled address and data access to an SDRAM
Apparatus and method for performing intra-add operation
"J" system for securing a portable computer which optionally requires an entry of an invalid power o...
Accurate timing calibration for each of multiple high-speed clocked receivers using a single DLL
System and method to reduce scan test pins on an integrated circuit
Spin-dependent tunneling sensor suitable for a magnetic memory
Circuit for driving nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
SNP detection
Silicon nanoparticle electronic switches
Continuous method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
Antagonists to chaperonin 10
High affinity humanized anti-CEA monoclonal antibodies
Autotaxin: motility stimulating protein useful in cancer diagnosis and therapy
Arylamine-substituted poly (arylene vinylenes) and associated methods of preparation and use
Shrink film
Method for recovering medicaments from preparations, and from the precursors or wastes thereof
Sensor, a method and a system for remote detection of objects
Service unit for an image forming apparatus
Carrier collection device and method therefor
System for rupturing microcapsules filled with a dye
Variable delay device for an optical component such as a polarization mode dispersion compensator
Laser optical system
Optical waveguide amplifier optical service channel accessor device and method of making
Biasing magnet positioning mechanism
Methods to partially reduce a niobium metal oxide oxygen reduced niobium oxides
Thermally annealed, low defect density single crystal silicon
Ultrafine particulate zinc oxide and production process thereof
Benzamide ligands for the thyroid receptor
Ultrasound enhancement of percutaneous drug absorption
Carbazole neuropeptide Y5 antagonists
Energy application with cooling
Use of an extract of the plant Terminalia catappa in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, especia...
Use of peroxidized lipids as agents intended to prevent and/or to treat the irritant effects of an a...
Cosmetic compositions comprising exfoliating enzymes and uses thereof
Fluorine-containing meltable resin composition
Emergency oxygen supply system for passengers in aircraft
System and method for distributed data collection and storage
Actuator for an active transmission mount isolation system
System and method for compensating structural vibrations of an aircraft caused by outside disturbanc...
Satellite dispenser
Precision parachute recovery system
Anti-torque and yaw-control system for a rotary-wing aircraft
Methods and apparatus for determining focal points of clusters in a tree structure
Sensor support assembly for vehicles
Lateral trenching for cross coupling suppression in integrated optics chips
Protection of pipeline joint connections
Remote activated water self rescue system
Hetero-substituted cyclic amine metalloprotease inhibitors
Electrode array system for measuring electrophysiological signals
Add-on unit for connecting to a mobile station and a mobile station
Apparatus for gas delivery
Medical diagnostic device with multiple sensors on a flexible substrate and associated methodology
Hard carbon film and surface acoustic-wave substrate
Method for the preparation of conjugated polymers
High barrier amorphous polyamide-clay nanocomposite and a process for preparing same
Crosslinked conducting polymer composite materials and method of making same
Multi-cast enabled web server
System and method for performing automated dynamic dialogue generation
Burst-level resource allocation in cellular systems
State transfer with throw-away thread
Automatic primary reference clock switching for synchronous networks
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of high-power linear amplifier
Method for making glasses containing rare earth fluorides by precipitating solution doped compounds
Intelligent machining and manufacturing
Pattern generator with improved precision
Laser diode apparatus with support structure
Mailing form for non-impact printing
Reflective type liquid crystal projection system
Video projection holographic screen, system and method
Nitrosated and nitrosylated potassium channel activators, compositions and methods of use
Polyalkylene grafted centipede polymers
Advanced floor mat
Tire Inspecting method and apparatus
Secure holographic images on paper
Filing elements such as a suspended file or file folder as well as a machine for the fabrication of ...
Keepsake sleeve
Press jacket and method for treating a material web
Packaging having protected information and method
Combination static cling and product label assembly
Diffractive surface pattern
Monitor mounted personal organizer
Placemats having integrated adhesive stickers or labels
Automatic work progress tracking and optimizing engine for a telecommunications customer care and bi...
Waiting prior to engaging in action for enhancement of automated service
Event clock
Shield panel and helmet
Locking device for a helmet
Soybean cultivar 901181544
Method for making a sole system for footwear
Optically compensatory film, optically compensatory polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display devi...
Force-feedback interface device for the hand
Shrink wrap gift bag and method of manufacturing the same
Hydrophilic polyurethanes
Linear copolymers of alpha-olefins and divinylbenzene having narrow molecular weight and composition...
Mixing apparatus and method for blending milled asphalt with rejuvenating fluid
Plastic molding with electrical contacts
Multi-layer golf ball
Expandable graphite and method
Ceramics sound absorption material
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
Process for producing ethylene/olefin interpolymers
Method and apparatus for entering an item name into a self-service checkout terminal
System and method for aggregating multiple buyers utilizing conditional purchase offers (CPOS)
Inventory management system and method
System, method, and computer program product for valuating weather-based financial instruments
Transaction information processing system
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Method of treating disease with sulfonylamino acid derivatives
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Oily ink for writing instrument
Fixed optic sensor system and distributed sensor network
Antibody conjugate kits for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Methods of typing hepatitis C virus and reagents for use therein
Detection and visualization of neoplastic tissues and other tissues
Cleaved fragments of fibrinogen
Methods for radio calibration at room temperature
Fiber optic biosensor for selectively detecting oligonucleotide species in a mixed fluid sample
Silicon amphiphilic compounds and the use thereof
System for printing and applying tape onto surfaces
Methods and apparatuses for reagent delivery, reactive barrier formation, and pest control
Nylon molding compositions having improved surface appearance
Acoustically active drug delivery systems
Method of preparing low-temperature-cure polymer composition
Tamper indicating device
Transparent perfume composition
Method for manufacturing an engine cradle for a vehicle frame assembly
Plant having altered environmental stress tolerance
Adjustable voltage finger driver
Printed wiring board
Integral plenum panel
Communications cartridge
BOB cleaners to control and maintain PR module motion quality latitude
Electrostatographic reproduction machine having a belt conicity reducing assembly
Drying device and method for drying ink on a medium
Step stool
Charge pump having two sub charge pumps which include a common charge/discharge terminal
Manufacturing scheduling process with improved modeling, scheduling and editing capabilities for sol...
System and method for supporting sequential burst counts in double data rate (DDR) synchronous dynam...
Top surface imaging technique for top pole tip width control in magnetoresistive read/write head pro...
Circuit substrate
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory equipped with data latch circuits for transferring one-bit data or ...
Integrated laser cleaning and inspection system for rigid thin film media for magnetic recording app...
Laser measuring device
Cleaning device and method for cleaning resin sealing metal mold
Projection exposure method, projection exposure apparatus, and methods of manufacturing and opticall...
Fiber optic switch and associated methods
Contour forming of metals by laser peening
Shock pressure gauge for laser peening apparatus
Method and laser system controlling breakdown process development and space structure of laser radia...
Three-dimensional formed and perforated film having a nested polygon design therein
Pattern for leather or other fabrics
Paper product
Paper product
High softness embossed tissue
Paper towel
High density array fabrication and readout method for a fiber optic biosensor
Test plug and cable for a glucose monitor
Semiconductor device
Electrolytic process and apparatus for the controlled regeneration of modified ion exchangers to pur...
Method of forming ferroelectric capacitor in semiconductor device
Optosemiconductor device and the method for its manufacture
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure
Organic edge emitting diode with light guide and pixel isolation
C-axis oriented lead germanate film and deposition method
Solar cell module
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacture thereof
Phosphor converted light emitting diode
Flat-panel display device, array substrate, and method for driving flat-panel display device
Active matrix display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Vapochromic photodiode
Ceramic insulation
Metal oxide compositions and methods
Semiconductor device having capacitor which assures sufficient capacity without requiring large spac...
Cationic polymer-modified silica dispersion and production process for the same
Three-dimensional coil inductor
Formulations and use of controlled-release indole alkaloids
Coupling reactions with palladium catalysts
Process for the preparation of HPB esters
Image generation device and information storage medium
Apparatus and method for playing a game
Modulation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity
Multiple auction coordination method and system
Wallet protection system
Method and apparatus for playing a multi component wagering game
Interactive web book system with attribution and derivation features
Scoring methodology for purchasing card fraud detection
Compositions and methods for controlling plant pests
Quinazoline derivatives
Imidazolyl compounds as inhibitors of farnesyl-protein tranferase
Colored thermoplastic resin composition and related arts thereof
Quinazoline derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Imidazole derivatives and their use as farnesyl protein transferase inhibitors
Diagnosis for mutant APC by immunoassay
Pigment preparation
Antenna coil for IC card and manufacturing method thereof
Metallic ink composition for wick type writing instruments
Method of manufacturing a high doi/high gloss multifunctional thermoplastic film
Powder coating of epoxy resin and COOH- and ester-terminated anhydride
Films and molded articles formed from aliphatic polyester compositions containing nucleating agents
Enhanced tree control for multiple item selection
Hot spot analysis of IMS databases
Automatically verifying the feasibility of network management policies
Antitussive/antihist aminic/decongestant compositions
Graphics system interface
Method and apparatus for addressing multiple frame buffers
Method and apparatus for lighting module in a graphics processor
Method for the production of substantially open-cell polystyrene sheet
Method of adaptive control of the presence of a copy protection signal
Wet gypsum accelerator and methods, composition, and product relating thereto
Methods and apparatus for verifying the cryptographic security of a selected private and public key ...
Game machine with random sound effects
System for remotely activating a sound in a game unit
Electronic chip circulation method, electronic chip circulation server apparatus and electronic chip...
Game system, corresponding method and adapted devices
Water-skimming sport ball for use in competitive water play
Audio-acoustic proficiency testing device