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Method and apparatus for placing and interrogating downhole sensors
Substrate having a multilayer coat and method for its production
Fine-particle polymer dispersions for paper sizing
Preparation of water soluble polymer dispersions from vinylamide monomers
Method to separate sodium from lignins and produce a sodium containing solution for recycle
Tie ligands
System and method for measurement of partial discharge signals in high voltage apparatus
Impregnated glass fiber strands and products including the same
Binder composition and process for manufacturing board by using the binder composition
Latex binder for nonwoven fibers and article made therewith
Method of reducing material size
Preparation method for printing plate
Method for ink jet recording on non-absorbing recording medium
Polycationic polymer salts, their production and use
Difference detection methods using matched multiple dyes
PGC-1, a novel brown fat ppar.gamma. coactivator
Method and apparatus for deploying fiber optic cable to subscriber
Article comprising a tilted grating in a single mode waveguide
Splice tray for use in splicing fiber optic cables and housing therefor
High-voltage discharge lamp with cylindrical member to mitigate thermal stress
Inhibition of the Src kinase family pathway as a method of treating HBV infection and hepatocellular...
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Herbal compositions for hepatic disorders
Alphavirus structural protein expression cassettes
Inhibitors of caspases
Processes and intermediates useful to make antifolates
Universal camera mounting assembly
Method for reducing organic fluoride levels in hydrocarbons
Epitaxial growth substrate and a method for producing the same
Wet chemical etch process for patterning MRAM magnetic layers
Redundancy arrangement using a focused ion beam
Transistor metal gate structure that minimizes non-planarity effects and method of formation
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type,...
Automatic variable positive expiratory pressure valve and methods
Aerosol dispensing device
Shimmy-free aircraft tail wheel conversion
Support system for ground testing an aircraft
Cyclical thermal management system
Piezoelectric actuators for circulation controlled rotorcraft
Multimedia search apparatus and method for searching multimedia content using speaker detection by a...
Massively parallel array processor
Method and apparatus for HTML control
Transit vehicle multimedia broadcast system
Multimedia decoder for prioritized bi-directional communication in a broadcast system
Interactive framework for understanding user's perception of multimedia data
Lateral displacement pier, and apparatus and method of forming the same
Single pass printing of text among interleaved printing of non-text material
Toner and developer compositions with charge enhancing additives
Electrostatic voltmeter with current source load
Universal printhead
Complementary halftone screens for highlight printing
Image transmitting system and image transmitting method
Method and system for image conversion utilizing dynamic error diffusion
Stroller latch apparatus
NL3 TIE ligand homologue nucleic acids
Airtight sealing method and airtight sealing apparatus for semiconductor laser element
Apparatus and method for reducing solvent residue in a solvent-type dryer for semiconductor wafers
Methods for forming iridium and platinum containing films on substrates
Air purifying matrix for the oxidation of air-borne particulate and gases
Water-soluble thiol-capped nanocrystals
Preparation of metal coatings
Mandevilla plant named `Red Velvet Petite`
Method of delaying space allocation for parallel copying garbage collection
Electronic document display, document display method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for maintaining a database in a portable communication device
Architecture for system monitoring using high-performance providers
Method and apparatus for optimal wafer-by-wafer processing
Enhancing knowledge discovery using multiple support vector machines
Deadlock avoidance using exponential backoff
Method and apparatus for communicating a call
Power transmission system, IC card and information communication system using IC card
Method and apparatus for cordless infrared communication
Portable pen-based computer with vehicular docking station
Apparatus, method and system for file synchronization for a fault tolerate network
Recovering and relocating unreliable disk sectors when encountering disk drive read errors
Infrared ATR glucose measurement system having an ATR with mirrored ends
Optical paper sheet checking apparatus having an automatic adjustment function
Dual non-parallel electronic field electro-optic effect device
Image pickup device including an image pickup unit which is displaced relative to an object to be im...
Continuously viewable, DC field-balanced, reflective, ferroelectric liquid crystal image generator
EIT based optical switch/wavelength converter
Non-contact power supply apparatus and pickup portion used therein
Process and device for evaluating the quality of a transmitted voice signal
Method of homeotropic alignment or tilted homeotropic alignment of liquid crystals by single oblique...
Containment device
Optimum routing system
Single lens turnable wavelength division multiplexing fabry-perot filter using MEMS technology
Method and apparatus for generating an output voltage by detecting magnetic field
Method and system for providing multiple entry points to a vehicle navigation route
Electrodynamic tether control
Back-illuminated photodiodes for computed tomography detectors
One-piece, composite crucible with integral withdrawal/discharge section
Use of .beta.-lactamase inhibitors as neuroprotectants
System and method for defining and managing reusable groups software constructs within an object man...
Container body portion
Method and apparatus for loading filled fruit packing trays
Method and apparatus for separating objects
Funny bunny bottle
Method of making a molded internally threaded closure
Flood protection device for closing opening in wall against floodwater
Method and system for optical distance and angle measurement
Blending of summer gasoline containing ethanol
Method of preparing filled, modified and fiber reinforced thermoplastics and twin screw extruder for...
Oligomeric epoxy/isocyanate systems
Electrically insulating non-woven fabric, a prepreg and a laminate
Melt processible fluoropolymer composition
Composition and method for preparing granular amino acid chelates and complexes
High energy density metallized film capacitors and methods of manufacture thereof
Interpolymer film pouch
Information broadcasting method, receiver, and information processing apparatus
Two-stage fishing bobber
Therapeutic uses of heterologous superoxide dismutase (HSD), and method for selecting said HSD
Method of compiling a functional gene profile in a plant by transfecting a nucleic acid sequence of ...
Method for detecting candida infection
Formulations of tocopherols and methods of making and using them
Receptor for intestinal trefoil factor
Spatially switched router for wireless data packets
Information reproducing system including a master and a slave system
Sail battens
Spinnaker pole control system for sailboats
Chain tensioner and stopper
Apparatus and method for removing coatings from the hulls of vessels using ultra-high pressure water
Boat hull
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus
Solvent-based fluorescent inks for writing instruments based upon pigment dispersions in non-aqueous...
Front panel area for a set-top-box
Processed fiber for emission of energy into a medium and method therefor
Method of polymerizing olefins using unsupported catalyst compositions
Co-processable multi-layer laminates for forming high strength, haze-free, transparent articles and ...
Fluorination in liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide
Antisense modulation of phosphorylase kinase alpha 1 expression
Antisense modulation of calreticulin expression
Method for improved stability of aqueous polymer dispersions
Systems and methods for automatically forwarding electronic mail when the recipient is otherwise unk...
Method of reducing trapped holes induced by erase operations in the tunnel oxide of flash memory cel...
Molecular fluorine (F2) laser with narrow spectral linewidth
Deletion of ordered sets of keys in a compact O-complete tree
Method and apparatus for signal transmission and detection using a contact device
Method and system for providing real-time, in situ biomanufacturing process monitoring and control i...
Parsing a packet header
Solids concentration in slurry polymerization
Thread local cache memory allocator in a multitasking operating system
Locking device for a telescopic handle of a luggage item with wheels
Two-step trench etch for a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Moveable tape head for box erecting machine
Thread scheduling techniques for multithreaded servers
Surgical bone screw
Apparatus and method for managing changes of computerized medical protocols
Apparatus for and method of photographing using scanning techniques
Scratch resistant structural support for a portable electronic device
Method of resource management at computer controlled telephony hardware
Fiber optic interferometer based switch
Inter-dice wafer level signal transfer methods for integrated circuits
Power injector and method providing removal of used disposable syringe
Sacrificial shield for window assembly
Time-versioned data storage mechanism
Process of determining torque output and controlling power impact tools using impulse
Line up of pipes or pipe components
Non-interactive enrollment in speech recognition
System, method and article of manufacture for a voice analysis system that detects nervousness for p...
Control system for automatic vehicle transmission
Vehicle-mounted navigation system, and recording medium having recorded thereon a processing program...
Method and device for regulating a quantity of motion representing the movement of a vehicle
Method of tuning a vehicle
Method for controlling traffic
Integrated IP address management
Device for personal communications, data collection and data processing, and a circuit card
Toy device using through-the-body communication
Writing elements which connect together
Impact-absorbing wing connection system for model aircraft
Baby doll gift set and method of manufacture thereof
Wheel assembly
Piston-type internal-combustion engine with throttle-free load control and a device for generating a...
Variable valve drive mechanism and intake air amount control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Valve moving apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Compression self-ignition gasoline internal combustion engine
Diffractive anti-counterfeiting tag with naked-eye inspection and machine inspection
Mechanism for sharing ancillary data between a family of related functions
Search engine
Parallel processor
Document retrieval having retrieval conditions that shuffles documents in a sequence of occurrence
Process for modifying unsaturated triacylglycerol oils: resulting products and uses thereof
Star polymer colloidal stabilizers
Tamper-evident electric paper
Smart images and image bookmarking for an internet browser
Image processing apparatus and method using image information and additional information or an addit...
Method for coding digital moving video including gray scale shape information
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting information in analog signals using replica modula...
Methods and devices for recognizing banknotes and responding accordingly
Secondary user interface
Device and method for establishing a call connection
Recording graphical and tracking information on the face of a mailpiece
Remote access of archived compressed data files
Strawberry plant named `Marathon`
Protease-activatable pseudomonas exotoxin A-like proproteins
Polynucleotides encoding a human potassium channel
Encapsulated cells producing antibodies
Genetically modified cells and methods for expressing recombinant heparanase and methods of purifyin...
Stick dog toy
Scalable cat furniture
Pet feces collector
Shoe mop
Spot-on formulations for combating parasites
Methods for selectively occluding blood supplies to neoplasias
Electronic musical instrument using trailing tone different from leading tone
Broadcast and recorded music management system particularly for use in automobile
Method for processing a plurality of synchronized audio tracks, including phase inversion of a selec...
Apparatus for automated application of coatings to substrates
Information gathering facility employing dictionary file containing inquiry invoking an external pro...
Database processing method, apparatus for carrying out the same and medium storing processing progra...
Functional fluid
Antisense modulation of RIP2 expression
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method of manufacturing trench gate structure
Antiglare film, method for producing the same, polarizer and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and method
Field sequential dichroic light valve
Reflective film
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Continuity tie
Low voltage bandgap reference circuit
Catalyst for the conversion of low carbon number aliphatic hydrocarbons to higher carbon number hydr...
Reference for MRAM cell
Read-out circuit
Method of manufacturing an aluminum oxide film in a semiconductor device
Method for requesting and refunding postage utilizing an indicium printed on a mailpiece
Video conferencing fault management in a hybrid network
Method, computer program product, system and data structure for formatting transaction results data
Handheld computer keyboard system
Wheel toy
Hybrid camera selectively using either silver-halide-type photographic film or photoelectric-convers...
Print data output circuit
Feeding device
Scanning optical system
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Controller for controlling a camera having a built-in flash
Method for black liquor gasification in recovery boilers
Graphitic material loaded with alkali metal
Process for continuous oxidation
Aqueous borate-containing compositions and their preparation
Single-wall carbon nanotube-polymer composites
Electrochemical capacitor
Method and apparatus for information retrieval from a network using parameter value sampling
System, method, and computer-readable medium for repairing an application program that has been patc...
Functional debugger for debugging software programs
Method and apparatus for performing prefetching at the critical section level
Plant seed oils
Soybean cultivar M001219
Soybean cultivar 96-01957
Inbred corn line IT201
Hybrid maize plant & seed 34D34
Apparatus and method for protecting the unauthorized duplication of a signal
Network for distributing multimedia signals over a primary signal distribution path
Water-in-oil emulsion, composition comprising such an emulsion, and use thereof
UV-photoprotective dibenzoylmethane compositions comprising photostabilizing amounts of benzalmalona...
Hanger assembly for passenger oxygen masks
Breath-activated metered-dose inhaler
Database event detection and notification system using type abstraction hierarchy (TAH)
Catalytic process for the decomposition of perfluoroalkanes
Ion-sensitive hard water dispersible polymers and applications therefor
Porous gas permeable material for gas separation
Membrane electrode assembly and method of its manufacture
Multilayer article and method of making by ARC plasma deposition
Apparatus and method for effecting communications among a plurality of remote stations
Chelating agent and detergent comprising the same
Fragrance compositions
Methods for treating phosphatide-containing mixtures
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle ac...
Music game machine with selectable controller inputs
Super keno
Gaming device having a bonus round with a win, lose or draw outcome
Game machine and information storage medium
Game machine and information storage medium
Database driven online distributed tournament system
Game device, method of processing and recording medium for the same
Electric machine having rotor adapted for high speed
Rubber polymers having an elevated gel content and an elevated degree of swelling
Adaptive pattern recognition based control system and method
Magnetically mounted board for displaying flat articles
System and method for cosimulation of heterogeneous systems
Generator of objective nomenclature for colors
Training device for archers
Fashion doll transforming from princess to bride
Interactive furniture for dieters
Retention mechanism for a helmet
Method for controlling pivoting machine member
Fast cycle RAM and data readout method therefor
Information transfer in a multi-mode global positioning system used with wireless networks
Semiconductor device that fixes a potential on an input signal wiring
Power circuit with comparators and hysteresis
Method and apparatus for evaluating semiconductor film, and method for producing the semiconductor f...
Test circuit for testing semiconductor memory
Satiety inducing composition comprising Neuropeptide Y analogues and methods of inducing satiety and...
High tensile strength hot-rolled steel sheet
Creep resistant titanium aluminide alloys
Si(Ge)-Cu-V steel alloy
Self-organizing rolling mill system importing neighbor constraint ranges
Analyte sensing mediated by adapter/carrier molecules
Sol-gel calcium phosphate ceramic coatings and method of making same
Process for making a semiconductor integrated circuit device having a dynamic random access memory
Low vacuum vapor process for producing superconductor articles with epitaxial layers
Oxygen sensor device incorporating a heater therein
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic or photoelectrochromic device
Sol materials
Power supply system of an electronic switching electric motor for air-conditioning devices to be ins...
Motor control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Electric power steering control system and control method thereof
Control apparatus for passenger restraining safety devices
Apparatus for controlling a drive system for an industrial truck
Process for automatic regulation of the distance to a vehicle
System and method for completing a call while at least one call is established using analog interfac...
Methods and devices for billing teleconferences
Enhanced apparatus for use with caller ID system
Systems and methods for providing voice mail services to ported numbers by supplying routing informa...
Modem data access arrangement without diode bridge
Apparatus and method for providing transporting for a control signal
Method and apparatus for efficiently transferring data between peripherals in a selective call radio
Bicycle carrier
Mailbox indicator flag
Process and system for stabilizing vehicles against rolling
Multi-functional roller skates
Folding bicycle
Spoked cycle wheel
Quick-release bicycle axle with theft-deterrent locking end cap
Expansible food container
Smart-channel: learning-capable television channel changing apparatus, system and method
Vision system
Modular support system
User image integration and tracking for an audiovisual presentation system and methodology
Method of and apparatus for processing information, and providing medium
Exposure-condition setting device for camera
Dahlia plant named `Fuerte`
Electronic system and method for display using a decoder and arbiter to selectively allow access to ...
Pistol for the pressing out of bone cement with an attachable cement syringe
Method for efficient verification of system-on-chip integrated circuit designs including an embedded...
Stringed musical instruments and method therefor
Proportional actuator control of apparatus
Toner containing azo iron compound
Hydraulic surgical cement
Cosmetic firming formulation
Assays involving an IL-1 receptor antagonist
Matrix-free osteogenic devices, implants and methods of use thereof
Memory, interface system and method for mapping logical block numbers to physical sector numbers in ...
Dual rail drive for distributed logic
Intelligent network interfaced device and system for accelerated communication
Multiple issue algorithm with over subscription avoidance feature to get high bandwidth through cach...
Tightening device
Display device
Method for applying a brazing medium to a configuration
Agent based instruction system and method
Processing method for motion measurement
Process for preparing hydroxyketones
Soy products having improved odor and flavor and methods related thereto
Aroma therapy container
Cosmetic compositions
Liquid cleansing composition comprising lamellar phase inducing structurant with low salt content an...
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Article having a lotioned topsheet
Intelligent agent workbench
Puncturing device for tomography
MRI RF power monitor
Assembly formed by a magnetic resonance apparatus and a combination of coils
Irradiation enhanced permeation and collection
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Bone remodeling genes
Cell encapsulating device containing a cell displacing core for maintaining cell viability
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Water borne pressure sensitive adhesive compositions derived from copolymers of higher vinyl esters
Schottky diode with dielectric trench
Method for preventing and treating alcoholism
Radioconjugation of internalizing antibodies
Alkoxy-substituted compounds, methods and compositions for inhibiting parp activity
Means and method for the intracranial placement of a neurostimulator
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using telemetry system with predefined reception listening p...
Surface mounted device with grooves on a termination lead
Voice activity detector for calculating spectral irregularity measure on the basis of spectral diffe...
Virtual reality immersion therapy for treating psychological, psychiatric, medical, educational and ...
Laminated rare earth structure and method of making
Discharge screw for moving hearth
Direct reduction device to obtain metal iron with a high content of carbon in the form of carbide
Pour tube with improved flow characteristics
System and method for implementing Java-based software network management objects
Multiple cache communication
Combining a meta data file and java source code to dynamically create java classes and javabeans
Object oriented mechanism and method for maintaining elements on a flexibly constrained collection t...
Mouse pad scale
Methods and apparatus for providing an electronic price label countdown timer
Mine door power drive system
Hydraulic calibration of equivalent density
Methods and compositions for retarding and eradicating infestation in trees and tree derived product...
Plate suitable as a noise protection wall
Method for attenuating thermal sensation when handling objects at non-body temperature
Hollow semicircularly curved loudspeaker enclosure
Discharge silencer provided with drain recovering function
Acoustic devices
Piezoelectric diaphragm and piezoelectric speaker
Speaker Assembly
Method and construct for producing graft tissue from an extracellular matrix
Comb copolymers for regulating cell-surface interactions
Graft fixation device combination
Method of preventing adhesions with absorbable polyoxaesters
Polysaccharide sponges for cell culture and transplantation
Sperm analysis system
Maize RS324 promoter and methods for use thereof
Printing process, ink set for use in such process, and print and processed article obtained thereby
Attenuated strains of Leishmania and uses thereof
MAGE-3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Apparatus and method for analyzing particles
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Protective helmet
Mobile-dining mealholder with bottle-supported plate-lid
Garden cart
Magnetic head drive circuit and magnetic recorder
Unitary reflector for a recessed mounted lighting fixture
Light ramp
Temporary lighting apparatus and cage therefor
Vehicle headlamp
Vehicle lighting unit with an optical conductor system
Liquid crystal display device having light-guide plate for reflecting and diffusing light-source lig...
Light guide, illuminating device having the light guide, and image reading device and information pr...
DTV receiver with low-band final I-F signal filtered for suppressing co-channel interfering NTSC aud...
Laser video projector
Remote control incorporating self-test capability
Positioning and data integrating method and system thereof
Module manager for interactive television system
Optical waveguide gratings device with adjustable optical space profile
Optical fibre ducting system
Optical fiber
Optical feedthrough and method of making same
Picture encoding and/or decoding apparatus and method for providing scalability of a video object wh...
Method for the transformation of images signals on arbitrarily- shaped segments
Image signal processing method and device, and storage medium
Method for removing artifacts in an electronic image decoded from a block-transform coded representa...
Method for continuous, non lot-based integrated circuit manufacturing
Enhancement of NMR and MRI in the presence of hyperpolarized noble gases
Optical methods and systems for rapid screening of the cervix
Absorbent members comprising an agglomerate of hydrogel-forming absorbent polymer and particulate hy...
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in permeability and method of producing the same
Process for removal of chloride ions from steel surfaces
Universal alloy steel
Ferritic stainless steel
Prevention and treatment of skeletal disorder with EP2 receptor subtype selective prostaglandin E2 a...
Ink jet cap with vent
Method of treating colostrum
Low-carbohydrate high-protein creamer powder
Effervescent mixtures and methods of making
Agricultural extraction products and processes
.beta.-glucan products and extraction processes from cereals
Bottom discharge drainmast for an aircraft
Prosthetic hip joint having at least one sintered polycrystalline diamond compact articulation surfa...
Position and orientation measuring with magnetic fields
Cervical spine gauge and process
Methods and chemical preparations for time-limited marking of biopsy sites
Bicycle pet carrier
Training method and apparatus for training and using dogs in the detection of contaminants
Apparatus and method for evaluating quality of granular object
High performance fully dual-ported, pipelined cache design
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said co...
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Data transfer method for a scanning identification system
Image processing method
System, method and article of manufacture for demonstrating E-commerce capabilities via a simulation...
Stomach treatment apparatus and method
Decorative cosmetic case
Method and apparatus for modifying skin surface and soft tissue structure
Oil in water microemulsion
Cosmetic preparation of active substances with high protection factor against free radicals
Campanula takesimana plant named `Beautiful Trust`
Blueberry plant called `Millennia`
Petunia plant named `MP21`
Petunia plant named `MP7`
Anthurium plant named `Red Miracle`
SRAM controller for parallel processor architecture including address and command queue and arbiter
Retractable handle device having adjustable structure
Tricyclic sulfonamides and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Heterocycle amides as cell adhesion inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition and of using the same
Stable, high available halogen 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trione compositions having rapid dissolution rat...
Nucleic acids encoding human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genetic suppressor elements
Substantive water-soluble bis-quaternary salts of cinnamidoalkylamines
Aqueous composition for finishing fibrous material for a thermal transfer printing process
Portable terminal and on-vehicle information processing device
Docking cradle for an electronic device
System and method for performing selective dynamic compilation using run-time information
Flexible optical circuit appliques
Front load pressure jacket system with syringe holder
Medical fluid injector
Portable squeeze chute apparatus
Software modem having a multi-task plug-in architecture
Authentication device
Fluid directional control device for solenoid valve assembly
Vibration isolated impact wrench
Method for laying electrical cables from a first offshore wind power plant to a second offshore wind...
Inbred corn line G3000
Low bit-rate speech coding system and method using voicing probability determination
Method for installing a patch based on patch criticality and software execution format
Terminal device and method for requesting user certification from host computer
Jewelry setting
Antisense modulation of phospholipase A2, group VI (Ca2+-independent) expression
AC plasma display panel
MRAM memory cell
Multidimensional addressing architecture for electronic devices
Nitrobenzylmercaptopurineriboside (NBMPR)-insensitive, equilibrative, nucleoside transport protein, ...
Production and use of human nm23 protein and antibodies therefor
Data storage library with library-local regulation of access to shared read/write drives among multi...
Optimization of instruction stream execution that includes a VLIW dispatch group
Method for just-in-time delivery of load data utilizing alternating time intervals
Method and apparatus for preventing thermal failure in a semiconductor device through redundancy
Diagnostic cage for testing redundant system controllers
Method and apparatus for testing an impedance-controlled input/output (I/O) buffer in a highly effic...
Dahlia plant named `Rio Grande`
Adaptive neural learning system
Device for decanting supernatant
Treating fluorine waste water containing organic matter, phosphor and hydrogen peroxide
Method for manufacturing products through the use of waste materials of various kind
Regenerative devices and methods
Method for reducing the formation of Zn(NH4)4Cl2 from ZnO/NH4Cl solutions
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of production of the same
Continuous dry powder inhaler
Fuzzy logic technique to determine search time and probability of detection for targets of interest ...
Method and arrangement for stabilizing wavelength of multi-channel optical transmission systems
Apparatus method and system for roamer originated automatic telecommunication conferencing and broad...
Network resource server
Device and method for controlling the quality-of service in data networks
Termination of coded or uncoded modulation with path-oriented decoder
Method and apparatus for the detection of a reduction in capacity of a CDMA system
Barge mounted food grade container system
Torpedo launch mechanism and method
Connector between anchor and chain of ships, especially sailing boats and yachts
Underwater exploration device
Sub sea pile-sump pumping arrangement
Jet-propelled watercraft
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Method and computer readable medium for DNS dynamic update to minimize client-server and incremental...
Methods for forming a label
Instruction leaflet made of paper comprising a box which contains this instruction leaflet together ...
Multiple layer labels and methods
Tamper indicating adhesive tape
Method and apparatus for supporting a wall by utilizing a channel
Three-layered insulated cup and method of manufacture
Method of enhancing the effectiveness of DCK phosphorylated molecules
Method of making green emitting alkaline earth aluminate phosphor for VUV excited light emitting dev...
Methods for iontophoretic delivery of antiviral agents
Personal electronic device notification system
Flat-panel display device
Optical modulator having low insertion loss and wide bandwidth
Electronic device including langasite structure compounds and method for making same
Method and apparatus for radiation detection
Automated testing for cellular telephone system including emergency positioning
Rigid polyurethane foams
Subsea drilling operations
Electrostatic apparatus for measurement of microfracture strength
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Method and apparatus for controlling intermittent recording site
Controller-based radio frequency amplifier module and method
Door trim panel assembly and method of making
Contact lens material
Cut-off apparatus for non-circular tubes
Cloning and sequencing of allergens of dermatophagoides house dust mite
Method for preparing skin surface and determining glucose levels from that surface
Benzamidoxime prodrugs as antipneumocystic agents
Immunoassay for phthalic acid esters
Synthesis and clinical uses of D,.alpha.-tocopherol nicotinate compounds
Ramp-shaped intervertebral implant
Extendable aid standing for a luggage
Thermal printer and thermal recording method
Holographic element
Inflatable restraint systems for ejection seats
Method and apparatus for providing conditional access in connection-oriented interactive networks wi...
Extravasation detector using microwave radiometry
Controlling plunger drives for fluid injections in animals
Decorative attachment for an aquarium
Torus routing element error handling and self-clearing with missing or extraneous control code featu...
Filter and muffler device for vacuum mechanism
Vehicle clutch control device
Curve approaching mode controller
Method and device for determining the fuel reserve in a motor vehicle fuel system
Method and device for determining and detecting the overturning hazard of a vehicle
Deterrent device
Jewelry setting
Jewelry clasp
Bidirectional ARQ apparatus and method
Variable valve timing system
Device for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft
Method for operating a piston-type internal-combustion engine in the event of a temporary functional...
Lost motion rocker arm system with integrated compression brake
Variable valve mechanism having an eccentric-driven frame
Actuator for variable valve mechanism
Self-igniting engine
Batting practice balance platform
Electronic watermark system
Method of forming a watermark image in a hybrid optical master disc
Determining transformations of media signals with embedded code signals
Image data encoding system and image inputting apparatus
System and method for triggering actions at a host computer by telephone
Method and apparatus for DNS resolution
Steering of internet access to sponsors
Method for regulating transcription of foreign genes
Process of increasing plant growth and yield and modifying cellulose production in plants
Functional food ingredient
Fusion polypeptides
Polynucleotides encoding protease-activatable pseudomonas exotoxin a-like proproteins
Process for in vitro selection of high methol producing genotypes
Growth hormone releasing hormone expression system and methods of use, including use in animals
Method and apparatus for reducing noise from near ocean surface sources
Microphone holder for mounting a microphone on a drum
Detection module and positioning, holding or gripping device for a piece of automobile body work
Multicomputer system
Object-oriented transaction computing system
Affinity-based router and routing method
Method of updating an associative memory of the TRIE type, and router implementing such a method
Method using a density field for locating related items for data mining
Method and apparatus for querying a cube forest data structure
System and method for organizing data
Floating point conversion for records of multidimensional database
Method for detecting cancer on skin of humans and mammals and arrangement for performing the method
Insect attracting and exterminating apparatus
Energy generating system using differential elevation
Visual field tester
Adsorbent with a high macroporosity, usable in a gas adsorption process, especially a PSA process
Method for the regeneration of an acid gas absorbing fluid containing methydiethanolamine and a (low...
Granule containing protein and salt layered on an inert particle
Optimized process for the preparation of olefins by direct conversion of multiple hydrocarbons
Method for reducing organic fluoride levels in hydrocarbons
Fluorinated catalyst comprising a group VIII metal and an additional metal, and its use for hydrogen...
Selective para-xylene production by toluene methylation
Isopentane disproportionation
Hydrocarbon-terminated polyether-polyamide block copolymers and uses thereof
Use of a guar gum in a process for the temporary shaping of keratin fibers
Branched/block copolymers for treatment of keratinous substrates
Organopolysiloxane gels for use in cosmetics
Method for adhering a floor covering to a floor with a floor adhesive
Defoamers for aqueous media
Human-derived bradeion proteins, DNA coding for the proteins, and uses thereof
Starch-based graft polymer, process for its preparation, and use thereof in printing inks and overpr...
Water soluble copolymers and polymer compositions comprising same and use thereof
Electric deionization apparatus
Constrast media
Apparatus and processes for the massproduction of photovotaic modules
Organo-bridged ladderlike polysiloxane, tube-like organosilicon polymers, complexes thereof, and the...
Low dielectric constant materials with polymeric networks
Functional sugar polymers from inexpensive sugar sources and apparatus for preparing same
Process for forming image
Process for hydrophobicizing particles, and their use as fillers in polymer masterbatches
Methods of printing phase change ink compositions
Method of forming a coating onto a non-random monolayer of particles, and products formed thereby
Electronic circuit device comprising an epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolym...
Photosensitive resin composition
Ultrasonically generated paramagnetic polymer particles
Mammalian adhesion protease peptides
Process of preparing 5-(2-substituted-4-nitrophenyl)-oxazole, novel oxazole compound, and process of...
Color CRT and driving method of the same
Pyrethroid compound and composition for controlling pest containing the same as an active ingredient
Method for treating hypercholesterolemia with polyallylamine polymers
High molecular weight derivatives of vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Aminophenol derivatives and their use in cosmetics
Treatment and prevention of hepatic disorders
Psoralen compounds
Compositions and methods for treatment of Hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Home oral fluid sample collection device and package for mailing of such device
Cytokine related treatments of disease
Phase locked loop clock divider utilizing a high speed programmable linear feedback shift register
Selective adsorption of alkenes using supported metal compounds
Systematic skew reduction through buffer resizing
Area efficient delay circuits
Automated design of digital signal processing integrated circuit
System and method for performing optical proximity correction on the interface between optical proxi...
Single stepping system and method for tightly coupled processors
Bioarray chip reaction apparatus and its manufacture
Electronic detection of hybridization on nucleic acid arrays
Support bound probes and methods of analysis using the same
MRAM architectures for increased write selectivity
Systems and methods for passively transferring data across a selected single bus line independent of...
Method of automated proving for unrestricted first-order logic
Use of silicone compositions cross-linkable by cationic process under UV radiation and of an onium b...
Photosensitive composition and color photosensitive materials
Elastomeric propylene polymers
Microorganism lactamase enzyme obtained therefrom and their use
Plastic heating composition including high efficiency heating agents and methods of use
Binocular and method for manufacturing the same
Fiber optic cable product and associated fabrication method and apparatus
Positive dispersion low dispersion slope fiber
Optical fiber with large effective area and low dispersion slope for submarine applications
Synthesis of aluminum rich AFI zeolite
Bactericidal silicon dioxide doped with silver
Abraded stitchbonded fabric and process for making same
Advanced organic-inorganic solid-chemical composition and methods for anaerobic bioremediation
Incipient wetness method for making metal-containing cyanide catalysts
Solid electrolyte battery
Method for sanitizing dental equipment using microwaves
Dermabrasion instrument, instrument assembly and method
Method of making convexities and/or concavities on cloths of a garment
Method for producing molded crystalline resin article
Treatment of skin with adenosine or adenosine analog
Use of octocrylene for solubilizing 2,4-bis{[4-(2-ethyl-hexyloxy)-2-hydroxy]-phenyl}-6-(4-methoxyphe...
Laryngeal mask
Aerosol device based on alcohol compositions of fixing materials comprising anionic grafted silicone...
Aircraft tailstrike avoidance system
Aircraft with means for a premature breakdown of the wing vortex pair
Method for generating a horizontal path avoiding dangerous zones for an aircraft
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit contro...
Multi-tasking adapter for parallel network applications
Rotary menu wheel interface
Multimedia keyboard with instrument playing device
Object-oriented multimedia [data routing system] presentation control system
Wireless multi-media messaging communications method and apparatus
Modular apparatus for packaging and interfacing a photodiode with an optical fiber
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of cancer or viral infections
Mixed color pigment precursors and their use
Efficient mobility management scheme for a wireless internet access system
Point-to-point-to-point calling
Acoustic crosstalk cancellation system
Bus controller handling a dynamically changing mix of multiple nonpre-emptable periodic and aperiodi...
Rit method of making optical fiber having depressed index core region
Method and system for electronically creating and publishing music instrument instructional material...
Device for communicating with a voice-disabled patient
Pressure seal C-Z fold
Pattern pouch label
Variegated label sheet
Laser-supported process for cleaning a surface
Apparatus and method for combining multiple laser beams in laser material processing systems
Method for the production of Gaussian intensity distributions in the beam profile of radiation gener...
Process for obtaining fragrant ketone
Method and apparatus for detecting refractive defects in transparent containers
Game apparatus, game machine manipulation device, game system and interactive communication method f...
Plug-in amplified stereo sound and force feed back accessory for video game devices and method of us...
Target hitting game machine
Frame for a game racquet formed by filament winding
Variable rate on-off messaging system
Computer game apparatus
Telephonic-interface lottery system
Methods for using a support backer board system for siding
Apparartus for interconnecting local area network workstations to an internet via a single protocol ...
Liquid crystal display device having grid-shaped light shielding films in peripheral region
Apparatus and method for paging a user terminal in a satellite communication system
Therapeutic derivative compounds derived from domain II of bactericidal/permeability-increasing prot...
Active topical skin protectants using polyoxometallates
Water-in-oil emulsions containing increased amounts of oil and methods for preparing same
Skin care composition
Cold-mix water-in-oil emulsions comprising quaternary ammonium compounds and process for producing s...
Gene for proline transporter in rice
Multiprocessor operation in a multimedia signal processor
Thermal ink jet printhead extended droplet volume control
Elastomers having a reduced hysteresis via interaction of polymer with silica surfaces
Removable label flap including hidden coupon
In-mold expanded content label and method for applying same
Business information repository system and method of operation
Web server enabling attachment of HTML and non-HTML files to web pages
Method and device for cleaning shoes, wheels and all types of rollers
Method and apparatus for group action processing between users of a collaboration system
Preference detecting apparatus and method and medium therefor
Educational system, method and doll for teaching individuals their emotions employing sets of faces ...
Device for use in the application of cricoid pressure (force) and/or in training for such applicatio...
Vertebral model
High strength, long-open time structural polyurethane adhesive and method of use thereof
Starch synthase polynucleotides and their use in the production of new starches
Inbred maize line PH77C
High-density disk-array packaging apparatus and method
Conductive coated carriers
Coated carriers
System for reduction of contaminant collection system airflow requirements
Color printing apparatus and processes thereof
Encryption devices for use in a conditional access system
Data communications system using public key cryptography in a web environment
Detecting and locating a misbehaving device in a network domain
Circuit and method for detecting a tone signal
Method of treating otitis media with uridine triphosphates and related compounds
Fully-coupled vehicle positioning method and system thereof
Method and structure for a conductive and a dielectric layer
Process for fabricating organic semiconductor device involving selective patterning
Method to reduce the moisture content in an organic low dielectric constant material
Method and device for treating substrate
Modified polyamide resin and heat-resistant composition containing the same
Paste composition, and protective film and semiconductor device both obtained with the same
Method to reduce contaminants from semiconductor wafers
Low dielectric constant microelectronic conductor structure with enhanced adhesion and attenuated el...
Data structure for representing a program containing components organized in a series of data blocks
Fuchsia plant named `Kiewiwidiv`
FAT file system in palm OS computer
System and method for parsing a document using one or more break characters
Method of implementing a forward compatibility network directory syntax
Train-algorithm-based garbage collector employing reduced oversized-object threshold
Formatting card-based hypermedia documents by automatic scripting
Oscillometric blood pressure monitor with improved performance in the presence of arrhythmias
System and method for evaluating labor progress during childbirth
NCO based frequency synthesizer with jitter modulation
Method and system for termination blocking of message delivery service
Search system and method based on multiple ontologies
Cement clinker and cement containing the same
CDMA digital communication processes with distribution of reference symbols
TDMA radio communication system achieving simultaneous assignment of channels to multiple terminal s...
Radio communication system, transmitter and receiver therefor
Speech fee display method
Statistical communication link
Communication system using relayed radio channels
Device for picking up and dropping loads by helicopters without help of ground personnel
Apparatus and method for producing a flat-topped filter response for diffraction grating (De) multip...
Optical monitoring in optical interferometric modulators
Ultrananocrystalline diamond cantilever wide dynamic range acceleration/vibration/pressure sensor
Angled optical connector
Optical connection unit
Therapeutic or prophylactic agent for glomerulopathy
Enantiomerically pure substituted oxaaza compounds, salts of the same, and processes for the prepara...
Block size determination and adaptation method for audio transform coding
Ultrasonic stress measurement using the critically refracted longitudinal (LCR) ultrasonic technique
Method for screening candidate pesticides using a receptor that binds Bacillus thuringiensis toxin
Dual cavity MEMS tunable Fabry-Perot filter
Bulk acoustic resonator perimeter reflection system
Method for providing vehicle navigation instructions
Information management system
System and method for non-uniform scaled mapping
Braided cord splice
Continuous ozonolysis of cycloalkenes into ozonides
Alkylhydrazine functionalized resin
Polymerization of ethylene
Copolymers of maleic anhydride or acid and fluorinated oleffins
Preparation and use of gamma-butyrolactones as cross-linking agents
Optic device of high illumination reflecting type liquid crystal display
On-line system for quantitative analysis of multi-component additives and coatings in sheet material
Process and apparatus for the catalytic elimination of a pollutant from the exhaust gas from a combu...
Method for removing NOx
Light fastness of inkjet images by adding salts into inkjet media
Coating composition
Combined bottle and cap
Coiling clip and improved spiral wound dispenser
Closure having a tamper indicating band
Blow-molded container having reinforcement ribs and method and apparatus for making same
Paperboard dispenser carton with plastic cutting blade
Rotary check weigher
Hollow plastic bottles
Horizontal well system
Magnetostrictive sensor rail inspection system
Methods for obtaining modified phenotypes in plant cells
Macrocyclic polyester oligomers and processes for polymerizing the same
Multicomponent fibers and fabrics made using the same
Flame retardant films
Impact modified polyamide compositions
Dyeable polyolefin containing polyetheramine modified functionalized polyolefin
Two component chemically thermoset composite resin matrix for use in composite manufacturing process...
Mixable room temperature castable polyurethane system
Method and system for retrieving information for a navigation system
Remote feature delivery for output devices
Data processing technique for scoring bank customer relationships and awarding incentive rewards
Method of providing means to pay for total future educational expenses to attend an institution of h...
Declarative workflow system supporting side-effects
Methods for recovering fatty acids
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Single fastener plant support ring for use with a T-shaped or U-shaped upright post
Child-resistant blister package
Disposable waste fluid containment device
Method for patterning thin films
186 human secreted proteins
CD4-independent HIV envelope proteins as vaccines and therapeutics
Syntheses of 4-alkyl chromogenic glycosides and 7-alkyl chromogenic glycosides of N-acetylneuraminic...
Method for correcting the effect of a effect of a coexistent gas in a gas analysis and a gas analyzi...
Method of diagnosing juvenile polyposis (JP)
Method for the wireless and remote transmission and reception of coded information, variants and por...
Video tape recorder having control head upstream of erase head
Multipurpose processor for motion estimation, pixel processing, and general processing
Inflatable device and method for using the device
Finishing design to increase the polymer content in an olefin solution polymerization process
Method of protecting articles having a bare ferrous base surface
Charged microfibers, microfibrillated articles and use thereof
Multilayer composite structure with formulated acrylic cap
18232, a novel dual specificity phosphatase and uses therefor
Detergent compositions comprising a mannanase and a bleach system
Tear resistant elastic crystal gels gel composites and their uses
Norbornene sulfonamide polymers
Ink cartridge plunger
Active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display apparatus having electrical continuity across con...
Surface plasmon resonance sensor apparatus using surface emitting laser
Method and apparatus for sensing an audio signal that is sensitive to the audio signal and insensiti...
Ultra-bright source of polarization-entangled photons
Optical amplifiers and methods for manufacturing optical amplifiers
Variable width flat tape head for bi-directional contact recording and method for making the same
Self-contained method for determining blood glucose levels from an IR beam reflected from the surfac...
Video network server for distributing sound and video image information to a plurality of terminals
Cytoprotective compounds
Cathodic protection of steel in reinforced concrete with electroosmotic treatment
Articles having a colored metallic coating with special properties
Method of producing lithographic printing plate
Boron-substituted cyclopentadienes and metal complexes thereof
Olefin polymers prepared with substituted indenyl containing metal complexes
Negative material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing the same
Electrode, method of producing electrode, and cell comprising the electrode
Aqueous rechargeable battery
Lithium secondary battery comprising tungsten composite oxide
Cathode current collector for electrochemical cells
System and process for manufacturing microcell electrochemical devices and assemblies
Method of forming cathodes comprising electroactive sulfur materials
Compact tote for protective storage of convertible top boot
Thermal switchable composition and imaging member containing oxonol IR dye and methods of imaging an...
Adapter for converting a switchboard case for use with a socket mounted electricity meter
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Certain thiol inhibitors of endothelin-converting enzyme
Peptidyl calcium channel blockers
Method of diminishing the adverse effects of interleukin-2
CAIP-like gene family
Inflatable restraint systems for ejection flight vests
Digital content management system and apparatus
Finger puncture protector
Treatment of infertile sperm in vitro with thymosin .alpha..sub.1 to enhance penetration of mammalia...
Cattle stabilizer
Tiltable table for packaging liquids, particularly animal semen, in flexible artificial insemination...
System for introducing a fluid into the uterus of an animal
Formulation for peptide release
Method for breeding chickens
Computer system for supporting a website
Quick coupler for heavy equipment
High definition lenticular lens
Peripherally extending disc ring to limit disc deflection and to provide disc stack balancing
Apparatus and method for making laser sources and laser platforms interchangeable and interfaceable
Tunable add/drop filter using side-coupled resonant tunneling
Electrical power tool having a motor control circuit for providing control over the torque output of...
Upright cylindrical water heater with top and bottom can covers
Medical fluid injector
Storm shutter system
Window guard
Method for recognizing and identifying emergency situations in an anesthesia system by means of a se...
Sacrificial glazing for a window assembly
Guide rope for small children
Caching protocol method and system based on request frequency and relative storage duration
Field replaceable unit
Grinding machine with single-handed operation
Hybrid printer, printer mounting base and printer that is mountable on printer mounting base
Current zero crossing detecting circuit
Ink cartridge
Semiconductor device
Character information processing device
Conversion of desk-top operating system for real-time control using installable interrupt service ro...
Laser shock peening quality assurance by ultrasonic analysis
Film-forming composition
Triple-layered low dielectric constant dielectric dual damascene approach
Semiconductor package and enhanced FBG manufacturing
System and method for analyzing a semiconductor surface
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Planarization method of insulating layer for semiconductor device
Anti-reflective coating polymers from p-tosylmethylacrylamide and preparation method
Organic electroluminescent display with integrated resistive touch screen
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Conjugated copolymers for use in luminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent devices
Active cover plate for an electrical outlet
Light-emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Semiconductor device having a tantalum oxide blocking film
Integrated electronic circuit comprising at least an electronic power component
PZT layer as a temporary encapsulation and hard mask for a ferroelectric capacitor
Catalyst for reforming
Friction material and method of producing the same
Silicate material and process for fabricating silicate material
Semiconductor device and capacitor with means to prevent deterioration due to hydrogen
Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method performed by use of the same apparatus
Electric double layer capacitor
Strip between a rim and an inner tube of a tire
Battery mounting structure in power assisted bicycle
Electroluminescent sign
Alternating time band sequence "ATBS-2W"
System to aid a driver to determine whether to change lanes
Multi-module stereoscopic 3D video viewing/listening station
Method and system for providing related navigation features for two or more end users
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothiepines and HMG Co-A reduc...
Potentiator of Bacillus pesticidal activity
Indole derivatives as prodrugs of 5-HT1-like receptor agonists
Phosphoric acid group-containing non-aqueous dispersion and a process for the application thereof
Curable coating compositions having improved effect pigment orientation and a method using the same
Customization of network documents using customization informations stored on the server computer
Repeating program object for use with a graphical program-development system
Graphics command stream for calling a display object in a graphics system
Apparatus and method for rendering characters into a memory
Application program interface for a graphics system
Flame-proofed polystyrene foamed materials
Systems and methods for sharing reference frequency signals within a wireless mobile terminal betwee...
Method of supporting functionality for roamer port calls in a radio telecomminications network in wh...
Method for controlling call in communication system or terminal
Dual function connector for cellular phones
System for determining the heading and/or attitude of a body
Multi-user virtual reality system for simulating a three-dimensional environment
Dual cassette centrifugal processor
Reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Inflatable device for use in surgical protocol relating to fixation of bone
Muscarinic agonists and antagonists