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Suitcase carrier
Electric bicycle
Reinforcing features in flex circuit to provide improved performance in a thermal inkjet printhead
Coating apparatus
System and method for command routing and execution in a multiprocessing system
Jewelry setting
Clasp with plug for items of gold and fashion jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and similar
Method and apparatus for on-line monitoring of telecommunication network switches
Fluid handling system and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for bouncing electronic messages
Methods for reducing adverse side effects associated with cellular transplantation
Heteroaryl-substituted quinolin-2-one derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Compensation of CRT deflection errors with fourfold symmetrical magnet systems
Glycoprotein VI and uses thereof
Reference signal generation for magnetic random access memory devices
Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) device and method for controlling read/write operations th...
Automatic brightness correction apparatus for image display device
Digital television transmitting system having data and clock recovering circuit
Device for indicating the received signal quality in a digital television receiver
Motion analysis based buffer regulation scheme
MPEG encoding technique for encoding web pages
Object-based parsing and indexing of compressed video streams
Electrolyte for a rechargeable cell
Dispensing device
Composition in the form of an aerosol mousse based on polyurethane and anionic polymer
Method and apparatus for discovering association rules
Reconfigurable interleaved phased array antenna
Universal catenary riser support
Protective headguard
Nickel base alloy
Magnesium desulfurization agent
Torsion bar for seat belt retractor
Digital video apparatus user interface
Self-test electronic assembly and test system
Key transformation unit for an IC card
Software license protection via cryptography
Compounds that bind growth to hormone receptor
Method for making integrated circuits
Nectarine tree-named `Bradley` cultivar
Method of treating elevated cholesterol levels by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune sy...
Markup language for interactive services and methods thereof
Intelligent network interface device and system for accelerated communication
Shoe upper
Liquid crystal display device including counter electrodes formed on the drain lines with insulating...
Method of producing spherical silica powder
Surface-acoustic-wave filter having an improved suppression outside a pass-band
Acrylic based formulation for improved temperature and impact performance employing crushed natural ...
Production of perfluoro (alkyl vinyl) ethers
Production of 1,2-dihydro and 2,2-dihydro hexafluoropropanes and azeotropes thereof with HF
Process for preparing a cationically modified (meth)acrylamide polymer and use of the polymer
Method of controlling polymer molecular weight and structure
Oligomerization, polymerization and copolymerization of substituted and unsubstituted .alpha.-methyl...
Titanium dioxide photocatalyst
Flame retardant composition
Solvent-free film-forming compositions, coated substrates and method related thereto
Method for continuous casting of steel
Controlled-shaped solder reservoirs for increasing the volume of solder bumps, and structures formed...
Vibratory driver for pipe piling
Method and apparatus for timing intermittent illumination of a sample tube positioned on a centrifug...
(2,5-disubstituted-1,4-phenylene oxide) block or graft copolymer
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human calcium/calmodulin (CaMK) dependent kinase proteins
Information signal duplication control system
Methods for using redox liposome biosensors
Paper accommodating assembly for office machine
Dental composition system and method
Positive photoresist composition
Cryptographic policy filters and policy control method and apparatus
Methods and devices for reducing the mineral content of vascular calcified lesions
Geranic acid derivatives
Bridge including portals with ability to redefine network topology
Preparation of topical regional compositions for the relief of pain
Process for producing styrene
Metal bonding film compositions
Optical scanner with segmented collection mirror
Combination for electrolytic reduction of alumina
Electrodeposition chemistry for filling of apertures with reflective metal
Fluids management system for water electrolysis
Mineral water composition
Metal-fuel card with a plurality of metal-fuel elements and corresponding contact apertures, and ele...
Electrophotosensitive material using quinone derivative
Cathode materials, process for the preparation thereof and secondary lithium ion battery using the c...
Non-aqueous secondary battery and a method of manufacturing graphite powder
Multipurpose luggage set
Electric bicycle
Air vane cooling system for thermal inkjet printers with moving movable carriages
Cradle for personal digital assistant
Vehicle driving force control with different corrections for engine torque control an CVT ratio cont...
Control system for vehicle having continuously variable transmission
Combined system for controlling the handling performance of a motor vehicle
Preceding vehicle follow-up control system
Terrain navigation apparatus
Vehicle navigation system
Vehicle-mounted navigation device
Concurrent write duplex device
Anonymity server
Flowering crab apple tree named `Morning Princess`
Jewelry setting
Global cellular position tracking device
Valve control apparatus with reset
Cam link variable valve mechanism
Variable valve drive for load control of a positive ignition internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Device for adjusting the phase position of a shaft
Phase control piston for a cam phaser
Cam phaser cover assembly
System and method for failure reporting and collection
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Method for detecting a discrete symbol sequence from an observation signal, and viterbi processor im...
Semiconductor device and method for pattern layout for the same using total size of transistors
Process for production of purified beet juice for sugar manufacture
Bacterial strains and fermentation processes for the production of 2-keto-l-gulonic acid
Pulverulent sorbitol and its process of preparation
Allylated amide compounds and die attach adhesives prepared therefrom
Water based adhesive composition with release properties
System and method for carrying out information-related transactions
Printing and validation of self validating security documents
Method and apparatus for superposing a digital watermark and method and apparatus for detecting a di...
Handling processor-intensive operations in a data processing system
Apparatus and method for automatically producing tissue slides
High oleic/high stearic sunflower oils
MAR/SAR elements flanking RSYN7-driven construct
Eye-protective alarm
Surround signal processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for teaching music
Transport independent invocation and servant interfaces that permit both typecode interpreted and co...
Tape drive emulation by removable disk drive and media formatted therefor
Method and apparatus for searching a digital image
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the...
Guitar having tremolo device on each string thereof
Parallel detecting, spectroscopic ellipsometers/polarimeters
Thermally equalized X-ray tube bearing
Vacuum insulated coffee server manufacturing process
Photodynamic cylindrical lamp with asymmetrically located electrodes and its use
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Direct selective synthesis of para-xylene by reacting an aromatic compound with a methylating agent ...
Aromatic alkylation process using UZM-5 and UZM-6 aluminosilicates
Production of olefins
Process for the production of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene from petrochemical streams
Xylene isomerization process using UZM-5 and UZM-6 zeolites
Volume-imparting hair treatment compositions
Water-proof, respirable, skin barrier composition
Hair-care composition comprising an aqueous polymer dispersion
Poly(vinyl alcohol) copolymer ionomers, their preparation and use in textile sizes
Pseudophasic extraction method for the separation of ultra-fine minerals
Water-and ion-conducting membranes and uses thereof
Emulsion for a photothermographic material, a production process for the thermographic material and ...
Polymers containing carboxyl groups and polyalkylene ether side- chains as additives in mineral buil...
Method of shielding biosynthesis reactions from the ambient environment on an array
Polyoxyethylene derivatives having optionally protected amino group at one end and process for produ...
Method of forming an on-chip decoupling capacitor with bottom hardmask
Solder material and method of manufacturing solder material
Intraoral adhesive preparation
Reactive hot melt adhesive
Self-trapping and self-focusing of optical beams in photopolymers
Method and composition for devulcanization of waste rubber
Dispersed resins for use in coating compositions
Self-adhesive composition
Alkyne containing metalloproteinase inhibitors
Benzene compounds as antiproliferative and cholesterol lowering agents
Subharmonic frequency converter for applications to millimetric radio waves
Reflective-type liquid crystal display device and reflecting substrate thereof
Color display device
Water-borne polyurethane coatings by miniemulsion polymerization
Waterborne basecoat compositions for use in basecoat/clearcoat applications
Method for production of hydrophilic resin
Agricultural formulations containing monoglycerides
Alkyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxyglucopyranoside and methods of emulsifying
Nasal air passageway opening device
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising vinyl resin and poly(3,4-eth...
Embedded storage mechanism for structured data types
Satellite spin reorientation using a single degree of freedom momentum storage device
Method and apparatus for detecting skew and asymmetry of an airplane flap
Thrust reverser having a bypass vane-cascade and fitted with a stationary rear structure
Autonomous stratospheric airship
Arrangement for fastening stringers to aircraft wing ribs
Detection apparatus
Using removable spacers to ensure adequate bondline thickness
Methods of treating obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders
Polymeric adsorbents and method of preparation
Method for producing in vitro the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and terminal nucleotidyl transferase ...
Combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C infection
Method for modulating gene expression
Dual mode stereotactic localization method and application
Joint optimization of parameters for the detection of clustered microcalcifications in digital mammo...
Cathode collector bar with spacer for improved heat balance and method
Fungal degradation and bioremediation system for pentachlorophenol-treated wood
Modular storm shelter with emergency breakaway access chute
Amplifier with controllable variable signal gain
Diene removal from an olefin feedstock
Testable IC having analog and digital circuits
Computer readable storage medium having logic synthesis program, and logic synthesis method and appa...
Drug of improving optic nerve head circulation disorder
Method for nondestructively reading memory cells of an MRAM memory
Method for non-radioactive detection of membrane-bonded nucleic acids and test kit
Processing chamber for atomic layer deposition processes
Method for producing foreign polypeptide in plant intercellular fluid
Gene encoding .alpha.-subunit of rice anthranilate synthase and DNA relating thereto
Phytochrome regulated transcription factor for control of higher plant development
Using simulated pseudo data to speed up statistical predictive modeling from massive data sets
Aquaculture method and apparatus
Device and process for improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions upon fuel combustion
System for converting scrolling display to non-scrolling columnar display
Dubbing apparatus
Malus sargentii plant named `Select A`
Portion of a shoe upper
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Synthetic resin film for agricultural use excellent in antifog and antimist properties
ABS-moulding compounds with an improved combination of properties
Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Nylon compositions for golf ball constructions and method of making same
Graphic processor and data processing system
Transmission hose for a vehicle
Aqueous quick dry sprayable drywall texture
Dual density polymer putter
Smart card with card in vehicle warning
Method for manufacturing mailing-ready printed products and envelopes for use with such method
Electronic locating methods
Method and system for monitoring the proper operation of a debiting device
Mail processing system with a franking and addressing machine and method for combined franking and a...
System and methods for intelligent routing of customer requests using customer and agent models
System and method for inverted promotions
Process for reacting an organic compound in the presence of a supported ruthenium catalyst
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses ther...
Cap for a writing instrument
Mass spectrometric detection of polypeptides
Method for identifying unstable genes
Heregulin variants
Ma family polypeptides and anti-Ma antibodies
Method for adjusting and disinfecting liquids
Station scan method and apparatus for radio receivers
Dosage forms and methods for providing effective reboxetine therapy with once-a-day dosing
Hollow polymeric fibers
Film containing alpha-olefin/vinyl aromatic copolymer
Method of searching novel ligand compounds from three-dimensional structure database
Cradle for personal digital assistant
Depth first method for generating itemsets
Method for treating thermoplastic resin composition containing flame retardant
Corn fiber for the production of advanced chemicals and materials:arabinoxylan and arabinoxylan deri...
DMSO/base hydrolysis method for the disposal of high explosives and related energetic materials
Maize orthologues of bacterial RecA proteins
Charging member holding charge accelerating particles in a continuous bubble
Development roller and blade used in development device, and development device and image-forming de...
Tunable optical add/drop multiplexer
Fiber optic cables with strength members and methods of making the same
Dispersion managed fiber
High dispersion zero waveguide fiber
Process for the microwave induced preparation of crystalline microporous titanium silicalite
Method and compositions for stabilization of heavy metals, acid gas removal and pH control in contam...
Metal (silicon) oxide/carbon composite particles
Carbon dioxide gas absorbent containing lithium silicate
Water based grafting
Method and system for identifying and locating inappropriate content
Multi-compartment container
Reservoirs for use with cleaning devices
Flexible storage bag with structural alteration of bag opening to provide closure indication
Cellulite reducing device
Instruments and techniques for inducing neocollagenesis in skin treatments
Tissue tensioning electrotheraphy device
Flexible polyolefins masking film
Perilaryngeal oral airway
Method and system for automatically merging files into a single instance store
Failure resistant multiline tether
Arrangement and method for regulating the steering force in a mechanical steering system for an airc...
Fault tolerant automatic control system utilizing analytic redundancy
System and method for performing compound computational experiments
Submountless integrated optics chip package
Hydroxy-substituted N-alkoxy hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Nanostructured solid electrolytes and devices
Method of producing a thin film battery having a protective packaging
Array Cytometry
Die-to-insert permanent connection and method of forming
Copper alloy seed layer for copper metallization
High stability transition metal NZP type phosphates
W/WC/TAC ohmic and rectifying contacts on SiC
Method and apparatus providing call redirection for subsequent call events in a telephone communicat...
Signaling to support wireless service redirection
User identification system using improved voice print identification processing
Process for making silica powder and use of such powder in the manufacture of an optical fiber prefo...
Label and method for applying
Portable sign
Merchandise hangers providing ready replaceability of adhesive display labels
Marketing displays providing ready replaceability of adhesive display labels
Meter tape and address labels for non-impact printer
Card with removable, reusable element
Generic special service mailing assembly and a system and method for automating the imaging of same
Delivery confirmation form for non-impact printer
Method for curing polymeric materials, such as those used in dentistry, and for tailoring the post-c...
Combined laser and plasma-arc processing torch and method
Electrical cable having indicating malfunction means therein
Radiation detection method and apparatus
Information system and process in a vehicle
Precipitation polymerization process for producing an oil adsorbent polymer capable of entrapping so...
Fiduciary electronic game of chance and accounting system
Video game with variable game space display reduction ratio
Methods and systems for transferring game saves between a game system memory card and a computer
Game apparatus, game system using same, and information processing unit
Golf green break reader
Ultimate ring toss game
Remote position designation system
Iron-based catalyst composition and process for producing syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene
Golf ball calendar
Information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation
Remote delivery of software-based training for implantable medical device systems
Computer-assisted education
Stride analyzer and trainer
Magnetically coupled toy apparatus
Methods and apparatus for graphical display and editing of flight plans
Reflective and adhesive patch
Assembly and method for attaching insulation material
Inbred corn plant MBZA
Inbred maize line PH4TW
Surface mount type package unit
Soybean cultivar 9323639517206
Inbred corn plant F274
Method and apparatus for automatic image segmentation using template matching filters
Image segmentation apparatus and method
Developer cartridge having a spirally-formed feeding member mounted in a cylindrical member and meth...
Low load fuser member and a fusing apparatus and a color image reproduction machine including same
System and method for bootstrapping a collaborative filtering system
Method and system for copying a freeform digital ink mark on an object to a related object
Reciprocating piston pump
Auto-Recoverable and Auto-certifiable cryptosystems with RSA or factoring based keys
Method and apparatus for generating a complex scrambling code sequence
Multi-level secure computer with token-based access control
Device and method for preliminary testing a neat serum sample in a primary collection tube
Rear-projection mirror arrangement
Semiconductor integrated device and electronic apparatus mounted with the device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Multi-mode global positioning system for use with wireless networks
Laser amplifier with variable and matched wavelength pumping
Coherent beam combiner for a high power laser
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for making the same
Method for improving surface wettability of low k material
Method of etching organic ARCs in patterns having variable spacings
Device comprising n-channel semiconductor material
Fabrication of MIM capacitor in copper damascene process
Antenna-integrated microwave-millimeter wave module
Display comprising organic smart pixels
Organic electroluminescent device
Compound for use in organic EL device and organic EL device
Semiconductor device and process for producing same
Methods and apparatus for causing wireless communication devices to vibrate via piezo-ceramic vibrat...
Electroluminescent element with banks intersecting anode group
Optical element
Method of applying high temperature compatible insulation to superconductors
Radiopaque dental materials with nano-sized particles
Process for producing polypropylene from C3 olefins selectively produced in a fluid catalytic cracki...
Thermal detector array
Triple metal line 1T/1C ferroelectric memory device and method for fabrication thereof
Feram cell with internal oxygen source and method of oxygen release
Fluid-encapsulated MEMS optical switch
Capping layer in interconnect system and method for bonding the capping layer onto the interconnect ...
Telomerase compositions and methods
Continuously variable transmission
Speed-changing control mechanism of multistage speed-changing wheel hub
Exercise apparatus employing counter-resistive treading mechanism
Four bar exercise machine
Method and apparatus for determining an indicator which is dependent on respiratory data
Foldable bicycle computer having two displays
Method and system for constructing integrated metadata
Benzothiepines having activity as inhibitors of ileal bile acid transport and taurocholate uptake
Method of dry printing and painting
Method and apparatus for efficient storage and retrieval of objects in and from an object storage de...
Method and apparatus for transparently directing requests for web objects to proxy caches
System and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device
Streaming media search and continuous playback system of media resources located by multiple network...
System and method for reducing coupling between modules in a telecommunications environment
Cryptographic protection of core data secrets
Indole-containing quaternary ammonium compounds
Method of extracting bits from modulated waveforms
Vehicle operation monitoring system and method
Internet radio receiver having a rotary knob for selecting audio content provider designations and n...
System and method for interfacing a cordless handset with a main telephone set in a radio switching ...
Portable radio information terminal apparatus, display screen operating method, recording medium, an...
Simultaneous wired and wireless remote in-system programming of multiple remote systems
Efficient finite field multiplication in normal basis
Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
Visual function testing with virtual retinal display
Compositions and methods for fumonisin detoxification
Surgical cable crimp
Tennis racquet
Ball bat
Ball lacing
Multi-functional stunt kite
System and method for notifying a user of voice mail messages at a cell phone site
Systems and methods for providing voice mail notification from a separate voice mail system to mobil...
System and method for customized content delivery
Transacting e-commerce and conducting e-business related to identifying and procuring automotive ser...
Joint socket device for memory cards
Multi-user extension mechanisms for client-server system
Machine-readable data medium having interactive reproduction procedures with menu items by a user, a...
Network broadcasting system for broadcasting audiovisual information to an identified audience
Method and apparatus for hard copy control using automatic sensing devices
Media reproduction systems and methods of operating media reproduction systems
System and method for determining which objects in a set of objects should be processed
Message-efficient client transparency system and method therefor
Updating texture mapping hardware local memory based on pixel information provided by a host compute...
Method and computer system for speculatively closing pages in memory
Method for preparing a biocompatible coating
Redox and photoinitiator systems for priming for improved adherence of gels to substrates
Process for the sulfation of uronic acid-containing polysaccharides
Enhanced initiate call attempt
All-optical bit phase sensing and clock recovery apparatus and methods
Multi-wavelength dense wavelength division multiplexed optical switching systems
Optical stack of laminated removable lenses for face shields windows and displays
Efficient frequency-converted laser with single beam output
Dynamic fiber loop-mirror filter based on pump-induced saturable gain or saturable absorber gratings
Tunable all-pass optical filters with large free spectral ranges
Snubbing unit drilling system
Network media streaming
Hydraulic tensioner
Guide plate for a silent chain
Chain with improved rocker pin joint structure
Antijam null steering conformal cylindrical antenna system
Interactive display user interface computer and method
System, method, and computer program product for creating subnotes linked to portions of data object...
Adaptive frequency domain equalizer circuits, systems, and methods for discrete multitone based digi...
Method and apparatus for invalid state detection
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Running board storage compartment for a wheeled land vehicle
Adjustable length modular storage device
Repeater jamming transmitter and casing for the same
Incremental weights
Revolver firing mechanism with disengaging cylinder pawl
Energy absorber
Seat slide device for a vehicle
Bicycle hub provided with a seal member for preventing entrance of dust
Support assembly and method for supporting a steady bearing
Bushing for a jet engine vane
Bearing unitized for handling
Bottom bracket having a hollow shaft with larger diameter
Footwear bladder with controlled flex tensile member
Distance information generator and display device using generated distance information
Safety system
System for identifying connotative meaning
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
Ceramic piezoelectric type microphone
Total quality of hair parameters measuring method
Method and apparatus for controlling exposure of camera
Cam mechanism for device having pop-up part
Camera incorporating a focal-plane shutter
Camera having the capability to detect and display insufficient shutter speed
Anaglyph and method
Camera for composite photography
Lens barrel
Method and apparatus for determining the strengths and weaknesses of paths in an integrated circuit
Method and system for building a multiprocessor data processing system
User interface for developing and executing data flow programs and methods, apparatus, and articles ...
I/O peripheral device for use in a store-and-forward segment of a peripheral bus
System and method for fail-over data transport
Antimicrobial detergent compositions containing iodine ions
Personal cleansing compositions containing high levels of humectants
Detergent compositions
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Detergent composition comprising alkoxylated amines
Method and apparatus for determining preferred controls for an upgradable operating system
Computer for evaluating signals from nuclear magnetic resonance tomography and a nuclear resonance t...
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Human 2-19 protein homologue, z219a
Method and apparatus for screening chemical compounds
Topical drug preparations
Method for producing low potassium juice with improved taste and product thereof
Method for treating spent caustic streams
One-piece lens nose-pad assembly
Acoustically asymmetric bandpass loudspeaker with multiple acoustic filters
Method and apparatus for moving a drum into a nip
Virtual reality keyboard system and method
Process for producing aluminum alloy substrate for lithographic printing plate
Specular spin valve with robust pinned layer
Scrap charger
Stack based access control using code and executor identifiers
Method and apparatus for optimizing real functions in Boolean domain
Indefinite-size variables within an intermediate language
Systems and methods for heating and mixing fluids
Monolayer and electrode for detecting a label-bearing target and method of use thereof
Coupling system to a microsphere cavity
Amusement facilities, vehicles for amusement facilities, and display for amusement facilities
Virtual Staging apparatus and method
Child swing
Synchronized flicker device
Prepaid entertainment card and methods and systems for using prepaid entertainment card
Adaptive motivation for computer-assisted training system
Increasing subterranean mobilization of organic contaminants and petroleum by aqueous thermal oxidat...
Aluminum alloy sheet having high ultimate tensile strength and methods for making the same
Nickel-based superalloy
Process for separating molten metals
A1 alloy thin film for semiconductor device electrode and sputtering target to deposit A1 film by sp...
Process for preparing ascorbic acid-2-monophosphate salt
Anti-jaundice composition for corpses and method
Compositions for dyeing keratin fibers, containing 3-aminopyrazoline derivatives as coupler, dyeing ...
Washing and conditioning compositions based on silicon and hydrophobic guar gum
Color electrophotographic image receiving material
Solid pot and pan detergent
Silver halide emulsion, and color photographic light-sensitive material and image-forming method usi...
Detergent composition with improved calcium sequestration capacity
Antimicrobial cosmetic compositions
Composition and method for prevention of discoloration of detergents using nonionic surfactants and ...
Container and flexible tube manufactured with a detachable cover that is reusable as a cap
Identity card, information carrier and housing designed for its application
Ink container having a multiple function chassis
Radio frequency data communications device
Stress indicators for tooth positioning appliances
Method and apparatus for calibrating readings of a downhole tool
Hermetically sealed container with frangible web and locking lugs and method and apparatus for makin...
Tamper-evident plastic closure system with snap-on band
Multilayer plastic structures, containers made therefrom, and methods of making the structures
Neck finish for a container and mold for forming the container
Snap on closure and method
Carton blank, carton and method of forming the carton
Hermetically sealed container with medicament storing and dispensing insert
Subterranean coupler
Flat panel sound radiator and assembly system
Device for controlling the porosity of a helical, flexible, sound-absorbing air-conducting tube
Sound-absorbing duct structure
Compressor having concentrically walled damper
Blower unit with noise-reducing structure for vehicle air conditioner
Sheet having a multilayer structure
Modular electroacoustic instrument
Method and apparatus for multiple band transmission
Human mesenchymal stem cells
Cardiac muscle regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells
Bioresorbable polymeric clayey and sticky substance
Targeting pharmaceutical agents to injured tissues
Hydrogel-forming system with hydrophobic and hydrophilic components
Device for utilizing heat which is formed during a catalytic reaction
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell device
Layout and procedure of charging of batteries
Process for the production of hydrogen and electrical energy from reforming of bio-ethanol with the ...
Selective oxidizer in cell stack manifold
Fuel cell, separator for the same and method for distributing gas in fuel cell
Method of preparing Rh- and/or Ru-catalyst supported on MgO carrier and reforming process using the ...
Self-referencing microdoppler ladar receiver and associated detection method
Control of leaf scald disease
Scarecrow promotor and uses thereof
DNA pharmaceutical formulations comprising citrate or triethanolamine and combinations thereof
Enhancing cell competence by recursive sequence recombination
Method of use for murine leukaemia inhibitory factor-binding protein (mLBP)
Immunotherapy of cancer through expression of truncated tumor or tumor-associated antigen
Method of identifying tumor antigens that elicit a T-cell response
Deployable emergency escape ladder
ATM switching system and cell control method
Poly(vinyl chloride)-g-poly(.alpha.-methylstyrene) having a single glass transition temperature
Biofunctional surface modified ocular implants, surgical instruments, medical devices, prostheses, c...
Hydrocarbon gels
Molding a polishing pad having integral window
Dynamic vulcanization of polymer blends from series reactors
Cleaning composition containing an organic acid and a spore forming microbial composition
Dendritic polyetherketone and heat-resistant blend of PVC with the same
Weatherable building products
Electrolytic cell using gas diffusion electrode and power distribution method for the electrolytic c...
Method for removing nitrate ions from a solution
Method for producing of 2,3-dimethylbutene-1 and 2,3-dimethylbutene-2
Method for producing cartilage tissue and implants for repairing enchondral and osteochondral defect...
Compositions for treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Aqueous ballpoint ink composition
Torsin, torsin genes, and methods of use
Catalytic nucleic acid and methods of use
Transcription-free selex
Automated analysis of real-time nucleic acid amplification
Covalent attachment of unmodified nucleic acids to silanized solid phase surfaces
Stable composition comprising a nuclease and a phosphatase
2'-fluoropyrimidine anti-calf intestinal phosphatase nucleic acid ligands
Multi-layer display having combination of visually moveable and stationary elements therefore
Flexible earphone assembly for use during hearing screening
Embossed receptor media
Substituted 5-heteroaryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2h-benzotriazole UV absorbers, a process for preparatio...
Comparative phenotype analysis of two or more microorganisms using a plurality of substrates within ...
WISP polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Synthesis and purification of hepatitis C virus-like particles
Mutant luciferases
Mycobacterial isocitrate lyase gene and uses thereof
Diagnosis and treatment of SAD related disorders
DNA constructs and methods for stably transforming plastids of multicellular plants and expressing r...
Muzzle loading firearm and adaptor
Gun lock assembly
Pressure monitor
Non-lethal weapon systems
Lead-through teach handle assembly and method of teaching a robot assembly
Gripper design to reduce backlash
Method of determining effect of radio wave multipath fading
Servo processor code evaluation using a virtual disc drive
Disk block cache management for a distributed shared memory computer system
Analyzing CMOS circuit delay
Class store schema
Headlight for a vehicle with means for reducing glare
Vehicle lamp fixture
Optical fibre artificial tree or foliage article
Ballasts for operating light emitting diodes in AC circuits
Brightness-controlled endoscope illumination system
Automatic headlight aiming device for a vehicle
Wireless communication device having a reconfigurable matching circuit
Device for correcting a tremble of a focused image and a camera which is provided with the same
Receiver with program selection
Vehicle data recorder
Probe with optical waveguide and method of producing the same
Fiber optic cable storage device
Junction connecting device for fiber connectors
Deadend wedge design
Low birefringent polyimides for optical waveguides statement regarding federally sponsored research ...
Rolled metal product used as a light-guiding structure
Method of downsampling documents
Image combining apparatus using a combining algorithm selected based on an image sensing condition c...
Resolution conversion system and method
Photocollage generation and modification using image recognition
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
Contact image sensor hand-held scanner
Neural network systems for chemical and biological pattern recognition via the Mueller matrix
System and device for multi-scale analysis and representation of electrocardiographic data
Biological signal transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for analyzing heart function using 4D ECG synchronized heart cavity tomoscintig...
Method and system having simplified neuromuscular transmission scoring
Disposable absorbent articles with controlled skin hydration effect
One-side welding method for steel structure
Low-carbon high-strength steel
One-piece stainless steel rim for mating a meter cover and base and method of making same
Light constructional steel and the use thereof
Ornamental steel and manufacturing method therefor
Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet for low-noise transformer
Surface-treated steel sheet for fuel tanks and method of fabricating same
Method, apparatus and flow cell for high-sensitivity detection of fluorescent molecules
Method for prioritizing a communication in a wireless communication system
Method for operating a spectrum analyzer to display a marker of a signal of interest
Speech recognition using unequally-weighted subvector error measures for determining a codebook vect...
Data processing system having a fifo buffer with variable threshold value based on input and output ...
Test instrumentation I/O communication interface and method
Intervention ordering in a multiprocessor system
Mechanism and display for boundary-scan debugging information
Estrogen receptor modulators
Use of an array of polymeric sensors of varying thickness for detecting analytes in fluids
Combined six stone oval gemstone arrangement and setting
Elastomeric six degree of freedom isolator
Differential bucket control system for waterjet boats
Engine mount for watercraft
Inflatable boat
Enhanced customizable surfboards with adjustable fins and methods for making the same
Deployable nose for an underwater vehicle
Configurable clock generator
Electromechanical vehicle regeneration system
Apparatus for controlling a driving motor
Vehicle center cluster assembling structure with electrical connection
Mobile robots and their control system
Process and device for automatically supported guidance of aircraft to a parking position and manage...
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Sound-producing device
Pinwheel device
Motion toy transmission mechanism
Soft-shelled crystal ball
Toy's eyebrow and mouth moving mechanism
Puppet legs movement mechanism
Chromatic colorization for toy vehicles
Child resistant lighter
Addressing process for a plasma display based on repeating bits on one or more lines
Processed cranberry product and process for preparing the same
Baby eel substitute and method of fabrication thereof
Device and method for controlling fermentation and ensilagation of food
High oil corn processing
Method and composition for detecting bacterial contamination in food products
Method to automatically and accurately portion a sequential flow of objects by weight
Polyolefin fiber compositions
Ethylene-alpha-olefin polymers, processes and uses
Control of video device by multiplexing accesses among multiple applications requesting access based...
Corrugated style anode element for ion pumps
Modular relay with network communications
High impact communication and control system
Method and system for reducing congestion in connection-oriented packet networks having digital subs...
Telecom service identification resonator apparatus and technique
Apparatus, method and system of liquid-based, wide range, fast response temperature control of elect...
Overhead system of inclined eccentric geosynchronous orbiting satellites
Method of producing toner for developing latent electrostatic images by way of dispersion dyeing
Plate material for printing method based on wettability change
Antisense inhibition of A20 expression
Resin composition and multilayered structure
Blends of .alpha.-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer or hindered aliphatic vinylidene monomer interp...
Platform and method for assuring integrity of trusted agent communications
Method for deployment of incremental versions of applications
Method and apparatus for detection of cancerous and precancerous conditions in a breast
Operating cylinder
Canine waste collection device and disposal method
Frame for catching pet waste
Compositions and methods for enhancing receptor-mediated cellular internalization
Medicated animal foodstuffs
Fluid emulsified shortening composition
Remedy for autoimmune diseases
System and method for a precompiled database for biomolecular sequence information
Memory device search system and method
Method and apparatus for caching web-based information
Microprocessor allowing simultaneous instruction execution and DMA transfer
Universal serial bus interpreter
Source code shuffling to provide for robust error recovery
Reconfigurable logic for table lookup
Method and system of business rule extraction from existing applications for integration into new ap...
Multi-phasic microphotodetector retinal implant with variable voltage and current capability
Neural processing module with input architectures that make maximal use of a weighted synapse array
Method for documenting engineering rules
Enhanced hypertext categorization using hyperlinks
Optimizing repeaters positioning along interconnects
Thermal driven placement
Electrode material and electrode for III-V group compound semiconductor
Method for determining lipid and protein content of tissue
Solvent system for enhancing solubility
Method for the prevention and treatment of cachexia and anorexia
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Process for preparing cyclic thioamides
Systems and methods for wirelessly projecting power using in-phase current loops
Liquid intact parathyroid hormone (PTH) standards
Method of and device for imaging an object by means of magnetic resonance
Method of and apparatus for controlling transmission of information on programs
Communication protocol for use with a data acquisition and retrieval system with handheld user inter...
Benzofuran, indole or benzothiophene 2,4-pentadienoic acid derivatives having selective activity for...
Mobile communication terminal capable of executing location-related services
Method and apparatus for providing call screening on cordless telephone equipment using three-way ca...
Radiocommunications terminal
System and method for storing and executing network queries used in interactive voice response syste...
Central trouble ticket database and system and method for managing same to facilitate ticketing, tre...
Acoustic feedback correction
Methods and systems for remote electronic vaulting
High temperature depressurization for naphtha mercaptan removal
Styrene dehydrogenation reactor effluent treatment
Carbon nitride cold cathode
Furcation apparatus for optical fibers
Use of sunscreen combinations comprising, as essential constituent, amino-substituted hydroxybenzoph...
Nonionic surfactant
Apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
N-[1, (1-1) -dialkyloxy] - and N- [1, (1-1) -dialkenyloxy]- alk-1-yl-N,N,N-tetrasubstituted ammonium...
Process for producing cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations, and products comprising same
Bleach compositions
Velvety hydrocarbon based cosmetic compositions
Nectarine tree -- named `Westbrook` cultivar
Shrub rose plant named `POULterp`
Lavender plant named `Bee Cool`
Seashore paspalum plant `SEA ISLE 2000`
Dieffenbachia plant named `Bryant Compacta`
Strawberry plant designated `BG-424`
Strawberry plant designated `BG269`
Method and apparatus for improved speech recognition by modifying a pronunciation dictionary based o...
Integrated computer module
Steering resistance device
Electrolyte for lithium cells and method of producing the same
Battery state sensing apparatus
Battery with laminated insulator/metal/insulator case
Cell shunt circuit for battery cells
Electrolyte composition, photosensitized solar cell using said electrolyte composition, and method o...
Method for regenerating an NOx storage catalyst
Powdered niobium, sintered body thereof, capacitor using the sintered body and production method of ...
Composite membrane suitable for use in electrochemical devices
Recovery of metals from ore
Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete with impregnated corrosion inhibitor
Lithium metal fluorophosphate materials and preparation thereof
Yttrium-ion rechargeable battery cells
Lithium secondary battery comprising tungsten-containing oxide of monoclinic crystal structure
Lithium secondary battery
Production of a porous foam product for battery electrodes
Electrolyte-solution filling method and battery structure of lithium secondary battery
Non-aqueous secondary battery having an aggregation layer
Lithium secondary battery, polymer gel electrolyte and binder for use in lithium secondary batteries
Storage unit
Use of lipids as adjuvents in the production of solid medicinal forms by the melt extrusion process
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reacto...
Piperidine derivatives useful as CCR5 antagonists
Inhibition of transglutaminase-mediated microbial interaction with a mammalian host
Method for making intermediates useful in synthesis of retroviral protease inhibitors
Bis-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Method and apparatus for processing, displaying and communicating images
Medical devices comprising ionically and non-ionically crosslinked polymer hydrogels having improved...
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for uniquely identifying a customer purchase in an electronic distribution syst...
System and method for generating a target database from one or more source databases
Multi-facility appointment scheduling system
Device for verifying use qualifications
System for tracking end-user electronic content usage
Regulating access to digital content
Lever bar activation detecting structure
Head controller of thermal printer and thermal printer printing method
Circuit interrupter operating mechanism
Slip-on cover for a guitar stand cradle
Shape memory polymers
Fluoroscopy based 3-D neural navigation based on 3-D angiography reconstruction data
Fluorescence sensing of tissue
Systems and methods using annotated images for controlling the use of diagnostic or therapeutic inst...
Laser probes for drug permeation
Method and apparatus for inducing the permeation of medication into internal tissue
Implantable medical device incorporating self-timed logic
Water-soluble monoazo dyes, their preparation and use
Process for promoting adhesion between an inorganic substrate and an organic polymer
Senscent cell-derived inhibitors of DNA synthesis
Surface-active photoinitiators
Tandem type color image forming device
Reflective asphalt emulsions and method
Compositions comprising a hydrocarbonaceous material
Power generation method and power generating apparatus
Foamed facer and insulation boards made therefrom cross-reference to related patent application
Foamed facer and insulation boards made therefrom
Emulsified bituminous binder
Polymerization catalysts, their production and use
Organoborane amine complex initiator systems and polymerizable compositions made therewith
Composite particles and methods for their application and implementation
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising polyester resin and poly(3,4...
Polymer surfaced composites for floor tiles and other building structures
Cured coatings having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods thereto
Self-contained imaging assembly having improved peel strength
Base for a floor cleaner
Garbage disposal plunger
Multi-purpose device with round hinged handle
Refuse bag retainer ring
Container for a deceased person or animal
Coin retaining device
Grout pumps, control boxes and applicator tools, and methods for using the same
Apparatus for changing direction of driving force for bicycles
Aqua bike
Enzyme-based assay for determining effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on cellular energy
Bicycle rental and security system
Navigation apparatus
Pivoting uplift apparatus
Collapsible play structure
Swing assembly with a canopy
Video display positioning system
Method for simulating the creation if an artist's drawing or painting of a caricature, and device fo...
MCP-1 analogs
Method for initializing a box on a data communications network
Internet service provider preliminary user registration mechanism provided by centralized authority
Managing an object store based on object replacement penalties and reference probabilities
Portable wireless network game apparatus and method thereof
Automated gaming device and slot machine service communication system
High performance/low cost video game system with multi-functional peripheral processing subsystem
Kiosk for printing and communicating video game images
Golf ball
Table tennis apparatus
Foot device to strike a ball
Interactive foodstuff holding device
Skimming disk
Therapeutic products containing cherry pits
Articulated model vehicle
Children's molded play car/vehicle
Computer keyboard enhancement kit
Shoe device for bow tying
Educational tool comprised of selectable optically-linked modules
System and method for providing self-screening of patient symptoms
Touch screen for the vision-impaired
Boron-mediated amidation of carboxylic acids
High pressure applicator
Method and apparatus for windows-based installation for installing software on build-to-order comput...
Degasification indication structure of aerosol container, method of indicating degasification, and d...
Trailing edge wedge for an aircraft wing
System for selectively routing data via either a network that supports Internet protocol or via sate...
Labor alerting device
Coffee machine
Temperature control material and temperature control method using the same
Method of preparing xenograft heart valves
Polyampholytes for delivering polyions to a cell
High lathering antibacterial formulation
Silicone gel containing salicylic acid
Cell growth activating composition containing compound having labdane structure
Method and system for electronic organization of coupons
System and method for cache process
Data recording medium, data recording method and data reproducing method
Computer system and method for executing interrupt instructions in operating modes
Snowboard binding system with automatic forward lean support
Display device and electronic timepiece
Exhaust equipment member, internal combustion engine system using same, and method for producing suc...
Method to find a value within a range using weighted subranges
Method and apparatus for analog to digital conversion using an impedance device as an identifier
Segemented D/A converter with enhanced dynamic range
Multi-board BGA package
Video voice separation system
Cigarette inspection device
Apparatus for providing a secure processing environment
Method for pest management and crop certification utilizing network accessible database
Flat reflectarray antenna
Hybrid servomechanism for micro-electrical discharge machining
Personal care monitoring system
System and method for displaying magnetic devices
Garment conditioning composition
Method and composition for enhancing the activity of an enzyme
Non-aqueous liquid detergent compositions containing ethoxylated quaternized amine clay compounds
Cancer treatment
Real-time three-dimensional weather data processing method and system
Quadrature RF field coil for use in magnetic resonance
"Magnetic resonance apparatus having a gradient coil system with magnetostrictive material"
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Biodegradable neurotoxin implant
Transcriptionally regulated G protein-coupled receptor
Nucleic acids encoding a G-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Sequence directed DNA binding molecules compositions and methods
Animal appeasing pheromones
Supersonic coherent gas jet for providing gas into a liquid
Device for the protection of sight and hearing
Compact image display system for eyeglasses or other head-borne frames
Method and system using dynamic profiling in a mobile environment for collecting data for a geograph...
Developing apparatus with electric field force directing a toner cloud for coating a developer carry...
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and developer material used in said apparatus
Contaminant preventing structure for image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Methods for electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
Method and apparatus for compound hardware configuration control
Compositions and methods for improved delivery of ionizable hydrophobic therapeutic agents
Induction heating furnace and bottom tapping mechanism thereof
Binder formulation and use thereof in process for forming mineral pellets having both low and high t...
Method and device for producing slabs in different sizes
System and method for dynamic generation of remote proxies
Network server platform/facilities management platform caching server
Method, system, and article of manufacture for limiting access to program files in a shared library ...
Secure token device access to services provided by an internet service provider (ISP)
Method and apparatus for improving invocation speed of Java methods
Method and system for creating and manipulating extensions to version control systems
DNA optical storage device using Forster energy transfer mechanism
Secure online music distribution system
Arrangement and method for data exchange between a postage meter machine and clip cards
System and method for the management of candidate recruiting information
Computer software for maintenance resource management
Customer access solutions architecture
Printing system adapted to change a printing operation to be performed based on a result of an accou...
Sequential flow filtration chamber for treatment of waste water and associated method
Secure on-line PC postage metering system
Switches for use in tools
Process for laying a tube in a duct and device for pressurizing a tube during laying
Molded acoustic and decorative mats and methods for forming the same
Sound reducing panel for animal housing rooms
Compressor muffler
Reactive sound absorber
Broadband loudspeaker
Quick-detachable structure for on-wall speaker panel
Device having two coaxially disposed bodies which are movable relative to one another along a transl...
System for pulse oximetry SpO2 determination
System for disabling display illumination
Method and apparatus for the detection of the presence of a device on a high speed digital data bus
Polymeric encapsulation system promoting angiogenesis
Poly(Propylene Fumarate) cross linked with Poly(Ethylene Glycol)
Transgenic mice depleted in a mature lymphocytic cell-type
Regulatory sequences for transgenic plants
Self-enhancing, pharmacologically controllable expression systems
Polynucleotide tuberculosis vaccine
Method of treating cancer of the prostate
Viral treatment
Isolated decapeptides which bind to HLA molecules
Graft, graft-block, block-graft, and star-shaped copolymers and methods of making them
Optical tracking system
Container for shipping and storing frozen products
Isolated human UDP-glycosyltransferase, nucleic acid molecules encoding human UDP-glycosyltransferas...
Absorbent sheet material having cut-resistant layer and method for making the same
Benzocycle-substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absorbers
Polymeter/clay nanocomposite comprising a functionalized polymer or oligomer and a process for prepa...
Protective cover for an optical disc
Multi-purpose absorbent and cut-resistant sheet materials
Coin retaining device
Phase independent receiver and/or decoder
Vehicular headlamp having reduced case formation
Fiber optics illuminators and lighting system
Interior illumination for portable structures
Venting cover for a containerized candle
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Illuminated optical enlargement device
Reflector structure for improving irradiation uniformity of linear lamp array
Optical apparatus and shooting system including zoom function having electrical operation mode and o...
Dual film image and electronic image capture camera capable of combining captured electronic images ...
Trajectory path planner for a vision guidance system
Method for detecting road position of car in multiformation road
Selective recompression of files in a network system
System for configuring a flash memory card with enhanced operating mode detection and user-friendly ...
Method of installing an optical fibre unit in a tube
Broadband stepped index optical fiber
Hollow optical waveguide for trace analysis in aqueous solutions
Fiber optic interconnection combination closure
Alignment system optical component interface
Optical attenuator structure and method using polymer material
Glasses containing rare earth fluorides
Image reading system
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling them
Method and system for compositing images
Method and apparatus for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
User interface high-lighter function to provide directed input for image processing
Spectroscopic system employing a plurality of data types
Continuously monitoring cardiac events in an active implantable medical device
Brain function scan system
Tool actuation and force feedback on robot-assisted microsurgery system
Method for manufacturing joint of carbon steel pipes suitable for expansion and expanding method
Device and method to prevent misbuild and improper function of air conditioning scroll compressor du...
Steel making revert and process for preparing
Ferritic stainless steel plate
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating film excellent in film properties
Light weight steel and its use for car parts and facade linings
Method and system for determining heating point and heating line in bending of steel plate
Materials and methods for the treatment or prevention of obesity
Writing instrument cap
Method and apparatus for sensing key movement in a musical keyboard
Aqueous liquid for forming soap bubbles
Oven device for rapid heating of food items
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery