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Pouch-like article for microwave heating of foods
Microwave oven for uniform heating
Stabilizing and destabilizing proteins
Abrasion resistant dental composition product and process
Transition metal complexes containing neutral, multidentate azacyclic ligands
Molded article and process for producing same
Auto design of VLIW processors
System and method of a ballistic capture transfer to L4, L5
Endoprosthesis for a joint, especially a finger, toe or wrist joint
Monitoring system having wireless remote viewing and control
Method for sorting and storing data employing dynamic sort tree reconfiguration in volatile memory
Bag laminate with a removable sticker portion
Method and apparatus for high-resolution detection and characterization of medical pathologies
Process and device for the preoperative determination of the positioning data of endoprosthetic part...
Method for automatized dose planning
Angio-MR system
Device and process for determining position
Fishing reel
Riparian improvement structure unit
Method of processing whey for demineralization purposes
method and apparatus for preparing and dispensing a combination of food products in a vending machin...
Whey protein products
Fishing rod made of composite material and having woody texture and excellent mechanical property
Substituted quinazoline derivatives
Measurement of acetone in milk using IR spectroscopy
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet
Microprocessor with parallel inverse square root logic for performing graphics function on packed da...
System and method for restricting unauthorized access to a database
System for testing transmitter logic of a physical layer device in a local area network
Programmable, reconfigurable DSP implementation of a Reed-Solomon encoder/decoder
Method for reducing memory requirements in static timing analysis
Specification and verification for concurrent systems with graphical and textual editors
Text based object oriented program code with a visual program builder and parser support for predete...
Arrangement for controlling the movement of a rearward-side air guiding system on motor vehicles
Material-handling vehicle
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus having a device for synchronizing friction members of one of two cl...
Trailer slider repositioning alarm
Process to prevent the overturning of a vehicle
Passenger protecting apparatus for use in a vehicle
Local magnetization spoiling using a gradient insert for reducing the field of view in magnetic reso...
Process for the preparation of maltol from plants belonging to the genus Abies
Optical deflection element
Capacitively powered radio frequency identification device
Esters with musky odor and their use in perfumery
Method/apparatus for flushing DMA transmit packet in FIFO when self-ID code generated by counter aft...
Apparatus and method for automated invoicing of medical device systems
Method for determining activity in the central nervous system
Vehicle traction control with power shift modification
Method for decomposition of chemical compounds
Sulfonated perfluorovinyl functional monomers
Make-up packaging
Retractable article holder
Apparatus for the prevention of marking cards in card games
Breath freshening lipstick
Non-stinging coating composition
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ossa`
Lavender plant named `Bee Brilliant`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Panamaril`
Sutera plant named `Yasflos`
Jamesbrittenia plant named `Yagevi`
Miniature rose plant named `JACrenew`
Hibiscus plant named `Notwoodone`
System and method for reading and comparing two-dimensional images
Automatic object caller chain with declarative impersonation and transitive trust
Storage and travel bag
Single track two-wheeled vehicle
Printer using thermal print head
Diagnostic system with a chair and table movable on rails provided on vertical magnets thereof
Catheter guided by optical coherence domain reflectometry
Method of reconstruction of a three-dimensional image of an element of interest
Birefringence insensitive optical coherence domain reflectometry system
Magnetically navigable telescoping catheter and method of navigating telescoping catheter
Method and apparatus for intracardially surveying a condition of a chamber of a heart
Patient specific dosing contrast delivery systems and methods
Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same
Polymer oxidates and their use
Continuous dosing of very fast initiators during polymerization reactions
Hydroxyl-containing ethylene copolymers and fuel oils having an improved lubricating action
Method for decreasing the formaldehyde content in acidic solutions of melamine formaldehyde resins
Cell-specific active compounds regulated by the cell cycle
Peroxides, their preparation process and use
Disposable article having a responsive system including an electrical actuator
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a cationic galactomannan...
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on detergent surfactant, an functionalized silicone...
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a polyorganosiloxane, a ...
Antidandruff composition for treating the hair and the scalp, based on an antidandruff agent and an ...
Composition comprising a volatile fluoro compound and a process for removing make-up from the skin o...
Retinyl carbonate derivatives, preparation process and uses
Synthesis of a tetraamido macrocycle ligand from a novel diamidodiol
Dust control composition for fertilizer and method of treatment of fertilizer
Method of disposing of animal waste
Slow-release polyurethane encapsulated fertilizer using oleo polyols
Microemulsion coformulation of a graminicide and a water-soluble herbicide
Concentrated liquid adjuvant and fertilizer
Method for hardening granular inorganic salt compounds
Binder composition and process
Detergent composition
Compound for inhibiting corrosion
Derivatized reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Laundry detergent compositions with cellulosic based polymers to provide appearance and integrity be...
Biphenyl compounds substituted by camphor or hydantoin derivatives as sunscreen compositions
Multiphase receiver and oscillator
Wheel device
Method of identifying compounds capable of activating ISL production
Functional promoter for CCR5
Method for the development of an HIV vaccine
Bis-sulfonamide hydroxyethylamino retroviral protease inhibitors
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Methods for inhibiting the production of HIV-1 retrovirus using monoclonal antibodies and Fv specifi...
Process for preparing cis- aminochromanols
Temporary medical electrical lead having biodegradable electrode mounting pad loaded with therapeuti...
Thermal transfer printer
System and method for personalized information filtering and alert generation
Color display tube device
Oscillation circuit and strobe device employing the oscillation circuit
Method of prediction time-series continuous data and a control method using the prediction method
Inhalation device
Method of manufacturing thin film transistors
High-speed semiconductor transistor and selective absorption process forming same
Pendeoepitaxial methods of fabricating gallium nitride semiconductor layers on weak posts, and galli...
Amorphous silica having discrete voids and spatially organized functionalities formed therein
Electroluminescent device comprising porous silicon
Microfluidic systems
Mine stopping
Antenna apparatus
Motilin homologs
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Bright Pink`
Method and apparatus for unified, pre-addressed, context-sensitive reporting
Heirarchical indexing of multi-attribute data by sorting, dividing and storing subsets
Cardiac stimulator lead with two-stage extendable/retractable fixation and method for using same
Self-aligning center bearing
Rolling bearing
Wheel hub bearing unit
Ring for a roller
Brushless motor having resin bearing
Plantar fascitis support apparatus
Transflective liquid crystal display device with asymmetry reflective electrode having a transparent...
Engine output controller
MEMS microthruster array
Non-calcemic, antiproliferative, transcriptionally active sulfur-containing analogs of 1.alpha., 25-...
Methods of making dihydropyrone HIV protease inhibitors
Very narrow band injection seeded F2 lithography laser
Panel tester and grader
Process for producing fast-setting, bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Carrier for computer peripheral device
Activator system for metallocene compounds
Optical system
Pocket recorder
Method and system for soft handoff control based on access network capacity
System and method for options based address reuse
Methods and devices for reducing the mineral content of vascular calcified lesions
Oral compositions for reducing mouth odors
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Glucagon-like peptide-1 crystals
Data flow monitoring at a network node using periodically incremented counters for comparison to pre...
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Thioredoxin family active site molecules and uses therefor
Photoimageable, aqueous acid soluble polyimide polymers
Bottle cradle
Optical code reader for producing video displays and measuring physical parameters of objects
Handle of a trunk
Process and device for adjusting the braking effect in a vehicle
Method and system for obtaining geographic data using navigation systems
Vehicle specific hazard estimation, presentation, and route planning based on meteorological and oth...
Casino method and device therefor
Image generation device and information storage medium
Toe kick drawer
Inverted pivot
Variably-weighted exercise hoop
Variable value timing mechanism with crank drive
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing control device
Coordinated control of valve timing during mode transitions of direct injection stratified charge en...
Personal financial tracking system and method
Inserted label for monitoring use of a container
High purity salt aluminum flux
Polysaccharide adhesives for multi-ply paper products
Method for the prevention of struvite in fish
Transgenic plants or algae expressing an AGP enzyme coupled to a transit peptide
Watermark encoding method exploiting biases inherent in original signal
System and method for managing multimedia messaging platforms
Seamless integration of internet resources
Detergents containing amylase and protease
Process for obtaining insulin precursors having correctly bonded cystine bridges
Endoglycan: a novel protein having selectin ligand and chemokine presentation activity
Method and apparatus for detecting performance position of real-time performance data
Musical instrument equipped with synchronizer for plural parts of music
Robotics for transporting containers and objects within an automated analytical instrument and servi...
Circuit board carrier
Method and apparatus for dynamically sharing memory in a multiprocessor system
System for automatic recovery from software problems that cause computer failure
Method of constructing unit names from a nonorthogonal basis set
Method and apparatus for performing a read next highest priority match instruction in a content addr...
Database system and method for operating a database system
Electronic shopping agent which is capable of operating with vendor sites which have disparate forma...
Method for removing harmful components from a gaseous mixture
Process for purification of flue gas
Article for controlled and substantially uniform release of a volatile organic substance
Polyurethane salts
Device for the regulation of a generator of a hot fluid in liquid or gaseous phase
Metal halide discharge lamp with a long service life
Gelato composition
Diels-alder adducts of epoxybutene and epoxybutene derivatives
Process for producing indene
Production of hydrogen using methanation and pressure swing adsorption
Crystalline phosphorus-containing molecular sieves
Phosphomolybdic acid stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide
Heat resistant adhesive
Method for isolating thiocyanate resistant bacteria
Self-neutralizing permanent wave composition and method therefor
Keratin fiber strengthening agent and method for strengthening keratin fiber
Method for reducing the C1-C2-aldehyde content formed from compounds with -CH2-CHR-O-or-CH(OH)-group...
Endoluminal device exhibiting improved endothelialization and method of manufacture thereof
Copolymers and oil-and water-repellent compositions containing them
Electronic display
Composite polyester film and magnetic recording medium
Compatibilized pressure-sensitive adhesives
Stable aqueous dispersions for sizing paper
Methods for sequencing proteins
Chromatic dispersion compensation
Optical coupling device and optical coupling method using photonic crystal
Color-coded optical fiber ribbon and die for making the same
Liquid crystal display device
Arylsulfonylamino hydroxamic acid derivatives
Electric discharge processing method for an electron tube using a field emission cold cathode device
Stabilized monomer composition
Water-borne polyester coatings by miniemulsion polymerization
Polymer particles of controlled shape
Multivalent polymyxin antibiotics
Analytical measuring device with lancing device
Diagnostic regeant for hepatitis C virus infection
Method of detecting HEV infection
Recombinant, active caspases and uses thereof
Nucleic acid construct for the cell cycle regulated expression of structural genes
Use of L-acetylcarnitine, L-isovalerylcarnitine, L-propionylcarnitine for increasing the levels of I...
Fullerene derivatives
Methods for restoring the heat transfer coefficient of an oligomerization reactor
Placement based design cells injection into an integrated circuit design
FPGA customizable to accept selected macros
Methods for cleaving facets in III-V nitrides grown on c-face sapphire substrates
Memory cell configuration in which an electrical resistance of a memory element represents an inform...
Sensor incorporating a quantum dot as a reference
Method of vaporizing liquid sources and apparatus therefor
Method for increasing stearate content in soybean oil
DNA encoding monkey gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor
Gene encoding a protein having diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, and other uses
Compositions and methods for the modification of gene expression
Printable sheet with removable label and method for producing same
Container for use in collecting debris
Table cart
Hoist frame
Frame profile for a moveable pallet
Method for transformation of fuzzy logic, which is used to simulate a technical process, into a neur...
Propenamide based cooling gel play composition
Inerting a fuel cell with a wettable substrate
Financial document processing module
Artificial airway device
AFT deployable thermal radiators for spacecraft
Satellite having a solar generator on a deployable arm, and method of bringing such a satellite on s...
Employing booster trajectory in a payload inertial measurement unit
Image sensing apparatus and method for image processing a moving image or a still image
Rich text medium displaying method and picture information providing system using calculated average...
Method and apparatus for relocating a structure from a first elevation to a second elevation
System and method for managing business meetings
Web calendar architecture and uses thereof
Automatic planning and cueing system and method
Method for teaching economics, management and accounting
Computerized system for teaching speech
Management training game
Image display apparatus, and ink and image erasing method for use in the apparatus
Apparatus and method for organizing and strategizing team play
Music action game machine, performance operation instructing system for music action game and storag...
Sorption cooler
Inbred corn plant 6F545
Multi-channel optical head for optical recording and reading optical storage data
Systems and methods for designing image processing filters using templates
Image forming apparatus and its photoconductor cleaning method
Cryptographic communication method and system
Method of driving power circuit and circuit therefor
Branch tee dielectric waveguide line
Digital-to-analog conversion circuit
Character processing device
Apparatus for developing a dynamic servo signal from data in a magnetic disc drive and method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method employing the same
In-band method and apparatus for reporting operational statistics relative to the ports of a fibre c...
6-substituted pyrimidine 3-oxides for promoting pigmentation of the skin/hair
Simplified ballast system for tension leg platforms
Portable boat step device
Watertight and thermally insulating tank with improved longitudinal solid angles of intersection
Marine engine cooling system with a check valve to facilitate draining
Stabilizing element for use on mobile devices
Hydrogen cooled hydrogen storage unit having a high packing density of storage alloy and encapsulati...
Fe-Cr-Ni alloy for electron gun electrodes and Fe-Cr-Ni alloy sheet for electron gun electrodes
Copper based alloy featuring precipitation hardening and solid-solution hardening
Sliding bearing material
Substrate processing method and processing apparatus
Textile comprising a graphic pattern regularly repeated in dimensional alternation
Educational kit and method containing novel alpha helical protein-34
Organic electroluminescence device
Read-only memory and read-only memory device
Organic electroluminescence display
EL display device and electric device
Driving apparatus for active matrix type luminescent panel
Capacitive load drive circuit
Color display apparatus
Ray applying device
Lenslet array systems and methods
Low volatility solvent-based method for forming thin film nanoporous aerogels on semiconductor subst...
Process for making opaque quartz, for carrying out the process suitable SiO2 granulate, and componen...
Amorphous optical device
Porous organic/metallic composite
Dispersion of fine porous inorganic oxide particles and processes for preparing same
Multifunction new-type audio player structure
Electric power steering apparatus
Torque detection apparatus
Control unit for electric power steering apparatus
Point-of-presence call center management system
False tone detect suppression using multiple frame sweeping harmonic analysis
Method and apparatus for protecting a circuit module in a communication device
Foldable mobile telephone
Ergonomic keyboard apparatus and method of using same
Exercise apparatus and methods involving a transformable seat
Motor unit with an integrated speed sensor for a bicycle hub transmission
Latched switching device
Tape cassette storage and accessing system with closely spaced layered cassettes
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Pink`
Gene switch
Method and computer readable medium for discovering master DNS server computers for a given domain n...
Data processing system and method for permitting a server to remotely access a powered-off client co...
Systems methods and computer program products for customized host access applications including user...
circuit and method for processing render commands in a tile-based graphics system
Method and apparatus for compression compatible video fingerprinting
Illudin analogs useful as antitumor agents
Medical device for use in laparoscopic surgery
Device for releasing a parachute
Method for controlling a hybrid vehicle
Candidate chaser
Betamethasone- and hyaluronic acid-treated thin adhesive plaster for the treatment of psoriasis derm...
Retinoblastoma fusion proteins
Multifunctional complexes for gene transfer into cells comprising a nucleic acid bound to a polyamin...
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a suspension for the active ingredient
Tagging compositions and methods
Optical compensatory sheet and liquid crystal display
Optical probe for use with a digital camera for measuring focal depth
Dark pulse generation and transmission
Total internal reflection light modulating microstructure devices
V-shaped optical coupling structure
Automatic gain control for electrostatic voltmeters
System of organizing catalog data for searching and retrieval
Friction drive system floor conveyor
Control unit for rear-wheel steering apparatus
Force feedback device with spring selection mechanism
Cytochrome P450 enzymes and related compounds and methods
Method and circuitry for an undisturbed scannable state element
Reconnaissance sonde
Hardened subminiture telemetry and sensor system for a ballistic projectile
Method of producing .alpha.-halo-.alpha.,.beta.-saturated carbonyl compounds from the corresponding ...
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Optical switching device and image display device
Torque estimation method for an internal combustion engine
Driving device for fluorescent tube
Method and apparatus for monitoring input/output ("I/O") performance in I/O processors
Mechanism for implementing bus locking with a mixed architecture
Mechanisms for converting interrupt request signals on address and data lines to interrupt message s...
Detecting communication errors across a chip boundary
Process for the decomposition of nitrous oxide
Coating composition having improved acid etch resistance
Chain transfer agents for olefin polymerization
Multidentate phosphite ligands, catalytic compositions containing such ligands and catalytic process...
Preparation of sulfonyl imine compounds
Toner compositions
V2O5-based catalyst for removing NOx from flue gas and preparing method therefor
Image formation method and apparatus using electrophotography
Method for treating a liquid stream contaminated with an iodine-containing compound using a cation-e...
Process for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Method and communications system with dynamically adaptable subscriber units
Frequency equalizer, and associated method, for a radio telephone
Dual band radio telephone with dedicated receive and transmit antennas
TDD/TTY-digital access
Module removal system
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent cellular handoff
Method for transforming a gamut of a color image to produce an artistic effect
Interactive pet device
Rotatable and pivotable amusement apparatus
Stabilization of photosensitive materials
Echinacea extract as anti-irritant and anti-aging booster in cosmetic compositions
Method for cell selection utilizing azlactone-functional supports
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed systems of the water-in-oil type
Nanocapsules based on dendritic polymers
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip with improved emollient providing shelf life, sanitizing capacity a...
Treatment for dermal skin atrophy using thyroid hormone compounds or thyroid hormone-like compounds
Tooth bleaching
Edible, water-solubility resistant casein masses
Oil-in-water emulsions for reconstituting lamellarity of the lipid structure of damaged skin
Clear water-in-oil emulsions
Intracutaneous microneedle array apparatus
Medical use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for inhibiting tissue contraction
Wireless identification device, RFID device, and method of manufacturing wireless identification dev...
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of collagen tissue
System and method for estimating post-collision vehicular velocity changes
Safety closure and container
Apparatus for manufacture of a tip for liquid drop dispensing container
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Plant flavonol synthase homologs
Dryer vent exhaust adapter device
Interior resin article
Network traffic management system
Gels formed by the interaction of polyvinylpyrrolidone with chitosan derivatives
Flow carbonate polymer blends
Synthetic construction matting
Nylon compositions for golf ball covers and method of making same
Analysis of differential protein expression
Probes for variance detection
Nucleic acid detection
Isothermal exponential RNA amplification in complex mixtures
Chip-based isothermal amplification devices and methods
Stabilization of nucleic acid amplification cocktails
Stable composition comprising a nuclease and a phosphatase
Methods for HIV sequencing and genotyping
Methods of sterilizing articles
Steroid receptor coactivator compositions and methods of use
Production of pathogen resistant plants
Firearms with target illuminators
Marker projectile
Method and apparatus for automatically changing a polishing pad in a chemical mechanical polishing s...
Automatic welding system for cylinder block recycling
Method and radio communications system for transmitting data in a mobile radio network
Metallocene compositions
Reworkable high temperature adhesives
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Golf equipment and compositions comprising sulfonated, carboxylated, or phosphonated ionomers
Copolymers and coprepolymers formed from mono-substituted fluorinated oxetane monomers and tetrahydr...
Organosilicon compound, a process for its preparation and its use
Semiconductor device for attachment to a semiconductor substrate
Faster multiply/accumulator
Production of improved rapeseed exhibiting yellow-seed coat
System for providing cross-lingual information retrieval
Method for finding the address of a workstation assigned a dynamic address
Method and system for extraction of parasitic interconnect impedance including inductance
Spectroscopic diagnostics for bacteria in biologic sample
Polycystic kidney disease 1 gene and uses thereof
Apparatus and method to precisely position packets for a queue based memory controller
Method and apparatus of EMI filtering that eliminates the need for an inductor
Antibacterial cleaning wipe comprising triclosan
Iodonium salt photoinitiators containing urethane groups for cationic curing
Surfactant composition for emulsion polymerization
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Process for preparing esterquats
Injection moldable conductive aromatic thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymeric compositions
Light duty liquid composition containing gelatin beads and polyacrylate thickener
Total synthesis of the amino hip analogue of didemnin A
Sulfonylalkanoylamino hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
HIV integrase inhibitors
Isolated cover with independent sealing system
Lube oil compositions for diesel engines
Apparatus for removing odor and moisture from footwear and the like
Oil drip pan assembly for a vehicle
Oral composition providing enhanced tooth stain removal
Meltblown fibrous sorbent media
Method and system for the integrated storage and dynamic selective retrieval of text, audio and vide...
Cleaning process and composition
Transfer case having temperature compensation
Planographic printing plate precursor and a method for producing a planographic printing plate
Cleaning compositions comprising a specific oxygenase
Process for preparing polymers in the presence of triazolyl radicals
Heterogeneous reaction method for preparing functionalized polyanilines
Fixation of orthopedic devices
Solderable intergrated circuit lead frames plated with tin and palladium
System and method for measuring seedlot vigor
Leadframe for integrated circuit package and method of manufacturing the same
Leadframe for integrated circuit package
Nonaqueous secondary battery and method for preparing same
Rechargeable lithium battery comprising substituted lithium titanate electrodes
Battery device loaded on moving body
Mixed lithium manganese oxide and lithium nickel cobalt oxide positive electrodes
Glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Movable buckle device for luggage
Pre-release plastic packaging of MEMS and IMEMS devices
Surface wave devices with static electric field
Distance measuring device
Film unit having radio-frequency identification transponder
Data reading apparatus
Tracking device
Device for coupling hearing aid to telephone
Method and system for incrementally improving a program layout
Apparatus and method utilizing sample transfer to and from NMR flow probes
Method and apparatus for reducing image artifacts caused by magnet vibration in an MR imaging system
Multi-echo sequence based MR imaging for fluid in motion
Method for acquiring time-resolved and location-resolved, three-dimensional data sets with magnetic ...
Uses for medical devices having a lubricious, nitric oxide-releasing coating
Benzoazepines and analogs thereof useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Human intestinal Npt2B
Method and radio communications system for assigning a frequency channel to a radio station and appr...
Compounds for immunotherapy of breast cancer and methods for their use
Vehicle travel control apparatus
Inducible herbicide resistance
Scaleable video system having shared control circuits for sending multiple video streams to respecti...
Cable television setback decoder automatic control
Information output device, information recording device, information duplication control system and ...
Encryption system with time-dependent decryption
Electronic equipment, method of controlling operation thereof and controlling method
Information sending system and method for sending encrypted information
Treatment of diseases involving cyst formation
Biomaterial derived from vertebrate liver tissue
Permeable surface imaging support
Bloom-resistant benzotriazole UV absorbers and compositions stabilized therewith
Clay/organic chemical compositions useful as additives to polymer, plastic and resin matrices to pro...
Method and apparatus to analyze accessor performance
Rigid rod monomers and polymers for use in rapid prototyping, composites, and adhesives
Apparatus and method for emulsifying a pressurized multi-component liquid
Polyisobutylene copolymers having reactive silyl grafts
Metallocene compositions
Method and apparatus for hierarchical restructuring of computer code
Line-oriented reorder buffer configured to selectively store a memory operation result in one of the...
Method and apparatus for reordering memory operations along multiple execution paths in a processor
Pipelined asynchronous processing
System and method for performing parallel initialization and testing of multiple memory banks and in...
Apparatus and method for receiving data with bit insertion
Method for compile-time type-checking of arguments for externally-specified format strings
Method for measuring changes in light absorption of highly scattering media
Antibodies to the Ob receptor
Magnetic resonance imaging
Fabric or garment with integrated flexible information infrastructure
12, 13-cyclopropane epothilone derivatives
Molecules of the TNF receptor superfamily and uses therefor
Thermoplastic composition comprising fluoroaliphatic radical-containing surface-modifying additive
Electrically operated object cradle
Card reader and method for completing transactions
Removable travel case caster system
System and method for providing assurance to a host that a piece of software possesses a particular ...
Content processor
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Method and apparatus for menu controlling
Single-stage method for producing .alpha.-hydroxy ethers by oxidizing C=C-unsaturated compounds with...
Metallocene compositions
Interferometric detection system and method
Taxane prodrugs
Nicotinamide derivatives
Linear amplifier having discrete resonant circuit elements and providing near-constant efficiency ac...
Manufacturing method for structural members from foamed plastic composites containing wood flour
Multimedia card electrical connector with an improved ejector mechanism
High speed low voltage differential signal driver circuit having low sensitivity to fabrication proc...
Interactive process for use as a navigational aid and device for its implementation
Isomerization process using membrane for recovery of halides
Semiconductor light emitting device
Magnetic element, magnetic read head, magnetic storage device, magnetic memory device
Capacitor of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for placing linerless repositionable sheets directly onto advertising signature...
Interactive remote control toy
Composition of a selective oxidation catalyst for use in fuel cells
System and method for accessing local information by using referencing position system
Devices and methods for orienting and steering in three-dimensional space
Endotracheal tube having a beveled tip and orientation indicator
Link information maintenance and management method
Mixed bed ion-exchange hydrogel-forming polymer compositions and absorbent members comprising these ...
Hydroxy-substituted N-alkoxy hindered amines and compositions stabilized therewith
Universal holding and alignment fixture for bellows welding
Fatty acid derivatives and their use as surfactants in detergents and cleaners
Baggage entertainment devices and methods
Electric fumigator
Simulated ball movement game using a trackball with an air bearing
System and method for increasing click through rates of internet banner advertisements
Game program supply system and program rewrite system
Game device and computer-readable storage medium
Automatic ball thrower
Golf accessory
Backstop and sports ball return assembly
Consistent combination of altimeter data from multiple satellites
Process for carbonation of a living diene polymer obtained anionically
Impact and energy absorbing product for helmets and protective gear
Robot apparatus
Polymers for cosmetic formulations
Apparatus for measuring properties of a moving paper web or cardboard web
Modular off-line micro device processing system
Artificial dielectric susceptor
Print having information associated with the print stored in a memory coupled to the print
Methods of treating or ameliorating the symptoms of common cold or allergic rhinitis with serotonin ...
Method of implementing push techniques in conventional web browsers
Method for recovering styrene monomer from polystyrene resin by using a catalyst
Method for controlling copy protection in digital video networks
Fluorescent monomers
Insulated skull pins
Data processing system and method for efficient determination of return current spread
System and method for instantiating logic blocks within an FPGA
Aircraft installed snow remover
Computers in a financial system
System and method of expediting bit scan instructions
Process for producing a vascularized bioartificial tissue and an experimental reactor for carrying o...
Process for joining components made from case-hardened steel to components made from cast iron
Coupler structure for steel pipe conjoinment stabilization
Stainless steel product for producing polymer electrode fuel cell
Steel member surface treatment method
High strength, low alloy, heat resistant steel
Hot-dip Zn-A1-Mg plated steel sheet good in corrosion resistance and surface appearance and method o...
Martensitic stainless steel welded pipe
Partitioned interleaver memory for map decoder
System and set of intercleaving dichotomized polyhedral elements and extensions
Insecticidal protein toxins from Xenorhabdus
Plates for use in continuous casting process for the manufacture thereof
Technique for creating a unique item identification number in a multi-threaded/multi-process environ...
Method and apparatus for controlling client computer systems
Apparatus and method for electronic mail address portability
Method and system for generating a hierarchial document type definition for data interchange among s...
Information apparatus having automatic web reading function
Air pump structure having driving effect
Ropelight connector
Socket and light bulb assembly utilizing magnetic coupling
Radiator module for use in a lamp housing
Indicating display for a motor vehicle, in particular a raised stop light unit
Replacement led lamp assembly and modulated power intensity for light source
Flash apparatus and camera using the same
Hi-speed deterministic approach in detecting defective pixels within an image sensor
System and method for determining reticle defect printability
Apparatus and method for stereoscopic image processing
Method and apparatus for including virtual ads in video presentations
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding method, image decoding apparatus, image ...
Portable radio terminal
Navigation information presenting apparatus and method thereof
Ion exchange technology for fabrication of waveguide source lasers
Fanning strip for cable management panel
Method and apparatus for assembling an amplifier assembly
Optical interconnection apparatus
Fiber optic array breakout housing
Methods of modeling erbium doped fiber amplifiers
Apparatus and method for reducing quantization error in digital image signals
Histogram analysis method for defective pixel identification
Methods and apparatus for generating a projection of an image
Restoring a single image by connecting a plurality of character, shadow or picture input images
Generating a high resolution scan image with a low resolution scan sensor
Dynamic thresholding module
Automatic manufacturing monitoring and tracking
Optical scanning and imaging system and method
Ischemia detection during non-standard cardiac excitation patterns
Medical imaging system service evaluation method and apparatus
Method, apparatus, and data structure for capturing and representing diagnostic, treatment, costs, a...
Measuring condition setting jig, measuring condition setting method and biological information measu...
Concrete forming system with brace ties
Polymerization catalysts and processes therefor
Medical-technical system
Weighted inverse topography method for digital x-ray image data processing
Palm sized medical examination device
Registration of human anatomy integrated for electromagnetic localization
Method and apparatus for producing CT images
Pet-play apparatus configured for interactive and solo use
Compacted starch hydrolysate product with improved handling characteristics and reduced tendency to ...
Protein-based chewable pet toy
Automated brine system for cooling cheese
Cyclopentane heptan(ENE)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic age...
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic age...
Cell-lineage specific expression in transgenic zebrafish
Airplane ground location methods and systems
Identification of antibacterial agents
Techniques for reading two dimensional code, including MaxiCode
Integrated proxy interface for web based telecommunications network management
Method for producing remotely a display device storing one or more audio messages
Two stroke engine exhaust emissions separator
Interactive multimedia virtual classes requiring small online network bandwidth
Portable wireless cellular fire alarm system apparatus and method
Linear incremental bi-directional motor
Ceramic electronic component having electronic component containing cuprous oxide
Dual speed flow control valve
Enhanced materials for treatment of contamination
Triazine compounds and method of use therefor
Methods for preparing CLA isomers
Process for the isolation of mixed carotenoids from plants
Toaster with improved safety device
Microwavable food package having valve and method of use
Recipe database that integrates menus for food preparation of multiple dishes based on skill level
Dissolution agent and process for making rapidly soluble instant beverage products
Water-softening and detergent compositions
Detergent composition
Bleaching detergent compositions
Detergent composition for use with a cleaning implement comprising a superabsorbent material and kit...
Benzimidazole urea derivatives, and pharmaceutical compositions and unit dosages thereof
Cursor management on a multiple display electronic flight instrumentation system
System for counting colonies of micro-organisms in petri dishes and other culture media
Process for the preparation of bis(4-amino-1-pyridinium) alkanes
One number, intelligent call processing system
Seamed belts having filled backside notches
Device for reproducing information or executing functions
System for continuous display and navigation in a virtual-reality world
Treatment to lower platelet adhesiveness
Steckel hot rolling mill
High temperature rotating vacuum kiln and method for heat treating solid particulate material under ...
Compact front wheel drive six-speed transaxle
Apparatus for feeding waste matter into a plasma arc furnace to produce reusable materials
Process and apparatus for downloading data from a server computer to a client computer
Method and apparatus for providing an error messaging system
Method, software and apparatus for referencing a method in object-based programming
Dynamic classification of sections of software
Method for optimizing creation and destruction of objects in computer programs
Software package management
Photolithographic and other means for manufacturing arrays
Methods for gene expression monitoring on electronic microarrays
Machinable plastic compensator filter
Water treatment system
Method for responding to transmission errors in a digital communication system according to characte...
Processing and presenting information received from a plurality of remote sensors
Diaphragm assembly for stethoscope chest piece
Speaker member and manufacturing method thereof
Finishing mortar for sound-absorbing coating of inner walls, ceilings and the like in buildings
Microphones for an implatable hearing aid
Pulse oximeter with improved DC and low frequency rejection
Method and apparatus to measure the depth of skin burns
Defibrillator with mode changing infrared communications
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Portable EEG electrode locator headgear
Cell-culture and polymer constructs
Keratin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications and method of production
Polymer scaffold having microporous polymer struts defining interconnected macropores
Empirical mode decomposition apparatus, method and article of manufacture for analyzing biological s...
Process for the autothermal reforming of a hydrocarbon feedstock containing higher hydrocarbons
Water gas shift process for purifying hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Controlled shutdown of a fuel cell
Integrated fuel cell system
Reformate fuel treatment system for a fuel cell power plant
Hydrocarbon partial oxidation process
Fuel cell system
Ultrasonic generator and detector using an optical mask having a grating for launching a plurality o...
Production of pathogen resistant plants
Method of treatment using papillomavirus L2 protein
Nonnucleoside inhibitors of reverse transcriptase, composite binding pocket and methods for use ther...
Liposomes comprising peptide antigens derived from X protein of hepatitis B virus
Polynucleotides, polypeptides expressed by the polynucleotides and methods for their use
Chimeric biotin-binding papillomavirus protein
Proteins encoded by polynucleic acids of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Nucleic acid hairpin probes and uses thereof
Synthetic proteins for in vivo drug delivery and tissue augmentation
Self-service terminal
Fine granularity rewrite method and apparatus for data storage device
Method for controlling an amount of material delivered during a material transfer
High density non-volatile memory device
Shark cartilage extract:process of making, methods of using and compositions thereof
Optical fiberless sensors
Writing instrument with finger gripping device
Silicon cap for use in the pointing stick device
Circuit board protection system and method
Optical disk recordable using both a cipher key and disk identification information for encryption
Ethylene copolymers with narrow composition distribution and high melting temperatures, and methods ...
Process to produce bimodal polyolefins with metallocene catalysts using two reaction zones
Automatic adapter/stub generator
Sun seeking solar array control system and method
Apparatus for deploying body implantable stents
Apparatus and methods for network access using a set top box and television
Method for displaying multiple performance measurements of a web site using a platform independent p...
Window for spirally formed containers
Configurable bio-transport system simulator
Therapeutic system
Method and apparatus for modulation encoding data for storage on a multi-level optical recording med...
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheets
Method and apparatus for monitoring fetal cerebral oxygenation during childbirth
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Staphylococcus epidermidis for diagnostics and the...
Preparation of norlabdane oxide
Magnetic resonance angiography with vessel segmentation
Signal distribution system
Multi-user remote health monitoring system
Quaternary ammonium compounds
Control system for hydrostatic transmission
Pharmaceutical grade botanical drugs
Dehydrogenation process
Purification of recombinant proteins fused to multiple epitopes
Destruction of polychlorinated biphenyls
Reflective projection screen and projection system
Device for displaying and dispensing a plurality of products
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising aminoamidine sunscreens
Antireflection film
Hyperbaric oxygen enrichment system for vehicles
Method for smoothing contour irregularity of skin surface by controlled contraction of collagen tiss...
Begonia plant named `Carneval`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ithaca`
Pentas plant named `Venus`
Chrysanthemum plant named `THOR`
Begonia plant named `Betulia Pink`
Lavender plant named `Bella Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Carter`
Shipping container handling cradle
Cache management for a multi-threaded processor
Arresting members of an expandable pull rod of luggage
Ligands, transition metal complexes and methods of using same
System and method for implementing project procedures
Method and system for navigation and data entry in hierarchically-organized database views
ATM video advertising
Method and apparatus for tracking network usage
Method and apparatus for automated personalization and presentation of workload assignments to agent...
Leak-resistant cryptographic method and apparatus
Automated survey kiosk
Rules validation for travel planning system
CAD system for team-based design for managing undo and redo functions
Electrophotographic apparatus having a printing density controller for dropout and non-dropout color
Acyl derivatives of 4-demethylpenclomedine, use thereof and preparation thereof
Plasma display panel
Apparatus and method for controlled generation of polarization mode dispersion
Filling compound having alumina gelling agent
Fabrication method of graded index silica glass
Bicyclic metabotropic glutamate receptor ligands
Electroactive polymer electrodes
Indirect label assay device for detecting small molecules and method of use thereof
Shrub rose plant named `POULdiram`
Multiband harmonic transform coder
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for developing and executing data flow programs, and o...
Recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Power supply circuit, display device and electronic instrument
Method for semiconductor wafer processing system
Apparatus and method for providing temperature compensation of a piezoelectric device
Cellular phone with adjustable strap attachment
Method and device for casting prefabricated products in a continuous casting device
Method of displaying real and imaginary components of a waveform
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Method for detecting expression of human skeletal muscle-specific unbiquitin-conjugated enzyme
Hydrosilation reaction utilizing a (cyclopentadiene)(sigma-aliphatic) platinum complex and a free ra...
Data processing method, recording medium and data processing apparatus
Truck assembly for luggage
Method for providing a reverse star schema data model
Hands-free wireless communication in a vehicle
Method and composition for treating cancer using cellular organelle crystallizing agents
AC-driving plasma display panel of surface-discharge type
Sliding member sliding bearing unit and developing apparatus
Circuit board holder
Electrochemical cell
Method for securing, stabilizing and recovering areas of land and subsoil above and below water
Compounds useful in pain management
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocalcutta`
Carboxylic acids and acylsulfonamides, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatme...
Voice-optimized database system and method of using same
Document search method and apparatus and portable medium used therefor
Apparatus for manufacturing an endocardial defibrillation lead with multi-lumen body and method
Method for stitching a work piece using a computer controlled, vision-aided sewing machine
Method and apparatus for outputting an on-screen display of a display device
Two etchant etch method
Piezoelectric resonator supporting structure and a piezoelectric component including the same
Cooling drum for twin-drum continuous casting machine
Purification of produced water from coal seam natural gas wells using ion exchange and reverse osmos...
Passive polarimetric microwave radiometer for detecting aircraft icing conditions
Substrates for forming synthetic tissues
Planar stitched write head having write coil insulated with inorganic insulation
Extended dispensing device
Process for decomposing chlorofluorocarbon and system for decomposition thereof
Image reading apparatus
Electric current distribution system for automotive vehicles
Sealed beam high intensity discharge lamp system for aircraft
Cable network in a system of ducts and pipes having a flowing media and a method of securing the net...
Event management in a system with application and graphical user interface processing adapted to dis...
Laser sighting beam modification for measuring or treatment instrument
Tubing organizer apparatus
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Chiral separation of benzoporphyrin derivative mono-and di-acids by laser-induced fluorescence capil...
Silane treated inorganic pigments
Dehydrogenation catalyst and process
Ceramer composition incorporating fluoro/silane component and having abrasion and stain resistant ch...
Pheumatic cradle
Retroreflective scan module for electro-optical readers
Portable carrying apparatus for holding and carrying a compact disc player and a plurality of compac...
Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping h...
Mono- and bis-indolylquinones and prophylactic and therapeutic uses thereof
Discharge lamp for automobile headlight and the automobile headlight
Group III nitride photonic devices on silicon carbide substrates with conductive buffer interlayer s...
Sulphonated polyimides, membranes prepared with them, and a fuel cell device that includes these mem...
Method of forming a semiconductor device
Reduced wear carbon brake material
Process and catalyst for dehydrogenating primary alcohols to make carboxylic acid salts
Affluent distribution system capable of being horizontally offset or curved
System and process fabry-perot filter train configuration using derived mode field size in fiber opt...
Peach tree named `Snow Princess`
Interferon dosage form and method therefor
Speech manipulation for continuous speech playback over a packet network
Enclosure processor with failover capability
Information retrieval based on using and locating subdocuments
Order pick system
Rolling bearing unit with rotation speed sensor
Ball bearing
Hydrostatic spindle unit with automatic self centering of the workpiece
Adjustable goalpost assembly
Power roller bearing and a troidal type continuously variable transmission system
Bearing system for a rotating shaft
Sports backpack
Stacked color liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for processing exhaust gas
Series and shunt mems RF switch
Piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric resonant element
Processes to control the residual monomer level of copolymers of tertiary amino monomer with a vinyl...
System and method for recording and controlling on/off events of devices of a dwelling
Method for metal melting, refining and processing
System for monitoring water consuming structures in an individual unit of a multi-unit building
Retaining wall system
Powder coating compositions containing functional polysiloxanes
Detection of altered expression of genes regulating cell proliferation
Nucleic acid encoding Schwannomin-Binding-Proteins and products related thereto
Methods of using a major histocompatibility complex class III haplotype to diagnose Crohn's disease
DNA sequences of genes from fimbriae d'escherichia coli strain DSM 6601
Modified SELEX processes without purified protein
Method for screening of DNA libraries and generation of recombinant DNA constructs
Mixed-bed solid phase and its use in the isolation of nucleic acids
Methods to diagnose a required regulation of trophoblast invasion
Impregnated applicator tip
Shock-tolerant head gimbaling assembly for a disc drive having reduced disc spacing
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a header pipe
Decentralized ring arbitration for multiprocessor computer systems
Magnetic field generator for magnetron plasma generation
Rapid-melt semi-solid compositions, methods of making same and method of using same
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Vitamin D derivatives with substituents at C-25, process for their production, intermediate products...
Ignition coil device having spool including glass fiber and silica
Catalytic system and process for dehydrogenating ethylbenzene to styrene
Cradle for analyte monitoring device
Variable to variable length entropy encoding
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) using buried Bragg reflectors and method for producin...
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric memory cell including co-annealing
Fast hardening aqueous coating composition and paint
Dryest snorkel
Method for fitting drainage devices into the soil, and drainage pipes for carrying out said method
Key transmission system
Safe transmission of broadband data messages
Challenge-response authentication and key exchange for a connectionless security protocol
Method and system for controlling key for electronic signature
Tuberculocidal disinfectant
Polishing fluid polishing method semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Processing compositions and methods of using same
Driving force transmission switching apparatus
Nectarine tree--`Burnecthree`
Stereoselective process for alkyl phenylglycolic acids
Force stand for electrical energy producing platform
Method and apparatus for encoding multiword information with error locative clues directed to low pr...
Method and system for recovering a computer system from a loadsource located at a remote location
Active control surface modal system for aircraft buffet and gust load alleviation and flutter suppre...
Convergent method of and apparatus for distributed control of robotic systems using fuzzy logic
Transmission line safety monitoring system
Virtual image generation apparatus and method
Domain objects having computed attribute values for use in a freeform graphics system
Method of preparing a low lethality projectile for flight in 37mm and 40mm weapon shells
Radar and method therefor
Convertible outdoor garmet
Liquid crystal display device having spontaneous polarization and no compensating capacitors
Vacuum cleaner with latching arrangement
Electrostatically controlled variable capacitor
Acoustic resonator filter with reduced electromagnetic influence due to die substrate thickness
Image display method, image forming apparatus and reversible image display medium
System and process for optimizing cooling in continuous casting mold
Document imaging system incorporating a selectively opaque/transparent liquid crystal platen
Dredging apparatus
On-line filter monitoring system
Air conditioning hose
Advanced Mo-based composite powders for thermal spray applications
Golf ball
Latent curing agent for epoxy resin initiated by heat and UV-light and epoxy resin composition conta...
Elastic films made from alpha-olefin/vinyl aromatic and/or aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinyl or viny...
Method for synthesizing C-glycosides of ulosonic acids
Microarray-based analysis of polynucleotide sequence variations
Benzoxazoles with PDE-inhibiting activity
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or food composition with antioxidant properties
Modified polyunsaturated fatty acids
Sample imaging device
Firearm having an electrically switched ignition system
Silencer for shotguns and a method of making the same
Ammunition holder
Firearm with an expansion chamber with variable volume
Non-lethal projectile to be launched from a launcher
One-piece load beam and gimbal flexure using flexible circuit
Apparatus and methods for sample analysis
Motorized nautical recreational vessel
Ventilation system for small watercraft
Whaletail swimming device
Device for removing dried caulking compound from caulking tube nozzle
Hydrogenated block copolymers and optical media discs produced therefrom
Rheology modification of elastomers
Method, computer program product, and system for migrating URLs within a dynamically changing distri...
Storage subsystem which balances loads across a plurality of disk controllers
Method for security partitioning of a computer system
Refractive index based detector system for liquid chromatography
Methods of generating three-dimensional digital models of objects by wrapping point cloud data point...
Intravenous stabilizing device
Substituted 2-(4-piperidyl)-4(3H)-quinazolinones and 2-(4-piperidyl)-4(3H)-azaquinazolinones
System and method for testing the neuroprotective or neuroregenerative effects of drugs
Fly caddy
Housing for a retractacle cord mechanism
Human BC200 RNA probes and a method of screening for breast cancer using the probes therefor
Method of producing selective-dehydrogenation catalysts, and catalysts produced in this way
High density, miniaturized arrays and methods of manufacturing same
Sway device for a cradle
Method for self service checkout
System and method for dynamically detecting unchecked error condition values in computer programs
Lithium ion secondary battery and process for producing the same
Charging control system for a battery of electric storage cells and in particular a battery of lithi...
Method and system for charge equalization of lithium-ion batteries
Power supply apparatus, electrical equipment and power supply method
Method for crystallizing lithium transition metal oxide thin film by plasma treatment
Method for preparing non-photosensitive fatty acid silver salt grain
Method of charging secondary battery by varying current or voltage at an inflection point in a stora...
Catalyst compositions comprising bridged metal complexes and an activating cocatalyst
Elastomers with improved processability