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Process for Preparing
Method for producing UDP-rhamnose and enzyme used for the method
Modified human granulocyte-colony stimulating factor and process for producing same
Compositions and methods for producing steviol and steviol glycosides
Yeast Promoter
In Vivo Site-Specific Incorporation of N-Acetyl-Galactosamine Amino Acids in Eubacteria
Promoter construct for gene expression in neuronal cells
Lipid-encapsulated polyanionic nucleic acid
Method and system for identifying splice variants of a gene
Soybean cultivar S06-WW013107
Plant activation of Cry8Bb1 by insertion of a plant protease-sensitive site
Process for preparing branched ribonucleosides from 1,2-anhydroribofuranose intermediates
Phosphoramidite activator for oligonucleotide synthesis
Stress-induced promoter and method of using the same
Caspase-8 interacting proteins
Stabilized vehicle using articulating joint
Bicycle drive unit
Steering control apparatus for a vehicle
Hydraulic power assisted steering system
Gear support for mounting a gear and gear having such a gear support
Working vehicle with hydraulic continuously variable transmission
Hydraulic hybrid vehicle with integrated hydraulic drive module and four-wheel-drive, and method of ...
Front structure of a motor vehicle
Vehicle-pedal backward-displacement preventing device
Work vehicle having overridable automatic engine stop circuit
Arrangement for passage control of mine vehicles
Mono-wheel vehicle with tilt mechanism
Industrial truck with a damped driver's position
Working vehicle comprising a hydrostatic transmission
Fibroblast growth factor-14
Wide spectrum disinfectant comprising an alcohol and disinfectant mixture
Anti-viral compounds
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
In vivo gene transfer
Polynucleotide encoding a mouse choline transporter
HCV variants
Recombinant poxvirus expressing homologous genes inserted into the foxviral genome
Methods of treating cancer and enhancing immune responses with antibodies that bind CD40
Composition and method to alter lean body mass and bone properties in a subject
Liquid crystal display comprising an electrostatic protection element formed between adjacent bus li...
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Scanner apparatus and image forming apparatus including a lens having a thin portion formed to exten...
Liquid crystal display device
Method for direct xerography
Display device and a driver circuit thereof
Method and apparatus of remote computer management
Peer to peer network
Generation of meaningful names in flattened hierarchical structures
System and related methods for managing and enforcing software licenses
Processing noisy data and determining word similarity
Dynamic, locally-adaptive, lossless palettization of color and grayscale images
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
Use of an input overscaled bitmap to generate emboldened overscaled bitmap
System and method for visualization of categories
Detecting low fidelity sync data
Depigmentation agents
Solar blackbody waveguide for solar assisted oil recovery applications
Thermoelectric, high-efficiency, water generating device
Method for the utilization of energy from cyclic thermochemical processes to produce mechanical ener...
Image sensing apparatus having a signal processing device that uses a signal imaged in a non-exposur...
Enclosure security device
Differential circuit and receiver with same
Portfolio theory method of managing operational risk with respect to network service-level agreement...
Computerized system and method for optimizing after-tax proceeds
Method for managing group finances via an electronic network
Electronic goods-purchasing method and commercial-transaction apparatus therefor
Method and system for converting an annuity fund to a life insurance policy
System and method for distributing transformer capacity among transformer users
Method and apparatus for information processing, and medium for storing program
Method and system for constructing price structures for complex products and services
Method and system for verifying the integrity of a database
System and method for controls
Management information notification to a manager in a management system
Collection and correlation over time of private viewing usage data
Optimizing a database query that returns a predetermined number of rows using a generated optimized ...
Stent with optimal strength and radiopacity characteristics
Vein filter
Non-constant pressure infusion pump
Medical viewing system and method for spatially enhancing structures in noisy images
Heparanase specific molecular probes and their use in research and medical applications
Heterocyclic esters or amides for vision and memory disorders
Treatment of inflammatory, cancer, and thrombosis disorders
Thiadiazoles AS CXC- and CC- chemokine receptor ligands
Acylamino-substituted heteroaromatic compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
Waveform generator, waveform shaper, and testing apparatus
Method for measuring dead time of X-ray detector
Macrocyclic diaminopropanes as beta-secretase inhibitors
Apparatus for separating liquid from a process gas stream of an electrochemical cell stack
Metathesis-active adhesion agents and methods for enhancing polymer adhesion to surfaces
Method for producing highly concentrated formaldehyde solution
Foam filling member
Process for preparing bitumen/rubber compositions
Ski spot apparatus with integrated force transmission system
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Gait training harness
Infusor with flexible sheath
Balloon catheter having a multilayered distal tip
Method of using a guide wire, therapeutic instrument and endoscope
Magnetic medical devices with changeable magnetic moments and method of navigating magnetic medical ...
Breathing assistance apparatus
Catheter information clip
Wire guides for a scalpel
Tissue ablation device assembly and method for electrically isolating a pulmonary vein ostium from a...
Vascular hole closure device
Neurostimulation delivery during transurethral prostate treatment
Infusion pump and method for use
Methods of indirectly stimulating the vagus nerve to achieve controlled asystole
Implantable drug delivery pump
Enhancement of cerebral blood flow by electrical nerve stimulation
Safety shield for medical needles
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Adapter for a modular wireless communication device
Pattern forming body
High purity electrolytic copper and its production method
Methods for depositing copper on a noble metal layer of a work piece
Vehicle activity module
Weight detecting apparatus for crane and crane having the same
Ultra low power non-volatile memory module
Identification card printer with client/server
Antenna and RFID tag
Ultra-broadband antenna system combining an asymmetrical dipole and a biconical dipole to form a mon...
Navigation system using radio frequency tags
Interpreting a script to generate an operational signal on a remote control device
System for processing a cable using at least two tools
Methods for forming integrated circuits within substrates
Radio frequency identification tag antenna assembly
Proof of presence and confirmation of parcel delivery systems and methods
Method of marking and monitoring products at a self-service checkout terminal
Process for partitioning of proteins
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material, image recording method and image forming method...
Method of producing a tire composition having improved silica reinforcement
Methods of creating high-porosity propped fractures using reticulated foam
Double hulls
Hybridhull boat system
Non-inflatable floating sign
Quick engage/disengage rope cleat
Professional portable vacuum
Handheld vacuum
Handheld vacuum
Handheld vacuum
Combined handheld vacuum and base
Handheld vacuum
Combined handheld vacuum and base
Dispensing device
Dispensing device
Dispensing device
Stock prod handle and base
Adjustable halter
Pair of sports gloves
Protection mask
Comfortable protective headwear for children
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and trifluoroiodomethane
N-alkylamino secondary para-phenylenediamine, composition for dyeing keratin fibers comprising such ...
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratinous fibres based on amphiphilic polymers of at least an ethy...
Application device for liquid product
Multi-layered electrodes and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding OBG3 globular head and uses thereof
Dynamic, real-time integration of software resources through services of a content framework
Transparent coupling between compatible containers communicating over networks
Method, system and article of manufacture for discovering devices in a network monitoring system
Precomputation of web documents
System and method for interprocess services client artifact download
Dendritic cell line
Plasmid encoding IAA and a method thereof
Method for the degradation of MTBE and TBA
Application of Muscodor albus to control harmful microbes in human and animal wastes
Fungamyl-like alpha-amylase variants
Production of beta-hydroxypalmitate methyl esterase from Ideonella sp.0-0013 (FERM BP-08660)
Microbial production of vitamin C
Methods of decoupling reaction scale and protein synthesis yield in batch mode
Apparatus and methods for packaging antennas with integrated circuit chips for millimeter wave appli...
Radio wave-transmitting wavelength-selective plate and method for producing same
Space-time coded OFDM system for MMDS applications
Antenna device for compound portable terminal
Glass antenna and manufacturing method for the same
Method of and apparatus for detecting a current carrying conductor
Phased array radio frequency pulse generator
In-vehicle radio apparatus
RF filter tuning system and method
Variable power coupling device
Temperature sensor insensitive to device offsets with independent adjustment of slope and reference ...
Method and system for secure management and communication utilizing configuration network setup in a...
Facilitating resource access using prioritized multicast responses to a discovery request
Buffer management within SLS (simple load store) apertures for inter-endpoint communication in advan...
Method for deferred data collection in a clock running system
Optical proximity correction using progressively smoothed mask shapes
Method and apparatus to generate circuit energy models with multiple clock gating inputs
Network architecture and methods for service script execution and management
Device for connecting ear-microphone to mobile phone through interface connector thereof
Transmission of information during call establishment
Public safety access point (PSAP) selection for E911 wireless callers in a GSM type system
Monitoring device
Personal communications and cosmetics apparatus
Voice-data processing circuit and voice-data processing method
Multifunctional electronic device
Power ramp-up in a line-powered network element system
Apparatus and method for controlling incoming melody
Method for remote service forwarding (RSF) between dissimilar systems with operator, service and loc...
Providing telephony services using intelligent end points
Method and apparatus for bulletin board messaging in a voice mail system
Voice extensible markup language-based announcements for use with intelligent network services
System and method of subscription identity authentication utilizing multiple factors
Telephone device having operation function by voice input
Method for providing digital loop carrier data for use in a central office
Multi-layered cell, particularly a liquid crystal display cell, or electrochemical photovoltaic cell
Static dissipation treatments for optical package windows
Optical module, method of manufacturing the optical module, and data communication system including ...
Mirror reflective element for a vehicle
Method and device for the subjective determination of aberrations of higher order
Slit lamp for ophthalmic use
Reflection plate for semiconductor heat treatment and manufacturing method thereof
Optically measuring electric field intensities
Method for improving depth discrimination in optical reproduction systems
Carbonyl reductase, gene encoding the same, and process for producing optically active alcohols usin...
Chlorohydrin and hydroxycarboxylic ester asymmetric hydrolase gene
Optical connector
Method and apparatus for providing ringing timeout disconnect supervision in remote telephone extens...
Radio guidance antenna, data communication method, and non-contact data communication apparatus
Method and system to enable contact with unknown internet account holders
System, computer program product and method for storing information in an application service provid...
Directory information system for providing toll free telephone numbers
Communication network charging method and system
Sales force automation
Method and apparatus for analyzing computer system performance and proposing hardware component upgr...
Personal cellular zone with signal resolution
Multi-stage authorisation system
Archiving and viewing sports events via Internet
System and method for delivering radio programs and related schedule information
Apparatus and methods for providing communication between systems having different protocol versions
Using dynamic web components to remotely control the security state of web pages
Method for protection against fraud in a network by icon selection
Systems, methods and computer program products for automatically pushing a status change message as ...
Two stage service providing method and system
Apparatus, method and system for an object exchange bridge
Data structure, method and apparatus providing efficient retrieval of data from a segmented informat...
Quick assembly home entertainment system stand and method for assembling the same
Photon counting methods and devices with electrical pulse duration and intensity measurement
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
Multicomponent fiber including a luminescent colorant
Microfluidic device with thin-film electronic devices
Direct-type back light module, diffuser plate and method of fabricating the same
Ink residue lifting and transfer mechanism for screen printing machine
Card sound device and electronic apparatus having same
Power supply voltage converting circuit, control method thereof, display apparatus, and portable ter...
Chinese herbs extract
Deinterlacing video images with slope detection
OFETs with active channels formed of densified layers
Method for forming a back-drilled plated through hole in a printed circuit board and the resulting p...
Method for determining the dispersion characteristics of minimum phase filters
Optimum delay length for a PMD compensator
Method and apparatus for monitoring phase-shift keyed optical signals
System and method for implementing GFR service in an access node's ATM switch fabric
Methods and apparatus for flow control based packet aggregation in a communication network
Thermal management for aircraft auxiliary power unit compartment
Automatic purging and easy dispensing aerosol valve system
Indicating device
Method for low temperature synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes
Process for recovery of gallium
Water bath separator
Image forming apparatus and system containing detachable developer containers
Flat display apparatus with laminated optical filter
Method for the production of acetaldehyde from ethylene and oxygen
Method for direct solidification and stabilization of liquid hazardous wastes containing up to 100,0...
Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Traffic cone counterweight structure
Holder for a degradation assembly
Processed vascular endothelial growth factor-B polypeptides
GD3-mimetic peptides
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Current-limited latch
Methods and apparatuses for variable length encoding
Testing memory units in a digital circuit
Low cost compliance test system and method
Apparatus having a transfer mode abnormality detecting function, storage controlling apparatus, and ...
Systems and methods for recovering memory
Electronic device with serial ATA interface and power-saving control method used in the device
Human mitochondrial proteins and polynucleotide encoding the proteins
Method for using an adjuvant composition with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, ovicides and fun...
Small particle liposome aerosols for delivery of anti-cancer drugs
Compositions exhibiting ADP-ribosyltransferase activity and methods for the preparation and use ther...
Method for decreasing nicotine and other substance use in humans
Simethicone containing tablet composition and method
M. catarrhalis outer membrane protein-106 polypeptide, methods of eliciting an immune response compr...
Fiber laser coupled optical spark delivery system
Methods of modulating functions of polypeptide GalNAc-transferases and of screening test substances ...
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Sample preparation integrated chip
Glycosylated interferon alpha obtained from a transgenic chicken
Nucleic acid sequences encoding zinc finger proteins
Production of fucosylated carbohydrates by enzymatic fucosylation synthesis of sugar nucleotides; an...
Method of identifying agents that inhibit quorum sensing activity of gamma-proteobacteria
Method and apparatus for visualization of biological structures with use of 3D position information ...
Identity card
Method and apparatus for capturing and decoding an image of a remotely located bar code
Separation, transmission and display of character and non-character data
Digital content protection using invisible and visible watermarks
Iris-based biometric identification
Method and a device for detecting a watermark in digital data
Digital watermark embedding device and digital watermark embedding method
Video signal transmission
Method of generating interactive document
Rotationally symmetric coded data
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
Generating a diverse set of travel options
Management of markup language data mappings available to a spreadsheet application workbook
Method and apparatus for information transformation and exchange in a relational database environmen...
Estimating a number of rows returned by a recursive query
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing enhanced query governor functions
Partitioning data access requests
Automatic signaling device for automobiles
Vehicle panel control system
Electronic control system with torque and/or speed boost for motor vehicle seats
Rotary light switch for motor vehicles
Automated garage door closer
Low shrink low density laminate formulation
Circuit arrangement for momentarily maintaining an internal operating direct current voltage in the ...
Filter with locating feature
Method to reduce backlash in a drive train
Torque transmitting assembly and method of producing
Light weight differential case half
Torsional vibration damper
Electrical or optical connector capable of being immersed in a fluid environment
Gait waveform feature extracting method and individual identification system
System and method for creating orthotics
Alterable application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
Removable and reusable vacuum mandrel and method for making molds and orthotic and prosthetic medica...
Mid-foot fixation plate
Exercise methods and apparatus
System for starting automatic car in safety and a method thereof
Sunroof device
Apparatus support device with suction retaining structure
Press, particularly a multilevel press
Adjustable pedal unit for a motor-vehicle
Bicycle shoe having protective device
Footwear having an interactive strapping system
Girth measurement device
Battery powered circular saw
Body support chair with immovable means for maintaining the legs
Comfort system for a seat, in particular for vehicle and aircraft passenger seats mounted one behind...
Magnetic method and apparatus for increasing foot traction on sports boards
One piece flexible skateboard
Let-off device with constant tension
External fixator linkage
Non-Surgically Correcting Abnormal Knee Loading: Treatment and Training Equipment
Ferroelectric nanophotonic materials and devices
Fully integrated organic layered processes for making plastic electronics based on conductive polyme...
Nanotube transistor and rectifying devices
Replication and transfer of microstructures and nanostructures
Methods for nanowire growth
Production and use of in situ-modified nanoparticles
Methods and products for delivering biological molecules to cells using multicomponent nanostructure...
Nanoscale patterning and immobilization of bio-molecules
Resist material and nanofabrication method
Methods of forming nanoparticle based monolayer films with high particle density and devices includi...
Nanostructures including a metal
Use of inorganic nanoparticles to stabilize hydrogen peroxide solutions
System and method for manipulating nanotubes
Method for preparing nanostructured metal alloys having increased nitride content
Stabilized suspension of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and methods of manufacture
Camera, process for reconstructing an image information, and process for calibrating an image inform...
Rotatable bay window switch box surveillance camera and illuminator for facial recognition
Zoom lens driving apparatus
Auto focus system
Drying device and drying method
Shutter device and image-capturing apparatus
Walking staff with tripod base and adaptable mount
Sheet-material carrying device
Correction of pixels in an organic EL display device
Solar powered spotlight
Solar-powered light
Solar-powered trash compactor
Photovoltaic solar array
System for controlling electrically-powered devices in an electrical network
System, method, and article of manufacture for determining parameter values associated with an elect...
Cerebral or organ interface system
Method and system for transmission of signals to nodes in a system
Light collimating device
Interferometric modulator array with integrated MEMS electrical switches
Method of accelerated testing of illuminated device components
Wide angle laser range and bearing finder
Wave antenna wireless communication device and method
Electronic article tracking system for retail rack using loop antenna
Booster that utilizes energy output from a power supply unit
Decorative windmill with solar panel
Solar wind chime
Corona based charge voltage measurement
Mixtures of matrix materials and organic semiconductors capable of emission, use of the same and ele...
System and method for wirelessly transacting access to a set of events and associated digital conten...
Gaming apparatus and gaming apparatus control method
Symbol display device for game machine
Card game method and apparatus
Gambling games
Remote/occupant controlled toy vehicle
Noise producing device
Motion conversion mechanism for use with child containment structure
Illuminated toy balloon
Poker pad
Alphabet challenge deck
System and method for playing a bonus game
Method and apparatus for reducing risk that a thrown toy will injure an animal
Method and system for storing data
Geospatial model forecasting of events and threats
Method and apparatus for learning data, method and apparatus for generating data, and computer progr...
Classification method and system for small collections of high-value entities
Autoregressive model learning device for time-series data and a device to detect outlier and change ...
Method and an apparatus for predicting intake manifold pressure of an internal-combustion engine
Method and system for providing performance analysis using fuzzy logic
Genotyping method using DNA chip
Method of operating an advanced process controller by dynamically adapting hierarchy levels
Quantum information processing method and apparatus
Image artifact reduction using a neural network
Method of image processing and electronic device utilizing the same
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing a media file to a designated set-top bo...
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Method and system for managing video devices
Webcasting method and system for time-based synchronization of multiple, independent media streams
Remote control system based on the internet and a method thereof
Automatic control and monitoring system for splice overlapping tolerance in textile ply
Method and communication unit for use in a wideband wireless communications system
Methods computer program products and components for adjusting a mode of communication in a network ...
Method and apparatus for audio recall
Method and device for image transformation
Apparatus and method for filtering image data
Digital image enhancement using successive zoom images
Moving obstacle detecting device
Traffic line recognition device
Method of counting objects in a monitored environment and apparatus for the same
Video and audio content analysis system
VSB transmission system for processing supplemental transmission data
Apparatus and method for adapting image sensor aspect ratio to print aspect ratio in a digital image...
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving multiple signals inclusively
Video signal clamp
Video display apparatus for correcting luminance difference between display pixels
Display apparatus
System and method for notifying an offline global computer network user of an online interaction
Control unit
Pool game table
Game system using tokens
Alumina abrasive for chemical mechanical polishing
Hypergolic hydrogen generation system for fuel cell power plants
Porous crystalline material (zeolite ITQ-24), preparation method thereof and use of same in the cata...
In-situ ZSM-5 synthesis
UZM-12 and UZM-12HS: crystalline aluminosilicate zeolitic compositions and processes for preparing a...
Process for producing zirconia powder
Process for regenerating spent sulfuric acid
Imide/amide hydrogen storage materials and methods
Silicon wafer for IGBT and method for producing same
Process for treating alkali metals charged with tritium or components contaminated with alkali metal...
System, method and article of manufacture for a common cross platform framework for development of D...
Relative position and/or posture measuring system for measuring relative positions and/or relative p...
System and method for adaptive power management
Virtual meeting rooms with spatial audio
Method and system for producing formatted data related to defects of at least an appliance of a set,...
Auditory alert systems with enhanced detectability
Force feedback system and actuator power management
Image controller
System and method for integration of a calibration target into a C-arm
Hydrogen storage alloys having improved cycle life and low temperature operating characteristics
Hydrogen storage materials having excellent kinetics, capacity, and cycle stability
Method of translating a voice signal to a series of discrete tones
Method of automated musical instrument finger finding
Keyboard musical instrument having keys equipped with balancers biting into keys and method for secu...
Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
Apparatus and method for grouping temporal segments of a piece of music
Automatic personal playlist generation with implicit user feedback
Slide rule for music
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
Method and apparatus for transmitting data frames, and a method and apparatus for data rate matching
Wireless communications system and method
Radio communication system
Mode monitoring and identification through distributed radio
Apparatus and method for sharing radio protocol entities in wireless communication system
Method for controlling terminal fault corrections in cellular system
Software-defined radio apparatus
Method and apparatus for dynamically tuning radio stations with user-defined play lists
High frequency power amplifier component and radio communication system
Dynamic gain and phase compensation for power amplifier load switching
Forward link transmit power control based on observed command response
Method for transmitting signalling information between an access point and a terminal of a multi-car...
Direct modulation of a power amplifier with adaptive digital predistortion
Method and system for performing distance measuring and direction finding using ultrawide bandwidth ...
Receiver for mobile communication system
System and method for retransmitting uplink data from a mobile terminal in a soft handover region in...
Method for allocating UATI in a mobile communication system for high-speed data transmission
Methods and apparatus for processing radio modem commands during network data sessions
4X design for wireless local area network throughput enhancement
Context management server appliance
Messaging services for uniquely identified mail
Method to account for domestic and international mail fees
Standardized method for pricing tree services
Cost estimation method and system, and computer readable medium for the method
Intelligent method of order completion in an e-commerce environment based on availability of stored ...
Validation protocol and system
Computer software and services license processing method and system
Contents distribution system for handling secondary products utilizing raw material contents
Remote authorization for unlocking electronic data system and method
Electronic money, electronic use right, charging system, information processing apparatus, and repro...
Copyright management apparatus, copyrighted-work distribution apparatus, and copyrighted-work distri...
Method and system of preventing unauthorized rerecording of multimedia content
Definition of low-level security rules in terms of high-level security concepts
Electronic purse application system and method thereof
Computer hierarchical display of multiple data characteristics
Electronic cashing card settlement system
Methods and apparatus for incorporating a partial page on a client
Third-party billing system and method
Integrating live chat into an online credit card application
Method and system for purifying water
Method and assembly for maintaining structural stability and configuration of golf course sand bunke...
Hose guide
Pipeline ballast and method of use
Geomorphology environmental remediation process and systems
Method of providing clear water for beaches
Methods and modules for an underground assembly for storm water retention or detention
Method of locating liner within sewer pipe
Maize hybrid variety 38N86
Soybean Cultivar 6548193
Soybean cultivar 6440261
Soybean cultivar S060182
Soybean cultivar S050218
Soybean cultivar 5138236
Lettuce cultivar 50-0501020-B
Use of DNA sequences for male sterility in transgenic plants
Aspartate kinase
Mitogen-activated protein kinase and method of use to enhance biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in...
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Expression cassettes for meristem-preferential expression in plants
Detection reagent for shiga toxin family gene of entero-hemorrhagic Escherichia coli
Aequorin and obelin mutants with differing wavelengths and bioluminescence
Massive parallel method for decoding DNA and RNA
Fluorescent protein and chromoprotein
Hepatocellular carcinoma-related genes and polypeptides, and method for detecting hepatocellular car...
Probes, compositions and kits for determining the presence of Mycoplasma genitalium in a test sample
Cysteine variants of erythropoietin
Monoclonal antibody specific for an epitope of inactivated feline immunodeficiency-encoded glycoprot...
Secure interactive 3d navigation method and device
Enhancement of aimpoint in simulated training systems
Reversible space plane
Aircraft with detachable passenger escape cabin
System and method for integrating air and ground transportation of passengers and cargo
Landing assist apparatus interface bulkhead and method of installation
Dual flow APU inlet and associated systems and methods
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Loading support device for cargo spaces in a means of transport, in particular for cargo spaces in a...
Device and method for producing an infrared emission at a given wavelength
Structure for installing protection member and working machine including the same
Steering-column fixing-panel assembly of cowl crossmember
Driving evaluation apparatus, driving evaluation program, and driving evaluation method
Electronically controlled valve for a materials handling vehicle
Power supply for vehicle
Seat belt retractor system
Loading system for vehicle passenger protection device
All-terrain vehicle with subtransmission detachably mounted to the engine
Device for controlling electric-motor power steering device
Tilting independent suspension system for motorcycle trike
Fuel reforming system
Vehicle comprising at least one sensor for detecting the surrounding area of the vehicle
Bicycle crank speed change sprocket module
Air cargo transport system
Working machine
Power system for dual-motor hybrid vehicle
High voltage wire routing structure of hybrid vehicle
Electrically driven track wheels for tracked vehicles
Engine control system with user-commanded engine speed adjustments in varying increments
Electrophoretic display and method of displaying images
Carnitine conjugates as dual prodrugs and uses thereof
PRO16089 polypeptides
PRO1271 Polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Uses of ion channel modulating compounds
Substituted 4-pyrazolyl pyrazonlines used for pest control
Inhibitors of cellular necrosis
Nitrosated and nitrosylated compounds and compositions and their use for treating respiratory disord...
Azacyclosteroid histamine-3 receptor ligands
Anti-fibril peptides
Substituted 4-hetaryl-pyrazolines as pest control agents
Electrophoretic display device
Oxidative stabilization of omega-3 fatty acids in low linoleic acid-containing peanut butter
Composition comprising low density microspheres
Method and apparatus for improving hearing
System for administering a combination of therapies to a body lumen
Silica gel based animal litter
Freeze indicators suitable for mass production
PRO4406 polypeptide
Microporous crystalline zeolite material, zeolite ITQ-28, production method thereof and use of same
Medical device with communication, measurement and data functions
Speaker diaphragm and speaker structure
Injection molded thermoplastic spectacle lens suited for fully automated dip hardcoating
Cleaning article
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Computer cleaning brush
Online learning monitor
LDPC encoding methods and apparatus
Optimizing transaction data for load testing
Persistent reservation IO barriers
System for providing different polarities of power supplied over ethernet cables
Method for storing register properties in a datastructure and related datastructure
Methods and apparatus for maintaining remote cluster state information
Virtualized load buffers
Layered communications network with adaptively distributed nodal policies
Connection management system and method
Asynchronous data validation
Method and apparatus for query and analysis
System and method of analyzing vibrations and identifying failure signatures in the vibrations
Robotic sweeper cleaner with dusting pad
Contact lens manufacture
Frequency assignment for multi-cell IEEE 802.11 wireless networks
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Golf shoe
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shoe sole
Footwear sole
Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat, and cure the symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy trea...
Radiation protector and utilization thereof
Method and apparatus for molecular analysis in small sample volumes
Structures, systems and methods for joining articles and materials and uses therefor
Merchandiser for warm and cold foods
Heat spreader with multiple stacked printed circuit boards
Heat-dissipating fan
Non-influencing fastener for mounting a heat sink in contact with an electronic component
Heat sink module
Heat dissipation device
Plasma display apparatus assembly
Cooling apparatus, system, and associated method
Compact converter
Heat dissipating device with dust-collecting mechanism
Light emitting apparatus
Cooling module for charged particle beam column elements
Conditions for fluid separations in microchannels, capillary-driven fluid separations, and laminated...
Wireless air-volume damper control system
Stamped manifold for a heat exchanger and method for making same
Brazed plate high pressure heat exchanger
Anti-vibration tube support
Hybrid heat sink performance enhancement using recirculating fluid
Heat sink
Coaxial-flow heat transfer system employing a coaxial-flow heat transfer structure having a helicall...
Proactive network security system to protect against hackers
Information retrieval based on historical data
System and method for managing e-mail message traffic
Method for ranking hypertext search results by analysis of hyperlinks from expert documents and keyw...
Human G-protein coupled receptor, HGPRBMY29sv1 polypeptides
Silane functional prepolymer and isocyanate functional prepolymer blend based adhesive composition
NMR probe for high-temperature measurements
Nitrosated and nitrosylated rapamycin compounds, compositions and methods of use
Photosensitive dielectric layer
Sodium channel blockers
Polynucleotides encoding variants of the TRP channel family member, LTRPC3
Modulation of excitable tissue function by peripherally administered erythropoietin
Kluyveromyces strains metabolizing cellulosic and hemicellulosic materials
Red colored cleansing article with distributed polymeric network
Secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding them
Method and system for treating a dielectric film
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human P2X7 splice variant, HBMYP2X7v
Methods for controlling cross-hybridization in analysis of nucleic acid sequences
Emulsion aggregation toner having gloss enhancement and toner release
Magnetic recording medium including a smooth coating layer on one side of the support
Fibrous sheets coated or impregnated with biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate polymers or polymer blen...
Durable hydrophobic surface coatings using silicone resins
Thermal transfer receiving sheet
Xanthene dyes
Position and orientation locator/monitor
Production method of hydroxyl-containing polymer
Low residue cleaning solution for disinfecting wipes comprising a C8-10 alkyl polyglycoside
Scrim reinforced absorbent article with reduced stiffness
Sequencing by incorporation
High-voltage dual electrolyte electrochemical power sources
Electrolytic membrane for fuel cell and its manufacturing method, and fuel cell and its manufacturin...
Selectable ion concentrations with electrolytic ion exchange
Evaporative emissions filter
Shared memory for co-simulation
Human powered piezoelectric power generating device
Microneedle device for extraction and sensing of bodily fluids
High concentration topical insecticides containing pyrethroids
Carotenoid ether analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and amelioration of disease
Galenical formulation
Microbial method of making equol-containing composition and product made
Pharmaceutical composition for use for the treatment of malignancies comprising in combination a bis...
Aminocyclohexyl ether compounds and uses thereof
Methods for treatment of benign and malignant tumors, including lymphomas, leukemias, and leiomyomas
Albumin-based colloid composition having at least one protected thiol region, methods of making, and...
Cysteine substitution variants of beta interferon
Cyclic peptides for treatment of cachexia
Sulphated hyaluronic acid and sulphated derivatives thereof covalently bound to polyurethanes, and t...
Use of norepinephrine reuptake modulators for preventing and treating vasomotor symptoms
Indoles having anti-diabetic activity
Sulfonamide compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Indole derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Paclitaxel enhancer compounds
Hydroisoindoline tachykinin receptor antagonists
Methods of enhancing solubility of compounds
Phosphinic acids
Composition, treated backing, and abrasive articles containing the same
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
PWM digital amplifier with high-order loop filter
Load compensated switching regulator
Cascode switch power supply
Boost converter with magnetically coupled and uncoupled inductors
Power converter with voltage and current fault setting
Process for the working-up of waste waters containing aromatic nitro compounds
Catalytic removal of dissolved oxygen from organic liquids
Use of silicones for causing or facilitating the flow of dispersions of solid particulates in liquid...
Process for treating waste water to remove contaminants
Apparatus for magnetic treatment of a liquid and associated methods
Methods of minimising the effect of integrity loss in hollow fibre membrane modules
Process to enhance phosphorus removal for activated sludge wastewater treatment systems
Filter assembly for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Used water treatment system for residences and the like
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Swimming pool circulation system
Filter grid assembly
Apparatus for removing fine material from a liquid
Filter assembly
Filter unit
Pipe trap
Filter frame for bag house filter, and method
Multiprotocol encapsulation system and method
Storage area network system using internet protocol, security system, security management program an...
Secure storage system
Nitride semiconductor device
Sample support prepared by semiconductor silicon process technique
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, wafer, and wafer manufacturing method
Gate dielectric having a flat nitrogen profile and method of manufacture therefor
Semiconductor wafer positioning method, and apparatus using the same
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Method and apparatus for use of III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductors in optical communications
CMOS image sensor including photodiodes having different depth according to wavelength of light
Integration of thin film resistors having different TCRs into single die
Complementary junction-narrowing implants for ultra-shallow junctions
Integrated circuit having a top side wafer contact and a method of manufacture therefor
Bulb-shaped recess gate of a semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Ferroelectric capacitor circuit for sensing hydrogen gas
Control of liner thickness for improving thermal cycle reliability
Emitter, manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus thereof, electro-optical apparatus and ele...
Method for cleaning substrate having exposed silicon and silicon germanium layers and related method...
Horizontal emitting, vertical emitting, beam shaped, distributed feedback (DFB) lasers by growth ove...
Wafer recovering method, wafer, and fabrication method
Environment-compliant image display system and image processing method
Method and apparatus for detection of drowsiness and quantitative control of biological processes
Per-pixel output luminosity compensation
Light transmission simulator for pulse oximeter
Method for measuring optical-phase distribution
Optical monitoring of thin films using fiber optics
Control of beam spot size in ellipsometer and the like systems
Film measurement
Methods for improved selectivity in photo-activation and detection of molecular diagnostic agents
System and method for monitoring pre-eclamptic patients
Sensing system with auxiliary display
Sheet product dispenser
Motor for a fuel pump
Electric drive unit
Rotary compressor having a discharge valve
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Variable-delivery vane pump
Fan assembly and fan frame thereof
Well fluid homogenization device
Fluidic demand apparatus and MEMS flow sensor for use therein
Guitar pick
Dragon tail shaped guitar
Method and apparatus for auditing network security
Processor instruction with repeated execution code
Advanced processor translation lookaside buffer management in a multithreaded system
Storage system
Method for selling items using a network
Optical compensation film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Blending for density specifications using Fischer-Tropsch diesel fuel
Method for the production of maleic anhydride
Process and apparatus for contacting hydrocarbons with catalyst
Production of fuel components
Multi-touch system and method for emulating modifier keys via fingertip chords
Security framework bridge
Television messaging vocal response generation
Intelligent device system and method for distribution of digital signals on a wideband signal distri...
Trusted transactional set-top box
Method for scheduling processors and coprocessors with bit-masking
Use case integration
Fast evaluation of average critical area for IC layouts
Hardware acceleration of high-level language code sequences on programmable devices
System and method for iconic software environment management
Strategies for providing just-in-time user assistance
Method and apparatus for collaborative annotation of a document
Application server configured for dynamically generating web forms based on extensible markup langua...
E.sup.2PR4 viterbi detector and method for adding a branch metric to the path metric of the survivin...
Method for adapting of the data rate in a communications apparatus, and a corresponding communicatio...
Diagnostic method, system, and program that isolates and resolves partnership problems between a por...
Neomycin-phosphotransferase-genes and methods for the selection of recombinant cells producing high ...
Heteroaryl-fused pyrimidinyl compounds as anticancer agents
Solution for peritoneal dialysis
Method of treating side effects induced by therapeutic agents
Streptomyces strain that decomposes proteins recalcitrant to proteolysis
Methods of adenovirus production
Method for rapid screening of bacterial transformants and novel simian adenovirus proteins
3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase
Selection and use of lactic acid bacteria for reducing inflammation in mammals
Prion test
Anti-allergic herbal formulation
Herbal composition for treatment of immunocompromised conditions
Herbal composition for cuts, burns and wounds
Extraction of pharmaceutically active components from plant materials
Method for excystation of sporocysts
Location-based intelligent remote vehicle function control
Method and system for improved automatic control of one or several functions in a vehicle
Enabling interoperability between distributed devices using different communication link technologie...
System and method for efficient call management for directory assistance services
Lighting system for a vehicle, with high-intensity power LED
Vehicle braking system
Acrylic polymer emulsion and glove formed from the same
Streaming output peripherals for programmable chip systems
Analog to digital signal conditioning in optoelectronic transceivers
Self-adjusting earloop for an over-the-ear headset
Controlling messaging actions using form-based user interface
System and method for radially positioning a workpiece for electrochemical machining
Geranium plant named `KLEPZ05137`
Geranium plant named `KLEPZ05148`
Geranium plant named `KLEPZ05141`
Poinsettia plant name `Dueavared`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfmomo`
Petunia plant named `Balsundarco`
Poinsettia plant named `Duemetro`
Geranium plant named `KLEPZ05129`
Geranium plant named `KLEPP05113`
Echinacea plant named `Coconut Lime`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfpafure`
Verbena plant named `Sunmarired`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Odyhermes`
Papaver plant named `Ruffled Patty`
Petunia plant named `Balsunplum`
Cordyline plant named `TANA`
Video server for a broadcasting station
Multi-media digital videotape recorder
Method for coating a substrate with calcium phosphate
Integrated cross-wire fixture for coating a device, a method of using the fixture, and a device made...
Collimator with variable focusing and direction of view for nuclear medicine imaging
Insect resistant cotton plants
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of cotton with novel explants
Methods for repairing damaged intervertebral discs
Electrode assembly for nerve control
Temporal artery temperature detector
Brain stimulation models, systems, devices, and methods
Method and apparatus for medical intervention procedure planning
Wireless neural data acquisition system
Cavity resonator for MR systems
Portable NMR device and method for making and using the same
System, computer readable medium and method for multi-tiered data access
Notification of completion of communication with a plurality of data storage areas
System, method and computer program product for contract-based aggregation
Method and apparatus for custom strategy specification in a hosted electronic transaction service sy...
Workload management in a computing environment
Method and system for MRIS platinum database
Lookup facility in distributed computer systems
Slowing network connection for application optimization
Exchange infrastructure system and method
Programmable logic devices with two-phase latch circuitry
Usage of an SDRAM as storage for correction and track buffering in frontend ICs of optical recording...
Semiconductor device and testing method for same
Delaying lanes in order to align all lanes crossing between two clock domains
Method and system for testing memory using hash algorithm
Optical content modulation for visual copyright protection
Method and apparatus for secure wireless delivery of converged services
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Information storage medium, recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus
Component built-in wiring board and manufacturing method of component built-in wiring board
Processing device
Fourier filters and wafer inspection systems
Multi-spot illumination and collection optics for highly tilted wafer planes
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than...
Embedded inductor for semiconductor device circuit
Wafer-level burn-in and test
Wiring patterns formed by selective metal plating
Semiconductor device with a rewiring level and method for producing the same
Copper interconnect for semiconductor device
Insulating tube, semiconductor device employing the tube, and method of manufacturing the same
Process and integration scheme for fabricating conductive components, through-vias and semiconductor...
Solid state imaging device and producing method thereof
Light emitting diode
Gallium nitride based light-emitting device
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
Wiring board and capacitor to be built into wiring board
Substrate carrier handler that unloads substrate carriers directly from a moving conveyer
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Mobile robot hybrid communication link
Machine tool system
Surface acoustic wave device
Information providing system and apparatus and methods therefor
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Moving mechanism and stage system in exposure apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a developer regulating member
Developing apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
Process cartridge having light guides and memory member, and electrophotographic image forming appar...
Image forming apparatus
Optical-transmission-space determining apparatus and optical-space transmission apparatus
Image display apparatus
Encoded-data converting apparatus and method for the same
Magnetic guiding apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining chip arrangement position on substrate
Optical element holding system, barrel, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Control board, image forming apparatus having the same, control board management method, computer pr...
Head-up display device with curved optical surface having total reflection
Document reading apparatus and document reading method
Image processing method and apparatus for generating sequential still images by extracting still ima...
Information processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, printing system, image data format selecting method, program and storage...
Modified PT/RU catalyst for ring opening and process using the catalyst
Protecting catalytic activity of a SAPO molecular sieve
Process for olefin oligomerization
Synthetic hydrocarbon products
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Single window navigation methods and systems
Low-latency, incremental rendering in a content framework
Multiple-level internet protocol accounting
System and method for control of packet data serving node selection in a mobile internet protocol ne...
Automatic TFTP firmware download
Real time internet communications system
Methods, systems, and products for indicating receipt of electronic mail
Asynchronous, networked publication and collaborative communication system
System, method, and software to automate and assist web research tasks
Method and system for searching and monitoring internet trademark usage
Methods and systems for performing usage based billing
Method, device, system, and program for transaction of contents through network
Method for facilitating supplier-customer collaboration using the internet
Processing an insurance claim using electronic versions of supporting documents
Cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Method for fabricating integrated circuit features
Rule-based on-line product selection
Method of analyzing residual fluid and computer readable medium
Wellbore evaluation system and method
Cochlear implant
Dilation enhancer with pre-medicated contact lenses
Medical electrode
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Cleaning device, method for preparing the cleaning device, and image forming apparatus and process c...
Optical waveguide and optical information processing device
Fixing device built in electrophotographic image forming apparatus, temperature control method for f...
Thermally reversibly crosslinkable polymer as cladding material for electro-optic devices
Color image forming apparatus and electric charge eliminating device
Buffer tubes with improved flexibility
Method of treating depression, mood disorders and anxiety disorders using neuromodulation
Sirtuin modulating compounds
Pyridyloxymethyl and benzisoxazole azabicyclic derivatives
System for placing orders using customer-specific electronic catalog
Inverter transformer
Business method of providing a channel for delivering and distributing events based on a subscriptio...
Self-replicating RNA molecule from hepatitis C virus
Register-based program code conversion
Diagnostic instrument
Diagnostic instrument
Use of erythropoietin in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Bridged N-cyclic sulfonamido inhibitors of gamma secretase
Method and apparatus for image forming effectively detecting deterioration of developer
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Method for verifying anti-scrambling efficiency of a communication system
Method for acquiring MRI data from variable fields of view during continuous table motion
Apparatus for fixing toner on transferred material
Photonic bandgap optical waveguide with anti-resonant core boundary
Methods and apparatus for processing image data to aid in detecting disease
Semi-automated measurement of anatomical structures using statistical and morphological priors
Anatomic triangulation
Inter-image operation apparatus and method and image display apparatus and method
Voltage limiter for coaxial cable carrying RF signals and voltage
Transformer structure
Method and apparatus for magnetizing a permanent magnet
High field open MRI magnet isolation system and method
Method and apparatus for reducing errors due to line asymmetry in devices utilizing coherent populat...
Method of speech recognition using variables representing dynamic aspects of speech
Cardiac stimulation at high ventricular wall stress areas
Method of magnetic resonance investigation of a sample using a nuclear spin polarised MR imaging age...
Optical interface for local MRI coils
Attachment integrated claims systems and operating methods therefor
Fiber optic module
Method and system for gathering and disseminating quality performance and audit activity data in an ...
Method and apparatus for training an automated speech recognition-based system
Selecting design points on parameter functions having first sum of constraint set and second sum of ...
Method and system for building message instances
Apparatus and methods for providing in-chip microtargets for metrology or inspection
Authenticating media signals by adjusting frequency characteristics to reference values
Enabling stateless server-based pre-shared secrets