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Electronic component inspection equipment
Method and apparatus for assessing the effect of yarn faults on woven or knitted fabrics
Photoelectric transducer and photoelectric transducing method of the same
System and method for scanning a document
Stream editing apparatus and stream editing method
Computer-based system and method for finding rules of law in text
Diisopropylbenzene containing solvent and method of developing flexographic printing plates
Chemical sampler system and container
Fiber-polymeric composite siding unit and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for increasing the operational efficiency of a fuel cell power plant
Inertial control and measurement system
Apparatus and method of configuring a network device
Receiver system using analog to digital conversion at radio frequency and method
Method and apparatus for modeling the propagation of wireless signals in buildings
Method of testing and constructing monolithic multi-chip modules
Frequency and time synchronization in severe delay spread channels
Methods and apparatus for context selection of block transform coefficients
Call admission control methods and apparatus for improving route selection in packet networks
Auto-docking system
Engine for planing boat
Port security barrier system
System for controlling a marine seismic array
System for deploying cable
Foam maintenance center for personal watercraft
Combination engine compartment cover and privacy enclosure
Perpetual seal card game
Index system
Flip chart holder
Fluorescent or phosphorescent composition
Injected plastic product with individualized identification and injection mould for manufacturing th...
Phase retardation anti-counterfeit method
Toy building element with transverasal openings
Bone reed for animal call
Arcade game with light emitting race progress indicator
Video game device, throw guide displaying method in video game, and computer readable recording medi...
Current mirror circuit
Space/time portals for computer systems
Simulation of racecar wheel-changing operation by pit crewman
Control method of video game, video game apparatus, and computer readable medium with video game pro...
Multiple lens support
Method and system for examinations
Apparatus and method of using a picture displaying crib bumper
Drawable and/or traceable carriers
High-strength solder joint
Iron-based casting alloy
TiAl based alloy, production process therefor, and rotor blade using same
Method of manufacturing magnesium alloy molded product, painted structure thereof, method of paintin...
Fuel-storing device
Read control system and method for testing word oriented SRAM with macros
Fabrication method for integrated microactuator coils
Voice transmitter
Routing data based on comparative income values
Local exchange carrier escape list for local number portability
Call center monitoring system
Device for automatically identifying DTMF and FSK for caller ID
Handset port interface including DC measurement and transmit path calibration
Cover for a remote terminal
Petunia plant named `Wespeal`
Method of generating a database for use in an intelligent backup and restoring system
Method and system for tracking clients
Method and system for providing direct access recovery using seekable tape device
CDMA radio transmitting apparatus and CDMA radio receiving apparatus
Radio communication apparatus
Narrowband noise canceller
Gain controller with comparator offset compensation for circuit having in-phase and quadrature chann...
System and method for detecting harmonics of RF broadcast station survey signals
Universal repeater for communication systems
Electrooptical liquid crystal system
Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks
Chlorohydroxyacetone derivative and process for producing optically active chloropropanediol derivat...
Process for the preparation of optically pure or enriched racemic tetralone
Production method of (R)-3 hydroxy-3-(2-phenylethyl) hexanoic acid and intermediate thereof
Chameleon footwear
Liquid crystal display device with spacers on color filters outside display area and method of manuf...
System and method for recording telephonic communications
Routing method for mobile wireless nodes having overlapping internet protocol home addresses
Apparatus and method for topography dependent signaling
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for controlling data transfer
Systems and methods for monitoring the usage and efficiency of air compressors
System and method for transferring information from a first device to a second device when the first...
System and method for test generation with dynamic constraints using static analysis
Container closure
Drainage valve pipe tap assembly
Sand finish spray texture
Dimensionally adjustable booster seat
Low modulus covered golf balls
Azo disperse dye mixtures
Aggregate stabilizing emulsion and a mixture of the emulsion with aggregate
Apparatus and method for exposing, evaluating and re-balancing risk for decision-making in financial...
Decision management system providing qualitative account/customer assessment via point in time simul...
Subscriber identification system
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human pyruvate dehydrogenase E1-alpha subunit proteins
Rapid prototyping process and cooling chamber therefor
Hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate being excellent in strain aging hardening charact...
Postweld heat treatment process of carbon steel and low alloy steel
Corrosion-and chip-resistant coatings for high tensile steel
Surface-treated steel sheet and production method therefor
Zn-Co-W alloy electroplated steel sheet with excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, and ele...
Hot-dip Zn plated steel sheet excellent in luster-retaining property and method of producing the sam...
Measuring device for reinforcing steel rods for concrete
Method for producing cereal bread
Reduction of heartburn episodes upon ingestion of orange juice
Vacuum apparatus for salon and barber chairs
High molecular weight mass cationic copolymers
Transparent multilayer polypropylene container with barrier protection
Intermediates for the synthesis of oligonucleotide analogues
Low dielectric constant STI with SOI devices
Dispersant-viscosity improvers for lubricating oil and fuels
Azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Enzyme-catalyzed polyamides and compositions and processes of preparing and using the same
Standard specific
Packet switched router architecture for providing multiple simultaneous communications
Tunable IR laser source for MALDI
Dual energy x-ray imaging system and method for radiography and mammography
Inventory control and point-of-sale system and method
Charging system incorporated in computer for charging and resetting wireless peripheral devices
Partial fatty acid oxidation inhibitors in the treatment of congestive heart failure
Electrochemical capacitor with electrode material for energy storage
Method of electrodepositing copper
Film type solid polymer ionomer sensor and sensor cell
Seed repair and electroplating bath
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having anti-HIV activity
Method for ameliorating muscle weakness/wasting in a patient infected with human immunodeficiency vi...
Quinoline derivatives, having in particular antiviral properties, preparation and biological applica...
Process for the preparation of 10-methoxycarbamazepine
Radar warning receiver with position and velocity sensitive functions
Retardation of metalloproteinase incidental to HIV and/or AIDS
Inflatable bed
Composition and treatment method for brain and spinal cord injuries
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and ...
Methods for therapeutic use of glucosylceramide synthesis inhibitors and composition thereof
Device for the attachment of an engine to an aircraft
Method of taking three-dimensional measurements of object surfaces
Image data compression and decompression
All optical switch for optical integrated circuits
Optical signal receiving device
Polypeptides having phospholipase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Display for a casket selection and/or viewing room
Method and an apparatus for providing a constant medicine dose for an inhalic application at low inh...
Cassette table of a semiconductor fabricating apparatus
Surfactant-free cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical compositions
Image forming apparatus with an element for removing paper dust from photosensitive member
Cholesterol and triglyceride-modulating drugs and methods
Transparent resin plate from epoxy resin and anhydride or partial ester thereof
Dicationic non-metallocene group 4 metal complexes
Supported metallocene catalyst, its preparation method and olefin polymerization therewith
Access control method and storage device using same
System and method for diagnosing errors in multidimensional digital frame structure communications
Switching device for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
RF receiver having improved signal-to-noise ratio and method of operation
Gabapentin prodrugs and formulations
Animal exhalation monitoring
Rapid coliform detection system
Method of automatically milking animals and a milking machine suitable for performing same
Feedstock for prepartum dairy cattle
Food materials with improved flavor and functionality due to size reduction in a modified atmosphere
Systems, methods and computer program products for validating web content tailored for display withi...
System and method heterogeneous data source integration
Method of active fiber alignment with movable V-groove precision control microstructures
Apparatus for power failure identification in a programmable household appliance and method for iden...
Method for filtering a digital signal sequence
Flightless rock auger for use with pressure drills with quick attachment and method of use
Systems and methods for a rack-mounted communications switch component
Systems and methods for a reducing EMI in a communications switch component utilizing overlapping in...
Systems and methods for a latch assembly for use with a motherboard assembly having at least one dau...
Mechanical activation of granitic powders
Drill bit for trenchless drilling
Display control apparatus and electronic appliance
Method of automatically adjusting focus in a shutterless digital camera
Memory managing method used in adding memory and information processing apparatus
System for routing and switching in computer networks
Reader for a radio frequency identification system having automatic tuning capability
System and method for locating radio frequency identification tags
Thermal seat and thermal device dispensing and vending system employing RFID-based induction heating...
Method of fabricating a wireless radio frequency identification device
RFID enabled corrugated structures
Connecting system for surface coverings
System for assigning new alerts in response to a plurality of escaltion schemes or assigning an igno...
Method of diagnosing nutritious condition of crop in plant field
Methods for diagnosing and evaluating cancer
Method and system for MDI crossover control
Variant human .alpha.7 acetylcholine receptor subunit, and methods of production and use thereof
Piston device for dispensing controlled amounts of pasty substances
Thin film magnetic head comprising track positioning marker
Thermal management valve with drop-tight shutoff of return to tank
Encrypting conversion apparatus, decrypting conversion apparatus, cryptographic communication system...
Methods for enhanced virus-mediated DNA transfer using molecules with virus-and cell-binding domains
Polysaccharide capable of reducing the viscosity of a hydrated psyllium, and foods containing the po...
Multifunctional phospholipid surfactants
Hybrid construction equipment
Work environment
Zinc citrate beads in oral compositions
Terminal position location using multiple beams
Inhaler assistive device
Fluorinated anthracenes, and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Method to increase cerebral blood flow in amyloid angiopathy
Method for producing monoisocyanates and oligoisocyanates
Release valve and method for venting a system
Apparatus for maintaining compression of the active area in an electrochemical cell
Electrolyte for non-aqueous batteries and secondary battery using the same
Catalyst for the metathesis of olefin(s)
Intermediate-grain reconfigurable processing device
Interchangeable pivoting loudspeaker assembly with spring retained high frequency transducer
Method for detecting errors on parallel links
Radio frequency ablation system and method linking energy delivery with fluid flow
Full wave sense amplifier and discharge lamp inverter incorporating the same
Method for receiving a secured transmission of information through a plurality of frequency orthogon...
N-(4-carbamimidoyl-phenyl)-glycine derivatives
Light-transmitting and/or coated article with removable protective coating and methods of making the...
Cyclic amine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Alpha-subunit of the Mac-1 leukocyte adhesion receptor
Beginning-to-end online automation of real estate transactions
Test device for internet and telephone lines
Flat display screen with a protection grid
Thin film magnetic memory device for programming required information with an element similar to a m...
Iridium conductive electrode/barrier structure and method for same
Method of increasing the etch selectivity of a contact sidewall to a preclean etchant
Steering process and steering model builder
Aerosol generator having a multiple path heater arrangement and method of use thereof
Metal carbide catalysts and process for producing synthesis gas
Fuchsia plant named `Goetzrose`
Noninvasive detection and activation of the lymphatic system in treating disease and alleviating pai...
Method and system for the exchange of digitally signed objects over an insecure network
Method and apparatus for cutting a compressible material having an uncompressed thickness greater th...
Time display device
System, method, and computer program product for uninstalling computer software
Therapeutic shower enclosure
Multiple tier stopping and method of constructing stopping
Treatments and markers for cancers of the central nervous system
Glucose sensing molecules having selected fluorescent properties
Center-fill absorbent article with a wicking barrier and central rising member
Cationic group 3 catalyst system
Extensible, flexible, memory efficient technique for network boot without special DHCP/PXE hardware
Apparatus and method for determining the dispersibility of a product in particulate form
Ovo delivery of an immunogen containing implant
Inverter protecting apparatus
Optically active diphosphines, preparation thereof according to a process for the resolution of the ...
Inducible HSV-TK in transformed cell populations
Hybrid oligonucleotide phosphorothioates
Plaque-controlling liquid tooth cleaning agent
Method and device for delivering aerosolized medicaments
Fluorescent pigment compositions
Anisotropic conductive film-containing device
Substituted aniline compounds
Method for the discontinuous thermal treatment of catalyst material
Method and system for measuring T-wave alternans by alignment of alternating median beats to a cubic...
Thermal head, cleaning method thereof and color thermal printer
Magnetoresistive sensor with laminate electrical interconnect
CPP GMR device with inverse GMR material
Method and system for providing a self-aligned electrical contact for a TMR element
Mobile rack for hard disk drives
Efficient adaptive feedforward periodic disturbance compensation
Device and method for controlling robot
Turning read/write performance for disk drives with very high track density
Catheter connector
Needleless connector
Couplings for medical cannulae
Port body for the administration of drugs
Luer-receiving medical valve and fluid transfer method
Universal outlet for filter units
Thermosensitive recording composition and thermosensitive recording material using the same
Thermally sensitive recording type adhesive level
Polymers stabilized by water-soluble, cationic, amino-functional polymer, and plastic film coated wi...
Opaque transfer material
Constructing fully dense composite accurate tooling
Large composite core structures formed by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
Process for producing a current limiter having a high-temperature superconductor, and current limite...
Automotive trim with clear top coat and method of making same
Method of the preparation of high-heat-resistance resin composite ceramic
Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite structural panel system
Bovine lactation associated immunotropic protein (CD14), encoding gene and application in B cell act...
Zeaxanthin formulations for human ingestion
Antimicrobial conveyor lubricant composition and method for using
Snack food product method
Method and device for controlling animal feeding when milking dairy animals
Cleaning composition and method for using the same
Initiation of oestrus
Imidazo heterocyclic compounds
Phenoxybenzylamine derivatives as SSRIs
Phenoxyphenylheterocyclyl derivatives as SSRIs
Treatment of diabetes mellitus
Female clothing with cup unit
Brassiere fastener
Reusable strapless backless bra
Bra shield, brassiere and method
Wireless support for brassiere
Nursing bra
Drive control system for achieving target driveshaft power in a motor vehicle
Steering and braking system for a motor vehicle
Method of initializing a system for open/closed-loop control of the operational sequences of a motor...
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Wezgrey`
Stringless bead connector
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Control device for switching intake and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines
Valve opening/closing timing control apparatus and method
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine with controlled auto-ignition
Method for measuring system clock signal frequency variations in digital processing systems
High molecular weight polypropylene process
Publication-dispensing apparatus
Data storage system having separate data transfer section and message network having CPU bus selecto...
Method of providing dynamic production material replenishment information via an internet
System and method for data sharing between members of diverse organizations
System and method for automatically publishing electronic mail messages on the internet
Cells expressing anti-Fc receptor binding components
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Enzyme catalyzed therapeutic activation
Ligands added to adenovirus fiber
Writing implement holder with clip
Harness/combination vest
System and method for providing and accessing educational information over a computer network
Reverse directory for facilitating accesses involving a lower-level cache
Method for operating a non-blocking hierarchical cache throttle
Using global temporary tables to transform queries
Method for conducting a search on a network which includes documents having a plurality of tags
Clustering hypertext with applications to web searching
OLAP-based web access analysis method and system
Battery separator with fluoride-containing inorganic salt
Ionic conducting material having good anticorrosive properties
Long life fluorescent lamp
Discharge lamp, ultraviolet ray irradiation apparatus and method of using the apparatus
Naphthene ring opening over an iridium ring opening catalyst
Olefin recovery in a polyolefin production process
Method for producing platinum metal catalysts
Lube basestock with excellent low temperature properties and a method for making
Process and device for the production of aromatic compounds including a reduction of the catalyst
Aqueous coating composition, coating method thereof, and ink-jet recording sheet
Packages and methods for differential oxygen scavenging
Chemical amplification, positive resist compositions
Filler mixtures
Retroreflective articles having tackified acrylic adhesives for adhesion to curved low surface energ...
Electrophotographic black toner, electrophotographic developer and image forming method
Toner for dry developing
Salt sensitive aqueous emulsions
Self-crosslinking aqueous acetoacetate-functionalized sulfonated alkyd systems
Surface discharge type plasma display panel with intersecting barrier ribs
Aluminium electrowinning cells having a V-shaped cathode bottom and method of producing aluminium
Method and apparatus for noise bandwidth reduction in wireless communication signal reception
Method of heat treating metal with liquid coolant containing dissolved gas
Addressable biologic electrode array
Magnetic memory cell and method for assigning tunable writing currents
Method of setting parental lock levels based on example content
Fluidic valve having a bi-phase valve element
Human gene relating to respiratory diseases and obesity
Nucleic acid encoding the human peptide histidine transporter 1 and methods of use thereof
Identification of the gene causing the mouse scurfy phenotype and its human ortholog
Mapkap kinase 2-inhibitors and the use thereof in anti-inflammatory therapy
Separation method of semiconductor layer and production method of solar cell
Method of simplifying machine operation
Catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide content in gases
Protection of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts from traces of sulfur
Process for the preparation of lithium hexafluoroarsenate
Paint containing surfactants for structuring non-aqueous liquid compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for reducing the appearance of cellulite
Device to produce polyurethane articles, relative method and polyurethane articles thus obtained
Compounds and methods for stimulating gene expression and cellular differentiation
Aerosol generator having inductive heater and method of use thereof
System and method for online analytical processing
Multimedia wagering system
Method for the scaling of the indexing data of a multimedia document
Multimedia storage case
Method and apparatus for creating a multimedia presentation from heterogeneous media objects in a di...
Key encryption using a client-unique additional key for fraud prevention
Forward error correction for high speed optical transmission systems
Method and apparatus for measuring network performance and stress analysis
Internet protocol telephony
Direction finder
Ethernet fiber access communications system
Method of selecting a calling number for a mobile station from multiple calling numbers
Methods of forming informational items
Multipart label for blister packs, and the production and use thereof
Gift card form and method of fabrication
Label having tab member and methods for forming, applying and using the same
Expanded content device pouch
Luminous tele-diaper
Antimicrobial compositions containing .beta.-amino acid oligomers
Piperazine derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Game system for generating random on-the-spot broadcasting data based on player historical performan...
Operating device for game machine
Keypad for dialing telephone numbers and displaying game moves
Game system, game providing method, and information recording medium
Ball game method for play on a court including a deformable-elastic surface
Animated image generating method and apparatus, readable storage medium storing animated image proce...
Wireless game control system
Multi-colored coverstock
Miniature keyboard for a hand held computer
Gather-stitcher machine and method for producing a thumb-tab index on printed or other volumes to be...
Method and system for controlling a complementary user interface on a display surface
Clamping apparatus with removable attachments
Methods and systems for strategic priority order tracking
Folding writing board
Method and apparatus for preparing customized reading material
On-line educational system for processing exam questions and answers
Integrated spacecraft emulation system and method for operating same
Apparatus for the improvement of the optical qualities of optical microscopes
Shin-guard, helmet, and articles of protective equipment including light cure material
CMOS image sensor array having charge spillover protection for photodiodes
Compact-dot reproduction of scanned halftone screens
HVQ-based filtering method
Long life charging apparatus
Hybrid electrophotographic apparatus for custom color printing
Rare earth magnet and method for producing the magnet
Recrystallization-hardenable aluminum cast alloy and component
Watermarking recursive hashes into frequency domain regions
Method and system for adding advertisements over streaming audio based upon a user profile over a wo...
Cryptographic information and flow control
Heat exchanger exchange-tube cleaning lance positioning system
Segmented link robot for waste removal
Bar-like paint delivering container
Process for sterilization and disinfecting of agriculture and botanic products
High temperature deposition of Pt/TiOx for bottom electrodes
Corrosion-resistant ceramics
Temperature dependent constant-current generating circuit
High frequency module having a laminate board with a plurality of dielectric layers
Encoding method, encoding-decoding apparatus, and code communications system
Refining nonferrous metals and alloys with gases having reduced global warming potential
Superelastic guiding member
Hydrogen absorbing alloy, method of surface modification of the alloy, negative electrode for batter...
Formation of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses from low purity materials by yttrium addition
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Linear medium pulling and retrieval system
Pigment with day-light fluorescence
Depositing an emissive layer for use in an organic light-emitting display device (OLED)
Fabrication of electronic circuit elements using unpatterned semiconductor layers
Portable electronic apparatus with flat display
Formation of well-controlled thin SiO, SiN, SiON layer for multilayer high-K dielectric applications
Photocatalytic powder and polymer composition
Compositions and methods for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and nonulcer dyspepsia
Method of self-aligning optical waveguides
CRT panel glass and production method thereof and CRT
Methods for reducing flushing in individuals being treated with nicotinic acid for hyperlipidemia
Method of treating ovarian cancers with cadmium
Substituted N,N-disubstituted cycloalkyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl es...
(R)-chiral halogenated substituted N,N-Bis-benzyl aminioalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting chol...
Streptomyces strain with insecticidal activity and method of using as an insecticide
Amusement maze
Portable building for human occupancy
Apparatus and method for providing a linear effect
Infant toy and glider device
Amusement ramp system
Reinforced profile extrusion articles and method for making the same
Substrate drying method for use with a surface tension effect dryer with porous vessel walls
Apparatus and method for prosthesis securement
Method for adjusting an input parameter of an adjustable bolster on a seat
Electrical field therapy with reduced histopathological change in muscle
Amelioration of ischemic damage using synthetic oxygen carriers
Devices and methods for dispensing
Noodle loosening promoter and method for its production
Low profile optically-sensitive semiconductor package
Illumination system with reduced energy loading
Q-switching method for pulse train generation
EUV-transparent interface structure
Micro-optic adhesive assembly and method therefor
Method and apparatus for multivariate allocation of resources
Gunsight and reticle therefor
Method of reconfiguring a firearm receiver system for receiving magazine-fed ammunition and belt-fed...
Revolving ammunition magazine
Laser pistol and method or system for retrofitting sharpshooting pistols
Ball bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing with preload capability
Bearing cage and rolling bearing having the same
Rolling bearing component
Variable stator vane support arrangement
Tripod joint
Novelty devices with flashing light feature
Three-dimensional image display device in network
Multimedia communication and presentation
Tinnitus rehabilitation device and method
Camera mechanism has substitute actuator to functionally replace failed primary actuator
Electronic camera and dial control device of electronic equipment
Apparatus for calculating optical flow and camera motion using correlation matching and system model...
Finder optical system and camera having finder optical system
System and method for increasing the resiliency of firewall systems
Web site creator using templates
Methods of identifying nucleic acid sequences encoding plant riboflavin synthase enzymes
Process for the production of hexafluoropropylene from CClF2CClFCF3 and azeotropes of CClF2CClFCF3 w...
Preparation of caprolactam
Method for the production of caprolactam
Production of formaldehyde from CH4 and H2S
Solar cell and solar cell unit
Multiple frequency reallocations in an automated frequency allocation environment
Communique system with hierarchical communique coverage areas in cellular communication networks
Method for disturbance-free operation of at least two base stations in a universal mobile telecommun...
Portable information terminal with standby power supply
Mobile telephone and antenna therefor
Beverage comprising an effective amount of flavanols as sweetness cutting composition
Cleaning composition
Liquid composition comprising polyalkoxylated polyamines or polyimines
Wet-like articles comprising a multi-phase, multi-component emulsion and an activation web
Process for manufacturing effervescence components
Disposable absorbent article storing liquid in a constant pattern
Magnetic acicular alloy particles containing iron as a main component
Magnetic resonance apparatus for obtaining NMR navigator echoes with slight disturbance of the longi...
Shifting of artifacts by reordering of k-space
Valve for osmotic devices
Anti-IgE antibodies
Camera display system
Gear selection device for a variable gear mechanism, especially for a bicycle drive train
Magnetic transducer having inverted write element with zero delta in pole tip width
Gaming device having a primary game scheme involving a symbol generator and secondary award triggeri...
Gaming device having a primary game scheme involving a symbol generator and secondary award triggeri...
Treatment of psoriasis
Agent for improving ketosis
Patches for teeth whitening
Oral compositions providing enhanced overall cleaning
Low Residue cosmetic composition
Skin-beautifying agent, anti-aging agent for the skin, whitening agent and external agent for the sk...
Method for preparing a multi-layered polymeric composite and a multi-layered composite produced ther...
Antifoaming agent composition for a silver halide photographic processing solution and process for p...
Container body portion
Reclosable food container
Displayable modular container for produce
Safety closure and container
Bottle cap having tear tab and sealing bead
Substrate processing pallet and related substrate processing method and machine
Cross-linked collagen matrices and methods for their preparation
Vehicles containing and methods for using a pre-heater to reduce emissions, and for warming fuel cel...
Method for producing electricity using a platinum-ruthenium-palladium catalyst in a fuel cell
Conversion of natural gas to synthesis gas using nickel catalyst
Integrated fuel processor, fuel cell stack, and tail gas oxidizer with carbon dioxide removal
Fuel cell system having an evaporator
Method of rotational molding using a resin blend
UV-curable compositions and method of use thereof in microelectronics
Method for the production of glass or plastic laminates by use of a curable blend of an epoxy resin ...
Electric-wave absorber
Panel for flat screen type CRT
Low pressure mercury vapor fluorescent lamps
Device for producing milk froth for cappuccino
Genes expressed in alzheimer's disease
Methods for preparing coated polyester articles
Single fastener plant support ring for use with a T-shaped or U-shaped upright post
Device for exerting drag
Method and apparatus for selecting components within a circuit design database
Light-emitting pen with a light-emitting body at a middle section of a pen tube
Light diffuser
Do-it-yourself ceiling fan with ceiling lamp
Fluorescent lamp cover and lighting fixture
Addressable semiconductor array light source for localized radiation delivery
Lighting apparatus for producing a beam of light having a controlled luminous flux spectrum
Image defect detection apparatus and image defect detection method
Efficient transmission of quarter-VGA images using DVC codecs
Method and apparatus for rotating Bayer images
Camera apparatus, control method thereof and program
Robot apparatus and its control method
Optical fiber for wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system using densely spaced ...
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system including the same
Low-dispersion optical fiber and optical transmission system using the low-dispersion optical fiber
Planar polymeric waveguide devices with temperature dependence control features
Optical fiber retention device
Rotatable optical fiber cable holder
Manual variable optical attenuator having sealing gasket
Apparatus and method of building an electronic database for resolution synthesis
Image transmission apparatus and method utilizing different transmission modes for transmitting movi...
Image sensing device capable of outputting image signals by blocks and processing circuit which proc...
Scanning system for imaging and storing the images of test answer sheets having open-ended questions
True defect monitoring through repeating defect deletion
Rapid prototyping method
Rapid assembly steel framing
Process for making high strength micro-alloy steel
Steel cable lock structure with internal multidirectional locking effect
Steel sheet provided with a coating comprising a main layer of zinc-chromium alloy the predominant p...
Welded steel pipe having excellent hydroformability and method for making the same
Agonists of hedgehog signaling pathways and uses related thereto
Multiple jewel-shaped necklace with pear-shaped gemstone
Method, system and device providing a musical representation of a transparent or translucent structu...
Kayak portage harness and method
Aircraft with a detachable passenger escape cabin and an aircraft with airbags
Motorized watercraft
Bearing apparatus for wheel
Polymerization catalysts
Process for preparing a highly active metallocene catalyst supported on polymer bead for olefin poly...
Intervertebral support device and related methods
Pultrusion apparatus for continuous fabrication of fiber-reinforced plastic articles having a non-li...
Process and composition for making multi-layer golf balls using rigid uncrosslinked shells
Organic compound having an acetylene group, vacuum deposition polymerization thereof, deposited poly...
Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
Thermoplastic elastomer films
Program object for use in generating application programs
Computer system for determining a customized animal feed
Animal feeding device
Pet dish
Wire cage
Simulated bird hunting dog-training device for teaching a dog to retrieve
Spinning reel having improved spool oscillating mechanism
Butter flavored flakes
Method for consolidation of natural stone blocks or recomposite blocks
Method and system for supporting multiprocessor TLB-purge instructions using directed write transact...
Method and system for instruction length decode
Virtual condition codes
Method, system and computer product to translate electronic schematic files between computer aided d...
In-situ randomization and recording of wafer processing order at process tools
Flash EEprom system
Reliability assessment and prediction system and method for implementing the same
Microloading effect correction
Structured lighting material, method to generate incoherent luminescence and illuminator
Genes and methods that modulate apoptosis
Method and apparatus for providing service to VODSL derived telephone lines during power interruptio...
Call timers specific to each type of cellular telephone call
Global wireless prepaid roaming
Case structure of a data processing device
Information processing methodology
Lithium battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
Secondary battery having a non-aqueous electrolyte
Poultry and livestock feed additive
Curable composition for polymer electrolyte
Electrode array for development and testing of materials
Alkaline storage battery and process for the production thereof
Ion battery using high aspect ratio electrodes
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery using lithium-manganese composite oxide for positi...
Process for making a hydrogen generation catalyst
Methods for promoting weight gain using GPE-related compounds
Use of triplex structure DNA in transferring nucleotide sequences
Compounds with anti-KS and anti-HIV activity
3-(amino-or aminoalkyl) pyridinone derivatives and their use for the treatment of HIV related diseas...
Bis-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Program data distribution via open network
Cashless vending machine
Parallel data network billing and collection system
Motorcycle tow rack with yaw brace for a receiver hitch
Implantable medical device employing single drive, dual sense impedance measuring
Cardiac pacing using adjustable atrio-ventricular delays
Gastric stimulator apparatus and method for installing
Endocardial lead
Cleaning fluid reservoir
Paint tray cover
Waste bin
Waste bin
Trash can lid with slidable elbow-openable access door
Door for security safes, gun cabinets
Reusable pulse oximeter probe and disposable bandage method
Apparatus and method for embedding and extracting information in analog signals using distributed si...
Method and apparatus for incorporating features in sheet bodies
System and method for assessing a procurement and accounts payable system
Apparatus and method of dynamic and deterministic changes in clock frequency for lower power consump...
Design analysis workstation for analyzing integrated circuits
Polyolefin wood fiber composite
Ai gun warmer
Door for security safes and gun cabinets
Control valve means and furthermore a valve suitable for use as a component thereof
Method and apparatus for optically reading information
Method for generating platform independent, language specific computer code
Process for producing high vinylidene polyisobutylene
Drill assembly for preparing a prosthetic crown-receiving tooth
Method and system for monitoring the posture of a user at a training apparatus
Method and apparatus for distinguishing reference values from non-reference values in a runtime envi...
Relocation format for linking with relocation instructions containing operations for combining secti...
Multiple image dynamic bind and load procedure for a multi-processor
Swing cylinder oscillation control circuit and valve for oscillating booms
Method of formation for quantum dots array using tilted substrate
Method for upgrading running software processes without compromising fault-tolerance
MRI magnet with reduced fringe field
Magnetic resonance resonator system with coil branches operable with a time-delay relative to each o...
Magnetic resonance apparatus with selectively activatable isolation mechanism
Storage phosphor cassette
Turning or reversing device with a storage device for flat or sheet-like material
Device for aligning sheets in a feeder of a sheet-processing machine, especially a printing press
Delivery for a sheet-processing machine with a braking and smoothing machanism
Method for analyzing images and for correcting the values of video signals
Sheet-fed printing press with screen-printing cylinder
Web-fed rotary printing machine
Method of making keepsakes using an informational card
Antialiasing method and image processing apparatus using same
Polyether-polyol compound
Toothpaste of selected calcined alumina particles
Production process of silver halide emulsion
Process for producing caprolactam
Group(III)-metal-hydrides with a guanidino-type ligand
Photoelectric conversion element
Charged particle trapping in near-surface potential wells
Delivery of aerosols containing small particles through an inhalation route
Water-soluble or water-swellable crosslinked copolymers
Transport device for loading and unloading a trunk space
Durable batting tee for baseball
Switched mode digital logic method, system and apparatus for directly driving LCD glass
Body displacement and vibration analysis method
Receptor-type phosphotyrosine phosphatase-alpha
Method of making alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Petunia plant named `Condolavender`
Diascia plant named `Balwhiscran`
Fuchsia plant named `Goetzlucy`
Diascia plant named `Balwhisalim`
Chrysanthemum plant named MN98-89-7
Formulations for treating or preventing mucositis
Adaptive wavefront modulation system and method for ophthalmic surgery
Dynamic memory based on single electron storage
Super-ring architecture and method to support high bandwidth digital "last mile" telecommunications ...
Small organic molecule regulators of cell proliferation
Neutral polarizer and liquid crystal display
Fluidised bisphenol dust
Collapsible traffic barricade and safety marker
Bivalent binding molecules of 7 transmembrane G protein-coupled receptors
Method of accurate trenchless installation of underground pipe
Method of establishing and/or operating a bore well in a seabed and a drilling vessel for use in con...
Tension leg and method for transport, installation and removal of tension legs pipelines and slender...
Piering device with adjustable helical plate
Method and apparatus for secondary roof support in an underground mine
Block with multifaceted bottom surface
Barrel type fish and/or particulate screen device
Defect inspection method and apparatus for silicon wafer
Target device
Objective lens collision preventing device and method for manufacturing the same
Switching power supply with transfer function control circuit
Method and apparatus for recording and playing back monitored video data
Charging device and image forming apparatus using the same
Check writing system and method
Guidewire introducer sheath
Automatic meter reading system employing common broadcast command channel
Intelligent structure simplification to facilitate package analysis of complex packages
Image recording device
Process for producing solid product, solid catalyst component, and catalyst for olefin polymerizatio...
Method for converting a UML rendering of an RSM-based metamodel to a UML rendering of MOF-based meta...
Method for designing power supply circuit and semiconductor chip
3D machine vision measuring system with vehicle position adjustment mechanism for positioning vehicl...
Diagnosis of flavivirus infection
Method and device for the rapid clinical diagnosis of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in biologica...
Item tracking systems and real-time inventory management
Real time work-in-process (WIP) system
Method and apparatus for distributing and updating group controllers over a wide area network using ...
Aerial pyrotechnic device having high capacity shell
Stationery article for carrying self-stick note pads
System and method for taking, storing and printing digital pictures
Method and device for testing configuration memory cells in programmable logic devices (PLDS)
Device and method for inserting error correcting codes and for reconstructing data streams, and corr...
Visual graphical indication of the number of remaining characters in an edit field of an electronic ...
Semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit
System, device and method for integrating functioning of autonomous processing modules, and testing ...
Information processing device, system and method for generating trace information of the information...
Processor system including dynamic translation facility, binary translation program that runs in com...
Collapsible music stand
Maintaining consistency of device driver settings
Memory module resync
Managing storage contention in automated storage systems
Managing operations of a computer system having a plurality of partitions
Access cell design and a method for enabling automatic insertion of access cells into an integrated ...
Method of imaging a knee joint in a patient's leg with an imaging unit
Restraining apparatus and method for use in imaging procedures
Versatile stereotactic device and methods of use
Therapeutic and diagnostic apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively performing an image fixing process
System and method for enabling transactions between a web server and a smart card, telephone, or per...
Temporary heart-assist system
Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping h...
Contamination resistant cyclic olefin container
Noncrystalline polyolefin resin composition
Highly selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors for the treatment and diagnosis of Alzheimer's dis...
Use of erythropoietin for the treatment of haemochromatoses
Low molecular weight heparin assay, system and reagent therefor
Use of ibandronate for promoting osseointegration of endoprostheses
Steady state method for measuring the thickness and the capacitance of ultra thin dielectric in the ...
Magazine for storing test elements
Fibrinolytic enzymes
Hardware description language-embedded regular expression support for module iteration and interconn...
Immunogenic composition of hepatitis C and methods of use thereof
Nickel-poor austenitic steel
Nickel-poor austenitic steel
Wrinkle-reducing system
Planar photonic bandgap structures for controlling radiation loss
Extensible object oriented framework for general ledger
Secure establishment of cryptographic keys using persistent key component
Method and apparatus for creating and performing graphics operations on device-independent bitmaps
Methods and arrangements for allowing independent program modules to access shared display device re...
Method and apparatus for logging DTMF phone symbols dialed from an extension
System and method for compressing data
Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training to learn to resolve ...
System and method for performing defined actions when grafting the name space of one storage medium ...
Robotic hand with multi-wafer end effector
Holding device
Fully-automatic, robot-assisted camera guidance susing positions sensors for laparoscopic interventi...
Robot apparatus and method for controlling the operation thereof
Robot system
Program, speech interaction apparatus, and method
Light source lamp for image reader
Migration of friendly volumes
Automated airborne metal analyzer
Compositions for producing difficult-to-wet surface
Cellulose triacetates and methods for producing the cellulose triacetates
Fluorescent CWX lamp with reduced mercury
Personal body grounding system
Method for visual tracking using switching linear dynamic system models
Iron sulfides, processes for producing the same, iron sulfide mixture, heavy metal treating agent, a...
Method for the production of hydrogen gas
Protective system for high temperature metal alloy products
Liquid crystal display cell having liquid crystal molecules in vertical or substantially vertical al...
Adhesion-resistant oxygen-free roughly drawn copper wire and method and apparatus for making the sam...
High pressure sodium lamp having reduced internal diameter
Vehicle mirror device
Analine derivatives as OSC inhibitors
Indolylpiperidine derivatives as antihistaminic and antiallergic agents
Enantiomeric compounds for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and methods of use
Method and apparatus for a downhole refractometer and attenuated reflectance spectrometer
Narrow MWD, compositionally optimized ethylene interpolymer composition, process for making the same...
Radiation detector using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal cell
Electrically insulating vacuum coupling
Flexible electrode antenna
Method for rapid determination of composition of polycarbonate resin
Three dimensional imaging system
Surface flashover resistant capacitors and method for producing same
Method for tying rolls of fabric
Hyperlink filter for "pirated" and "disputed" copyright material on the internet in a method, system...
Resource recovery of waste organic chemicals by thermal catalytic conversion
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with fixing apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and developer con...
Process cartridge, electrophotographic photosensitive drum, electrophotographic image forming appara...
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and developing apparatus
Control system, apparatus, and method in which display characteristics of an operation panel are cha...
Active anti-vibration apparatus and exposure apparatus
Compiler that decrypts encrypted source code
Evaporator and evaporation process
Surface-acoustic-wave filter providing outputs with different delay times and communications unit
Methods for sterilizing biological materials by multiple rates
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral prot...
Electrochemical reporter system for detecting analytical immunoassay and molecular biology procedure...
Specific inhibitors of hyaluronidase 2, and methods of identifying and using same
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase type three (TIMP-3) composition and methods
Integrated circuit with bonding layer over active circuitry
Semiconductor device having a copper interconnect layer
Wirebond structure and method to connect to a microelectronic die
Large current detector having a hall-effect device
Laser device, method of producing the same and composite optical medium for use in producing the sam...
Optical coupling structures and the fabrication processes
Vehicle seat occupant detection system with seat cushion identifying transponder
Computer vision based parking assistant
Object detection system
Control device for fuel cell vehicle
Electrical circuit module with magnetic detection of loose or detached state
Vehicle control method and vehicle warning method
Object-oriented operating system
Source controlled cache allocation
Extended double word accesses
Out of order execution memory access request FIFO
Data backup in presence of pending hazard
Method and apparatus for connecting manufacturing test interface to a global serial bus including an...
Magnetic resonance force microscope for the study of biological systems
Intraoperative monitoring of temperature-induced tissue changes with a high-resolution digital x-ray...
Curvature based method for selecting features from an electrophysiologic signals for purpose of comp...
Treatment of disorders by unidirectional nerve stimulation
Master having redundant degrees of freedom
Transfer-free cosmetic composition comprising a dispersion of polymer particles in a liquid fatty ph...
Water-insoluble drug particle process
Aqueous suspension with good redispersibility
Oiliness agent and water-in-oil emulsion containing same
Coating dispensing system and method using a solenoid head for coating medical devices
Multicomponent complex for use with a substrate
Auto-install apparatus and method
Electronic program guide including live network multimedia broadcast channels
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic pricing services for an interactive information distribut...
Method and system for independent incoming and outgoing message dispatching in a home audio/video ne...
Control methods and apparatus for coupling multiple image acquisition devices to a digital data proc...
System and method for user-server telecommunication in accordance with performance capabilities of a...
Method and apparatus for recurrent demand injury in stimulating angiogenesis
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Pink`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal White`
Memory expansion module with stacked memory packages and a serial storage unit
Headset adapter with detachable under-the-phone accessory deck
In-situ stripe height calibration of magneto resistive sensors
Method for specifying delivery information for electronic documents
Bar for supplying fluid detergent mixture in equipment for the automatic cleaning of printing machin...
Die and process especially for stamping detergent bars
Implement containing cleaning composition and disappearing dye
Drum assembly for dispensing a plurality of fluids
Protease variants and compositions
Detergent compositions containing alpha-sulfofatty acid esters and methods of making and using the s...
Method for production of medical records and other technical documents
System for sensing vehicle global and relative attitudes using suspension height sensors
Method for controlling an automatic transmission and controller suitable for such a method
Vehicle management system
Charging area display apparatus for vehicle and charging area display method for vehicle
Method and system for interfacing a global positioning system, other navigational equipment and wire...
Three dimensional (3-D) object locator system for items or sites using an intuitive sound beacon: sy...
Method and apparatus for estimating a geographic location of a networked entity
Methods and compositions for reducing UV-induced inhibition of collagen synthesis in human skin
Bioadhesive compositions
Metal oxide dispersions
Tocopherol derivatives
Targeted alpha particle therapy using actinium-255 conjugates
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Verification by target end system of intended data transfer operation
Repetitive pattern testing circuit for AC-coupled systems
Data interleaver and method of interleaving data
Forward error corrector
Multi-rate codec with puncture control
Channel coding based on hidden puncturing for partial-band interference channels
O-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Method and system with electronic control devices for blending of Chinese medicine
Structure and method for managing a video recorder
Oboe reed gouging device
Electric fan
Thermally decoupled flange for mounting to a turbine housing
Air-conditioner for use in an automobile
Simplified stamped counterweight
Radial turbo-blower
Hydraulic unit
Electronic air charge controller for vehicular compressed air system
Gaming cash management slip and method
Wireless gaming environment
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Open architecture communications in a gaming network
Method and apparatus for measuring energy consumed during plastic deformation in multi-ply board sys...
Apparatus and method for reducing spectral complexity in optical sampling
Intraluminal radiation treatment system
Method and apparatus for detecting properties of reflective transparent surface coatings on a sheet ...
Method for counting leukocytes and apparatus for counting leukocytes
Anthropomorphic film phantom for three-dimensional dosimetry
Apparatus for determining the best image from a dual resolution photo sensor
Digital image coding/decoding apparatus and method for correcting distorted data in transmitted sign...
Image process, computer to evaluate data and nuclear resonance tomograph equipped with such a comput...
System for facilitating pathological examination of a lesion in tissue
Medical diagnosis apparatus with patient recognition
Releasable control yoke anchor system for kite
Minimum energy wheel configurations for energy storage and attitude control
Unfolding joint for satellite solar generators
System and method for actively manipulating and controlling fluid flow over a surface
Boundary layer control of aerodynamic airfoils
Contiguous variable camber device
Sensor to predict void free films using various grating structures and characterize fill performance
Variable speed ratchet wrench and method of use
Pneumatic driving device for micro fluids wherein fluid pumping is governed by the control of the fl...
Apparatus and method for simultaneously conducting multiple chemical reactions
Methods of diagnosing and determining prognosis of colorectal cancer
DNA encoding a novel RG1 polypeptide
Microdevices for screening biomolecules
Apparatus and methods for data storage and retrieval
Wavelength agile external cavity diode laser
Image preparation system for transfer to substrates
Variable gain amplifier for low voltage applications
Instrument for medical purposes
Apparatus and method for monitoring force, especially force in labor and delivery
Method for revaluing a private label card using an electronic commerce terminal
Electronically tunable RF diplexers tuned by tunable capacitors
Planar miniature inductors and transformers
Web fabrication of devices
Optic flow sensor with negative iris photoreceptor array
Wavelength selective light source using Bragg-grating
Circuit topology for protecting vulnerable micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and electronic rel...
Carbon fibers formed from single-wall carbon nanotubes
Method and apparatus for operating a thermostat to provide an automatic changeover
Visual and reading enhancement apparatus for thermostats and associated methods
Motor fan unit attachment structure and radiator assembly fitted with a motor fan unit
Thermal roll for papermaking with a fluid circulation system and method therefor
Circuit board assembly with integrated air plenum chamber using self-aligning heat sinks
Operating device for heat sink
Field emission cold cathode
Movable barrier operator
Circuits with dynamic biasing
Image recording method having increased recording element output or increased recording element spot...
Transmission control system
Method for interfacing a cardbay card to the host system by indicating a 16-bit or cardbus PC card i...
Dynamic reconfigurable memory hierarchy
Intergrated hearing aid for telecommunications devices
Hybrid seed production
High level production of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in green plants
Production of .gamma. linolenic acid by a .DELTA.6-desaturase
Soybean cultivar SD93038
Inbred corn line LH320
Combinatorial experiment design method and system
Methods for identifying agents that interact with an active site of acyl carrier protein synthase-ac...
Designs of integrated circuits for high-speed signals and methods therefor
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fiber membranes
Floated biological treatment apparatus and process for purifying refractory wastewater or raw water
Sludge recovery apparatus and method
Concrete recovery system
Biological fluid treatment system and method
Large capacity acid or base generator apparatus
Ultraviolet water sterilization device in a modularized configuration
Apparatus for converting voltage with regulator
HID electronic ballast with glow to arc and warm-up control
Single reference DC/DC converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Extended range power detector
Network based KVM switching system
Multi-stage DC--DC converter
Digital signal processor enhanced pulse width modulation amplifier
Host bus adapter based scalable performance storage architecture
Method for constructing enterprise system
Method and apparatus for verifying Enterprise Java Beans
Multi-processor JAVA subsystem
Method for operating a computer system, byte code verifier and computer system
Compilation method and system to reuse memory storage instead of allocating it
Monitor entry and exit for a speculative thread during space and time dimensional execution
Methods, techniques, software and systems for rendering multiple sources of input into a single outp...
Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control
Adaptive demagnetization compensation for a motor in an electric or partially electric motor vehicle
Detection using degradation of a tagged sequence
Amplification and detection of organisms of the Chlamydiaceae family
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Use of sulfonyl aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acids and derivatives thereof as aggrecanase inhibitor...
Aromatic sulfone hydroxamic acids and their use as protease inhibitors
Tm leveling methods
Semiconductor laser device
Mode control using transversal bandgap structure in VCSELs
Semiconductor laser and method of producing the same
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers