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Process for producing free radical polymerized copolymers
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine intermediates
Electro-optical glazing structures having bi-directional control of electromagnetic radiation during...
Holder for aerosol dispenser
Cream composition comprising Dead Sea Mud
Suppression of mutual coupling in an array of planar antenna elements
Chondroprotective agents
Synthesis of bleach activators
Direct transformation of higher plants through pollen tube pathway
Universal/upgrading pulse oximeter
Method for scheduling packet data transmission
Oxidant scavengers
Critical path optimization--unload hard extended scalar block
Multistage hydroprocessing using bulk multimetallic catalyst
Process for the production of tertiary alkyl ethers
Method and apparatus for controlling the focus of a read/write head for an optical scanner
Low-density compositions and particulates including same
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yojeanette`
Dermal barrier composition
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine and mammography
Method for visualizing charged particle motion using magnetic resonance imaging
System and method of computer operating mode clock control for power consumption reduction
Protecting communications network integrity
Apparatus for optimized constraint characterization with degradation options and associated methods
Fuser and intermediate transfer drums
Sliding bearing and rotating sliding member
Ball bearing and bearing device
Compound bearing apparatus, and spindle motor and swing arm for hard disk drive means including such...
Rolling bearing and bearing apparatus
Cylindrical roller bearing
Suspended shoe rack
Liquid crystal display device with spacer covered with an electrode
Sidewall polymer forming gas additives for etching processes
Method of making a MEMS element having perpendicular portion formed from substrate
Process and device for determining changes in liquid media, in particular coating agents under shear...
Two-step process for producing solid surface material with foam backing
Process for coating
Fluoromonomer polymerization
Process and apparatus for measuring optical parameters on liquid media
Method for reducing oxygen content in a boiler exhaust gas
Strengthened thermoplastic
Method for hydrogenating unsaturated heterocyclic compounds
Electrostatically attracting electrode and a method of manufacture thereof
Resistive ankle exercise device
Therapeutic polypeptides from .beta.-hCG and derivatives
Lightweight composite material for protective pads, cushions, supports or the like and method
Water well filter apparatus
Rope light structure
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining atrial autocapture using PVC response
Multilayer paperboard packaging structure including polyolefin/polyamide blend layer
Hydrophobicity imparting particulate
Expandable composition, blowing agent, and process for extruded thermoplastic foams
UV curable deck sealer
Flame retardant expandable poly(arylene ether)/polystyrene compositions and preparation thereof
Hot melt adhesive composition comprising homogeneous ethylene interpolymer and block copolymer
Composition and device for in vivo cartilage repair
Automated molecular pathology apparatus having independent slide heaters
Powder-based disc having solid outer skin for use in a multi-component ammunition projectile
Adenovirus-mediated gene therapy
Lamp apparatus and lamp apparatus manufacturing method
Ethylene polymerization process
Vinyl chloride resin, process for producing the same, and molded object
Polyester oligomer
Container liner
Light-polarizing film
Method for treating heart disease and cardiovascular disease in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Microprocessor allocating no wait storage of variable capacity to plurality of resources, and memory...
4-Quinolinemethanol derivatives as purine receptor antagonists (1)
Technique for providing automatic event notification of changing network conditions to network eleme...
Amperometric biomimetic enzyme sensors based on modified cyclodextrin as electrocatalysts
Stable (CF3)2N-- salts and process for preparing them
Substituted azepino[4,5b]indole derivatives
Vehicle chassis inverter
Anchoring systems for aircraft arresting nets
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Microdevices for high-throughput screening of biomolecules
Sprocket part for bulldozer
14-methyl epothilone derivatives
Loop antenna device
Inhalation actuated device
Seat for bicycles
Process for treating tumors with cytotoxic substances
Composite material composed of fly ash and waste polyethylene terephthalate
Stable isocyanate formulations
Method for producing an electrode, and electrode for a fuel cell
Protective garment
Method for diagnosing proliferation regions and device for realizing the same
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Propylene-based polymer and film made of the same
Method for synthesis of .alpha.-sulfonamido amide, carboxylic acid and hydroxamic acid derivatives
Electroactive polymer electrodes
Bistable liquid crystal display device using polymer stabilization
Optical fiber alignment element using integrated micro ball lens
Optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable with plug
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Amino acid chelate for the effective supplementation of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the huma...
Cancer immune composition for prevention and treatment of individuals
Hair wax products containing waxes, non-volatile oils and volatile hydrophobic materials
Stable NO-delivering compounds
Composition for the treatment of hepatitis including HCV
Overvoltage-tolerant interface for integrated circuits
Active auto zero circuit for time continuous open loop amplifiers
Stable AGC transimpedance amplifier with expanded dynamic range
In-hub spindle motor with separate fluid dynamic bearings
System for measuring response time of a circuit by determining the time difference between the earli...
Method and apparatus for forming an image in a duplex print mode
Controlled device, controller, information control center, initialization-allowing communication sys...
Method for producing 2-hydroxyisobutyric acid and methacrylic acid from acetone cyanohydrin
Positive airway pressure device with indirect calorimetry system
System and method of automatic cycling control for HID lamps
Combined isochronous and asynchronous communication apparatus, method and interface
Method of separating carbon dioxide from a gas mixture using a fluid dynamic instability
Air treating device
Concrete grindings reclamation system
Calcium phosphate cements prepared from silicate solutions
Birefringent interference polarization
Magnetic hard disk having concentric magnetic tracks with flat surface and fabrication method thereo...
Molded hearing aid housing
Leadless fully automatic pacemaker follow-up
Method and apparatus for detection of defects in teeth
Antisense inhibition of SAP-1 expression
A-1,4-glucan lyase and its use in the production of 1.5-androfructose
Multiple-tumor aberrant growth genes
Benzodiazepine vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Method and apparatus for restoring data damaged by a computer virus on a magnetic information record...
Bayonet locking system and method for vending machines and the like
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Damping mechanism for a tensioner
Electrically controlled decentralized control system in a vehicle
Actuator controllers for motor vehicles
Method and arrangement for operating an actuator in a vehicle
Brake control system
Brake actuation unit
Electrically controllable brake system
Method for controlled braking of a motor vehicle
Process and device for actuating a braking system during the starting of a motor vehicle
Electric brake system and method for operating the same
Electric brake system for a motor vehicle
Method and device for adjusting or altering the play between brake linings and friction surfaces of ...
Method for operating an electromechanical brake system
Method and apparatus for the optimization of dispersion map using slope-compensating optical fibers
Noise making toy
Structure for quickly turning up car shell of a remotely controllable car
Toy washing machine
Valve control for an internal combustion engine
Desktop printable file folder blank and filing system
Tubular label, elongated tubular member and method of manufacturing the same, as well as labeled con...
Conductive materials with electrical stability for use in electronics devices
Method for issuance of satellite credit and debit cards
Security paper and methods for production thereof
Method for reproducing information data from magneto-optical recording medium using linear polarized...
Digital watermark image processing method
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Film forming compositions comprising modified starches and iota-carrageenan and methods for manufact...
Meat product
Dry cocoa mix containing a mixture of non-alkalized and alkalized cocoa solids
Method of synthesizing musical tone by executing control programs and music programs
Server for use in rating of music contents
Image scrambling method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for performing authentication in communication systems
User support system for cryptographic communication in network systems
Branch searching to prioritize received interrupt signals
Information storage and retrieval system
Method of searching documents and a service for searching documents
Video searching method, apparatus, and program product, producing a group image file from images ext...
Sequential subset catalog search engine
Adsorption power for removing mercury from high temperature high moisture gas streams
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and compact fluorescent lamp
Monolithic honeycomb structure made of porous ceramic and use as a particle filter
Integrated electronic-optoelectronic devices and method of making the same
Microorganism filter and method for removing microorganism from water
Method of removing scales and preventing scale formation on metal materials and apparatus therefor
Polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization
Aqueous coating material that is cured thermally and/or by actinic radiation, and its use
Metallic articles formed by reduction of nonmetallic articles and method of producing metallic artic...
Polarizable photoactive and electroactive polymers and light emitting devices
Organic-inorganic composite as a cathode material for a secondary lithium battery and method for man...
Organosilicon precursors for interlayer dielectric films with low dielectric constants
Grafted thermoplastic compositions and fabricated articles therefrom
Preparation of flexible polyurethane foams
Photo curable resin composition and photosensitive element
Grafted thermoplastic compositions and fabricated articles therefrom
Pressure sensitive adhesives based on polymers of multistage construction
Acrylated maleic-modified rosin esters and methods of preparing same
Method for forming a relative placement of components of an integrated circuit using a structural si...
Method of performing timing-driven layout
Method and apparatus for mixed-mode optical proximity correction
Fluorescent tube with light emitting diodes
Control system for active programmable electronic microbiology system
Proportional amplification of nucleic acids
Amplification of nucleic acids
Magnetic random access memory
Memory integrated circuit with improved reliability
Nucleic acid probes complementary to human papilloma virus nucleic acid
Double blind study label
System and method for predicting design errors in integrated circuits
Electronic football capable of measuring throwing statistics
System for enriching a bodily fluid with a gas
Aerosol product
Artificial neurons including power series of weights and counts that represent prior and next associ...
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Holiday countdown device
Tagging related files in a document management system
System and method for providing location-relevant services using stored location information
Method and system for rapid and reliable testing of speech intelligibility in children
Image processing device and character aspect design device
Object-oriented system for simulating sonar target acoustic scattering
DNA sequence encoding plant 2-acyltransferase
Soybean variety 93B47
Soybean variety 90B11
Soybean variety 91B12
System for managing service access in a multifunctional printing system
Systems and methods of estimating sheet supplies in a printing system
Non-local approach to resolution enhancement
System for providing information for a customer replaceable unit
Electro-mechanical roll with core and segments
Systems and methods for determining spectra using dynamic karhunen-loeve algorithms with measurement...
Legged robot and method for teaching motions thereof
Automatic sheet feeder
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Centrifuge container having curved linear shape
Method and system for dynamically polarizing electro-optic signals
Disk recording system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Miniature optical dispersion compensator with low insertion loss
System, method, and computer program product for network telephone queuing
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaimon`
System for controlling database growth in a read-repeatable environment
System and method for enforcing referential constraints between versioned database tables
Multiparty conferencing and collaboration system utilizing a per-host model command, control and com...
Method and manufacture for constructing watertight
Method and apparatus for automatically identifying a function module in a modular transceiver system
Two-way radio with silent annunciation
Location management in a mobile telecommunication system
Method for dividing traffic in a cellular radio network
Method for dynamically associating announcement groups with talkgroups in a radio communication syst...
Apparatus and method for determining a circuit floor plan
Thermally sensitive recording medium
C3 binding polypeptide of Streptococcus agalactiae group b Streptococcus
Gene products related to werner's syndrome
Methods for treating acromegaly and giantism with growth hormone antagonists
Multilayer, temperature resistant, composite label
Wear-resistant polymeric articles and methods of making the same
Process for preparing optically active trimethyllactic acid and its esters
Ellipsoidal polarizing plate comprising two optically anisotropic layers and polarizing membrane
Optical communications by frequency content of femtosecond laser pulses
Device for receiving seismic waves and method for coupling them with a solid environment
Apparatus and method for address modification in a direct memory access controller
Flexible membranes
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of circuits for a large display device using stitch exposur...
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) digital electrical isolator
Camera provided with focus adjusting apparatus
Electronic flash device
Camera and image forming system using the camera
Music box transmission mechanism
Method of file system recovery logging
Method and system for booting a multiprocessor computer
Method of writing, erasing, and controlling memory for memory device
Unshared scratch space
Compounds with chelation affinity and selectivity for first transition series elements: use in medic...
NMR field-cycling spectrometer in which the sample is conveyed on a circular path at a predetermined...
Interleaved water and fat dual-echo spin echo magnetic resonance imaging with intrinsic chemical shi...
Frequency-narrowed high power diode laser array method and system
Hybrid matrix implants and explants
Carbohydrate-directed cross-linking reagents
Simple immunochemical semi-quantitative assay method and apparatus
Protease inhibitors
Method and system for providing fiber optic cable to end users
Hydroalcoholic compositions thickened using polymers
Compositions having comfrey and methods for reducing retinoid-induced skin irritation
Curable casting compositions having a high refractive index and high impact resistance
Natural fluorescent dye obtained from a marine invertebrate, compositions containing the said dye an...
Amine dispersants
Tooth whitening substance
Stackable container with tapered stacking tabs
Product packaging creating a visual impression of a packaged item floating within a frame and method...
Apparatus and method for automatic lid selection in a produce packing apparatus
Method for making pneumatically filled packing cushions
Expandable fusion cage
Method of forming a microarray from frozen tissue
Apparatus and methods for enhancing the functional longevity and for facilitating the implantation o...
Stretched fasteners
Laminated films
Polymer 1D photonic crystals
Weatherable block copolyestercarbonate compositions
Rapid prototyping method for minimizing post processing
PDA instrument/process calibrator
Insulation coverage system and method for inhibiting biological contamination
Process for producing olefin polymer and olefin polymers
Fast method of I/O circuit placement and electrical rule checking
Plant glucose-6-phosphate translocator
Extender for universal serial bus
Highly efficient design of storage array for use in first and second cache spaces and memory subsyst...
Article for providing event handling functionality in a processor supporting different instruction s...
Placing a computer system into a sleeping state
System signalling schemes for processor & memory module
JTAG port-sharing device
Fast, environmentally-stable fiber switches using a Sagnac interferometer
High speed data link including a superconductive plate assembly for use in a data transmission schem...
Electro-optical device and a wavelength selection method utilizing the same
Radiance modeling
Applying interpretations of chemical names
Medical devices for contemporaneous decision support in metabolic control
Crystalline forms of macrolide antibiotic
Method and system for extended volume imaging using MRI
Intermediate buffer control for improving throughput of split transaction interconnect
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(amino-1-yl-alk-1-ynyl)-benzyl]-1H-indol-5-ol and estrogen formulations
Products for topical applications comprising oil bodies
Body coating composition
Shoe sole
Method and device for heat treatment of body tissue
Leads for pacing and/or sensing the heart from within the coronary veins
Ventilated waste can with frusto-conical lid
Waste bin
Garbage can
Waste basket assembly
Garbage can
Offset swivel jack
Optical recording medium having a recording/reproducing area with a shaped region
Aircraft multi-function overhead space access module
Coding process for inserting an inaudible data signal into an audio signal, decoding process, coder ...
Clock structure
Process for heat treating superconductor wire
Antimicrobial composition useful for the treatment of bovine mastitis
Processes of determining torque output and controlling power impact tools using a torque transducer
High-temperature alloy and articles made therefrom
Ski simulator
Modeling of phase synchronous circuits
Ophthalmic compositions containing galactomannan polymers and borate
Controlling allocation of system resources with an enhanced priority calculation
Method, system, and program for returning a file requested through a network connection
Method, system and program for establishing network contact
Method and system for estimating motion vector
Image decoding of image content within a boundary based on a map resolution transformed signal
Optical drive controller with a host interface for direct connection to an IDE/ATA data bus
Low wattage fluorescent lamp having improved phosphor layer
Doctor device in an inking unit of a rotary printing machine
Printing-machine cylinder, especially an impression cylinder, for a sheet-fed rotary printing machin...
Device for holding and feeding a printing plate to a printing cylinder of a printing machine
Transport apparatus
Sheet guide device for sheet-processing machine
Toner fusing system and process for electrostatographic reproduction, fuser member for toner fusing ...
Method and apparatus for setting transfer roller engagement
Scanning hook overlays and method of manufacture of same
Sphingomyelinase compositions and use thereof
System and process for shared functional block CDMA and GSM communication transceivers
Aspiration screening process for assessing need for modified barium swallow study
Multilayered gasket with eyelit
Polymeric hydrogels
Hard candy with plaque-neutralizing effect comprising alkali metal monophosphate
Mesh tray assembly
Coating process
Aminosugar, glycosaminoglycan, and S-adenosylmethionine composition for the treatment and repair of ...
Method for forming a dual damascene aperture while employing a peripherally localized intermediate e...
Semiconductor device having first and second insulating films
Wetness signaling device
Nitrogen gas separation using organic-vapor-resistant membranes
In Situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce sulfur containing format...
Fuel cell stack coolant conductivity sensor using differential voltage measurements
Fuel cell system and method of controlling the same
Method for preparing fuel cell component substrate of flexible graphite material having improved cat...
Continuous isothermal process for preparing mononitrotoluenes
Apparatus for generating and distributing electrical power to loads in a vehicle
Remote automatic volume control apparatus
Method and system for dispatching semiconductor lots to manufacturing equipment for fabrication
Downhole process control method utilizing seismic communication
Protected superconducting component and method for producing the same
Low cost electrodes for an iontophoretic device
Potassium channel interactors and uses therefor
Enhancement of proton exchange membrane fuel cell system by use of radial placement and integrated s...
Electrode material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary ...
Epoxidation system with fixed bed reactors
Incrementally resolved phase-shift conflicts in layouts for phase-shifted features
High pressure discharge lamp
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Arbitration method and circuit for control of integrated circuit double data rate (DDR) memory devic...
Method and apparatus for illuminating leads of a component
Multi-stage ejector pump
System and methods for forming data storage devices
Method, system, and apparatus for managing tasks
Method and apparatus for long term verification of digital signatures
High speed system and method for replicating a large database at a remote location
Apparatus and system for multivariate spectral analysis
Method of designing a voltage partitioned solder-bump package
Method and apparatus for controlling voice controlled devices
Flexible phase-locked loop system to indicate synchronization using difference between internal and ...
Advanced sensor systems for biotelemetry
Measuring device, especially for a heating/air-conditioning installation
Brake caliper cover for an automobile
Projection display device
Surface protective film and laminate formed therefrom
Sample carrier for the IR spectroscopy of sample liquids
Functional overlay for flexible objects in particular for diagnostic test strips
Method for detection of bromine in urine using liquid chemistry dry chemistry test pads and lateral ...
Apparatus for separating magnetic particles
System and method for noninvasive hemodynamic measurements in hemodialysis shunts
Porphyrin compounds, their conjugates and assay methods based on the use of said conjugates
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes o...
Apparatus and method of providing high frequency variable pressure to a patient
Thermal printer, thermal printing method and conveyor for recording material
Portable colorimeter
System for a retail environment
Vehicle occupant presence and position sensing system
Smart thermometer
Method and system for search and retrieval of similar patterns
Carbon nanotube with a graphitic outer layer: process and application
Catalyst for producing carbon and method of producing carbon
Method for the preparation of anhydrous sodium sulfide
Hydrogen generation from water split reaction
Rare earth-transition metal oxide pigments
Use of E-glass fibers to reduce plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete
Extendable exterior rearview mirror assembly for vehicles
Illumination device for exterior mirror
Rapid vapor generator
Longitudinally coupled resonator type surface acoustic wave filter with an IDT having a narrow pitch...
Hair analysis method
Methods and kits for treating and diagnosing leiomyomas
Automated baccarat gaming assembly
Optical fiber coating compositions and coated optical fibers
Loop initialization procedure exception handling for fibre channel transmissions
Stable solid block detergent composition
Laundry detergents comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates
Detergent composition
Aqueous disinfectant
Anti-hijacking security system and apparatus for aircraft
System for measuring the amount of crop to be harvested
Automatic gathering and analysis of data on commute paths
Communication navigation system and method, program storage device and computer data signal embodied...
Vehicle running controller and vehicle
Method and apparatus for recognizing object
Method of aligning an ACC-sensor on a vehicle
Laser spot locating device and system
System and method for locating a disturbance in a power system based upon disturbance power and ener...
Air-surface test system and method to evaluate potential wireless base station sites
Cable preparation tool
Portable locator system and method
Baby bottle locating system
Method of controlling body temperature while reducing shivering
Livestock facility ventilation exhaust air dust removal system
Blood processing system
Method of using a nozzle apparatus for the application of the foam treatment of tissue webs
Method for minimizing optical interference during antibiotic susceptibility readings in a microbiolo...
Read write head assembly having air bearing features for contaminant control in flexible media head-...
Ramp load slider with trailing edge extenders controlling load wear
Air bearing facilitating load/unload of a magnetic read/write head
Vehicle posture control apparatus
Automated vehicle tracking and service provision system
Method and apparatus for estimating tire air pressure
Position sensor for a motor vehicle
Blackout bingo with winner determined by date
Gaming device having bonus scheme incremental value disclosure
Gaming device having a selection-type bonus game that activates a mechanical device
Recognizing audio and video streams over PPP links in the absence of an announcement protocol
Soybean cultivar 82147657
Metal oxide containing multiple dopants and method of preparing same
Method and apparatus for renting items
Propylene polymers for films
Low reflection, high transmission, touch-panel membrane
Microwave paging architecture
Saw filter manufactured by using GaN single crystal thin film, and manufacturing method therefore
Virtual device driver and methods employing the same
Transparent note pads and kit therefor
Model selection in machine learning with applications to document clustering
System and method for the adaptive, hierarchical receipt, ranking, organization and display of infor...
Getter device employing calcium evaporation
Spray drying of macromolecules to produce inhaleable dry powders
Method for preparing a viral aerosol
Monohydric alcohol derived urethanes and their use in cosmetic formulations
Pyrazolopyrimidinone derivatives for the treatment of impotence
Nicotine therapy method and oral carrier for assuaging tobacco-addiction
Agent for inhibition of cytokine production and agent for inhibition of cell adhesion
Antibacterial liquid dish cleaning compositions having improved viscosity
Method and system for forming an acoustic signal from neural timing difference data
Game system and computer-readable recording medium
Memory card device, video game apparatus, and program providing medium
Method and device for developing accurate aim
System and method for collecting and managing data
Hoop for indicating when a basketball passes therethrough
Ayurvedic scale
Trim tab position monitor
Method and apparatus to retrieve information from a network
Method of controlling pests and associated apparatus
Dual display arrangement and a terminal device
Display device
Image display apparatus
Light-emitting device
Display device and drive method thereof
Small sized fixing device capable of securing a heat generation area, and image forming apparatus eq...
Dental adhesive composition
Solid state radiation detector with enhanced life duration
Low density, tensile stress reducing material for STI trench fill
Spark plug with built-in resistor
Organic luminescent element
Projection optical system, production method thereof, and projection exposure apparatus using it
Use of sol-gel as an inorganic adhesive for high stability, self organizing, fiber optic array
Tunable filter arrangement comprising resonators with reflection layers
Device and method for monitoring shock
Mobile telephone instruments and wireless telecommunications system
Mobile robot and method for controlling a mobile robot
Virtual private network service provider for asynchronous transfer mode network
Wireless communication system that uses keywords to find and display map graphic data
Game apparatus
Substituted n-phenyl-n-fused-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester t...
Insecticidal compounds and methods for selection thereof
Floatation toy
Electronic gaming system offering premium entertainment services for enhanced player retention
Attachment for a motor vehicle
Self contained water slide for individual yard use
Device for detecting loading of film cartridge
Pigment flakes
Transaction card
Method for deriving epitopes
Tilt assembly for a chair
Technique for correcting single-bit errors in caches with sub-block parity bits
Locking apparatus for a compact computer
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of multiple signal processing resources among multiple c...
Parallelism and crosstalk check on a printed circuit board (PCB)
Display device using a micro light modulator and fabricating method thereof
Micro-mover with balanced dynamics
Balloon weight and ribbon assembly
Multi-mode pipe projector
Vehicle back-up and parking aid radar system
Method of manufacture of molecular sieves
Vertical adaptive antenna array for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Silicon carbide overcoats for information storage systems and method of making
Dual enhancer composition for topical and transdermal drug delivery
Advanced data guard having independently wrapped components
Optical resonator microsphere sensor with altering Q-factor
Subsurface formation parameters from tri-axial measurements
Human protease inhibitor and polynucleotides encoding the same
Mailbox assembly
Transparent garbage collection of resources
Overlay presentation of textual and graphical annotations
Distributed help system for consumer electronic devices
Rotating fiber flasher system
Structure of firework light
Torch illumination device
Laminated transparency
Tube, with bore having convex sides, for emitting electromagnetic radiation, and method thereof
Fluorescent lamp with improved productivity, and manufacturing method for the fluorescent lamp
Transformer assembly for environmental lighting system
2D/3D image conversion system
Finder optical system and camera having the system
Method and apparatus for implementing motion estimation in video compression
LED illumination device for a scannerless range imaging system
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method therefor
Optical waveguide element having a single crystalline substrate with a crystal axis angled with resp...
Chromophores for polymeric thin films and optical waveguides and devices comprising the same
Cable management system
Fiber optic cable tensioning and positioning apparatus
Fixed component and optical component employing the same
Dual fiber variable optical attenuator
Apparatus for and method of processing image and information recording medium
Wide dynamic range fusion using memory look-up
Harmonic average based clustering method and system
Image processing apparatus and method for image processing
Method and apparatus for expanding image data
Dynamic range modification
Apparatus and method for measuring a plurality of electrical signals from the body of a patient
Operating method for an implantable cardiologic device, in particular a heart pacemaker
Disturbance-free electromyographic probe
Method for measurement of electrical characteristics of tissue
Method for increasing the specific gravity of low PH transparent or translucent, liquid or gel type ...
Method for controlling a continuous strip steel casting process based on customer-specified requirem...
Steel for large bearing and parts for large bearing
Stainless steel alloy having lowered nickel-chromium toxicity and improved biocompatibility
Carbide coated steel articles and method of making them
Coated ferrite stainless steel sheet usable in the automobile exhaust sector
Method for making steel with electric arc furnace
Imprinting large molecular weight compounds in polymer composites
Fracture healing using pthrp analogs
Microorganisms capable of producing highly unsaturated fatty acids and process for producing highly ...
Heterocyclic-ring condensed benzothiazine compound
Use of thiol redox proteins for reducing protein intramolecular disulfide bonds, for improving the q...
Canola oil having increased oleic acid and decreased linolenic acid content
Dihydro and hexahydro isoalpha acids having a high ratio of trans to cis isomers, production thereof...
Liquid benzoate ester compositions and aqueous polymer compositions containing same as plasticizers
Effect of aluminophosphate on catalyst systems comprising metal alkyl cocatalysts
Method and apparatus for invalidating data in a cache
Anti-chlamydial methods and materials
Transparent loading of resources from read-only memory for an application program
Structured documents in a publishing system
Mechanical positioner for MRI guided ultrasound therapy system
Registering image information
Method for standardizing the MR image intensity scale
Method and apparatus for collecting and processing physical space data for use while performing imag...
Plankton mitigation system
Layered canned pet food
Fat compositions containing waxes
Low fat edible emulsions
Methods and compositions for a gender specific diet for puppies
Maize A3 promoter and methods for use thereof
Nucleosides and oligonucleotides containing boron clusters
Nucleic acid sequences and expression system relating to Enterococcus faecium for diagnostics and th...
Time-stamping of merchandise prior to sale
Abdominal exercise device and methods of use
Deriving time-averaged moments
Configurable serial interconnection
Semaphorin K1
Continuous processing of powder coating compositions
Process for producing aldehyde
Spiraea plant named `Flowering Choice`
Clingstone peach tree named `Goodwin`
Chrysanthemum named `Vygold`
Hibiscus plant named `Torchy`
Dianthus plant named `Valda Judith`
Dianthus plant named `Valda Isolde`
System for determining web application vulnerabilities
Communication satellite resource trading techniques
Reversible move/merge operation for a general ledger
Method and apparatus for community management in remote system servicing
Method and apparatus for obtaining data from vendors in real time
Installation tool for irrigation emitter barbs
Dynamic connection to multiple origin servers in a transcoding proxy
X-ray projection exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Conditional access system and method thereof
Antimicrobial quaternary ammonium compositions with reduced ocular irritation
Magnesium alloys excellent in fluidity and materials thereof
Re-usable writing surface
Hierarchical metal one usage tool for child level leaf cell
Sulphonated polyesters as finishing agents in detergent, rinsing, softening and textile treatment co...
Hydraulically driven type working machine
Apparatus and method of supporting media in an image transfer system
Process for fine division of organic pigments
Analytical device for in vivo analysis in the body of a patient
Parallel DC power sources with different characteristics
Wheel pulling apparatus
Sulfur storage method
Level control device for wetlands wastewater treatment facilities
Diving jacket
Device and method for transferring vibrating movement to rigid pipe with pipe clamp for vibrator ram...
Stage device, an exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of adjusting input offset voltage
Light emitting device
Ear transceiver
Feature-region extraction method and feature-region extraction circuit
Direct conversion radio receiving system using digital signal processing for channel filtering and d...
Cosmetic use alternating current wave forms and cosmetic device
Method of cooling a fuel cell
Reflectometry system with compensation for specimen holder topography and with lock-rejection of sys...
Intuitive vehicle and machine control
Medical system for shared patient and physician decision making
Self-testing of magneto-resistive memory arrays
Process and apparatus for selecting or designing products having sound outputs
Method and apparatus for skills-based task routing
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Multiuser interference canceler for DS-CDMA system
Surgical implant system, article and kit
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle leveling assembly
Method for controlling an occupant protection device in a vehicle, and a control device therefor
Method for determining the lateral acceleration of a motor vehicle
Method and device for exercising a differential blocking function for a vehicle
Traction control system of vehicles combining feedback control with feedforward control
Device for organizing the access to a memory bus
Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
Arbitration circuit with plural arbitration processors using memory bank history
Bus transaction accelerator for multi-clock systems
Directed allocation of coupling facility structures
Semiconductor testing apparatus for testing semiconductor device including built in self test circui...
Blend of bioresorbable polymers
Modular cytomimetic biomaterials, transport studies, preparation and utilization thereof
Chemically modified polypeptides
Erythropoietin conjugates
Lymphoma-susceptible transgenic mice and methods for studying drug sensitivity of lymphomas
Apparatus and method for capturing and transferring internal system activity
Method and apparatus for controlling a scanning device
Interrupt controller
Fully-controlled, free-piston engine
Fluid motivated grease/water pumping and separating system
Diaphragm chucking with elasticity adjustment
Motor compressor and cooling apparatus using the same
Bladeless pump
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Discharge valve
Communication DMA device for freeing the data bus from the CPU and outputting divided data
Electrohydrodynamic liquid-vapor separator
Aqueous cleaning compositions
Manual operating means for valves
Pilot-type two-port vacuum valve
Power impact tool torque apparatus
Intrinsically safe enclosure and method
Method and apparatuses for creating a full text index accommodating child words
Glazing assembly comprising a substrate provided with a stack of thin layers for solar protection an...
Method of treating industrial waste waters
Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications
BiOCl pigment
Hybrid inorganic/organic color effect materials and production thereof
Method for upgrading Fischer-Tropsch wax using split-feed hydrocracking/hydrotreating
Process for producing a polymer of an .alpha.-olefin and lubricant
Functionalized diene monomers and polymers containing functionalized dienes and methods for their pr...
Ferrocene-based diphosphonites for asymmetrical catalysis
Convenient and efficient Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling catalyzed by a palladium/diazabutadiene syste...
Olefin metathesis in a distillation column reactor
Catalysts containing heteropolyanions usable in processes for conversion of paraffins
Aza- indolyl derivatives for treating obesity
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
2-substituted thiazolidinones as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Quinolinyl and benzothiazolyl modulators
Glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Hydantoin-containing glucokinase activators
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for displaying music piece data such as lyrics and chord data
System and method for converting graphical programs into hardware implementations which utilize prob...
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Strain-engineered, self-assembled, semiconductor quantum dot lattices
Interactive designing process and system of a printed circuit board pattern
Hydrogel-forming system with hydrophobic and hydrophilic components
Method and apparatus for inspecting phosphor screen of cathode ray tube
Display apparatus and display drive mechanism for vehicle
Thyristor-based device having extended capacitive coupling
CDMA base station having an improved antenna system
Powered pharmaceutical formulations having improved dispersibility
Process for preparing ethanebis(alkylphosphinic) acids
Multi-electrode panel system for sensing electrical activity of the heart
Imageable element comprising graft polymer
Device and a method for determining coordinates and orientation
Copolymers of high vinylidene polyolefins with vinyl or vinylidene monomers produced by free radical...
Chemically modified vegetable oil-based industrial fluid
Pipe coupling
Polymerizable cyclodextrin derivatives
Compounds and methods which modulate feeding behavior and related diseases
Implantable lead with dissolvable coating for improved fixation and extraction
Network provider loop security system and method
Method and system for controlling the supply of nitrogen to electrical power handling equipment
Memory circuit regulation system and method
Electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing thereof
Metallocene compounds, metallocene catalysts including the compounds and methods of polymerizing ole...
System and method for providing call-handling services on a data network telephone system
Default operator preference processing for a picture archiving and communication system
Method of designing DRAM macro-cell and arrangement template therefor
Rack-type kinematic mechanism, in particular for vehicle lifts
Magnetising arrangements for torque/force sensor
Methods to facilitate the calculation of yields of reaction products
Image forming apparatus
Method, system and article for creating and managing proprietary product data
Electro therapy method and apparatus
Watchdog method and apparatus
Defect examination apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring heart rate
Implantable cardiac stimulator with circuitry for removing noise in sensed electrical signals
Stimulation of homologous recombination in eukaryotic organisms or cells by recombination promoting ...
Universal procedure for refolding recombinant proteins
Apparatus for sanitary wet milling
Aqueous pesticidal composition
Method for storing digital information in write-once memory array
Electronic thermometer
Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion using photonic bandgap selective emitters
Interface apparatus and combination and method
Automatic calibration method for substrate carrier handling robot and jig for performing the method
Steering mechanism for rail guided robots in a library
Arc welding apparatus and control method thereof
Barcode single laser scanner targeting
Robotic vehicle and method for soil testing
Dual robot processing system
Oral care compositions comprising stabilized chlorine dioxide
Electronic stabilizer
Aircraft with ventral fairing and seal for such an aircraft
Airborne fire fighting system
Kite control systems
Energy managed electric propulsion methods and systems for stationkeeping satellites
Low-thrust cryogenic propulsion module
Extendable/retractable bi-fold solar array
DS-CDMA system with high resolution timing
Salts of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
Polymorphic form of a tachykinin receptor antagonist
System and method for assessing transmurality of ablation lesions
Process for the production of paroxetine
Dispersion device for a dispenser for sprinkling liquid onto substance and/or heat exchange systems
Method and arrangement for neural modeling of a paper winding device
Vertebroplasty system
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses thereof
.alpha.-amino-.beta.-sulfonyl hydroxamic acid compounds
Semiconductor device with a binary alloy bonding layer
Ball grid array package for enhanced stress tolerance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Method and apparatus for evaluating insulating film
Adhesive, liquid crystal device, process for manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic equ...
Liquid crystal display device
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Encapsulated power supply
Soluble phosphorylated glucan
Methods and compositions for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of infections
Soluble phosphorylated glucan: methods and compositions for treatment of neoplastic diseases
Soluble phosphorylated glucan: methods and compositions for wound healing
Mushroom cultivation
Composting process for the production of mushroom cultivation substrates
Substrate for growing shiitake mushrooms
Ergonomic multi-position guitar with locking fingertip tremolo and pick holder
Musical instrument leg support device
Vibratory string for musical instrument
Keyboard musical instrument
Stringed musical instrument with apparatus enhancing low frequency sounds
Information processing system
Distributed group key management for multicast security
Secure e-mail system
Simplified TV viewer response system and method using special codes and subscriber custom calling co...
Chrysanthemum named `Yellow Reagan Mundo`
Cooking system and method for controlling the same
Polymorphism detection utilizing clustering analysis
Information specific actuatable control system
Computer and a method of operating a computer
Ovariectomized mouse model for human menopause
Multi-layered semiotic mechanism for answering natural language questions using document retrieval c...
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
Heater sealed with carbon wire heating element
Grammar template query system
Internet document management system and methods
Internet banner advertising process and apparatus having scalability
Data routing in a communication network
Method and apparatus for monitoring internet traffic on an internet web page
Authenticating access to a network server without communicating login information through the networ...
Device for securing a telephone link between two subscriber sets
Facilitator for aggregating buyer power in an on-line market system
Method and system of determining a job ticket for a print stream determining process
Cold cathode
Method for growing a compound semiconductor, quantum well structure using the same, and compound sem...
Three input sense amplifier and method of operation
Projecting images
Viewing stereoscopic image pairs
Single lens instantaneous 3D image taking device
Image detection system
Method of image processing using three facial feature points in three-dimensional head motion tracki...
Wavelet-based facial motion capture for avatar animation
Methods and systems for automatically adding motion lines representing motion to a still image
Agent presentation apparatus
Copper scrap processing system
Protective cap for use in electrostatic coating method
System for the production of laboratory grade ultrapure water
Process for use of crumb rubber in moldable formulations
Hydrometallurgical treatment process for extraction of platinum group metals obviating the matte sme...
High strength flexible film package utilizing thin film
Binding resin for toner, toner, and electrophotograph
Set-associative cache memory having asymmetric latency among sets
Toggle for split transaction mode of PCI-X bridge buffer
Method and system for providing a heuristic approach for testing cell libraries
Medication adapter and method for use thereof
Smoking article with non-combustible wrapper, combustible fuel source and aerosol generator
Graphical user interface for providing component relational information for a uniform configuration ...
Optical channel selector
Power and wavelength management for mixed-rate optical data systems
Reduction of optical impairments in wavelength division multiplexed systems employing a wavelength b...
Method and apparatus for controlling the optical power of an optical transmission signal
Signal combining scheme for wireless transmission systems having multiple modulation schemes
Thruster screen
Docking slip guide
Method for tendering
Elevated tow apparatus
Cooled jet blast deflectors for aircraft carrier flight decks
Device for evaporation of liquefied natural gas
Aft hung hydrofoil for reduction of water resistance of partially immersed sailing vessels
Hot melt adhesive
Process for making betaine transition metal complexes for use in animal feed supplements and composi...
System and method for remote direct material deposition
Apparatus and method for thermoplastic extrusion
Cylindrical covering cap for eyepiece tubes
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Jam`
Structure for suppressing pulsation in compressor
Systems and methods for maintaining uniformity in a presentation environment
Thermal transfer printer, thermal transfer recording method and thermal transfer recording web roll
Generic number cellular telephone
Lock accessory for lever action rifles
Automatic machine gun
Shift rod support assembly for transmission gear shift mechanism
Sealing structure for a rock drill bit
Drive unit for centrifuge rotor of a centrifugal separator
Retainer nut
Antifriction bearing
Bearing ring
Ball for constant-velocity joint and method of manufacturing such ball
Anti-counterfeiting system and method for authenticating manufactured articles
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device
MEMS switch
Ladder-type piezoelectric filter using resonators with nodal cuts and made from materials with equal...
Opto-electronic techniques for reducing phase noise in a carrier signal by carrier supression
Scanning capacitive semiconductor fingerprint detector
Synthesis gas production by steam reforming
Methanol reforming catalyst, method of manufacturing methanol reforming catalyst and method of refor...
Controlled air injection for a fuel cell system
Regenerative fuel cell system
Malaria vaccine
Viral material and nucleotide fragments associated with multiple sclerosis, for diagnostic, prophyla...
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Rapid mutational analysis method and compositions
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Paint masking for corners
Liquid delivery device
Fibre channel data storage system having expansion/contraction
Method for transferring characters especially to a computer and an input device which functions acco...
Method of manufacturing a lithium battery
Method for analysis of three organic additives in an acid copper plating bath
Article exhibiting increased resistance to galvanic corrosion
Lithium cobalt oxides and methods of making same
Battery and process for preparing the same
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with thermoplastic comfort enhancing integrated frame
Methods of therapy for HIV infection
Chemokine-tumor antigen fusion proteins as cancer vaccines
Coil stop for rail road coil car
Method and apparatus for fiber strap termination
Livestock cooling system
Process for phosphorylation and compounds produced by this process
Sign assembly
Hydraulic fracturing fluid comprising a block copolymer containing at least one water-soluble block ...
Tufting oral brushes
Method and device for cooling a hot reactor gas, for example in the production of phthalic anhydride
Method and apparatus for providing patient care
Brain cell or nerve cell-protective agents comprising ginsenoside Rb1
Computer program product and method for partial paging and eviction of microprocessor instructions i...
Color mixing in HID lamp at VHF frequencies
Data transmission apparatus for CDMA communication system and method thereof
Random packing element and method
Magnetic separator
Inorganic shaped bodies and methods for their production and use
Drosophila homologues of genes and proteins implicated in cancer and methods of use
Mammalian cortexin-like proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Better emergence characteristics and improved seedling growth under low-light environments
Apparatus and methods for modeling process effects and imaging effects in scanning electron microsco...
Computer implemented method and program for automating flip-chip bump layout in integrated circuit p...
Method and apparatus for improved substrate handling
Protective gas shield apparatus
Inspectable buried test structures and methods for inspecting the same
Method and system for relevance feedback through gaze tracking and ticker interfaces
Method of regulating and controlling an internal combustion engine
Antisense modulation of raidd expression
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Polypeptides having opioid receptor activity, nucleic acids coding therefor and uses thereof
Antisense modulation of Smad6 expression
Methods for the inhibition of respiratory syncytial virus transmission
Alphavirus vectors for paramyxovirus vaccines
Nucleic acid respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
Peptide fragment of respiratory syncytial virus protein G, immunogenic agent, pharmaceutical composi...
Imidazopyridine and imidazopyrimidine antiviral agents
Immunization against Streptococcus pneumoniae using conjugated and unconjugated pneumoccocal polysac...
Oral administration of pneumoccal antigens
Oral administration of pneumococcal antigens
Method for isolating a C3 binding protein of streptococcus pneumoniae
Pneumococcal fimbrial protein A
Derivatives of choline binding proteins for vaccines
Malaria associated antigen and preparing process thereof
Malaria vaccine
Protein copolymer malaria vaccine
Plasmodium falciparum vaccine comprising a recombinant histidine-rich protein-HRP-II
Braking device for a self-propelled roller
Snow sled having steerable foot rudders
Method of operating a web-fed rotary printing machine
Method for profiling and calibrating a digitally controllable printing machine having a permanent pr...
Cellular telecommunications system
Tool bit drive adaptor
Assembly of brake disk and hub
Reciprocating type driving mechanism
Exercise methods and apparatus with flexible rocker link
Electrolytic aluminum polishing processes
Nanocomposite material
Process for the preparation of trifluoromethyl-substituted biphenylcarboxylic acids and novel trichl...
Laparoscopic sealed access device
Implantable electrode lead
Semiconductor device and method of designing the same
Side-looking NMR probe for oil well logging
Bitstream protocol for transmission of encoded voice signals
Apparatus and method for reading and analyzing ECG images
Receptor-selective somatostatin analogs
Removable belt clip
Blade sharpening assembly
Single sensor control of power converters
Preparation of quinoline-substituted carbonate and carbamate derivatives
Apparatus for separating solids drilling fluids
Process for the preparation of mineralized collagen fibrils and their uses as bone substitute materi...
Single crystal, dual wafer, tunneling sensor or switch with silicon on insulator substrate and a met...
Moving apparatus with drive force assist mechanism and movement control method
Audible communication system
System for monitoring sealing wear
Method and apparatus for activating a pump of a braking system as a function of the pressure drop
Apparatus and method for determining vehicle operating and dynamic parameters
Braking pressure control apparatus having device for diagnosing manually operated hydraulic system
Method and system for determining the capacity of a battery
Method for estimating the pressure in a wheel brake cylinder and control unit for carrying out the m...
Brake system control
Electrically controlled, decentralized control system in a vehicle
Microprocessor system for automobile control systems
Electromechanical brake system
Method for handling errors in an electronic brake system and corresponding device
Arrangement for actuating a motor vehicle braking system
Circuit configuration for a motor vehicle control system
Method and device for statically or dynamically determining set values concerning braking forces or ...