The present invention relates to novel chiral 1,1'-ferrocenylene diphosphonites and the synthesis thereof, in addition to complexes of said compounds with metals from groups VIIb, VIIIb and Ib of the Periodic Table and to the use thereof for enantioselective hydrogenation of olefins, ketones and imines, or enantioselective hydroboration and 1,4-addition to activated olefins.

A invenção atual relaciona-se aos diphosphonites 1,1'-ferrocenylene chiral da novela e a síntese disso, além aos complexos de compostos ditos com metais dos grupos VIIb, VIIIb e Ib da tabela periódica e ao uso disso para o hydrogenation enantioselective dos olefins, as cetonas e os imines, ou hydroboration e 1,4-addition enantioselective aos olefins ativados.


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