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Ionically conductive composition and a cell manufactured by using the same
Cytotoxic metal chelators and methods for making and using same
Aluminum battery with aluminum-containing negative electrode
Secreted protein HODAZ50
Substituted azepino[4,5b]indoline derivatives
Layered lithium cobalt oxides free of localized cubic spinel-like structural phases and method of ma...
Secondary battery
Positive electrode active material, positive electrode active material composition and lithium ion s...
Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery
Enhanced performance tandem roller for patio doors
Cosmetics apparatus
Molded holster belt loop assembly with shelf
Detection of HIV
Alpha-hydroxy-gamma-[[(carbocyclic-or heterocyclic-substituted)amino]carbonyl]alkanamide derivatives...
Synthesis, anti-human immunodeficiency virus, and anti-hepatitis B virus activities of 1,3-oxaseleno...
Patient-isolating programming interface for programming hearing aids
Method, apparatus, and code for maintaining secure postage data
Method and apparatus for authenticating unique items
System and method for consumption via network
Filament organizer with accessory positioner
Oximeter sensor with digital memory recording sensor data
Integrated multi-modality imaging system and method
Apparatus and methods for fluid delivery using electroactive needles and implantable electrochemical...
Implantable medical device
Use of polyamino acid derivatives as preserving agents, compositions comprising them and preserving ...
Anhydrous composition and cosmetic, pharmaceutical or hygienic use
Cosmetic and dermatological compositions comprising crosslinked and branched amphoteric copolymers a...
Chewable oral unit dosage
System for dispensing a product
Aqueous two-component polyurethane systems with increased impact resistance, high stability and good...
Sulphinic acid derivatives, method for producing them, and their use
Cosmetic compositions containing a polyoxyalkylenated aminosilicone block copolymer and a conditione...
Pagoda feeder
Tube feeder
Dome stake tiedown
Baby bottle washer
Suction seal
Tool caddy
System and method for managing virtual property
Method and apparatus for controlling and optimizing seismic data acquisition
Mirror and cavity designs for sampled grating distributed bragg reflector lasers
Automatic call distribution system contact routing with media-port
Linear vibrating device and speaker equipped with the same
Method to increase the efficiency of job sequencing from sequential storage
Window protector assembly
Wood and plastic composite material and methods for making same
Foam composite wood replacement material
Numerical data processing apparatus and numerical data processing method
Power kit assembly for a height adjustable chair
Medical diagnostic monitoring
Selecting a coupling scheme for each subband for estimation of coupling parameters in a transform co...
Method and system for injecting an exception to recover unsaved data
Method and catalyst for opening naphthenic rings of naphthenic ring-containing compounds
Method for control of a chemical manufacturing process
Viscosity modifier for lubricating oil and lubricating oil composition
Carboxylic acid derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
6-(aryl-amido or aryl-amidomethyl)-naphthalen-2-yloxy-acidic derivatives as inhibitors of plasminoge...
Synthetic compounds for treatment of inflammation
Pyrrole derivatives and cell death inhibitors
Method of inhibiting pancreatic .beta.-cell p135 O-glycosylation
Derivatives of monosaccharides as cell adhesion inhibitors
Thread tapping device
Spur gear to interconnect rack and worm
Pyramid game
Interactive employee training system and method
Debug controller in a data processor and method therefor
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for faster notification of errors in a software bui...
Binary program conversion apparatus, binary program conversion method and program recording medium
Polymorphic code generation method and system therefor
Lathe cut face seal and method for sealing irregularly shaped cavity
Optical signal processing method and apparatus
Rapid detection of species bands in a separation conduit
Switchable FOV coil assembly having end saddle coils
High frequency large volume resonator
NMR probe with enhanced power handling ability
Connector device for a sensor or actuator
Method for obtaining a lithographic printing surface
High resolution optical stepper
Image reconstruction architecture
Apparatus and method for a DC-Insensitive FIR filter for optical PRML channel
Compact disc subcode packing and error correction detection
Rare earth phospho-vanadate phosphors, display system and light emitting system
Apparatus for scanning masters
Fuser loading system
Method and device for controlling the travel speed of a unit in a machine for processing printing ma...
Method and system for producing screen data using a separate rip for each color
Edge folding device having self-locking mechanism
Apparatus and method for handling stacks of sheets
Electrographic methods using hard magnetic carrier particles
Cassette for thermal transfer ribbon for setting images on printing plates
Device for feeding a web of material into a folding machine
Firm engagement sign holder apparatus for sign sheets
Crystal of a kinase-ligand complex and methods of use
Autonomous landing guidance system
Infrared radiator with carbon fiber heating element centered by spacers
Microwave oven with temperature-dependent automatic stop
Smart load port with integrated carrier monitoring and fab-wide carrier management system
3-oxo-2,1-benzisoxazol-1(3H)-carboxamides for treatment of CNS diseases
Method for producing soft to semi-rigid polyurethane integral foamed materials
Process for preparing a polyaromatic compound
Weatherproof switch assembly
Disposable strip holder installation device and placement holding device and method for copiers, las...
Multi-modal traveler information system
Polymethylmethacrylate nanocomposite optical article and method of making same
Polymer nanocomposite comprising a matrix polymer and a layered clay material having an improved lev...
Multi-functional initiators for atom transfer radical (Co)polymerization
Spathiphyllum plant named `Sweet Benito`
Geranium plant named `FIP 553`
Poinsettia plant named `Kamp Burgundy`
Ficus plant named `Mini Amstel`
Geranium plant named `Fip 440`
Crepe Myrtle plant named `Rosey Carpet`
Epimedium grandiflorum plant named `Purple Pixie`
Nucleic acid molecules from plants encoding enzymes which participate in starch synthesis
Device and method that allows an objective measurement to be taken of the size and morphological pat...
Intraocular lenses and process for the producing molded-in type intraocular lenses
Incision trainer for ophthalmological surgery
Methods of producing intraocular lenses and materials suitable for their production
Methacrylic polymer having a terminal functional group and composition thereof
Supercritical fluid pressure sensitive adhesive polymers and their preparation
Initiation method of a method for producing 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane
Method of fuel cell activation
Trenchless pipe replacement apparatus and technique
Method for installing conduit or the like on mountain surface using steel cable
Apparatus and method for deploying an object or a load on a seabed
Device for drilling and anchoring and process for placing grout anchors
Device for inserting foreign matter into the soil or for compacting the soil
Construction material and method
Reducing lead bioavailability
Magnetic head having grooves to enhance contact with magnetic recording media and magnetic recording...
Computer housing with expansion bay cover and methods for operating expansion bay covers
Narrow beam ArF excimer laser device
Optical switch with movable mirror
Image forming apparatus and toner container therefor
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for inserting programmable latency between address and data information in a me...
Series/parallel connection of planar fuel cell stacks
Electrical devices from polymer resins prepared with ionic catalysts
Methods for dividing a pattern in a segmented reticle for charged-particle-beam microlithography
Drug delivery system exhibiting permeability control
Packaging for storage devices using electron emissions
Office printer with automatic input power sensing and variable throughput speed
Apparatus and method for a compositional decision support reasoning system
Digital communication devices and digital communication methods
Apparatus and method for tracking flushes of cache entries in a data processing system
Method for ensuring maximum bandwidth on accesses to strided vectors in a bank-interleaved cache
Printer and fixing device which maintain a stable temperature for fixing a toner image
Nucleic acid sequence detection employing amplification probes
FM transmitter and power supply/charging assembly for MP3 player
Vehicle surrounding monitoring apparatus
Screening test and procedure using skin patches
System for withdrawing body fluid
Pressure-wave sensor with a leveling support element
Automated centrifuge loading device
Microdialysis system
Method and system for determining available and alternative speech commands
Drug delivery apparatus
Virtual home agent service using software-replicated home agents
Cellar system, mobile portable apparatus, base station apparatus, optimum path detecting method, and...
Semi-enclosed applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Light sensing hidden object location system
Videophone apparatus with privacy protection
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Optical methods for selectively sensing remote vocal sound waves
Far infrared emitting material for body warming, therapeutic purposes, and sanitation purposes
Method for learning switching linear dynamic system models from data
Media content notification via communications network
Light-responsive vehicle control such as an electro-optic rearview mirror system that is adaptive to...
Process for producing piperidinecarbinols
Ultrasonic welding of wires through the insulation jacket thereof
Method and system for real time pricing of fine-grained resource purchases
Object recognition system
Method and system for progressive engagement of all-wheel drive
Method and control system for distance and speed control of a vehicle
Method and device for setting the vehicle longitudinal velocity to a deired speed
Vehicle traction control with rough road correction
Fast-path apparatus for receiving data corresponding to a TCP connection
Method and system for selecting controller output value source
Queue incorporating a duplicate counter per entry
Method and apparatus for connecting single master devices to a multimaster wired-and bus environment
Predecode in parallel with TLB compare
System and method for communicating with an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for forcing system components to temporarily enter a standby mode of operation ...
Method of artificially growing edible fungi
Automatic dishwashing detergent tablets
Dishwashing detergent compositions containing organic diamines
Detergent compositions containing modified alkylaryl sulfonate surfactants
Granular detergent composition having an improved solubility
Method of controlling a CVT automatic transmission
Vehicle navigation device
Map generation device
Method, system and article of manufacture for identifying regularly traveled routes
Mobile unit navigation system and mobile unit navigation method
Navigation system
Method for determination of fuel usage for a vehicle in a vehicle navigation system
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Anti-.alpha.v.beta.3 recombinant human antibodies, nucleic acids encoding same
Mutants of the Rb and p53 genes and uses thereof
Fas ligand-like protein, its production and use
Guitar pick
String-plucking type electronic musical instrument with photo sensor for generating signal for sound
Magnetic pick-up device for stringed musical instrument
Nut assembly for stringed musical instrument
Double acting reciprocating motor with uni-directional fluid flow
Diaphragm pump
Self-contained motor driven hydraulic supply unit
Magnetically levitated pump apparatus
Turbo blood pump
Pump and pump piston assembly
Easily loaded and unloaded getter device for reducing evacuation time and contamination in a vacuum ...
Game using game and outcome indicia
Method and apparatus for gaming with simulation of telephone for player interaction
Bioerodible polyorthoesters from dioxolane-based diketene acetals
Liquid-crystal display device
Switching DC-DC power converter and battery charger for use with direct oxidation fuel cell power so...
Modified trocar and methods of use
Abrasion resistant conformal beaded-matrix for use in safety garments
Bioactive agent delivering system comprised of microparticles within a biodegradable to improve rele...
Compositions and methods for producing platelets and/or proplatelets from megakaryocytes
Antithrombotic surface treating agent and medical apparatus
Polymeric coatings for controlled delivery of active agents
Steerable catheter and method for locating coronary sinus
Sterility barriers for insertion of non-sterile apparatus into catheters or other medical devices
System and method for coarse/fine PLL adjustment
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Luminescent display and a method producing the same
Method for making an oxirane
Coated articles
Method and system for extracting data from surface array deposited features
Method and device for assessing cattle
Measuring integrated circuit layout efficiency
Concrete placing and screeding apparatus and method
Mechanism to reorder memory read and write transactions for reduced latency and increased bandwidth
Local stall/hazard detect in superscalar, pipelined microprocessor
System for counting a number of clock cycles such that a count signal is diverted from a cascaded se...
Method and system for failsafe recovery and upgrade of an embedded operating system
Masking error detection/correction latency in multilevel cache transfers
System and method for specifying hardware description language assertions targeting a diverse set of...
Method of automatically finding and fixing min-time violations
MRI RF coil systems having detachable, relocatable, and or interchangeable sections and MRI imaging ...
Method of image-enhanced endoscopy at a patient site
Low frequency neurostimulator for the treatment of neurological disorders
Systems and methods for autonomously controlling agricultural machinery
Method for prescribing a ramp by a clock-pulse-controlled quantity
Method and system for acquisition, monitoring, display and diagnosis of operational parameters of el...
Magnetic field measuring device
Digital image recording device and method for fixation of toner on an image carrier substrate
Voice controlled surgical suite
Backup power supply for a crash notification system for an automotive vehicle and method of operatin...
Method of responding to I/O request and associated reply descriptor
Computer input device
RF transmitter fault and data monitoring, recording and accessing system
Light beam polarization converter for converting an illumination light source
Thermoplastic resin film satisfactory in printability
Cycloolefin blends and method for solvent bonding polyolefins
Highly active cationic ruthenium and osmium complexes for olefin metathesis reactions
High stability optical encapsulation and packaging for light-emitting diodes in the green, blue, and...
Metal-regulated transporters and uses therefor
Method for identifying compounds that modulate the interaction of amyloid beta or its aggregates wit...
Drug delivery device having improved adhesion and attachment system for drug delivery device
Enhanced food products
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized copying and distributing of electronic messages tra...
Pass transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Detergent tablet
Method for dispersing light using multilayered structures
Method and apparatus to counterbalance intrinsic positive end expiratory pressure
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method of preparing fluid-structure interactive numerical model and method of manufacturing flutteri...
Method of generating and/or executing a diversified program flow
Library capacity scaling by incremental addition of horizontal storage trays
High density data storage library with horizontal array structures
Outer route for robots in a horizontal storage library
Floor shape deducing device for legged mobile robot
Interpreting functions utilizing a hybrid of virtual and native machine instructions
Ground fault circuit interrupter with indicator lamp powered from hot bus bar of interrupting contac...
Device for suspending a payload in a launch vehicle
Spacecraft methods and structures for acquiring and determining power-safe attitudes
Apparatus for variation of a wall skin
Plane passenger seat with integrated life vest
Aircraft airfoil assembly and method
Method and computer program product for controlling the actuators of an aerodynamic vehicle
Method and apparatus for reducing false taws warnings and navigating landing approaches
Method of packet scheduling, with improved delay performance, for wireless networks
Predistortion control for power reduction
Process for producing catalyst for steam reforming of methanol
Pediatric formulation of gatifloxacin
Therapeutic methods employing disulfide derivatives of dithiocarbamates and compositions useful ther...
Aromatic compounds
Process for the production of polysaccharide beads
Blue light-emitting polymer prepared using a fluorinated tetraphenyl monomer and an EL device manufa...
Absorbent members for absorbing body liquids
Optical sensing devices
Disk drive
Seal for micro-electro-mechanical devices
Layered polymer on aluminum stacked capacitor
Multicomponent monofilament for papermaking forming fabric
Separation of monomer from oligomer with lower bottoms temperature
Color combining optical system and projection type display apparatus having the same
Electric power supplying apparatus using unstable electric power supply and control method therefor
Motor and photographing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable to same
Image forming apparatus capable of correcting control coefficient used to determine electrification ...
Image forming apparatus with changeable toner returning electric field application period
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Distributor for packed liquid-vapor contact column
Blood centrifuge with exterior mounted, self-balancing collection chambers
Process for eliminating halogen-containing compounds contained in a gas or liquid using an adsorbent...
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Spinel type sialon, spinel type silicon oxynitride and methods for producing their powders
Attrition resistant, shaped, crystalline anionic clay-containing bodies
Activated carbon and method for producing it
Methods for producing oxides or composites thereof
Method of making alumina having bimodal pore structure, and catalysts made therefrom
Process for purifying siloxane
Reel mechanism with line tension/fish weight indicator
Surface acoustic wave filter with angled reflection by piezoelectric substrate reflection edges, dup...
Physical property determination using surface enhanced raman emissions
Method for determining robot alignment
Library failover method using hot spare redundant picker mechanism
Robot apparatus, body unit and coupling unit
Method employing X-Y tables for simultaneously mounting electronic parts
Device and method for distributing a cable assemblage in an industrial robot
Method and apparatus for automatically loading and unloading piece goods
Sulfated fucogalactan
Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
Method for kidney disease detection and treatment
Immunoassay element and process for immunoassay
MEMS microactuators located in interior regions of frames having openings therein and methods of ope...
Low gate current field emitter cell and array with vertical thin-film-edge emitter
Integrated microcontact pin and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display
Master information carrier, method for producing the carrier, method and apparatus for writing infor...
Magnetic memory device
Barrier layer and method of making the same
Transgenic plants expressing photorhabdus toxin
Soybean cultivar 010011
Soybean cultivar B3491
Sure-fit: an automated method for modeling the shape of cerebral cortex and other complex structures...
Portable interstitial fluid monitoring system
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediator
Method for treating tissue through injection of a therapeutic agent
Gaming method and apparatus having a proportional payout
Data and value unit transfer system on slot machine network
Controlled release neurotoxin system
Method and apparatus for transdermally sampling or administering a substance to a patient
Externally-controllable constant-flow medication delivery system
Methods, systems, and kits for implanting articles
Wearable, self-contained drug infusion device
Sustained-release preparation for AII antagonist, production and use thereof
Formulation of amphiphilic heparin derivatives for enhancing mucosal absorption
Cosmetic composition for skin care containing retinol and epidermal growth factor
Sprayable beautifying composition
Herbal ointment
Aloe vera impregnated elastomeric article and method of manufacture
Tablets quickly disintegrating in the oral cavity and process for producing the same
Porous celecoxib matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Methods of preparing compositions comprising chemicals capable of transcriptional modulators
Process and apparatus for applying a thermally attached lubricating coating on an interior wall of a...
Method for manufacturing a laminate consisting of individual layers
Photoablatable lenticular modulator
Composite material and methods of making the same
Methods and compositions for misoprostol compound treatment of erectile dysfunction
Gel composition for filling a breast milk duct prior to surgical excision of the duct or other breas...
Method of and system for testing compatibility with an external API upgrade
Factory software management system
Digital multi-media device and method relating thereto
Remote control system for audio and video content
System and method for automatically detecting and generating electronic program guide entries of fut...
Facility for assigning transmission channels to terminals of a service-on-demand system
Gateway power synchronization
Wafer cascade scrubber
Detachable planing enhancement system for inflatable sportboats
Sphincter treatment device
Vascular device having one or more articulation regions and methods of use
MOS transistors with improved gate dielectrics
Method and apparatus for creating and maintaining graphic representations of documents under a unive...
System for managing power in a portable music player
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
Lipid-nucleic acid particles prepared via a hydrophobic lipid-nucleic acid complex intermediate and ...
Fabric care method
Washing machine incorporating detergent tray
Laundry detergent compositions containing a soil release polymer
Aqueous solven encapsulation method, apparatus and microcapsules
Ternary ligand complexes useful as radiopharmaceuticals
Human BMP-7 promoter and method for exploring bone-related substance by using the same
Pharmaceuticals for the imaging of angiogenic disorders
Method of separating viral particles
Antisense modulation of CD40 ligand expression
Mitigation and gasification of coke deposits
Monitoring apparatus and method
System for controlling exterior vehicle lights
Automated parts dispensing system
Brake system control
Brake system control method responsive to measured vehicle acceleration
Method and device for controlling a braking system in open loop
Hydraulic vehicle braking system
Method and apparatus for controlling a braking system
Method and device for check-testing a braking system
Brake control system
Brake actuator for an electrically actuable vehicle brake
System and method for location based traffic reporting
Method and system for mobile vehicle re-routing
Generalized adaptive signal control method and system
Vehicle navigation system apparatus and method providing enhanced information regarding geographic e...
Selective speaker adaptation for an in-vehicle speech recognition system
Method and system of using a single telephone number for multiple services
Twin axis steering wheel system
Cockpit having a forward-to-rearward dash plate slip plane
Instrument panel frame
Anti-theft device for water vehicle
Wheel drive with integrated dynamic service brake
Parallelogram load sensing apparatus for a seat belt webbing
Parallel data base record distribution method and parallel data base management system
Database extender for storing, querying, and retrieving structured documents
Back-branding media determination system for inkjet printing
Content player method and server with user profile
Method for delivering electronic content from an online store
Grouping targets of management policies
Method for reducing pest damage to corn by treating transgenic corn seeds with clothianidin pesticid...
Methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants
Paint can spout with brush rest
Garbage can
Illuminated relief
Cellular targeting poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted polymeric gene carrier
Multimedia client for multimedia/hybrid network
Technique for effectively providing information responsive to a notable condition in a vehicle
Data CODEC system for computer
System server for channel-based internet network
System and method for disk mapping and data retrieval
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in a memory system
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Picture display device of the index type
Aluminum electrolysis using solid cryolite/alumina crust as anode
Composite products comprising cellulosic materials and synthetic resins and methods of making the sa...
System and method for coating and developing
Correlated double sampler with single amplifier
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Memory device having wide margin of data reading operation, for storing data by change in electric r...
Spacer assisted trench top isolation for vertical DRAM's
In-action boresight
Adhensive bandage with soft, three-dimensional toy
Sensor apparatus using an electrochemical cell
Firearm locking mechanism
Mailbox with transparent panels
Method and system for performing microabrasion
Tobacco products with stabilized additives having vitamin E activity
Complexes of hyaluronic acid/carnitines and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions
Reaction product of arginine and p-aminobenzoic acid, cosmetic, and human and animal health composit...
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Method and system for representing and accessing object-oriented data in a relational database syste...
Tablet of compacted particulate cleaning composition
Medicinal compositions
Methods of treating headaches using 5-HT agonists in combination with long-acting NSAIDs
Functional alcohol releasing substance
Vibration generating device and input device for game apparatus using the same
Wireless game control units
Impulse radio interactive wireless gaming system, gaming unit, game server and method
Game system and computer readable storage medium with reduced waiting period between selection and s...
Competitive video game device, a competition video game executing method and a readable storage medi...
Portable stoopball playing device
Recording material and recording method
Video indexing based on viewers' behavior and emotion feedback
Fabric selection system
Magnetic material-inverting display panel
Electrical terminal implementation device
Arrangement for feeding and/or taking away magazines filled with articles
Surface mounting device
Robot device and method for controlling the robot's emotions
Beam scanning antenna
Multiple microchannels chip for biomolecule imaging, and method of use thereof
Image-forming method and device
Serial storage device
Disk recording apparatus for controlling interruption of data and securing interleave length of firs...
Disk recording device for overwriting data on a defined recording region
Optical functional devices their manufacturing method and optical communication system
Treatment of liposarcomas using a combination of thiazolidinediones and retinoid X receptor selectiv...
Aluminum-based material and a method for manufacturing products from aluminum-based material
Method and apparatus for cleaning electronic test contacts
Disposable sheet
Process for forming microelectronic packages and intermediate structures formed therewith
Optical system with improved durability for projection exposure apparatus and method for manufacturi...
UV synthetic silica glass optical member and reduction projection exposure apparatus using the same
Optical reproduction system
Magneto-optical recording medium
Ultraviolet target designator and methodology
Music jukebox
Substituted N-heteroaryl-N-phenyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester tra...
Method for the preparation of tetrahydrobenzothiepines
Swing chair assembly with a table unit
Multi-sense home entertainment chair transducer system
Adaptive motivation for computer-assisted training system
Film alignment mechanism and frame counter resetting mechanism
Chrysanthemum plant named `Red Yoduluth`
Antihistaminic/antitussive compositions
Method for accepting a freeform input containing message with time reference thereupon providing an ...
Operating system hang detection and correction
Embedded data acquisition and control system for non-invasive glucose prediction instrument
Toner, process for producing toner image forming method and apparatus unit
Microcapsules having polyurea walls
Hydrocarbon solvent and pressure-sensitive copying material made with the same
Heat-sensitive microcapsule and recording medium using same
Simultaneous triggering of remote units
Method and apparatus for profile score threshold setting and updating
Medical device for applying cyclic therapeutic action to subject's foot
Display device comprises a plurality of first data drive circuits connected to N data lines and seco...
Mobile waste treatment system
Mechanical landing pad formed on the underside of a MEMS device
Piezoelectric actuator and information storage apparatus
Temperature sensitive color changing water toy
Apparatus for remote interactive exercise and health equipment
Continuous casting mold
Air bleaching catalysts with moderating agent
Method of treating fabrics and apparatus used therein
Aqueous hair styling compositions
Tartaric acid diesters as biodegradable surfactants
Multiple satellite fade attenuation control system
Information providing system having a network terminal and network management system which manages a...
System, method, and program for measuring performance in a network system
Multiple virtual machine system with efficient cache memory design
Computer implemented automated credit application analysis and decision routing system
Method for improving the security of postage meter machines in the transfer of credit
Transmitting reviews with digital signatures
Process for the modification of a material surface
Network system and network management method
Software-based protection system for software products distributed on copyable media, or downloaded ...
Carbohydrazide-protease inhibitors
Light source bulb of lighting device for vehicle
Vehicle lamp
Temperature-measurement device with diffractive optics
Venting plate for a containerized candle
Reflector lamp having a reflecting section with faceted surfaces
Lighting system
Optical element and projection system
Image retrieving method and apparatuses therefor
Dispersion-compensating fiber, and dispersion-compensating module and hybrid optical fiber link usin...
Optical fiber with improved strength in high humidity/high temperature environments
Optical waveguide channel device
Optical backplane cartridge
Fiber-optic backplane method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing geo-spatial registration using a Euclidean representation
Resolution conversion system and method
Sensor unit capable of outputting image signals by blocks and processing circuit which processes ima...
Traffic surveillance method and vehicle flow control in a road network
Position and orientation detection system
System and method for resolving decoding ambiguity via dialog
Assessment of organs for transplant, xenotransplant, and predicting time of death
Method and instrument for estimating condition of growing ovum
Iontophoretic delivery to heart tissue
Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect
Percutaneous surgical lead body with directed stimulation
Method of producing steel strip
Cast steel piece and steel product excellent in forming characteristics and method for treatment of ...
Electrically enhanced electrostatic precipitator with grounded stainless steel collector electrode a...
Coating system for high temperature stainless steel
Secure display setting for a gemstone
Microwave oven capable of suitably controlling movement of a member mounted thereto, and control met...
Mounting apparatus and photovoltaic mounting system for a solar panel and method of mounting a solar...
Method and device for percutaneous determination of points associated with the surface of an organ
Removable infinite roll master grip handle and touch sensor for robotic surgery
MR imaging method with motion compensation
Method of and imaging ultrasound system for determining the position of a catheter
Spectral polarizing tomographic dermatoscope
Aquarium filter system with interchangeable filter cartridges
Use of keto acids to enhance the flavor of cheese products
Health chew toy
Methods of modifying eukaryotic cells
System for monitoring the location of transgenes
Expression of human estrogen receptors in transgenic mice
Hyperbaric hydrothermal atomic force microscope
Incremental tag build for hierarchical memory architecture
Enhanced programmable core model with integrated graphical debugging functionality
Directory-based cache coherency system supporting multiple instruction processor and input/output ca...
Method and apparatus for performing site failover
Telomere repeat binding factors and diagnostic and therapeutic use thereof
Automated centrifuge loading device
Variable gain and low noise amplifier for received signals in imaging apparata
Method of chromatographic isolation for non-glyceride components
Real time synchronization in multi-threaded computer systems
Clock synchronization between wireless devices during cradled time
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and developing device having develop...
Under floor air cooled housing system for aircraft passenger system electrical boxes and the like
Transfer of security association during a mobile terminal handover
Method for steam flaking grain
Method and apparatus for reliable printing on linerless label stock
Method of draining water from low-consistency water-fiber suspensions
Kaolin clay glossing pigment and preparation thereof
SOx tolerant NOx trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for accelerated catalyst poisoning and deactivation
Catalytic material for treating pollutant-containing gases
Process for production of polyolefins
Catalyzed coupling reactions of aryl halides with silanes
Process for producing cyclopentadiene or derivatives thereof and apparatus for the same, and process...
Production of propylene
Ring opening with group VIII metal catalysts supported on modified substrate
High purity cobalt sputter target and process of manufacturing the same
Method and system for enhancing memorization by using a mnemonic display
Silicone composition for coating substrates made of textile material
Microstructures for use in biological assays and reactions
Polysaccharide-based hydrogels and pre-gel blends for the same
Junction manager program object interconnection and method
Scarfing within a hierarchical memory architecture
Method and apparatus to determine when all outstanding fetches are complete
Method, system, and program for discarding data in a storage system where updates to a primary stora...
Coordinate input/detection device detecting installation position of light-receiving device used for...
Image processing unit, image processing system using the same, and image processing method
Image reading apparatus that can correct chromatic aberration caused by optical system and chromatic...
Image processing apparatus
Image processing device and image processing method
Mobile IP communication scheme using visited site or nearby network as temporal home network
Information processing apparatus provided with an optimized executable instruction extracting unit f...
Circuit for converting input serial data in a plurality of possible formats into output data in para...
Method and apparatus for implementing fault tolerant logic in a storage system
Golf cart signal flag system
Chemically modified novel erythropoietin stimulating protein compositions and methods
Train control system and method therefor
Medicinal aerosol formulation
Cigarette paper containing carbon fibers for improved ash characteristics
Process for clarification of xanthan solutions and xanthan gum produced thereby
Combustion heating device, fuel reforming apparatus including combustion heating device, and fuel ce...
Temperature controller for fuel gas in fuel cell system
Oxide-ion conductor and use thereof
Liquid electrolyte fuel cell
Rigid rod ion conducting copolymers
Adhesive tape and substrate for adhesive tape
Vinylidene-containing polymers and uses thereof
Polymer-saturated paper articles
Method for controlling the power of a fuel cell stack, method for controlling the power of a drive u...
Organic composition for erosion control and barrier formation
Apparatus for trenchless underground pipe replacement
Apparatus and method for anchoring a dock
Rocker arm marine tensioning system
Environment protecting gutter duct structure for a concrete roadway
Apparatus, method and computer program product for transcoding a coded moving picture sequence
Optical switch
Developing apparatus
Compact type of living body variable measuring device
Zoom image pickup optical system
Light emitting module and compatible optical pickup device adopting the same
Differential pressure fluid flow fields for fuel cells
System and method for digital communication
Process for the preparation of substantially amorphous poly-.alpha.-olefins
Hand-held gamma camera
Inductive inference affective language analyzer simulating artificial intelligence
Method and apparatus for automated generation of a patient treatment plan
Multi-stage flow control
Electric clamp
Process unit with cleaner and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Method and system for conducting real time electronic commerce
Architecture for testing pervasive appliances
Promotional material distribution system with automatic updating of promotional material selection a...
Stereoscopic map-display method and navigation system using the method
Remote fire extinguisher station inspection
Solid delivery systems for controlled release of molecules incorporated therein and methods of makin...
Ventilator control system and method
Method for managing embedded files for a document saved in HTML format
Progressive hulls
Method, system, and computer program product for generating spatially varying effects in a digital i...
System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting, p...
Network protocol and associated methods for optimizing use of available bandwidth
Software server usage governor
Harmonic laser
Soybean cultivar B0591
Power control technique utilizing forward pilot channel
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
System and method of cropping an image
Shopping assistance with handheld computing device
Temperable patterned glass articles and methods of making same
Glass spacer of particular composition and electron-beam emitting display device
Flat cable and a manufacturing method thereof
Concentrically-arranged, multi-sleeve bag-type filter element assembly
Unconditional call forwarding in a wireless centrex services system
Apparatus, and an associated method, by which to provide operation parameters to a mobile station
Plug-in communication card
Method and apparatus for skin brown spot removal and collagen formation
Process for centrifugal separation of material
Device and method for preparing calcium phosphate-based bone cement
Electric vehicle with photovoltaic roof assembly
Automatic accident informing apparatus for two-wheel vehicle
Brake lamp illumination on a trailer by sensing wheel speed deceleration
Magnetic sensor
Vehicle seat occupant weight estimation method with floor weight compensation
Method and system for operating a brake system of a motor vehicle having traction control
Method and apparatus for implementing multiple memory buses on a memory module
Interleaved memory device for burst type access in synchronous read mode with the two semi-arrays in...
Processor and system for controlling shared access to a memory
Method and apparatus for mirroring data in a remote data storage system
Method, system and program products for managing central processing unit resources of a computing en...
Method and interface for clock switching
Integrated circuit with scan test structure
Maintenance alert system for heavy-duty trucks
RF test set with concurrent measurement architecture
Hinge assembly
Mail reception notifying system and mail reception notifying method
Signal routing for reduced power consumption in a conferencing system
Authentication and entitlement for users of web based data management programs
System, method, and apparatus for converting voice mail to text and transmitting as an email or facs...
Microprocessor development systems
Computer graphics apparatus having an improved walk-through function
Formatting and displaying data retrieved from a database
Printable interfaces and digital linkmarks
Method for performing hierarchical hang detection in a computer system
Transparent software emulation as an alternative to hardware bus lock
Transmission of musical tone information
Strings for musical instruments
Twin coil antenna
Variable-capacity control for refrigerating cycle without using a large pressure control valve
Reversible volume oil impeller pump with mechanical governor
Self-regulating oil reservoir for scroll compressor
Cooling fan dust seal
Motor-pump unit with pump shaft pinion enmeshed with motor rotor
Fluid delivery mechanism having a flush-back operation
Valve fastening structure of a reciprocating compressor utilizing permanent magnets
Automated baccarat gaming assembly
Method for playing an electronic video card game
Lottery game/gaming device interface
Non-banked gaming system
Method for cashless gaming
Method of optimizing spacing between elastic members in applying leg elastics
Paper product having improved fuzz-on-edge property
Method for controlling degree of molding in through-dried tissue products
Apparatus for calendering a sheet material web carried by a fabric
Flushable fiber compositions comprising modified polypropylene and modified poly(ethylene oxide) and...
Microlayer breathable hybrid films of degradable polymers and thermoplastic elastomers
Water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Electro-optic electric field probe
Multi-function serial I/O circuit
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
High-density mechanical memory and turing machine
Dielectric between metal structures and method therefor
Sensor free vehicle navigation system utilizing a voice input/output interface for routing a driver ...
Method for automating updating of configuration/status information in master control switcher
Dual ethernet protocol stack for maximum speed access to a programmable logic controller (PLC)
Method and system for monitoring knowledge use
Hand mounted control apparatus
Process for producing a fluorine-containing compound by liquid phase fluorination
CRT panel glass and production method thereof and CRT
Waveguide fiber dispersion compensating regenerator
Collimator array and method and system for aligning optical fibers to a lens array
Polarization retaining fiber
Liquid overclad-encapsulated optical device
Active optical fibre doped with rare earth elements
Method of producing chlorine dioxide
Methods for manufacturing dielectric powders
Ultrastable hexagonal, cubic and wormhole aluminosilicate mesostructures
Ideal oxygen precipitating silicon wafer having an asymmetrical vacancy concentration profile and a ...
Nanostructures, their applications and method for making them
Methods and apparatus for performing an affinity based similarity search
System and methods for creating and using customized self-test pages
Searching for counter-examples intelligently
Method of partitioning large transistor design to facilitate transistor level timing
Assembler tool for processor-coprocessor computer systems
CAN bus termination circuits and CAN bus auto-termination methods
Yellow, determinate tomatoes suitable for processing
Mutant dwarfism allele of cleome
Apparatus for high quality, continuous throughput, tissue fixation-dehydration-fat removal-impregnat...
Feature quality in array fabrication
Hair care compositions comprising polyalkylene glycol styling agents
Multiple layer container
Subtilisin protease variants having amino acid substitutions in defined epitope regions
Process of bleaching fabrics
C16 unsaturated FP-selective prostaglandins analogs
Absorbent article having a lotioned topsheet
Apparatus and method for tracking access to data resources in a cluster environment
Extracting textual information from a video sequence
Throw dart
Providing telephone number data for international cellular roamer service
Method for allocating downlink electromagnetic power in wireless networks
Location determination using weighted ridge regression
Web-based platform for interactive voice response (IVR)
Management of time and expense when communicating between a host and a communication network
Method and system for quorum controlled asymmetric proxy encryption
Method and apparatus for extracting reliability information from partial response channels
Portable boat lift
Autonomous container ship with hull incorporating a propulsion system
Apparatus for controlling pressure recovery
Device and method for handling a boat windshield
Name badge with digitally produced image thereon
Method and apparatus for creating a white-light interference hologram from PC input photographic dat...
Switch controller application programmer interface
Combination anchoring pin and insertion apparatus
T-top apparatus with built-in seat for boats
Process for preparing fine emulsions
System for communicating diagnostic data in an industrial control system
Method and apparatus for amplitude limiting battery temperature spikes
Strain of bacillus for controlling plant diseases
Method and system for notifying a consumer that the photofinishing order is ready and for controllin...
Apparatus and method for limiting unauthorized access to a network multicast
Exterior panels for motor vehicles
Bone screw
Device and method for cooking and/or heating comestibles with hot gaseous fluid
Classification and characterization of tissue through features related to adipose tissue
Data health monitor for financial information communications networks
Method and apparatus for compiling source code using symbolic execution
Processing circuit and a search processor circuit
Electro-kinetic ion emitting footwear sanitizer
Connection structure of display device with a plurality of IC chips mounted thereon and wiring board
Enhancement of the OSC properties of Ce-Zr based solid solutions
Method and apparatus for a corporate education system
Hybrid MEMS fabrication method and new optical MEMS device
Piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
Micro lens array for bioassay
Musical drawing assembly
Resonant chamber sound pick-up
Apparatus for exercising the lower back
Method for making molten metal
Process for increasing the rate of hydration of food crop seeds
Method for improving gelling properties of protein
Corrugated multilayer metal foil insulation panels and methods of making
Xylanase production
Steel sheet having excellent workability and shape accuracy and a method for its manufacture
Thermo-optic tunable optical attenuator
Pick and place teaching method and apparatus for implementing the same
Recording apparatus, recording medium, playback apparatus, recording method and playback method
Treatments for nervous disorders
(S)-hydroxynefazodone antipsychotic therapy
Process for hydrogenating acetylenes
Method and apparatus for cache synchronization in a clustered environment
Pneumatic jack
Digital predistortion methods for wideband amplifiers
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions for soft tissue repair, augmentation, and viscosupplementation
Apparatus for growing cells in culture under shear stress and/or strain
Preparing porous biodegradable polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering using effervescent salts
Methods and materials relating to novel prothrombinase-like polypeptides and polynucleotides
Non-A, non-B, non-C, non-D, non-E hepatitis reagents and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
Protein rib, a cell surface protein that confers immunity to many strains of the group B Streptococc...
Soybean peroxidase gene family and an assay for detecting soybean peroxidase activity
Collector of metals dissolved in sea water
Human GABA receptor proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Portable mail slot chute with cleat and thumb grip for mail carrier
Discrete absorbent article
Prolactin regulatory element binding protein and uses thereof
Switching type liquid-in vibration isolating device
Method for promoting interest in a website
Polymerization of olefins
Automatic resistance and capacitance technology file generator for multiple RC extractors
Automatic guidance unit for aerial delivery unit
Software system and methods for testing the functionality of a transactional server
Process for the preparation of alkyl 3-oxo-2-pentyl-1-cyclopenteneacetates
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Catalyst system for the oxidative dehydrogenation of alkylaromatics or paraffins to the correspondin...
Integrated process for the production of hydrocarbon liquids and ammonia
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Sav`
Kalanchoe plant named `White Cora`
Apple tree called `Stella Minnesota`
Blueberry plant called `Southern Belle`
Diascia plant named `Diastina`
Verbena plant named `Sunvivapa`
Nierembergia plant named `Sunnicobu`
Debugger thread monitor
Cosmetics apparatus
HIV envelope polypeptides and immunogenic composition
Suppressor of HIV-1 replication and transcription
Conjugates of antiviral proteins or peptides and virus or viral envelope glycoproteins
Phenethyl-thiourea compounds and use
Process for the preparation on (1S,2R)-1-amino-2-indanol-(R,R)-tartrate methanol solvate
Method and apparatus for determining position using a handheld personal computer and a cradle
Virtually partitioning user data in a database system
Biosensor, iontophoretic sampling system, and methods of use thereof
Crashworthy aircraft seat
Methods for decoding watermark data from audio, and controlling audio devices in accordance therewit...
Syringe, syringe plunger and attachment mechanism for front loading medical injector
Teat dip composition containing phenol and phenate
Computer system and method of modifying program in the computer system
Napkin dispenser for interfolded napkins with baffled dispensing aperture
Curable coating composition for sheet goods
PCB/complex electronic subsystem model
Data communication device
Event timer
Water purification system and method including dispensed volume sensing and control
Antidiabetic formulation and method
.beta.-carboline compounds
Substituted thiazoles and the use thereof as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1
Preparation of phosphatase inhibitors
Methods for the treatment of nephro-disorders using aminothiol compounds
Benzyl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Positioning aid for a hand tool device
Uniform motivation for multiple computer-assisted training systems
Combination terminal unit
Transmitting and receiving circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter
Production of aromatic phosphites
Compositions and methods for use in affecting hematopoietic stem cell populations in mammals
Apparatus for automatically generating restore process during software depolyment and method therefo...
Polysaccharide aldehydes prepared by oxidation method and used as strength additives in papermaking
Magnetic resonance image artifact correction using navigator echo information
Microcoil device with a forward field-of-view for large gain magnetic resonance imaging
Apparatus for passive control of magnet homogeneity
Enhanced performance antennas for NMR logging
Regulation of quinolate phosphoribosyl transferase expression by transformation with a tobacco quino...
Apparatus for supporting a banner unfurled
MEMS field emission device
Dual composition cosmetic product with a concentration sensitive and an incompatible active respecti...
Anti-terror reporting system
Composite reflective flake based pigments comprising reflector layers on bothside of a support layer
Slagline sleeve for submerged entry nozzle composition therefore
Method of using recombinant osteogenic protein to repair bone or cartilage defects
Use of a supplemental promoter in conjunction with a carbon-supported, noble-metal containing cataly...
Photoelectric conversion device and method for producing same
Aerosol silicon nanoparticles for use in semiconductor device fabrication
Graded composition gate insulators to reduce tunneling barriers in flash memory devices
Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines
Apparatus for releasing gases from rechargeable lithium electrochemical cells during the formation s...
Microwavable container for food products and method of fabricating same
Colored wax articles
Apparatus and method for imaging objects with wavefields
Low surface tension (meth) acrylate containing block copolymer prepared by controlled radical polyme...
Robot operation teaching method and apparatus
Coffee machine
Subtilisin protease variants having amino acid deletions and substitutions in defined epitope region...
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Battery separator
Cardio therapeutic heart sack
Photoresist monomer having hydroxy group and carboxy group, copolymer thereof and photoresist compos...
Medicinal aerosol formulations
Hydroxide-releasing agents as skin permeation enhancers
Bradykinin antagonists comprising rosaceae plant extracts
Method of identifying susceptibility to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibto- and vasopeptidase-inh...
Multiwell scanner and scanning method
Method of ameliorating erectile dysfunction
Stimulatory device and methods to electrically stimulate the phrenic nerve
Devices, methods, and systems for shrinking tissues
Secure storage device for transfer of data via removable storage
Chemical-mechanical-polishing station
Method and system for predictive layout generation for inductors with reduced design cycle
Organic light-emitting diodes and methods for assembly and emission control
Complexes based on four-membered cyclic anionic six-electron-donor ligands
Nuclear packing efficiency
Internet-based subscriber profile management of a communications system
Method and apparatus for identification and optimization of bioactive compounds using a neural netwo...
Master and slave subscriber stations for digital video and interactive services
Speed controlled eccentric assembly
Power tool
Method for coherent steady-state imaging of constant-velocity flowing fluids
Deformation device for bending a flexible substrate
Method and apparatus for improving patient compliance with prescriptions
Treatment of obesity by bilateral vagus nerve stimulation
Method and apparatus for locating a faulty component in a cable television system having cable modem...
Fragile watermarking for objects
Portable electrocardiogram monitor
Variable feeder and header drive system for an agricultural harvesting machine
Heat treatment for viral inactivation
Transgenic rodents harboring APP allele having Swedish mutation
Sulfonamide derivatives
Optical storage device capable of recording a set of sound tracks on a compact disc
Birefringence compensation using a single pump
Method and apparatus for closed-loop stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve in human patients to treat...
Hair transplantation method and apparatus
Barcode dual laser scanner targeting
End effector for transferring articles
Device and method for controlling operation of legged robot, and robot device
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Apparatus for limiting temperature
Image reading apparatus
Common control channel uplink power control for adaptive modulation and coding techniques
Thiol-based NAALADase inhibitors
Acetylcholine enhancers
Bicyclic and tricyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Polyamide oligomers
Process for manufacturing an olefin polymer composition
Process for producing polyolefins
Polymerization control process
Process for making PEN/PET blends and transparent articles therefrom
Production process of polyphenylene ether
Process for treating alginic acid to produce polyguluronic acids or concentrated solutions for use i...
Clarified hydrocolloids of undiminished properties and method of producing same
Fluid contacting device used as structured packing and static mixer
Broadcast interactive digital radio
Devices for supporting bony structures
Single electron device
Analyte assay using particulate labels
Synthetic biomaterial compound of calcium phosphate phases particularly adapted for supporting bone ...
Iontophoresis device and method of assembling the same
Technique for adopting an adjustment of a vehicle function
Method for growing wood mushrooms
Process for preparing monokaryons by dedikaryotizing dikaryotic strains of Basidiomycetes
Method of accelerating coloring and sweetening of citrus fruits
Method of inoculating mushroom basidiospores seed basidiospore bed for inoculation, culture containe...
Complete development of Basidiomycetes Agaricales mushrooms
Process of shiitake (lentinus edodes) cultivation
Preventives for hepatopathy
Method for the treatment or prevention of viral infection using nucleoside analogues
Method of and system for distributing and redeeming electronic coupons
Hydroxyl-functionalized dendritic macromolecules in topical cosmetic and personal care compositions
Light emitter device and a method for manufacturing the same
MRAM bit line word line architecture
Barrier for capacitor over plug structures
Moldable composite material
Synthesis of rubber having a low vinyl content