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Head suspension with a reinforced limiter tab
Multi-layered and shaped load beam for disk drive suspensions
Interfacing systems operating through a logical address space and on a direct data file basis
Non-volatile memory with background data latch caching during read operations
System that compensates for coupling during programming
Systems for programming differently sized margins and sensing with compensations at select states fo...
Multi-state non-volatile integrated circuit memory systems that employ dielectric storage elements
Media device and remote control arrangement
Flash memory refresh techniques triggered by controlled scrub data reads
Systems for programmable chip enable and chip address in semiconductor memory
Disk drive employing offset compensation for velocity control of a voice coil motor
Multiple polarity reversible charge pump circuit
Unified voltage generation apparatus with improved power efficiency
N-heterocyclic inhibitors of TNF-.alpha. expression
Peptides that promote lipid efflux
Babesia canis vaccine
Methods and compositions for activating VEGF-D and VEGF-C
Endovascular guidewire filter and methods of use
Expandable medical device delivery system and method
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Substituted gamma lactams as therapeutic agents
Cyclic amidine derivatives
Aryl or heteroaryl fused imidazole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Agent or method for treating severe aphasia in cerebrovascular accident chronic stage
Edg receptor agonists
2-(2-hydroxybiphenyl-3-yl)-1H-benzoimidazole-5-carboxamidine derivatives as factor VIIA inhibitors
Failure chain detection and recovery in a group of cooperating systems
Data providing system, data providing apparatus and method, data acquisition system and method, and ...
Methods and apparatus for reducing power consumption during network scanning operations with adverse...
Apparatus and method for operating a communications device in a mobile communications network
Method for conducting an electronic commercial transaction
Device, method and program for band control
Instant messaging priority filtering based on content and hierarchical schemes
Apparatus and method for reducing leakage currents of integrated circuits having at least one transi...
In the ear hearing aid utilizing annular acoustic seals
CNGH0010 specific polynucleotides, polypeptides, antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Wet electrolytic capacitor
Method and apparatus for flag-less water bonding tool
Probes for a gas phase ion spectrometer
Highly wettable--highly flexible fluff fibers and disposable absorbent products made of those
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the breast
Olefin polymerization catalyst system useful for polar monomers
Fluoralcohol leaving group for non-metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts
Tumor-targeted drug delivery systems and uses thereof
Batteries including a flat plate design
Platinum-indium-iron/tungsten/manganese fuel cell electrocatalyst
Composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane and method of producing the same
Application using non-covalent bond between a cucurbituril derivative and a ligand
Method for removing heavy metals from and dissolving calcium and/or magnesium scales in water or aqu...
Catch basin filter absorber apparatus for water decontamination
Organ manipulator apparatus
Device for packaging and application of a product
Lotion dispenser-applicator
Container having fluidically segregated compartments
Apparatus for transporting a sheet into a reading position
Measuring spoon set
Femur traction leg support apparatus
Nimesulide containing topical pharmaceutical compositions
Anti-inflammatory substituted phenols and elastomeric compositions for oral delivery of drugs
Photodynamic therapy in selective cell inactivation in blood and treating immune dysfunction disease...
Methods of using thalidomide in combination with irinotecan
Treatments for viral infections
Use of quinoline derivatives with anti-integrase effect and applications thereof
Substituted spiro azabicyclics as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Class D amplifier and infrared data receiving apparatus using the same
Control apparatus for semiconductor power converter
Switching-mode power converter and pulse-width-modulation control circuit with primary-side feedback...
Frequency converting apparatus and control method for the apparatus
Microporous polyolefin membrane, and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for separating fluids having different densities
Process for reduction of inorganic contaminants from waste streams
Method and device for chromatographic component separation
System for removal of contaminants from aqueous solution
Waste material containment apparatus and disposal process
Purification plant to biologically purify waste water
Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media
Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media
Plant for the removal of metals by biosorption from mining or industrial effluents
Filter device for fluids and method for filtering fluids
Fuel-filtering device
Methods of fluid irradiation using ultraviolet reflecting compositions
Method of making mixed matrix membranes using electrostatically stabilized suspensions
Composition and method for reducing chemical oxygen demand in water
On-chip sample preparation for whole blood analysis
Treatment of recreational water
Methods of synthesizing a ferrate oxidant and its use in ballast water
Method and system for preventing deadlock in fibre channel fabrics using frame priorities
Method and system for power control of fibre channel switches
Multi-carrier transmission systems and methods using subcarrier relocation and guard interval insert...
Behind the ear hearing aid part with exchangeable cover
Method for counteracting the occlusion effects
Hearing aid protective packaging assembly
Harness design supporting apparatus and method, and computer readable recording medium which stores ...
Divitas protocol proxy and methods therefor
Variable focus system
System for combining virtual and real-time environments
Program, information storage medium, and image generation system
Object visibility control for ray tracing
System and method for monitoring objects, people, animals or places
Apparatus and method for determining a position of an eye
Method and system for enhancing image resolution using a modification vector
Video auto enhancing algorithm
Method and apparatus for super montage large area spectroscopic imaging
Optimized alpha blend for anti-aliased render
Data processing method usable for estimation of transformed signals
Systems and methods for analyzing skin conditions of people using digital images
Method for visually displaying quantitative information in medical imaging data records
Bit-depth extension of digital displays via the use of models of the impulse response of the visual ...
Lithographic system, sensor, and method of measuring properties of a substrate
Time-domain computation of scattering spectra for use in spectroscopic metrology
Glare-directed imaging
Device and method for in vitro determination of analyte concentrations within body fluids
Machine for manufacturing tobacco products
Method for analyzing a sample on a test element and analysis system for same
Self-calibrating optical reflectance probe system
Methods and systems for determining overlay error based on target image symmetry
Sample masking in ellipsometer and the like systems including detection of substrate backside reflec...
Method and apparatus for analyzing optical characteristics of optical medium and method for producti...
Method of determining physical properties of an optical layer or layer system
Specimen analysis system obtaining characteristic of specimen by diffusion approximation
Container and blank having easy opening feature
Seat with dual independently adjustable supports
Suspension adaptor
Axle clamp assembly top pad and suspensions incorporating same
Spray-on insulation system with smooth bore hose and method
Trigger valve for pneumatic nail gun
Damper for washing machine
Axle tower
Power tool
Vacuum pump vibration isolator
Two-stage linear compressor
Peristaltic pump
Method for mounting a drive shaft of a compressor
Conveyor device
Linear actuator
Method and apparatus for collecting a blood component and performing a photopheresis treatment
Power blower
Vented turbocharger center housing and method
Scroll compressor having overheat preventing unit
Air compressor
Pump controller for precision pumping apparatus
Device for driving a coolant pump
Rotary to reciprocal power transfer device
Cover sheet for guitar
Method for trace collection
Multithreaded clustered microarchitecture with dynamic back-end assignment
Method and apparatus for initializing data propagation execution for large database replication
Apparatus and methods for precompiling program sequences for wafer processing
Reducing power consumption of a microprocessor
Integrating an air separation unit into an oxygenate-to-olefins reaction system
Opacified polymer composition
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Separation apparatus for removal of particulate material from flash zone gas oil
Method and system for displaying advertisements in an electronic program guide
Optimized photomasks for photolithography
Performance and flow analysis method for communication networks
Auxiliary operation interface of digital recording and reproducing apparatus
System and method for converting between text format and outline format
Method for controlling starting operation of unit and executing self-checking test
Sleep state resume
Polypeptide comprising the amino acid of an N-terminal choline binding protein a truncate, vaccine d...
Peptides and peptidomimetics having immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral activity
Compositions and methods for the synthesis and subsequent modification of uridine-5'-diphosphosulfoq...
Methods for selectively enriching TH1 and TH2 cells
Method and system for identifying and processing an unauthorized access request
Method for encrypted and unencrypted cooperative operation
Map information processing device
Prioritized delivery of navigation information
Vehicle email notification using data from different sources
Integrated flat panel display for mounting to exterior surfaces of motor vehicles
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Method and apparatus for infrared data communication
Airport runway collision avoidance system and method
Curve rollover warning system for trucks
All-terrain hostile environment vehicle
Method and system of monitoring and prognostics
Vehicle gyro based steering assembly angle and angular rate sensor
Rollover warning and detection method for transport vehicles
Detergent composition with benefit agents
Extraction cleaning with tank mounting
Dishwasher having valved third-level sprayer
Fiber optic phototherapy devices including LED light sources
Drum-type volume source calibration phantom and calibration method thereof
Storage unit and circuit for shaping communication signal
Dynamic strain distributed fiber optic sensor
Link system for photonic cross connect and transmission apparatus
Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
Fiber access terminal
Partial confinement photonic crystal waveguides
Mechanism to spectrally combine and divide optical I/O
All-fiber phase controlled delay interferometer and method of making the same
System and method for the deposition, detection and identification of threat agents using a fiber ar...
Method and device for measuring the degree of fiber concentration
Front side illuminated photodiode with backside bump
Echo train preparation for fast spin-echo acquisition
Actively-cooled fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composite rocket propulsion thrust chamber and metho...
Universal mobile keyboard
Combination belt/tie hanger
Optical scanning system for surface inspection
Circuit for and method of enabling partial reconfiguration of a device having programmable logic
System and method for secure dual channel communication through a firewall
Method and apparatus for ensuring address information of a wireless terminal device in communication...
Authentication information processing method, program, and device
Volume mount authentication
Implantable medical devices with fluorinated polymer coatings, and methods of coating thereof
Inbred corn line PH7GD
Azeotrope-like compositions of difluoromethane and trifluoroiodomethane
ARG1, ARG2, ARG3, HIS1, HIS2, HIS5, HIS6 genes and methods for stable genetic integration
Microprocessor with improved data stream prefetching
Method and apparatus to reduce latency and improve throughput of input/output data in a processor
Class of service analysis for data flows in a data storage infrastructure for a communication networ...
Storage configuration loader
Method and apparatus using attached hardware subsystem to communicate between attached hosts
Validating application resources
Data storage and retrieval system with parameterized category definitions for families of categories...
Error correction code transformation technique
Software state replay
Method, system and apparatus for detecting and recovering from timing errors
Applying distributed simulation techniques to hardware emulation
Method and system for performing a hardware trace
Circuit design verification
Fault tolerance and failover using active copy-cat
VCD-on-demand system and method
Semi-blocking deterministic directory coherence
Apparatus and method for estimating synchronized phasors at predetermined times referenced to an abs...
Printed wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Ferrite material and ceramic substrate
Apparatus and methods for constructing and packaging waveguide to planar transmission line transitio...
Methods for making plated through holes usable as interconnection wire or probe attachments
Semiconductor device
Substrate improving immobilization of ball pads for BGA packages
Semiconductor device featuring copper wiring layers of different widths having metal capping layers ...
Integrated circuit package system with heat sink
Semiconductor device
Side-view type light emitting device
Reducing oxide loss when using fluoride chemistries to remove post-etch residues in semiconductor pr...
Resolution-variable X-ray imaging device and X-ray CT apparatus
Method for manufacturing semiconductor wafer
Methodology for critical dimension metrology using stepper focus monitor information
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of the IC chips
Method for fabricating semiconductor package with circuit side polymer layer
Balanced-type surface acoustic wave filter
Hydrocyclone for down-hole use
Rendering of high dynamic range images
Head mounted apparatus
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Image processing apparatus, method and program
Image pickup apparatus with filter on incident side of image pickup region
Variable magnification lens having image stabilizing function
Opthalmologic apparatus
Dispersion composition containing functional substance, method of forming image and image forming ap...
Log acquisition method and its control program and storage medium
Message insertion and extraction in digital data
Directory-enabled device management
Ordering system, information processing device, ordering method, and program
Zoom editor
Coding method and apparatus, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Image heating apparatus with heat pipe for decreasing unevenness in temperature distribution
Charging apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Methods and systems for laser assisted wirebonding
Battery pack casing with lock type connector
Electronic device and arrangement for providing communication between body parts thereof
Method of an means for recognizing signal edges
Optical switches and logic and methods of implementation
Recording and reading method and device for dye based write-once DVD medium
Memory component with multiple delayed timing signals
Baroreflex activation for pain control, sedation and sleep
Device for treatment of barrier membranes
Glass-based micropositioning systems and methods
Chip to Chip optical interconnect
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Method of producing polymorphic crystals of donepezil hydrochloride
Ink set for inkjet printing, inkjet printer including the ink set, and method of inkjet printing usi...
Inspection system and method
Coexistence of multiple radio systems in unlicensed bands
Interferometric device
Proximity sensor with adaptive threshold
Method of monitoring a production process using a linear combination of measured variables with sele...
Magnetostrictive torque sensor system and electric power steering apparatus employing the same
Systems and methods for temperature-compensated measuring of a load
Current sensor for measuring an electrical current in a circuit having a plurality of electrical con...
Heterocyclic antiviral compounds
Method of making a biosensor
Analytical test element and method for blood analyses
Troponin I polypeptide fragments and uses thereof
Method of assembling a diagnostic test strip having a functional overlay
Flexible test strip lancet device
Lancet protective cap
Method for ascertaining interferants in small liquid samples in an automated clinical analyzer
Sampling devices and methods utilizing a horizontal capillary test strip
Silver halide photosensitive material and image-forming method using the same
Electrostatic charge image developing toner and production process for the same
System and a method for analyzing ECG curvature
Radio frequency warning system for ferromagnetic threats
Total fluid conductivity sensor system and method
Magnetic field generating assembly and method
Method of speech recognition using multimodal variational inference with switching state space model...
Motion state estimation apparatus for vehicle and motion state control apparatus for vehicle
Method and apparatus for modifying an electromagnetic radiation beam
Light source drive, optical information recording apparatus, and optical information recording metho...
Synchronous rectifying forward converter
Tapped inductor power conversion networks
Roofing membrane temperature indicator
Exhaust positioned at the downstream end of a glass melting furnace
Method and apparatus of model-based photomask synthesis
Reliability analysis of integrated circuits
Methods and apparatus to select tornado error correction parameters
System, method and storage medium for testing a memory module
System and methods for an overlay disk and cache using portable flash memory
Network communications management system and method
Process for the production of an olefin oxide, a 1,2-diol, a 1,2-diol ether, or an alkanolamine
Prismatic battery having electrolyte injection-hole capable of excellent sealing-disposition
Semiconductor device for driving current load device, and display device
Electrode catalyst fine particles, dispersion of the same, and process for producing the dispersion
Embolic protection filter delivery sheath
Method of manufacturing non-volatile memory cell
Retardation film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device
Plate type speaker using horizontal vibration voice coil
Electronic device for cooling interior of housing
Image-taking apparatus including a vertical transfer control device
Field effect transistor and application device thereof
Heater and the method for producing the same using PCB
Process for producing aqueous resin dispersions
Printed board and manufacturing method thereof
Rotation supporting mechanism and portable terminal
Printer for printing on both a heat-sensitive adhesive label and an ordinary label
Anatomically supportive bicycle seat
Pneumatic tire with ground contact surface of land portion having circular arcs
Method for handling and labeling syringes
Fish handling tool
Method of manufacturing an IC card
Jewelry attachment member
Methods of treating acne and rosacea with galvanic generated electricity
Benzodiazepine CGRP receptor antagonists
Substituted tetracyclic imidazole derivatives, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compo...
Materials and methods for regulating blood flow
Laser-induced fluorescence detection device and method
Methods of reducing the appearance of pigmentation with galvanic generated electricity
Activatable cleaning products
High thermally conductive aluminum nitride sintered product
UV decomposable molecules and a photopatternable monomolecular film formed therefrom
Electronic control systems and methods
Method of manufacturing a substrate for an lcd device
Display device
Device for rescue and safety for swimming pools and leisure parks
System and method for analyzing activity of a body
Configuration for N consumers of electric energy, of which M consumers are simultaneously supplied w...
Thin film phase change memory cell formed on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Vacuum jacketed electrode for phase change memory element
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Automated endoscope reprocessor solution testing
Offset correction techniques for positioning substrates
Fuel cell
Reactive distillation of chlorosilanes
Optical films having reverse dispersion
Detection of electromagnetic fields
Method of manufacture for microelectromechanical devices
Electrical contact encapsulation
Mediated electrochemical oxidation of halogenated hydrocarbon waste materials
Gas supplying system and gas supplying method
Methods for the electrochemical optimization of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
Portable fuel cell system
Fuel cell, separator plate for a fuel cell, and method of operation of a fuel cell
Vehicle-mounted fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell shutdown and startup using a cathode recycle loop
Method for operating vehicle-mounted fuel cell stack
Fuel cell stack with multiple groups of cells and flow passes
Method of and apparatus for evaluating elastic member quality
Structure, system and method for dimensionally unstable layer dimension measurement
Process for producing metal oxide films at low temperatures
System, apparatus, and method for correcting vision using an electro-active lens
Electro-optic lens with integrated components
Presbyopia correction through negative high-order spherical aberration
Corneal implant and uses thereof
Method of calculating the required lens power for an opthalmic implant
Insertion device for an intraocular lens
Cartridge for an intraocular lens
Compound modulation transfer function for laser surgery and other optical applications
Enhanced Compression In Representing Non-Frame-Edge Blocks Of Image Frames
Cross Process Memory Management
Management of Icons in a Display Interface
4-(2,4-dichloro-5-methoxyphenyl)amino-6-methoxy-7-{[5-substituted-amino)me- thyl]-3-furyl}-3-quinoli...
Method for endpointing CVD chamber cleans following ultra low-k film treatments
Bicycle turn signal
Headlamp for a bicycle
Bicycle basket holder
Tire cover with adjusting means
Bicycle disc brake device
Mobile thing determination systems and methods based upon user-device location
Notification systems and methods that consider traffic flow predicament data
Notification systems and methods enabling a response to cause connection between a notified PCD and ...
Friction reducing devices
2-Amino-4-bicyclylamino-6H-1,3,5-triazines, processes for their preparation and their use as herbici...
Variable speed generator for a human powered vehicle
Cap member for internally geared bicycle hub
Seat assembly
Method of monitoring human relaxation level, and user-operated heart rate monitor
Aqueous coating substance that is substantially or completely free of volatile organic substances, m...
Energy collection
Soil mixing apparatus with auger and chemical injection
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Photosensitive resin composition, electronic component using the same, and display unit using the sa...
Copolymer for use in chemical amplification resists
Method for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) with showerhead and method thereof
Method for the production of ceramics
Method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Carbon fiber composite material and wet friction member
Signal estimation methods and apparatus
Method for making compensations for register deviations
Method for evaluating and correcting the image data of a camera system
Printing press comprising coupled inking unit and printing form changing device
Method for conveying a sheet and apparatus for carrying out the method
Apparatus for conveying a sheet through a printing machine
Apparatus and method for separating printing plates
Skid-steer loader
Apparatus and method for processing material in a magnetic vortex
Arrangements, systems and methods for facilitating and collecting information associated with fluxes...
Magnetic resonance system with components allowing upgrade capability
Birdcage resonator with coupling rings in addition to the ferrules
Apparatus and method for coupling coils in a superconducting magnet
Magnetic resonance imaging at several RF frequencies
Low temperature susceptibility compensation
Solvated nonionic surfactants and fatty acids
Method of judging leukemia, pre-leukemia or aleukemic malignant blood disease and diagnostic therefo...
Method for modifying a metallic surface
Interface device, and method and computer readable product for updating firmware in the interface de...
Operation data collection system for work machine
System and method for transformation of XML documents using stylesheets
Ophthalmologic applanation cornea contactor replacement system for eye examining instrument
Pivoting mechanical tensioner with compliant blade spring
Pivoting mechanical tensioner with cross strand damping
Hot beverage container
Rotatable chuck
System and method for multiprotocol wireless communication
Electromagnetic valve
Valve systems and injector system including such valve systems
Embedded waveguide printed circuit board structure
Silicone elastomer composition
Method of treating arrhythmias
Beta-secretase substrates and uses thereof
Stent with nested flexible connectors for flexibility and crimpability
Defect occluder release assembly and method
Embolism filter with self-deployable guidewire stop
Balloon configuring apparatus
Rotational atherectomy device
Reconfigurable mobile device docking cradle
Energy storage devices
Cathode active material for lithium battery, cathode including the cathode active material, and lith...
Electrode material for a lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery, and preparation metho...
Lithium secondary battery
Flame retardant battery
Electrode active material and electrode using the electrode active material and battery using the el...
Negative electrode and secondary cell
Method of manufacture of programmable conductor memory
Nematode fatty acid desaturase-like sequences
Non-aqueous electrochemical cells
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Plating method and plating apparatus
Rechargeable bipolar high power electrochemical device with reduced monitoring requirement
Device for the combined presentation of two items
Basket attachment for a shopping cart
Apparatus and method for custom cosmetic dispensing
Method of fracture fixation
Optical fingerprint reader
Method and software tool for designing an integrated circuit
Wireless device, program products and methods of using a wireless device to deliver services
RFID verifier
RFID security system and methods
System and method for RFID tag hole puncher
High speed array pipeline architecture
Ergonomically designed multifunctional transaction terminal
Input device using elastic material
RFID tag label
Closure and container package with RFID circuit
Antenna capacitance for energy storage
Linear motion device with an RFID tag
Method and system for utilizing multiple sensors for monitoring container security, contents and con...
Method of and system for managing data in a sensor network
Verification of singulated RFID tags by RFID readers
Epoxidation catalyst
Process for producing acetic acid
Resist lower layer film material and method for forming a pattern
Purification and production methods of 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid
Substrate for magnetic recording medium
Heterogeneous polymer blends and molded articles therefrom
Silicone adhesive composition and an adhesive tape thereof
Modified stannic oxide-zirconium oxide complex sol and method for preparing same
Adhesive film for semiconductor, lead frame and semiconductor device using the same, and method of p...
Tie-layer materials for use with ionomer-based films and sheets as skins on other materials
Water based energy curable hybrid systems with improved properties
Automotive vehicle seat insert
Guardrail support members
Spinning reel
Pyramidal tackle box apparatus
Chummer apparatus as an aid to fishing
Tangle free fishing bobber system
Absorbent composition and extended use pet litter
Quick change fishing implement
Radiation emission control method, apparatus and program
Cone-beam reconstruction using backprojection of locally filtered projections and X-ray CT apparatus
Radiation detector
Fluorocarbon elastomer silicone vulcanizates
Acellular pertussis vaccine comprising a combination of the 69 kDa and the filamentous haemagglutini...
Diagnostic devices for use in the assaying of biological fluids
Process for preparing adhesive using planetary extruder
Treatment fluids and methods of use in subterranean formations
Materials for use as proton conducting membranes for fuel cells
Nematode MDH-like sequences
Method for detecting subjects having Paget's disease of bone
Method for equalizing a digital signal through removal of data dependent jitter
Method and apparatus for improving sector to sector isolation in a Fourier transform matrix system
Method of finding data dependent timing and voltage jitter for different bits in an arbitrary digita...
System and method for controlling packet data bandwidth
Antenna array method and apparatus
Method and system for displaying signal envelope information for an RF signal
Antenna radiator assembly and radio communications assembly
Method of power control in a wireless communication system
Radio frequency antenna system
Method and system to compensate for failed network access using disparate access technologies
Noise signal generation by mapping random words
Multichannel rapid sampling of chromatographic peaks by tandem mass spectrometer
Housing for a computer processing unit
Method and apparatus for minimizing setup time for a mobile station
Low profile antenna pair system and method
Switched capacitive patch for radio frequency antennas
Planar inductor using liquid metal MEMS technology
Quantitative analysis of a biological sample of unknown quantity
Trocar insertion apparatus
Method and apparatus for investigating force-deformation properties in muscles in walls of bodily ho...
Single use biopsy device and method
Temperature measurement device
Method and apparatus for cardiac arrhythmia classification using sample entropy
Computer aided diagnosis of lung disease
Method and apparatus for monitoring heart failure patients with cardiopulmonary comorbidities
Determining blood gas saturation based on measured parameter of respiration
Method and device for automatically determining heart valve damage
Acoustic physiological sensor
Methods for measuring blood pressure with automatic compensations
Method for recognizing abnormal image
Image signal processing
Method for processing a digital image and image representation format
System and method for encoding mosaiced image data employing a reversible color transform
Implementation of discrete wavelet transform using lifting steps
Fractal-coding addressing of reference block memories
Image processing device
Systems and methods for information content delivery relating to an object
Adaptive OCR for books
Image recognition method and apparatus for the same method
Degraded character image generation method and apparatus
Degraded dictionary generation method and apparatus
Surface region identification by image area segmentation
Color bitmap normalization
Methods for selecting high visual contrast colors in user-interface design
Method and system for positioning articles with respect to a processing tool
Apparatus, system, and method for fraud detection using multiple scan technologies
Thin film transistor array substrate and liquid crystal display devices
Method of forming a three-dimensional stacked optical device
Integrated opto-electronic oscillators
Systems and methods for securing a tether to a distribution cable
Modular laser package system
Structure and method for optical connection between optical transmitter and optical receiver
Delay-line demodulator and method of adjusting a phase shift in the demodulator
Electrical connection between bidirectional optical subassembly and circuit board in optical transce...
Lamp assembly automatically controlling main beam direction and additional beam direction
Vehicle lamp
Headlamp assembly having cooling channel
Illumination device for product examination via pulsed illumination
LCD back light panel lamp connecting structure
Multichip on-board LED illumination device
Integrating chamber cone light using LED sources
Light guide plate with light reflection pattern
FLICKERLESS light source
Backlight module
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device comprising the same
Backlight unit with an oxide compound-laminated optical layer
Two-sided-emission-type back light unit and display using said back light unit
Backlight unit
Light-guiding plate, lighting device and display device
Light source device
Tubular lamp device using LED
Vehicular light
Snow removal vehicles with colored EL lighting
Lamp socket
Base mounted airburst fuze for projectile
Sculpted transparent armor
Self-stabilizing bipod
Projectile with means for marking its strike point
Projectile with selectable kinetic energy
Projectile sealing arrangement
Ammunition, especially programmable large-caliber ammunition
Fibrous nonwoven web
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Semi-permeable membranes to assist in cartilage repair
Patch material for ionic medicine administration
Polymerization of aromatic monomers using derivatives of hematin
Apparatus for transporting a sensor
Pre treatment of multi-phase materials using high field strength electromagnetic waves
Gas control and operation method of a fuel cell system for water and gas distribution
Fuel cells system and method of controlling cells
Bioreactor system and method for the production and collection of blood cells from engineered bone m...
Method of patterning a surface using a deformable stamp
Methods of identifying dermal papilla cells
Polymeric stent patterns
Apparatus and method for in-vivo plasmapheresis using periodic backflush containing anticoagulant
Automated drill bit re-sharpening and verification system
Tooth coating composition
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Cosmetic composition with soft focus properties
Methods of treating acne and rosacea with electrochemically generated zinc ions
Skin tanning and light therapy incorporating light emitting diodes
Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating port testing of a multi-port host adapter
Method of monitoring timeout conditions and device therefor
Method and apparatus for managing power consumption relating to a differential serial communication ...
Logistic management system having user interface with customizable data fields
Dynamically configuring the environment of a recovery OS from an installed OS
Virtual file system interface to configuration data of a PLD
Erase block data splitting
Segregated caching of linked lists for USB
Synchronizing data streams
Multi-threaded round-robin receive for fast network port
Dynamic HTTP load balancing method and apparatus
System and method for reducing pain associated with cardioversion shocks generated by implantable ca...
Magnetic annealing tool heat exchange system and processes
Methods for increasing bone formation using inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3.beta.
Method and apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates
Hair colouring compositions
Method of laundry washing
Device for heat treatment
Method of laundry washing
Container and a cap
Perfume bottle
Dispersible fibrous structure and method of making same
Hair treatment applicator
Method of manufacturing magnesium alloy material
Gateway relaying communication between a radio intelligent terminal and a server
Method and system for delivering virtual reference station data
Method for tracking users in a communication network
Wireless repeater and method for managing air interface communications
Mobile broadcast receiving apparatus and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for estimating channel response and receiver apparatus using the estimated chan...
Low IF receiver systems and methods
Semiconductor integrated circuit for communication, radio-communication apparatus, and transmission ...
Transceiver architecture with reduced VCO-pulling sensitivity
Fast acquisition of traffic channels for a highly variable data rate reverse link of a CDMA wireless...
Method, mobile station and base station for data transmission in a mobile radio system
System and method for physical shared channel allocation in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for determining aggregated link costs in a mobile ad hoc network
Initial timing estimation in a wireless network receiver
Wire marker
Photonic crystal biosensor structure and fabrication method
Processes for producing toner by treatment with enzyme
Manufacturing method for ultra fine composite powder of tungsten carbide and cobalt
Process for producing polyoxymethylene
Blends of perfluoroelastomers and fluoroplastics
Electrical apparatuses containing polytrimethylene homo- or copolyether glycol based electrical insu...
Compositions comprising 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,7-tetradecafluoroheptane and uses thereof
Coating compositions containing isocyanate-functional non-aqueous dispersed polymers
1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5-nonafluoro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-3-pentanone compositions comprising a hydrofluoroca...
Method for measuring a color property of a liquid using a liquid measurement cell having a transpare...
Low temperature coefficient of resistivity polymeric resistors based on metal carbides and nitrides
Bacillus thuringiensis cry gene and protein
Azeotrope compositions comprising 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and hydrogen fluoride and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for maintaining peripheral device support information
Methods and systems for dynamic and automatic content creation for mobile devices
Line concentrator, network-capable apparatus, and communication system
Turbomachine having a device for automatically detecting ferromagnetic particles in an oil enclosure
Concealed glandular seal
Decoupling device for mounting a shaft on a base and radial ondular washer
Hydrodynamic bearing device, spindle motor including the same, and recording and reproducing apparat...
Bearing and X-ray diagnostic apparatus using same
Manufacturing process for a cross-roller bearing with plug
Dynamic bushing for medical device tubing
Support bearing for a roll
Linear guide unit and method for manufacturing the same
Linear guide device
Recycling facility for TNT materials
System for destroying hazardous waste resultant from the production of energetics such as explosives
Mechanical buffer for shouldered weapon
Repeating weapon
Traffic manager for distributed computing environments
Vehicle-mounted ultra-wideband radar systems and methods
Laser primer
Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of dynamic electrical signals in integrated circu...
Method of and system for routing in a photonic network
Optical semiconductor module
Monolithic transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) semiconductor chip
Image processing terminal apparatus, system and method
System for detection of wafer defects
Optical system and method for optically analyzing light from a sample
Optically addressable display and method driven by polarized emissions
Optically anisotropic film and method for making
Method for producing cavities having optically transparent wall
Thin-layer cell
Anthracene derivatives for organic electroluminescent device
Coffee maker having a height adjustable collecting tray
Force switch
3-monosubstituted tropane derivatives as nociceptin receptor ligands
Selected CGRP--antagonists, process for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Duplicated naming service in a distributed processing system
Creating reference objects
System and program for maintaining a namespace of filesets accessible to clients over a network
Chasing engine for data transfer
Device and method for micro sorbent extraction and desorption
Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method for manufacturing the same, and...
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive porcelain composition, piezoelectric/electrostrictive article, and pi...
Multi-gate FET with multi-layer channel
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Light collimating device
Piezoelectric actuator, ink-jet head provided with the same, ink-jet printer, and method for manufac...
Piezoelectric element, method of manufacturing the same, liquid-jet head, method of manufacturing th...
Integrated BST microwave tunable devices fabricated on SOI substrate
Low dielectric organosilicate polymer composite
Method for correlating spectroscopic measurements with digital images of contrast enhanced tissue
Data driver, display device, and method for controlling data driver
Circuit and method for driving self light-emitting display device
Method and apparatus for characterizing and/or predicting display backlight response latency
Thin film transistor, organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method of the sam...
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus with reflective polarizer
Omnidirectional monitoring control system, omnidirectional monitoring control method, omnidirectiona...
Display device
Display including emission layer
Sensing photons from object in channels
Paper with pebble skin finish
Container surface
Continuous process for surface modification of cigarette filter materials
Apparatus for and method of forming images with oscillation mirror
Hand-off control method and wireless communication apparatus using the method
Two-dimensional photonic crystal
Data communication apparatus
Liquid-crystal display device and method of driving liquid-crystal display device
High frequency device mounting substrate and communications apparatus
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Iterative turbo decoder with single memory
Image formation apparatus and method therefor
Systems and methods for generating multi-level hypervideo summaries
Method and system for performing multi-pixel parallel error diffusion enabling high-speed diffusion ...
Moire-free color halftone configuration
Stylus writing architectures for erasable paper
Ether and thiophosphate containing photoconductors
Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer
Image processing device, method and recording medium for compressing image data
Reconfigurable lighted keypad
Polyphenyl thioether and antioxidant containing photoconductors
Automatic annotation of audio and/or visual data
Demand pull--multichannel asynchronous data and application synchronization for pervasive devices
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering RF energy into RF metal shield secure...
Motion-activated reminder calendar
Secular perpetual calendar
Image generating device and image generating method
Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuri...
Apparatus and method for manufacturing hard book cover assemblies
Height recording album
Method of producing macrocyclic ketone, and intermediate thereof
Acrylate/methacrylate adhesives initiated by chlorosulfonated polymer
Single compartment unit dose fabric treatment product comprising pouched compositions with non-catio...
Virus-like particles for the induction of autoantibodies
Predictive congestion management in a data communications switch using traffic and system statistics
Secure voice and data transmission via IP telephones
Packet ordering method and apparatus in a mobile communication network employing hierarchical routin...
Selecting samples for amplifier digital predistortion estimation
Capacity allocation in a wireless communication system
Integrating rate or power control with scheduling of reverse link wireless transmissions in a handof...
Variable rate channel quality feedback in a wireless communication system
Optical receiver apparatus and method
Method and system for managing access to multicast groups
Method and apparatus for frame-aware and pipelined hierarchical scheduling
Methods and devices for coordinating the transmissions of access points in WLANs
Methods providing variable granularity for data flow control using a leaky bucket
Rural broadband hybrid satellite/terrestrial solution
OFET structures with both n- and p-type channels
Wall-mountable support bracket for a component unit of a base station for wireless telecommunication...
Low temperature aerosol deposition of a plasma resistive layer
Multilumen tracheal catheter to prevent cross contamination
Pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic compositions for the treatment of localised adiposities and cellulite
Mechanical granulation process
Device for storing and printing images
Device and method for quality assurance and online verification of radiation therapy
Electronic device and gasket for electronic device for providing shielding against electromagnetic i...
Film and process for producing the same
Oxygen scavenging polymers
Reshaped human antibody to human interleukin-6 receptor
Human and murine Mus81 proteins
Deep via seed repair using electroless plating chemistry
Methods and apparatus for defining Manhattan power grid structures beneficial to diagonal signal wir...
VLSI timing optimization with interleaved buffer insertion and wire sizing stages
Method and apparatus for routing with independent goals on different layers
Multiple voltage integrated circuit and design method therefor
Method of designing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Measuring and predicting VLSI chip reliability and failure
Method and computer program for static timing analysis with delay de-rating and clock conservatism r...
Method, system, and program product for computing a yield gradient from statistical timing
Substrate noise tool
Method of writing data and channel adapter
Known default data state EPROM
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing using helical features
Wide-viewing angle compensation film and transmission type liquid-crystal display employing the same
In-plane-switching-mode LCD device having a higher image quality
Liquid crystal display with particular phase plates having specific axis angles
Magnetic toner
Resin composition comprising a phosphorous containing surfactant for pressure sensitive adhesives
Photocrosslinkable polyurethanes
Carrier for electrophotographic developer and two-component electrophotographic developer
Polypropylene resin compositions
Coating paper which can be removed by water and a method for preparation thereof
Toner, developer and image forming apparatus
Composite conductive film and semiconductor package using such film
Method of manufacturing a multi-layered wiring board
Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing
Use of thermally expandable graphite intercalation compounds for producing fire-protection seals and...
Hydroscopic polymer gels for easier cleaning
Automatic machine for dosing water and dental alginate
Apparatus for removing mercury from natural gas
Process for groundwater remediation
Rotatable audio and musical instrument cable
Thermal sensing
Fluorescent lamp providing more robust light output
Light source device and display device
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Method and device for applying a plurality of microdroplets onto a substrate
Chimeric empty viral-like particles derived from the infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), process...
Antibody selective for DR4 and uses thereof
Apparatus for injecting solution into cell
Method, apparatus and program storage device for extending dispersion frame technique behavior using...
Synchronization of media access control (MAC) superframes
Optimized digital watermarking functions for streaming data
Flexible DMA descriptor support
Managing peripheral device address space resources using a tunable bin-packing/knapsack algorithm
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller ...
Specified image position estimating apparatus and method, specified image position estimating progra...
Noise eliminating device and method therefor
Increasing integrity of watermarks using robust features
Bottle display kiosk
Method of virtual garment fitting, selection, and processing
Graphical user interface having an attached toolbar for drag and drop editing in detail-in-context l...
Responsible gaming system
Methods for selecting a yeast population for the production of an organic acid and producing an orga...
System and method for analyzing a network and/or generating the topology of a network
Data transfer system and computer-readable recording medium recording a data transfer server program
Methods, systems and computer program products for analogy detection among entities using reciprocal...
Query services for database system
System and method for notification of group membership changes in a directory service
NQL--netlist query language
Method for efficient evaluation of index screening predicates
Research rapidity and efficiency improvement by analysis of research artifact similarity
Performance logging solution
Method and system for estimating cardinality in a database system
Accessing a data structure
Selection of a set of optimal n-grams for indexing string data in a DBMS system under space constrai...
Method and apparatus for dynamically resizing windows
Clerical procedures processing apparatus and clerical procedures processing system
Methods and systems for creating skins
Dynamic and intelligent hover assistance
Analyzing webpages using function-based object models for web page display in a mobile device
Apparatus and method of highlighting parts of web documents based on intended readers
Valve-moving device for engine
Variably operated valve system for compression ignition engine
Arrangement and method for controlling a combustion engine
Actuator for valve lift controller
Camshaft phaser having a differential bevel gear system
Camshaft adjuster
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus
Valve timing controller
System and method for estimating volumetric efficiency for engines with intake and exhaust cam phase...
Method and device for determining a phase of an internal combustion engine
Adjustable camshaft
Method for identifying bad pixel against a non-uniform landscape
Synthetic ground covering
Method and apparatus for providing information regarding computer programs
Ionic liquid containing phosphonium ion and method for producing the same
Microbicidal composition
Microbicidal composition
Trichloro Silyl Alkyl Isocyanate Molecule and Surface Modified Mineral Substrate
Gene RCS 23
Method of obtaining a product sugar stream from cellulosic biomass
DNA Diagnostics Based on Mass Spectrometry
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Extended settable compositions comprising cement kiln dust and associated methods
Metal stud arrangement
Self-Priming Color Foundation Finishes
Composition For Preventing Harmful Organisms
Teeth treatment device
Wall Element
Porous cellulose aggregate and molding composition thereof
Method for the absorption of harmful substances and odors
Anchor for screw fastener
Actuator pin guide for a fastener driving tool
Device for Use at Temperatures Above or in Molten Steel and Use of the Device
Hydraulic cements comprising carbonate compound compositions
Method and system for controlling an automatic transmission using a GPS assist having a learn mode
GPS enabled cell phone with compass mode mapping function
False reacquisition mitigation in high sensitivity navigational satellite signal receivers
Digital dubbing device
Radar device
Feature target selection for countermeasure performance within a vehicle
Method for controlling centrifugal clutch engagement using engine torque requests
Electrical control unit for an automobile
System and method for providing language translation in a vehicle telematics device
Method and device for detecting the initiation of the driving off process by a driver of a vehicle
Accessory module for vehicle
Method and system for determining the location of a vehicle
Detection of unintended lane departures
Vehicle tag reader
Method for recognising hot targets on the Earth
Method and apparatus for navigation system for searching easily accessible POI along route
Systems and methods that facilitate process monitoring, navigation, and parameter-based magnificatio...
System and method of utilizing positioning receiver hardware for network-based transceiver applicati...
Non-Linear Stochastic Processing Storage Device
Magnetic write device including an encapsulated wire for assisted writing
Overmolded motor hub
Write element modification control using a galvanic couple
Assignment of queue execution modes using tag values
External hard drive housing
Drive device of light emitting display panel
Electro-luminescence display device having strength-reinforced packaging plate
Multicolor light-emitting lamp and light source
UV curable protective encapsulant
Ice storage drawer for a bottom mount refrigerator
Termite presence monitor and method
Location based service system and position information updating method thereof
Handover system and method for minimizing service delay due to pingpong effect in a broadband wirele...
Providing evolution data only (EV-DO) service in network interfacing wireless public network and wir...
Apparatus for detecting developer level in developing unit
Optical disc apparatus
Robust error correction encoding/decoding apparatus and method of digital dual-stream broadcast rece...
Method and apparatus for generating block-based low-density parity check matrix and recording medium...
Recording medium with overlapping segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming,...
Printed circuit board (PCB) having a plurality of integrated circuits (ICS) interconnected through r...
Method and apparatus for executing packed shift operations
Portable communication terminal in slant positions for displaying information
Cell reselection method and apparatus for preventing ping-pong in a mobile communications system
Transmitting and receiving apparatus and method for optimizing performance of adaptive modulation an...
Method and apparatus for implementing a presence-based universal camp-on feature in packet-based tel...
Airspace separation control and collision avoidance
Method and system for improving decoding efficiency in wireless receivers
Self-measuring automotive traffic
Method and apparatus of forward link and reverse link power control in a cellular wireless communica...
Method and apparatus for preventing paging channel overload
Modular security cabinet system for storing firearms or the like
NROM flash memory with a high-permittivity gate dielectric
Spray coating device for spraying coating material, in particular coating powder
Ergonomic frosting applicator
Firearm housing with heavy-duty locking mechanism
Lift cart
Fire extinguishing by explosive pulverisation of projectile based frozen gases and compacted solid e...
Hybrid electrically variable transmission with dual power paths and selective motor connection
Ballistic injection NROM flash memory
Magnetic tunnel junction device and writing/reading for said device
Methods of programming non-volatile memory devices including transition metal oxide layer as data st...
Magnetic recording and reproducing device and magnetic recording medium
Methods and apparatus for predicting the failure of a component, and for determining a grain orienta...
Calibratable fault reactions in heavy-duty diesel engines
Control system for internal combustion engine
Light-emitting device and optical integrated device
NROM flash memory with self-aligned structural charge separation
Detachable electrostatic chuck for supporting a substrate in a process chamber
Eliminating interference of noisy modality in a multimodal application
Automated placement of fields in a data summary table
Composite user interface and framework
Gaming machine
Wave power converter apparatus employing independently staged capture of surge energy
System, and associated method, for recovering water from air
Apparatus and methods for maintaining the registration state of an IP device in a network address po...
Methods of processing data packets at layer three level in a telecommunication equipment
Ascertaining the availability of communications between devices
Multipoint-to-point communication using orthgonal frequency division multiplexing and identification...
Provision of data for data warehousing applications
Activation of native operations for distinct-user defined types
Address database and address retrieval system using the same
Optimized computer diagramming method
Multiple log queues in a database management system
Method for distributed RDSMS
Rapamycin derivatives and the uses thereof in the treatment of neurological disorders
Substituted thiophene carboxamides
System and method for physiological drainage
Rotary pump with exclusively hydrodynamically suspended impeller
Substituted aryl thioureas and related compounds; inhibitors of viral replication
Multi-layered compensation film using specified Tg material as a birefringent layer
Method for preparation of alkoxysilanes having reduced halide