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Semi-static code space division for multiple shared packet data channels in high bandwidth mixed ser...
All-optical linear feedback shift register
Separator for fuel cell, method for producing separator and fuel cell applied with separator
Test kits and devices
Method and device for producing aqueous iodine and other halogen solutions
Spacer recovery method and apparatus used during disassembling of an image display apparatus
System and apparatus for protecting digital media
Optimizing rotary impact collectors
Method of forming a metal layer over patterned dielectric by electroless deposition using a catalyst
Crystal growth method, crystal growth apparatus, group-III nitride crystal and group-III nitride sem...
Encapsulation for organic LED device
Vertical alignment mode liquid crystal display device having pixel electrode partially covering hole...
Process for creating vias for circuit assemblies
Adsorbent for ink jet use, an ink retaining container, an adsorption member using such an adsorbent,...
Insecticidal 3-(2,6-disubstituted phenyl)-5-[5-arylthien-3-yl]-1,2,4-triazoles
Abrasive article with agglomerates and method of use
Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and radiation imaging method
Cold cathode and cold cathode discharge device
Methods for producing proteins by using cell-free protein synthesis systems
Method and apparatus for controlling flow profile to match lamp fluence profile
High pressure discharge lamp, with tungsten electrode and lighting optical apparatus and image displ...
Method and apparatus for performing packet loss or frame erasure concealment
Data compaction method for an intermediate object code program executable in an onboard system provi...
Pigment concentrates for coloring seeds
Method and apparatus for mark detection
Method and system for electronic authentification
Method and device for providing a low power embedded system bus architecture
Multiprocessor interrupt handling system and method
Network-based remote data storage system having multiple access interfaces
Reciprocating engine with rocker valve gear
Variable valve mechanism and intake air amount control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Minimizing latency with content-based adaptive buffering
Multidirectional cluster lights for motor vehicles
Method and apparatus, for identifying the location of pressure sensors in a tire pressure monitoring...
Rough road detection using suspension system information
Device and method for improved monitoring of a lateral-acceleration sensor
Connecting element for an electric motor
Antenna beam steering responsive to receiver and broadcast transmitter
Motor drive unit
Waveform output device and drive device
Dimmable fluorescent lamp package
LED-based lighting network power control methods and apparatus
Method of triggering at least one illuminating means and triggering circuit for practicing such meth...
Current supply for luminescent diodes
Light-emitting element driving circuit
LED signal light
Ballast for at least one lamp
Capacitor charging circuit and strobe apparatus comprising same
Ballast with circuit for detecting and eliminating an arc condition
Ballast with output ground-fault protection
Method for protecting a ballast from an output ground-fault condition
Converter circuit with coupled inductances
Parallel lighting system for surface light source discharge lamps
Multi-lamp backlight system
Full-bridge and half-bridge compatible driver timing schedule for direct drive backlight system
Electronic ballast with regulating circuit and disturbance variable application
Camera flash apparatus using ultraviolet light for triggering of the flash tube
Capacitive-load driving circuit capable of properly handling temperature rise and plasma display app...
Active matrix type display apparatus, active matrix type organic electroluminescence display apparat...
Self light emitting device and method of driving thereof
Method and device for image zooming
Optical amplifier and optical amplification method
Multi-stage bidirectional optical amplifier
Optical correlation device and method
Variable mirror and information apparatus comprising variable mirror
Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, method of selecting scanning line ...
Method for manufacturing and tuning the center frequency of a microstrip antenna
High voltage bushing
Molecular wire content addressable memory
System and method for predicting cache performance
Data processing apparatus
Symbol constellations having second-order statistics with cyclostationary phase
Method of manufacturing an electronic device
Polymers for photoresist compositions for microlithography
Data processing apparatus
Compartmentalised screening by microfluidic control
Method and apparatus for providing a notification appliance with a light emitting diode
High-purity water producing apparatus
Compact filtering unit for a swimming pool basin
Mobile pollution trap and method
Auxiliary filtration system for an engine
Blood irradiating apparatus
Showerhead and filter assembly
Non clogging screen
Strainer for a water hose
Apparatus comprising a disposable device and reusable instrument for synthesizing chemical compounds...
Apparatus and methods for collecting sludge from the floor of a settler basin
Method for suppressing growth of mycobacteria in metalworking fluids
Method for treating a medium with ultrasonic transducers
Grease removal system
Method and device for filtering liquids, especially drinks
Genetic vaccination device and process for forming an injection therefor
Filters and method for producing filters
Methyl-D-erythritol phosphate pathway genes
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
ODP2 promoter and methods of use
Modified polynucleotides for reducing off-target effects in RNA interference
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Condensed palatinose in hydrogenated form
Polysaccharide containing phosphorylcholine group and process for producing the same
Isolation of nucleic acids using a polycationic polymer as precipitation agent
Oligonucleotide probes for in vitro, in vivo and intra-cellular detection
Dna encoding rat bombesin receptor subtype-3 (brs-3) and uses thereof
Noved human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Aptamer constructs
Glycopeptide conjugates and uses thereof
Method for preparing modified polypeptides
Biomolecule transduction motif sim-2-btm and the use thereof
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same
Amplification process
Synthesis of 2-aralkoxyadenosines and 2-alkoxyadenosines
Hyaluronan synthase genes and expression thereof in bacillus hosts
System, apparatus and method for migrating computer environment and associated computer readable rec...
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
Magnetic resonance method
MRI scanner and method for modular patient handling
Connection lead for an electrical accessory device of an mri system
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a positioning unit
Peripheral vascular array
Method and apparatus for synchronizing the coding and decoding of information in an integrated servi...
System and method for polling devices in a network system
Portable computer and method
Shoe box divider
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear cleat
Spam detector defeating system
Breathing assistance apparatus
Ventilatory assistance for treatment of cardiac failure and cheyne-stokes breathing
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium used therewith
Electro-optical apparatus, image processing circuit, image data correction method, and electronic ap...
Method of characterization of surface coating containing metallic flakes and device used therein
System for performing ellipsometry using an auxiliary pump beam to reduce effective measurement spot...
Device recording a thermo-optical image of the female breast
Base for a toilet seat hinge
Method for controlling a vacuum valve of a vacuum die casting device and a vacuum die casting device
Uncoated facestock for adhesive-backed labels
Container base structure responsive to vacuum related forces
Inverted office shipper display
Minor-end loading carton
Slow release nitrogen root treatment
Variable geometry turbocharger
Heat-dissipating device
Fuel supply apparatus using low boiling point fuel and its control method
Laundry detergent dispenser
Apparatus and methods for silicon-on-insulator transistors in programmable logic devices
Design analysis tool for path extraction and false path identification and method thereof
Defibrillation pacing circuitry
Method for enhancement of naturally occurring cytoplasmic male sterility and for restoration of male...
Method of delaying bus request signals to arbitrate for bus use and system therefor
Heating apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Developer carrying member and developing apparatus
Developer supply apparatus and developer supply container
Image forming apparatus adopting image bearing member cleaner-less system
Method of reproducing process cartridge or developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and electrode member
Image forming apparatus
Original feeding apparatus having a plurality of sensors
Radiographic apparatus
Image coding apparatus and method of the same
Cover for air bag device
Lead free base locking mechanism
Sensory ego-sphere: a mediating interface between sensors and cognition
Robot teaching apparatus
Outside monitoring device for mobile robot
Salesperson robot system
Robot and a robot control method
Robot device and method of controlling the same
Joint structure for industrial robot
Teleconferencing robot with swiveling video monitor
Agitation of poultry by applied robotics
Backlash compensation control method, backlash compensation controller and backlash compensation con...
Internal field joint inspection robot
Method for molding and assembling containers with stoppers and filling same
Method of manufacturing roofing products
Robot arm mechanism
Wafer fabrication data acquisition and management systems
Versatile system for controlling driver signal timing
Throughput control for combines using feederhouse signal
Variable rate and clarity ice making apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling positioning of an implement of a work machine
Image forming apparatus and method for inhibiting filming on a photoreflector
Variable rate speech data compression
Process for hydrogenating a conjugated diene polymer
Recording medium and a recording system for the recording medium
Method and apparatus for communicating tooth characteristics and tooth restoration produced thereby
Helper virus-free AAV production
Preparation of ethylene polymers by the high-pressure method
Server for mapping application names to tag values in distributed multi-user application
Transverse mode control in a transmission line
Magnetic random access memory having test circuit and test method therefor
Light emitting semiconductor method and device
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Media validation system
Method and apparatus for output voltage temperature dependence adjustment of a low voltage band gap ...
Constant current supply device
Method and apparatus providing final test and trimming for a power supply controller
Switching power supply unit and controller IC thereof
Switching device driving apparatus and DC/DC converter incorporating the same
Total feed forward switching power supply control
Interface for shunt voltage regulator in a contactless smartcard
Control apparatus and control method of generator for vehicle
Battery charger and charging method
Method and apparatus to control input to AC induction motors
Driving circuit for light emitting diodes
Doubly fed induction machine
Controller of rotating electric machine for vehicle
Centrifugal weight control for a wind or water turbine
Global roaming services for telecommunications systems
System and method for implementing and accessing call forwarding services
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting and caller identification
Method and system for detecting a change in at least one telecommunication rate plan
Multiple service announcement method
Media organizer and entertainment center
Apparatus for producing a fire special effect
Driven pulley system for use in torque converter
Transmission assembly for a doll
Wild game caller housing
Suspended runway
Bubble blower and bubble blower equipped vehicle
Modular support system
Methods for comparing versions of a program
Block corruption analysis and fixing tool
Signal processing system
Combinatorial approach for supervised neural network learning
Optimized method of computing the degree of membership of a fuzzy variable, and a calculator circuit...
System and method for assisting diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint conditions
Cavitation detection in a process plant
Efficacy of biological state and action affecting biological state, judging apparatus, judging syste...
Dynamically improving data storage device performance
Remotely adjustable coronary sinus implant
Aminocarbonyl-derivatives as novel inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Smac-peptides as therapeutics against cancer and autoimmune diseases
Use of dmso in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases caused by prions
Prolonged administration of NMDA antagonist drug and safener drug to create improved stable neural h...
Five-membered cyclic compounds
Methods and compositions for the treatment, prevention or management of dysfunctional sleep and dysf...
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors, including N-substituted diarylamine analogs
Piperidinylamino-thieno[2,3-D] pyrimidine compounds
New piperidinylamino-thieno[2,3-D] pyrimidine compounds
Phenylaminopropanol derivatives and methods of their use
Cathepsin S inhibitors
Helix mimetics and composition and methods related thereto
Phenylaminopropanol derivatives and methods of their use
Combination of organic compounds
Substituted amino isoxazoline derivatives and their use as anti-depressants
Statin therapy for enhancing cognitive maintenance
Treatment of post-menopausal complaints in breast cancer patients comprising tibolone and a serm
Chain oligolactic acid thioester
Ortho-substituted benzoic acid derivatives for the treatment of insulin resistance
(2S)-2-amino-a-{[2-(ethanimidoylamino) ethyl]thio}butanoic acid, a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, ...
Chroman derivatives
Process for preparing a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor and intermediates employed therein
Tachygastrial electrical stimulation
Intra-gastric fastening devices
Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment
Apparatus and method for applying variable localized pressure to the human body
Interface for video endoscope system
Phenyloxyalkanonic acid derivatives as hppar activators
GSK-3 inhibitors
Compounds active in spinigosine 1-phosphate signaling
Alpha(trifluoromethyl-substituted aryloxy, arylamino, arylthio or arylmethyl)-trifluoromethyl-substi...
Gypsum layered panels containing styrene butadiene latex additive
Cementing subterranean zones using cement compositions containing biodegradable dispersants
Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environ...
Tuning device
Bass drum beater
Drum hoop
Session apparatus, control method therefor, and program for implementing the control method
Method and apparatus for multimedia editing
Time based multimedia objects streaming apparatus and method
Provision of services in a communication system including an interworking mobile switching center
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
Portable digital multimedia jukebox
Resource allocation
Stereoscopic image generating apparatus and game apparatus
Image display processing apparatus that automatically changes position of sub-window relative to mai...
System, method and computer program product for order confirmation in a supply chain management fram...
User context component in environment services patterns
Coupon delivery system
Data carrier having an optically variable element and methods for producing it
Sequentially placed shipping and packing label system
Safety adhesive foil as identification element
Antibodies and fragments thereof to MDL-1 protein
Urocortin-III and uses thereof
Multi-compartment kits comprising compositions comprising at least one stabilizing composition compr...
Dual component dentinal desensitizing dentifrice
Natural insect repellant
Use of interleukin-11 to prevent immune-mediated cytotoxicity
Compositions and methods for helper-free production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses
Vectors for delivering viral and oncogenic inhibitors
Biomarkers for oxidative stress
Methods and materials for evaluating rheumatoid arthritis
Method of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating gastrointestinal cancer
Inhibitors of apoptosis of nerve cells
Method of preparing a poorly crystalline calcium phosphate and methods of its use
Sustained-release microencapsulated delivery system
Water soluble powders and tablets
Apoptosis-mimicking synthetic entities and use thereof in medical treatment
Tape material for transcutaneous absorption
Device for enhancing transdermal agent flux
Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement
Process for making a water-soluble foam component
Growth promoting pharmaceutical implant
Work site dust control system
Board align image acquisition device with improved interface
Weight compensation device
Image processing methods and apparatus
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for image correction
Method of detecting an object's motion by a digital camera
Method for detecting moving objects by comparing video images
Camera control apparatus and method
Apparatus system and method for remotely controlling a vehicle over a network
Visual motion analysis method for detecting arbitrary numbers of moving objects in image sequences
Image processing apparatus and method
Modular logic board chassis for a desktop computer
LCD panel and notebook computer incorporating the same
High resolution multi-lens imaging device
Digital video data signal processing system and method of processing digital video data signals for ...
Electronic image pick-up apparatus and method of adjusting the focal position thereof
Method for controlling a charge-coupled device sensing module
CMOS sensor camera with on-chip image compression
Solid image pickup apparatus
Display device
Storing image data to digital cameras
Side view mirror and camera assembly
Computer virus avoidance system and mechanism
Three dimensional interactive system
Water-metachromatic cloth sheet, toy set using the same, and writing instrument for water-metachroma...
Meaning equivalence instructional methodology (MEIM)
Automatic reading system and methods
Computer program, method, and system for monitoring nutrition content of consumables and for facilit...
Apparatus and method to transport a data storage medium disposed in a portable carrier
Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a user interfa...
Remote validation of installation input data
Method for just-in-time updating of programming parts
Method for selecting a set of patches to update a system of programs
System and method for employing externalized, dynamically configurable, cacheable trigger points
Method apparatus and article of manufacture for time profiling multi-threaded programs
Method, program product, and design tool for automatic transmission line selection in application sp...
Methodology for fixing Qcrit at design timing impact
Method and apparatus for signal electromigration analysis
System and method for in-situ signal delay measurement for a microprocessor
Displaying transparency characteristic aids
Process for automatically displaying graphical objects such as buttons in a web page
Method and system for tracking a user flow of web pages of a web site to enable efficient updating o...
Method of standardizing character information in electronic documents
Method and apparatus for fault location in a loop network
Method and apparatus for providing multi-path I/O in non-concurrent clustering environment using SCS...
Test tool and methods for facilitating testing of a system managed event
Method for receiver delay detection and latency minimization for a source synchronous wave pipelined...
Capacitive sensing employing a repeatable offset charge
Reduced verification complexity and power saving features in a pipelined integrated circuit
System of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit by having a client connected to a manufactu...
Browser-based arrangement for developing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup lang...
Networked digital security system and methods
Internet client-server multiplexer
Method for extending capabilities of an arbitrary web server
Transparent electronic safety deposit box
Method for remote monitoring of water treatment systems
Method and system for the electronic provision of services for machines via a data communication lin...
Method for calling up user-specified information using a mobile telephone
Wideband transmission through narrowband transponder
Architecture for a central office using IP technology
Short range RF network with roaming terminals
System and method for broadcasting a message from a wireless communications device
Registering events while clocking multiple domains
Region modeling of mobile services
Remote data access and integration of distributed data sources through data schema and query abstrac...
Method and system of shopping with a mobile device to purchase goods and/or services
Using a corridor search to identify locations of interest along a route
Method and apparatus for performing diagnostics in a control loop of a control valve
Window or door manufacturing method and apparatus
Directivity characteristics of mobile terminals
Method and device for choosing a system selection algorithm that is location dependent
Method for location-based billing for mobile communication
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
Local digital image property control with masks
Method and apparatus for providing real-time execution of specific communications services in an int...
Method for determining concurrrent voice over IP calls
Method and apparatus for uplink synchronization in wireless communications
Test substrate reclamation method and apparatus
Artificial intelligence system for track defect problem solving
Guided-wave optical interconnections embedded within a microelectronic wafer-level batch package
Methods for forming thermo-optic switches, routers and attenuators
Flexible skin incorporating MEMS technology
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor technology using selective epitaxy of a strained ...
Method of producing semiconductor element and nonvolatile semiconductor memory produced by this meth...
Non-volatile memory cell array having discontinuous source and drain diffusions contacted by continu...
Electronic gain cell based charge sensor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bolometric humidity sensor and cooker using the same and method for controlling the cooker
Technique for monitoring the state of metal lines in microstructures
Functional device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Reduced silicon gouging and common source line resistance in semiconductor devices
Micro device and process for producing it
Methods and systems for controlling belt surface temperature and slurry temperature in linear chemic...
Methods of forming refractory metal silicide components and methods of restricting silicon surface m...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming gate oxide in semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus with a tapered aperture pattern to form a predeter...
Printing cartridge with ink and print media supplies
Highly-neutralized ethylene copolymers and their use in golf balls
Aloe vera processed leather and leather gloves, garments, shoes and sandals made from aloe vera proc...
Printing cartridge with a data-carrying integrated circuit device
Automatic releasing device for a parachute
System and method for programatic access to biological probe array data
Rice hybrid RH103
Rice cultivar 'Francis'
Cotton cultivar DP 449 BG/RR
Soybean variety XB58Z04
Soybean variety XB04D04
Soybean cultivar 0037357
Transgenic animals having a modified glycoprotein V gene
Protecting groups for carbohydrate synthesis
Gene promoter sequences and uses thereof
Fas antigen derivative
Isolation of neurotrophins from a mixture containing neurotrophin variants using hydrophobic interac...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Factor VIII/vWF complexes and compositions
Coleopteran toxin proteins of bacillus thuringiensis
Transcription factors related to TFIIA
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor ligands: substituted 1-benzyl-4-aryl piperazine analogues
Modulation of gene expression by combination therapy
Melanocortin receptor antagonists and modulations of melanocortin receptor activity
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of hematological disorders using 2777
Methods of inducing ovulation
Forming method of ink jet print head substrate and ink jet print head substrate, and manufacturing m...
Piezoelectric ink jet recording head formed by press working
Method for producing contoured vehicle floor mats having integrally formed nibs
Ice dispenser for cold therapy
Heated roller for a heating device for warming a film strip comprising thermoplastic plastic
Extruder head
Direct, externally imposed control of nucleic acids
Humidifier for fuel cell
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Nicotinamide biaryl derivatives useful as inhibitors of PDE4 isozymes
Process for the preparation of 1-benzyl-4-(5,6-dimethoxy-1-indanon)-2-yl) methyl piperidine hydrochl...
Methods of using non-human animal Apolipoprotein A-I protein
Backlight inverter for liquid crystal display panel with self-protection function
Method and apparatus for automatic analog/mixed signal system design using geometric programming
On-system programmable and off-system programmable chip
Image forming apparatus featuring a cleaning brush for removing residual developer
Server and method for searching for image using image prefetch, designating database and storage dev...
Information recording medium and information recording device
Methods for delivering a therapeutic implant to tissue
Multi-component catalyst system for the polycondensation manufacture of polyesters
Simplified defibrillator output circuit
Cross-linked polysaccharide drug carrier
Method of producing polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display comprising the polarizing plate
Method and system for managing graphics objects in a graphics display system
Cooking apparatus and method of controlling the same
Nucleic acid sequences encoding adenylate kinase, phospholipid scramblase-like, DNA fragmentation fa...
Dental materials based on polyfunctional amides
Photosensitive composition for photoresist manufacture
Nozzle, especially an atomizing nozzle for an oil burner
Portable computer-based device and computer operating method
Shoulder prosthesis assembly
Recording medium loader
Animal cage lighting system and method
Method and apparatus for producing a circuit description of a design
Watercraft landing cradle
Cycle handlebar shock and vibration damper
MgB2—based superconductor with high critical current density, and method for manufacturing the...
Apparatus and method for intra-oral stimulation of the trigeminal nerve
Histamine H2 receptor and uses
3-substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
Mixed gas microbubble compositions
Electronic device that uses a pager network for remote reprogramming of the device
Fluorine-containing ethylene copolymers
Aqueous (meth)acrylate copolymer dispersions, method for producing the same, and the use thereof
Low-temperature hydrocarbon production from oxygenated hydrocarbons
Program control system and program control method
Method of generating control data for bending and torsion apparatuses
Edge sealing of a laminated transparency
HIV protease inhibitors, compositions containing the same, their pharmaceutical uses and materials f...
System and method for characterizing logical storage devices
Damping foil consisting of several layers and a method for producing same
Method for Raman chemical imaging and characterization of calcification in tissue
Solid support stabilized Mn(III) and Mn(VII) and method of preparation
Recording classification of instructions executed by a computer
Interference screws having increased proximal diameter
Antibodies against human protein HUVDJ43
Lens control apparatus, lens control method and camera
Management of links to data embedded in blocks of data
Low dielectric constant STI with SOI devices
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Method and apparatus for coding bits of data in parallel
Tricyrtis plant named 'Moonlight Treasure'
Method and system for monitoring and transmitting utility status via universal communications interf...
Offshore platform stabilizing strakes
Building predictive models within interactive business analysis processes
Medicament dispensing device
Fiber optic panel illuminated mailbox
Network copy protection for database programs
Search engine device and method for generating output search responses from multiple input search re...
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such sold films, an...
Method for determining the dynamics of vehicle movement
Method for reducing power consumption when sensing a resistive memory
Method for detecting forensic evidence
Data Communication method, terminal equipment, interconnecting installation, data communication syst...
Data bus system and protocol for graphics displays
Discharge lamp of the short arc type
Polymeric membrane compositions
Updating a file in a fragmented file system
Internet based computer system and method for component exchange
Vehicle movement stabilizing device
Radar apparatus for automobile, attachment direction adjuster and attachment direction adjusting met...
Method for determining a state of a road during the driving mode of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for vehicle rollover prediction and prevention
Driving force control system for hybrid vehicle
Method and device for controlling entry into a secured location, especially into a motor vehicle
Device for the selective oxidation of a substance stream
Vehicle control apparatus
Electric drive configuration for a skid steered vehicle
Hood apparatus for a vehicle
Method for installing flexibly coupled electric power assist steering system
Power steering system
Industrial truck with a drive unit which is fastened to a neighboring frame segment of a vehicle fra...
Method and apparatus to regulate the supply of power to an electric drive using a hybrid energy supp...
Body structure of fuel cell vehicle
Front end structure of vehicle preventing short-circuit of cooling air
Network-based mobile workgroup system
Data backup including tape and non-volatile memory units and method of operating same
Aggregation of retailers for televised media programming product placement
System and method for dynamic channel management of a television based on media center set-top box t...
Data error control method
Information communication device
Communication apparatus implementing time domain isolation with restricted bus access
Parked vehicle re-location and advertising/promotion/coupon distribution device
Voltage threshold ablation apparatus
Echogenic needle for transvaginal ultrasound directed reduction of uterine fibroids and an associate...
System and method for a simplified cable tuner
Outlet tap, power source cut-off system, and power source cut-off method
Method for controlling a hands free system, radio apparatus, and hands free apparatus
Method for the reduction of radiation in a radio telecommunication system, together with associated ...
Multimode wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for call queuing in a cellular communication system
Low-cost high-power digital cordless telephone architecture
Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
MP3 broadcasting device with cigarette-lighter plug
Radio communication method and radio communication device
Method and network element for optimisation of radio resource utilisation in radio access network
Radio communication system and base station thereof
Mobile communication method and radio network controller
System and method for translating non-native instructions to native instructions for processing on a...
Method for producing non-human mammal RNAi phenotype using papilloma virus vector
Recombinant gelatins
Systems and methods for multi-tuner recording
Distributed BDD reordering
Controller and resource management system and method with improved security for independently contro...
Incentive based health care insurance program
Device for stimulating bone growth, especially for the osteosynthesis of bone fragments and/or for f...
Spinal implant system
Prosthetic intervertebral disc and methods for using same
Low profile fusion cage and insertion set
Osteoconductive integrated spinal cage and method of making same
Pharmacological delivery implement for use with cardiac repair devices
Medical devices to treat or inhibit restenosis
Devices, systems, and methods for treating atrial fibrillation
Method and apparatus for treating the body
Device for treating osteoporosis, hip and spine fractures and fusions with electric fields
Methods and systems for treating chronic pelvic pain
Body composition measuring apparatus
Suture anchoring system and method
Skin seal with inflatable membrane
Surgical clip with a self-releasing fluid reservoir
Expedited dynamic mirror service policy
Interleaver for iterative decoder
Method, system, and article of manufacture for borrowing physical volumes
Data recording method, data recorder, and recording medium
Non-speculative distributed conflict resolution for a cache coherency protocol
Management of caches in a data processing apparatus
Cache memory capable of selecting size thereof and processor chip having the same
Read access and storage circuitry read allocation applicable to a cache
Disk subsystem
Method, system, and program for determining a configuration of a logical array including a plurality...
Method and apparatus for content-aware prefetching
Computer system
Virtual counter for data rate conversion
Consolidation of allocated memory to reduce power consumption
System and method for processor with predictive memory retrieval assist
Intercepting control of a host I/O process
Techniques to map cache data to memory arrays
Providing a burst mode data transfer proxy for bridging a bus
Learning system based on metadata framework and indexed, distributed and fragmented content
Template matching on interactive surface
Method and system for providing access to electronic learning and social interaction within a single...
Method and system for knowledge assessment and learning
Folding magazine insert
Molecular models
Behaviour modification system
Teaching and evaluating project management using a kit for building a kayak
Utility tool for communication
Recreational and Educational System For Language Learning in General
Printed publication with 3-D object
Braille type device, system, and method
Hair styling method
Scannable form and system
3D navigation techniques
Drawing apparatus, method of use and resultant art
Football teaching aid
Self-service system for education
Methods of selecting Lock-In Training courses and sessions
System and method for assessment design
Method to assess a person's knowledge of a subject area
Method and device to determine the network environment and configure a network gateway
Barriers for polymer-coated implantable medical devices and methods for making the same
Method for producing highly pure, granular silicon
Process for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions
Process and apparatus for treating semiconductor production exhaust gases
Composite material
Electroconductive low thermal expansion ceramic sintered body
Corrosion inhibitor
Sorbents and methods for the removal of mercury from combustion gases
Preparing synthesis gas using hydrotalcite-derived nickel catalysts
Method of recovering metal and/or oxide thereof in a slurry and tailings obtained from said method
Silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Process for preparing cathode material for lithium batteries
Process for producing ammonium polythimolybdate
Method for producing fullerenes
Preparation of multifaceted graphitic nanotubes
Muffin fan hush hood
Two-stage phasing plug system in a compression driver
Closed loop postage metering system
Computerized dispute resolution system and method
Action verification system using central verification authority
Measurement-based management method for packet communication networks
Method and apparatus for distributing enforceable property rights
Method and apparatus for work management for facility maintenance
Method of producing, selling, and distributing articles of manufacture
Diagnostic method and diagnostic system for monitoring available resources in a production process
Identifying unauthorized communication systems based on their memory contents
Method and apparatus for detecting data
Electronic authentication method, electronic authentication apparatus and electronic authentication ...
Removable media recording station for the medical industry
Pre-paid data card authentication in a public wireless LAN access system
High strength steel weld having improved resistance to cold cracking and a welding method
Press separator for fuel cell made of stainless steel press formed in contiguous corrugations
Highly pipelined printing system architecture
Messaging system for directing a server to convert voice message into text and appending a converted...
Fashion accessory with wireless signal alerting device
Cellular phone simultaneously mounting two IC cards and including a lock button for selectively rele...
Audio panel with enhanced intercom isolation modes
Home network system
Apparatus and method for telecommunications services
Software controlled ring voltage generator
Echo cancellation filter
Recordal of call results in a predictive dialing application
Message path bypass for intelligent network elements
Network configuration control method and network configuration control unit
Methods and systems for routing calling name service query messages in a communication network
Method for providing a service in a telecommunication network and a corresponding infrastructure man...
Caller identifying information encoded within embedded digital information
Apparatus and method for free-fall installation of an underwater wellhead
Boat wake system
Hatch or door system for securing and sealing openings in marine vessels
Universally compatible, semi-elliptical, vertically deployed sail system for wind—propelled ve...
Stable and biodegradable foamed cement slurries, additives and methods
Concrete block with batter indicators
Apparatus for assembling a liner
Method of accurate trenchless installation of underground pipe
Bundle of pipes and method for parallel arrangement of pipes according to a bore and swivel method
Irrigation method for sloping land
Limited visible transmission blue glasses
Process and arrangement for spinning yarn
Re-generator of optical clock signal
Image processing system for processing photographing images
Optically pumped, surface-emitting semiconductor laser device and method for the manufacture thereof
Nitride-based semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device and fabrication method thereof
Sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector laser controller
Semiconductor laser device
Method and apparatus for backside monitoring of VCSELs
Optoelectronic device employing at least one semiconductor heterojunction thyristor for producing va...
Optical disk device and information recording/reproducing method
Optical disc recording method and optical disc drive
Information recording and reproducing apparatus for updating the waveform of a laser based on positi...
Laser-based measuring apparatus for measuring an axial run-out in a cylinder of rotation and method ...
Optical multiplexer and cross-switch using etched liquid crystal fabry-perot etalons
Liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
Manufacturing method of scanning optical system
Single-polarization high power fiber lasers and amplifiers
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Fiber connecting method, laser apparatus and projection television
Ion source and methods for MALDI mass spectrometry
PRO844 polypeptides
Substituted cyclohexane derivatives
Modulation of cell fates and activities by diketo phthalazines
Use of phenylheteroalkylamine derivatives
Dipeptide derivatives
5HT2C receptor modulators
Compounds and their uses
Method for the preparation of fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof
Plasma phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) deficiency represents an anti-atherogenic state and PLTP...
Methods for identifying compounds capable of supplementing the biological activity of leptin
Network security architecture for a mobile network platform
Preparation of nanocapsule compositions and their toner composition for thermosensitive rewritable r...
Cantilever push tab for an intravenous medical device
Magnetic-head supporting mechanism
Recording tape cassette having an approved reel lock member
Magnetic tape cartridge
Magnetic head and rotary head drum device
Thin film magnetic head having partial insulating layer formed on bottom pole layer through gap laye...
Ultra-short yoke and ultra-low stack height writer and method of fabrication
Magnetic recording head including spatially-pumped spin wave mode writer
Disk chuck
Disk drive having an acoustic damping assembly with an acoustic barrier layer
Multi-layer housing structure with tuned layers using hypothetical modeling
Methods and apparatus for thermally bonding lubricant to a disk surface with use of a heat source in...
Current to voltage converter amplifier for use in a data reading device
Anti-parallel tab sensor fabrication using chemical-mechanical polishing process
Magnetoresistive sensor having low resistivity dual path conductor and optimized magnetic
Underlayer for high amplitude spin valve sensors
Magneto-resistive sensor with oxidization-resistant conductive layer between cap layer and electrode...
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with nonmagnetic write gap greater than twice side shield gap ...
Suspension assembly including a shape memory flexure element to adjust flexure or preload force
System and method of limiting a range of motion of an actuator in a hard disk drive
Pluggable authentication and access control for a messaging system
Framework, architecture, method and system for reducing latency of business operations of an enterpr...
Arrangement for coupling microwave energy into a treatment chamber
Image processing system for identifying car stealer
Efficient perceptual/physical color space conversion
Beta-amino acid derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Heating device and image forming apparatus
Enhanced fabric comprising substrates and process to provide same
Display unit
Snap-on handle for a container
Process for working up secondary components in the preparation of dinitrotoluene
Composition having physiological activity and production method thereof
Ionic toothbrush
Mandrel for use in forming valved prostheses having polymer leaflets by dip coating
Conductive thermoplastic compositions and antennas thereof
Telemetry apparatus and method for an implantable medical device
Stepping motor
Animal surgical tray
Method and apparatus for concentrating samples for analysis
Process for preparing crystalline Form I of cabergoline
Attachment of second harmonic-active moiety to molecules for detection of molecules at interfaces
Semiconductor device and an optical device using the semiconductor device
Accessing data stored at an intermediary from a service
Integrated circuit devices with steganographic authentication, and steganographic authentication met...
Toner particles including a sulfur-containing resin
Method and apparatus for changing the optical intensity of an optical signal using a movable light t...
Soil amendment compositions
Kniphofia plant named 'First Surprise'
Task/domain segmentation in applying feedback to command control
Waste bin
Method of parsing commands using linear tree representation
Additional information embedding method, additional information detecting method, additional informa...
Method for manufacturing composite membranes
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Process of producing C2 to C4 olefins from a feed mixture containg C4 to C8 olefins
Light-emitting display device with substrate having surface irregularities
Oxidation resistant coating for carbon
Glassy-crystalline material with low solubility and process of preparing the same
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Method of coating aluminum and aluminum alloy substrates and coated articles
Dry-in-place zinc phosphating compositions and processes that produce phosphate conversion coatings ...
Antimicrobial bra
Method for treating metallic surfaces
Ventilated foot orthotic
Music shoe
Sports boot with decoration
Shoe with spinner element
Apparatus and method to correctly orient garments
Protective assembly for a limb
Sandal, thong or the like with reversible tongue, vamp, or strap
Low cost orthosis for toe injuries
Method and apparatus for a shoe having improved shoe construction
One-piece shoe construction with improved ventilation
Illuminated ornamental slipper
Expandable tongue for articulated boots
Jump shoes
Footwear wrap assembly
Sports boot with decoration
Protective device against frictional irritation due to wearing thong-type sandals and other footwear
Ankle and foot stabilization support
Modular shoe
Self tying shoe
Shoe tightening system
Peach tree named 'Vista Snow'
Apple tree named 'PV 1027'
Production of biomedical peptides and proteins in plants using plant virus vectors
Regulated expression of cytokinin-Modulating genes
Compositions and methods for gene silencing
Compositions and methods for altering amino acid content of proteins
Plant carbon catabolite repression proteins
Precise breeding
Insect ammunition vectors and methods of use to identify pesticide targets
Transgenesis by sperm-mediated gene transfer
Method for producing biologically active human factor VIII in the milk of transgenic animals driven ...
Compound screens relating to insulin deficiency or insulin resistance
Automated Computer Vulnerability Resolution System
Methodology, system, computer readable medium, and product providing a security software suite for h...
Model-based two-dimensional interpretation filtering
Method of optimizing the presentation on a display screen of objects of a user interface which can b...
System for dynamically configuring a user interface display
Gui and support hardware for maintaining long-term personal access to the world
Novel subpixel layouts and arrangements for high brightness displays
Novel subpixel layouts and arrangements for high brightness displays
Subpixel rendering filters for high brightness subpixel layouts
Systems and methods for improved gamut mapping from one image data set to another
Systems and methods for selecting a white point for image displays
System and method for improving sub-pixel rendering of image data in non-striped display systems
Astaxanthin medium-chain fatty acid ester, process for producing the same and composition containing...
Substituted nitrobenzene derivatives as pharmaceutical and other uses athereof
Mold infections
Non-odorous biocide containing laminate
Surface coating solution
Fortified confectionery products
Treating meat from dark-cutting carcasses using an acidification process
Formulation and process to prepare a premium formulated fried egg
Ready to eat food formulation containing yogurt and pureed cooked vegetables and process for manufac...
Method of producing a heat stable oil-in-water emulsion and the products made therefrom
Method of producing a heat stable oil-in-water emulsion and the products made therefrom
System and method of manufacturing character-shaped snack food product
Method of preparing sweetener agglomerates and agglomerates prepared by the method
Authentic refried beans rapidly produced from dehydrated starting material
Apparatus and method of separating character forms from sheeted dough while manufacturing snack food...
Calcium chloride purification
Corn degermination machine
Corn debranning and degermination process
Liquified Saffron
Coffee bean roaster and method for roasting coffee beans using the same
Seasoning recovery and recycle
Batter and breading machine
Apparatus for cutting food product
Method for producing and dispensing an aerated and/or blended food product
Mattress hugging bed rail
Combination microwave oven and steamer
Concentrated sanitizing compositions for cleaning food and food contact surfaces
Dairy-based candy production utilizing plate and frame assembly
Batter coating for potato pieces
Method and apparatus for cutting dough with nested pattern cutters
Method for producing a fermented hydrolyzed medium containing microorganisms
Low temperature cleaning
Equipment for physical refining and deodorization of edible oils and fats
Switching/moving structure of a zoom lens
Camera frame assembly having shutter actuator with telescoping striker and method
Optical apparatus and lens apparatus
Image pickup lens unit and image pickup device
Land mine overpass tread design
Boot liner
Lace retainer for footwear
Pivotal counter assembly for a shoe
Athletic shoe with inflatable tongue
Means and method of exercising feet and legs of bedridden patient
Snowshoe pivot axle pad
Jump assisting spring heel shoe
Shoe having a three-dimensional insole
System for housing an audio system in an aquatic environment
Ceramic layered product and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Electric motor drive for a piece of furniture
Unidirectional acoustic probe and method for making same
Method for local reduction of the operating noise produced by a medical diagnostic or therapy device...
Radiation image conversion panel and producing method thereof
Method of monitoring glucose level
Radiation detection apparatus and system
Analog implementation of linear transforms
Thin coaxial cable and method for its manufacture
Acoustical source and transducer having, and method for, optimally matched acoustical impedance
Multiple-capture DFT system for scan-based integrated circuits
Providing at least one peer connection between a plurality of coupling facilities to couple the plur...
Digital protection and control device
Gas monitoring system and sidestream gas measurement system adapted to communicate with a mainstream...
System for controlling exhaust emissions produced by an internal combustion engine
Mobility management method and system for wireless data networks
Attenuated total reflection spectroscopic analysis of organic additives in metal plating solutions
Method of detecting changes occurring in image editing using watermarks
Selective encryption of mixed raster content layers
Imaging systems and methods
X-ray CT Apparatus and exposure dose calculating method
Address learning system and method for using same
Oximetry simulator
Continuous wave optical imaging assuming a scatter-law
Non-visible communication systems
Methods for high-precision gap and orientation sensing between a transparent template and substrate ...
System and method for multiplexing inputs into a single spectrometer
Neutron spectrometer with aluminum proton absorber
Modeling and combining multiple graphics objects
High performance hybrid magnetic structure for biotechnology applications
NMR imaging system with conical permanent magnet
Method and apparatus for monitoring traffic in a network
Method and system for facilitating the refinement of data queries
Packet data analysis with efficient and flexible parsing capabilities
Method of and apparatus for generation/presentation of program-related contents
Radio receiver
Method for channel equalization
Optimization of channel equalizer
Online blind source separation
Fully integrated ethernet transmitter architecture with interpolating filtering
Organic thin film transistor
Process for removing an organic layer during fabrication of an organic electronic device
Semiconductor device with deep substrates contacts
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing same and method of designing same
Thin film transistor type optical sensor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
EEPROM device and method for providing lower programming voltage
Scalable self-aligned dual floating gate memory cell array and methods of forming the array
Semiconductor memory device
InGaAs/GaAs high electron mobility transistor
Deep trench isolation for thyristor-based semiconductor device
Microlens integration
Processes for producing poly-ethynyl-substituted aromatic compound
Self-propelled liquid fuel
Mobile telephone system capable of effectively utilizing GPS information even if direct reception by...
Method and apparatus for improved L2 performance in dual frequency semi-codeless GPS receivers
Method and system for reducing data volume transferred over a wireless communications network
Method and apparatus for integrating distributed shared services system
Method and architecture for a high performance cache for distributed, web-based management solutions
Method for providing performance data of a web server independent of platform
Methods and apparatus for identifying related nodes in a directed graph having named arcs
Label address translating device
System and methods for pre-artwork signal-timing verification of an integrated circuit design
Creating a graphical program to configure one or more switch devices
Method and apparatus for reliable unidirectional communication in a data network
Electronic ballast for a discharge lamp
Fusing apparatus and method for liquid toner electrophotography using multiple stations having diffe...
Oxyfunctionalization of polyolefins
Compositions comprising plant-derived polyphenolic compounds and inhibitors of reactive oxygen speci...
Automatic electric toothbrush
Printing up to edge of printing paper without platen soiling
Polyurethane coatings and drive rollers including the same
Encoding system for multi-antenna transmitter and decoding system for multi-antenna receiver
Pet training device
Metallized film capacitor
Transparent switch
Device and method for seed-train expansion of mammalian cells
Resonant energy MEMS array and system including dynamically modifiable power processor
Mesoscale polynucleotide amplification device and method
Cosmetic compositions based on organic silicon compounds comprising at least a non basic solubilisin...
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Jenny Wren Crimson'
Waste container
Fuel cell stack and a method of operating the same
Void-free metal interconnection structure and method of forming the same
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device