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Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Method and apparatus for actuating a cam phaser
Electromagnetic brake cooling structure of phase variable device in car engine
Cylinder valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Fail-safe control apparatus for internal combustion engine equipped with variable valve characterist...
Packet handler of audio data by isochronous mode
Music storage apparatus and picture storage apparatus
Sector antenna apparatus and vehicle-mounted transmission and reception apparatus
Method and device for aligning radar mount direction, and radar aligned by the method or device
Fuel injection quantity control device
System and method for monitoring brake overload in electronically-controlled brake systems of vehicl...
Method for operating an adaptive clutch in a power transfer assembly
Driving assist system
Vehicle network and communication method in a vehicle network
Process and device for isotropic communication between a vehicle and a tag
Emergency call device and method for controlling emergency call
Adaptive EEPROM storage system for tire pressure loss detection
Method and system for remotely monitoring vehicle diagnostic trouble codes
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Dual mode credit card based payment technique
Method and system for airborne meter communication
Method for enzymatic splitting of oils and fats
Nucleic acids encoding insect acetylcholine receptor subunits
Recombinants process for preparing a complete malaria antigen, gp190/MSP1
Method for culturing and assaying cells
Apparatus for growing cells
Automated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay device with ONP-GP
Patient bed support for an open MRI system
Resistance sequences and uses thereof
Extendable planar diversity antenna
Noise cleaning and interpolating sparsely populated color digital image using a variable noise clean...
Device and method for measuring image density
Network communication system
Beacon packet having traffic indicator flag
System and method for source defined packet routing
Apparatus and method for providing separate forward dedicated and shared control channels in a commu...
Priority encoder for successive encoding of multiple matches in a CAM
Peer-to-peer control and decision making system
Method and apparatus using reverse disk rotation to achieve slider contact with a disk surface
Electromagnetic relay
On-chip VCO calibration
Write-once optical recording medium with ZnO near-field optical interaction layer
Method of making toroidal MRAM cells
Battery charger system and method for providing detailed battery status and charging method informat...
Apparatus and method for a voltage booster with improved voltage regulator efficiency
Inverter controlled generator apparatus
Magnetic field production system, and configuration for wire-free supply of a large number of sensor...
Potential generating circuit capable of correctly controlling output potential
Circuit for generating a reference voltage having low temperature dependency
Cross regulation and methods for controlling boost converter
System and method for controlling output-timing parameters of power converters
Power glitch free internal voltage generation circuit
Method of forming a high efficiency power controller
Control apparatus for electrical generator of vehicle
Battery voltage reduction
Electrostatic energy generators and uses of same
Space-based power system
Method and apparatus for securing and/or identifying a link to a percutaneous probe
Method and apparatus for machine location
Gaming device with award and deduction proximity-based sound effect feature
Electronic signature capability in a gaming machine
Video gaming apparatus for wagering with universal computerized controller and I/O interface for uni...
Cable installation system and related methods
Interlaced protocol for smart card application development
System and method for creating a clinical resume
Method and apparatus for authoring of customizable multimedia documents
Network service user authentication system
ABDS system and verification status for authenticating entity access
Method, storage medium and system for electronically viewing multi-page document while preserving ap...
Creating ensembles of decision trees through sampling
Universal task management system, method and product for automatically managing remote workers, incl...
Method of limiting key usage in a postage metering system that produces cryptographically secured in...
Method and apparatus for facilitating an anonymous information system and anonymous service transact...
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or...
Memory rental service system in intelligent authentication unit
Method and apparatus for making secure electronic payments
Method and apparatus for a modular postage accounting system
Scalable, fraud resistant graphical payment indicia
Digital coin-based postage meter
Method for providing database security
Non-repudiable translation of electronic documents
Money-transfer techniques
Method, apparatus and program for quantitative competition and recording medium having recorded ther...
Click based trading with market depth display
Slot-type poker game
Multiple pricing shared single jackpot in a lottery
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based upon matching two or...
Toy train accessory
Animation device for head, mouth, arms and body of a toy
Personal entertainment arrangement
Portable game board
Pet toy
Message processor for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Triangular stackable building wall module and method
Wireless interactive doll-houses and playsets therefor
Inflatable component connector
System and apparatus for propelling and carrying a user within a confined interior
Swing with an extension frame
Conjuring tool for performing coin increasing trick
Hardware/software management, purchasing and optimization system
System and method for implementing quality control rules formulated in accordance with a quality con...
Method and apparatus for automatically determining salient features for object classification
Transmitting information given constrained resources
Statistical guardband methodology
Lysyl oxidase-like 1 (LOXL1) and elastogenesis
Soft tissue implants and anti-scarring agents
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Pyrrolopyrimidine derivatives and analogs and their use in the treatment and prevention of diseases
Method for treatment or prevention of osteoporosis in individuals with high bone turnover
Solid formulations of ospemifene
Methods for treating retinoid responsive disorders using selective inhibitors of CYP26A and CYP26B
Aminotetralin-derived urea modulators of vanilloid VR1 receptor
Compositions intended for the treatment of peripheral neuropathies, preparation thereof and uses of ...
Beta-lapachone and methods of treating cancer
Treatment or prevention of vascular disorders with Cox-2 inhibitors in combination with cyclic AMP-s...
Fused heterocyclic compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
New derivatives of 2-(iminomethyl)amino-phenyl, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the ...
Benzimidazole derivative and use thereof
Sulfonylpyrrolidine modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Substituted N-heterocycle derivatives and methods of their use
Method of inhibiting choroidal neovascularization
Therapeutic compounds and uses thereof
Reference standard for characterization of rosuvastatin
Nitrosated and nitrosylated alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist compounds
Systems and methods for treating tissue regions of the body
Compression apparatus
Alpha substituted carboxylic acids
Compression treatment system
Imidazoline derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
Compression apparatus
Specimen cup holder
Sampling interface system for in-vivo estimation of tissue analyte concentration
Antagonists of melanin concentrating hormone effects on the melanin concentrating hormone receptor
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2c, receptor ligands
Spirocyclic cyclohexane derivatives
Antagonists of melanin concentrating hormone effects on the melanin concentrating hormone receptor
Substituted azole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use
Vertebral body replacement apparatus and method
Surgically implantable adjustable band having a flat profile when implanted
Slow release nitrogen fertilizer
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium
Systems and methods for conducting jury research and training for estimating punitive damages
Repositioning device, garment, and posture molding method and training instruction method using them
Board for drawing and writing
Method for assembling sub-pools of test questions
System and method for dynamic electronic learning based on continuing student assessments and respon...
Method and system for managing skills assessment
Multimedia interactive role play system
Learning device with page indicators
Evaluation apparatus of scientific phenomena, educational tool for scientific experiments and method...
Method of constructing spinal injury model monkey and utilization thereof
Method and system for prediction and management of material and information transport in an organism
System for, and method of, providing specialized dance videos
System for monitoring repetitive movement
Interactive learning system method for infants toddlers and young children
Systems and methods for identification of locations
Jewelry display and storage box with removable jewelry holding members and magnetic closure and magn...
Printable fastener laminates for displays and play systems
Method and apparatus for providing a card with penmanship improving indicia
Pattern of medical words and terms
Computerized system and method for visually based education
Method and apparatus for producing structured SGML/XML student compositions
Audio information provision system
Teaching method and template to make a guide to teach piano
Player information-providing method, server, program for controlling the server, and storage medium ...
Performance apparatus
Automatic page turner with belt drive element
Steganographically encoded media object having an invisible colorant
Non-skid attachment for writing pad
Method and apparatus for three dimensional internet and computer file interface
Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with speech controlled disp...
Method, system, and computer program product for computer-aided detection of nodules with three dime...
Method and apparatus for generating structural pattern illumination
Realistic replication of a live performance at remote locations
Image display system
Electronic meeting center
Mobile communication network system using digital optical link
Transmission apparatus and method for multimedia service in mobile communication system
Remote communication system and method
Method and system for providing content-specific conditional access to digital content
Communications method and apparatus
Wireless gateway, and associated method, for a packet radio communication system
Integrated motion-still capture system with indexing capability
Antenna and wireless apparatus
High definition multimedia interface connector
Method and apparatus of detecting tool abnormality in a machine tool
Method and apparatus for human vehicle interface
Gripper and method of manufacturing the gripper
Component mounting apparatus having component supply tables provided on opposite sides of a componen...
Water distillation system
Self-contained, emergency marker for attaching to, and selectively ascending from, a diver's buoyanc...
Watersport board fin assembly and methods of using same
Semi-submersible multicolumn floating offshore platform
Device for maintaining tension on lift cables
Method and apparatus for providing fluid transfer between a marine platform and a service vessel
Vented fuel filler and method of installation
Boat with enhanced access to engine and stern
Skin on frame kayak and kit and a course incorporating the kit
System for refueling a marine vehicle without spillage
Wake absorber
Method for lowering an object to an underwater installation site using an ROV
Apparatus for body motion steering control for water craft
Method and system for downloading and storing interactive device content using the horizontal oversc...
Toy-vehicle track section
Toy water gun
Optical viewing system and adaptor therefor
Camera including cam member for interlocking image-taking optical system and view finder optical sys...
Shooting apparatus and lens barrel
Apparatus and method for efficiently increasing the spatial resolution of images
Method of indexing and searching images of text in video
Method and apparatus for processing information of an object
Method and apparatus for reproducing sepia-tone images
Inspection equipment
Automated wafer defect inspection system and a process of performing such inspection
System and process for bootstrap initialization of nonparametric color models
Television receiving apparatus
Digital tuner
Display apparatus and methods, and recording medium for controlling same
Apparatus and method for compressing video information
System and method for indexing recordings of observed and assessed phenomena using pre-defined measu...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and distribution media
Recognizing film and video objects occuring in parallel in single television signal fields
Ghost eliminating equalizer
Separating device and method and signal receiving device and method
Learning support message distribution program
Make-up and fashion accessory display and marketing system and method
Firearm laser training system and method employing modified blank cartridges for simulating operatio...
Training device and method for training a shooter to shoot with improved accuracy
Communicating scripts in a data service channel of a video signal
Dual data representation
System and method employing script-based device drivers
Complex data navigation, manipulation and presentation support for visualage Java
API to enforce internationalization
Apparatus and method to provide persistence for application interfaces
Controlling memory usage in systems having limited physical memory
Hardware-assisted method for scheduling threads using data cache locality
Image-based software installation
Compiler apparatus and method for optimizing loops in a computer program
Small memory footprint system and method for separating applications within a single virtual machine
System and method for evaluating signal trace discontinuities in a package design
Ink gestures
User interface for stylus-based user input
Method and system for displaying actions and historical content in an output view
Tracking user availability for participation in messaging sessions
Web collaboration through synchronization
Method and system for indicating document traversal direction in a hyper linked navigation system
Array-based extensible document storage format
World Wide Web access for voice mail and page
System and method for comparing and representing similarity between documents using a drag and drop ...
Video file providing apparatus, video receiving/reproducing apparatus, internet broadcast system, an...
Method and system for distributing and reconciling electronic promotions
System and method for providing reliable telephony web-based features
System for syndication of insurance
Method for synchronizing data between mobile terminal and computer
Automatic dynamic speech recognition vocabulary based on external sources of information
Method for providing digital contents with offering access incentive
Contact center management
Device for data communications between wireless application protocol terminal and wireless applicati...
Method and system for caching HTTP data transported with socks data in IP datagrams
System and method for providing a congestion optimized address resolution protocol for wireless ad-h...
Distributed universal communication module for facilitating delivery of network services to one or m...
Method and apparatus for transporting ATM cell traffic over IP networks
System, computer product and method for interfacing with a private communication portal from a wirel...
Signaling method for internet telephony
Universal serial bus transaction processing tasks scheduling method for computer system, involves as...
Method and apparatus for networked backup storage
Database processing method, apparatus for implementing same, and medium containing processing progra...
System and method for modifying electronic design data
System and method for product evaluation
Reorder-assistance functionality levels
Arrangement for and method of expediting transactions based on a customer's proximity to the transac...
Configuring and purchasing imaging devices
Impulse monitoring system: apparatus and method
Automatic recognition of locator die in partial wafermap process
Wireless communication with a mobile asset employing dynamic configuration of a software defined rad...
Route planning system for mobile telecommunications
Apparatus and method for managing a mobile phone answering mode and outgoing message based on a loca...
Using trusted communication channel to combat user name/password theft
Mobile station and its program
Method and system for allowing code to be securely initialized in a computer
Position detection system integrated into mobile terminal
Address conversion unit for memory device
Mobile communication service control system and mobile communication service control method
Optical module
Semiconductor memory having storage cells storing multiple bits and a method of driving the same
Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
Semiconductor component and method for its production
Semiconductor device having copper lines with reduced electromigration using an electroplated interi...
Semiconductor package structure reducing warpage and manufacturing method thereof
High performance vias for vertical IC packaging
BiCMOS technology on SOI substrates
Integration of barrier layer and seed layer
Photo sensing integrated circuit device and related circuit adjustment
Integrated transistor devices
Substrate processing apparatus, operation method thereof and program
Diagonal deep well region for routing body-bias voltage for MOSFETS in surface well regions
ESD protection device
Silicon-on-insulator comprising integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device with alternating conductivity type layer and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile silicon/oxide/nitride/silicon/nitride/oxide/silicon memory
Bi-directional read/program non-volatile floating gate memory cell and array thereof, and method of ...
Integrated circuit including a capacitor with a high capacitance density
Transparent electrode, optoelectronic apparatus and devices
Chemical control over ceramic porosity using carboxylate-alumoxanes
Sole structure for a cleated shoe
Telescoping golf club
Switch actuator
Identification of atypical flight patterns
High reliability precision latch
Process and system for piloting an aircraft
Pilot director light utilizing light emitting diode (LED) technology
Composite components with integral protective casings
Gas distribution system in an airplane
Aircraft lift device for low sonic boom
Mounting arrangement for a gas turbine engine
Drive apparatus
Damping structure and applications
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Lock assembly that inhibits thrust reverser movement at or near the stowed position
Nonpenetrating electroporation device
Portable computer and portable docking station arrangement
Method for separating micro-particles
Hybrid maize 32K22
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Soybean cultivar 0491725
Soybean cultivar 0487682
Soybean variety XB24H03
Brassica with early maturity resistance to an AHAS-inhibitor herbicide and blackleg disease
Increasing salt tolerance in plants by overexpression of a vacuolar Na+/H+ transporter[s]
Polyphenol oxidase genes from potato tuber, grape, apple and broad bean
Methods for the replacement, translocation and stacking of DNA in eukaryotic genomes
Pravastatin sodium substantially free of pravastatin lactone and epi-pravastatin, and compositions c...
Compound containing a labile disulfide bond
Modified DNA molecule, recombinant containing the same, and uses thereof
Human immunoglobulin VH gene segments and DNA fragments containing the same
Nucleic acids encoding costimulatory molecule B7-4
Purification of protein inclusion bodies by crossflow microfiltration
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Enhanced proteins and methods for their use
Manufacture and expression of large structural genes
Continuous in-line process for making ink-jet recording media comprising a radiation-cured coating l...
Method for production of drawn seals
Apparatus for extrusion of water-containing products
Tube and heat exchanger having the same
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion
Weather strip having variable length holding lip
Screen printing method for use in IML hot press, die cutting, injection molding
Method for purification of as-produced single-wall carbon nanotubes
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Secreted protein HCE3C63
Nitrosated and nitrosylated H2 receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and methods of use
Use of benzoylalkyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridines
Apparatus, system and method for flip modulation in an impulse radio communications system
Vehicle LCD with an illuminated control panel
Compounds and methods for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections
Semiconductor light-emitting diode
Ischemia detection
Image formation apparatus and developer collection vessel used therewith
Equipment installation planning method and apparatus
Integrated circuit with authomatic pin-strapping configuration
Polymerization process
Test mark and electronic device incorporating the same
Solid polymer fuel cell with improved voltage reversal tolerance
Asynchronously resettable decoder for a semiconductor memory
Composite arrays utilizing microspheres
Method and apparatus for motor control
Mold addition polymerization of norbornene-type monomers using group 10 metal complexes
Polyarchical data indexing and automatically generated hierarchical data indexing paths
Laser beam writing material, material for forming the same, and display body
Delivery of reactive agents via multiple emulsions for use in shelf stable products
Comb polymers from ATRP macromonomers
Optical disc and fabrication method thereof
Interactive system for analyzing biological samples and processing related information and the use t...
Fiber-reinforced ceramic material
Deodorized yellow colorant of safflower
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof and light-emitt...
Process for oxidizing primary alcohols
Sets of posterior teeth
(Cyclo)condensation of isocyanate compounds
Magnet field symmetry for hall sensor
Diagnostic tool for a portable thread environment
Optical alignment system for power tool
Method and apparatus for adding oxygen to drinking water
Sensor arrangement for application to at least one data item
Label holder for electronic labeling devices
Systems, methods, and computer program products to optimize serialization when porting code to IBM S...
External perimeter monitoring system
Injector systems incorporating a base unit attached to a surface
Methods and systems for improving a workflow based on data mined from plans created from the workflo...
Apparatus for conducting a conference call between a wireless line and a land line using customer pr...
Composite materials comprising polar polymers and single-wall carbon nanotubes
System and method for providing recovery from muscle denervation
High performance digital loop diagnostic technology
Multispectral/hyperspectral medical instrument
Antithrombogenic membrane mimetic compositions and methods
Continuous gas-phase polymerization process
Mixed amylin activity compounds
Front cover for a material handling vehicle
Intravascular system for occluded blood vessels and guidewire for use therein
Hydrophilic member, hydrophilic graft polymer, and support of planographic printing plate
Method and apparatus for determining stone cells in paper or pulp
Support having adjustable width
Wideband printed monopole antenna
Complementary DNAs
Furnace cart and load transfer system for high temperature vacuum furnaces and process therefor
Anti-bonding methods for blast furnace slag or its grading adjusted slag
Method of producing edible cellulosic films
System for balance distribution of requests across multiple servers using dynamic metrics
Discharge muffler placement in a compressor
Atraumatic insertion of a subcutaneous device
Method for fabrication of miniature lightweight antennas
Personal digital assistant key for an electronic lock
Personal digital assistant pocket ejector
Multilock anterior cervical plating system
Method of providing photofinishing credit
Sensing services and sensing circuits
Multi-chip module smart controller
Method and composition for the treatment of shingles and related afflictions
Microphone shroud and related method of use
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisnics Redgold'
Method and system for updating software with smaller patch files
Method for generating small bubbles for a smoke-filled air stream
Lead-free alloy
Channel-specific file system views in a private network using a public-network infrastructure
Method and apparatus for defining vias
Conjugated polymer actuator responsive to electrical stimulation
Force-feedback input device
Unit tracking and notification in a graphical drug model editor
Data storage device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor light emitting element
Method of superposing molecular structures of compounds
Retrofit light emitting diode tube
Alkylaromatics production
Data processing system and method and storage medium storing data processing program
Sensor for a feedback control system
Passenger detecting apparatus for vehicle
Method for locking a motor vehicle in a keyless manner
Power generating controller of a vehicle
Safety device for power takeoff for use in automobile and method for controlling the same
Control methodology for inertial energy storage devices
Electromagnetic clutch having ball ramp actuator and torsion spring
Body frame of a riding tractor
Automotive seat safety mechanism
Drive system control method and drive power transmission control system for vehicle
Valve for a hydraulic drive apparatus
Four-wheel-drive vehicle
Two-wheel/four-wheel drive switching device for vehicle
Axle assembly with parallel drive system for electric hybrid vehicles
Hybrid vehicle driving device
Vehicle electrical distribution system and method of use therefor
Obstacle traversing wheelchair
Stair-climbing hand truck
Walk behind mower
Back-up steering system for track laying vehicles
Optical disk, optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus, method for recording, reproducing an...
IL-21 as a regulator of immunoglobin production
Somatic cell line
System for regional data association and presentation and method for the same
Dental data mining
Computation of radiating particle and wave distributions using a generalized discrete field construc...
Physiological profiling
System and method for motion-controlled foot unit
Device for use in stimulating bone growth
Prosthetic joints with contained compressible resilient members
Ankle prosthesis and method for implanting ankle prosthesis
Posterior stabilized knee with varus-valgus constraint
Artificial disc device
Artificial intervertebral disc having an articulating joint
Spinal fusion implants and tools for insertion and revision
Stent with differently coated inside and outside surfaces
Sacrificial anode stent system
Compressed neural coding
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Method to produce a balanced dorsiflexion during the gait of patients with foot drop
Flexible subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Batteries and methods of manufacture and use
Method and system for providing persistent storage of user data
Logical restores of physically backed up data
Memory power management using prefetch buffers
Associative memory system with a multi-digit incrementable validity counter
Dynamically adaptive buffer mechanism
Multi-bank memory accesses using posted writes
Control chip for accelerating memory access and method of operating the same
System and method for linear object reallocation in place
Method and system for data element change across multiple instances of data base cache
Method and apparatus for managing access to memory
Apparatus and method for online data migration with remote copy
Method, system, and program for performing an input/output operation with respect to a logical stora...
Incremental backup of a data volume
System for storing block allocation information on multiple snapshots
Memory latency and bandwidth optimizations
Memory co-processor for a multi-tasking system
Method, apparatus, program and recording medium for memory access serialization and lock management
Method and apparatus for delaying interfering accesses from other threads during transactional progr...
Distributed memory module cache
Delivery and presentation of content-relevant information associated with frames of audio-visual pro...
Retaining wall anchoring system
Frictional mining bolt
Method and means for making an embankment
Enhancement of profiled tubular lining systems by channel augmentation
Corn degermination process
Method for preserving tuna
Enzyme treated maple syrup and shelf stable products containing enzyme treated maple syrup
Method of improving the properties of a flour dough, a flour dough improving composition and improve...
Methods and apparatus for rotary dial user entry in an appliance
Carbohydrate purification using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
Automatic toaster apparatus
Method of producing starch or starch-containing products from starch-containing plant raw materials,...
Composition and method
Carbonation system and method
Compositions and methods for protecting cultivated plants from herbicidal injury
Shortening saver
Drip absorption mat
Collapsible tortilla support apparatus
Ice cream and other foods made from soybean fine powder
Circulating type food and drink transport apparatus
Method for treating liquid egg whites
Portable barbecue pit
Exhaust sound and emission control systems
Noise muffler for oxygen concentrator
Resonating device for a pneumatic surgical instrument
Turbomachine nozzle with noise reduction
Jack mount
Chain link conveyor structure
Garbage can
Garbage can
Dust pan
Combined paint bucket and ergonomic holder
Handle for a cleaning tool
Pet grooming tool
Rotating wheel
Batting helmet
Combined helmet eye shield and underlying visor
Hair trimmer
Make-up applicator
Pig lighter
Jean lighter
Mail box lighter
Fireworks safety lighter
Motion dispatch system
Portable communication device
Short wire length wire-winding box
Apparatus and method for delivery of ringing and voice calls through a workstation
Echo detection and monitoring
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation
Broadband driver circuit
xDSL class C-AB driver
Multiplexing and demultiplexing of narrowband and broadband services in a transmission connection
Method and apparatus for personalized conference and hands-free telephony using audio beaming
Low power signal detection
Method of automatically changing a calling mode of telephone as timer setting changes
Method and apparatus for processing an input speech signal during presentation of an output audio si...
Wireless radio telephone apparatus
Telecommunication device with improved call-priority notification function and method of notificatio...
Apparatus and method for opening a cover of a mobile phone
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Silver braze alloy
High-temperature material
Silver alloy with color fastness
Nickel-based alloy for producing components solidified in single crystal form
Focus detection device
Image pickup apparatus and power supply control method therefor
Electronic device having pivotal display and stereo speakers
Image recording apparatus
Manufacturing method of light shielding blade material
Cart frame generator
Modified carbide and oxycarbide containing catalysts and methods of making and using thereof
Ammonia cracker for production of hydrogen
Bulk GaN and ALGaN single crystals
Process for the preparation of doped pentasil-type zeolites using doped faujasite seeds
Compact partial oxidation/steam reactor with integrated air preheater, fuel and water vaporizer
Reforming catalysts and methods of alcohol steam reforming
Method for producing an inorganic oxide powder
Process for preparation of zirconium tungstate ceramic body, zirconium tungstate ceramic body prepar...
Method for producing artificial powder graphite
Process and apparatus for removing NOx from engine exhaust gases
NOx, Hg, and SO2 removal using ammonia
Zinc oxide semiconductor material
Zirconium phosphate, hafnium phosphate and method of making same
Process for isolating rhenium
Enhancing therapeutic effectiveness of nitric oxide inhalation
Production of smart dies and molds using direct metal deposition
Sealing system for a developing cartridge
Method and apparatus for wavelength switching of a laser source
Semiconductor laser and associated drive circuit substrate
Tapered laser rods as a means of minimizing the path length of trapped barrel mode rays
High rep-rate laser with improved electrodes
Injection locking type or MOPA type of laser device
Multi-wavelength semiconductor lasers
Integrated semiconductor laser and waveguide device
Semiconductor laser device
Laser oscillation method and laser device
Laser containing a distributed gain medium
Optical transmitter modules
Stable and high speed full range laser wavelength tuning with reduced group delay and temperature va...
Multiple wavelength pulsed source
Optical pickup apparatus having an improved holographic unit, and optical disk drive including the s...
Optical pickup projecting two laser beams from apparently approximated light-emitting points
Emissive image display apparatus
Scanning optical system
Positioning device for RAM testing system
Monolithically integrated semiconductor unidirectional ring laser rotation sensor/gyroscope
Ligands of adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT) and compositions and methods related thereto
Piperidine-piperazine ligands for neurotransmitter receptors
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
OB fusion protein compositions and methods
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Structurally biased random peptide libraries based on different scaffolds
Gene expression in bladder tumors
Storage stable thyroxine active drug formulations and methods for their production
Vaccines absorbable by the transmucosal way
Therapeutic table
Anti-obesity 1,2,3,4,10,10a-hexahydropyrazino[1,2-a]indoles
Spin-valve head containing closed-flux-structure domain control films
Spin valve having copper oxide spacer layer with specified coupling field strength between multi-lay...
Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magneti...
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Recording/reproducing separated type head with heat radiating structure
Disk drive rotary actuator assembly having a constrained layer damper attached to a flat actuator co...
System and method for a three-piece design of a magnetic head assembly
Contacting point damping method between flex circuit and pivot housing
Disc drive suspension having features enabling relative positioning of load beam and flexure
Head slider having convergent channel features with side opening
Slider having a textured air bearing surface, head stack assembly and disk drive using same
Thin film magnetic head having conductive pad including insulating protective layers
Reel lock mechanism of tape cassette, and tape cassette
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Tape head with thin support surface and method of manufacture
Magnetic field sensor utilizing anomalous hall effect magnetic film
Windage suppression device and associated method for a retractable air flow control
Mounting system for disk drive having a rotary actuator
Matching peak velocities of acceleration and deceleration seek profiles in a disc drive
Robust triple-mode compensator for hard disk drives with dynamic friction
Human chemokine beta-10 mutant polypeptides
Vibration proof adapter
Nonsymbiotic plant hemoglobins to maintain cell energy status
Signal evaluation method for detecting QRS complexes in electrocardiogram signals
Waste toner collecting device, and image forming apparatus including the waste toner collecting devi...
Methods and apparatus for an image transfer object
Method for modeling noise emitted by digital circuits
Crosslinkable flame retardant wire and cable compositions having improved abrasion resistance
Fuel cell stack
Non-linear photonic switch and method of making the same
Resin sheets containing dispersed particles, processes for producing the same, and liquid crystal di...
Modified antibodies with human milk fat globule specificity and uses
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Golf club shaft
Method and apparatus for interferometry, spectral analysis, and three-dimensional holographic imagin...
Poly (alkylene oxide) prepared in the presence of a phosphazenium salt or compound
Borate crosslinker suspensions with more consistent crosslink times
Interactive debugging system with debug data base system
Absorbent composition of matter for odoriferous substances and releaser of diverse active ingredient...
High-frequency module and radio device using the same
Lipoic acid heterocyclic or benzene derivatives, preparation and use thereof as medicines
Method and system with adaptive data transfer policy based on a power state of a computing device
Manufacture and expression of large structural genes
Photostable cationic organic sunscreen compounds and compositions obtained therefrom
Glycoconjugates and methods
Bridged aromatic substituted amine ligands with donor atoms
Monoclonal antibodies with reduced immunogenicity
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Cross-linked silicone gels; products containing the same; and methods of manufacture thereof
Tumour-specific vector for gene therapy
Gene therapy for cerebrovascular disorders
Synthetic IL-10 analogues
Synergistic effects of OP/BMP morphogens and GDNF/NGF neurotrophic factors
Fungicidal composition containing PQDs
Medium for the production of betacarotene and other carotenoids from dunaliella salina (ARL 5) and a...
Inhibitors of the inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphate SHIP2 molecule
Variants of protein kinases
Autoinducer molecule
Attenuated salmonella SP12 mutants as antigen carriers
Method, apparatus, and system for hardware design and synthesis
System for retrieving and printing network documents
Distributed information system and protocol for affixing electronic signatures and authenticating do...
Processor with multiple-thread, vertically-threaded pipeline
Method and apparatus for managing access to a service processor
Hard copy system including rewritable media
Method of optimizing market and institutional risks in foreign exchange hedging
System and method for performing a path-sensitive verification on a program
Image receiving sheet for fixing belt type electrophotography and image forming method using the sam...
Charge-switch nucleotides
Water-soluble extract from olives
Caryopteris plant named 'Summer Sorbet'
Use of multiple player real-time voice communications on a gaming device
Humidifier with structure to prevent backflow of liquid through the humidifier inlet
Display, portable device, and substrate
Magnetic memory device
Fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing same
IP based telephone system
Technique for securely storing data within a memory
Metal resistant plants and phytoremediation of environmental contamination
Lipases and methods of use
Chloroplast transgenesis of monocots: bioconfined genetically engineered monocot crops that will eli...
Genomic modification
Knockin non-human animal and tissue-specific MnSOD knockout non-human animal
Production of recombinant polypeptides by bovine species and transgenic methods
Transgenic zebra fish embryo model for hematopoiesis and lymphoproliferative disorders
Nematode ATP synthase subunit E-like sequences
Truncated fragments of alpha-synuclein in Lewy body disease
Method for efficient supply of power to a microcontroller
Program tamper detecting apparatus, method for program tamper detection, and program for program tam...
Methods for remote monitoring and control of appliances over a computer network
Principles and methods for personalizing newsfeeds via an analysis of information novelty and dynami...
Code, system, and method for generating concepts
Visualization of attributes of workflow weblogs
Efficient indexing of hierarchical relational database records
Adaptive survey and assessment administration using Bayesian belief networks
Methods and systems for predicting occurrence of an event
Inventory control apparatus
Interactive electronic-desktop alert and compliance tool
Multi-site cardiac stimulation device for controlling inter-chamber stimulation delay
Method of recharging battery for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for detecting static magnetic fields
Pacemaker with determination of the dependency of cardiac output on the AV-delay
Capture verification for cardiac resynchronization pacing optimization
Electrode for His bundle stimulation
Sympathetic nerve stimulator and/or pacemaker
Photograph holder
Home entertainment system and method of its operation
Patient management of diabetes treatment
Granulate or powder for producing coating or binding agents for medicaments
Compositions and methods for body weight management
Methods for using polyol esters to control pests
Gamma-glutamylcysteine producing yeast
Heat shrinkable polyester film
Edible product having discrete regions with different heats of solution
Toasted soybean flakes and method of making same
Food materials
Apparatus and method for preparing egg products in a microwave oven
Egg-like food product
Structured lipid containing compositions and methods with health and nutrition promoting characteris...
Nutraceutical mangosteen tea
High protein beverage and method of producing same
Cheese for cooking in the microwave
Lactose-removed milk product and process for the preparation thereof
Heat tolerant farinaceous-based food product
Process of manufacturing low protein flour pasta
Extruded cookie units having interior designs
Reduction of acrylamide in processed foods
Method and system for adapting a debugger to new targets
System and method for preventing automated crawler access to web-based data sources using a dynamic ...
Hardware assisted communication between processors
Method of providing duplicate original file copies of a searched topic from multiple file types deri...
Method for controlling managing computer, medium for storing control program, and managing computer
System for managing an exchange of questions and answers through an expert answer web site
System for determining the mapping of logical objects in a data storage system
Apparatus and method for transferring information between platforms
System and method for restoring a file system from backups in the presence of deletions
End to end real-time encrypting process of a mobile commerce WAP data transmission section and the m...
Representing entitlements to service in a conditional access system
Verifiable anonymous channel
Circuit and method for implementing the advanced encryption standard block cipher algorithm in a sys...
System and method for protecting data files by periodically refreshing a decryption key
Sanity system for video game
Method and apparatus for encoding vouchers in a casino gaming system
Internet game show in which visual clue is progressively exposed to contestants
Gaming device and method
Connection management for dual mode access terminals in a radio network
Handover method (roaming) for mobile terminal devices
Mobile radio communication system
Wideband digital radio with transmit modulation cancellation
Integrated RF signal level detector usable for automatic power level control
Baseband signal converter for a wideband impulse radio receiver
Pin diode circuit arrangement
Method and device for converting an STM-1 signal into a sub-STM-1 signal and vice-versa in radio tra...
Method and apparatus for coordinating multi-point to point communications in a multi-tone data trans...
Mapping radio-frequency noise in an ultra-wideband communication system
Multifunction interface facility connecting wideband multiple access subscriber loops with various n...
Mobile communication system with packet effectively transmitted and control method for the same
Method and an arrangement relating to mobile radio systems with the possibility of switching channel...
Management of downlink TBF in an EGPRS and in a GPRS mobile station using final block indicator and ...
Application specific traffic optimization in a wireless link
Barbituric acid derivatives as inhibitors of TNF-α converting enzyme (TACE) and/or matrix meta...
Method and compositions for administering taxanes orally to human patients
Scoparia plant named 'USSCO10'
Cleome plant named 'Robspidam'
Verbena×hybrida plant named 'Verena'
Petunia plant named 'Sunbapive'
Scaevola plant named 'Zig Zag'
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Computer system and method of controlling standby mode thereof
Computer and control method thereof
Flash memory management method
Hand held device having a browser application
Signal processor for use in electronic compass
Method for processing authentication failed/authorization denied subscribers by intelligent network
Paper guide and electrophotographic forming apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information and for determining whether the manufact...
Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding image frame
Gesture activated home appliance
IP call forward profile
Method of transmitting one text message to many receivers
Device for and method of outputting data on display section of portable telephone
Apparatus for improving intermodulation distortion characteristics in a CDMA mobile terminal
Method of compensating frequency error in communication system and apparatus for the same
System and method for automatically configuring a client device
Airborne based monitoring
System and method for advertising using data network telephone connections
Method and protocol for a medium access control layer for local area networks with multiple-priority...
Apparatus and method for delay bound weighted round robin cell scheduling in asynchronous transfer m...
Virtual rumble strip
Single event hardening of null convention logic circuits
Pyrrolidinone derivatives
Heteroaryl substituted fused bicyclic heteroaryl compound as GABAA receptor ligands
Liposomal analgesic formulation and use
Method and apparatus for facilitating personal attention via wireless links
Methods and apparatus for transportation vehicle security monitoring
Apparatus and method for preventing a picture from being taken by flash photography
In-vehicle apparatus and service providing system
Method and device for image display
Vehicle acceleration/de-acceleration warning light system
Dual lamp projection system
Wheel rim device with patterned light capable of automatically generating electric power
Apparatus and system for abstract visual representation of audio signals
Backlight unit for a liquid crystal display including a reflection member receiving chassis
Projecting images on a sphere
Suspension lamp having quick connection function
Illumination apparatus for planar display device
Interior lighting system of a motor vehicle and a method for controlling the same
Light string assembly
Lighted hat
Ultrasonically induced plumbing-free controllable plurality of fountains and fog (ULIFOG)
Java-based data access object
System and method of using e-mail centered internet interaction
Method and system for temporary network identity
System and method for management of resources in emergency situations
Electronic program guide with graphic program listings
Diagnosis oriented lossy compression of medical images
X-ray data collecting apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus
Analyzing apparatus and analyzing method
Methods and apparatus for image reconstruction in distributed x-ray source CT systems
Apparatus and methods for optically monitoring thickness
Method of measuring alignment of a substrate with respect to a reference alignment mark
Reflective liquid crystal display lithography system
Divided reticles for charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus, and methods for using same
X-ray detector comprising a plurality of cameras sharing common field of view
Crane mounted cargo container inspection apparatus and method
Optical column for charged particle beam device
Point of care diagnostic systems
Targeted chromosomal genomic alterations with modified single stranded oligonucleotides
Industrial radiographic silver halide material suitable for rapid processing applications
Negative resist composition
Resist with reduced line edge roughness
Ink jet recording medium, recording method therefor, and ink jet recorded article
Methods and devices for aligning and determining the focusing characteristics of x-ray optics
Physically active patch, methods of manufacturing same and its use
Method and system for imaging the dynamics of scattering medium
System and method for generating gating signals for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Mobile telephone with local communication option
Method and system for predictive physiological gating
Image forming apparatus and program for controlling image forming apparatus
System and method for aligning images
Registration of nuclear medicine images
Microphone for a listening device having a reduced humidity coefficient
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Method for computed tomography of a periodically moving object to be examined, and a CT unit for car...
System, method and article of manufacture for a cryptographic key infrastructure for networked devic...
Mobile tracking device for transportation industry
Method and apparatus for charging of communications services
System and method for data recording
Apparatus and method for trellis encoding data for transmission in digital data transmission systems
Electronic device connection resource management
Integrated circuit memory device including delay locked loop circuit and delay locked loop control c...
Molecular architecture for molecular electro-optical transistor and switch
Device for inline measurement laser pulses and measuring method by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Apparatus for measuring film thickness formed on object, apparatus and method of measuring spectral ...
High-speed electromechanical shutter for imaging spectrographs
Combined analyzing apparatus
Magnetic coil former
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance probe
Presentation builder
Apparatus and method for processing natural language
Data structures for efficient processing of IP fragmentation and reassembly
Virtual jukebox
Generating and searching compressed data
Utility knife
10139483Therapeutic liposome composition and method of preparation
Rate and acceleration limiting filter and method for processing digital signals
Method and apparatus for channel equalization with a digital FIR filter using a pseudo random sequen...
Method for analysis of abnormal body tremors
High-frequency circuit device, resonator, filter, duplexer, and high-frequency circuit apparatus
Nanowire filament
Light emitting diode package
Nitride-based compound semiconductor light-emitting element and method for producing same
Light emitting diode having an insulating substrate
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Gate dielectric antifuse circuit to protect a high-voltage transistor
Lateral high-voltage semiconductor devices with surface covered by thin film of dielectric material ...
Two mask shottky diode with locos structure
Edge termination in MOS transistors
Selective silicidation of gates in semiconductor devices to achieve multiple threshold voltages
Capacitor of semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
Heterojunction type compound semiconductor field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
Heterojunction field effect transistors using silicon-germanium and silicon-carbon alloys
Sequential mesa avalanche photodiode capable of realizing high sensitization and method of manufactu...
Visible light transmitting structure with photovoltaic effect
White light LED device
Multi substrate organic light emitting devices
Method for extending catalyst life in processes for preparing vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons
Production of diisobutene from tertiary butyl alcohol
Methods and apparatuses for measuring frequencies of basestations in cellular networks using mobile ...
Gaming machine having a protective member covering drive unit and at least a portion of the light em...
Method and apparatus for remote gaming
Continuous play slot machine and retrofit kit
Glass ceramics based on ZnO
Methods and compositions for effecting homologous recombination
Optical element, and manufacturing method thereof
Functionalized cubic liquid crystalline phase materials and methods for their preparation and use
Methods for patterning using liquid embossing
Method of producing a crystalline ITO dispersed solution
Adaptive optic lens and method of making
Device and method for Kinesiologically Correct exercise and rehabilitation
Seated stepper
Self-spotting apparatus for free-weights
Multiply slotted exercise handgrip
Exercise treadmill
Exercise machine press arm
Exercise device
Exercise harness and method
Exercise mode for a personal transporter device
Device for attaching an elastic member to an exercise apparatus
Tubular chiropractic therapy table
Exercise device
Configuration for determining a concentration of contaminating particles in a loading and unloading ...
Surface acoustic wave device, electronic component using the device, and composite module
Nitroxyl progenitors in the treatment of heart failure
Expression of Alfin 1 and methods for producing transgenic plants having increased root growth and r...
Apparatus and methods for detecting transitions of wafer surface properties in chemical mechanical p...
System and method for detecting and locating heart disease
Image forming apparatus having selectively removable image processing and toner modules
Circuit interrupter including linear actuator and manual pivot member
Catalyst delivery method, a catalyst feeder and their use in a polymerization process
Ion conductive film and fuel cell using the same
Fast-sleep configuration for CDMA slotted mode
Printed wiring board
Electronic control device and manufacturing method for the same
Dynamically configurable human-machine interface
Method and system for increasing reliability of data packet transmission against impulsive noise in ...
Method for operating automation control equipment applications
Speech recognition apparatus and method using two opposite words
Smooth contouring software for generating geophysical data having less artifacts
Navigation system
Embroidery data processing apparatus
Method of making photonic devices with SOG interlayer
Planar lightwave circuit and optical circuit
Using a transversal Filter to compensate for dispersion
Optical communication system using 4 wavelength add/drop type wavelength division multiplexing
Leakage nulling receiver correlator structure and method for ultra wide bandwidth communication syst...
White, biaxially oriented, flame-retardant and UV-resistant polyester film with cycloolefin copolyme...
Disposable optical cuvette cartridge with low fluorescence material
Fixing roller
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating streptococcal infections of the upper ...
System and method of transcoding a telephone number from a web page