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Wound care management
Double heating device for coffee maker
Industrial robot device
Irreversible humidity indicator cards
System for underwater GPS navigation
Disposable, microwaveable containers having suitable food contact compatible olfactory properties an...
High performance lithium or lithium ion cell
Vaccine compositions
Magnetic-resonance-guided imaging, electrophysiology, and ablation
Dispensing closure
Sign holder with hinge
Process for making vitamin E using hydrogen-tris(oxalato) phosphate
Vaccine formulations comprising antiidiotypic antibodies which immunologically mimic group B strepto...
Preventing garbage collection of objects in object oriented computer programming languages
Set of posterior teeth
Process for the preparation of tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl) borate derivatives
Drill bit with three cutting edges
Direct intermediate frequency sampling wavelet-based analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog convert...
Solenoid for electromagnetic valve
Direct electrodynamic linear drive
Methods and apparatus for maintaining a programmable logic control revision history
Multidirectional walkthrough antenna
Aircraft wing heat exchanger apparatus and method
Cartridge having developer containing portion with inner pressure regulating function
Modular configuration and distribution of applications customized for a requestor device
Circuit interrupter operating mechanism
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Suspension control system
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic stimulation of nerve, muscle, and body tissues
Method and apparatus for non-invasive detection of angiogenic and anti-angiogenic activity in living...
Method and compositions for improved polynucleotide synthesis
Method for analyzing samples of biomolecules in an array
Method and apparatus for capturing broadcast EPG data for program title display
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences
Modular elbow
Solar propulsion assist
Cationic polymerization process and catalyst system therefor
Method and apparatus for postage label authentication
Spark plug for an internal combustion engine and manufacturing method of the same
Injectable implants for tissue augmentation and restoration
Molecular wire injection sensors
Motorized garden cart
Construction and use of synthetic constructs encoding syndecan
Tumor tissue microarrays for rapid molecular profiling
In vivo induction for enhanced function of isolated hepatocytes
Plant expression vectors based on the flock house virus genome
Earth discharging device for upward-facing shield machine
System, method, and article of manufacture for test maintenance in an automated scripting framework
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for automatic page suppression in forms
Apparatus and method of proposing bending sequences and bending tools for a metal plate part
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the inf...
Tetrahedron modem
Heating device having a heating roller with a large diameter portion which supports bearings
Piercing apparatus
Speaker spider with integral lead wire arrangement and manufacturing method thereof
Toy balloon with integral inflatable handle
Identifier-triggered personalized customer relations management service
Curved surgical instruments and method of mapping a curved path for stereotactic surgery
Transmissive display device using micro light modulator
Method for manufacturing an active component of surfactant, surfactant and a method for using the su...
Method and system for collecting related queries
Register file with delayed parity check
Inbred maize line PH1BC
System and method for creating a call detail record
Interactive reward devices and methods
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for...
Information reproducing and recording apparatus and method which permits copying for personal use wh...
Method and system for reporting error logs within a logical partition environment
Managing hardware and software configuration information of systems being tested
Bone screw for external fixators
Fast cyclic redundancy check (CRC) generation
Method for managing a quick distribution of images
Composite dielectric layers
Proteins within the type E botulinum neurotoxin complex
Computer-aided bone distraction
System and method for providing error check and correction in memory systems
Modular cytomimetic biomaterials, transport studies, preparation and utilization thereof
Dahlia plant named `Dada White`
Rock stabilizing apparatus and method
Acoustical imaging interferometer for detection of buried underwater objects
Method of efficient migration from one categorization hierarchy to another hierarchy
Aerosol valve for high rate filling
Endoscope-type device, particularly for emergency intubation
Nb3Al superconductor and method of manufacture
Solid or gel electrolyte and battery using the same
Reproductions of aquarium life formed from translucent memory retaining polymers and method for repr...
P++ software
Structure arrangement having an optical-diffraction effect
Multidirectional amusement device
Low methoxyl pectins, processes thereof, and stabilized aqueous systems comprising the same
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device and method for driving the same
Sense amplifier bias circuit for a memory having at least two distinct resistance states
Method for growing GaN compound semiconductor crystal and semiconductor substrate
Method for converting hydrocarbons in a three-phase reactor
Dual metering method for indicating the contents of mail
Extended voltage range level shifter
Position information recording camera
Wood composite panels for disaster-resistant construction
Flame and spark detector, automatic fire alarm and methods related thereto
Cationic catalysts and process for using said catalysts
Method and system for remotely uploading digital memory
Methods and apparatus for providing customizable security and logging protocols in a servlet engine
Interactive customer-business interview system and process for managing interview flow
Fall protection lanyard apparatus
Beaded necklace enhancer
System for clustering software applications
Multimedia unit
Process for extracting oleanolic acid from plant material
Process of providing a semiconductor device with electrical interconnection capability
Wood preservation
Highly polar cleans for removal of residues from semiconductor structures
Reshaped human anti-HM 1.24 antibody
Chimeric protein and method of controlling tumor growth using the protein
Mutacin I biosynthesis genes and proteins
Anti-HIV pyrazole derivatives
Treatment and prevention of HIV infection by administration of derivatives of human chorionic gonado...
Vaccine and immunserum against drugs of abuse
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Low-till harrow implement
Method for synchronizing JAVA with UML in a version configuration management system
Structured algorithmic programming language approach to system design
System and method for interactive web services
Mastectomy pad
Molded brassiere cups
Method of construction of bra pad
Method of cloning porcine animals
Melanocortin-4 receptor binding compounds and methods of use thereof
Tethered ligands and methods of use
Decision support systems and methods for assessing vascular health
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized access to computer-stored information
Termite sensor and termite intrusion detecting system
Pyroelectric intrusion detection in motor vehicles
Remotely controlled intrusion alarm and detection system
Method and system for reducing the volume of audit data and normalizing the audit data received from...
Outdoor intrusion detector
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Spread-spectrum data transmission apparatus comprising a data receiver
Method and system for recovering information during a program failure
Digital imaging system employing non-coherent light source
Speech recognizing apparatus
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Cytoplasmic gene inhibition or gene expression in transfected plants by a tobraviral vector
Method of producing a multi-layer ceramic fiber insulation tile
Bearing equipped with magnetic encoder and sensor including aligned sensing elements
Long term atrial fibrillation monitor
Memory management system and method for allocating and reusing memory
Adaptive data fetch prediction algorithm
Emission monitoring system and method
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus having it
Flexible, region-selectable inherently de-coupled sandwiched solenoidal array coil
Method and apparatus for process independent clock signal distribution
Process for preparing organic hydroperoxide containing product
Assays for the detection of microtubule depolymerization inhibitors
Vehicle drive system
Converging/diverging flow channels for fuel cell
Methods for producing 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(alkoxyimino)-N-methylacetamide derivatives
Illuminator apparatus
Lantibiotic from Streptococcus mutans, method of production and use thereof
Automated custom mold manufacture
Multi-bit continuous time sigma-delta ADC
Compliant body-pressing exerciser
Amusement device
Collapsible infant entertainment assembly
Body for use in a toy set
Toy building blocks
Block toy
Stick fuselage of toy plane
Integrated dispenser and business machine system
Electric heating devices and elements
Organoselenium compounds for cancer chemoprevention
Nitrogen-containing tricyclic compounds and drugs containing the same
Flavor enhancer composition containing colloidal silica and method for its preparation and use
Fabricated potato chips
Natural peanut butter
Methods for separation of titanium from ore
Diazonium salt and heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal recording material
Laser thermal imaging process, dye, and element
System and method of identifying the onset of a sonic event
Information recording method and information reproducing method
Information recorder/reproducer
Disk drive apparatus
Information recording and reproducing apparatus and information recording and reproducing method, in...
Continuous flexible connection for miniature optical head
Multichannel magnetic head using magnetoresistive effect
Method and apparatus for determining blaster detonation time and first arrival time of seismic wave
Earphone without impulse noise and surroundings blockade
Loudspeaker system
Method for acquiring and processing seismic survey data using ocean bottom cables and streamers
Inlet silencer/filter for an oxygen concentrator
Surface material and method of suppressing influence of surface wave
Exhaust system for automobile engine
System and method for promoting selective tissue in-growth for an implantable medical device
Event-enabled distributed testing system
Event driven communication system
Selective inheritance of object parameters in object-oriented computer environment
Accessing and updating a configuration database from distributed physical locations within a process...
Technique for quantiating biological markers using quantum resonance interferometry
Cellular detection by providing high energy phosphate donor other than ADP to produce ATP
Apparatus and methods for correcting for variable velocity in microfluidic systems
Evaluating and predicting clinical outcomes by gene expression analysis
Sulfide and disulfide compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Cardiac rhythm management system selecting between multiple same-chamber electrodes for delivering c...
Electronic message payload for interfacing with text contained in the message
Method and system for protecting a computer using a remote e-mail scanning device
Method for including a self-removing code in a self-removing email message that contains an advertis...
Gear retract braking system and method
Aircraft architecture with a reduced bleed aircraft secondary power system
Method and device for controlling an aircraft maneuvering components, with electrical standby module...
Container-based system for generation and dispersal of printed materials
Wind powered generator device
Composite material-stiffened panel and manufacturing method thereof
High temperature seal for large structural movements
Transport of a wet gas through a subsea pipeline
Breathing assistance apparatus
Matte surface film
Multi-layer film with grafted syndiotactic polypropylene adhesion promoting layer
Ionic membranes for organic sulfur separation from liquid hydrocarbon solutions
Slurry catalyst rejuvenation in-situ in slurry reactor
Synthetic hydrocarbon fluids
Method for lubricating high pressure hydraulic system using phosphate ester hydraulic fluid
Skew compensating interface for operation with arbitrary data
Method for coupling light into cladding-pumped fiber sources using an embedded mirror
Optoelectronic device having an integrated capacitor formed thereon and method of manufacturing the ...
Surface inspection tool
Device for the homodyne reception of optically phase-keyed signals
High power single mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Gain-coupled distributed-feedback semiconductor laser device
Thermal transfer recording apparatus and thermal transfer recording method using the same
Particles for diagnostic and therapeutic use
47174, a novel human glycosyltransferase and uses thereof
Lipid uptake assays
Chemical amplified photoresist compositions
Fluorescent quenching detection reagents and methods
Hepatoma-derived growth factor-like proteins, polynucleotides encoding them and methods of use
Table driven design system and method
Image-reject down-converter and embodiments thereof, such as the family radio service
Method for publishing certification information representative of selectable subsets of rights and a...
Advertisement insertion techniques for digital video streams
Static binding of dynamically-dispatched calls in the presence of dynamic linking and loading
Bimodal Java just-in-time complier
Dynamic binary translator with a system and method for updating and maintaining coherency of a trans...
Self-directed routable electronic form system and method
Network-based alert management
Secure gateway interconnection in an e-commerce based environment
Method and apparatus for converting address information between PCI bus protocol and a message-passi...
Anisotropically conductive adhesive composition and anisotropically conductive adhesive film formed ...
Class D amplifier
Method for controlling a matrix converter
Analog-to-digital converter
Pulse width modulated power conversion apparatus and methods using capacitor-charge feedback
Integrated multi-level inverter assembly
High frequency power amplifier
Programmable current-sensing circuit providing discrete step temperature compensation for DC-DC conv...
Method for operation of an internal combustion engine
Process and installation for the distribution of air enriched in oxygen to passengers of an aircraft
Method and apparatus for determining cardiac output
Aromatic aldehyde resins and their use as emulsion breakers
Diffuser/emulsifier for aquaculture applications
Mobile diesel fuel enhancement unit and method
Separation device and method comprising a tubular electrocoalescer
Aqueous dispersions
Multi-stage filtration and softening module and reduced scaling operation
Method and apparatus for using physical characteristic data collected from two or more subjects
Efficient representation of system network management object identifiers
Method and system for executing, tracking and restoring temporary router configuration change using ...
Upstream scrambler seeding system and method in a passive optical network
Suppression of specific classes of soybean seed protein genes
Polyphenol oxidase genes
Nematode-upregulated peroxidase gene promoter from nematode-resistant maize line Mp307
Transformation of plants with a chloroperoxidase gene to enhance disease resistance
Polynucleotides encoding human transporter protein
Anti-tissue factor antibodies with enhanced anticoagulant potency
Hearing aid assembly having external directional microphone
Method for controlling the directionality of the sound receiving characteristic of a hearing aid a h...
Hearing aid
Method and apparatus for producing reformed hydrocarbon and hydrogen, engine installed with fuel cel...
Preparation of lithium-containing materials
Image recording apparatus
Electrostatic fluid ejector with dynamic valve control
Conveyor for conveying bulk material
Motor-driven needle valve for refrigerating circuit and refrigerating device with the motor-driven n...
Heat exchanger, such as evaporator, condenser, or the like
Method and apparatus for sensing microbial growth conditions
Power supply module
Power feed and heat dissipating device for power semiconductor devices
Loop thermosyphon using microchannel etched semiconductor die as evaporator
Low profile equipment housing with angular fan
Equipment enclosure with heat exchanger
Flow-through cooling in-the-round system
Optical, optoelectronic and electronic packaging platform, module using the platform, and methods fo...
Optical MEMS switch with imaging system
Mirror for use with a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) optical device and a method of manufact...
Tunable external cavity laser
MEMS enclosure
Low-resistivity microelectromechanical structures with co-fabricated integrated circuit
Method and system for processing substrate
Doppler guiding catheter using sensed blood turbulence levels
Image blur prevention apparatus
Apparatus and method for improving the signal to noise ratio on ultrasound images using coded wavefo...
Lithography laser system with in-place alignment tool
Lithography laser with beam delivery and beam pointing control
Integrated microarray devices
Process for making ratchet wheels
Process control for micro-lithography
Pyridazin-3-one derivatives, their use, and intermediates for their production
Noise estimation method and apparatus for noise adaptive ultrasonic image processing
Method and apparatus for cancelling lighting variations in object recognition
Shading correction apparatus and an image read apparatus using the shading correction apparatus
Medical image enhancement using iteration to calculate an optimal non-uniform correction function
Monitor for showing high-resolution and three-dimensional images and method
Method of monitoring a laser crystallization process
Method and apparatus for measuring internal information of scattering medium
Multi-path optical catheter
Apparatus and method for delivering ablative laser energy and determining the volume of tumor mass d...
Ocular-blood-flow meter
Blood processing system
Antibodies to vertebrate serrate proteins and fragments
Antibody/receptor targeting moiety for enhanced delivery of armed ligand
Acid end group poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers with high glycolide content
Process for cross-linking hyaluronic acid to polymers
Method of preparing particularly skin-compatible cosmetic or dermatological cleansing preparations
Chemical composition for aiding the absorption, binding and elimination of undigested fat
Device and method for treating restenosis
Process for converting synthesis gas into hydrocarbonaceous products
Process for upgrading fischer-tropsch syncrude using thermal cracking and oligomerization
Neopentylglycol ester based plasticizer composition for polyvinyl chloride resin and method of proce...
Automotive wheel
Absorbent article having a body-accommodating absorbent core
Printable material
Cross-machine-direction nested absorbent pads with minimal waste geometries
Absorbent garment with an extensible backsheet
Absorbent garment with transverse and longitudinal stretch
Folded absorbent article
Wipes dispensing system
Apparatus for heating and/or cooling a beverage on a gaming apparatus
Casino game
Dice game and gaming system
Gaming device having a door with a moveable and/or a removable bolster
Player banked three card poker and associated games
Power controller and compressor for refrigeration system
Valve assembly prohibiting re-expansion of residual fluid
Multi-cylinder compression pump
Fluid pump having an isolated stator assembly
Tank and a centrifugal pump for emptying the tank
Piston compressor, particularly hermetically enclosed refrigerant compressor
Gas dissipation chamber for through tubing conveyed ESP pumping systems
Telescopic tube
Processor with a function to prevent illegal execution of a program, an instruction executed by a pr...
Low-latency DMA handling in pipelined processors
System and method for improving the accuracy of a speech recognition program
System for delaying the counting of occurrences of a plurality of events occurring in a processor un...
Method for developing a flexible and efficient educational system
Method and apparatus for detecting lameness in animals
Production of recombinant respiratory syncytial viruses expressing immune modulatory molecules
Process for the preparation of 5-carboxyphthalide
Compression and encryption protocol for controlling data flow in a network
Automatic configuration of equipment software
Combined hybrid automatic retransmission request scheme
Process, data processing device, service provision server, back-up server and program modules for ba...
Enhanced embedded logic analyzer
Hybrid data storage and reconstruction system and method for a data storage device
Text classifying parameter generator and a text classifier using the generated parameter
Recording and reproducing apparatus and terminal apparatus
Content preference system at retail outlet
Integrated hangtag production system
Distributing electronic books over a computer network
Satellite navigation system of which map data are partially updateable
Bearing data for route guidance
Navigation system
Navigational device
Logistics system and method with position control
System and method for estimating ego-motion of a moving vehicle using successive images recorded alo...
Method and system for universal guidance and control of automated machines
Method and apparatus for improved security in distributed-environment voting
Method for preparing N-long chain acyl neutral amino acid
Detergent dispenser system
Advances in dehydrogenation catalysis
Liquid detergent composition comprising aluminosilicate or crystalline silicate
Crosslinked copolymer of unsaturated carboxylic acid and process for producing the same, copolymer o...
Aqueous liquid detergent compositions comprising an effervescent system
Sheet-form laundering article
Peripheral bus jumper block for a configurable peripheral bus interconnect system
Auditory user interface
Method and system for automatically and transparently archiving documents and document meta data
Application of the phase shifting diffraction interferometer for measuring convex mirrors and negati...
Exclusion seal for fluid dynamic bearing motors
Single plate hydrodynamic bearing cartridge
Spanish match table and related methods of play
Program configuration management apparatus
Tracking viewing behavior of a home entertainment system
Method and system for implementing virtual functions of an interface
Dispersible compositions containing L-DOPA ethyl ester
Agricultural chemicals composition, preparation thereof and the method for scattering the same
Polystyrene sulfonate-containing gel preparation
Process for the production of a deodorant or antiperspirant product
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip with improved visual indicator stability, extended shelf life, sani...
Random peptides that bind to gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) transport receptors and related methods
Highly cross-linked, extremely hydrophobic nitric oxide-releasing polymers and methods for their man...
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Finely dispersed emulsifier-free systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Composition for external use
Cosmetic composition containing a polyorganosiloxane and an acrylic terpolymer, and use of this comp...
Automotive integrated control system
Speed control for a work vehicle
Method and device for determining a corrected offset value
Method for detecting errors of microprocessors in control devices of an automobile
Vehicle stability control
Electric motor with rotor being a drive wheel
Shift lever lock system
Hybrid electrical device with biological components
Energy-efficient method and system for processing target material using an amplified, wavelength-shi...
Ray based interaction system
Method and compositions for modifying levels of secondary metabolic compounds in plants
Absorbent article having improved fecal storage structure
Production and use of derivatized homoserine lactones
Benzene derivatives and pharmaceutical use thereof
Antibody conjugate methods for selectively inhibiting VEGF
Thiol compounds, their production and use
Expression and refolding of truncated recombinant major outer membrane protein antigen (R56) of orie...
Electro-optic display overlays and systems for addressing such displays
Automated system for control and diagnostics for dispensing systems
Image-forming apparatus and cleaning blade
Fiber-reinforced intermediate transfer member for electrophotography, and electrophotographic appara...
Developing system having metering blade with spaced intersecting faces
Fiber optic interface module and associated fabrication method
Organic electroluminescent device with a ceramic output coupler and method of making the same
Switch input processing module for switching signal transmission lines to transmit different types o...
Electroconductive plate-like titania and electroconductive composition
Method for manufacturing stabilized zirconia
Deodorant compositions
Method and apparatus for production of amorphous silica from silicon and silicon containing material...
Ultrastable hexagonal, cubic and wormhole aluminosilicate mesostructures
Method of producing a polarizable electrode
Air filtering material for air cleaning
Induction heating type image heating apparatus
Fixing apparatus
Developing device having minimum magnetic field strength adjacent regulating member
Toner supply container and stirring rotation member
Image forming apparatus having detachable cleaning unit
Monitoring system
Portable body used in two way, communication system, communication method, terminal, computer-readab...
Mobile telephone and method of operating the same
Method and system for communicating multimedia content in a unicast, multicast, simulcast or broadca...
System and method for providing automatic tuning of a radio receiver and for providing automatic con...
Video/audio alarm processing apparatus for base station manager in mobile radio communication system
Process and station for changing product in an installation for spraying coating product
Reconfigurable plural DC power source power system responsive to changes in the load or the plural D...
Process of preparing halogenated esters
Process and apparatus for cooling polymer in a reactor
Polyester continuous production process
Method for the continuous production of copolyamides based on a lactam (I), a diamine (II) and a dic...
Process for producing polycarbonate
Hetero-telechelic polymers and processes for making same
Non-destructive surface inspection and profiling
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Method of coating a polymer-dispersed electro-optical fluid and sheets formed thereby
Structures formed using silicide cap as an etch stop in multilayer metal processes
Mobile lightning protection
Method of treating chronic pain
Monitoring device for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Door mirror for automobile
Electrochromic rearview mirror assembly incorporating a display/signal light
Memory mirror system for vehicle
Date of birth authentication system and method using demographic and/or geographic data supplied by ...
Apparatus and method for ensuring a real-time connection between users and selected service provider...
Interrogation of an object for dimensional and topographical information
Method for dynamic pricing of goods and services
Three dimensional experience for thick and thin clients
Optimized discrete fourier transform method and apparatus using prime factor algorithm
Method and apparatus for device sharing and arbitration
Device for monitoring motor vehicle's electric power and method therefor
Sustained-release preparation capable of releasing a physiologically active substance
Device for removing an abrasive disk from a sanding pad
Automated priming station
Industrial blades with multi-point center and multi-wings
Pill dispensing system
Arc welder
Sample processing system
Gait pattern generating device for legged mobile robot
System for storing streaming information in a circular buffer by using padding block containing non-...
Application program interfaces and structures in a resource limited operating system
Server-side stream switching
Thread based email
Transforming data between first organization in a data store and hierarchical organization in a data...
Method and apparatus for information transformation and exchange in a relational database environmen...
Digital signatures on a Smartcard
Methods and devices for remediation and fermentation
Process for the manufacture of cooking vessels and vessels obtained according to such process
Sword blade
Decorative and protective system for wares
Non-stick ceramo-metallic coating for cooking utensils
Apparatus and process for packaging piece goods
Assigning meanings to utterances in a speech recognition system
Immunological assay for detection of antibodies in celiac disease
General purpose structure of an analytical element and its application for analyte determination
Electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids from proteins at low ph
Method, reagent and test cartridge for determining clotting time
Chlamydia trachomatis specific peptides and their use in diagnostic assays
Device for the capillary transport of liquid
Low moisture donor substrate coatable with organic layers transferrable in response in incident radi...
Hot plug interface (HPI) test fixture
Ultrasound apparatus and method for tissue resonance analysis
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system and program providing med...
Method and apparatus for optimizing placement and routing and recording medium for recording program...
Cleaning device of image forming machine
Reduction of storage elements in synthesized synchronous circuits
Method and apparatus for permuting code sequences and initial context of code sequences for improved...
Mechanism for executing computer instructions in parallel
Method for compacting an instruction queue
Multi-processor system with proactive speculative data transfer
Atomic transfer of a block of data
Digital signal isolation
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Automated flow in PSM phase assignment
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Protection system for an electricity network having an infrared data transmission link using the WAP...
Virtual private lock box
Transaction validation system for auditing and method
Shipment transaction system and an arrangement thereof
Method of promoting bone growth with hyaluronic acid and growth factors
Method, apparatus and program for restoring phase information
Radiotelephone for visual communication
Optical fiber and optical signal transmission system using this optical fiber
Optical switch
Automatic turn-on and turn-off control for battery-powered headsets
Vibration reducing members for head suspensions
Light irradiating device, optical pickup device with the same, method of adjusting light irradiating...
Foundation for a tower and a method for its deployment on site
Pipe replacement apparatus
Multi-purpose rehabilitation of conduits
Reel type pipeline laying ship and method
Underground conveyance protection device and method
Pipe assembly for collecting surface water runoff and associated methods
Methods and systems for reducing drag and vortex-induced vibrations on cylindrical structures
(Oxo-pyrazolo[1,5a]pyrimidin-2-yl) alkyl-carboxamides
Antipsychotic sulfonamide-heterocycles, and methods of use thereof
Peptides that activate the G-protein coupled receptor protein, 0T7T175
Thiazole and other heterocyclic ligands for mammalian dopamine, muscarinic and serotonin receptors a...
Mono- and disaccharides for the treatment of nitric oxide related disorders
Pharmaceutical formulations for sustained drug delivery
Silicone adhesives, articles, and methods
Semi-transmitting reflective plate, semi-transmitting polarizer, and liquid crystal display using sa...
Superabsorbent polymer targeting registration of dry formed composite cores
Magnetic thin film inductors
Foldable intraocular lens optics having a glassy surface
Multicomponent vaccines
Intraocular lens system utilizing an adhesive and method for implanting the same
Intraocular lens
System and method for dual-depth shadow-mapping
System, method and article of manufacture for rendering triangular patches using hardware equipped f...
Fluoride-releasing compositions
Hybrid tea rose plant named `DICwisp`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Michelson`
Nectarine tree named `Royal Bright`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor Dark Coral`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Amor Dark Pink`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Tifata`
Verbena plant named `Lan Lav Star`
Automated, self-cleaning cat litter box apparatus
Oriented acrylic block copolymers
Semiconductor device having contact of Si-Ge combined with cobalt silicide
Polymerization catalyst activators, method of preparing, and their use in polymerization processes
Rotation detector having improved vibration characteristics
Permanent magnet generator for bicycle light operation
Preparations for reducing oxygen consumption during physical efforts
Use of ribose to treat fibromyalgia
Cylindrical storage battery
Bicycle trainer with movable resistance device
Appetite stimulation and induction of weight gain in patients suffering from symptomatic HIV infecti...
Alkyl esters of the 2-(2-fluorosulphonyl)-perfluoroethylenoxy-3-halogen-propionic acid
Stabilized polymer film and its manufacture
Electrically conductive, freestanding microporous sheet for use in an ultracapacitor
Mechanically reinforced highly porous low dielectric constant films
Expanded clitoral sensitizing compounds with methods and apparatus for the delivery of these compoun...
Thyristor with lightly-doped emitter
Personalized picture postcard for holding inserted photograph
Method of varying the ink density of the full tone in offset printing within a rotary printing machi...
Process for the treatment of an erasable lithographic printing plate
Device for the temperature equalisation of coating media
Device for decurling flat printing materials
Apparatus and process for transporting sheet-shaped print materials
Hopper gripper drum
Printing-machine drive system
Method and system for providing sheet stack level control
Apparatus for centering preferably flat objects
Starch phosphates, method for the production thereof and their use
Method and apparatus for normalized bit counting
System for stop buffering when a count of stored data blocks from a DVD matches an associated data b...
Communication systems for use with magnetic resonance imaging systems
Magnetic resonance apparatus isolation system
Steep solvent gradient NMR analysis method
Magnetic resonance imaging coil structure having reduced tolerance
Cleaning agent for hard surfaces, containing glucanase
Cellulose microfibrils with modified surface, preparation method and use thereof
Method of making closed cavity pistons
Determining properties of a flow tube and of a fluid flowing through a flow tube of a coriolis flowm...
Object dispenser
Hinge device
Surgical reamer
Method for coating vehicular radiators with ozone depleting slurry catalyst
SOx tolerant NOx trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
Massive bodies containing free halogen source for producing highly converted solutions of chlorine d...
Performing data backups with a stochastic scheduler in a distributed computing environment
System and method for modifying speech signals
Collection optics for low profile single line scanning assembly in compact bar code readers
Input-output unit for serial-parallel signal conversion
Filtering apparatus for filtering compressed air
System and methods for real time progress monitoring in a computer network
Double dog run and leash
Method of making wood-based composite board
Determination of execution resource allocation based on concurrently executable misaligned memory op...
System and method for content caching implementing compensation for providing caching services
Hash file system and method for use in a commonality factoring system
Decision tree data structure for use in case-based reasoning
Language acquisition aide
Method for predicting seismic event using value of magnitude, position of seismic event, time of sei...
Information providing system
Water-based drilling fluids using latex additives
Ammonium sulfate nitrate
Cosmetic composition containing an aqueous polymer dispersion and an insoluble silicone, and process...
Synergistically UV-photoprotecting sunscreen compositions comprising camphorsulfonic acid/benzopheno...
Hairdye composition
Box, object packaging system, and method of use
Method and apparatus for dispersing a volatile composition
Artificial tanning compositions comprising sorghum extracts
Capacitive pressure-responsive devices and their fabrication
Force feedback device including actuator with moving magnet
Amino acid ester containing azole antifungals
Vehicle data communication system with hand-held wireless control and display unit
Adaptive stimulator for relief of symptoms of neurological disorders
Hearing aid with audible alarm
Method of resolution and antiviral activity of 1,3-oxathiolane nuclesoside enantiomers
Apparatus and methods for efficient processing of biological samples on slides
Cationized antibodies against intracellular proteins
Panty, pantyhose or similar article
PPAR agonists
Glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Negative active material slurry composition for rechargeable lithium battery and method of manufactu...
Microelectronic device layer deposited with multiple electrolytes
Use of uridine triphosphates and related compounds for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia in ...
Method and device for determining concentration of dioxins
Microbead and immiscible polymer voided polyester for imaging medias
Hydrogen-absorbing alloy, secondary battery, hybrid car and electromobile
Lithium battery and electrode
Fuel cell cathode utilizing multiple redox couples
Radio frequency identification tag with thin-film battery for antenna
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Negative electrode of a lithium secondary battery with a two-layered inorganic solid electrolytic ma...
Vitreoretinal tamponades based on fluorosilicone fluids
Facsimile image information managing system and method
Personalized incoming call signal for communication devices
Method and apparatus for providing a hold termination message service in a communications network
Explicit server control of transcoding representation conversion at a proxy or client location
Systems and methods for prerating costs for a communication event
Multi-wavelength array reader for biological assay
Multi-access communication system and uplink band allocating method
4-thio coumarins
Method of detecting an integrated circuit in failure among integrated circuits, apparatus of doing t...
Multi-mode, multi-band communication system
Hub and probe system and method
Method for verifying and improving run-time of a memory test
Process and tool for analyzing and locating hardware failures in a computer
Extracting digital watermarks using logarithmic sampling and symmetrical attributes
Low permeability side curtain airbag cushions having extremely low coating levels
Substituted benzoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or diagnosti...
Low-fat food emulsions having controlled flavor release and processes therefor
Filamentous bacteriophage displaying an .beta.-amyloid epitope
Separating parasites from bees
Apparatus for collecting animal waste
Fishing-reel power transmission device
Treat dispenser
Device programmer with enclosed imaging capability
Method and device for recording an image of an object surface using focussed radiation
Method for identification of alveolar nerve region in mandible image
Compressed instruction format for use in a VLIW processor
Use of sequential polyperoxides to produce polystyrene with high grafting
Methods of producing highly nucleated syndiotactic polypropylene
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Integrated circuit with emulation register in JTAG JAP
Aerosol hair spray compositions comprising combinations of silicone-grafted copolymers
Propylene polymers and process for the preparation thereof
Multi-chip semiconductor module and manufacturing process thereof
Auxiliary keel system for marine crafts powered by jet propulsion systems
System for loading and unloading fluid products
Double cone for generation of a pressure difference
Adjustment device, particularly for adjusting the levelness of a surface or of an electric appliance
Natural gemstone, artificial gemstone; ornamental object made of glass
Promotional card with integral removable gemstone tattoo
Brilliant cut diamond
Benzofuran compounds, compositions, and methods
Method and apparatus for compression/decompression and filtering of a signal
System and method for improving linearity and reducing digitization artifacts in a data analysis sys...
Systems and methods for wideband active probing of devices and circuits in operation
Time sharing of communications resources in cellular communications systems
Communication device for placing calls within a plurality of wireless communication networks
Method and system for controlling message transmission and acceptance by a telecommunications device
Communication device utilizing channel based oscillator aging compensation and method therefor
Electrochemiluminescent reaction utilizing amine-derived reductant
High tensile cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent strain aging hardening properties
Method and device for radioactive decontamination of a steel wall
Rotating wing structure of steel wheel
Manufacturing process for a plated product comprising a support part in steel and an anticorrosion m...
Method and device for producing slabs of steel
Stainless steel having passive fluoride film formed thereon and equipment manufactured therefrom
Galvannealed steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Intermittent material feed type variable-lamination rapid prototyping process and apparatus using li...
Method and apparatus for a composite concrete panel with transversely oriented carbon fiber reinforc...
Concrete panel construction system
Automated method for diagnosing and monitoring the outcomes of atrial fibrillation
Realtime MR scan prescription using physiological information
Method of searching multimedia data
Image editing with block selection
Image search system, image search apparatus, control method thereof, and computer readable memory
Image processing apparatus and its processing method, storage medium, and image file format
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method and system for reducing dn/dt birefringence in a thermo-optic PLC device
Method for reducing the hydrogen sensitivity of optical fibers at 1380nm-1410 nm
Poly-planar optical display imaging system
Large optical fiber array assembly and method
Optical cable
Interpolation method for smooth convergence correction
Vehicle backing support apparatus
Illuminant-equipped camera
Optical device, optical device driving unit, information write device, preset information setting sy...
Light guide capable of optically changing color of light
Arena reflector assembly
Wireless lighting system
System and method for in-line control of electric power
Joined system of two plastic components
Pen cap
Recessed luminaire having a holder ring for additional components
Data backup system having independent data restore execution
Method and apparatus for executing standard functions in a computer system using a field programmabl...
Method and device for monitoring the creation and destruction of child processes within an applicati...
Cinerary urn
Plasma torch incorporating a reactive ignition tube and igniter squib integrating such a torch
Substituted 5-aryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2H-benzotriazole UV absorbers, compositions stabilized therew...
Adsorber system to replace water column in a polyester process
Chemical modification of substrates by photo-ablation under different local atmospheres and chemical...
Shatterproofing of fluorescent lamps
Polycarbonate having a low shear thinning behavior
Injectable bone substitute material containing non-ceramic hydroxyapatite cement
Electric coffee maker for selectively brewing Espresso coffee and Americano coffee
Control circuit for a coffee grinder
Cartridge for the preparation of whipped beverages
Reducing data loss during cell handoffs
Device for sending or receiving a signal encrypted using deterministic chaos
Anti-icing composition
High bi-directional strength monolayer polymeric film and method of fabrication
Wine fermentation cap management and pomace removal
Polymer blends as biodegradable matrices for preparing biocomposites
Compositions containing fragrances and powdered water-soluble polymers and toilet blocks produced th...
Method for injection molded component with fuel vapor barrier layer
Long life, white light emitting electroluminescent phosphor
Method and apparatus for configuring permanent virtual connection (PVC) information stored on networ...
Systems for tissue dried with metal bands
Determining the dielectric properties of wood
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with heat sources located at an edg...
Multi-friction sleeve penetrometer apparatus and method
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation using a relatively slow heating rate
Cable device for detecting and monitoring rock and soil displacement
Liquefaction phenomenon prediction system
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce a hydrocarbon condensate
Fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for humidifying a gas flow and to a method for using such a device
Compact precooler
Catalytic partial oxidation with a rhodium-iridium alloy catalyst
Anode stream recirculation system for a fuel cell
Complex multicellular assemblies ex vivo
Apparatus and method for intracardiac therapy using sensor for heart wall thickness
Injectable hyaluronic acid derivative with pharmaceuticals/cells
Mesh-gel constructs for cell delivery containing enzymes and/or enzyme inhibitors to control gel deg...
Moveable tape head for box erecting machine
Spout for screw on connector
Closure having rotatable spout and axially movable stem
Disc storage container
Flexible pouch
Modified bottle neck for use with child resistant caps
Square bell and grip structure
Topical compositions comprising functional nucleophiles protected by phosphorus-containing moieties
Cosmetic and dermatological light-protective formulations containing triazine derivatives one or sev...
Controller system for water amusement devices
Collapsible swing and method of using the same
Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
Gaming device with multi-purpose reels
Venlafaxine formulations
High level synthesis method, thread generated using the same, and method for generating circuit incl...
In situ wafer heat for reduced backside contamination
Method and apparatus for facilitating exception handling using a conditional trap instruction
Relocation format for linking
Electronic shifter for a bicycle
Adjustment mechanism for a headmount apparatus
Drosophila sequences
Brain and heart cyclic nucleotide gated ion channel compounds and uses thereof
Methods for delivery therapeutic compounds across the blood-brain barrier
Biodegradable macromers for the controlled release of biologically active substances
Store operated calcium influx inhibitors and methods of use
Slow release protein polymers
Method for detecting hydrocarbons by comparing NMR response at different depths of investigation
Molecular chemotherapy enhancement of radiotherapy
Endoluminal device with indicator member for remote detection of endoleaks and/or changes in device ...
Disposable absorbent article having a skin care composition containing an enzyme inhibitor
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Beverage compositions comprising arabinogalactan and defined minerals
El lamp with light scattering particles in cascading layer
Layered silicate catalysts pillared with metal oxide
Method for the production of polyamides
Reducing agent for high-K gate dielectric parasitic interfacial layer
Process for preparing decorative surface materials having a decorative pattern
Fungus resistant gypsum-based substrate
Resin molded article for chamber liner
Preparation of selected fluoroolefins
Process for oxidation of cyclohexane
Coating composition
Cryptographic co-processor
Computer architecture and system for efficient management of bi-directional bus
Transparent and dynamic management of redundant physical paths to peripheral devices
System and method for pre-verification of stack usage in bytecode program loops
RC netlist reduction for timing and noise analysis
Stereolithographically marked semiconductor devices and methods
Combination sheet pad
Foam book with concertina binding
Data-reading image capture apparatus, camera, and method of use
Waste container
Trash can receptacle
Trash can receptacle
Feather duster holder vacuum cleaner accessory
Feeding apparatus for aquariums
Goggle, helmet mask combination
Vibration correction apparatus and optical device
Optical range finder
Auto-zooming device
Zoom lens position control device
Method and system for tracking the progress of students in a class
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Bearing with noncontact signal transfer mechanism
Ball-and-socket joint
Component assembly with formed spindle end portion
Rolling bearing
Wheel bearing device and method of crimping the same
Radial roller bearing
Roller bearing provided with a sensor assembly casing
Hybrid fire extinguisher
Semi-automatic-firing, compressed-gas gun
Anti-personnel canister
Weapon turret intended for a military vehicle
Weapon barrel having a hard chromium inner layer
Gun barrel safety lock with hand ratcheting wrench
Image heating apparatus adapted for cleaning of speed detection mark
Local oscillator frequency correction in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Color filter substrate, method of fabricating color filter substrate, liquid crystal device, method ...
Method for manufacturing a light guide plate
Demountable modular floor for watertight raised decks
Polarization beam combiner/splitter
Optical system for producing a modulated color image
Faraday-effect current sensor with improved vibration response
System, method and computer program product for providing server discovery services during a startup...
Compound, polymer prepared from the compound, and composition comprising the polymer
Macrocapsules containing microencapsulated phase change materials
Compositions containing polyanionic polysaccharides and hydrophobic bioabsorbable polymers
Cysteine derivatives
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive measurement of blood glucose levels in humans
Perceptual audio coding
Bat with composite handle
Device for identifying the position of intramedullary nail securement screw holes
Method for treating the surface of a workpiece
Apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Method for simulating the response of a detector of radiation emitted by radioactive objects and met...
Musical scale recognition method and apparatus thereof
Teaching puzzle
Interactive communication system for communicating video game and karaoke software
Karaoke device with built-in microphone and microphone therefor
Stucco casing bead
Support assembly for a seating structure
Pai Gow poker-type card game of chance using a random number generator with a side bet
Substituted N,N-disubstituted non-fused heterocyclo amino compounds useful for inhibiting cholestery...
Method of preparing doped oxide catalysts for lean NOx exhaust
Low thermal budget solution for PMD application using sacvd layer
Arrangement for integration of key illumination into keymat of portable electronic devices
EL display device with inter-line insulation
Module for mounting driver IC
Light-emitting device
Light receiving and emitting probe and light receiving and emitting probe apparatus
Embossed, non-woven fabric
Laser ablation cleaning
Flux position identifier using high frequency injection with the presence of a rich harmonic spectru...
Pb-free solder composition and soldered article
Aluminum-lithium alloy
Low-carbon, low-chromium carburizing high speed steels
Ni-base heat resistant alloy and welded joint thereof
Solder, method for processing surface of printed wiring board, and method for mounting electronic pa...
Correcting method of mask and mask manufactured by said method
Disk drive apparatus capable of resuming the recording process during interruption
System and method for mitigating co-channel interference in passive coherent location applications
Reference clock generation system and device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Feedthrough assembly having cut-out areas in metal housing adjacent ceramic feedthrough
Chemical or biological attack detection and mitigation system
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures
Speed reduction gear
Carrying device
Systems and methods for performing crawl searches and index searches
Color image forming apparatus and color toner
Automatic image segmentation in the presence of severe background bleeding
Near-field magneto-optical head having a magnetic sensor
Product template for a personalized printed product incorporating image processing operations
Molding thermoplastic resin material and a method for equal quality recycle of thermoplastic resin m...
Color toner containing less conductive particles that have appropriate electrical resistance and can...
Flexible open-celled microcellular polymer foams
V-Chip plus+in-guide user interface apparatus and method for programmable blocking of television and...
Web server enabling browser access to HTML and Non-HTML documents
System and method for building multiple edges of a calendar
Method and apparatus for efficiently processing vertex information in a video graphics system
Message-creating game machine and message-creating method therefor
Fractional payoff and competitive wagering
Wireless interactive gaming system
Method and apparatus for bonus game slot machine
Amphiphilic complexes, method for their preparation and compositions containing them
Cleaning composition for hard surfaces
Carry-save multiplier/accumulator system and method
System and method for protecting a receiver from jamming interference
Optical transmission system with reduced Kerr effect nonlinearities
Enhanced tilt optical power equalizer
Method of correcting frequency errors for coherently demodulated wireless communication systems
Advance notification system and method utilizing vehicle signaling
Sensor prediction system utilizing case based reasoning
Media role management in a video conferencing network
Voice message service method for multimedia internet protocol system
Bit-rate control in a multimedia device
Middleware and media data audiovisual apparatus using middleware
Methods and devices for treating lung dysfunction
Amino fruit acid composition and method for the treatment of skin
Decontamination apparatus
Face mask having excellent usability
Massage apparatus comprising at least one roller driven positively in rotation
Rinsable skin conditioning compositions
Universal firearm cleaning system
Antenna(s) and electrochromic surface(s) apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Waterproof, durable products made from recycled rubber products
Toner, process for producing toner image forming method and apparatus unit
Channel resource management method in base station using dynamic function in mobile communication sy...
System and method for providing remote expert communications and video capabilities for use during a...
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of interrupt lines through interrupt sharing
Consultation business support system
Simplified branch metric and method
Process for producing carbonyl or hydroxy compound
Zwitterionic polyetherpolyamines and process for their production
Friction body or sliding body formed from composite materials reinforced with fiber bundles and cont...
Method of treating or preventing Type 1 diabetes by oral administration of insulin
Electively maximizing and minimizing the scattering and absorption of electromagnetic waves
Oral care compositions
Point of purchase display assembly and method
Spherical microparticles containing linear polysaccharides
Reversal of insulin-dependent diabetes by islet-producing stem cells, islet progenitor cells and isl...
Enhanced mobility and address resolution in a wireless premises based network
Method and apparatus for automatically exercising a curious animal
Fault tolerant attitude control system for zero momentum spacecraft
Arbitration protocol for a shared data cache
Methods for the stereoselective synthesis of substituted piperidines
Host access to shared memory with a high priority mode
Staphylococcus epidermidis nucleic acids and proteins
Method for producing highly productive supported ionic catalyst for gas phase polymerization
Light-curing device with detachably interconnecting light applicator
Amino-thio-acrylonitriles as MEK inhibitors
Apparatus for lateral line repair
System and method for rough milling
System and method for estimating impedance time through a road network
Plasma display panel
Moldable article, method of making and composition for making moldable articles
System and method for remote management of a DSL device
Microprocessor speed control mechanism using power dissipation estimation based on the instruction d...
Runtime programmable Reed-Solomon decoder
Block copolymers containing both polystyrene and low vinyl content polydiene hard blocks
Begonia plant named `Boriasko`
Continuous music keyboard
Methods, compositions and apparatuses for detection of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB)
Use of taurolidine to treat tumors
Method for controlling a processing apparatus
Method and system for providing internet-based database interoperability using a frame model for uni...
Inhaler dispensing system adapters for laryngectomized subjects and associated methods
Albuterol inhalation solution, system, kit and method for relieving symptoms of pediatric asthma
OB polypeptides, modified forms and compositions
Methods and products related to genotyping and DNA analysis
FeRAM memory and method for manufacturing it
Error detection and correction method and apparatus in a magnetoresistive random access memory
Linker nucleoside, and production and use of the same
Products and methods for analyzing nucleic acids including identification of substitutions, insertio...
Folded cavity surface emitting laser
Process for fast cell placement in integrated circuit design
Wood connector of sheet metal
Conjugated diene-based rubber, oil extended rubber and rubber composition containing the same
Oxygen detecting composition