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Vehicular dynamic controlling apparatus and method
Torque management based traction control system
Computer-based instructional system with student verification feature
Fast look-up of indirect branch destination in a dynamic translation system
Store collapsing mechanism for SMP computer system
Mechanism for collapsing store misses in an SMP computer system
Stringed instrument body
Power transmission mechanism
Electrical fan having an oil retaining ring to prevent loss and evaporation of lubricant oil
Electrically powered coolant pump
Molecular pump
Serial fan
Bellows type pump or accumulator
Pumping device
Bingo-style word game
High speed coin sorter having a reduced size
Multi-stage multi-bet game, gaming device and method
Player identification using biometric data in a gaming environment
Rotary ultrasonic bonder or processor capable of fixed gap operation
Method for forming a nested rolled paper product
Method of increasing the meltblown jet thermal core length via hot air entrainment
Thermoplastic nonwoven web chemically reacted with a cyclodextrin compound
Continuous filament composite nonwoven webs
Wet wipes containing cationic fatty acid surfactants
Absorbent articles with wicking barrier cuffs
Sugar base surfactant for nanocrystals
Formulations of oral gastrointestinal diagnostic x-ray contrast agents and oral gastrointestinal the...
Dual purposed diagnostic/therapeutic agent having a tri-iodinated benzoyl group linked to a coumarin
Microprecipitation of nanoparticulate pharmaceutical agents using surface active material derived fr...
Magnetic memory having shape anisotropic magnetic elements
Method of grinding pharmaceutical substances
Apparatus for plasma deposition of a thin film onto the interior surface of a container
Solution of dilithium polymerization initiator
Method for isolation of barely volatile organic compounds
Device for distributing a poly-phase mixture over a bed of a granular solid, comprising a porous jet...
Boraadamantane compounds for the treatment of pathogenic viruses and other medical applications
Polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Oxygen enrichment process for air based gas phase oxidations which use metal oxide redox catalysts
Stripping hydrocarbon in an oxygenate conversion process
Process for converting methanol to olefins
Therapeutic polyanhydride compounds for drug delivery
Compounds for immunotherapy of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Chimeric polypeptide comprising the fragment B of shiga toxin and peptides of therapeutic interest
Screening assays for compounds that cause apoptosis and related compounds
Plants capable of metabolizing drugs and use thereof
HSV viral vector
Method for conditioning paper and paperboard webs
Anatomical visualization system
Device for verifying the accuracy of a spectral analyzer
Fluorescence-mediated molecular tomography
Medical network system
Method of image binary coding and image binary coding apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Method for dividing ROM and DDFS using the same method
Flyback booster with removable rocket propulsion module
Forebody vortex alleviation device
Precision-guided hypersonic projectile weapon system
Method and apparatus for communicating between an aircraft and an associated store
Attitude determination system and method with outer-loop gyro scale-factor non-linearity calibration
Cable connections between an unmanned aircraft and a detachable data handling module
Process for the preparation of 2,3,4,5-tetrafluorobenzene derivatives
Semiconductor device having dummy pattern
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Cordless impact wrench
Impact wrench structure
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench structure
Tankyrase H, compositions involved in the cell cycle and methods of use
Focused acoustic energy in the preparation and screening of combinatorial libraries
Amperometric affinity assay and electrically stimulated complexes of nucleic acids
Antibodies that specifically bind a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin receptor
Optical imaging device
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) treatment of diabetes by neuromodulation with an external ...
Method and device for optimally altering stimulation energy to maintain capture of cardiac tissue
Navigation device
"Smart" elevator system and method
Method of warehousing user data entered at an electronic commerce terminal
Modulation of light out of the focal plane in a light modulator based projection system
Methods and apparatus for providing a multi-stop micromirror
Modular all-optical cross-connect
Feedback control system for a MEMS based optical switching fabric
Method and apparatus for an extended wavelength range coherent optical spectrum analyzer
Variable optical attenuator
Apparatus for energizing a remote station and related method
Heat exchanger and method of making same
Dual heat exchange mode water heating system for boats
Aircraft structures having improved through-thickness thermal conductivity
Integrated heat exchanger/reservoir
Suppressing heat flux in insulating glass structures
Heat sink for cooling an electronic component of a computer
Flexible cable stiffener for an optical transceiver
Coined partial etched dimple in a head suspension and method of manufacture
Active crosstalk attenuation conductor for an integrated lead head suspension
Damper with unconstrained surface for a disk drive head suspension
Shock limiter system for a head suspension
Method of making a head suspension with compliant feature for component location
Partially etched flexure arms in an integrated gimbal suspension
Method of making integrated lead suspension flexure with balanced parallel leads for insulator layer...
Wheel suspension system and spring therefor
Emergency locking seat hinge device and vehicle seat using the same
Apparatus for diagnosing accumulator based on fluid pressure in its fluid-tightly sealed state
Seat belt pretensioner device
Power actuator suitable for vehicle occupant restraint systems
Suspension for disc drive
Accumulator and manufacturing process thereof
Quantum-splitting oxide-based phosphors and method of producing the same
Electrically heated catalytic converter
Trivalent and tetravalent mixed vanadium compound producing method and vanadium electrolyte producin...
Image display unit and method of producing image display unit
Power system with plural parallel power supplies with at least one power supply in standby mode for ...
Portable telephone with directional transmission antenna
Phase-shift-resistant, frequency variable clock generator
Tomato nucleic acid encoding protein that confers resistance to aphids and nematodes and plants tran...
Herbicide tolerant Brassica juncea and method of production
Soybean variety 96B51
Soybean variety 94B54
Soybean variety 95B97
Soybean variety 94B24
Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics
Infant sock
Infant training shoes and method of using same
Infant training shoes and method of using same
Variable-speed moving sidewalk and method of designing it
Shoe lace clip
Rotary shaft monitoring seal system
Face seal assembly
Conduit vibration decoupling device for use in exhaust systems
Sealing element for a face seal assembly
Mechanical face seal
Face seal device with additional mass for high rotational speeds
Mechanical face seal
Method of manufacturing a composite vapor-permeable insole and insole thus obtained
Method and apparatus for data stream optimization
Fiber optic cable spool
Methods and apparatus for providing interfaces for mixed topology data switching system
Apparatus and method for delay management in a data communications network
Routing table structures
Email to fax processing when no secondary storage is available
Apparatus and method for correcting for variable velocity in microfluidic systems
Method for conversion of a halogenated hydrocarbon using a pseudomonas sp
Method and apparatus for solids processing
Methods for screening compound libraries
Microfluidic analytic detection assays, devices, and integrated systems
System and methods for the rapid isolation of nucleic acids
Method for preventing deposits in oil extraction
Ventilator wherein operation is modifiable dependent on patient sounds
Respiratory nitric oxide meter
Oxygen conserver
Integrated physiologic sensor system
Method and apparatus for providing positive airway pressure to a patient
Breathing aid device
Power system
Security system for NBC-safe building
System and process for generating 3D video textures using video-based rendering techniques
Method and apparatus for rasterizing in a hierarchical tile order
Method and data arrangement for encapsulating signed over-ranged color image data to accommodate in-...
Object recognition system and process for identifying people and objects in an image of a scene
CDMA system with iterative demapping of a received signal
Vehicle exterior mirror
Interior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Process for preparing a piperidine derivative
Method and apparatus for locating an available parking facility
Bayerite alumina clad zeolite and cracking catalysts containing same
Low-sulfur fuel and process of making
Vanadium removal in FCC by use of an outboard vessel
Process and system for desulfurizing a gas stream
Catalyst/adsorbent composition with improved performance
Photocatalyst filter, method for fabricating the same and air cleaner thereof
Method of applying a foam composition onto a tissue and tissue products formed therefrom
Method of making magnetoresistive read/ inductive write magnetic head assembly fabricated with silic...
Asymmetric tapered air bearing slider
Apparatus for detecting tire air pressure for motor vehicle
Flexible container for liquid transport having air tight, water resistant slide fastener, and liquid...
Highly active metathesis catalysts generated in situ from inexpensive and air stable precursors
Prolonged casino game method and apparatus
Electronic prize fulfillment for a gaming system
Method and apparatus for dispensing prizes in a gaming system
System for providing consistent flow through multiple permeable perimeter walls in a casting mold
Optical measuring instrument
Method and apparatus
Optical path switching based differential absorption radiometry for substance detection
System for measuring polarimetric spectrum and other properties of a sample
Method of measuring surface form of semiconductor thin film
System method, and computer program product for compositing true colors and intensity-maped colors i...
Wide-band image enhancement
Digital image processing method for edge shaping
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for frequency shift-keying demodulation and applications thereof
Method and system for controlling frequency
Proximity/touch detector and calibration circuit
Dynamic change detecting method, dynamic change detecting apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic appara...
Frequency transposition device having low local oscillator signal leakage and corresponding leakage ...
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Mechanisms to sample shared-dirty-line addresses
Espresso machine
Method and electronic circuit for tuning vibratory transducers
Method and apparatus for routing integrated data, voice, and video traffic
Self-organizing hardware processing entities that cooperate to execute requests
Display device including outer frame with some neighboring wall members that are engaged with each o...
Packaged cosmetic effervescent cleansing pillow
Ultra low frequency transducer and loud speaker comprising same
Method and device for casting prefabricated products in a continuous casting device
Dust extraction installation for blast furnace gas
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Cleaning compositions containing multiply-substituted protease variants
Detergent compositions comprising aggolomerates of layered silicate and anionic surfactant
Enhanced duration fragrance delivery system having a non-distorted initial fragrance impression
Skin cosmetic compositions containing a weak carboxylic acid and random copolymers of ethylene oxide...
Radio frequency-controlled telecommunication device
External heater member and methods for fusing toner images
Non-peptidyl vasopressin V1A antagonists
Method for establishing optimal intermediate caching points by grouping program elements in a softwa...
Selective loading of client operating system in a computer network
Security reader for automatic detection of tampering and alteration
Recording medium, recorder, reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
User station software that controls transport and presentation of content from a remote source
Method for determining parameters of earth formations surrounding a well bore
Multi-phasic microphotodiode retinal implant and adaptive imaging retinal stimulation system
Progenitor cells and methods and uses related thereto
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Methods and compositions for poly-.beta.-1.fwdarw.4-N-acetylglucosamine cell therapy system
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions having controlled degradation rates
Preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute with a transparent overwrap
Pressure activated injection probe
In Situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce a condensate
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation and ammonia production
Reinforced networked polymer/clay alloy composite
Method and system for estimating gas production by a landfill or other subsurface source
Manipulation of lignin composition in plants using a tissue-specific promoter
Three-dimensional tissue and methods for making the same
Cationic lipids
Fructosamine oxidase: antagonists and inhibitors
Nucleic acid amino acid sequences relating to Klebsiella pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeutics
P13 antigens from Borrelia
Promoter for telomerase reverse transcriptase
Modified poly(ethylene oxide), method of making same and articles using same
Human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Microneedle drug delivery device
Thumb print identification safe door handle
Electric bulb structure
Photopolymerization apparatus
Illuminated, decorative led-display wearable safety device with different modes of motion and color
Illuminating device and microscope
Accessory for providing light based functionality to a mobile communications device
Video communication using multiple streams
Method of tracking changes in a multi-dimensional data structure
Image acquisition apparatus
Correcting correlation errors in a composite image
Stereo image photographing system
Method and apparatus for controlling encoding of a digital video signal according to monitored param...
3-dimensional intersection display for vehicle navigation system
Signal analyzer using tapped optical fibers
Hybrid strength member for an optical cable
Large effective area optical fiber
Optical fibers having cores with different propagation constants, and methods of manufacturing same
Variable optical attenuator with polarization maintaining fiber
Silica optical fiber
Material for optical waveguide, and optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for automatic shape characterization
Information search method and system for registering and searching for associated multimedia data us...
Data management for rotated sampled images
Device and method for interpolating image data and medium on which image data interpolating program ...
Method for combining partially measured data
Method and system for text mining using multidimensional subspaces
Apparatus for examining contrast agent movements under the effect of gravity
Double threaded stylet for extraction of leads with a threaded electrode
Hybrid middle ear/cochlea implant system
Concrete structures and methods of forming the same using extenders
Absorbent member and a method for forming the same
Runflat tire with steel cord bead reinforcing layer
Alloyed steel powder for powder metallurgy
Coated steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Plated steel product having high corrosion resistance and excellent formability and method for produ...
Writing instrument grip
Polyhydroxylated benzene-containing compounds
Switch assembly for food waste disposer
Tray assembly for microwave oven incorporating toaster
Combined work station aperture frame and flat monitor support
Living olefin polymerization processes
Preparation for prevention and healing of inflammation affections
Flash memory
Designs for left ventricular conduit
Specification of sub-elements and attributes in an XML sub-tree and method for extracting data value...
Hybrid 3-D probe tracked by multiple sensors
Method and apparatus for generating consistent image registration
Method and apparatus for positioning a body for radiation using a position sensor
Fishing reel spool
Fishing line feeding device for a fishing pole
Feed supplement for arthropods
Gelling agents and gels containing them
Hydroxamic acid derivatives and medicinal utilization thereof
Transgenic mouse model for Kaposi's sarcoma
Nucleotide sequences for gene regulation and methods of use thereof
System and method for high performance execution of locked memory instructions in a system with dist...
Method and system for automatic generation of DRC rules with just in time definition of derived laye...
Apparatus for use in neonatal magnetic resonance imaging
Transmitter, receiver, method and system for safe telecommunication of cells
Method for the microbiological production of sulfuric acid
Poinsettia plant named `Fismond`
Chrysanthemum named White Reagan Mundo
Variety of geranium plant named `Pengra`
Geranium plant named `Global Salmon Rose`
Geranium plant named `Candy Cardinal`
Geranium plant named `Global Red`
Philodendron plant named `Rojo Congo`
Corn oil processing and products comprising corn oil and corn meal obtained from corn
Paintbrush holder for a paint can
Escrowed key distribution for over-the-air service provisioning in wireless communication networks
Modulators of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Multiple-use construction for RFID labels
Error correction on a mobile device
Continuous electrolytically regenerated packed suppressor for ion chromatography
Heavy hydrocarbon recovery from pressure swing adsorption unit tail gas
Two-cycle lubricating oil
Method for producing ethylene copolymers in segmented tubular reactors and utilizing copolymers as a...
Copper-catalyzed enantioselective allylic substitution reactions
Amylin agonist peptides and uses therefor
Heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine compounds
Post-Amadori inhibitors of advanced glycation reactions
Aldose reductase inhibitors and pharmaceutical compositions
Wound healing system and method of use
Apparatus for measuring the autofluorescence of the cornea of an eye
Tool bit
Modeling circuit environmental sensitivity of a minimal level sensitive timing abstraction model
Method for preparing chiral diphosphines
Reconstructed laminae of human epithelium corneae and method of producing the same
Compositions including reduced malto-oligosaccharide preserving agents, and methods for preserving a...
Method for incorporating media type sensing with software applications
Apparatus and method for ideal value estimation in an optical PRML read channel
Erbium and ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass optical fiber amplifiers using short active fiber leng...
Antenna mounted flag
Substituted pyrimidine compounds and methods of use
Anti-inflammatory composition comprising tetracycline
Method and device for detecting and evaluating objects in the vicinity of a motor vehicle
Glazing panel
Biaxially textured articles formed by powder metallurgy
Biaxially textured articles formed by power metallurgy
Fluorine-containing styrene acrylate copolymers and use thereof in lithographic photoresist composit...
Circuit and method for an open bit line memory cell with a vertical transistor and trench plate tren...
Poly(3-cyclopropyl-3-hydroxypropionate) and processes for its preparation and derivatives thereof
Method for locally modifying the effective bandgap energy in indium gallium arsenide phosphide (InGa...
Treatment of T-helper cell type 2-mediated immune diseases by retinoid antagonists
Antishrinkage agent for concrete or mortar
Process for producing film forming resins for photoresist compositions
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
Process for synthesis of polymer compositions, polymer compositionS obtainable by the process, and u...
Robot capable of gripping objects
Modified starch from plants, plants synthesizing the same, as well as process for their production
Nucleotide-based prodrugs
Polymer, producing method thereof, and photorefractive composition
Method for producing 4-hydroxy-3-nitrobiphenyl
Thermoplastic olefin elastomers and process for their preparation
In vivo determination of metabolic function for use in therapy management
Angiotensin converting enzyme homolog and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Microdose therapy
Modulators of .mu.-amyloid peptide aggregation
Sphingolipid derivatives and their methods of use
N-(arylsulphonyl) amino acid derivatives
Method and apparatus for improved signal-to-noise ratio in mass spectrometry
Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production by cholinergic agonists and vagus nerve stimulation
Systems and methods to identify and disable re-use single use devices based on detecting environment...
Shale hydration inhibition agent and method of use
Seal for casting in a concrete wall of a fluid distribution system container
Sediment control drain and method of construction
Spillage recovery device and method of use
Structure and method for detecting an inflated state of a flexible membrane dam
Color-pigmented utility conveyance
Process of installing a precast concrete pile below a structure
Inspection system and method for manufacturing electronic devices using the inspection system
Method and system for accumulating marginal discounts and applying an associated incentive upon achi...
Read-only nonvolatile memory
Autonomous, self leveling, self correcting stabilized platform
Method of authenticating membership for providing access to a secure environment by authenticating m...
Method and apparatus for facilitating customer payments to creditors from a remote site
Power system time synchronization device and method for sequence of event recording
Calculating interconnect swizzling patterns for capacitive and inductive noise cancellation
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Reducing code size of debug output statements
Biopolymers obtained by solid state irradiation in an unsaturated gaseous atmosphere
Methods for profiling and classifying tissue using a database that includes indices representative o...
System and method for distorting a signal
Test apparatus for a wrench used to test previously tightened fasteners
Apparatus for monitoring a system in which a fluid flows
Method and apparatus for fast breath-held 3D MR data acquisition using variable sampling
Method and system for medical patient data analysis
Hierarchical traffic control system
High bandwidth cache system
Flowmeter, flow detecting switch, control method of flowmeter, control method of flow detecting swit...
Wireless electrocardiograph system and method
System for synchronizing databases on multiple devices utilizing a home base
Screening compounds for the ability to alter the production of amyloid-.beta. peptide
Potassium channel subunit polypeptide and polynucleotide compositions and uses therefor
Treatment of infectious disease using interleukin-1.beta.-converting enzyme (ICE)/CED-3 family inhib...
Control circuit assembly for fountain display apparatus
Method of forming a set of constellations which is intended to be used for transmitting data between...
Closed suction catheter adaptor and assembly containing the same
Information providing system, information providing device, and system for controlling robot device
Character type speak system
Drive system for multiple axis robot arm
Welding-type power supply with boot loader
Robot crash protector
Distributed optimization system
Voice synthesis device
Method and apparatus having a system BIOS write configuration data of a riser card to a controller c...
Planar light source device and liquid crystal display using the same
Method and apparatus for managing data traffic associated with a user on a network
Antenna verification method for advanced closed loop mode-one transmitter antenna diversity
Wearable display
Method and system for simulating production within a manufacturing environment
Method and system of providing credit card user with barcode purchase data and recommendation automa...
Distribution system
Electronic money apparatus, method, card and computer readable record medium having electronic money...
System and method for managing hierarchical objects
Monopolar and bipolar current application for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Method of reducing leakage current in power supply systems
Magnetic memory
Image processing method and apparatus, and recording medium
Camera having variable magnification where light distribution angle and field angle are unchangeable...
Image forming apparatus with residual developing charging feature
Image forming apparatus with superposed direct current and alternating current charging voltage
Reaction method by using heterogeneous catalyst and reaction apparatus therefor
Human extracellular matrix-1
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Coated fiber pressure sensors utilizing pressure release coating material
Lens and associatable flow cell
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, monocolor image forming apparatus, toner recycling apparatus and intermedia...
Apparatus and method for neuromodulation therapy for obesity and compulsive eating disorders using a...
High torque catheter possessing multi-directional deflectability and methods thereof
Liquid conduction indication in a magnetic flowmeter
C7 ester substituted taxanes
Semiconductor device having a damascene type wiring layer
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor device
Surface plasmon optical modulator element
Selectively tuned ultraviolet optical filters and methods of use thereof
Optical recording medium having dual recording layers
Automated control of metal thickness during film deposition
Opto-electronic substrates with electrical and optical interconnections and methods for making
Automotive side object detection sensor blockage detection system and related techniques
Fail-safe circuit
Electronic circuit to MG beam grounding method
Suspension for a motorcycle
Steering assist apparatus for traveling in reverse
Steering system and steering method
Method of influencing the torque delivered by a vehicle drive of a vehicle
Fixed length data processing apparatus
Performing multicast communication in computer networks by using overlay routing
Method and apparatus for controlling and observing data in a logic block-based ASIC
Solid dose forms containing bismuth
Method for determining the functional equivalence between two circuit models in a distributed comput...
Path filtering for latch-based systems
Interactive memory allocation in a behavioral synthesis tool
Binary compatible software objects
Monitoring and testing middleware based application software
Start signal for a computer program in a network environment with start signal of time information, ...
Electronic program guide feature for AV system
System, method and article of manufacture for implementing a hybrid network
Speakerphone indicator
Echo sound signal suppressing apparatus
Method and apparatus for an improved call interrupt feature in a cordless telephone answering device
Internet-based vehicle-diagnostic system
Universal TTY/TDD devices for robust text and data transmission via PSTN and cellular phone networks
Method for worldwide administration of advanced number portability numbers
Methods of inhibiting an autoimmune response in a human suffering from an autoimmune disease by admi...
Liposomes containing multiple branch peptide constructions for use against human immunodeficiency vi...
Absorbent product with reduced rewet properties
Efficient ex vivo expansion of cd4+ and cd8- T-cells from HIV infected subjects
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Monoclonal human natural antibodies
Human IgM antibodies to chemokine receptors
Method and apparatus for dynamically translating program instructions to microcode instructions
Stable support for stringed instrument
Device and method for reducing forces in mechanisms
Motor-operated compressor
Process and device for pumping compressible materials with reduced pressure pulsation
Locomotive air compressor with outboard support bearing
Dynamic brake with backlash control for peristaltic pump
Closure system for pump casings of plastic immersion pumps
Electronic apparatus
Airplane landing gear suspension and shock-absorbing device
Supporting structure for a solar sail of a satellite
Radio-controlled toy blimp with infrared beam weapons for staging a gun battle
Compact microwave system for de-icing and for preventing icing of the outer surfaces of hollow or sh...
Ship self-defense missile weapon system
Electrically heated aircraft composite floor panel
Elliptical satellite system which emulates the characteristics of geosynchronous satellites
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Impact wrench
Rechargeable impact wrench
State-variable control system
Method and array for detecting the position of a plane scanned with a laser scanner
Methods and compositions for analyzing nucleotide sequence mismatches using RNase H
Drosophila odorant receptors
Sonic well logging for radial profiling
Store display window connected to an electronic commerce terminal
Meter register with programming and data port and meter input resolution factor
Input device with two input signal generating means having a power state where one input means is po...
Object measuring and weighing apparatus
Monitoring activity of a user in locomotion on foot
Angular rate amplifier with noise shield technology
Fluidic self-assembly of active antenna
Method and system for locking transmission wavelengths for lasers in a dense wavelength division mul...
Micro-actuated micro-suspension(MAMS) slider for both fly height and tracking position
Optical transmitter comprising a stepwise tunable laser
Multifunctional mobile appliance
Attitude indicator and activity monitoring device
Reductive heat exchange water and heat exchange system using such water
Heating panel system
Apparatus using halogenated organic fluids for heat transfer in low temperature processes requiring ...
Ball limiting metallurgy for input/outputs and methods of fabrication
Flexible fan module
Cabinet for cooling electronic modules
Miniature self-locking, spring action, microwave module retainer
Total hemoglobin concentration measurement
Integrated lead suspension flexure with balanced parallel leads for insulator layer hygrothermal com...
Optical connector latching mechanism for a spectrophotometric instrument
Actuator assembly having an arm with a spring mount for mounting to an assembly spacer
Integrated lead suspension with IC chip and method of manufacture
Mechanism for providing pulsed magnetic field
Method of manufacturing multiwire lead assemblies
Method for diagnosing cutting tool dullness
Highly strengthened spring and process for producing the same
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for metallic bellows
Optical communication device
Electroconductive contact unit assembly
Base plate for a suspension of a disk drive fixed to a load beam having a notch for reducing the siz...
Virtual input environment
Hearing aid having hard mounted speaker and energy absorbing tip
Hearing aid and method for operating a hearing aid to suppress electromagnetic disturbance signals
Two-wired hearing aid system utilizing two-way communication for programming
Custom-moulded ear-plug device
Multi-strategy array processor
Circuit and method for the adaptive suppression of an acoustic feedback
Soybean cultivar 010010
Rice plants transformed to provide a PCK-type C4 cycle and methods of making
System for validation and interpreting results of antimicrobial susceptibility tests of micro-organi...
Proteome analysis for characterization of up-and down-regulated proteins in biological samples
Scanned image alignment systems and methods
System for making food products
Graphical viewer for biomolecular sequence data
Enhanced pleatability of meltblown media by ultrasonic processing
Nonmetallic thin film magnetic recording disk with pre-seed layer
Tissue-derived tumor growth inhibitor
Bicycle fork cartridge assembly
Magnetic thin film media with a pre-seed layer of CrTi
Movable barrier operator
Apparatus and method for setting bearing gaps in an electric motor
Reflective liquid crystal display element and image display device using the same
Color cathode ray tube
Light emitting device
Thin film magnetic memory device having a highly integrated memory array
Integrated circuit capacitor and memory
Heat seal coating and coated film
Edge sealant formulation for wood-based panels
Process for synthesizing trans polydiene rubber
Aerosol actuator
Feature interaction resolution using fuzzy rules
Apparatus and methods of forming a display case door and frame
Materials and methods for the treatment of hypertension and angina
Porous materials
Geranium plant named `Duevicher`
Conjugate vaccine for nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
Footrest for a chair
Liquid crystal display device
High solids acid etch resistant clear coating composition
Polyphenylene sulfide alloy composition
Polytrimethylene ether esters
MIS transistors with a metal gate and high-k dielectric and method of forming
Water-base ink, method of manufacturing the ink, and method of printing using the ink
Method of reducing epoxidized organic compound with hydrogen
Electrophotographic apparatus and method for using textured receivers
Fibrous material and method for its manufacturing
Compositions for the detection of blood cell and immunological response gene expression
Vertebrate embryonic pattern-inducing proteins and uses related thereto
Method for providing a polymeric composition
TDI imaging system for kinetic studies
Sensor system for diagnosing dental conditions
Method for treating or preventing prostatic conditions
Methods, systems, and machine readable programming for interposing front end servers between servers...
Solvent extraction processes for metal recovery
Sulfur control in ion-conducting membrane systems
Micrometer-sized carbon tubes
Photosensitive composition and planographic printing plate base using same
Image-Forming material and planographic printing original plate using same
Method of detection by enhancement of silver staining
Planetary sphere/ring gear
Directly compressible acetaminophen compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions containing oligosaccharides, the novel oligosaccharides and preparation ...
Fold-up sign panel assembly
Ingestibles possessing intrinsic color change
Mouth piece for inhalation therapy units
Fatty acid mixtures of improved low-temperature stability which comprise comb polymers, and their us...
Composition of epoxy resin, phenolic resin, butadiene particles and amino silicone oil
Flat cable
Method and arrangement for ascertaining state variables
n-type thiophene semiconductors
Digital printing or copying machine and process for fixing a toner on a substrate
B7-specific antibodies
Omnidirectional multilayer device for enhanced optical waveguiding
Method and device for remote monitoring of led lamps
Method and apparatus for generating complex four-phase sequences for a CDMA communication system
Non-biodegradable waste pyrolysis system with selective residence-time reactor by recycle of self-su...
Method for manufacturing pigment dispersed liquid, and pigment dispersed liquid, and ink for ink-jet...
Two-photon or higher-order absorbing optical materials for generation of reactive species
Advanced multi pressure mode gas turbine
Method of improving steering performance robustness utilizing stiffness non-uniformity in tire/wheel
Multi-purpose vehicle tool
Door support system
Collision mitigation by braking system
Data processing system and method for securing a docking station and its portable PC
Automated expansion analyzer for telecommunications power systems
Display apparatus
Cylinder liner of a hypereutectic aluminum/silicon alloy for casting into a crankcase of a reciproca...
Ferroelectric memory element
Copper interconnect barrier layer structure and formation method
Communication system
Methods and apparatus for charge coupled device image acquisition with independent integration and r...
Digital camera cursor control by sensing finger position on lens cap
Camera system, control method, communication terminal, and program storage media, for selectively au...
Interactive assistant process for aiding a user in camera setup and operation
Method and device for detecting and correcting a malfunction of a horizontal/vertical processor used...
Precise administration of a medicated aerosol via the lungs
Carbon brake wear for aircraft
Dot (department of transportation) lavatory and shower combination
Convertible aircraft with tilting rotors
Ring-wing aircraft
Autonomous stratospheric airship
Substances KF-1040T4A,KF-1040T4B, KF-1040T5A, and KF-1040T5B, and process for producing same
Synchronous stream cipher
Cryptographic system using chaotic dynamics
Intranasal codeine for the rapid suppression of cough and rapid relief of pain
Anisotropically conductive sheet and connector
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprisara`
Object data model for a framework for creation, update and view navigation of data objects and textu...
Integrating both modifications to an object model and modifications to a database into source code b...
2,3-substituted indole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Cosmetic case
Container for cosmetic products
Insulating ear protector
Animal feeder
Hoofed animal pad
Animal Litter
Continuously adjustable bandwidth discrete-time phase-locked loop
Methods and systems for decoding headers that are repeatedly transmitted and received along with dat...
Pilot signal transmission technique and digital communication system using same
Phase control circuit and phase control method
Telephone having convenience feature data transfer capability
Method and apparatus for varying the power level of a transmitted signal
Method of designing conductive pattern layout of LSI
Method of producing an optically transparent substrate and method of producing a light-emitting semi...
Direct thermal printable film with friction-reducing layer
Single point high resolution time resolved photoemission microscopy system and method
Antibacterial chiral 8-(substituted piperidino)-benzo [i,j] quinolizines, processes, compositions an...
Methods of fabricating active matrix pixel electrodes
Process for producing optically active .gamma.-butyrolactone
Air duct
Methods and apparatus for stabilizing tissue
Active matrix liquid-crystal display device having improved terminal connections
Fuel tank
Web client-server system and method for incompatible page markup and presentation languages
Method and apparatus for reducing redundant multiple recipient message handling in a message handlin...
Quad pumped bus architecture and protocol
Viscid substance recovery and dispenser device
Multi-layer golf ball
Multilayer fuser rolls having fluoropolymer coating on a compliant baselayer and method of forming
Polymeric heart valve fabricated from polyurethane/polysiliconeurethane blends
Carbon-reinforced PC-ABS composition and articles made from same
Inflatable member formed of liquid crystal polymeric material blend
Gel products forming system and methods of preparation
Method and apparatus for modeling and executing deferred award instrument plan
System and method for providing proxy-based online Dutch auction services
System and method for securely updating copy-protected media
Method and apparatus for simultaneous quantification of different radionuclides in a large number of...
Method and apparatus for routing pages to printers in a multi-print engine as a function of print jo...
Stent with anti-thrombogenic coating
Heparin delivery method
Abrasive article having projections attached to a major surface thereof
Device for forming a filtering material
Cholesterol lowering structured lipids containing omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and their proc...
Apparatus and method for position control of optical system, and storage and reproduction apparatus
Self-aligning modulator method and associated apparatus
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser arrays
Gain module for diode-pumped solid state laser and amplifier
Single-mode DBR laser with improved phase-shift section
Composition comprising L-arginine as a muscle growth stimulant and use thereof
Methods and reagents for modulating apoptosis
Process for the preparation of granules for the controlled release of volatile compounds
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine; process for their preparation and pharmaceutical comp...
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Data storage system having majority gate filter
Mixture of silica sols
O-acyloxime photoinitiators
Magneto-optical reproduction apparatus with detecting of displacement of domain wall of recording do...
Wing airfoil
Pesticidal 1-polyarylpyrazoles
Water-soluble resin composition and water-soluble film
Thermally convertible lithographic printing precursor
Phosphazene compounds and lubricants containing the same
Composition and methods containing an antimicrobial essential oil extended from Coleus forskohlii
Method and apparatus for a high isolation dual port antenna system
Colorant mixture
Test method of semiconductor device
Electrochemical fuel cell stack with improved reactant manifolding and sealing
Method of manufacturing Q-value and device therefor
Write current compensation for temperature variations in memory arrays
Media position retaining device
User selectable priority for disk array background operations
Breaking up a bus to determine the connection topology and dynamic addressing
Human vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Methods and apparatus for dispensing items
Disposable human waste management devices with improved adhesive flange to facilitate adhesion in oi...
Apparatus for administering intermittent percussive ventilation and unitary breathing head assembly ...
Automotive test device for detecting a short circuit in automotive wiring
Process for preparing interpolymers of ethylene and 2,3-dihydrofuran, or a heteroatom substituted ol...
Derivatives of growth hormone and related proteins
Polymeric, acrylamide-free water retention agent
Syndiotactic poly(lactic acid)
Quinoxaline-containing hyperbranched poly(benzoxazoles) rights of the government
Method for plasma deposition of a thin film onto a surface of a container
Zinc oxide sol and method of making
Process for the production of ultrafine particles
Method of chemically assembling nano-scale devices
Digital neural node
Method and apparatus for the preparation of monolayers of particles or molecules
Method for manufacturing photocatalytic anatase titanium dioxide powder
Deterministic refrigerator defrost method and apparatus
Ventilation arrangement for buildings
Quick connect reflector holder
Cyclonic separating apparatus
Methods and apparatus for controlling devices in a networked lighting system
Communication schema of online system and method of ordering consumer product having specific config...
Gaming device having termination variables
Computer security system
Network intrusion detection signature analysis using decision graphs
Garden post
Device for varying the valve control times of an internal combustion engine, especially a camshaft a...
Internal combustion engine valve operating mechanism
Switching element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerases
Public access interactive kiosk
Digitally watermaking holograms for use with smart cards
Method of integrating a watermark into a compressed image
Method and system for analyzing video content using detected text in video frames
Data storage system having separate data transfer section and message network with data pipe DMA
Compact disc emulation in a flash
DNA constructs and plants incorporating them
Combined ligand and receptor display
Heart beat analysis device and method
Automatic soundtrack generator
Apparatus and method for retrieving moving picture using tree-structured moving picture index descri...
Method of inputting name
Lightweight directory access protocol interface to directory assistance systems
Navigation of view relationships in database system
Funds transfer repair system
System and method for routing database requests to a database and a cache
High pressure discharge lamp and method of production therefor
Mercury-free high-intensity discharge lamp operating apparatus and mercury-free metal halide lamp
High frequency, high efficiency electronic lighting system with sodium lamp
Ballast circuit with an ignitor for starting multiple HID lamps
Packaging with continuous leaktight check
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Chemical modification of biomedical materials with genipin
Sulfur tolerant lean NOx trap
Process for the preparation of molecular sieve silicas
Composite metal oxide particles
Shampoos with behenyl-alcohol
Process for preparing polyvinyl alcohol-stabilized polymers
Structurally-modified polymer flocculants
Method for producing multilayer coatings
Process for rapid colloidal suspension removal
Film with color filter array
Image forming method
Methods of drilling well bores using invertible oil external-water internal drilling fluids
Alkoxy-substituted perfluorocompounds
Morphan derivatives or salts thereof and medicinal compositions containing the same
Integrated electronic device having flip-chip connection with circuit board and fabrication method t...
Funnel for cathode ray tube
Use of recuperative heating for start-up of electrolytic cells with inert anodes
Cylinder liner comprising a supereutectic aluminum/silicon alloy for sealing into a crankcase of a r...
Computer-aided visualization and analysis system for sequence evaluation
Pyranosyl nucleic acid conjugates
Synthetic natriuretic peptides
Sub-nanoscale electronic devices and processes
CRT-1 gene having reverse transcriptase motif
Fluorescent protein sensors for measuring the pH of a biological sample
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of bacteria in industrial wastewater bioreactors
Intelligent process control using predictive and pattern recognition techniques
Drying unit for liquid electrophotographic printing apparatus and liquid carrier drying method using...
Crystalline pharmaceutical
Flexible amorphous composition for high level radiation and environmental protection
Integrated EMI-shield-and-bezel-retention feature for use with electronic devices
Aerosol valve
Parallel partition-wise joins
Three dimensional graphic processor
Methods and apparatus for using task models to help computer users complete tasks
Non-metallic transmission cables and method for terminating the same
Method for analyzing a gas sample
Vehicle tracker including input/output features and related methods
System and method for producing a pilot signal in a distortion reduction system
Method and apparatus for estimating subjective audio signal quality from objective distortion measur...
Session resource manager and method for enhancing visibility and control of a broadband network
Direct path matrix conference communication system and method
Apparatus and method for controlling the transmission power of the forward link of a wireless commun...
Sample packet label and related method of manufacture
Method for making safety labels
Simulated security thread by cellulose transparentization
Method and apparatus for encoding paper with information
Reticle and direct lithography writing strategy
Mode-synchronized solid-state laser
Use of unsaturated diacyl or acylcarbonate peroxides in cross-linking processes
Blocked mercaptosilane coupling agents for filled rubbers
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Method and apparatus for identifying a winner in a bingo game
Game device
Server device for net game, net game management method, net game management program, and recording m...
Game execution method and equipment using player data
Portable/foldable soccer goal
Virtual interface for configuring an audio augmentation system
Print bonded multi-ply tissue
Systems and methods for making jury selection determinations
System and method for longitudinal analysis of mood disorders
Music game system, game control method for the game system, and computer-readable memory medium
Divider wall for a room air conditioner
Sunflower disease resistance genes
Removal of error diffusion artifacts with alternating distribution weights
Compact high addressability rendering
Generic pre-processing of mixed raster content planes
Outline font for analytical assessment of printed text quality
Image formation system
Paper-saving methods for printing a document
Constant inverter speed timing method and apparatus for duplex sheets in a tandem printer
Method and system for secure emergency access to network devices
Cryptographic key split combiner
Printing apparatus
Automatic delay technique for early read and write operations in synchronous dynamic random access m...
Method for scoring queued frames for selective transmission through a switch
Solar battery module
Method for automatically generating checkers for finding functional defects in a description of a ci...
Display device having thin film transistors
Assembly for a thin-film optical device, organic electroluminescent display device and method of man...
One-chip micro-integrated optoelectronic sensor
Luminescent apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including capacitor with lower electrode including iridium and iridium oxide la...
High-sensitivity flexible ceramic sensor
Liquid crystal display device including shading film with opening and reflector with opening in the ...
Optical switching device
Electrodeionization apparatus with expanded conductive mesh electrode and method
Method for detection of hTR and hTERT telomerase-associated RNA in plasma or serum
Substituted pyridines useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Portable testing device
Process for the preparation of 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-ones
Preparation method of underfill for flip chip package and the device
Roofing granules with a decorative metallic appearance
Die stamping method and die stamping device
Methods and systems for confirming the timely receipt and processing of data files
E-mail list archiving and management
Sulfonylbenzene compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Replacement of transport-layer checksum in checksum-based header compression
Simultaneous multi-user audio re-transmission digital radio module
System and method for overlapping audio elements in a customized personal radio broadcast
Efficient integrated circuit layout for improved matching between I and Q paths in radio receivers
Instrumented firefighter's nozzle and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information providing medium
High-strength, stabilized absorbent article
Automated brachytherapy seed production system
Modular high spatial resolution scintigraphic device with multiple independent photomultipliers and ...
Treatment of obesity by bilateral sub-diaphragmatic nerve stimulation
Game ball
Nucleotide sequence for the Avian Metapneumovirus (Colorado) attachment glycoprotein gene
Methods and compositions for treatment of diabetes and related conditions via gene therapy
Peptides for inducing cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to hepatitus B virus
Skin preparations for external use
Analgesics combined with naturally-occurring chondroprotective agents
Device for combining optical radiation
Bidirectional WDM optical communication system with bidirectional add-drop multiplexing
Bistable laser device with multiple coupled active vertical-cavity resonators
Method and apparatus for wavelength calibration
Optical module and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated optoelectronic device and method for making same
Methods and apparatus for fast fourier transforms
Methods for modulating flavonoid content in tomato by transformation with a chalcone isomerase DNA
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Light emitting device and display
Multipath doppler adjusted frequency tracking loop
Firearm magazine with improved bolt catch actuator
Turret for a combat unit
Screw actuator comprising a multi-purpose sleeve, and brake calliper
Sealing washer
Composite sliding material
Spindle motor
Display device
Web-based education
Retinal blood flow measuring apparatus using a laser beam
Process for making available digital photographic images
Shutter for a photographic camera
Photographic functional unit and photographic camera and method for the assembly thereof
Zoom optical system and camera using the same
Coupled rangefinder/parallax 4.times.5 camera
Latch clustering for power optimization
Process for the production of an acoustively resistive layer, resistive layer thus obtained, and wal...
Cosmetic composition containing thickening agent of siloxane polymer with hydrogen-bonding groups
Color stable iron fortified compositions
Encapsulated oil particles
Method of controlling the output voltage of a furnace
Method and system for MRI with lipid suppression
Heterologous G protein coupled receptors expressed in yeast, their fusion with G proteins and use th...
Process to produce DME
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
Automatic production and assembly machine
System for automated photo capture and retrieval
Method and system for creating false three-dimensional images for amusement
Secure program execution using instruction buffer interdependencies
Titanium alloy and method for producing the same
Magnetic alloy and magnetic recording medium and method for preparation thereof, and target for form...
Extruded material of aluminum alloy for structural members of automobile body and method of manufact...
Aluminum casting alloy
Silicone liquid crystals, vesicles, and gels
Dispensing article
Photothermographic recording material
Polyvinyl chloride resins and method of preparation and use in the production of whitened polyvinyl ...
Adhesives and method for making same
Portable real time, dry mechanical relaxation and physical therapy device simulating application of ...
Flat collapsible cover for a produce container
Detection circuit for proximity IC card device
Process and apparatus for utilization of in vivo extracted plasma with tissue engineering devices, b...
Genetically altered mammalian embryonic stem cells, their living progeny, and their therapeutic appl...
Enzyme-mediated modification of fivrin for tissue engineering
Method of and apparatus for cultivating a cell or tissue
Catalyst and method of steam reforming
Three-wheel air turbocompressor for PEM fuel cell systems
Substituted phenyl ketoenols
ISCOM or ISCOM-matrix comprising a mucous targetting substance and an antigen
Immunovectors for the intracellular and intranuclear transport
Method for treatment of tumors using nordihydroguaiaretic acid derivatives
Data carousel franchise provisioning
PVC response-triggered blanking in a cardiac pacing system
Acrylate blends and laminates using acrylate blends
Infant formula and methods of improving infant stool patterns
Miniature rose plant named `Meijelior`
Thermosetting polyurethane material for a golf ball
Controlled release delivery device for pharmaceutical agents incorporating microbial polysaccharide ...
Polymer blends
Human adenylsuccinate synthetase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Methods for the preparation of cellular hydrogels
Golf balls with a fused wound layer and a method for forming such balls
Fiber-forming process
Weatherable multilayer articles and method for their preparation
Polyester-containing biaxially-oriented polypropylene films
Two-photon four-dimensional optical memory
Method of manufacture of a powder-based firearm ammunition projectile employing electrostatic charge
Method and system for mirroring and archiving mass storage
Method and apparatus for supporting resizing of file system partitions
Scheduler for schematic related jobs
Spread illuminating apparatus including inclined light scattering portions
Led-based LCD backlight with extended color space
Switchable liquid crystal light guide and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Handle-mounted light conduit for a storage device carrier
Light-reflecting molded articles and methods of making the same
Camera system with camera side which transmits controllable and uncontrollable functions to lens sid...
Image display system and method
Detection and proper scaling of interlaced moving areas in MPEG-2 compressed video
Data frame for 8 MHZ channels
Video cassette recorder for and method of performing high-speed searching of important information, ...
Data flow processor
Optical system including a planar waveguide
Dual-clad polarization-preserving optical fiber
Optical-fiber holder having an optical-fiber winding framework capable of turning and inclining upwa...
Centralizing clamp for an optical fiber
Apparatus and process for welding a fiber optic cable
End seal assembly for tubular conduit
Image processing apparatus
Method for smoothing jagged edges in digital images
Image processing method and apparatus
Value based scoring for optical character recognition
Bus master read request adaptive prefetch prediction method and apparatus
Physiological magnetic field measuring instrument for measuring magnetic field at plural positions o...
Method of making a judgment on emotional positivity or negativity by detecting asymmetry of brain wa...
Water soluble rapid prototyping support and mold material
Methods for synthesis of amino-tetrahydroisoquinoline ring compounds
Steel toe shoe construction
Insert-molded pressure sensor with high pressure stainless steel sensing element
Silicon steel sheet
Hard steel articles
Apparatus and method for mapping network topology elements and connections
Hysteresis reduced sense amplifier and method of operation
Data terminal and coding method for increased data packet reliability in a frequency hopping system
Communication management system for personalized mobility management of wireless services and method...
Method of performing modular inversion