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Versatile digitally controlled micro-mechanical actuator
Fast and reliable data carrier detection by a cable modem in a cable television plant
Wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical network utilizing fiber fault detectors and/or wave...
Method and apparatus for the monitoring and control of a process
Method and apparatus for minimizing propagation losses in wavelength selective filters
Structure comprising an adiabatic coupler for adiabatic coupling of light between two optical wavegu...
Broadband wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing filter and optical splitter with optical signal...
Systems and methods for interfacing with computer devices
Dynamic substitution of USB data for on-the-fly encryption/decryption
Bridging user agent and a proxy server for supporting network services
Automatic re-provisioning of network elements to adapt to failures
Efficient data aggregation operations using hash tables
System and method for optimizing optical and digital system designs
Method and apparatus for process control with in-die metrology
Methods and apparatus for evaluating image focus
Method and system for a maskless lithography rasterization technique based on global optimization
Wideband digital radio with transmit modulation cancellation
System and method for inspecting errors on a wafer
Add/drop multiplexer for OTN/DWDM rings utilizing a pair of muxponders
System and methods for rapid and automated screening of cells
Method of preparing cyclic olefin copolymer having controlled gel contents
Antifouling condensation curing organopolysiloxane composition and underwater structure
Demultiplexer and display device using the same
Metal-supported porous carbon film, fuel cell electrode and fuel cell employing the electrode
Novelty cap with filaments
Photographing device and method for obtaining photographic image having image vibration correction
Disk misinsertion prevention mechanism and disk apparatus including disk misinsertion prevention mec...
Image display device
Storage system and storage system data migration method
Deceleration warning light assembly
Apparatus and method for protecting system data on computer hard-disk
Step-down power supply
Cached persistent data management through state tracking
Method for preventing a metal corrosion in a semiconductor device
Voice control system substituting the oppositely-working command in a pair if the recognized command...
Probiotic strains, a process for the selection of them, compositions thereof, and their use
Developer for use in electrophotography, image forming method and process cartridge
Conductive diamond electrode and process for producing the same
Automated method for discriminating the cardiac beat
System and method for matching engine speed to vehicle speed with a manual transmission
Poppet valve device and electronic controlled fuel injection apparatus equipped with the device
Pre-fabricated warped pavement slab, forming and pavement systems, and methods for installing and ma...
Product display hanger strip
Stress-at-work evaluating device and method
Method and apparatus for installing an undersea umbilical
Riser retention system
Dissolved oxygen releasing compound
Apparatus and method for supporting a steel catenary riser
Faired truss spar
Extendable draft platform with buoyancy column strakes
Storm drain basin gate system
Phenyl pyrrolidine ether tachykinin receptor antagonists
Polymerizable siloxane-quaternary amine copolymers
Methods of treatment and pharmaceutical composition
Neuropathic pain treatment method
Early detection of sepsis
Vestibular stimulation system and method
Image forming apparatus with residual toner transfer prevention feature
Magnetic field shaping conductor
Cytological imaging systems and methods
Microelectromechanical modulation device and microelectromechanical modulation device array, and ima...
Engraved gemstone viewer
Liquid crystal pixel memory, liquid crystal display, and methods of driving the same
Interior mirror system
Continuous linear scanning of large flat panel media
Switched suspended conductor and connection
Digital multi-meter
System and method for light induced fluorescence detection
Tricyclic pyrazole kinase inhibitors
Methods and kits for screening nucleic acid duplex stability
Dermal micro organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Microscopic batteries for MEMS systems
Delivery of opioids through an inhalation route
Automated high volume slide processing system
Voice notification system for a vehicle
Method for producing optically active carbonyl compounds
Antibodies to PRO1275 polypeptide
Voltage controlled oscillator circuit, phase-locked loop circuit using the voltage controlled oscill...
Alternative fuels for EUV light source
Compounds and their use in therapy
Devices having compliant wafer-level input/output interconnections and packages using pillars and me...
Porous UV-emitting semiconductor on porous substrate as sterilizing filter made by filtering suspend...
Mechanical enhancement of dense and porous organosilicate materials by UV exposure
Synthesis of conducto-magnetic polymers as nano-transducers in biosensor design
Roll-vortex plasma chemical vapor deposition system
Stack fastening device
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell assembly, fuel cell stack, and method of operating cell assembly
Distributed control architecture for powertrains
Electrochemical energy source and electronic device incorporating such an energy source
Matching of the local area-specific gas flows in PEM fuel cells
Solid oxide fuel cell stack
Liquid fuel mixing apparatus and direct liquid feed fuel cell having the same
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system with degradation protected anode
Separator passage structure of fuel cell
Power supply system, fuel pack constituting the system, and device driven by power generator and pow...
Honeycomb structural body
Direct oxidation fuel cell and system operating on concentrated fuel using low oxidant stoichiometry
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Pedal position and/or pedal change rate for use in control of an engine
Photovoltaic cell
EL display device, driving method thereof, and electronic equipment provided with the EL display dev...
Vibrating mascara applicator, suitable compositions and method of use
Apparatus for delivery of ocular implants
Efficient Histogram Generation
Sub-pixel Interpolation and its Application in Motion Compensated Encoding of a Video Signal
Toothpaste dispenser/toothbrush holder
Cherry tree named `Royal Lynn`
Nectarine tree named `Red Ryan`
Shrub rose plant named `Meirosclem`
Petunia plant named `Petouch`
Heuchera plant named `Pistache`
Heliotropium plant named `Heliobu`
Strawberry plant named `PS-5298`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `SAKIMP013`
Interspecific Prunus tree named `Honey Punch`
Cherry tree named `Royal Helen`
Peach tree named `Sweet Juana`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `SAKIMPO15`
Heuchera plant named `Pinot Gris`
Grapevine plant named `Marquette`
Interspecific tree named `PLUMRED X`
Heuchera plant named `Encore`
Penstemon plant named `Penharwi`
Heuchera plant named `Beaujolais`
Rare earth aggregate formulation using di-block copolmers
Anti-thief owner notification alarm system for a two-wheeled vehicle, and method of same
Pyrazolopyridine derivates
Film covered battery and stacked battery assembly
Seat adjusting mechanism of exercise machines
Rear suspension system for bicycles
Mounting bracket for bicycle safety lights
Method for pneumatically removing oil from an engine
Collapsible protective cover
Gear reduction apparatus for a bicycle component
Rear derailleur hanger alignment tool
Bearing assembly having a mechanical component and using attractive magnetic forces
Trouser guard coil
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Exercise methods and apparatus
Bicycle rim reinforced with a continuously extending resin material
Freestyle pegs for motorcycles
Media windshield for two-wheeled vehicle
Continuous fiber carbon fork
Wheeled skate
Fetal oximetry system and sensor
Composite landing gear apparatus and methods
Pumped carbon mining methane production process
Radiation image conversion panel, scintillator panel, and radiation image sensor
Method for treatment of spent liquor
Glass-ceramic materials, precursor glass thereof and process for making the same
Granulated raw material for refractory products and also a process for the production of and use of ...
Radiation image conversion panel, scintillator panel, and radiation image sensor
Regiospecific Furan Compounds and Their Use in Fragrances
Heat-treated active carbons for use in denitration, processes for producing same, denitration method...
Phosphate-binding polymers for oral administration
Radio card having independent antenna interface supporting antenna diversity
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use in treating metabolic disorders
Safety device in the sheet feeder
Method for processing lenticular foil
Printing machines having at least one machine element that can be adjusted by a setting element
Devices and methods for raising and/or lowering a printing form
Apparatus for positioning a trailing edge of sheets
Apparatus for carrying or guiding a printing material sheet
Fuselage mounted evacuation slide system
Advanced unmanned aerial vehicle system
Method and system for adjusting the flight path of an unguided projectile, with compensation for jit...
Nozzle for plasma cutting machine
Single action press for manufacturing shells for can ends
System and method for designing multi-channel RF pulses for MR imaging
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH824610
Plants and seeds of corn variety I868675
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Soybean variety 4427363
Lettuce cultivar true heart
Polynucleotides encoding proteins involved in plant metabolism
Modulation of eIF4E-BP2 expression
Recombinant Candida rugosa lipases
Oncoprotein protein kinase antibody kit
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 and IL-29
Modulation of insulin like growth factor I receptor expression
Glue composition for lung volume reduction
Bacillus thuringiensis gene with coleopteran activity
Enriched preparation of human fetal multipotential neural stem cells
Placental stem cells
Synthetic internal ribosome entry sites and methods of identifying same
Single cell analysis of HIV replication capacity and drug resistance
Canine GHRH gene, polypeptides and methods of use
Biological soil detector
Molecular characterization with carbon nanotube control
Method of resolution and antiviral activity of 1,3-oxathiolane nucleoside enantiomers
Cyclosporin derivatives for the treatment of immune disorders
Compositions for enhancing transport of molecules into cells
Proteasome inhibitors and methods of using the same
Inhibitors of the HIV integrase enzyme
Nucleosides with anti-hepatitis B virus activity
HDAC inhibitor
Polymorphism detection and separation
(1,10B-dihydro-2-(aminoalkyl-phenyl)-5H-pyrazolo[1,5-c][1,3]Benzoxazin-5-y- l)phenyl methanone deriv...
Mounting bracket
Personal warming apparatus
Ankle brace cover
Blood pressure cuff
Plug for blood pressure measuring apparatus
Set of orthopedic bone block assemblies
Needle holder
Medical instrument
Medical instrument
Fastener tab for an absorbent article
Fastener tab for an absorbent article
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Cover material for a sanitary napkin
Banana shaped condom
Portable telephone
High-speed forming tap
Process for separating meta-xylene from a feed of aromatic hydrocarbons by liquid phase adsorption
Reception head for a filter unit
Wastewater treatment process
Substituted pyrrolo[2.3-B]pyridines
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
System for and method of projecting an image and adjusting a data frequency of a video signal during...
Valve for an expandable gas or liquid distribution system
Mist separator
Cardboard pallet
Shopping cart
Golf cart
Paint liner
Broom cover
Dryer ball with fragrance dispenser
Mobile animal lifting device
Animal house
Helmet cover
Helmet cover
Pair of sport shin-guards
Golf glove
Golf glove
Golf glove
Golf glove
Golf glove
Golf glove
Dual cosmetic applicator
Cosmetic container
Hands free dog leash which enables the dog to move side to side through a pulley attachment and whic...
Image forming apparatus
Controller and resource management system and method with improved security for independently contro...
Cross-linked heparin coatings and methods
Hydrophilic light absorbing compositions for determination of physiological function in critically i...
Conduit and method of forming
Endovascular balloon graft
Diametrically adaptable encapsulated stent and methods for deployment thereof
Stent delivery catheter
Atrial ablation catheter adapted for treatment of septal wall arrhythmogenic foci and method of use
Medical apparatus for diagnosis or treatment
Wide-field multi-photon microscope having simultaneous confocal imaging over at least two pixels
Medicinal patch that leaves less adhesive residue when removed
Polydiazeniumdiolated cyclic polyamines with polyphasic nitric oxide release and related compounds, ...
Triazoles as oxytocin antagonists
Systems and methods for treating obesity and other gastrointestinal conditions
Method and medicament for sulfated polysaccharide treatment of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT...
System and method for epidermal tissue ablation
Suction fluid collector for medical applications
Injection catheter with controllably extendable injection needle
Rapid exchange stent delivery system and associated components
Telephone handset cradle
Inkjet printer with disengageable maintenance station drive coupling
Method for automatically managing information privacy
Method and system for associating a plurality of transaction data records generated in a service acc...
System and method for storage and retrieval of arbitrary content and application data
Method of rule constrained statistical price formation recognition
System, method and program to estimate cost of a product and/or service
Value information management system and method therefor
Method and system for facilitating the anonymous purchase of goods and services from an e-commerce w...
System and method for revenue sharing for multimedia sharing in social network
Digital contents and system for receiving order for prints
Method and system for automatically distributing fees, including a reseller commission, during a dig...
Generation of estimated prices of instruments for a trade in a combination of instruments
Systems and methods for efficient frontier supplementation in multi-objective portfolio analysis
Retail lending risk related scenario generation
Method of providing a financial event identification service
Refinancing model
Real-time point-of-sale change-of-address processing
Index selection method
System and method of consistent internet web site banners that provide portal-like functionality
Computer-usable medium for providing automatic sales support
Computer-usable medium for providing automatic sales support
Order management system
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Battery having improved positive electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Biphenyl vasopressin agonists
Nickel-based alloys as positive electrode support materials in electrochemical cells containing nona...
Arylindenopyridines and arylindenopyrimidines and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Cell with copper oxide cathode
Planographic printing plate precursor
Composite solid oxide fuel cell anode based on ceria and strontium titanate
Dental compositions and methods with arylsulfinate salts
Gold alloy electrolytes
Porous film type solvent-free polymer electrolyte filled with oligomer/prepolymer electrolyte and se...
Anti-roll thrust system for hydrogen powered vehicles
Steering axle for vehicles
Motorcycle forward shift control
Vehicle, vehicle control device and variable control method
Motor vehicle hood with pedestrian protection
Radiator module for commercial motor vehicles
Hybrid four-wheel-drive
Control mechanism for zero turning radius mower
Method and system for vehicle emissions testing at a kiosk through on-board diagnostics unit inspect...
Method for control of input power distribution in a motor vehicle with hybrid engine drive
Apparatus for moving center of gravity of robot, and system and method using the same
Intermittant electrical charging AC/DC driving system
Managing wheel slip in a locomotive
Vehicular occupant characteristic determination system and method
Method for resource balancing using dispatch flush in a simultaneous multithread processor
Vessel for paste and cream products, such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical products and the like
Fluid dispenser assembly
Virtual hinge
Method of applying flocculent to polyolefins and an associated flocculent-covered polyolefin structu...
Home and personal care compositions comprising silicon-based lubricants
Solubilizing agents/solvents for organic UV filters
Tissue treatment system
Depilatories and agents for external use
Sterile pharmaceutical composition and process for a solution of propofol emulsion having microbial ...
Methods for treating retinoid responsive disorders using selective inhibitors of CYP26A and CYP26B
Trisubstituted 4-aminopyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Method for increasing the efficiency of surfactants with simultaneous suppression of lamellar mesoph...
Influenza vaccine
Tools for detecting Moraxella catarrhalis
Identification and use of inhibitors of hair growth
Skin treatment preparation
Preparations for the application of anti-inflammatory agents
Nutritional composition against side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
Method for repair of cartilage lesions
Method of preparing gas delivering perfluorocarbon emulsions with non-fluorinated surfactants
Reduction in the virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and protection against tuberculosis by mean...
Multi-step therapy for injured muscles
Canine influenza virus and related compositions and methods of use
Computer implemented system and method for predictive management of electronic messages
Outbound voice signature calls
Method and system for providing automated audible backchannel responses
Mobile telecommunications device browser
Wireless manager and method for configuring and securing wireless access to a network
Method and system for providing location information for mobile internet calling devices
Method and apparatus for maintaining audio level preferences in a communication device
Integrated ACD and IVR scripting for call center tracking of calls
Telecommunications network system and method
Process for presenting a user state using several pieces of communication equipment
Callback when not engaged by means of automated redialling in communication networks
Disposable telephone numbers
Method and apparatus of detection of inter-carrier looping
Intelligent delayed broadcast method and apparatus
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with DTMF
Compact enclosure for SONET multiplexer cards and SONET multiplexer card having front panel access t...
Mobile phone with printhead and ink supply module
Coil arrangement for radio-frequency identification devices, process and apparatus for making said a...
Magnetically activated guiding device and method
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Medicament dispenser with magneto-rheological fluid actuator
Animal instrumentation
Thread forming fasteners for ultrasonic load measurement and control
Method and software tool for automatic generation of software for integrated circuit processors
Vehicle lock
Terminal and associated transducer assembly and method for selectively transducing in at least two f...
Transaction device
Usage modification of RFID transponder
Image management system to obtain images of persons with open eyes
RFID conveyor system
RFID patch panels and cables
Semiconductor device for IC tag, IC tag, and control method for IC tag for detecting and executing c...
Methods and systems to improve RFID inventory polling accuracy
Method and apparatus for outputting apparent and actual outcomes of a gaming device
Method and apparatus for measuring functional residual capacity (FRC) and cardiac output(CO)
Chiral diols, their manufacture and ligands and catalysts derived therefrom
Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass
Method of producing xylylenediamine
Inflator for air bag
Method for preparing hydrazodicarbonamide using biuret as starting material
Method of making mixed metal oxide containing sulfur
Gas generator for air bag
Process for producing 2-hydroxy-4-methylthiobutyric acid
Process for one-pot synthesis of 1,1-diphenyl-1-(3-substituted-cyclopentadienyl)-1-(2,7-di-t-butyl-f...
Production method of hexahydrofurofuranol derivative, intermediate therefor and production method th...
Alkyl ether derivatives or salts thereof
Polyester compositions
Metal salts of quinolinols and quinolinol derivatives in curable compositions
Process for directly producing mixed linear alpha-alcohols having 1 to 18 carbon atoms from synthesi...
Catalysts and process for producing aromatic amines
Amine compound, chemically amplified resist composition and patterning process
Breeding device for laboratory animal
Method and system for aquaculture production
Animal litter
Trough for piglets
Fishing lure
Fly fishing reel
Fly fishing reel
Device and method for clipping the claw nails of an animal
Fish cooler device
Foamable oil-in-water type emulsion
Spear gun shaft and method of making same
Image-based method for detection and removal of small fragments in segmented three-dimensional volum...
Method and system for efficient collection and storage of experimental data
Micro manipulator for movement of electrode, driving method thereof, and measuring device of brain s...
Electroactive polymer electrodes
Method for preparing glycidyloxystyrene monomers and polymers thereof
Stabilization of fluorescent dyes in vinyl articles using hindered amine light stabilizers
Extended wear ophthalmic lens
Methods and compositions for articular repair
High strength and high elongation wipe
Low dielectric (low k) barrier films with oxygen doping by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition...
Photothermographic material and an image forming method
Production of biopolymer film, fibre, foam and adhesive materials from soluble S-sulfonated keratin ...
Combined decorative cat and heart decoration
Diketonate complex-derived catalysts useful for preparing polyolefins
Radio communication terminal device and radio communication method for forming radio communication t...
Microwavable container with sleeve
Multi-mode convection oven with flow control baffles
Roasting machine
Toaster with mini cooker
Hollow fiber membrane sample preparation devices
UV- or heat triggered low oxygen packaging system employing an oxidizable polymer resin and a perox...
Holder construction particularly useful for holding and dispensing pressure-flowable products, such ...
Interlocking box system
Three dimensional storybook
Fast-moving cumulative torpedo-mine "present"
Anchor comprising a shank
Trim tab control
Joystick method for maneuvering a marine vessel with two or more sterndrive units
Personal watercraft with pivotable seat
Desalinating process
Rudder control system with adjustable solenoid on/off settings, solenoid burnout protection, and hyd...
Nucleic acid molecules encoding osteoclastogenesis inhibitory factor proteins
Monitoring device, method and system
Signal processing apparatus
Patellar retractor and method of surgical procedure on knee
Titanium molybdenum alloy guidewire
Device, system and method for determining in vivo body lumen conditions
Method and apparatus for noninvasive intraductal fluid diagnositc screen
Localization element with energized tip
Modular surgical instrument with reciprocable implement
Methods and systems for implantably monitoring external breathing therapy
Adjustable tension cuff assembly
Biological information monitoring apparatus
Non-invasive electronic method and apparatus for measuring blood pressure
Blood contacting sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring hemodynamic parameters
Advanced patient management for identifying, displaying and assisting with correlating health-relate...
System and method for employing an extended boundary lookup table
Method for producing a composite image by processing source images to align reference points
Image processing apparatus and method
Image blurring
Method for selection of contexts for arithmetic coding of reference picture and motion vector residu...
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image using image residue prediction
Method and apparatus for dimensionally transforming an image without a line buffer
Sequential decoding of progressive coded JPEGs
Information coding apparatus, information decoding apparatus, and method and program for the same
Method, apparatus and software for lossy data compression and function estimation
Image display apparatus
Apparatus, method and storage medium storing program for recognizing characters
Character identification
Method of photo/text separation in an image
Infrared face detection and recognition system
Reorganization of raw image data for processing
System for remote measurements
Method, system and module for monitoring a power generating system
Optical fiber termination apparatus and methods for using the same
Cable trough cover
Light receiving apparatus
High power optical fiber laser array holographic couplers
Modular all-optical cross-connect
Digital phase modulator for a fiber-optic device
Optical switch
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Mobile communication device
Digital camera with moveable image pickup device
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Digital camera with moveable image pickup device
Stereoscopic display for switching between 2D/3D images
Micro camera module with discrete manual focal positions
Extracting key frames from a video sequence
Microscopy system and method
Image-taking apparatus and focusing method
Method and apparatus for digital MTS receiver
Method and apparatus for coping with condition in which subject is too close to digital imaging devi...
Digital/analog TV receiver
Frequency converter for a television signal
Apparatus and related method for level clamping control
Method, apparatus and recording medium for image processing
Methods and apparatus for detecting movement in a composite television signal
Light emitting display device
End cap warning signal assembly
Quick change power supply
Light emitting panel assemblies
Optical sheet, method for producing the same and display apparatus
Light source
Hood assembly
Interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle
Light-emitting diode heat-dissipating module
Multi-purpose lamp housing and network
Visor with translucent or transparent opening to provide light above the field
Document illuminator with stepped optical element
Heat-dissipating structure having multiple heat pipes for LED lamp
Light source
Surface light source device
Lighted telescoping viewing apparatus
Sanitary fitting with a lightguide outflow pipe
System, method, program and storage medium for providing service
Extensible method for obtaining a record of data backup activity (and errors) and converting same in...
Content management system for archiving data, managing histories, validity of content registration c...
Customizable metadata merging framework
File storage service system, file management device, file management method, ID denotative NAS serve...
Information processing method, apparatus and program in XML driven architecture
Generating and monitoring a multimedia database
Adaptive resource management method
Method, system and program product supporting presentation of a simulated or hardware system includi...
Layout system, layout program, and layout method
Methods for dynamically resizing memory pools
System and method for concurrent compacting self pacing garbage collection using loaded value and ac...
Method for communicating with first and second device that includes reference to metadata wherein th...
Storage system having virtualized resource
Data-transparent measurement management system
Streaming media search and playback system
Service offering for the delivery of information with continuing improvement
Cartridge assembly for multiple projectiles
Heat exchanger barrel nut
Process for dispersing a thermally sensitive additive into a melt
Modified copolyesters and optical films including modified copolyesters
Tulipalin copolymers
Method of fabricating containers with integral lenticular systems and inner label inserts
Document classification program, vector transformation program, lexical-distortion cancellation prog...
Feature interaction resolution using fuzzy rules
System and method for using agent-based distributed reasoning to manage a computer network
Method and apparatus for picking up a semiconductor chip, method and apparatus for removing a semico...
Self-starting fuel cell assembly
Turbocompressor impelling fuel recycle in fuel cell power plant
Systems, methods, and apparatus for reducing dynamic range requirements of a power amplifier in a wi...
Semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
Finger identification apparatus
Interactive presentation system
Converter and method for converting an analog signal and comparator for use in such conversion
Radio frequency power amplifier
Apparatus for converting single-ended signal into differential signal
Multi-amplifier circuit
Power supply rejection for pulse width modulated amplifiers and automatic gain control
Class D amplifier
Mobile communication terminal apparatus, a variable gain amplifier circuit and a gain control circui...
Superconducting switching amplifier
Radio frequency power detector
Near infrared light diffuser
Transmission signal generating apparatus
High performance charge detection amplifier for CCD image sensors
Accessory for lifting and bonding wire cable trays
Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and dentifrice system
Enhanced solubilization using extended chain surfactants
Detergent composition
Carrier of information bearing a watermark
Nanosized particles of monoazo laked pigment
System and method for scheduling execution of cross-platform computer processes
Static detection of a datarace condition for multithreaded object-oriented applications
Pluggable model framework
Method and system for creating a virtual team environment
Computer network with diagnosis computer nodes
Dual virtual machine architecture for media devices
Logic block used to check instruction buffer configuration
Method and apparatus for supporting shared library text replication across a fork system call
System and method for ensuring consistent web display by multiple independent client programs with a...
Method and apparatus for an improved bulk read socket call
Automatic system resource management
Apparatus and method for monitoring objects in a network and automatically validating events relatin...
Validation of portable computer type prior to configuration of a local run-time environment
Method, system, and apparatus for presenting forms and publishing form data
Background shield for soccer practice
Building security system
Slurry composition and method for polishing organic polymer-based ophthalmic substrates
Accelerants for the modification of non-natural amino acids and non-natural amino acid polypeptides
Therapeutic agent for cachexia
Methods for treating eye disorders
Fabric softening compositions and methods
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions containing a phase change solvent and selected processing oils
Alkoxylated polyol containing bleach activating terminating functional groups
Alkoxylated polyol containing bleach activating terminating functional groups
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Process for production of pouches
Liquid-cooled permanent mold for the continuous casting of metals
Method for mounting a radiator in a radio device and a radio device
Molded component for beam path of radar apparatus
Buoyant cable antenna system
Triple polarized patch antenna
Positioning device, positioning control method, and recording medium
Radio link management based on retransmission request performance
Polar modulator and method for determining an amplitude offset in a polar modulator
Optical fiber communications method and system without a remote electrical power supply
Transmitting and receiving arrangement for radios having a baseband component, a radio-frequency com...
System for swept source optical coherence tomography
Process and apparatus for improved methods for making vinyl acetate monomer (VAM)
Electroconductive woven and non-woven fabric
Detachable filtering apparatus for an air conditioning system and an installment method thereof
Production of tetrahydrofuran from 1,4-butanediol
Process for making 5-methyl-N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone from alkyl amine(s) and levulinic acid
Decorative sheet and decorative material
Lightweight C-sandwich radome fabrication
Privacy film
Two stage hydrocracking process using beta zeolite for production of LPG and distillate hydrocarbons
Method for making polybenzobisoxazole containing fiber
Fiber charging apparatus
Method for making polybenzobisoxazole containing polymer
Polyvinylbutyral interlayer sheet with improved adhesion to glass and a process for preparing same
Highly purified liquid perfluoro-n-alkanes and method for preparing
Fluoropolymer release coating having improved heat transfer properties and abrasion resistance
Production of .gamma.-linolenic acid in oleaginous yeast
Method of discovering patterns in symbol sequences
Method of producing matched coating composition and device used therefor
Ibuprofen complexes as wood preservatives
Method of preparation for the high performance thermoelectric material indium-cobalt-antimony
Detection of malicious computer code
Process suspension through process model design
Multiple computer equipment and management method for determining number of AC-DC power modules to b...
Selective encryption of electronic messages and data
System and method for computer storage security
Methods and apparatuses for mappable shared cache management
Network switch architecture for processing packets independent of media type of connected ports
Peer-to-peer data transfer method and apparatus with request limits
Server-based message protocol translation
Methods and apparatus for assigning management responsibilities to multiple agents
Network topology management system, management apparatus, management method, management program, and...
Portion of a keyboard
Bezel for a system storage controller
Computer server
Charging device
Semi-flattened pin optimization process for hierarchical physical designs
Contents server, contents receiving method for adding information to digital contents
Method for using partitioned masks to build a chip
Wiring optimizations for power
Playback control methods and arrangements for a DVD player
Direction-based system and method of generating commands
Document customization for transparent execution on a client and a server
Methods and systems for abstraction of logical editing operations
Dynamic document and template previews
Virtual studio system
Use of telephone-specific components to provide refocusing in a camera-ready device
Substrate heat treatment apparatus
Camera body, interchangeable lens, and camera system
Optical apparatus
Scroll-type fluid displacement apparatus with fully compliant floating scrolls
Separator and linear guide apparatus
Linear motion guide apparatus having ball retaining device
Wheel bearing device
Bearing ring and wheel bearing unit
Electrical machine
Sealing apparatus
Rockshaft liner with thrust surface
Spindle motor having variably grooved radial and thrust bearing with reduced groove angle near beari...
Fluid dynamic bearing system
Earth boring bit with tilted hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Linear motion guide unit
Linear guide apparatus
Linear guide apparatus
Ball chain
Linear guide device
Sealing device with rotation detecting element
Operator assembly
Mobile storage system for weapons and weapon accessories
Semi-automatic rifle
Carrier for ammunition handling system
Extraction of information from documents
Electronic ink processing
Post passivation structure for a semiconductor device and packaging process for same
Electronic percussion instrument and displacement detection apparatus
Wound dressing having a facing surface with variable tackiness
Phenyl-furan compounds as vitamin D receptor modulators
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Multi-composite acoustic panel
Optical switches and routers and optical filters
Method for laterally-coupling frequency-converted laser radiation out of a resonator
Method for the production of window elements which can be soldered into a housing in a hermetically ...
Die-level opto-electronic device and method of making same
Method and system for superheterodyne detection of an optical input signal
Exposure apparatus
Device and method for the acquisition and automatic processing of data obtained from optical codes
Mid-infrared optically pumped unstable resonator laser
Mid-IR optically pumped semiconductor laser
Laser diode apparatus, laser arrangement having at least one laser diode apparatus, and optically pu...
Replacement and alignment of laser
Managing packet voice networks using a virtual entity approach
Method of manufacturing a light emitting device
Semiconductor display device and driving method
Organic electroluminescent device
Phosphor and treatment method for the same
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
Automatic dosage unit
Preparing and dispensing mixed beverages
Method to track three-dimensional target motion with a dynamical multi-leaf collimator
Method of printing an interface onto a surface using a complementary ink set
Fast dynamic imaging protocol using a multi-head single photon emission computed tomography system
Musical instrument pad
Therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, metabolic diseases and skin disorders
Antigiardial agents and use thereof
Alkylene bridged sultam compounds useful as modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Cobalamin conjugates useful as antitumor agents
p40 protein acts as an oncogene
Resorcinol derivatives for skin
Modified round robin load balancing technique based on IP identifier
Apparatus for monitoring the status of multiple laundry appliances
Method and apparatus for inter-cell handover in wireless networks using multiple protocols
Bandwidth allocation method and apparatus
Secure integrated mobile internet protocol transit case
Apparatus and method for forwarding encapsulated data packets on a network having multiple links bet...
Switch data transform to IMS process
Clock with link to the internet
System and method for automatically transferring data from an electronic camera
Image data creating and storing device and image display device
Enabling multiple testing devices
Entry points for navigation of hierarchical information structures
Method and apparatus for notifying a user of new data entered into an electronic system
Associative hash partitioning using pseudo-random number generator
Device, system and/or method for providing schema-independent access to object in documents
System and method for identifying third party copy devices
Transformable toy
Modifiable game
Thermal--acoustic enclosure
Speaker diaphragms, manufacturing methods of the same, and dynamic speakers
Array seismic fluid transducer source
Organic ultra-thin film
Multilayer composite materials with at least one aerogel-containing layer and at least one other lay...
Spatial optical modulator with passivation layer
Diazene-bridge crown ether lithium compounds and methods for their use
Catalysts for oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde
System and process for producing nanowire composites and electronic substrates therefrom
Organosilanes and substrates covalently bonded with same and methods for synthesis and use same
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integra...
Micromachined fluid ejectors using piezoelectric actuation
Method of fabricating oxide semiconductor device
Method of fabricating dual hole glass ferrules
Antenna device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Technique for diagnosing and screening optical interconnect light sources
Light emitting apparatus
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor d...
Finding usable portion of sigmoid curve
Jitter measurement method, jitter measuring apparatus and image forming apparatus
System and method of predicting novel motion in a serial chain system
Image forming apparatus and sheet feeding device in which weight exerted on lifting handles is equal...
Image forming apparatus and method including canceling a power save mode
Image forming apparatus
Image processing device and image processing method
Display apparatus having temperature compensation function
Hard magnetic composition, permanent magnet powder, method for permanent magnet powder, and bonded m...
Optical receptacle
Long term ambulatory intra-aortic balloon pump
Key transport tamper protection
Methods and apparatus for secure distribution of program content
System and method for cryptographic control of system configurations
Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
Data dependent scrambler with reduced overhead
Methods for point compression for jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Magnetic material, and a MEMS device using the magnetic material
Image processing device and method to make an image printable
System and method for selective image acquisition
Processes for forming latexes and toners, and latexes and toner formed thereby
Imaging members
Polyphenyl thioether and thiophosphate containing photoconductors
Polytetrafluoroethylene-doped photoreceptor layer having polyol ester lubricants
System and method for controlling a print head to compensate for subsystem mechanical disturbances
Artifact removal and quality assurance system and method for scanned images
Methods for slide image classification
Polymer/cholesteric liquid crystal dispersion, method of producing the same liquid crystal display e...
Method of making nanosized particles of monoazo laked pigment
External course catalog updates
Using additional information provided in session requests
Geographic management system
Apparatus and method of reading images on duplex document with variable start-of-reading timing
Method and apparatus for presenting caller identification information with geographical and/or sourc...
Game server, game machine, and game control method
Systems and methods for delivering content over a network
Slot-machine game with adjusting payout table
Multi-station game machine
Game utilizing a non-spherical billiard ball
Puzzle game apparatus, storage medium storing puzzle game program, and puzzle game controlling metho...
Anti-fatigue cyclohexenone compounds from antrodia camphorata
Low foaming washing liquid
Method of medical malpractice and insurance collaboration
Customer registration method
Method and system for protecting privacy of signatures on mail ballots
Water-based fluorescent ink, recorded image using the same, and judging method
Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus
Spot array generation using a MEMS light modulator
Group III-nitride layers with patterned surfaces
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data channels using an alternating parity deskew channel
Method and apparatus for RZ-DPSK optical signal generation
Hybrid optical and data networks
Method for WDM optical networks including alternate routes for fault recovery
Method and system for character string searching
Methods and devices for synchronizing the timing of logic cards in a packet switching system without...
Scalable high speed router apparatus
Network node with layer 3 interfaces configurable by interface class
Method and apparatus for performing quality-of-service calculations on packet-based networks
Routing and design in K-shared network
Location based vehicle traffic signal alert system
Selecting samples for amplifier digital predistortion estimation
Method and apparatus for automatically normalizing a perceived volume level in a digitally encoded f...
Content integration platform with format and protocol conversion
Methods to test multimedia devices on computer systems
Hook and loop device applied to control shock and vibration of critical components
Fungal proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Maskless photolithography for using photoreactive agents
Extraction, drainage and transport of petroleum coke
Wire grid polarizers and optical elements containing them
Disposable camera with destructive casing
Synthesis of amines using molecular sieve SSZ-75
CCK-1 receptor modulators
Perfusion system and apparatus for automated multi-channel patch-clamp recordings utilizing inside-o...
Synthetic cofactor analogs of S-adenosylmethionine as ligatable probes of biological methylation and...
Transposase and method of gene modification
Mechanosensitive mammalian potassium channel activatable by polyunsaturated fatty acids
Biologically active substance of a vasoactive intestinal peptide for treating interstitial lung dise...
Mutated anthrax toxin protective antigen proteins that specifically target cells containing high amo...
Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments that encode human lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2
Methods and systems for inferring bovine traits
Active float for the dummy bit lines in FeRAM
2-aminopyrimidin-4-one nucleic acid labeling compounds
LED chip
IP placement validation
Automatic trace determination method and apparatus for automatically determining optimal trace posit...
Semiconductor device and layout design method therefor
Abstraction refinement using controllability and cooperativeness analysis
Method and device of analyzing crosstalk effects in an electronic device
Scan sequenced power-on initialization
Methods of testing a user design in a programmable integrated circuit
Method and system for a non-volatile memory with multiple bits error correction and detection for im...
Phase error determination method and digital phase-locked loop system
Measurement of health statistics for a high-speed interface
Apparatus and method for wafer level fabrication of high value inductors on semiconductor integrated...
Plasma display device
Waterproof vibration plate for speaker
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives
Polymeric nanoemulsion as drag reducer for multiphase flow
Processing latitude stabilizers for photothermographic materials
Method for the preparation of purified microparticles
Golf balls having two or more core layers formed from HNP compositions
Process for preparing water-soluble or water-dispersible polyether-containing polymers and the use t...
Method for manufacturing display element
Solvent-activated reactor
Discharge lamp with a discharge filling having a measured emission intensity of argon to OH radicals...
Vacuum-assisted prosthetic device
Guitar playing assist apparatus
Piano sound source apparatus, method and program for piano sound synthesis
Method of displaying directory structure of recorded data
Dual drum support and positioning
Molecular sequence of swine retrovirus and methods of use
Reagents for recombinogenic engineering and uses thereof
Method of detecting and using an expression-enhancing sequence
Method for assaying for natural killer, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte and neutrophil-mediated killing of ta...
Multi plasmid system for the production of influenza virus
System and method for digital image encoding
Soft error decoding of steganographic data
Apparatus and methods for inserting and detecting electronic watermark
Detection of entropy in connection with audio signals
Device and method for communication
Method of delivering facsimile
Camera with integrated printer
Interactive printer for printing documents in response to data received from a sensing device
System for allowing interaction with computer software
Method of instructing a computer system using an interface surface
Apparatus and method for substrate processing
Printer incorporating a gravity-fed print media path
Digital printer with dedicated coded data ink channel
Method and system for providing interactive cardholder rewards image replacement
Environmentally degradable polymeric compounds their preparation and use as hot melt adhesive
Block-aware encoding of bitmap for bitmap index eliminating max-slot restriction
System and method for facilitating ad hoc compilation of geospatial data for on-line collaboration
Rule based data management
Storing and retrieving the visual form of data
Associative search engine
Database staging area read-through or forced flush with dirty notification
Method and device for searching fixed length data
Central based computer network of solid models and associated data with search capability
Rate limiting and balancing control system for dual independent camshaft phasing
Valve-operating system for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine including plural cylinders, control apparatus and control method for inte...
Air dynamic steady state and transient detection method for cam phaser movement
Operating an air-hybrid vehicle with camshaft-driven engine valves
Landscape edging system and device and methods of installation and use thereof
Porous landscape pebble and method of manufacturing the same
Deterring network incursion
System and method for transferring information to a motor vehicle
Apparatus for holding and transporting multiple books
Vehicle-borne electronic control device
Wiring diagram with wire colors
Device and method for assessing the safety of systems and for obtaining safety in system, and corres...
Collision detection device
Object recognition system for vehicle
System and method for determining whether a vehicle operator has an impaired cognitive state
Automobile door structure
Vehicle alarm device, vehicle alarming method, and vehicle alarm generation program
Voice acquisition system for a vehicle
Longitudinal dynamic control device for motor vehicles
Deceleration control apparatus and method for a vehicle
Vehicle control system for traversing obstacles
Arrangement and method for calculating the chassis height at a vehicle
Squash Line ZGN 130-1028
Method for generating hypermutable organisms
Method by Using Human or Mice-Isg12 to Develop and Prepare Drugs and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism ...
Transgenic Non-Human Animal Model of Lung Tumorigenesis
Methods and compositions for modulating tocol content
Targeted Transgenesis of Short Hairpin Rna Expression Cassettes Using Recombinase Mediated Cassette ...
Apparatus and method for training a baseball player to hit a baseball
Device for correcting golf swing posture
Acoustic dampening pipe shoe
Surgical stapling instruments having flexible channel and anvil features for adjustable staple heigh...
Process for manufacturing shoe laces having designated features
Article of footwear with midsole having multiple layers
Adjustable motorcycle fitting frame
Transverse flux electrical machine with segmented core stator
Methods for enhancing healing of diabetic foot ulcers by injecting epidermal growth factor (EGF)
Carriage for a collapsible reformer exercise apparatus
Moving-head device comprising a lamp
Child safety seat support apparatus
Foldable frame assembly for suspending a machine above a ground surface
Robust consumer lifting device-power unit
Roller skate
Packaged shoes
Footwear cushioning device
Sole elements of varying density and methods of manufacture
Method for producing shoes and a shoe obtained by this method
Dressing Provided With a Thin Film Applicator
Chappell self adhesive medical wrap
Absorbent Article for Application to Human or Animal Skin Surfaces
Foot Support
System and methods for creating a user customized bank card
Method and system for provisioning and maintaining a circuit in a data network
Method for exchanging content between communication devices
Optoelectronic marker for determining ownership of fiber optic cable
Virtual interworking trunk interface and method of operating a universal virtual private network dev...
System and method of defining a modified UPSR SONET network including sub-tending rings
Method and system of multilocation video conferencing
Cable having internal identifying indicia and associated methods
Graffiti cleaning solution including a non-aqueous concentrate and diluted aqueous solution
Chromone Derivatives Useful as Antagonists of Vr1 Receptors
Inhibitors of Ccr9 Activity
Crystalline forms of 3-(2R-tetrahydrofuryl-methyl)-2-thioxanthine
Quinoline Derivatives as Neurokinin Receptor Antagonists
System for the Oral Administration of Solids to Persons Suffering from Dementia
Amide derivatives as ion-channel ligands and pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using the sa...
Substituted Pyrido(2,3-D) Pyrimidine Derivatives Useful as Medicines for the Treatment of Autoimmune...
Controller for Neuromuscular Testing
Use of A33 antigens and JAM-it
Genetically engineered cDNA of rat bcl-x gene and an improved protein
Composition and Methods for Skin Care
Methods to Protect Skeletal Muscle Against Injury
Implantable Devices and Methods for Stimulation of Cardiac or Other Tissues
Methods and Devices for Treating Obesity
Microarray Device
Method and Apparatus for Performing Gastric Bypass Surgery
System and Device for in Vivo Procedures
Organic Compounds
Multifunctional Compounds for Forming Crosslinked Biomaterials and Methods of Preparation and Use
Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using register block dat...
System for measuring the effect of an ADSL splitter
Intelligent geocoding of location information
Location services in a packet radio network
Memory device and method for operating a memory device
Acceleration feed-forward correction enabled or disabled based on track follow loop signals
Enhanced triangulation
Packaging of hybrid integrated circuits
Magnetic random access memory