An identification apparatus that keeps the conditions for imaging uniform among successive identifications and requires a user to perform only a series of simple maneuvers. An identification apparatus comprising a guide member, a light source, and an imaging unit. The guide member includes a pattern or a structure that inspires a user to position his/her finger thereon or to approach his/her specific finger region thereto. A contact member such as a button switch is preferably located at a position in the guide member at which a fingertip is to be positioned. An optical opening is formed at a position coincident with a position at which a portion of a finger to be imaged for identification should be placed. The light source radiates near-infrared light through the portion of the finger to be imaged. The imaging means acquires an image of the finger, and the apparatus compares the image to previously registered images. The apparatus may also include dual light sources power saving functionality, and means for limiting the interference of external light sources.


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