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Portable exercise apparatus for sit-up exercise
Inclined leg press weight training machine
Leg press weight training machine
Locking device to lock a collapsible treadmill deck in a folded position
Modular heavy bag
Portable exercise kit
Elliptical exercise machine
Dumbbell spotter
Monitor support system
System for retrieving a gas phase sample from a gas stream containing entrained liquid, and sample c...
Bone replacement materials utilizing bioabsorbable liquid polymers
Method and system for accessing web pages in the background
Light-source lamp unit, light-source device and projection-type display apparatus
Stellar icon for data representation and system and method forming the stellar icon
Method of producing cardiac tomogram and tomograph using x-ray ct apparatus
Image forming apparatus and toner stirring method
Fully implantable miniature device for pudendal nerve activation as a therapy for erectile dysfuncti...
Repeater amplifier with signal firewall protection for power line carrier communication networks
Materials tester latching coupling device
Golf ball with rigid intermediate layer
Fusing station and method for fusing
Optical member, method for producing the same, adhesive optical member and image viewing display
Methods to control and/or predict rheological properties
Protein kinase and phosphatase inhibitors and methods for designing them
Nitroderivatives of polysaccharides
Compact acousto-optical modulator
Method for providing cable isolation in a fibre channel test environment
Method and apparatus for integrated instruction scheduling and register allocation in a postoptimize...
Cable-stay cradle system
Avian hepatitis E virus, vaccines and methods of protecting against avian hepatitis-splenomegaly syn...
Method and apparatus for detecting an abnormality within a host medium utilizing frequency-swept mod...
Lab window collaboration
Method and system for digital watermarking
Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Coherence-based audio coding and synthesis
Picture and sound decoding apparatus picture and sound encoding apparatus and information transmissi...
Aperture coded camera for three dimensional imaging
Method and apparatus for compression and reconstruction of animation path using linear approximation
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Dual axis magnetic sensor
Liquid crystal material, electro-optical device, liquid crystal display cell, and liquid crystal dis...
Wheelchair training platform
Fiber-optic access network utilizing CATV technology in an efficient manner
Organic, open cell foam materials, their carbonized derivatives, and methods for producing same
Glucose sensor
Use of an extract of at least one vaccinium-type plant as an anti-glycation agent
Delivery of compounds for the treatment of migraine through an inhalation route
Hydrogen absorbing alloy and secondary battery
Electrode for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method of producing the same
Cooking apparatus having a plurality of cooking sets to cook foods in different cooking modes
System and method for controlling home entertainment units with radio frequency and infrared signals
Film-forming compositions for protecting skin from body fluids and articles made therefrom
Magnetic storage device and method of fabricating the same
Memory with reference-initiated sequential sensing
Photosensitive tabular member suction mechanism and image recording device
Magnetic resonance imaging coil having vest support structure
Projection type cathode ray tube having improved focus characteristics
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Balcebimpu'
Internally consistent file system image in distributed object-based data storage
Efficient implementation of an auction proxy bid engine
Virtual logging system and method
Method and device for the bi-directional transmission of electronic data in a television data cable ...
Methods for controlling apparatuses having an emergency alert function
Method and system to access PC-based services from non-PC hardware
System for digital network communications in public places
Network audio file receiver system for connecting home stereo to wide band network
Rule-based filtering and alerting
Metadata-based data storage in digital radio system
Analog and radio frequency (RF) system-level simulation using frequency relaxation
Intrusion detection system and method thereof
Method of calibration data transfer
Touch gesture based interface for motor vehicle
Electrical generator and system
Wireless medical probe
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced microphone noise from radio frequency communicati...
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy from the display and related m...
Intelligent antenna and method for configuring the same
Radio communication apparatus
Radio communication apparatus with a bus dedicated to data transmission
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interference from the keyboard into the radio rec...
Radio preset system for phone numbers
Enabling access to private information
Delta6-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Transgenic tieg non-human animals
Message delivery to multiple forests with no unified directory
System and method for document and electronic file management
Spinal disc implants with reservoirs for delivery of therapeutic agents
Method and apparatus for controlled contraction of soft tissue
Stimulation system and method for treating a neurological disorder
Method and apparatus to deliver drug and pacing therapy for treatment of cardiac disorders
Biomaterial for suturing
Annulus replacement system and technique
Tongue scraper and method of use
In-vivo orthopedic implant diagnostic device for sensing load, wear, and infection
Implant for correction of spinal deformity
Hybrid lesion formation apparatus, systems and methods
Intra-arterial catheter for drug delivery
Method and device for the delivery of a substance including a covering
Stress relief vest
Non-invasive apparatus and method for vibrational treatment of internal organs
Stress relief vest
New method to reduce complete blood count variation of peripheral blood sample
Method and system for handling multiple bit errors to enhance system reliability
Data storage system having point-to-point configuration
Volume translation apparatus and method
System, device, and method for controlling access to a memory
Memory balancing and optimization services
Dynamically storing PIM/address book data by type
Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
Control apparatus and method for controlling access to a memory in an integrated circuit for an elec...
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for managing back-up
Method and system for providing logically consistent logical unit backup snapshots within one or mor...
Network data storage-related operations
Archival data storage system and method
Storage device, storage device controlling method, and program
System and method for using virtual memory for redirecting auxiliary memory operations
Apparatus, method, and computer program for resource request arbitration
Method and architecture capable of accessing data and instructions using store and forward
Storage device and cache memory device in set associative system
Multi-level cache system with simplified miss/replacement control
DVD-entertainment interactive internet shopping system - DEIISS
Method and System for LAN and WLAN access to e-commerce sites via Client Server Proxy
Ferulate esterase producing strains and methods of using same
DNA encoding anti-apoptotic protein and recombinant 30K protein
Analytical methods utilizing real-time energy/particle interaction-based determination techniques
High-fat animal feed pellets and method for making same
Process for preparing coated potato pieces using pregelatinized starch
Process for preparing coated potato pieces using pregelatinized starch
Vanilla flavoring compositions
Aromatic amides and ureas and their uses as sweet and/or umami flavor modifiers, tastants and taste ...
Device and method for producing fondant
Process for selective grinding and recovery of dual-density foods and use thereof
Mineral preparation, raw material for the preparation, and methods for producing the mineral prepara...
Silicon devices and method for cooking with silicone devices
Chemical production of palatable carbonated ice
Method of adorning foodstuff
Composition for inactivating yeasts or molds in soft drinks
Apparatus and method for making filled-dough products
Multi-ply flexible container for wine and the like
Food tray
Method and system for in-cup dispensing, mixing and foaming hot and cold beverages from liquid conce...
Method for high-speed vacuum unitary packaging of portion-cut meats
Cooking apparatus equipped with heaters and method of controlling the same
Method for cleaning ovens and merchandised article relating thereto
Food product comprising hydroxymatairesinol
Method of producing lipids by growing microorganisms of the order thraustochytriales
Methods of improving the properties of egg proteins
Food products and their method of preparation
Process for producing tofu
Cereal product and process
Dietary fiber, process for preparing it, and augmented dietary fiber from almond hulls
Method of producing laminated food and a device thereof and laminated cheese food thereby produced
Receptacle cap having aromatic properties
Method and apparatus for coating a product
Beverage container
Fruit vinegar from raw material flavorful acid citrus fruit juice and method for producing the same
Enzyme feed additive and animal feed including it
Air deodorization device having a detachable cartridge member
Ventable storage bag
Blade for food processors
Lead-free solder alloy and electronic components using it
Fe-Cr-Al alloys for electric resistance wires
High-temperature-resistant component and process for producing the high-temperature-resistant compon...
Ski edge profile
Retainer, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Method and objective lens for spectrally modifying light for an electronic camera
Digital still camera with shifting focus lens
Multi-candela emergency strobe light
Vehicle imaging system
Bayonet coupling for axially mounting one of two relatively rotatable ring-shaped members on the oth...
Submerged processing device for photosensitive material
Developing device using a developing liquid and image forming apparatus including the same
Device interposed between tripods and cameras for series of panoramic photographs
Image-taking apparatus
Boots with step-in and step-out, e.g. sports boots, in particular ski boots
Shoe having a wrapping enclosing a welt strip
Ice crampon for mountain climbing fitted with a fastening device with a lateral operating lever
Methods of controlling video signals in a video conference
System and method for supporting conferencing capabilities over packet-switched networks
Television conference system
System and method for automating transcription services
System and method for statistical design of ultrasound probe and imaging system
3-D model providing device
Treatment apparatus with electromagnetic energy delivery device and non-volatile memory
Closed loop neuromodulation for suppression of epileptic activity
Aliasing communication system with multi-mode and multi-band functionality and embodiments thereof, ...
Semi-automatic segmentation algorithm for pet oncology images
Personal identification apparatus and method
Reversible watermarking using expansion, rate control and iterative embedding
Device for attenuating sound on the human ear
Examination method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reconstruction calibration of detector position and source motion based on ...
Portable ultrasound height measuring apparatus
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method of the same
Method and apparatus for the design and analysis of digital circuits with time division multiplexing
Data reproducing controller
Device and method for checking boot error in intermittent receiving operation
Method for automatic discovery of query language features of web sites
Method and system for processing a rebate
Methods and systems for creating models for marketing campaigns
Method and systems for developing an acquisition integration project plan
Method for detecting similarity between standard information and input information and method for ju...
Revenue meter with power quality features
Cylinder misfire diagnostic system
Actuator control system
Method and apparatus for operating and controlling a power system
Partially fluorinated polymer coated development electrodes
Systems and methods for authenticating documents
Detoning apparatus and method
Lipid particles having asymmetric lipid coating and method of preparing same
Channelized receiver system
Echo canceller disabler for modulated data signals
Multilayer wound dressing
Tetraazaporphyrin compounds
Phthalocyanine dyes
Paramagnetic metal-phthalocyanine complex compounds and contrast agent using the same
Antibody fragment-peg conjugates
Polymeric drug formulations
Agent for repelling and inactivating pathogenic organisms of plants
Nucleic acid encoding an E1A gene product sensitizes HER-2/neu overexpressing cancer cells to chemot...
Method of treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease using IL-17 receptor proteins
Warming and nonirritating lubricant compositions and method of comparing irritation
Accurate thickness measurement of thin conductive film
Polyhydroxy diamine surfactants and their use in gene transfer
Enzymes coated with ionic liquid
Defective adenoviruses and corresponding complementation lines
Inducible alphaviral gene expression system
Priority resource allocation in programming environments
Method of providing open access to application profiling data
Method and software system for modularizing software components for business transaction application...
Translation of an electronic integrated circuit design into hardware description language using circ...
Document management system employing multi-zone parsing process
Methods and apparatus for parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
Computer-implemented system and method for web-based data access
Scheduling of transactions in system-level test program generation
Interactive circuit assembly test/inspection scheduling
Method for providing a configuration extensible markup language (XML) page to a user for configuring...
Method and apparatus for protecting a web server against vandals attacks without restricting legitim...
Thermal imaging elements having improved stability
Image-recording element comprising polyester-containing image-receiving layer
Method for fluorescent image formation, print produced thereby and thermal transfer sheet thereof
Closed system connector assembly
Data recording medium, and data reproducing apparatus
Magnetic head having a heater circuit for thermally-assisted writing
Head support mechanism and thin film piezoelectric actuator
Magnetic disc device piezoelectric actuator with mirror-symmetrical relationship and connection arra...
Suspension with flexure mounted microactuator
Disk drive comprising suspension for magnetic head with positioning of slider to predetermined track...
Head gimbal assembly including a trace suspension assembly backing layer with a conductive layer for...
Head stack assembly including a ground conductive pad for grounding a slider to a gimbal
Magnetic tape head assembly with laterally moveable central section
Magnetic recording medium, production process thereof, and magnetic recording and reproducing appara...
Thin film recording head with a buried coil providing a shortened yoke and improved dimension contro...
Single pole type recording head with tapered edges
Automated handling and interface mechanism for library of disk drive carriers
Disk drive including an airflow blocker with a planar portion extending from a blocker arm portion
Magnetic head for proximity recording
Method and apparatus for performing self-servo writing in a disk drive
Disk cartridge device operative with disk cartridges of different sizes and height
Data storage apparatus, rotation control apparatus, and rotation control method
Processing digital data having variable packet lengths
Disk drive comprising a multi-phase spindle motor having a center tap connectable to a secondary sup...
Discharge lamp illumination circuit
Device and method for fixing a toner image by solvent vapor while reducing the solvent drag-out
Composition and process for the sealing of microcups in roll-to-roll display manufacturing
Polarizing film polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Airflow control devices based on active materials
Digital video system
Phosphor thin film, preparation method, and EL panel
Folic acid-polysaccharide complex, its preparation method and pharmaceutical composition containing ...
Information recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus for three dimensional optical recordin...
Systems and methods for uniquely identifying a network by correlating the network's name with the ap...
Charging cradle for a vital signs monitor
Flexible airfoil ring for safely flying CDs and DVDs
Semiconductor wafer preheating
Statistically based estimate of embedded software execution time
Processes for fabricating conductive patterns using nanolithography as a patterning tool
Credit card communication system
Fatigue recovery medicine for changing in hepatic mRNA levels of stress-related genes
Face mask for gas monitoring during supplemental oxygen delivery
Apparatus for switching an object managing method and a method thereof
Watermark system
Electrode, lithium battery having the electrode, and method of manufacturing the same
Low temperature chemical vapor deposition process for forming bismuth-containing ceramic thin films ...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory for management of a number of data writer/erase times
Color liquid crystal display devices
Lamp with anti-explosion device
Anisodontea plant named 'Elegant Lady'
Distributed control of data flow in a network switch
Format for transmission file system information between a source and a destination
Port adapter for tangential flow filtration
Novel electroconductive polymers
Water base ink composition, method of ink jet recording therewith and record
Process for inhibiting scale on metal surfaces
Method of cleaning semiconductor substrate, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device and sem...
Compositions and methods employing zwitterionic detergent combinations
Reduced odor in low molecular weight cationic polygalactomannan
Intermediate transfer belt, production method for the same, and image forming device provided with t...
Shaft member for hydrodynamic bearing device
Anoxic biological reduction system and method
Spiral reverse osmosis membrane element, method of manufacturing the same, and its use method
Reverse osmosis water purification system
Ion removal from particulate material using electrodeionization process and devices therefor
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and chemical exchanging method
Semiconductor wafer treatment method and apparatus therefor
Silicon cleaning method for semiconductor materials and polycrystalline silicon chunk
Automated information processing in randomly ordered arrays
Nanofilm compositions with polymeric components
Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with nimesulide
Maximizing profit and minimizing losses in controlling air pollution
Estimating an economic parameter related to a process for controlling emission of a pollutant into t...
Cost based control of air pollution control
Estimated parameter based control of a process for controlling emission of a pollutant into the air
Control of rolling or moving average values of air pollution control emissions to a desired value
Process for the reactive extractive extraction of levulinic acid
Anionic/cationic masonry sealing systems
Anionic/cationic masonry sealing systems
Catalyst, method for producing the same and method for the polymerisation of cyclic ethers on said c...
Apparatus and method for fractionating slurry and method of producing plaster-board
Adhesion promoters for glass-containing systems
Inorganic compound containing active oxygen and process for producing the same
Aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate particles for use as pigments in paints and method of making sam...
Process parameter estimation in controlling emission of a non-particulate pollutant into the air
APC process control when process parameters are inaccurately measured
APC process parameter estimation
Model predictive control of air pollution control processes
Optimized air pollution control
Methods for the inactivation of microorganisms in biological fluids, flow through reactors and metho...
Wide band sound diffuser with self regulated low frequency absorption and methods of mounting
Acoustical and firewall barrier assembly
Utility boot with interchangeable article carriers and method for using the same
Footwear emitting a fragrance and method for its fabrication
Abrasion-resistant shoe upper
Athletic shoe having an improved cleat configuration
Free Throws With Sole
Heel cushion structure for a sneaker
Midsole element for an article of footwear
Shoe having a replaceable sole
Structure of slipper
Torenia plant named 'Dancatpur'
Torenia plant named 'Dancatpink'
Torenia plant named 'Dancatblue'
Automated seed sampler and methods of sampling, testing and bulking seeds
Automated seed sampler and methods of sampling, testing and bulking seeds
Inbred maize line NP2460
Novel plant senescence-specific gene and its promoter
Sequence-determined DNA fragments and corresponding polypeptides encoded thereby
Method and system for use in displaying multimedia content and status
Method for a supply chain production process
Method for soft configuring communication protocols
Flash memory device with a plurality of protocols and a method for controlling the flash memory devi...
Opt-in directory of verified individual profiles
Dynamic and selective data source binding through a metawrapper
Living body growth and therapy promotion condition collection Information processing device
Method and apparatus for storing and accessing videos from a remote location
Connection management system and method
Flexible computer resource manager
Method and system for efficiently storing web pages for quick downloading at a remote device
Systems and methods for managing contact information
Device memory management during electronic file updating
Method and apparatus for implementing engineering change orders
System and method for determining user identity fraud using similarity searching
Hardware-based encryption/decryption employing dual ported key storage
Global encryption system
Check authorization system and method
Method and system for processing a data set
Efficient packet encryption method
Cipher block chaining mode in encryption/decryption processing
Spectral audio encoding
Method and array for authenticating a first instance and a second instance
Micro-optics for article identification
Method and apparatus for improved pseudo-random number generation
Techniques for high fidelity quantum teleportation and computing
Varying segment sizes to increase security
Communication game system, communication game method, and storage medium
Game device
System and method for facilitating play of a game with user-selected elements
Electronic touch game
Throwing game
Card game
Determining the value of a jackpot award in a gaming machine
Game table
Radio communication system and method for calculating transmission timing between a terminal unit an...
Demodulator and demodulating method for mobile phone
Spatial domain matched filtering method and array receiver in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for regulating the power of a transmit amplifier
Electronic apparatus
Method of informing mobile user terminals camped on a cell of a base station that a service is unava...
System and a method for locating a mobile terminal, in particular for rescuing in distress, and a de...
Method and apparatus for switching on and off interference cancellation in a receiver
High-speed two-way point-to-point transmission
Coherence frequency determining system and associated radio apparatus
Optimized communication system for radio-assisted traffic services
Method for embedding and extracting a spatial domain blind watermark using sample expansion
Pharmaceutically active isoindoline derivatives
Cytochrome P450 oxygenases and their uses
Method and apparatus for nucleic acid sequencing and identification
Bunashimeji mushroom plant named 'Hokuto Shiro Ichigoukin'
Interspecific cornus hybrid designated KN4-43
Argyranthemum plant named 'Supa594'
Grape plant named 'RS-3'
Hosta plant named 'Eskimo Pie'
Mandarin hybrid tree named 'TDE4'
Rhododendron plant named 'Christine Siena'
Shrub rose plant named 'AUSpishus'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Destin'
Strawberry plant named 'Driscoll Sanibel'
Petunia plant named 'Sunpatiki'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Soft Yocheryl'
Lobelia plant named 'Weslowhite'
Moisture-curing polyurethane material having a long gel time
Communication system for underwater use
Power transfer apparatus for concurrently transmitting data and power over data wires
Injectable ready-to-use solutions containing an antitumor anthracycline glycoside
Anti-rupture device
Clamping arrangement for receiving a saw blade
Illumination system and method for efficiently illuminating a pattern generator
High brightness diffuser
Shaped illumination geometry and intensity using a diffractive optical element
Traffic signal
System and method for providing wireless communication between vehicles
Back light circuit of LCD in an electric refrigerator
Automatic cargo compartment lighting reactivation system
Multiple component solid state white light
Submersible fiber optic lighting system
Backlight module
Systems for dispensing medical products
System and method for managing work load distribution among a plurality of image output devices
System and method for tracking a mobile worker
Error checking in a reconfigurable logic signal processor (RLSP)
Digital signal processor for wireless baseband processing
Accessing a primary bus messaging unit from a secondary bus through a PCI bridge
Electronic apparatus and startup control method of storage device
Admission control in a mobile ad hoc network
Method and apparatus for obtaining and managing wirelessly communicated content
Purchase selection behavior analysis system and method utilizing a visibility measure
Activity data capture system for a well service vehicle
Rotary type hinge module for portable wireless terminal
Method and apparatus for providing power and wireless protocol capability to a wireless device, such...
Method and system for interfacing a portable transceiver in a telematics system
Adaptive power control for multicast transmission
Efficient frame tracking in mobile receivers
Method and system for GPS bit-edge synchronization in the presence of burst-mode interference
High density visualizations for threaded information
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Method to offload a network stack
Efficient splitting and mixing of streaming-data frames for processing through multiple processing m...
Real time update notification
Preserving memory resources by limiting time-date information for a subset of properties
Method of building multidimensional workload-aware histograms
Management of markup language data mappings available to a spreadsheet application workbook
Algorithm for tree traversals using left links
Prioritized merging for full-text index on relational store
Test generator for database management systems providing tight joins
Generating a task-adapted acoustic model from one or more different corpora
Transform table for ink sizing and compression
System and method deghosting mosaics using multiperspective plane sweep
Multiphoton photosensitization method
Reference electrode having a microfluidic flowing liquid junction
Method for making a film from silver-containing particles
Passive magnetic radome
Organic thin film transistor comprising multi-layered gate insulator
Quantum dots, nanocomposite materials with quantum dots, devices with quantum dots, and related fabr...
Coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods related there...
Method of manufacturing inorganic nanotube
Bimetal layer manufacturing method
Method for fabricating programmable memory array structures incorporating series-connected transisto...
Array of nanoscopic mosfet transistors and fabrication methods
Structure and method for forming the gate electrode in a multiple-gate transistor
Nonenzymatic catalytic signal amplification for nucleic acid hybridization assays
Optical thermal mapping for detecting vulnerable plaque
Golf ball with vapor barrier layer and method of making same
Retrofit kit for modular lamp controller
Integrated circuit design using charge pump modeling
Process for producing polyolefins
Method of preparation of non-platinum composite electrocatalyst for cathode of fuel cell
Variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor
Pre-shaped dental trays and treatment devices and methods that utilize such dental trays
Broad-spectrum A1(1-x-y)InyGaxN light emitting diodes and solid sta...
Adjustable reflector system for fixed dipole antenna
Trash trap for liquid manure disposal systems
File structure for storing content objects in a data repository
Rate-matching algorithm for hybrid ARQ system
Interstitial fluid collection and constituent measurement
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane monofunctional macromonomers
Method for producing diol derivatives
Contact-field optical microscope
Resistance furnace with tubular heating element
Communication terminals
Active cable modem outside customer premises servicing multiple customer premises
Wnt-regulated cytokine-like polypeptide and nucleic acids encoding same
Heuristic for generating opposite information for inclusion in focus events
Conductive contact elements and electric connectors
Device and method for the detection of an analyte utilizing mesoscale flow systems
Waveguide type optical device and position detecting method
Complex prescription of chinese medicine for the treatment of extensive cancer
Method and apparatus for storing and updating information in a multi-cast system
Method for mounting seals for fuel cell and fuel cell
Pneumatic human power conversion system based on children's play
Gallium-nitride-based compound semiconductor device
Sealing organic light emitting device displays
Method for providing voice-over-IP service
Method for using tropoelastin and for producing tropoelastin biomaterials
Ultrasound enhancement of percutaneous drug absorption
Cosmetic composition
Method of preventing multimedia copy
Human p21-activated kinase 5 polypeptide
Compositions that bind antiterminator RNA and assay for screening such compositions
ERAAP modulators regulate immune responses
Protective antigen of Epstein Barr Virus
ITO film-formed substrate, and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor with a semiconductor layer that includes a gelable self-organizable polymer
Light emitting device, electronic equipment, and organic polarizing film
Polymerization method
Organic electroluminescent devices having encapsulation thin film formed by wet processing and metho...
Organic EL panel drive circuit and organic EL display device using the same drive circuit
Flat panel display
Method of protecting organic optoelectronic devices
Organic light emitting diode with improved light emission through the cathode
Vertical organic transistor
Method and apparatus for filling interlayer vias on ferroelectric polymer substrates
Display device
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent display device and manufacturing method for the same
Process for inducing direct somatic embryogenesis in immature scutella cells of pooideae, and rapidl...
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies
Anti-hijacking security system and apparatus for aircraft
Method for intelligent home controller and home monitor
Compact catadioptric imaging spectrometer utilizing immersed gratings
Carrier security system
Method and apparatus for magnetic focusing of off-axis electron beam
Shape memory parts of 60 Nitinol
Device and method for brush-cleaning a tube using a spray system taken into the tube
Arrow System
Electronically traceable golf club incorporating a programmable transponder
Water amusement system and method
Method of making micro-field emitter device for flat panel display
Fluid valve and actuator for inverted fluid reservoir
Low profile local injection and detection system for optical fiber waveguides
Angle adjustment device
Multi-functional law enforcement tool
Memory system including a memory module having a memory module controller interfacing between a syst...
Image-formation lens,system and imaging system using the same
Method of setting laser power and developer bias in an electrophotographic machine based on an estim...
Alignment mark, alignment apparatus and method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Content delivery network map generation using passive measurement data
Automatic defibrillator module for integration with standard patient monitoring equipment
Method for matching upper protocol layer to high speed serial bus
Source identifier for MAC address learning
System for transmitting local area network (LAN) data frames through an asynchronous transfer mode (...
Officiating system
Protective relay test device
Torque ripple reduction for a voltage mode motor controller
Microfabricated torsional drive utilizing lateral electrostatic force
Material for bone reconstruction
Electronic system for determining the density and structure of bone tissue and stimulating osteogene...
Heart valve leaflet locator
2-amino-2-alkyl-4 hexenoic and hexynoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
8-azaprostaglandin carbonate and thiocarbonate analogs as therapeutic agents
Substituted aryl and heteroaryl derivatives, the preparation thereof and the use therof as pharmaceu...
Method for the determination of the prethrombotic state
Device for measuring blood coagulation and method thereof
Process for the production of beraprost and its salts
Pharmaceutical preparation comprising vWF propeptide
Coating for implantable medical devices
Prodrug compositions and drug delivery methods using synthetic receptors
Osmotically stabilized microbubble preparations
Biopolymers modified with superoxide dismutase mimics
Machine vision system for lab workcells
Dialogue control device and method, and robot device
Article control system ,article control server, article control method
Analytical biochemistry system with robotically carried bioarray
Method of determining axial alignment of the centroid of an edge gripping end effector and the cente...
System for handling of wafers within a process tool
Load port with manual FOUP door opening mechanism
Device for storage of data on data carriers accommodated in cassettes
Charging system for legged walking robot
Charging system of biped walking robot
Robotic beverage server
Disconnection box for a robot system
System and method for hemming vehicle sheet metal
Glass handling system and method for using same
Enhanced ultrasonic cleaning devices
Expression silencing system and different uses thereof
Bend aligned namatic liquid crystal imaging display with compensation film
Electric load management center
Identifying a type of connection and selecting a corresponding form of an application
Carbon dioxide sensor
Device for adapting at least one acoustic hearing aid
Sensor apparatus and method for detecting earthquake generated P-waves and generating a responsive c...
Motor control apparatus having current supply phase correction
Thick film millimeter wave transceiver module
Method of using a motion sensor with a bicycle sprocket assembly
Method and apparatus for obtaining a consistent pedal position for a vehicle having an engine with d...
Electronic control system for a hydraulic pump
Method and apparatus for channel selective control of light propagation in an optical waveguide
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Compact high performance speaker
Speaker damper
Driving circuit, electro-mechanical-acoustic transducer, and portable terminal apparatus
Active noise-attenuating duct element
Arrangement of print media in a low-cost disposable camera
System and method for analyzing and imaging three-dimensional volume data sets
Image display apparatus and image display method
Apparatus for accessing data of disc
Protocol and method for multi-chassis configurable time synchronization
Opaque types
Method and apparatus for removing redundancies from a list of data structures
Wireless point to multi-point communication apparatus and method
System for transparent node for WDM shared "virtual ring" networks
Optical network monitor
Business vocabulary data storage using multiple inter-related hierarchies
Apparatus, method and computer program product for monitoring AC line current through the step start...
Method and apparatus for detecting electro-magnetic reflection from biological tissue
Method for generating mask data, masks, recording media, and method for manufacturing semiconductor ...
Sponsored information distribution method and apparatus
Underwater detecting apparatus, depth measuring apparatus and display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device comprising a C-DAC and wherein a light blocking film opposes the C-DAC...
Method and computer program product for lighting a computer graphics image and a computer
Multimodal pointer method
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Encoding apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Plasma torch
Method of purifying aromatic polycarboxylic acid
Magnetic detecting element
Fluorescent substance, light-emitting diode and method for producing fluorescent substance
Method of generating metal chelating affinity ligands
Method of producing exchange coupling film and method of producing magnetoresistive sensor by using ...
Treatment method for impacting properties of absorbing and releasing moisture to fiber
System and method for monitoring body temperature
Ionic molecular conjugates of N-acylated derivatives of poly(2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose) and polypept...
Method for continuous hydrogenation of citronellal to form citronellol
Variable brightness LCD backlight
Toothbrush assembly with toothpaste dispenser
Method for making methacrylate unit-containing low-polydispersity polymers
Method for determining preferred conditions for wireless programming of mobile devices
Top sprocket for a rear sprocket assembly and rear sprocket assembly for a bicycle
Headlight unit for a vehicle
Adjustable and reconfigurable eyeglasses
Seat for cyclist
Molding apparatus for vehicles and methods for use
Door handle assembly
Wedge tightening devices for hitch assemblies
Continuously variable transmission for bicycles
Mounting bracket including impact release safety mechanism
Dynamic balancing vehicle with a seat
Bicycle stem
Image forming optical system and electronic instrument using the same
Nip press belt
Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide and integration thereof into oxidation processes
Organic-inorganic hybrid film material and its fabrication
Substrates with small particle size metal oxide and noble metal catalyst coatings and thermal sprayi...
Enamel composition
Optical device and method for fabricating the same
Method for anticipating, delaying and/or preventing the risk of spontaneous combustion and/or explos...
Thermal decomposer for waste
Laser marking
Process and apparatus for removing sulfur from hydrocarbons
Process for the separation of an aqueous mixture of trioxane and formaldehyde and corresponding appl...
Colored glass substrate carrying a coating
Hydrocracking process for the production of ultra low sulfur diesel
Utilization of a printing ink in a printing group and printing group of a rotary printing press
Apparatus for a stable machine run on printing units of a rotary press for operation with part-width...
Diagnostic method for manufacturing processes
Method for removing phosphorus from waste lagoon effluent
Prior-information-enhanced dynamic magnetic resonance imaging
Delivery of a therapeutic agent in a formulation for reduced toxicity
Object oriented model of preloading software
Compiling computer programs including branch instructions
Method and apparatus for debugging in a massively parallel processing environment
Extended power savings for electronic devices
System for visualizing information in a data warehousing environment
Design apparatus and a method for generating an implementable description of a digital system
Communication terminal, power save processing method to be performed by the communication terminal, ...
Fenestration locking system
Animal wound wrap for holding a primary wound dressing on an animal wound
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and its production method
Support for concurrent active SQL statements having shared SQL context information
Diffraction grating based interferometric systems and methods
Apparatus and method for determining tissue characteristics
Autocalibrating medical diode laser system
Polymer surface modification
Method for treating arrhythmias
Dalfopristine/quinupristine combinations with cefpirome
Nucleic acid molecules correlated with the Rhesus weak D phenotype
Method for tumor treatment using infusion of xenogeneic cells to induce hyperacute rejection and inn...
Medical devices employing chain extended polymers
Method and apparatus for treating animal waste and wastewater
Planographic printing plate precursor and planographic printing method
Chromium-containing metal and method for producing the same
Polymer electrolyte composite for driving an electrolytic capacitor, an electrolytic capacitor using...
Tracing and identifying piracy in wireless digital rights management system
Licensing the use of software to a particular user
Controlling with rights objects delivery of broadcast encryption content for a network cluster from ...
System and method for using address bits to signal security attributes of data in the address space
System and method for on-demand dynamic control of security policies/rules by a client computing dev...
Secure bidirectional cross-system communications framework
Method and system for enabling federated user lifecycle management
Method and system for customizing a security policy
Establishing remote connections
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing a self-tunable parameter used for dyna...
Methods and apparatus for aging a command
Conditional variables without spinlocks
Distributed counter and centralized sensor in barrier wait synchronization
Method, system and article for generating installation merge packages
System, method, and program for resizing an install image
Method and apparatus for cloning an ORACLE RDBMS software
Multiple patching
Licensing the use of a particular feature of software
Elevated patching
Patch sequencing
Method for pre-emptive arbitration
Method to control base station transmit power drift during soft handoffs
Catadioptric reduction lens
Polarization splitting grating couplers
Multichannel integrated tunable thermo-optic lens and dispersion compensator
High extinction ratio fiber interferometer
Optical switching system
Method and apparatus for polarization insensitive phase shifting of an optical beam in an optical de...
Optical modulator of clock modulation type
Prism unit and laser device
Optical pickup actuator
Circumferentially emitting luminaires and lens-elements formed by transverse-axis profile-sweeps
Image pickup apparatus
Three-group zoom lens
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tunable microlens
Optical system providing four beams from a single source
Pathlength matched beam splitter and method and apparatus for assembly
System and method for providing a substrate having micro-lenses
Ambient pressure compensated tactile sensor
Microwave self-phasing antenna arrays for secure data transmission & satellite network crosslinks
Radio frequency identification system and method
Price label communication system
Monitoring system
Socket for use with a micro-component in a light-emitting panel
Computer pointing device having theme identification means
Wireless andon communication method and system
Video guidance sensor system with integrated rangefinding
Data processing apparatus
Low power phototransistor-based welding helmet providing reduced sensitivity to low intensity light ...
Synthesis of alkoxylated sucrose esters
Alkoxylated sucrose esters composition
Synthesis of idarubicin aglycone
Cortistatin: neuropeptides, compositions and methods
Prodrug substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Novel carbonyl reductase, gene thereof and use of the same
Enhanced expression of fusion polypeptides with a biotinylation tag
BGL4 beta-glucosidase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Use of nucleic acid analogues in diagnostics and analytical procedures
Novel use of aim 3 acting as a tumor suppressor
Identification of polynucleotides and polypetide for predicting activity of compounds that interact ...
RNA interference in avians
Protecting avians from pathogens
Antigen library immunization
Pancreas-derived plasminogen activator inhibitor
Fusion proteins of humanized g250 specific antibodies and uses thereof
2-polycyclic propynyl adenosine analogs having A2A agonist activity
Derivatives of monosaccharides as cell adhesion inhibitors
Process for preparing alkyl hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers
Functionalized glycosaminoglycan polymer and medical instruments and drugs by using the same
Cellulose acylate solution for film products
Method of making iron(III)gluconate complex
Derivatives of monosaccharides as cell adhesion inhibitors
Method, system and program products for managing groups of partitions of a computing environment
Methods and devices for spinal disc annulus reconstruction and repair
Neuroaneurysm occlusion and delivery device and method of using same
Catheter for uniform delivery of medication
Negative pressure assisted tissue treatment system
Glass scaffolds with controlled resorption rates and methods for making same
Coin sorting apparatus
Method and apparatus for preparing tissue samples for sectioning
Apparatus and associated method for conditioning in chemical mechanical planarization
Apparatus for preparing an eyeglass lens having a heating system
Ink delivery system including a pulsation dampener
Method for manufacturing flip chip package devices with a heat spreader
Acetamidobenzamide compounds for neurodegenerative disorders
Thioether derivatives
Adducts of polyalkylene glycol monoglycidyl ethers and amine compounds
Loop filter for class D amplifiers
Image input apparatus operable under low power consumption without employing buffer memory
Digital-to-analog converter with secondary resistor string
Power supply controlling device of an electronic equipment
Clocked D/A converter
DC-DC converter circuit having correction circuit for outputting voltage level inversely proportiona...
Wastewater treatment system having aeration dropline-supporting clips
Disc-type filtration apparatus including discharge collector internal to pressure vessel and method ...
Flow diverting weir for a swimming pool skimmer having increased field of influence
Self-supporting pump-filter apparatus for above-ground swimming pools
Shipboard human waste treatment for removing solids
Drain filter device
Gas drive electrolytic cell
Upflow surface water runoff filtration system
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Rotor for a centrifugal separator
Residual wastewater chlorine concentration control using a dynamic weir
Skimmer filters for ponds
Apparatus and method for aeration of wastewater
Dual filter system for filtering of injector fluids
System and method for padding data blocks and/or removing padding from data blocks in storage contro...
Hearing aid with a microphone system and an analog/digital converter module
Apparatus for ejecting very small droplets
In situ thermal processing and remediation of an oil shale formation
Conductor-in-conduit heat sources for in situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation
Ratchet wrench with rotating disc
Method of and apparatus for improving picture quality
Modeling shape, motion, and flexion of non-rigid 3D objects in a sequence of images
System and method for characterizing microarray output data
Method and arrangement for controlling analytical and adjustment operations of a microscope and soft...
Apparatus and methods for verifying the location of areas of interest within a sample in an imaging ...
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Means for illuminating a measurement surface and device and method for determining the visual proper...
Method and system for optical inspection of an object
Dermoscopy epiluminescence device employing cross and parallel polarization
Concurrent measurement and cleaning of thin films on silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
Metrology system with spectroscopic ellipsometer and photoacoustic measurements
Glare-directed imaging
Method and kit for the transdermal determination of analyte concentration in blood
Cashless gaming apparatus, system, and method of use
Liquid-cooled electromotor
Reciprocating refrigerant compressor
Piston pump
Diaphragm pump having a gas venting surface
Integral shaft for use in mud pumps
Compressor with pot-shaped housing and housing sealing cover
Gas pressure driven fluid pump having an electronic cycle counter and method
Blood component processing systems and methods using fluid-actuated pumping elements that are integr...
Gyro wave activated power generator and a wave suppressor using the power generator
Hydraulic pig advance system comprising a control volume chamber containing hydraulic fluid and a fo...
Stringed musical instrument headstock
Foldable guitar neck
Soundhole cover for guitar or the like
Graphics API with branching capabilities
Method for rapid interpretation of results returned by a parallel compare instruction
System, method and computer program product for branching during programmable vertex processing
Device and method for entering a character string
Apparatus and method for authenticating user according to biometric information
Adaptive rate code combining automatic repeat request (ARQ) communications method and system
Method and apparatus for characterizing the propagation of noise through a cell in an integrated cir...
Systems and methods for data unit modification
Synthetic oxygen transport made from cross-linked modified human or porcine haemoglobin with improve...
Process for producing carbohydrates using β 1,3-N-acetyl-glucosaminyltransferase
Organic laundry detergent and method of producing the same
Cleaning brush assembly
Synchronization system application object interface
Displays with all-metal electronics
Temperature measurement apparatuses and method utilizing the alexandrite effect
Holder for an inverted container
Holder for an inverted container
Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Slave device and data sharing method
Switched reactance modulated E-class oscillator
Wireless communication system and wireless device for quickly connecting to device providing desired...
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having opening and closing member for opening and closin...
Data processing apparatus and method, data processing program, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus with electrically conduction rotary member for electrically connecting a plu...
Imaging method and apparatus with exposure control
Image forming apparatus, wherein voltages applied to developer regulating members are based on respe...
Optical information recording and reproducing method and apparatus for reproducing information utili...
Image processing for correcting defects of read image
Optical system and method of designing optical system
Electrophoretic display apparatus
Reading of information by bidirectional scanning using image reading/printing apparatus
Image sensing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling image sensing a...
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and image processing system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Image processing method, apparatus, recording medium and chart therefor
Image forming apparatus with manual inhibiting of plural image retention forming mode and control me...
Print enablement in software systems
Alignment method, alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufactured by...
Piston and method of manufacture
Device and method for determining parameters of a welding system
Image sensor
Mechanical transmission of data to an electronic device in a tire
Recycling analyzing system, recycling analyzing program, and recycling analyzing method
Dual operational frequency slot antenna
Servicing system for wells
Using radio frequency identification to detect and/or prevent theft and shoplifting
Acoustic wave device with digital data transmission functionality
Object carriers for an object control and tracking system
Radio frequency identification device
Dual track surface acoustic wave RFID/sensor
Stable timing clock circuit
Method of monitoring temperature exposure
Currency dispensing ATM with RFID card reader
Automated hatchling processing method and system
Bobbin assembly for a sleeve dispensing toilet seat
Production of esters
Purification of metal hydrocarbon
Liquid-crystalline polyester production method
Propylene diene copolymerized polymers
Catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for producing addition polymer with the same
Resin dispersions having uniform particle diameters, resin particles and processes for producing bot...
Epoxy polyester, its emulsion and its preparation as well as water-base coatings containing the emus...
Dissolving gel for cured polysulfide resins
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Flame retardant treating agents, flame retardant treating process and flame retardant treated articl...
Gas-liquid impingement separator incorporated in a piping elbow
Pre-applied fluxing underfill composition having pressure sensitive adhesive properties
Optical devices incorporating photo reactive polymers
Hybrid buried/ridge planar waveguides
Method and apparatus for correcting crosstalk and spatial resolution for multichannel imaging
Method for modulating nerve cell function
Use of neuroactive compounds
Fishing spinning reel
Animal restraint apparatus with elevated leash attachment
Animal training harness
Treat dispenser
Feeding apparatus and a method of feeding
Aquaculture of marine worms
Fishing rod with signal devices activated by fish-bite flexing of the fishing rod
Fly-fishing strike indicator
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material, image recording method and image forming method...
Pressure sensitive adhesives having quaternary ammonium functionality, articles, and methods
Fiber optic probes
Polyamines comprising urea groups, method for their production, and their use as hardeners for epoxi...
Method and apparatus for assessing neural function by sparse stimuli
Unitized electrode with three-dimensional multi-site, multi-modal capabilities for detection and con...
Sensor for radiance based diagnostics
Remote temperature monitoring apparatus
Cranial sealing plug
Devices for performing thermal ablation having movable ultrasound transducers
Image processor, image processing method, and medium on which image processing program is recorded
Watermarking technique for scaled image
Projecting images onto a surface
Statistical modeling and performance characterization of a real-time dual camera surveillance system
Imaging apparatuses, mosaic image compositing methods, video stitching methods and edgemap generatio...
Image retrieval device, image retrieval method and storage medium storing similar-image retrieval pr...
Image-processing apparatus and image-displaying apparatus
Content recognizer via probabilistic mirror distribution
Image coding device
Sequential digital image compression
Optical waveguide devices with deuterated amorphous carbon core structures