Custom patent alerts

For broad topics, you can use our predefined subscriptions. Alternately, you can limit your search by creating your own query, using predefined "field codes" and "field values", connected by Boolean operators.

This isn't difficult; field codes are nothing more than abbreviations for items such as the patent abstract, assignee name, inventor name, patent type, and so on. You can also combine these field codes with standard U.S. patent classification codes.

For example, most search-related patents will fall under the data processing or electrical computers classification (codes 700-717), often in class 707, "Data Processing: Database And File Management, Data Structures, Or Document Processing." Within this class are subclasses, including subclass 3, "Query processing (i.e., searching)." For searching purposes, this classification code is abbreviated "ccl/707/3".

To create a subscription that tracks query processing patents, you would simply enter the query "ccl/707/3". To verify that you've created a valid query, there's a "check it" button that processes the query and pulls up a result list, allowing you to compare your results with what you expected to get. It is possible to create very specific searches that track the patent activity of particular companies or technologies.

Patent application alerts

For your subscription to start delivering patent applications, just click on the ModifySubscription button in your account, and set subscription's content to "Patent Applications".