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Memory scrubbing of expanded memory
Communication apparatus, communication system, communication method, and communication control progr...
System and method for controlling communication between a host computer and communication devices as...
Power management for multi-interface device clusters
Compounds which potentiate AMPA receptor and uses thereof in medicine
Topical application of adapalene for the long-term treatment of acne vulgaris
Thiophene and furan compounds
Rapid-heating drug delivery article and method of use
Method of treating symptoms of hormonal variations
Bupropion hydrobromide and therapeutic applications
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Chemical compounds
Medical films and articles prepared from emulsion polymers
Tooth whitening compositions and delivery systems therefor
Liquid-filled chewing gum composition
Method and apparatus for bleaching teeth
Bleaching compositions
Pressure-sensitive adhesive for the skin and tapes or sheets for the skin made by using the same
Drug delivery system comprising an RGD-enriched gelatine
Hepatocyte precursor cell lines
End group activated polymers with oligonucleotide ligands
Method of making a polyhydroxyalkanoate filament
Method of making a fiber-reinforced medical balloon
Process of preparing a biodegradable polymer using an enzyme catalyst and a biodegradable polymer pr...
Bioconjugates comprising sulfated polysaccharides and their uses
Hydroxyapatite grafted fumarate based macromers for biodegradable composites
pH sensitive macromer based copolymer and a process for the preparation thereof
Fuel processing method and system
Throttle valve for injecting a fluid into geological formations
Apparatus for estimating the rate of erosion and methods using the same
Water meter idler bar
PVC-free multilayer tube with more dependable peelability for medical purposes, and process for its ...
Polyvinyl chloride fiber, process for producing the same, and use thereof
Chlorinated propylene random copolymer and compositions containing the same
Footwear upper
Shoe upper
Apparatus and method for providing open-heeled foot apparel with improved heel support
Midsole element for an article of footwear
Triple-blade ice skating footwear and associated method
Portable media device with workout support
Diagnosis and treatment of human dormancy syndrome
Preventing transfusion related complications in a recipient of a blood transfusion
PCV-2 vaccine
Use of eukaryotic genes affecting cell cycle control or cell cycle progression for diagnosis and tre...
Garden bean cultivar H25101
Identifying statistically linear data
Method and system for pretreatment of tissue slides
Analyzing system, analyzing method using the same, and system for collecting survey results for use ...
Regional attribute determination method, regional attribute determination device, and regional attri...
Fee transaction system and method for intellectual property acquisition and/or maintenance
Method, apparatus, and medium for remote approval of a delivery if the recipient is absent from the ...
Configurator using structure and rules to provide a user interface
System and method for managing returnable containers
System for managing gas expenditures
Demountable and reusable canopy
Thermal processes for subsurface formations
Excavation apparatus
Optimal rate allocation for a group of channels
Method, apparatus, and system for encoding and decoding side information for multimedia transmission
Integrating digital watermarks in multimedia content
Multimedia data transfer for a personal communication device
Cellular phone data communication system wherein a parallel interfaced baseband module and a serial ...
Vehicle multimedia system
MediaDescription data structures for carrying descriptive content metadata and content acquisition d...
Client-to-server streaming of multimedia content using HTTP
Product container with locking end cap
Splash minimizing lid for liquid waste receptacle
Mold for injecting molding preforms
Method for securing a urine meter to a urine bag
Template and method to prepare various fabrics to receive a decorative edging
Method and apparatus for improving the effectiveness of electrical discharge weapons
Mechanism for feeding ball bullets from a bin to a holder
Transparent light-weight safety glazings
Article support device
Backlight for liquid crystal display using light emitting diode
Liquid-activated lighted ice cube
Lighting system having lenses for light sources emitting rays at different wavelengths
Light emitting diode packages
LED lamp with improved heat sink
Lamp assembly
System and method for increasing the surface mounting stability of a lamp
Adjustable utility light and methods of use thereof
Lamp unit of vehicle headlamp
Push button release for luminaires in a track lighting system
Light source utilizing light pipes for optical feedback
Irradiation direction control apparatus and method
Limited flicker light emitting diode string
Apparatus and method for detecting vehicles by identifying light spots from captured images
Wireless bike brake light
Liquid crystal display module
Optical lens, optical module having the same, and backlight assembly having the same
Optical waveguide connector
Shutter assembly
Optical receiver for computing applications
Optical transmission device and electronic equipment with use thereof
Module having a handle to be operated to attach the module to a cage
Modular solid-state laser platform based on coaxial package and corresponding assembly process
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
Delay-line demodulator
Waveguide modulator and related modulation method
Very high quality channel for multipathway optical rotary joints
Frequency extracting apparatus and signal extracting system employing the same
Method of compressing digital ink
Method of locating a human eye in a video image
Method, apparatus and system for data block rearrangement for LZ data compression
Optical character recognition based on shape clustering and multiple optical character recognition p...
System and method for optical character recognition in an image
Sign coring for contour reduction
Change detection equipment and method of image recognition
Image processor and image processing method
Object selective video recording
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Elasticity measuring device for biological tissue
Catheters and related devices for forming passageways between blood vessels or other anatomical stru...
Method and device for detecting fault in a blood oxygen sensor
Dual sensing for brady-tachy pacemaker/ICD
Method for interference suppression in a measuring device
Template based messaging
Method and device for restricted access contact information datum
Method and apparatus for reference signal selection in a cellular system
Integrity protection count synchronization method
Method for reducing apparent latency in linking a call received at a mobile communication device to ...
Cleavage of RNA at redundant sites
Method and apparatus to facilitate the provision and use of a plurality of varactors with a pluralit...
Method and apparatus for keypad manipulation
Method and apparatus for spur cancellation in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communic...
Method and gateway for controlling call routing
Interprocessor communication network providing dynamic dedication of ports
Method and system for distributing digital audio and video to an analog wireless device
Method of selective dormant data session reactivation
Method and apparatus for merging independently synchronized networks
Method and system for processing incoming packets in a communication network
Timing device with coarse-duration and fine-phase measurement
System and method for enabling a mobile device as a portable character input peripheral device
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for treating and preventing heart tissue degeneration and uses thereof
Surgical needle driver
Tridentate metal catalyst for olefin polymerization
Conjugate addition products of primary amines and activated acceptors
Vinyl compounds
Dimethicone-containing sustained release injection formulation
Compositions and methods for image development of conventional chemically amplified photoresists
Hydrocracking catalyst composition
Methods of degrading filter cakes in subterranean formations
Coating powder compositions and method
Curable compositions
Multi-purpose polymers, methods and compositions
System for non-invasive heart treatment
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance angiography utilizing flow pulses and phase-encoding pul...
Apparatus and methods of cortical surface registration and deformation tracking for patient-to-image...
Reconstruction method for images of the beating heart
Surface identification using microwave signals for microwave-based detection of cancer
Methods and apparatus for calculating and presenting the probabilistic functional maps of the human ...
Body-worn article functioning as a positioning device allowing patient positioning relative to medic...
Hybrid spectral domain optical coherence tomography line scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Insertion shape detecting probe
Utility pipe tape fitted in pre-construction to prevent the gaps next to utility pipes that let term...
Fat composition
Capped skirt for fishing
Exit gate with cow push bar for milking parlor
Poultry feeder
Round bale feeder
Apparatus for a litter box
Method and apparatus for culturing marine larvae
Disposable non-woven pad and method for entrapping pet hair and dander
Animal or other object washing system and method
Corrugated cardboard assembly and method for making the same
Treat holder for pets
Spool brake device of dual-bearing reel
Unitized receiver-housing bearing collar for pet
Techniques for establishing and managing a distributed credential store
Intravenous oxygenator
Mobile or portable apparatus with pressurized gas supply for preparing beverages or similar products
Spray-dried transition metal zeolite and its use
Catalyst system for olefin polymerization and polymers produced therefrom
Additive system for lubricants
Aqueous coating composition
Oxidation process in the presence of carbon dioxide
Propylene oxide process
Process for producing acrylonitrile compound
Polyester production system employing recirculation of hot alcohol to esterification zone
Process of preparing optically active .beta.-hydroxycarboxylic acid derivative
Phosphor, light emitting device by using the same and manufacturing method of the same
Doritaenopsis plant named `Moon N12`
Method for mounting electronic component
Colorless primer composition and method
Primer, conductor foil with resin, laminated sheet and method of manufacturing laminated sheet
Tracking usage of a functional unit
Spatially selective UHF near field microstrip coupler device and RFID systems using device
Monitoring control apparatus, monitoring system, monitoring method, wireless communication apparatus...
Method for producing a motor vehicle
System and method for monitoring acquisition channels
Methods and apparatus for managing a user interface on a powered network
Micromirror device with a single address electrode
Single-use cosmetic package
Motion detecting camera system
Protective case for washing clothes
Cosmetic container
Wetting agent based on a mixture of monoesters and diesters of butylene glycol
Composite silicone rubber powder coated with inorganic microfines and an organic silicon compound, m...
Cooling device for a product and a packaging and dispensing assembly for a corresponding product
Extreme environment surfactant compositions comprising hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxan...
Tonneau cover tension adjuster apparatus
Medical device having lithium-ion battery
Polymer separator for a lithium battery
Medical device having lithium-ion battery
Positive electrode active material containing a lithium-containing composite metal oxide and nonaque...
Combinational control strategy for fuel processor reactor shift temperature control
Process of ceramic coating for silver or silver plated
Dosage forms of bisphosphonates
Dosage forms of risedronate
Methods for deriving, isolating, and/or extracting amino acid compositions from Fenugreek seed
Image forming method using toner having block copolymer
Polymerizable composition and lithographic printing plate precursor
Nitrogenous fused heteroaromatic ring derivative
Transistor with large ion-complexes in electrolyte layer
Methods of charging lithium sulfur cells
Niobium alloy, sintered body thereof, and capacitor using the same
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Separators for alkaline electrochemical cells
Non-aqueous secondary battery and its control method
Secondary battery with a radical compound active material
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2,4-Pyrimidinediamine compounds and their uses
Electrolyte, battery including electrolyte, and method for manufacturing electrolyte
Rechargeable battery and method for fabricating the same
Battery with electrolyte containing aluminum salt
Thumb release mounting apparatus
Oxabispidine compounds and their use in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Recording medium, playback device, recording method, playback method, and computer program
Socket for pipe joint
Mobility policy manager for mobile computing devices
Enabling voice click in a multimodal page
Method for identifying HIV-1 protease inhibitors with reduced metabolic affects through detection of...
Methods for detecting receptor complexes comprising PI3K
Forstner drill bit
Reversible locking device for a timing chain tensioner
Mechanical chain tensioner with compliant blade spring
Long-wavelength resonant-cavity light-emitting diode
Medical injector
Deodorized and scented baby garment
Catheter anchor pad with release layer
Medical device slitter
Arm plate for sphygmomanometer
Sensor case
Lens power fine tuning device
Hearing aid
Cabinet for medicine
Digital health monitor
Portable display monitor
Adhesive deltoid cap brace
Pedicure tub side wall
Headlamp with binocular lens and glasses
Surgical instrument tray
Slide carrier
Method for controlling a direct voltage source and a voltage supply device
Reagent and method for preparing a fluorinated and silylated derivative
Stable titanium spectacle frames for telemicroscopes and surgical telescopes
Photo-luminescent liquid crystal display
MRI RF coil configured to decouple coil elements and MRI apparatus employing the same
Magnetic resonance system with radio-frequency shield with frequency-dependent shielding effect
High-pass two-dimensional ladder network resonator
Active decoupling of transmitters in MRI
NMR probehead with a plurality of resonator systems for simultaneous measurement of a plurality of s...
System and method for reducing effect of magnetic fields on a magnetic transducer
Integrated system of MRI RF loop coils plus spacing fixtures with biocontainment uses
DNP apparatus
Apparatus and method for non-invasive measurement of cardiac output
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus using a circularly polarized RF resonator detecting ...
Pipe joint
Drum for conveying a sheet
Skirt panel and railing for a raised platform
Apparatus and method for leading together a number of printed webs
Method and device for determining the web tension or the web tensile force in a printing substrate w...
Method for feeding a printing forme to a forme cylinder of a printing press
Method for the early identification of a deviation in the printed images that have been created by a...
Linked biaryl compounds
Energy and steel recovery system
Method of smoking/burning type volume reduction treatment and apparatus therefor
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
Process for cracking asphaltene-containing feedstock employing dilution steam and water injection
Hybrid coating stack
Pattern forming method
Antitumor medicine
Formation of olefins from methyl mercaptan
Method of providing narrative information to a traveler
Conveyor belt scraper
Ringer for a bicycle
Bicycle support with pivoting wheel engagement member
Human-powered lawnmower
Adjustable seat cushion
Booth assembly
Bicycle wheel securing structure
Multi-use eyeglasses with human I/O interface embedded
Method for managing annotations in a computer-aided design drawing
Zero-learning-curve exercise console
Bicycle light
System and method for electronically controlling resistance of an exercise machine
Stop lamp lighting controller
Oligomeric lactide macromer based copolymer and a process for the preparation thereof
Method for free-radical polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Non-aqueous inkjet inks of quinacridone pigments
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists
Use of a polyalkylmethacrylate polymer
Method of obtaining block copolymers and uses thereof in adhesive compositions
Multiple GaInNAs quantum wells for high power applications
Read Leveling Of Memory Units Designed To Receive Access Requests In A Sequential Chained Topology
Write Leveling Of Memory Units Designed To Receive Access Requests In A Sequential Chained Topology
Ophthalmic lens including photochromic material
Apparatus and method for ranging and noise reduction of low coherence interferometry LCI and optical...
Apparatus and method for ranging and noise reduction of low coherence interferometry LCI and optical...
Lens system and optical apparatus
Method of testing a surgical system
Method of controlling a surgical system based on irrigation flow
Intracorneal lens system having connected lenses
Injector for intraocular lens system
Presbyopia correction using patient data
Method of testing a surgical system
System for copy protection of an information carrier
Photovoltaic integrated building component
Electronic component assembly with composite material carrier
Thin flexible radio frequency identification tags and subsystems thereof
High aperture-ratio top-reflective AM-iMod displays
Heat transfer fluid compositions for cooling systems containing magnesium or magnesium alloys
Method and apparatus for treating a substrate
Methods and apparatus for depositing a microcrystalline silicon film for photovoltaic device
Polymers for use in optical devices
Rechargeable light-emitting diode driver circuit
Retaining water in a fuel cell stack for cooling and humidification during frozen startup
Solid-oxide fuel cell system having an upstream reformate combustor
Membrane electrode assembly for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Active metal/aqueous electrochemical cells and systems
Ether nitrile co-polymers containing sulfonic acid groups for PEM application
Desulfurisation of fuel
Polymer electrolyte and fuel cell employing the same
Switchable surfaces
Clean power system
System for generating electricity from a chemical hydride
Electrolyte for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same
Fuel cell system comprising an assembly manifold having a connection block
Semiconductor on insulator vertical transistor fabrication and doping process
Multiple frequency detection system
Method and apparatus for a wireless power supply
Secondary X-ray imaging technique for diagnosing a health condition
RFID environmental manipulation
Bonding method, device produced by this method, and bonding device
Substituted arylpyrazoles
Selectable frequency EMR emitter
Clip chip
Connection structure between wired circuit boards
Apparatus for testing catalysis electrode of fuel cell
39-desmethoxy derivatives of rapamycin
LPP type extreme ultra violet light source apparatus and driver laser for the same
Semiconductor device including a plurality of wiring lines
Actuator capable of driving with large rotational angle or large deflection angle
Method for the manufacture of a switching device and module for a switching device
Multilayer chip varistor
Analog interferometric modulator device with electrostatic actuation and release
Reserve torque management for engine speed control
Ejector system for vehicle
Vacuum circuit breaker
Vacuum circuit breaker
Vacuum circuit breaker
Sensor having switch function, manufacturing method thereof and electronic device having sensor buil...
Variable multi-stage waveform detector
Variable multi-stage waveform detector
Dihydrogen phosphate salt of a prostaglandin D2 receptor antagonist
Benzimidazole and pyridylimidazole derivatives
Diagnosis of sepsis or SIRS using biomarker profiles
Composition comprising a cell comprising a STIM1 protein and an agent that modulates intracellular c...
Selective dipeptide inhibitors of kallikrein
Mass spectrometry techniques for determining the status of sepsis in an individual
Non-peptide bradykinin antagonists and pharmaceutical compositions therefrom
Substituted biaryl compounds as factor XIa inhibitors
Extendable soft stent with excellent follow-up capability to blood vessel
Paste for solar cell electrode and solar cell
Development apparatus, image forming apparatus, and developer transfer method
Zoom lens and image pick-up apparatus
Case structure for card-type electronic product
Method for accessing in reading, writing and programming to a NAND non-volatile memory electronic de...
Semiconductor device having superjunction structure and method for manufacturing the same
Signal processing circuit comprising ion sensitive field effect transistor and method of monitoring ...
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage drop detector
Tissue coagulation method and device using inert gas
Life-saving garment
Vascular catheter guide wire carrier
System and method for workforce requirements management
Load balancing using IPv6 mobility features
Preventing aliasing of compressed keys across multiple hash tables
Intelligent integrated network security device
Demodulating a signal by performing consecutive beam splitting
System for measuring and controlling total color of a mixture of colorants such as toner
Simulating ion impingement
Vaso-occlusive devices with in-situ stiffening elements
Control of pH in formaldehyde-free binder systems
Pulse induction metal detector having high energy efficiency and sensitivity
Method of adjusting the resonance frequency of an L-C resonant circuit and resonant circuit
Sliding texture volume rendering
Quench protection of HTS superconducting magnets
Flat panel speaker and components therefor
Accelerometer and method for error compensation
Combining measurements from different sensors
Silica and silica-like films and method of production
Polymer additives with improved permanence and surface affinity
Patterned coated dichroic filter
Method of producing highly functionalized 1,3-diamino-propan-2-ols from solid support
Shoe sole
Capillary biosensor analysis system
Biosensor system
Personal portable blood glucose meter with replaceable cartridge of test strips
Biological testing system
System for automatically storing and reprocessing patient samples in an automatic clinical analyzer
Analytical test element and method for blood analyses
Immunological adjuvant compositions
Single receptor assays for immunosuppressive drugs
Indazole benzimidazole compounds
Tacrolimus standard and methods of using same
Handheld analysis instrument having acoustic output of measurement results
Diagnostic instrument
Device for sampling bodily fluids
System and method for coding information on a biosensor test strip
Method and device for monitoring analyte concentration by determining its progression in the living ...
Antiviral nucleosides
Slidable cutlery dispenser magazine
Use of copolymers containing sulfonic acid groups, as an additive in detergents and cleansers
Binary mixtures of biodegradable aliphatic polyesters and products obtained from these
Browse relevance
Handheld platform stabilization system employing distributed rotation sensors
Orthogonal frequency coding for surface acoustic wave communication, tag and sensor application
Systems and methods for tracking impacts
Manufacturable sampled grating mirrors
Resistive force sensing device and method with an advanced communication interface
Method and apparatus for distance measurement
Automated asset positioning for location and inventory tracking using multiple positioning technique...
Optical sensor with distributed sensitivity
Currency validator
Data encoding and decoding using Slepian-Wolf coded nested quantization to achieve Wyner-Ziv coding
Billing system and method for determining transportation charges for packages
Power limiting circuit
Transmit power management for a communication device and method for use therewith
Method for pre-heating, transforming and melting a metal charge and relative plant
Process for making highly dispersible spherical silver powder particles and silver particles formed ...
Method for the treatment of aluminum in a furnace
Method for fractional crystallisation of a metal
Method for producing Ti or Ti alloy through reduction by Ca
Process and apparatus for use in recycling composite materials
Metal recovery process and method
Mono, di and tri cyclic compounds useful for lowering IgE concentrations
Sensor, multichannel sensor, sensing apparatus, and sensing method
Image sensor and fabricating method thereof
Fake document including fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflective spectral...
Passive charge of implantable medical device utilizing external power source and method
Lead assembly with porous polyethylene cover
Spot welding inspecting apparatus
Heat sealer
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Data processing system including data transmission apparatus, data storage apparatus and client appa...
Setting attributes of jobs and documents in a layered structure
XML encoding scheme
Printer operable as a plurality of kinds of devices and control method therefor
Processing method and system
Optical scanning apparatus and image displaying apparatus having the same, wherein a light beam havi...
Image encoding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and c...
Image processing apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that utilizes converted data based on temperature detection
Developer supply container
Developing apparatus including developer carrying member and developer regulating member with surfac...
Processing method of device information and network device in device information management system
Gas-liquid separation apparatus
Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, municipal tanks, and other bodies of water
Blood processing filter
Method of separating isotopes
Wastewater treatment method and wastewater treatment equipment
Filter cartridges for fluid intake systems
Cell for generating disinfection water and system using the same
Device for irradiating liquids with UV radiation in a throughflow
Method and arrangement for processing nitrogen-concentrated effluents in a sequential fractionated c...
Method of treating waste liquid from production plant for hydrocarbons or oxygen-containing compound...
Method and device for adjusting the sediment content of a drink
Environment difference detector
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions containing a stain removing complex, and methods of makin...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Wiring substrate, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Radiation hardened lateral MOSFET structure
Semiconductor device, stacked structure, and manufacturing method
Ceramic multilayer substrate
Semiconductor device
Collective substrate, semiconductor element mount, semiconductor device, imaging device, light emitt...
Wafer level interposer
Connector-to-pad printed circuit board translator and method of fabrication
Methods and apparatus to reduce substrate voltage bounces and spike voltages in switching amplifiers
Three-dimensional microstructures having an embedded and mechanically locked support member and meth...
Varistor body and varistor
Multilayer positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Circuit device
Semiconductor structures incorporating multiple crystallographic planes and methods for fabrication ...
Method and system for designing objects using functional object representation
XML specification for electronic data interchange (EDI)
Assigning priorities
System and method for controlling the usage of digital objects
Methods and apparatus for allocating access to a host device buffer
Serial bus system
Arbiter module providing low metastability failure probability
Digital design component with scan clock generation
Error detection and recovery within processing stages of an integrated circuit
Method for modeling and verifying timing exceptions
Interactive session establishment based on initiation failure detection
Method for minimizing sample damage during the ablation of material using a focused ultrashort pulse...
System and method for walking an implantable medical device from a sleep state
Method and system of purifying polymers for use with implantable medical devices
Devices having a textured surface
Method of loading beneficial agent to a prosthesis by fluid-jet application
Coatings for implantable medical devices comprising hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymers
Saccharide foamable compositions
Methods for manufacturing a coated stent-balloon assembly
Trusted bus transactions
Pylon design
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Digital video camera
Manual adjacencies alternate routing
Information recorder, recording method, and recording media
High power, high luminous flux light emitting diode and method of making same
Efficient transfer of light signals between optical devices
Object detection in images using a graphics processor
Method and apparatus for a virtual accelerometer system
Method and apparatus for local area networks
Human activity monitoring device with distance calculation
Precision tape measure
Architecture for routing and IPSec integration
System and method for providing a regulated atmosphere for packaging perishable goods
Sphincter treatment apparatus
Vascular embolic filter devices and methods of use therefor
Inline inspection of photovoltaics for electrical defects
Temperature control in an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for arbitration and fairness on a full-duplex bus using dual phases
Cyclical-transmission-schedule reservation technique
Foot-actuated call answer-end apparatus
Compact carbon fiber composite material
Method of operating a dynamic nuclear polarization system
Fiber laser ladar
Optical time domain reflectometer
In-order fibre channel packet delivery
Local area network/wide area network switch
Distributed optical fiber sensor with controlled response
Chromatic dispersion compensation using wavelength tunable transmitter
Terminal with internal environmental seal
Method and apparatus for in-line serial data encryption
Low boron glass composition for loose-fill fiberglass insulation
Analog to digital conversion shift error correction
CRDS mirror for normal incidence fiber optic coupling
Proteases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Biodegradable detergent concentrate for medical instruments and equipment
Detergent composition containing a cationised silicone delivery system
Polyvinyl alcohol copolymer film for packaging liquid products and having an improved shelf-life
Whitening agents for cellulosic substrates
Endoscope pre-clean kit
Biodegradable detergent concentrate for medical instruments and equipment
Eco-friendly laundry detergent compositions comprising natural essence
Detergent compositions comprising coloured particles
Airbag deployment control based on deployment conditions
System and method for determining a position of a vehicle
Apparatus for compaction, breaking and rubblization
Dummy sound generating apparatus and dummy sound generating method and computer product
Method and apparatus to monitor ambient sensing devices
Integrated sensing system
Adaptive cruise control system and navigation system's media with vehicle control information includ...
System for using cellular phones as traffic probes
Automatic communication of subscription-specific messages to a telematics equipped vehicle
Inhibition of placenta growth factor (PLGF) mediated metastasis and/or angiogenesis
Compounds as semaphorin inhibitors
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Formulation containing phosphate derivatives of electron transfer agents
Substituted thieno[3,2-D]pyrimidines as Rho kinase inhibitors
Voice recording/reproducing device
Virtual program list providing system
Method and apparatus for preventing network attacks by authenticating internet control message proto...
Process to prepare lower olefins from a carbon containing feedstock
Heating tar sands formations while controlling pressure
Selective hydrogenation process employing a sulphurized catalyst
Degradable ball sealers and methods for use in well treatment
Swirl tube separator
Process for treating cracked naphtha streams
Fluid flow inversion chamber for feed spray nozzles in FCC unit risers
Compositions and processes for reducing NO.sub.x emissions during fluid catalytic cracking
Statin pharmaceutical compositions and related methods of treatment
Wireless device having a hardware accelerator to support equalization processing
Method of beveling an ophthalmic lens blank, machine programmed therefor, and computer program
Method and system for storing and retrieving a translation of target program instruction from a host...
Garbage collection
Method for protecting a computer from the manipulation of register contents and a corresponding comp...
Method for tuning chipset parameters to achieve optimal performance under varying workload types
Internet strawman and user interface therefor
Array--type computer processor with reduced instruction storage
Guitar headstock
Guitar pick with ergonomic shape
Rear mounted tremolo bar
Estimation and control of a resonant plant prone to stick-slip behavior
Refrigerant compressor with improved oil retention
Vacuum pump and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Dewatering apparatus
Nutating pump with reduced pulsations in output flow
Conveying device
Hydrogel-driven micropump
Chronic performance control system for rotodynamic blood pumps
Orientation independent electroosmotic pump
Swash ring compressor
Liquid ring pump
Fluid injection method and apparatus and display panel
Liquid pump with multiple chambers and control apparatus
Radial piston pump for common rail injection systems
Variable displacement compressor
Multistage pump
Compressor protection and diagnostic system
Integrated and self-contained suspension assembly having an on-the-fly adjustable air spring
Distributed power suspension system
Vehicle conversion assembly and method of converting a vehicle
Hospital bed
Vehicle suspension system and method
In-wheel suspension
Traffic control speed bump
Hammer drill
Fluid filled vibration damping device and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for automated configuration of gaming machine operating parameters
Method of detecting the presence of an insult in an absorbent article and device for detecting the s...
Method for the manufacture of a disposable undergarment having a cutout
Disposable absorbent pant having refastenable seams
Methods to modify the fibrous landing layer of a foam based fastener and products made from the same
Absorbent article product line
Abrasion resistant material for use in various media
Method and device for detecting the presence of multiple insults in an absorbent article
Absorbent articles comprising a bodily exudate modifying agent and a skin care formulation
Multilayer absorbent article
Ultrasonically laminated multi-ply fabrics
Identification of compounds for inhibiting complexation of C-reactive protein with fibronectin
Thermal stabilization and processing behavior of block copolymer compositions by blending, applicati...
Semiconductor mask correcting device and semiconductor mask correcting method
Producing nanoparticles using nanoscale polymer templates
Method for coating metal surfaces
Methods of metallizing nucleic acid molecules and methods of attaching nucleic acid molecules to con...
Anhydride and resorcinol latent catalyst system for improving cure characteristics of phenolic resin...
Method for producing shaped aluminium sheets with a decorative finish
Radiation protection material method for production of a radiation protection material and use of th...
Packaging assembly for containing and shipping articles
Insert for protecting a product within a box
Sheet product dispenser
Gravity-feed dispenser and method of dispensing inter-folded napkins
Combination shipping container and dispenser
Dispenser containing side by side rolls and provided with lower sliding closing means
Low reserve indicator for a paper towel dispenser
Air freshener device and methods for controlling an amount of evaporated scented material emitted fr...
Injection-molding system and method
Moisture resistant container
Devices and processes for distribution of genetic material to mammalian limb
System and method for detection of brain edema using spectrophotometry
Methods for monitoring drug activities in vivo
Apparatus for non-invasive cancerous tissue diagnosis and tomography using terahertz imaging
Multiple wavelength sensor equalization
In-vivo sensing device and method for producing same
Method and system for free space optical tomography of diffuse media
Fluorescent phantom device
System and method for monitoring communication
Physiological stress detector device and system
Portable sample analyzer with removable cartridge
Apparatus for performing optical measurements on blood culture bottles
Methods and apparatus for reducing noise in scatterometry measurements
Method and apparatus for performing optical measurements of a material
Modulated reflectance measurement system using UV probe
Reflectance measuring apparatus
Optical inspection of test surfaces
System and method for flattened anatomy for interactive segmentation and measurement
Method and apparatus of processing a time-sequence of separate image data sets
Method of calibrating image luminance values
Color correction involving color phase detection and phase-dependent control
Divergent and non-divergent texture fetches
Image processing apparatus and method of the same
Makeup method based on texture and texture map
Tunnel detecting device for vehicle and light control device for vehicle
Image processor for automotive vehicle
Methods and apparatus for processing medical images
Apparatus and methods of determining marker orientation in fiducial registration
Computerized detection of breast cancer on digital tomosynthesis mammograms
Device and method for generating a three dimensional vascular model
System and method for path based tree matching
Edge enhancement system and method and imaging system
Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images with exposure problems
Spatially variant image deformation
Method of and apparatus for investigating tissue histology
Double spiral antenna
Telephone handset coupling system
Automatic gain adjustment for a hearing aid device
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Method and device for measuring of oedema
Method and system for real time compression and decompression
Apparatus and methods for cooling network switches
Method and system for programmable data dependant network routing
Revision control system for large-scale systems management
Method and system for managing traffic in fibre channel systems
Data-center network architecture
Technique for in order delivery of traffic across a storage area network
Method and system for managing storage on a shared storage space
Technique for design, and placement, of a subdermal Ag--Ag/Cl biopotential electrode
Apparatus for blood component separation
Water treatment method by ballasted flocculation, settling, and prior adsorbent contact
Non-invasive device for measuring blood temperature in a circuit for the extracorporeal circulation ...
Method for treating wastewater
Process for controlling blood flow in an extracorporeal blood circuit
Method for separating a volume of composite liquid into at least two components
Filter with variable pleat depth
Filter element
Device for treating a medical liquid
Water treatment for an aircraft
Apparatus for wastewater treatment using nitrogen/phosphorus removal and floatation separation
Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid collection on machine tools (overflow)
Hollow fibre membrane module with a fixed structure
Method and device for the extraction of substances from liquids or solids dispersions
Mixed-modal anion-exchanged type separation material
Isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter
D/A converter circuit
DC-DC converter
Methods and apparatus for switching regulator control
Power converter for compensating maximum output power and PWM controller for the same
Dual voltage wye-connected H-bridge converter topology for powering a high-speed electric motor
Power converter
Converter circuit and motor driving apparatus
Class D amplifier
Suppressed carrier quadrature pulse modulator
Curing resin composition, adhesive epoxy resin paste, adhesive epoxy resin sheet, conductive connect...
Adhesive sheet for light-emitting diode device and light-emitting diode device
Control system for liquid motion lamp
Method for ECU calibration and diagnostics development
Method and system for detecting IA32 targeted buffer overflow attacks
Supervisory process control and manufacturing information system application having a layered archit...
Method, apparatus, and system for managing, reviewing, comparing and detecting data on a wide area n...
System for ensuring quality of service in a virtual private network and method thereof
Anti-bacterial plant compositions
Firebox surround
Providing freezing and thawing resistance to cementitious compositions
Energy absorbent material
Compositions and methods for treatment of microbial infections
Disposable component on a fuel cartridge and for use with a portable fuel cell system
Radio frequency identification device and method
Method for operating a reservoir-based sensor device
Multi-layer positive electrode structures having a silver-containing layer for miniature cells
Biomarkers for differentiating between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Method for manufacturing conductive layer and semiconductor device
Method of forming a polymer dispersed liquid crystal cell, a cell formed by such method and uses of ...
Fusible reactive media
Two-piece container seal and method of manufacture
DRAM and SRAM mixedly mounted semiconductor device
Email analysis using fuzzy matching of text
Methods, tools, and interfaces for the dynamic assignment of people to groups to enable enhanced com...
Methods of protecting against spam electronic mail
Synchronizing email recipient lists using block partition information
System and method for filtering electronic messages using business heuristics
SPAM report generation system and method
Federated challenge credit system
Event query in the context of delegated administration
Method of authentication processing during a single sign on transaction via a content transform prox...
System and method for controlling distribution of network communications
Dynamic security policy through use of empirical security events
Header height control system and method
Smartfilter in messaging
Detecting spam e-mail with backup e-mail server traps
Dynamic theme color palette generation
Method and device to improve backlight uniformity
System, method and computer program product for application development using a visual paradigm to c...
Apparatus and method of input and finger print recognition on a handheld electronic device
Apparatus and a method for preventing unauthorized use and a device with a function of preventing un...
Shopping cart system with automatic shopping item total calculator
Method and apparatus for remotely operating AC powered appliances from video interphones or shopping...
High-level database management system
Adjustable resource based speech recognition system
Method and system for controlled distribution of application code and content data within a computer...
Modified Fc molecules
Systems and methods for processing nucleic acid chromatograms
Hermetic chamber with electrical feedthroughs
Treatment of vascular occlusions using ultrasonic energy and microbubbles
Methods of reducing retrograde flow
Diagnosis of conditions associated with decreased arginine bioavailability
Systems and methods for spectroscopy of biological tissue
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Method for recovering metal values from refractory sulfide ore
Apparatus for manufacturing electrolytic metal foil
Method of forming a flash NAND memory cell array with charge storage elements positioned in trenches
Method for enabling an oscillator circuit using transition detection
Oscillator circuit with transition detection enable
Predictive programming in non-volatile memory
Flash memory device and method
Array of non-volatile memory cells with floating gates formed of spacers in substrate trenches
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Flash EEprom system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Disk drive implementing data path protection without writing the error detection code data to the di...
Media player
Deposited semiconductor structure to minimize n-type dopant diffusion and method of making
Fluid dynamic bearing, motor and storage disk device
Wired-circuit-board assembly sheet
Low-power pulse-width-modulated retract of disk drive actuator
Multi-ridged subwavelength aperture for optical transmission and thermally assisted magnetic recordi...
Disk drive deferring refresh based on environmental conditions
Data read retry with read timing adjustment for eccentrity of disc in data storage device
Apparatus, medium, and method controlling flying height of a magnetic head of a disk drive
Auto-servo tape system and associated recording head
Differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
Differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
Moving magnet actuation of tape head
Double notched shield and pole structure for stray field reduction in a magnetic head
Self aligned wrap around shield for perpendicular magnetic recording
Thin-film magnetic head with heating element and heatsink
High reliability heater for flying height control
Magnetic head assembly bonding electrode pad of slider and electrode pad of flexible wiring substrat...
Head suspension with arm having flexure and resilient support on opposing sides
Data storage device with support for wiring structure portion to suppress fluttering
Falling protective device for hard disk of a portable computer
Multilayer barrier stacks and methods of making multilayer barrier stacks
Perforating gun connector
Protective eyewear including auxiliary lenses
Energetic ionic liquids
Method and system for wireless power transfers through multiple ports
Segmented sleeping bag system
Imidazo 4,5-c pyridine compounds and methods of antiviral treatment
Compositions intended for the treatment of peripheral neuropathies, preparation thereof and uses of ...
Automotive coatings comprising pulverized rubber
Polyurethane compositions for golf balls
Piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric filter
Method and apparatus for determining the performance of an integrated circuit
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) binding antibody
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Silver powder and method for producing same
Inks for use on optical recording media
Thermal transfer sheet
Thermal paper with security features
Security paper authentication system with dual instant color
Transfer method and transfer apparatus
A/D converter
Flash A/D converter
A/D converter and A/D conversion method
Dynamic process control
Breast pump
Chocolate products and ingredients and methods for producing novel oil-in-water suspensions
Composition and wipe for reducing viscosity of viscoelastic bodily fluids
Plant extracts
Iron-fortified, milk-based, flavored beverages with improved color
Method for treatment of depression and depressive mood disorders
Loss reduction device for the production of ice cream
Duplex printer with motorized platen assemblies
Open-frame solid-state drive housing with intrinsic grounding to protect exposed chips
Multi-user MIMO feedback and transmission in a wireless communication system
Method and device for managing data rate in a communication system
Method and apparatus for providing radio bearer multiplexing within segmentation protocol
Channel identifier assigning method and mobile communications system
Efficient cell measurements during transmission gaps in a compressed mode
Transmission format indication and feedback in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
Lanyard for handheld electronic device
Electrification device, and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Methods and apparatus for the regulation of hormone release
Method and apparatus for creating a site-dependent evaluation library
2-methylene-1.alpha.-hydroxy-19,21-dinorvitamin D.sub.3 analogs and uses thereof
2-methylene-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxy-19,21-dinorvitamin D.sub.3 analogs and uses thereof
19-nor-vitamin D analogs with 3,2-dihydrofuran ring
5-amido-(1H-indol-2-yl)-piperazin-1-yl-methanone derivatives
Indolylmaleimide derivatives as PKC inhibitors
Activator for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor .delta.
(3,5-dimethylpiperidin-1yl)(4-phenylpyrrolidin-3-yl)methanone derivatives as MCR4 agonists
Substituted triazole derivatives as oxytocin antagonists
Substituted benzylaminoalkylene heterocycles
Pyrazole amide derivatives, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and methods of use for same
Genipin derivatives and uses thereof
Urea derivatives as calcium channel blockers
Tetracyclic arylsulfonyl indoles having serotonin receptor affinity useful as therapeutic agents, pr...
Long chain unsaturated oxygenated compounds and their use in the therapeutical, cosmetic and nutrace...
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use in treating metabolic disorders
MAO-B inhibitors useful for treating obesity
Optical irradiation device having LED and heat pipe
Terminal block and test pad for an HVAC controller
Device for the local cooling or heating of an object
Temperature controlled reaction vessel
Actively cooled exothermic reactor
Electronic device
Electronic device
Apparatus and method for environmentally conditioning a space
Heat dissipation device having a fan mounted thereon
IGBT packaging and cooling using PCM and liquid
Quasi-radial heatsink with rectangular form factor and uniform fin length
Heating apparatus
Heat transfer plate
Heat dissipation device
Method for estimating the impact of fuel distribution and furnace configuration on fossil fuel-fired...
Heat pipe with axial and lateral flexibility
Luminescent materials that emit light in the visible range or the near infrared range
Methods for monitoring binder mix loading of fiber glass mats
Method of using IR spectroscopy to determine presence of metallic material in polymer composite mate...
Methods and compositions to treat myocardial conditions
Phenyl-aniline substituted bicyclic compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating chronic pain and pain associated with neuropathy
Transcutaneous implant
Renal nerve stimulation method and apparatus for treatment of patients
Pyridine derivatives
Artificial lateral line
Wearable ultrafiltration device
Imprinting apparatus and method
Structure and method for making strained channel field effect transistor using sacrificial spacer
System and method for operating a mobile device, such as providing an out of box connection system f...
Systems for genome selection
Integrated circuit fabrication
Level shifting circuit having junction field effect transistors
Control system for an electronic sign (video display system)
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Protocol and system for firewall and NAT traversal for TCP connections
Communications processor
Vehicle seat and method for moving the vehicle seat in a vehicle cabin
Datacenter mail routing
Techniques for limiting network access
Server load balancing apparatus and method using MPLS session
System and method for comparing a service level at a remote network location to a service level obje...
High speed and high throughput digital communications processor with efficient cooperation between p...
Techniques for preserving and managing identities in an audit log
POS system, input/output control apparatus for use in a POS system, and method
Method for forming misalignment inspection mark and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
High-voltage pulse generating circuit
Method and system for communicating an information packet through multiple router devices
Network security monitoring system employing bi-directional communication
Broad-speed-range generator
Fluidic optical devices
Electric double layer capacitor
Method and system for installing geothermal transfer apparatuses with a sonic drill
Compounds derived from polyanhydride resins with film-forming, UV-absorbing, and photostabilizing pr...
Molded porous ceramic article containing beta-SiC and process for the production thereof
Methods of treating dermal ulcers using glucans
Conjugated polymers provided with at least one molecular imprinted polymer and a method for their pr...
Thermoelectric conversion element and thermoelectric conversion module
Emitter wrap-through back contact solar cells on thin silicon wafers
Ground source heat pump well field design and control strategy for large tonnage
Cryogenic cogeneration system
Automotive air-conditioning system
Brassiere construction
Removal of mercury from fluids by supported metal oxides
Osmium diboride compounds and their uses
Method and apparatus for improving the air quality within an enclosed space
Systems and methods for removing gaseous pollutants from a gas stream
Exhaust treatment system and method
Optimization of reflux accumulator start-up in amine regeneration system
Alumina-on-alumina composite supports
Salts comprising cyanoborate anions
Membrane apparatus and method of preparing a membrane and a method of producing hydrogen
Sodium carbonate recovery from waste streams and impounded sodium carbonate decahydrate deposits
Hydrogen generator
Tractable metal oxide sols and nanocomposites therefrom
Inorganic fine particle and method for producing the same using microchannel
Integrated boiler, superheater, and decomposer for sulfuric acid decomposition
Zirconia porous body and manufacturing method thereof
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide
Method and apparatus for compressed sensing
Integration of process modules and expert systems in process plants
Graph-based negotiation system with encapsulated constraint solver
Method, system, and computer program product for adaptively learning user preferences for smart serv...
Three dimensional sudoku cube puzzle and method
Method and apparatus for a trick-taking card game
Domino like card and board game
Target support system
Array delete mechanisms for shipping a microprocessor with defective arrays
Reception apparatus and information browsing method
Graphical user interface navigation method
Visually indicating problems found during programmatic analysis of a graphical program
Flexible code generation
Marshaling and un-marshaling data types in XML and Java
Systems and methods for multi-view debugging environment
Graphical program analyzer with framework for adding user-defined tests
Symmetric transformation processing system
System and method for application and resource data integration
Multi-environment document management system access
Advertisement insert apparatus and advertisement insert method, and storage medium
Device and method for restricting content access and storage
Sulfur-containing dispersant and sulfide phosphor paste composition comprising the same
Coated implants and methods of coating
Adhesive film and image display device
Applications of nonconjugated conductive polymers
Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method for the same
Polyelectrolyte complexes as delayed gelling agents for oil and gas applications
Thermoplastic composite material and optical element
Ionizing radiation stable thermoplastic composition, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Catalyst free polymerization of 3,4-alkylenedioxypyrrole and 3,4-alkylenedioxyfuran
Imidazole-based compounds, compositions comprising them and methods of their use