The invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive for the skin excellent in pressure-sensitive adhesiveness to the human skin and repeelability therefrom, which does not cause the horny layer to be torn away in peeling and is lowly irritant to the skin; and tapes or sheets made by using the same. The pressure-sensitive adhesive is characterized by comprising (a) 100 parts by weight of a copolymer which is prepared from an olefinic macromonomer and a vinyl monomer and whose molecular weight (in terms of polystyrene and as determined by gel permeation chromatography (GPC)) has a two-peak distribution (with the proviso that when the copolymer is to be post-cured, the distribution is one as determined before the post cure) and (b) 20 to 250 parts by weight of a softener which is compatible with the copolymer and liquid or pasty at room temperature and has a boiling point of 250 or above (with the proviso that when the content of the softener (b) exceeds 80 parts by weight, the copolymer must be post-cured).


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