The invention relates to a polarizing beam splitter device, an interferometer module system, a lithographic apparatus, and a device manufacturing method. The polarizing beam splitter device includes an optical element and a polarizing beam splitter layer. The optical element includes a retroreflector surface having three mutually perpendicular faces of high optical quality, a radiation beam passage surface and a handling surface. By designing the optical element, in particular the handling portion, to the shape of a beam splitter element, such as a prism, the handling portion, and thus the polarizing optical beam splitter device etc. itself, may be made more compact and with fewer surfaces to be polished and/or antireflection-coated. The positioning of the parts in a beam splitter is more reliable. Devices, systems in which the polarizing beam splitter device has been incorporated, such as a polarizing beam splitter device with quarter wave plates and a reference mirror fixed thereto, may also be made more compact, accurate and reliable.


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