Surface traffic movement system and method


A Surface Movement Area/Runway Traffic and Surface Area Flow Tool with Runway Incursion Protection System reduces runway incursions due to lost or disoriented aircraft, navigation in low visibility conditions, unfamiliarity with local procedures and airport layouts, and truncated or misunderstood clearances or other frequency congestion related communication and workload problems. SMART Board surface displays are used to provide route guidance instructions to aircraft at ramp and taxiway intersections, confirm to for pilots that their aircraft is at the correct location and is in the assigned queue and sequence before entering active runways, visual confirmation of runway clearances to aircraft and vehicles at all runway entrances, and lessening frequency congestion on Ground and Local communications channels. The system includes an Electronic Flight Data System to generate messages. Sensors and a wireless LAN are used to provide data from the system to all aircraft and vehicles on the surface movement area of an airport.


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