Apparatus and method for the use of position information in wireless applications


Embodiments of the present invention are directed at gathering position information of mobile and stationary entities and using the position information in a wide variety of applications. Various embodiments use a plurality of signal transmitting devices and/or a plurality of signal gathering devices to gather position information. In one embodiment, the signal transmitting device is an existing mobile electronic device. In another embodiment, the signal transmitting device is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag attached to an entity. In another embodiment, the signal gathering device is a collection of wall mounted antennas. The entity location is calculated by gathering the phase difference or other timing information of signal generated by the signal transmitting device on the entity. This location information is then given to end user applications. One embodiment is a network security application using gathered location information of wireless ethernet cards. Another embodiment is a network resource locator application.


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