Polyhydroxyalkanoate that comprises unit having substituted or unsubstituted (phenylmethyl) sulfanyl structure in side chain thereof and process for producing the same


A polyhydroxyalkanoate that comprises a unit represented by the following chemical formula (1): ##STR1##

wherein R1 is a substituent of an aromatic ring selected from the group consisting of H, CH3, C2H5, CH3CH2CH2, (CH3)2CH, (CH3)3C, a halogen atom, CN, NO2, COOR, and SO2R";, wherein R is selected from the group consisting of H, Na, K, CH3, and C2H5, and R"; is selected from the group consisting of OH, a halogen atom, ONa, OK, OCH3, and OC2H5; and x represents an integer of 1 to 8 being the same or different each other in the polyhydroxyalkanoate. A method for producing the polyhydroxyalkanoate is also provided.

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