Good living tea - a diabetic dietary supplement drink


A new invention, Good Living Tea was created specifically for those with diabetes. Good Living Tea is a tea specially blended with herbs and spices which lowers the glucose level in diabetic people. Good Living Tea is a dietary supplement which increases the insulin output, therefore lowering the glucose level. Good Living Tea is not a cure for diabetes and cannot control one's sugar level alone, but along with medication, diet, and exercise, "Good Living Tea" can be a useful dietary supplement in the control of one's diabetes. A composition of matter of Tea with the steps of adding boiling clean water to one premixed tea bag per cup. The ingredients in this unique blend of Teas are: dried Bitter melon leaves, ground Fenugreek, ground Cinnamon, dried Parsley flakes, and Pathimukham. This should give a light-reddish drink that is refreshing and invigorating.


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