Method and devices for providing network services from several servers


Methods and devices for obtaining a network service at a network interconnected computing device (18) from one of plurality of network servers (16a, 16b, 16c), are disclosed. The computing device (18) contacts a first network server (16a) having a first network address, using the network address over the network (10). The device (18) provides this server (16a) with an identifier of the computing device. This identifier may, for example, be a persistent state object or "cookie". The server (16a), in response, queries a database and determines a second network address of a server (16a, 16b or 16c) used to provide a service to the computing device, based on the identifier. This address is provided to the computing device (18). The network addresses of servers (16a, 16b, 16) may be uniform resource locators. The computing device (18), in turn, contacts the server identified by the second network address and obtains the network service. The service, may for example, include receiving an indicator at the computing device of an incoming telephone call on a telephone network.


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