Method and a system for managing shell script file development and execution


Initially, "libraying" text is inserted on all scripts executed on the computer, allowing administrators to discern at a glance every script that has been executed. Furthermore, administrators can easily ascertain the results of all automatically run programs (such as overnight batch jobs) by looking in a common location rather than all over the computer. All scripts installed on a computer system are required to have the ability to generate uniform output. This output includes the script name, the time it was run, the user name and the script execution results. When a script is executed, it will write this detailed output into a predefined directory. There, a file is generated which lists all the parameters associated with the script execution. The parameters are then available for future review by administrators. Additionally, an executed script writes a summary output to a common file. This file provides a single point of reference and further provides a summary description for all activities.


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