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Method and apparatus for performing biological reactions on a substrate surface
Use of immiscible fluids in droplet ejection through application of focused acoustic energy
Wave flextensional shell configuration
Time keeping apparatus and control method therefor
Variable spacing diffraction grating
Reentrant-walled optical system template and process for optical system fabrication using same
Transducer formed on a sacrificial metal substrate
Cooling unit including fan and plurality of air paths and electronic apparatus including the cooling...
Wash down filtered fan apparatus
Wind guide device for CPU cooler
Chassis-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a com...
Buckling device of a heat dissipating module
Heat-dissipating device with grounding capability
Seat apparatus for automobile
Holder of electroconductive contactor, and method for producing the same
Metal-air fuel cell battery system having means for recording and reading operating parameters durin...
Method and device to emulate a railway searchlight signal with light emitting diodes
Methods and apparatuses for multiple sampling and multiple pulse generation
Method for recording information in optical information medium and reproducing information therefrom
Bone conduction hearing aid
System for analyzing images produced by bacterial reactions
Low cost high speed connector
Automatic testing of redundant switching element and automatic switchover
Chromatographic systems with pre-detector eluent switching
Optically active isocyanurate and optical resolver comprising derivative of the same
Method for sequencing reaction cleanup by constant pressure differential ultrafiltration
Adhesive-coated copper foil, and copper-clad laminate and printed circuit board both obtained with t...
Ignition coil
LED array head, circuit board, and LED array chip
Method of printing on composite substrates
Corrosion and UV resistant article and process for electrical equipment
Semiconductor device
Fuze explosive train device and method
Diode-pumped alkali laser
ArF excimer laser device and a fluoride laser device
Phase locked free electron laser with rational mode locking
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device and multi-wavelength laser array
High power surface-emitting distributed feedback laser
All optical image reject down-converter
Silicon oxynitride optical waveguide switch with wavelength locked feedback control
Identifying fibers of fiber optic cables
Method and apparatus for controlling signal power level in free space communication
Benzamide derivatives, insecticides for agricultural and horticultural use and usage thereof
Amycomycin, a process for its production and its use as a pharmaceutical
Fungicidal carboxamides
Dual coil electromagnet using rectilinear cross-section core elements in a tattoo apparatus
Feed-through seal for a high-power laser fiber optic cable
Probe head holder
Plush bottle holder
Portable cleaning apparatus
Method of modulating NF-kB activity
Automatic uniform resource locator-based message filter
System and method for improving speed of operation of integrated circuits
Automatic categorization of documents based on textual content
System and method for counteracting message filtering
Delayed read/write scheme for SRAM interface compatible DRAM
Container body portion
Composite container with integral support, related method and mold
Multilayer preform and container with co-extruded liner
In-mold container having label with integral peelable coupon, label having integral peelable coupon ...
Liner and preform
Chip carrier device and method for the production of a chip carrier device with an electrical test
Contaminated sediment remediation vessel
Methods for treating ovarian cancer, poly (phosphoester) compositions, and biodegradable articles fo...
Method for inducing a response in one or more targeted cells
Three-dimensional cell culture material having sugar polymer containing cell recognition sugar chain
Three-dimensional prostheses containing hyaluronic acid derivatives
Drilling process monitor
Hybrid arched overfilled structure
Recombinant feline coronavirus S proteins
Haemophilus adherence and penetration proteins
Photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and its sheet
Rerouting method for a PVC route on an ATM network and a network management system using the rerouti...
More controllable acoustic spray patch compositions
Water-based acrylic emulsion dispersants utilized as grind resins for pigments and method of prepari...
Ultraviolet protected multi-layer structures of copolyester/polycarbonate blends
Adjuvant blend for enhancing efficacy of pesticides
Stable novel black polyurethane article colorants
Image data alteration preventing apparatus and alteration preventing method
Method and apparatus for providing immediate ciphering after an inter-system UTRAN-GSM handover
Wafer dicing blade consisting of multiple layers
Method for dicing a semiconductor wafer
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses ther...
Hand-holdable toy light tube
Polishing pad having an advantageous micro-texture and methods relating thereto
Personal defense device
Method and apparatus for tracking client interaction with a network resource and creating client pro...
Systems, methods and computer program products for chaining Java servlets across networks
Indicating device
Interior rearview mirror system incorporating a directional information display
Installation for increasing usable range along axial direction of light source
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Object imaging system
Method for checking a ring optical network line for data transmission between a plurality of network...
Cable storage cartridge
Optical fiber spool assembly
Fiber optic spools and methods of making the same
Hermetic fiber ferrule and feedthrough
Fiber optic terminator apparatus and method
Optical fiber stripping tool
Method and apparatus for controlling received power levels within a free space optical communication...
Apparatus and method of obtaining a radiation image of an object
Method and apparatus for high speed convolution
Manifold mosaic hopping for image-based rendering
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and data storage media
Method and apparatus for rotating image data
Method for determining necessary resolution for zoom and crop images
Implantable cardiac stimulation device for monitoring heart sounds to detect progression and regress...
Method of production of cold-rolled metal coated steel products, and the products obtained, having a...
Flexible automotive electrical conductor of high mechanical strength using a central wire of copper ...
Manually actuated strapping unit for wrapping a steel strap around a packaged item
Hard material sintered compact with a nickel- and cobalt-free, nitrogenous steel as binder of the ha...
Steel material and its manufacture
Data gateway and method for conveying data to a base site in a communication system
Wireless speaker for radio communication device
Packet routing to a mobile station
Method and apparatus for spanning operation of a cellular telephone
Wireless electromyography sensor and system
Calibrating a test system using unknown standards
Monitoring system and method implementing automatic testing with a smart scanning algorithm
Beverage containing a kayu-like fermentation product
Chocolate-based fat system having improved organoleptic properties
Packaging bag
Phosphor coating with self-adjusting distance from LED chip
Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic polyester or polyamide composition
Highly nucleated syndiotactic polypropylene
Process for the synthesis of 2'-O-substituted pyrimidines and oligomeric compounds therefrom
System and method for synchronization of the acquisition of images with the cardiac cycle for dual e...
Magnetic field generator for therapeutic applications
Drag washer of reel for fishing and reel for washing using the same
Spincast fishing reel having multipiece rear cover assembly
Fishing reel with a unidirectional control device
Animal waste scooper
Cross-flow tank system for aquatic life
Programmable processor with group floating point operations
Universal boot code for a computer network
Displaying information relating to a logic design
Emulation suspend mode with instruction jamming
Array-built-in-self-test (ABIST) for efficient, fast, bitmapping of large embedded arrays in manufac...
Ultra-high speed, active polymer-silica hybrid, single control voltage MMI-based 1-by-N packet switc...
Optical waveguides and devices including same
Method for automatically adjusting reference models in vehicle stability enhancement (VSE) systems
Process transmitter with orthogonal-polynomial fitting
Cellular automata neural network method for process modeling of film-substrate interactions and othe...
Tuning techniques for a slot antenna
Method and apparatus for releasing bus control by a device connected to the bus
Acid derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
Nemesia plant named `Penval`
Skin treatment using a new retinoid
Polyacetal resin composition and moldings
Ink compositions comprising modified colored pigments and methods for preparing the same
Method of forming thin film of inorganic solid electrolyte
Mixtures with special softening agents suited as a solid electrolyte or separator for electrochemica...
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body using the powder and capacitor using the same
Anode material for lithium secondary battery, an electrode for lithium secondary battery and a lithi...
NMDA receptor agonist pharmaceutical compositions
Retrovirus and viral vectors
Card reader with a light-emitting bezel
Pedestal for use with patient transport system for multiple imaging systems
1,8-naphthyridin-2(1H)-one derivatives
Compression recovery sheet, production process thereof and absorbent article containing the same
Ready-to-use aqueous composition for bleaching keratin fibers, comprising a combination of a water-s...
Method for combating hard water and scale by using algins
Amino acid compounds and photoprotecting compositions comprised thereof
Hair treatment and method of treating hair using compounded resin containing urethane resin
Cosmetic composition comprising a film-forming polymer, a poly-alpha-olefin and a liquid fatty phase
Make-up composition for the skin
Germicidal blooming type compositions containing biphenyl solvents
Acrylonitrile compounds
Polyurethane-polyurea dispersions as coating compositions
Pigment preparation
Method of manufacturing material for forming insulating film
Leaf coater for producing leaf type coated substrates
Methods for cleaning microelectronic structures with aqueous carbon dioxide systems
Fluorescence conversion medium and display device comprising it
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Polyoxyalkylene monoalkyl ether, process for producing the same, polymerizable polyoxyalkylene monoa...
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Filter canister for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly
Garbage can
Toothbrush holder
Bowl brush base
Method to generate telephone comfort noise during silence in a packetized voice communication system
Branch misprediction recovery using a side memory
Mixed PMDI/resole resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Mixed PMDI/solid novolac resin binders for the production of wood composite products
Ventilation of a water reservoir of a drinking fountain for a pet
Dose dispensing pump for dispensing two or more materials
Azeotrope-like compositions containing fluoroethane
Wipe with improved cleansing
Skin whitening composition comprising bearberry and tetrahydrocurcumin
Clear conditioning detersive compositions and methods for making the same
Creeper with an elevated platform
Blade tensioner
Telephone number relocation guidance system
Acquisition of 3-D scenes with a single hand held camera
Apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a page in an image scanner
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Digital spread spectrum circuit
Digital versatile disc playback system with program chain object searching capabilities
Human cGMP-stimulated cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase
Method of measuring coercive force of a magnetic card
Method and device for balancing rotating bodies
Guiding device for an areal printing material
Device for guiding sheets in a sheet processing apparatus
Delivery for a sheet-processing machine
System and method for improved registration performance
Buckle folding unit and method for controlling the register of a buckle folding unit
Rotary printing machine with a plate cylinder, a transfer cylinder and an impression cylinder
Trading card and display stand
Mixer, radar module, and communication apparatus incorporating the same
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Photographic day/night displays utilizing inorganic particles
Photoresist nanocomposite optical plastic article and method of making same
Signal wheel for generating rotational position signal
Integrated hydrocarbon reforming system and controls
Preparation of fuel cell electrode assemblies
Mixed ionic and electronic conducting ceramic membranes for hydrocarbon processing
Fuel cell drive system
Method of solubilizing single-walled carbon nanotubes in organic solutions
Reducing manufacturing and raw material costs for device manufacture with nanostructured powders
Metal oxide coated diatomite substrates
Low profile electrical connector for printed circuit board
Pyrano, piperidino, and thiopyrano compounds and methods of use
Molded articles having improved flex modulus and impact strength and a process for the production th...
Fuel cell
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods to treat pain
Pharmaceutical composition against type I allergy and the preparation thereof
System for exsanguinous metabolic support of an organ or tissue
6,9-disubstituted 2-[trans-(4-aminocyclohexyl)amino] purines
Foundation support and process for structures
Method for installing a duct in the ground and device for performing this method
Liquid crystal display apparatus having wide transparent electrode and stripe electrodes
Heating device and image forming apparatus using the same
Body water amount condition judging apparatus by multi-frequency bioelectric impedance measurement
Data generating device, data generating method and data generating program
Web search engine with graphic snapshots
Apparatus for transferring and holding data based on a selected clock rate
Ceramic deoxygenation hybrid systems for the production of oxygen and nitrogen gases
Battery separator with mud rest protectors
Heat-sealable films
Wireless centrex automatic callback
Cardiac stimulation device and method for storing diagnostic data in an automatic capture system
Computer system having memory device with adjustable data clocking using pass gates
Intermediates and improved processes for the preparation of neplanocin A
Electrophotographic apparatus
Apparatus and method for calibrating a timing circuit in a remote keyless entry system using program...
System and method for aircraft and watercraft control and collision prevention
Despreading circuit
Process to obtain clarithromycin
Profiled bar and use and method for its production
Methods of making telechelic oligomers, methods of making block copolymers, and novel block copolyme...
Beaded polyethylene glycol-based resins
Method for recovering fluorinated emulsifiers
Call distribution for a radio exchange station in a mobile communication system
Method of using location information for interference protection
Method and apparatus providing simultaneous dual mode operations for radios in the shared spectrum
Method for producing barium titanate based powders by oxalate process
Reformer and method for operation thereof
Method for making zeolites and zeolite mixtures having enchanced cation exchange properties
Disk drive with improved retract circuit and method
Magnetic recording device with improved reliability
Front-hood arrangement for a passenger vehicle and method of making same
Articulated hauler
Transportable lift truck with telescopic lifting arm
Method of transacting an electronic mail, an electronic commerce, and an electronic business transac...
Method and system for integrating transaction mechanisms over multiple internet sites
Process of making paper machine substrates resistant to contamination by adhesive materials
Screen printed coating on water-sensitive film for water protection
Method and apparatus for winding a web
Method of making an absorbent article having leg cuffs combined with containment flaps
Personal care articles with reduced polymer fibers
Formulation for respiratory tract administration
HDPE label film
Fischer-tropsch process
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polym
Late transition metal complexes, their use as catalysts and polymers therefrom
Process for making olefin-carbon monoxide copolymers from synthesis gas
Pilot controlled relative analgesia system for commercial airlines
Flap arrangement for varying the aerodynamic lift generated by an aerodynamic element of an aircraft
Computer system with greater than fifteen drive fault tolerance
Network communication system provides users capabilities to perform initial registration simplied co...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for applying styles to host screens based on host sc...
Bag turning device
Computer system
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Satellite communication system
Mobile communication system
Method of forming a window for a gallium nitride light emitting diode
Apparatus and method to achieve continuous interface and ultrathin film during atomic layer depositi...
Food supplements containing polyphenols
Methods for the detection of harmful substances or traces thereof
Compact millimeterwave system for De-icing and for preventing the formation of ice on the outer surf...
Front lifting equipment for crawler tractor, and crawler tractor equipped therewith
Method for identifying outliers in large data sets
Authentication method to enable servers using public key authentication to obtain user-delegated tic...
Data security method and device for computer modules
Respiratory delivery system with power/medicament recharge assembly
Method for performing a data query
Process for manufacturing granular coated sodium percarbonate for detergent
Force feedback mechanism for gamepad device
Method of forming enlarged pile heads
Bottom activated retractable control surface for an unmanned undersea vehicle
Petunia plant named `Whip Darsal`
Article sensor assembly
Artificial chromosome constructs containing foreign nucleic acid sequences
Microoptoelectromechanical system (MOEMS) based laser
Nucleic acid compositions encoding modified Bacillus thuringiensis coleopteran-toxic crystal protein...
Method and apparatus for reducing stress
Method and apparatus for dispatch table construction
Electronic camera
Climbing shrub rose plant named `Radramblin`
System and method for auditing loan portfolios and loan servicing portfolios
Gargle method to reduce the duration of common cold symptoms
Common data model including field interdependencies
Controller-based bi-directional remote copy system with storage site failover capability
Driving device for synchronous motor
Cylinder head cover structure of hermetic motor-driving type compressor
Method and apparatus for identifying a data sequence related to a given data sequence
Heat pack with expansion capability
Liquid crystal display device having uniform integrated spacers
Low emission exhaust system for a motorized scooter
Interactive toy play set
Nasal spray for decongesting nasal passages
Modification and use of configuration memory used during operation of a serial bus
7-substituted fused ring tetracycline compounds
Water turbine arrangement
Tape-out system of mask tooling network for multiple supply chain
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Waterproof roof deck post construction and method
Silica gel-supported catalyst component for ethylene (co)polymerization, catalyst therefrom and use ...
Apparatus for computer-assisted isolation and characterization of proteins
N-(aryl/heteroarylacety) amino acid esters, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods...
Method and apparatus for reliable and efficient data communications
Agents for treating neuropathic pain
Synchronously driven, multiple cable boat lift
Solid oxide fuel cell as auxiliary power source installation in transport aircraft
Method and device for packaging, transporting and acclimatization of exotic fish or aquatic plants
UV radiation device for treating fluids with a simplified radiation chamber
Symbolic model checking with dynamic model pruning
Perfluoroalkyl-containing complexes with sugar radicals, process for their production and their use
Lubricating compositions, concentrates, and greases containing the combination of an organic polysul...
Steering control system for tracklaying vehicle
Theatrical advertising display
Fractal cross slot antenna
Thermosetting two-component coating compositions
Photosensitive polymer
Fuel dissipater for pressurized fuel cell generators
Parametric programming of laser cutting system
Position determining apparatus for coordinate machine
Work management method, management system and management apparatus suited to work sites
Chromatic dispersion distribution measurement apparatus and method for the same
Voice activated controller for recording and retrieving audio/video programs
Field ionizing elements and applications thereof
Apparatus has a microprocessor including DSP and a CPU integrated with each other as a single bus ma...
Multiple microchannels chip for biomolecule imaging
Alternative routing system for mobile telephone calls
Implantable devices having a liquid crystal polymer substrate
Duty cycle correction circuit with frequency-dependent bias generator
Method and apparatus for electrospray mass spectrometric analysis
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Data retrieval assistance system and method utilizing a speech recognition system and a live operato...
Data storage system having director boards with plural processors
System and method for detecting a device requiring power
Production of proteins in plant seeds
Method and apparatus for disabling sodium ignitor upon failure of discharge lamp
Channel equalisers
Preparation of chiral 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-6,7-dialkoxy-3-isoquinolinecarboxylic acid and derivatives
Surface acoustic wave device utilizing a ZnO layer and a diamond layer
Multimedia information communication system
Self-test electronic assembly and test system
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meiwiling`
Validating the creation of and routing of messages to file objects
System for constructing network community
Method of producing a screen for a color display tube
Method and system for retrieving blocks of data from a storage medium
Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling same
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Carbon dioxide recovery in an ethylene to ethylene oxide production process
Light-emitting device and production thereof
Nonvolatile magnetic storage device
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Game enclosure
Multi-standard reception
Egg having active oxygen eliminating ability and method of producing same
System for automatically controlling lift-augmentation devices of an aircraft during take-off
Filter structure
Apparatus and method for annotating an intermediate representation of an application source code
Independent wheel arrangement for toy vehicle
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Conveyor belt ceramic tile segment
Hierarchical mapped database system for identifying searchable terms associated with data nodes
Silicon single crystal, silicon wafer, and epitaxial wafer.
Portable game apparatus with acceleration sensor and information storage medium storing a game progr...
Composite masonry block
Pontoon watercraft integrated load distribution system
Petunia plant named `Reflec Pur`
Robot-mounted two-package-mixing coating device and internal pressure explosion-proof robot
Optical switch having switch mirror arrays controlled by scanning beams
Multihued labels
Apparatus for playing music with enhanced part performance and computer program therefor
Use of code obfuscation to inhibit generation of non-use-restricted versions of copy protected softw...
Camera and focal point detection apparatus
Mahaleb rootstock named `UCMH 56`
Architecture to fragment transmitted TCP packets to a requested window size
DNA encoding for plant digalactosyldiacylglycerol galactosyltransferase and methods of use
Maximum transition run encoding and decoding systems
Structures and methods for damping tool waves particularly for acoustic logging tools
Orthopedic support for the treatment of heel pain
Liquid crystal display device with columnar spacer
Auxiliary silencer system for all terrain vehicles
Interactive talking dolls
Gamma-hydroxy-2-(fluoroalkylaminocarbonyl)-1-piperazinepentanamides and uses thereof
Energy consumption estimation using real time pricing information
Fish protective water extraction method and apparatus
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins,...
1,2,-Disubstituted cyclic inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-alpha
Caulking gun
Process to produce a homogeneous polyethylene material
Touch screen region assist for hypertext links
Modulators of Rho C activity
Combination therapy employing ileal bile acid transport inhibiting benzothipines and HMG Co-A reduct...
Horse owner's and farrier's stand
Method and apparatus for managing data exchange among systems in a network
Magnetic head having magnetic shield layers
Self-centering steering module
Electric feline play center
Child shoe-lacing and dressing learning kit
Modulating production of pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide
Illuminated mounting support for transparent media with image to create shadow effect
Horn antenna apparatus
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Process for producing structural parts, structural part produced by the process, thermal insulation ...
Tooth cleaning assembly
Supercritical fluid pressure sensitive adhesive polymers and their preparation
Acetalsulfonate derivative, process for producing the same, and process for producing styrene oxide ...
Melt processable PMR-type polyimides
Fuel cells having silicon substrates and/or sol-gel derived support structures
System, method, and product for symmetrical filtering in scanning of biological materials
Navigation system and method for tracking the position of an object
Automated machine and method for fruit testing
Stability test for silicon on insulator SRAM memory cells utilizing bitline precharge stress operati...
Methods and apparatus for measuring flow velocity in a wellbore using NMR and applications using sam...
Image forming apparatus using intermediate transfer body
Correction of code drift in a non-coherent memory
Melon promoters for expression of transgenes in plants
Twin dimming controller for backlight system
Inbred corn line KW4773
Power linearizer of a CDMA system and method thereof
Method for hiding binary data in a digital image
Integrated circuit device having clock frequency changing function, computer system using the integr...
Method and apparatus for defining, managing and distributing broadcast names
System and method of placing components for minimizing wire congestion and wire length in performing...
Miniature rose plant named `Meiskaille`
System and method for weight-loss goal visualization and planning and business method for use theref...
Programmatic masking of storage units
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Multimedia schedule presentation system
Simple focusable lens combination of a camera
Power switching unit of a portable telephone capable of monitoring and controlling a battery supply ...
Self-healing MRAM
Method of forming memory device having capacitor including layer of high dielectric constant
Semiconductor device with capacitor structure having hydrogen barrier layer and method for the manuf...
Molecular mimetics of unique Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B epitopes
VR motion base control apparatus and it's supporting structure
Greeting card with DVD
Directional intraoperative probe
Health supplements containing phyto-oestrogens, analogues or metabolites thereof
Method, device and computer-readable memory containing a computer program for determining at least o...
Aircraft engine reliability business model
Seat load measuring system that automatically makes a self diagnosis and zero point adjustment in re...
Chassis of remotely controllable car
Process for producing fluoropolymer
Security system with embedded HTTP server
Method and system for estimating time of occurrence of machine-disabling failures
Vehicular jack
Ferritic stainless steel having high temperature creep resistance
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler having improved flow
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Navigation of object lists
Multiple zone automatic HVAC control system and method
Corrosion-resistant alumina member and arc tube for high-intensity discharge lamp
Apparatus and method for registering students and evaluating their performance
Lockable security cabinet for casino game controllers
Routing of electronic messages using a routing map and a stateful script engine
Erosion control rolls
Chemical dispenser
Petunia plant named `Whip Rose`
Integrated welding control and power supply using phased control power technology
Vanadium compounds as anti-proliferative agents
Mechanically assisted release for MEMS optical switch
Method of delivering a benefit agent
Radio-wave arrival-direction estimating apparatus and directional variable transceiver
System and method for diagnosing and validating a machine using waveform data
Photoflash projection device and a method of using the device
Petunia plant named `Jam Cherose`
Migraine medicine and method for treating same
Apparatus and method for authenticating messages in a multicast
Method and device for computing incremental checksums
Data compression over communications links which are exposed to occasional errors
Audio output system and method therefor
Cache lock device and method therefor
Topical application of solid antimicrobials to carpet pile fibers during carpet manufacture
Liquid crystal display device having particular constructed sapphire substrate
Filter system for environmentally-safe portable apparatus for disposing of cylindrical light bulbs
Construction set for building structures
Antiviral activity and resolution of 2-hydroxymethyl-5-(5-fluorocytosin-1-yl)-1,3-oxathiolane
Methods and systems for managing heap creation and allocation
Control scheme for conversion of variable composition synthesis gas to liquid fuels in a slurry bubb...
Multi-electrode apparatus and method for treatment of congestive heart failure
Method for manufacturing an aperture grill material for color picture tube
Liquid containment/diversion dike
Guanylate-binding protein
Secreted polypeptides that stimulate release of proteoglycans from cartilage
Multi-linked seal assembly having material that swells when exposed to fire
Polyacetal resin composition
Method for controlling critical circuits in the design of integrated circuits
Substituted 1,5-dihydropyrrol-2-one derivatives active as NMDA receptor antagonists for treatment of...
Spider license frame
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a mechanically damped gradient coil system
Transmitting apparatus and error handling method in transmitting apparatus
Unsaturated derivatives at the 4-position of 6-tert-butyl-1,1-dimethylindane and their use in human ...
Sender- specified delivery customization
Charging cradle
WebTx gateway preprocessing hook
Spin valve thin film magnetic element and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for controlling an aircraft
Duty cycle corrector for a random number generator
Animal support apparatus
Reader for decoding two-dimensional optically readable information
Method and apparatus for training memory
Pesticidal 1-arylpyrazoles
Double mutants of dihydrofolate reductase and methods of using same
Pyrimido[5,4-e][1,2,4]triazine-5,7-diamine compounds as protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Multiple use automobile banner
Self-righting assembly
Milling process for the production of finely milled medicinal substances
Optical pickup device holding container
Multi-polar connector
Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies
Method for forming a via hole, flexible wiring board using the method, and method for producing the ...
Method for producing aldehydes and/or alcohols or amines
Oxidation method
Method of purifying bishydroxyalkyl terephthalate
Attachment device
Memory circuit being capable of compression test
Use of computational and experimental data to model organic compound reactivity in cytochrome P450 m...
Intermediate transfer drum for electro-photographic process and image forming apparatus using the sa...
Dynamic synapse for signal processing in neural networks
Electrocardiogram system for synthesizing leads and providing an accuracy measure
Silicate materials for cathode-ray tube (CRT) applications
High-speed CO2 gas welding method
Recognition/anti-collision light for aircraft
Method and apparatus for generation of CDMA long codes
Antiviral purine derivatives
Monocyclic L-nucleosides, analogs and uses thereof
Mechanism and apparatus for using messages to look up documents stored in spaces in a distributed co...
Method and apparatus for implementing search and channel features in an enterprise-wide computer sys...
Publish/subscribe data processing with subscription points for customized message processing
Assembly of a graphical program for accessing data from a data source/target
Network system using a firewall dynamic control method
Method of searching or browsing multimedia data and data structure
Mixed enclave operation in a computer network
Article of jewelry
Filtering method and filter
Use of silanes to enhance activity in single-site polymerizations
Hammer release apparatus
Method for optimizing a supply-consumption operation
Storage apparatus system and method of data backup
Method of creating unique user aliases for users in a communications network
Method for isolating enriched source of conducting polymers precursors
Linac focused by graded gradient
Environmental shroud
Differential current mirror system and method
Method for detecting a number of consecutive valid data frames and advancing into a lock mode to mon...
Fluid-bed aromatics alkylation with staged injection of alkylating agents
Transparent substrate light emitting diode
Write pulse circuit for a magnetic memory
Devices containing zirconium-platinum-containing materials and methods for preparing such materials ...
Space ride simulator
Handheld personal data assistant (PDA) with a medical device and method of using the same
Determining an optimum wiring pattern and component placement scheme for a printed wiring board
System and method for dynamic macro placement of IP connection filters
Confetti blaster
Process for making graft copolymers
Article having a superalloy protective coating, and its fabrication
Automatic slope adjustment for bi-levelpressure support system
Control unit and system utilizing the control unit
Method and apparatus for generating an application for an automation control system
Sign perception system, game system, and computer-readable recording medium having game program reco...
Device and method for transporting and converting protocol messages from one protocol into another
Method for sealing an annular space
High-damping elastomer composition
Petunia plant named `Jam Laver`
Immune stimulating dietary supplement and method of use thereof
Trajectory planning and motion control strategies for a planar three-degree-of-freedom robotic arm
Optical fiber collimator and method for fabricating the same
Peptide ligands for the erythropoietin receptor
Non-volatile memory device having self-aligned gate structure and method of manufacturing same
Variable viewfinder for wide angle shots
Petunia plant named `Jam White`
Method of treating a male impotence condition
Clock distribution scheme in a signaling server
Illuminating device
Closure system for spinal fixation instrumentation
Method and system for extraction of parasitic interconnect impedance including inductance
Method and system for modeling financial markets and assets using fractal activity time
Cache way prediction based on instruction base register
Multidimensional contact mechanics measurement system
Directory read inhibitor for optical storage media
Temperature control system for humidity sensor
Mechanism and protocol for per connection based service level agreement measurement
Building block
Clear cleansing detergent systems
Acoustical transducer for recreating a spatial sound stage and improved localization of original sou...
Plasma thermal processing system having carbon sensing and control
Method and apparatus for replicating heat profile of infrared oven
Automatic wireless service activation in a private local wireless system
Solid state capacitors and methods of manufacturing them
Method and apparatus for providing secure communication with a relay in a network
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of video tape media
Method and apparatus for laying elongated articles
Methods and apparatus for optical communication update of program memory in embedded systems
Multi-functional cement dispersants and hydraulic cement compositions
Polymers containing polysaccharides such as alginates or modified alginates
Automated teller machine media cassette
Connecting structure and connecting method of terminal fitting and electric wire
Apparatus and method for accessing a coin image compilation
Process for preparing an ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer
Composition based on propylene polymers and process for obtaining same
Dyadic DSP instruction processor with main and sub-operation functional blocks selected from each se...
Flight plan intent alert system and method
Byte code instrumentation
System and method for integrating a proxy server, an e-mail server, and a DHCP server, with a graphi...
Graphical viewer for biomolecular sequence data
Inbred corn line 7SH385
Signage having films to reduce power consumption and improve luminance uniformity and method for usi...
Battery vent and method of assembly
Controlled release macrolide pharmaceutical formulations
Polynucleotides encoding a novel metalloprotease, MP-1
Storing and using the history of data transmission errors to assure data integrity
Resin composition for soft relining material
Operator control station and method for a work machine having more than one function
25312, a novel human agmatinase-like homolog
Method for making barium titanate powder, barium titanate powder prepared by the method, dielectric ...
Scaleable route redistribution mechanism
Nucleic acids involved in the responder phenotype and applications thereof
Acetabulum spacing device
Chair with improved cradle motion, particularly for aircrafts
Interactive client-server environment for performing collaborative timing analysis of circuit design...
Timepiece including multiple liquid crystal displays
Anti-hijacking system operable in emergencies to deactivate on-board flight controls and remotely pi...
Programmable injector control
Aquarium filtering system
System and method to test internal PCI agents
Methods and apparatus for mechanically controlling adjustment of a chair
Handling device, in particular for handling boards and foils
Double-rack-and-pinion swinging apparatus
Light beam scanning pen, scan module for the device and method of utilization
Password generation method and system
Single I/O session to commit a single transaction
Optical scattering monitor
Inhibitors of c-Jun N-terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
Pyrazolopyridopyrimidine inhibitors of cGMP phosphodiesterase
Immunomodulating compounds
Geometrically restricted 2-indolinone derivatives as modulators of protein kinase activity
Heterocyclic compounds and their therapeutic use
Health condition judging/displaying device
Hand-held tool with dust extraction
Interactive apparatus with templates
Control system for hydrostatic pump
Method for obtaining slightly colored branched polyisocyanate(s), and the resulting composition
Dental materials containing a tear-off material
Conditioned media for propagating human pluripotent stem cells
Manipulation of hardware control status registers via boundary scan
Anti-(retro)viral conjugates of saccharides and acetamidino or guanidino compounds
Phosphor-converted light emitting device
Tax stamp perforator and notcher
DRAM cell having a capacitor structure fabricated partially in a cavity and method for operating sam...
Pressurized aerosol compositions comprising powdered medicament dispersed in hydrofluoroalkane
Secondary cell with high rate pulse capability
Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides based on C12 to C22 fatty acids
Flame-retardant coating
Sales point business method and apparatus
Proteoglycan compositions for treating arthritic inflammatory conditions
Patterned platelets
Glass substrate and liquid-crystal display device
Polymerization of ethylene oxide using metal cyanide catalysts
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode including at least one retardat...
Method and apparatus for rendering stolen computing devices inoperable
Vehicle drive override system
System and method for bridge and roll in a photonic switch
Liquid crystal displays with repositionable front polarizers
Reactive distillation process for the alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Method and apparatus for implementing multiple V-chip settings for a display device wherein the sett...
Technique for specifying the parameters of complex technical studies by using a decision tree
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device testing method
Process for reading fractioin of an interval between contiguous photo-sensitive
Maintenance management system for monitoring a plurality of computers interconnected by a network
Heating mechanism for use in image forming apparatus
Reducing clock skew in clock gating circuits
Method and apparatus for pre-fetching audio data
Voltage sensing system with input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applicatio...
Basidiomycete manganese peroxidase gene-transferred plant and a method for removing an environmental...
drug delivery systems and methods
Apparatus and method for music production by at least two remotely located music sources
Optical analysis method for inhomogeneous turbid media
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Automatic thermal therapeutic apparatus
Receiver for DS-CDMA signals
Oxazole derivatives
Methods and compositions for preventing and treating prostate disorders
EP4 receptor selective agonists in the treatment of osteoporosis
Electromechanical memory having cell selection circuitry constructed with nanotube technology
Voltage controlled nonlinear spin filter based on paramagnetic ion doped nanocrystal
Implant comprising calcium cement and hydrophobic liquid
Iontophoresis device
Mono-and disubstituted 3-propyl gamma-aminobutyric acids
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Fgl-2 knockout mice
Swivel arm with passive actuators
Method of utilizing absorbing means in coupling substrate
Method and apparatus for displaying images of tubular structures
System for providing computer guided ablation of tissue
Spiro-indolines as Y5 receptor antagonists
Composition for treatment of obesity
Substituted pyrazinoquinoxaline derivatives as serotonin receptor agonist and antagonists ligands
Network control device enabling communication between first and second networks utilizing mode switc...
Vehicle-mounted electronic control apparatus
Gaming cabinet footrests
Game lifting apparatus
Game system allowing calibration of timing evaluation of a player operation and storage medium to be...
Card guide system
Transformable riding toy
Printer with ribbon fold out mechanism and plastic ribbon clutch
Non-spill container
Apparatus and method for increasing downward force exerted on a spinning vehicle
Frame for a battery-operated industrial truck
Drive power transmission apparatus
Hybrid vehicle system
Rear wheel steering swingout compensation
Apparatus and method for generating digest according to hierarchical structure of topic
Method for extracting and storing records of data backup activity from a plurality of backup devices
Peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerases
Substrate processing unit
Value-sheet issuing device for selectively assigning common images from a local storage
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable memory medium
System for displaying two independent images received from network
Masa flavored cereal germ and a process for making same
Activation method of a starch decomposition enzyme in food material
Fractionation of soybean 7S globulin and 11S globulin and process for producing the same
Screening methods for compounds useful in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease
Biodetectors targeted to specific ligands
Method for obtaining oil products with low sulphur content by desulfurization of extracts
Nucleotide sequences which code for the cma gene
Chimeric cell-targeting pathogenic organism and method of therapeutic use
Alternate display content controller
Process for upgrading of Fischer-Tropsch products
Method of fuel production from fischer-tropsch process
Salicylaldehyde-containing composition having antimicrobial and fragrancing properties and process f...
Polymer for printed cotton
Dual curing process for producing a seam
Plasma display panel
Platform for the differentiation of cells
Concentrated injection and infusion solution for intravenous administration
Hardware circuitry to speed testing of the contents of a memory
Built-in self-repair of semiconductor memory with redundant row testing using background pattern
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Localized MRAM data line and method of operation
Semiconductor device with copper wiring connected to storage capacitor
HCV-derived RNA polymerase gene
Antibodies specifically reactive with integrin .beta.6 subunits
erbB-3 nucleic acids
NRIF3, novel co-activator for nuclear hormone receptors
Distance measuring apparatus
Sub-pixel accurate motion vector estimation and motion-compensated interpolation
Measuring method for determining the position and the orientation of a moving assembly, and apparatu...
Imaging apparatus with divers resolution
Surface inspection system for work boards
Use of generic classifiers to determine physical topology in heterogeneous networking environments
Methods for the evaporation of an aqueous solution containing ammonia
Internal cooling with liquid gas
Process of making lignocellulosic articles
Method and apparatus for using recycled plastic material, and a plastic product made by an extruder
Process of high purity albumin production
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Fiber optic ribbon interconnects and breakout cables
Vehicular resinous window and vehicular door panel
Process for producing an electrode assembly for an electronic double layer capacitor
Lower reactivity blends of calcium hypochlorite and magnesium sulfate
Catalyst for purification of exhaust gases, production process therefor, and process for purificatio...
Method for controlling NOx removal system in boiler
Method and apparatus for removing organic hazardous substances using selected solvents
Cleaning process and cleaning agent for harmful gas
Production of high specific activity copper-67
Quick loading muzzleloader system
Inhalation device employing blister packs with cavities and alignment slits
Method for determining the steady state behavior of a circuit using an iterative technique
Free-space multi-port wavelength router with broad wavelength passbands
Devices and systems based on novel superconducting material
Medium allocation method
Flexible runtime configurable application program interface (API) that is command independent and re...
Apparatus for adjusting phase
Nyquist band frequency translation
System and method for internally fitting a new inner hull to an existing outer hull to form a rebuil...
Convertible marine fender
Connecting device for a push-barge system
Sectional boat
Method, apparatus and article for verifying card games, such as playing card distribution
Card game
Stud poker games
Gaming device having multiple award enhancing levels
Virtual image/real image superimposing and displaying apparatus, and slot machine
Electronic system and method for operating an auxiliary incentive game
Method of adhesive bonding by induction heating
Production of genetically-controlled herbicide resistance in cotton plants in the absence if genetic...
Method and apparatus for generation and installation of distributed objects on a distributed object ...
Virtual machine with securely distributed bytecode verification
Stress tuned blazed grating light valve
Electrochemical test device
Electroluminescent devices having diarylanthracene polymers
Film for organic EL device and an organic EL device using the film
Method for rapid amplification of DNA
Electropolishing metal layers on wafers having trenches or vias with dummy structures
Method for determining an entity responsible for billing a called party
Automatic dialing method using caller identification
Adaptive rule-based mechanism and method for feature interaction resolution
Methods and systems for routing signaling messages associated with ported subscribers in a communica...
Method and apparatus for agent forcing and call distribution for large team call servicing
Adaptable line driver interface for digital telephone systems
Feeder circuit
Ranking query optimization in analytic applications
Unsupervised automated hierarchical data clustering based on simulation of a similarity matrix evolu...
Radio communication system
Method and system in a mobile radio system
Method for controlling a radio access bearer in a communication system
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Apparatus for holding and transporting multiple radiation modulating devices and method therefor
Brachytherapy medical devices
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and methods with central control of polishing pressure appli...
Heat alert safety device for smoothtop stoves and other hot surfaces
Method for improving sensitometric response of photosensitive imaging media employing microcapsules
Tissue-vectors specific replication and gene expression
Multivalent dengue virus vaccine
Hyaluronic acid gel composition, process for producing the same, and medical material containing the...
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
Diagnostics for color printer on-line spectrophotometer control system
Apparatus and method for nondestructive monitoring of gases in sealed containers
Zoom lens system and projection apparatus using the same
Communications interconnect with make-before-break signal routing
Method and apparatus for electro-optic delay generation of optical signals
System and method for dynamic index-probe optimizations for high-dimensional similarity search
Gun stock
Linear rolling bearing
Bearing assembly and method
Hub assembly for automotive vehicles
Apparatus that mounts a steering shaft to a vehicle
Rubber composition and rubber sealing device
Spindle motor and manufacturing method thereof
Sporting footwear
Display device having diffraction grating
Camera having a built-in and self-contained flash lighting sub-assembly
High discharge capacity electrolytic manganese dioxide and methods of producing the same
Flash-spinning process and solution
Process for recycling articles containing high-performance fiber
Method and apparatus for making bristle subassemblies
Process for producing hydrocarbons from a synthesis gas, and catalysts therefor
Modified carrier, complex oxide catalyst and process for preparation of acrylic acid
Molybdenum and vanadium based catalysts for the oxidation of alkanes to carboxylic acids and olefins
Substantially dry cleansing product of improved latherability and wet flexibility
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Non-rotating sensor assembly for measurement-while-drilling applications
Contrast-enhanced MRA including an effective zero-latency method of bolus detection
Amphiphilic polymers and polypeptide conjugates comprising same
Adjustable height hat fasteners for eye glasses
Modified release formulations containing a hypnotic agent
Reduced risk dispensing of petroleum distillate based household products
Multipurpose cosmetic wipes
Elastane threads and method for the production thereof
Stable solid enzyme compositions and methods employing them
Nasal gas delivery system and method for use thereof
Method for inhibiting pathogenic and spoilage activity in products
Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins
Snap-on, screw-off cap and container neck
Load-bearing pressurized liquid column
Cell-culture and polymer constructs
Reinforced small intestinal submucosa (SIS)
Processes for making cryopreserved composite living constructs and products resulting therefrom
Fuel cell control apparatus
Fuel cell system
Treatment of breast cancer
Tri-aryl-substituted-ethane PDE4 inhibitors
Coated media for improved output tray stacking performance
Ceramic substrate for nonstick coating
Silicate coating compositions
Aqueous suspension of a cellulose ether, method for the production thereof, and a dry blend
Techniques for maintaining alignment of cut dies during substrate dicing
Isolated human zinc protease proteins
Three piece golf ball with a metal center
Laminar structure
Thermal dye transfer receiver element with microvoided support
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Everlasting candle
Dual-mode LCD backlight
Controls for a surgical theater system
High efficiency non-imaging optics
Compact cladding-pumped planar waveguide amplifier and fabrication method
Method and system for multi-level iterative filtering of multi-dimensional data structures
Method, apparatus and recording medium for image processing
Method and apparatus for adaptively sharpening an image
Image processing apparatus capable of decoding, raster scan converting, and varying data at high spe...
Health monitoring system
Fabricated steel lug pipe repair clamp
Clip for attachment to flanges of structural steel
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet and method for producing the same
Cold-rolled steel sheet having ultrafine grain structure and method for manufacturing the same
Water cooled vessel for vacuum processing liquid steel
Solvent-resistant electrical steel sheet capable of stress relief annealing and process
Highly branched polymer from telomerization
Dispersant-viscosity improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Aminooxy-modified nucleosidic compounds and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom
Method for rotating image records with non-isotropic topical resolution
Method and device for the navigation-assisted dental treatment
Methods and compositions for purifying edible oil
Process of making a frozen whipped topping
Dry, edible oil and starch composition
Microbial arachidonic acid (ARA) for use in marine feed
Method and apparatus for enhancing instruction level parallelism
Microprocessor with high-reliability operating mode
Scanning x-ray imaging system with rotating C-arm
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Ascorbyl esters for the treatment of cancer
Mobile technology organizer handbag
Multi-purpose pen-shaped container
Lipstick case made of paper
Cosmetics, foods and beverages supplemented with purified strictinin
Photochromic coating composition comprising nanoscales particles and process for providing substrate...
Thin film battery and method of manufacture
Non-aqueous electrolyte and non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Prevention of dissolution of metal-based aluminium production anodes
Planographic printing plate
Taxane formulations
Substituted poly(arylenevinylenes), process for their preparation, and their use in electroluminesce...
Methods of administering camptothecin compounds for the treatment of cancer with reduced side effect...
Extendable flower pot
Fabric take-up apparatus
Nesting box
Coil car with internal walkway
Method for orienting an electrode array
Optical apparatus with laser light receiver and focus error generator in the same layer
Input staging logic for latching source synchronous data
Thermoplastic composite wood material
Cow indexing and positioning method and apparatus
Detection and determination of solid phase-associated factors
Toilet tank discharge device
Light optical system, especially for information, advertising illumination or decorative purposes
Golf handicapping and scoring system
Method and apparatus for providing location information
Fungicidal composition comprising a 2-imidazolin-5-one
Method for making titanium wire face guard
Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B Glycoconjugates
Automatic slide feeder for use with reflective optical scanner device
Multi function peripheral having improved power saving function and control method thereof
Ground drilling machine and rod exchanger utilized therefor
Method for controlling the temperature of printing form surfaces during printing
Process and apparatus for imaging surfaces in printing machines
Method for preparing varying degrees of gloss on printed matter in printing machines
Thermal transfer film comprising a reactive polymer composition for laser-induced coating
Reversible flex holder for flexible face sign
Method and system for cellular system border analysis
Cylindrical electric double-layer capacitor
Methods and compositions for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl monomers
Prosthesis bearing component
Pigment for warpage-free polyolefins coloration
Bicycle lift for a vehicle roof rack
Compact hydraulically-operated derailleur shifting system for bicycles
Synthesis of [2.2.1]bicyclo nucleosides
Exercise system
Process for continuous synthesis of polymer compositions as well as use of same
Vision prosthesis
Monofocal intraocular lens convertible to multifocal intraocular lens
Accommodating intraocular lens having t-shaped haptics
Methods of surface treatment for enhancing the performance of a floating phakic refractive lens desi...
Methods for separating material from a mold surface
Material for ocular lens
Lamp for vehicles
Fuel cell system
Electromagnetic dent remover power supply
Control system for compact disc phonograph
Single chip optical cross connect
Fluid vaporizing device having controlled temperature profile heater/capillary tube
Radioactive medical device for radiation therapy