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Plant tryptophan synthase beta subunit
Inhomogeneous background based focusing method for multiarray induction measurements in a deviated w...
Fluorescent agents for real-time measurement of organ function
Human proteases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Load based cache control for satellite based CPUs
Method of treating neurodegenerative disorders via inhibition of amyloid beta peptide binding
Roll-up floor tile
Gas fired outdoor cooking apparatus
Intimal thickening inhibitory agent
Microwave polymerization system for dentistry
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Methods for resource consolidation in a computing environment
Electrical energy management and attitude control system for a satellite
Reduced access X-ray imaging device
Apparatus and method for protecting devices, especially fibre optic devices, in hostile environments
Optical waveguide structures
Generating statistics for database queries using tensor representations
Method and apparatus for distributing picture mail to a frame device community
Pipelined central processor managing the execution of instructions with proximate successive branche...
Parallel bit testing circuits and methods for integrated circuit memory devices including shared tes...
Hydrophilic polymer blends used for dry cow therapy
Operating system support for in-server caching of documents
Pet litter scoop and disposal device
X-ray inspection of ball contacts and internal vias
Semiconductor module
Semiconductor component having a passivation layer and method for manufacturing same
Power diode
Semiconductor component with scattering centers within a lateral resistor region
Power semiconductor component
Thyristor with breakdown region
Spring clip for fixing semiconductor modules to a heat sink
Security method and apparatus employing authentication by keystroke dynamics
System and method for adjusting stereo camera
RC car device
Mechanical lash adjuster apparatus for an engine cam
Cylinder head for a valve-controlled internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing system
Valve timing adjusting device having stopper piston
Valve timing adjusting system of internal combustion engine
Four-stroke internal combustion engine with compression ignition and internal exhaust gas recirculat...
Sugar beet membrane filtration process
Gelatin replacement by wheat fiber gel and starch
Process for producing and recovering erythritol from culture medium containing the same
Epoxy compounds containing styrenic or cinnamyl functionality
Adhesion promoters containing silane, carbamate or urea, and donor or acceptor functionality
Coding and authentication by phase measurement modulation response and spectral emission
Electronic business cards
Watermark detection utilizing regions with higher probability of success
Distributed database system with authoritative node
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Plant prohibition genes and their use
Oligomers that bind to ku protein
Lacrosse glove
Protective pad for use with shoulder straps
Stocking container for clothing
Laundry hamper
Insect eradicator and method
Method and apparatus for improving playback of interactive multimedia works
Dynamic SKU management
Characterization of data access using file system
Recording medium failure analysis apparatus and method
System and method of channel map correction in an EPG guide
Method and apparatus for changing temporal database information
Database interface for database unaware applications
System and method for generating dependent data
Automatic categorization of documents using document signatures
Method of combinatorial protein synthesis based on ribosomal frameshifting
Synthetic precursors to 4-(P-methoxyphenyl)-2-amino-butane
Palatable oral coenzyme Q liquid
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
System, method and article of manufacture for information service management in a hybrid communicati...
Camera with sound recording capability
Analyzing a packet radio cellular communications network
Low defect density (Ga, Al, In)N and HVPE process for making same
Metal hard mask for ILD RIE processing of semiconductor memory devices to prevent oxidation of condu...
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and method for fabricating the same
Inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3 and methods for identifying and using the same
Method and apparatus for selectively operating satellites in tundra orbits to reduce receiver buffer...
Method for predicting flammability limits of complex mixtures
Seal and fuel cell with the seal
Wireless transaction and information system
Cleaning pad
Insufflation system, attachment and method
Aqueous lacquer for treating keratin substances, packaged in an aerosol device and comprising at lea...
Evaluation of enterprise architecture model including relational database
Mass flow controller automation method and related system
Method and a device for protective encapsulation of pipe loops installable on the seabed
Method of bonding a layer of material to a substrate
System and method for personalized and customized time management
System and method of carrier-phase attitude determination
Underwater background-acoustics synthesizer system and method
Electrical terminal implementation device
Robotic loader for machinery
Workpiece loader/unloader system
Connecting apparatus and robot
Lens barrier for a camera
Dielectric porcelain composition, and dielectric resonator and nonradiative dielectric strip using s...
Wiring substrate for high frequency applications
Linear motor
Inductive load driving circuit
Ultra-low-loss feedthrough for microwave circuit package
Thermal head
Pharmaceutical composition having enhanced antitumor activity and/or reduced side effects, containin...
Performance welding bar
Aluminum alloy for a welded construction and welded joint using the same
Low-profile, multi-antenna module, and method of integration into a vehicle
Wireless system protocol for telemetry monitoring
Method of manufacturing thin film and thin film capacitor
Abrasive articles having abrasive layer bond system derived from solid, dry-coated binder precursor ...
Production of phenol
Intrinsic Josephson superconducting tunnel junction device
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Optical systems and methods for rapid screening of libraries of different materials
Dehydrogenase enzymatic synthesis of methanol
Dendritic cell vaccine containing telomerase reverse transcriptase for the treament of cancer
Fixed-location method of musical performance and a musical instrument
Motor vehicle steering system
Fuzzy steering controller
Digital isolation system with low power mode
Voice conferencing system having local sound amplification
Echo canceller and echo cancelling method
Method and apparatus of canceling echoes in multi-channel
Two-wheel drive two-wheeled vehicle
Rear shock absorbing assembly for a bicycle
Brake cable hanger plate for connecting brake cables and yoke cable for a bicycle
Pathfinder elliptical exercise machine
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted fused pyrrole antiinflammatory agents
Electronic trip meter for a bicycle
Device for opening and closing a cover of a film cartridge chamber
Spathiphyllum plant named `Florida Beauty`
Heterocyclic compounds useful as oxido-squalene cyclase inhibitors
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 inhibitor compounds
Method of automatically generating schematic and waveform diagrams for analysis of timing margins an...
Cluster node distress signal
Method and apparatus for spacecraft payload pointing registration
Adaptive fuel strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Average signal to noise ratio estimator
Mold form and use thereof
Conduction defect correcting method for liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method there...
MEMS optical isolators
Piezoelectric resonator
Toy vehicle and track system
Frequency selective pulse
Crossed-ladder RF coils for vertical field MRI systems
Active control of sound generation in MRI gradient coil structures
Cooled NMR probe head with thermal insulation of the sample
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Treatment of bone disorders with adrenomedullin or adrenomedullin agonists
Methods for fine powder formation
Pulmonary delivery of active agents
Protein formulations
Angiogenically effective unit dose of FGF-2 and method of use
Thermally conductive fuser belt
Combination of two or more active ingredients using microencapsulated formulations
Methods and apparatus for secure electronic, certified, restricted delivery mail systems
Method and apparatus for dynamically forming customized web pages for web sites
Distributed data processing system method for controlling such a system
Ceramic-supported polymer (CSP) pervaporation membrane
Preparation of microbial polyunsaturated fatty acid containing oil from pasteurized biomass
Bioresorbable alginate derivatives
Protective sheath for transvaginal anchor implantation device
Method for manufacturing a surface covering product having a controlled gloss surface coated wearlay...
Gloss-adjusting mask layer with particulate filler
Sterilization monitoring method
Light diffusion preventing structure
Terminal fitting for flat conductor and method of connecting terminal fitting to flat conductor
Analyzing inflectional morphology in a spoken language translation system
Look-ahead reallocation disk drive defect management
Apparatus, method and architecture for task oriented applications
Aminoaryl oxazolidinone N-oxides
Instrumentation and software for remote monitoring and programming of implantable medical devices (I...
Diagnostic method based on quantification of extramitochondrial DNA
Container for a cosmetic product
Emulsified, water-in-oil type composition and skin cosmetic preparation
W/O emulsion composition comprising such an mulsion and cosmetic pharmaceutical or hygiene use there...
Processor architecture for virtualizing selective external bus transactions
Method and apparatus for improving print quality on failure of a thermal ink jet nozzle
Apparatus for camera mount on tripod platform
Attaching system for a container and a base
System, method and article of manufacture for universal transaction processing
Image forming apparatus for making recovery and restoration of toners by electrical conductive membe...
Thermal shock avoidance for satellite solar panels
Method and apparatus for underwater connection of pipe pieces and bolt therefor
Automated collection and analysis patient care system and method for ordering and prioritizing multi...
Method and apparatus for dynamic sampling of a production line
Shopping cart magnifier (E-Z reader)
Device for the low-deformation support of an optical element and method for the low-deformation supp...
Optical apparatus with optical system having long optical path
Optical prism for projecting image
Pb-free soldering alloy
System and method for dynamic creation and management of virtual subdomain addresses
Methods for ordered delivery of electronic content
Method and apparatus for lost connectivity recovery
Drive train control of a vehicle having continuously variable transmission
On-vehicle computer having function of protecting vehicular battery
Method and apparatus for presenting traffic information in a vehicle
Extendable on-vehicle information system
Method and apparatus for pre-crash threat assessment using spheroidal partitioning
Method and apparatus for an automatic vehicle location, collision notification, and synthetic voice
Docking station for environmental monitoring instruments
Apparatus and method for using incomplete cached balance sets to generate incomplete or complete cac...
Antisense modulation of casein kinase 2-beta expression
Memory system having synchronous-link DRAM (SLDRAM) devices and controller
Method for the synthesis of taxanes
Disinfectant composition
Particle accelerator for inducing contained particle collisions
System and method for computer based test creation
Method and radio communication system for data transmission
Semiconductor devices with selectively doped III-V nitride layers
Dielectric capacitor and its manufacturing method
Integrated memory
Semiconductor processing methods of transferring patterns from patterned photoresists to materials, ...
Biological materials
Dynamic aircraft maintenance management system
Process for the capacitive object detection in the case of vehicles
System of generating and implementing rules
Exercising device for simulating hula-hoop rotations
Separator for low temperature type fuel cell and method of production thereof
Method and apparatus for obtaining status of public key certificate updates
Training cartridge
Decorative serving cart
Nickel-hydrogen secondary cell
Laminated film, method for production thereof, bag and package using the laminated film, and method ...
PVC replacement film
Method of treating certain indications associated with hyperglycemia
High moisture retaining bars compositions comprising borax as water structurant
Enzymatic cleaning compositions
1.alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-homopregnacalciferol and its uses
Thermoplastic elastomer composition for calender-molding and sheets prepared therefrom
Laryngeal mask airway device
Aerosol feed direct methanol fuel cell
Method and apparatus for improved contact and activity management and planning
Method for controlling a decisional process when pursuing an aim in a specific field of application,...
Method for the auditory navigation of text
Use of organic acid esters in dietary fat
Process for the preparation of benzylacetone
Catalytic synthesis of aldehydes by direct hydrogenation of carboxylic acids
Heat treatment apparatus and method of using same
Data transmission apparatus and data reception apparatus
Electrical fumigation device
Game apparatus, game controlling method and recording medium for use with battle video games
Method for controlling execution of processing in video game, storage medium storing processing exec...
Game apparatus having a spherical object drop mechanism
Pitching machine
Game puck with improved glider pin
UV curable ink containing aluminum trihydroxide for use in pad printing, and method of printing
Radio telephone with high antenna efficiency
Device for inserting elongated objects into clamps
Robotic gripper having proximity sensor with off-set sensor
Process for the application of systemic pesticides to asexual plant propagules
Set-up of measuring instruments for the parallel readout of SPR sensors
Multi-layer golf ball utilizing silicone materials
System for generating percussion sounds from stringed instruments
Ficus plant named `Eclipse`
Multi-directional thermal actuator
Alternate fault handler
Memory module test system with reduced driver output impedance
Method for transferring heat in an aircraft engine thrust reverser
Front wheel-and rear-wheel drive vehicle
System and method for delivering web content over a broadcast medium
Methods and apparatus for spectroscopic calibration model transfer
Apparatus and method for creating content comprising a combination of text data and music data
Non-slip pad
Digital video recorder connectable to an auxiliary interface of a set-top box that provides video da...
MEMS variable capacitor with stabilized electrostatic drive and method therefor
Cylindrical piezoelectric transducer and cylindrical piezoelectric vibrating element
Weight transferring sled toy
External radiant heater for fuser members and method of making same
Analysis of target molecules using an encoding system
Nucleic acid affinity columns
Protein kinase C modulators. W.
Method for treating organic acid-treated phosphatides
Diagnostic assay for cancer
Hot-pluggable disk carrier having enhanced rotational drive vibration control capability
Glittering pedal device
Rearview mirror with lighting assembly
Light alignment system for electronically steerable light output in traffic signals
LCD having low-thermal-conductivity lamp holder for retain heat in fluorescent lamp
One-time-use camera with electronic flash having film identifying indicia which cannot be removed wi...
Commercial broadcasting system
Hand-held video camera-recorder-printer and methods for operating same
Incremental archiving and restoring of data in a multimedia server
Chalcopyrite based nonlinear waveguided heterostructure devices and operating methods
Limited mode dispersion compensating optical fiber
Optical fiber management device
Flexible optical circuit having a protective foam layer
Optical attenuator and optical attenuator module
Automatic bit-rate controlled encoding and decoding of digital images
Three-pixel line screen with high addressability and error diffusion
Apparatus and method for defect channel nulling
Rotated read-out of JPEG compressed images
Video information retrieval method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring cardiac vagal tone
Compliance monitoring apparatus and method
Insulated concrete wall system
Latching system for components used in forming concrete structures
Martensitic stainless steel products
Ultra-high strength metastable austenitic stainless steel containing Ti and a method of producing th...
Process for forming cold formed high-load bearing steel parts
Rapid manufacturing of steel rule dies and other 3-dimensional products, apparatus, process and prod...
Process for producing a drawn wire made of stainless steel, in particular a wire for reinforcing tir...
Coating composition for steel product, a coated steel product, and a steel product coating method
Load bearing osteoimplant and method of repairing bone using the same
Stable crystalline salts of 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid
Method for controlling weight of divided portions
Conjugated linoleic acid in treatment and prophylaxis of diabetes
Branched aliphatic polyesters
Immunoassay for peanut allergen
Fluoride-releasing amalgam dental restorative material
Electronic program guide using markup language
Structured document browser
Indicators and illuminators using a semiconductor radiation emitter package
Computed tomography device including a position measuring system
Diagnostic system and method using radiant energy and implants
Determination of the position and orientation of at least one object in space
Method and apparatus for transforming view orientations in image-guided surgery
Method and composition for enhancing milk production
Method to improve quality and appearance of leafy vegetables by using stabilized bromine
Method of making pasta filata cheese
Beverages containing mixed sodium-potassium polyphosphates
Pet food composition and method
Methods for defining cell types
Lyocell fiber made from alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization values
Method for quantification of stratum corneum hydration using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Overmolded transponder
Contrast-enhanced coronary artery and coronary artery bypass graft imaging using an aortic root cath...
Apparatus and method for remote troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade of implantable device syste...
Calcium channel compositions and methods of use thereof
Self-tuning memory management for computer systems
Dynamic memory based firing cell of thermal ink jet printhead
Top-dumping container handler
Environment extensibility and automatic services for component applications using contexts, policies...
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus including the same
All-hydraulic powered horizontal stabilizer trim control surface position control system
Fluid delivery system and an aseptic connector for use therewith
Fermentation of clavulanic acid at a controlled level of ammonia
System and method for extensible positive client identification
Multi-dimensional scanning arrangement with U-shaped planar spring
Flotation method for removing colored impurities from kaolin clay
Macroporaus aluminosilicate desiccant, preparation from sodalite and use in enthalpy energy wheels
Claus feed gas hydrocarbon removal
Geometric separation processes involving modified CTS membranes
Alloy color effect materials and production thereof
Method for extending the life of cut flowers
Video display method and apparatus with synchronized video playback and weighted frame creation
Television system having replaceable graphics user interface architecture
Microkeyer: microcomputer broadcast video overlay device and method
Simultaneously displaying a graphic image and video image
Graphics processing device and method with graphics versus video color space conversion discriminati...
Process for the continuous preparation of tetracyclododecens
Catalyst and process for preparing oligomers of .alpha.-methylstyrene
High pressure oxygenate conversion process via diluent co-feed
Ethylene manufacture by use of molecular redistribution on feedstock C3-5 components
Al-Mg-Si alloy with good extrusion properties
Golf club swing path, speed and grip pressure monitor
Apparatus and methods for managing key material in heterogeneous cryptographic assets
Method and apparatus for a site-sensitive interactive chat network
Substituted 3-phenoxy- and 3-phenylalkyloxy-2-phenyl-propylamines
Clasp for jewelry chain
Procedure for verifying the duration of a process in a telecommunication system based on processor o...
Semi-conductive compositions for wire and cable
Workflow management system, method, and medium that morphs work items
Dynamic system relocation based on availability of system memory
Reliability measures for statistical prediction of geophysical and geological parameters in geophysi...
Antisense modulation of glioma-associated oncogene-2 expression
Apparatus and method utilized to automatically test a computer
Device for iontophoretic administration of drugs
Anti-reflection high conductivity multi-layer coating for flat CRT products
Crust hole repair for electrolytic cells
Multimedia data embedding
Camera with a light emitter
Methylated oxide-type dielectric as a replacement for SiO2 hardmasks used in polymeric low k, dual d...
Mobile radio telephone set
Method for separating benzothiophene compounds from hydrocarbon mixture containing them, and hydroca...
Semiconductor device with roughened surface increasing external quantum efficiency
Integrated memory having memory cells with magnetoresistive memory effect
RTL back annotator
Self-aligned SiGe NPN with improved ESD robustness using wide emitter polysilicon extension
Nucleic acid sequences encoding protein allergens of the species Cynodon dactylon
Top loading swing type amusement ride
System and method for transporting, processing, storing and displaying EIT and EPG information in a ...
Microwave heating using independently controllable internal and external antennae
System and method for secure and anonymous communications
Controller for a model toy train set
Zeolite membrane and a process for the production thereof
Synthetic fiber treatment agent composition
Glass envelope having continuous internal channel with connected sections of different dimensions
PLL circuit
L band multistage amplifier with improved noise figure
Optical amplifier with wide flat gain dynamic range
Lens system having compliant optic mounting structure
Deposition of fluorosilsesquioxane films
Boehmite and base coat layer for magnetic recording medium
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method of same
Zeolite beta and its use in aromatic alkylation
Process for producing Al-containing non-Mg-anionic clay
Logic built-in self test selective signature generation
SOI circuit design method
Determination of local variable type and precision in the presence of subroutines
Apparatus and method for checking dependencies among classes in an object-oriented program
ESR2 - a plant gene that can promote shoot regeneration
Expression of fructose 1,6 bisphosphate aldolase in transgenic plants
Canola oil having increased oleic acid and decreased linolenic acid content
Inbred corn line G1900
Inbred corn plant 16IUL6 and seeds thereof
Test strip and measurement device for its evaluation
Sprayable, liquid or gel detergent compositions containing bleach
Authenticated time device
Golf cart
Oxygen therapy equipment with a device for respiratory assistance without a nose tube
Biological aerosol trigger (BAT)
System and method for executing a request from a client application
Process for the selective oxidation of alcohols using readily removable nitroxyl radicals
XBOX optical adapter
Method and apparatus for deriving novel sports statistics from real time tracking of sporting events
System and method for establishing a call path through a private network
Echo canceler including subband echo suppressor
Method and system for communicating with remote units in a communication system
Method and apparatus for determining an address uniquely identifying a hardware component on a commo...
Virtual logic system for solving satisfiability problems using reconfigurable hardware
Mooring systems with active force reacting systems and passive damping
Low-drag, high-speed ship
Watercraft mooring system
Shade cover assembly
High retraction marine thruster
Fin and watercraft system
Automated fail-safe sea rescue flotation system
Business form having multi-layer moisture proof wristband
Encoding small amounts of embedded digital data at arbitrary locations within an image
Book holder
Multiple-component data package
Nested leaflet label structure
Buoyancy module with pressure gradient walls
Covering member for solar battery
Versatile robot control system
Wood preservatives
Hydraulic controller using multiple regime specific controllers combined with fuzzy logic
Implantable sensor
Method of fabricating a miniaturized integrated circuit inductor and transformer fabrication
Method for step motor control
Integrated roller unit
Threaded interbody device
Design by contract with aspect-oriented programming
Data structure for audio signals that can be mixed and/or switched
System, method, and program for checking dependencies of installed software components during instal...
Energy control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Automated electronic document transmission
Method and apparatus for taking a note while in a call
System for providing analog and digital telephone functions using a single telephone line
Expert system for analysis of DNA sequencing electropherograms
Methods and apparatus for turbo code
Method and apparatus for identifying spoof documents
Glass-coated amorphous magnetic microwire marker for article surveillance
Camera capable of storing photographing data and display device connectable thereto
Repeater pipette with a hydraulic operating device
Web-based integrated testing and reporting system
Solder-packaged optical MEMs device and method for making the same
Acoustic transmission system
Three-dimensional built-up toy with freely connectable bases
Method and system for providing a reliable and durable light source
Method for applying health and beauty products to difficult and hard to reach body areas
Bleaching compositions
Detergent composition comprising zeolite and amylase enzyme
Detergent composition
Effervescent compositions and dry effervescent granules
Multi-layer detergent tablet having both compressed and non-compressed portions
Absorbent members for body fluids using hydrogel-forming absorbent polymer
Method for controlling an amount of material delivered during a material transfer
Cardiac stimulator and defibrillator
Polymerization toner and process for producing the same
Tones for development of electrostatic image and production process thereof
Front face of an electronics card and an electronics card
Method and system for providing secure online communications between registered participants
Airtime usage limiting system
Method of administering antidepressant dosage form
Treatment of fatigue, head injury and stroke
Control of metabolism
Methods of treating affective disorders using derivatives of (-)-venlafaxine
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and method for producing the same
Anti-agglomeration of copper seed layers in integrated circuit metalization
Water soluble paclitaxel derivatives
Method and apparatus for monitoring the advance of seawater into fresh water aquifers near coastal c...
Cover member attachment structure
Acoustically treated structurally reinforced sound absorbing panel
Structure for coupling two types of members
Ball joint cover
Methods and compounds for treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding
Solar powered environmental remediation devices
Soil testing assemblies
Production of pathogen resistant plants
Altering the properties of cells or of particles with membranes derived from cells by means of lipid...
Methods of using polynucleotide compositions
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-c]-quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Agent and method of preventing and treating heavy metal exposure and toxicity
Bak binding protein, DNA encoding the protein, and methods of use thereof
Multimedia conferencing system having a central processing hub for processing video and audio data f...
Amino-group-containing polymer (salt) and production process therefor
Prescription mirror
Digital amplification
Method and apparatus for defining and generating local oscillator signals for down converter
Controlling operation of a device using a re-configurable watermark detector
Method and system for the computerized analysis of bone mass and structure
Optoelectronic device and method utilizing nanometer-scale particles
Ergonomic writing instrument
Secondary amine-functional silanes, silane-functional polymers therefrom, and resulting cured polyme...
System for authenticating physical objects
Polydisperse propylene polymer and process for producing the same
Procedure for generating operational ballistic capture transfer using a computer implemented process
Method for determining amount of fertilizer application for grain crops, method for estimating quali...
Shaft leakage arresting system for a gas management valve
Lyocell film made from cellulose having low degree of polymerization values
Non-invasive blood glucose measurement system and method using optical refractometry
Synthesis and isomerization of 1,2-bis (indenyl) ethanes
Synthesis of 4-substituted pyrrole-2-carbaldehyde compounds
Hanging sphere
Diagnostic system with learning capabilities
Silanol enzyme inhibitors
Modification of pedal progression with acceleration feedback using electronic throttle control
Tertiary amines
Method for converting an oxygenate feed to an olefin product
Polyborates useful for optical frequency conversion
Chrysanthemum plant named `Lucky Suerte`
Primula plant named `Prinic`
Thunbergia plant named `Daniella`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange Yodanville`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodanville`
Peach tree named `August Princess`
Anthurium plant named `VR 110`
Heat-sensitive recording sheet with a security element in the form of pressure-sensitive microcapsul...
Multiple-agents-binding compound, production and use thereof
HIV Inhibiting pyrimidine derivatives
N-hydroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or...
Agricultural method and materials for screening solar radiation
Derivatives and analogs
Dummy write method for a magnetic head and drive unit for carrying out the method
Thick-film thermal printhead with improved paper transfer properties
Ball spinner and polish apparatus
Apparatus and method for demonstrating and confirming the status of a digital certificates and other...
Mobile communication apparatus
Cyclonic ice separation for low temperature jet fuels
Verification of authenticity of goods by use of random numbers
Total system for contrast delivery
Molded display rack with snap-in retainer and hinged mold insert tool
Information retrieval apparatus and information retrieval method
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
System, method and article of manufacture for a persistent state and persistent object separator in ...
Technique to decrease the exposure time of infrared imaging of semiconductor chips for failure analy...
O-alkylated rapamycin derivatives and their use, particularly as immunosuppressants
Chemical compounds
Tetrazole compounds as thyroid receptor ligands
Fatty analogues for the treatment of obesity, hypertension and fatty liver
Tetrazolyl-phenyl actamide glucokinase activators
Fused heteroaromatic glucokinase activators
Semiconductor processing system and method for controlling moisture level therein
High-speed production unit for machining operations
Electronic toy kitchen and a method of using the same
System and method for transmitting and processing loan data
Method and apparatus for internet-based telephone access to prepaid card and pin systems
Method for automatic conducting of a straightening process
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of highly potent anthracycline-based antitumor agents
Coplanar-type plasma panel with improved matrix structure arrangement
Method of manufacturing low resistivity p-type compound semiconductor material
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and meth...
Iron, cobalt and/or nickel containing ALPO bound SAPO molecular sieve catalyst for producing olefins
Method of preparing a poly (arylene ether) and a poly (arylene ether) prepared thereby
Rapid infrared heating of a surface
Parallax barrier, display, passive polarization modulating optical element and method of making such...
Membrane electrode assemblies
Valve for use in microfluidic structures
Xanthine-containing compositions for oral administration and uses related thereto
Addressable diode isolated thin film array
Optical diffraction biosensor
Chrysanthemum named `Currant Elgon`
Load control and overload protection for a real-time communication system
Hydration modifying agent for mortar or concrete with limited shrinkage
Key stroke detection for keyboard remote wake-up
Parts classification unit
Insole for shoes designed to increase a therapeutic effect based on reflex zone therapy
Monolithic LC resonator and monolithic LC filter with tubular inductor
Moveable microelectromechanical mirror structures and associated methods
Usage based aggregation optimization
Color switchable photographic display image
Method and system for determining the operational state of a vehicle starter motor
Human nucleic acid methylases
Magnetic disk, magnetic recording and reproducing method and magnetic disk unit
Wordline stress mode arrangement a storage cell initialization scheme test time reduction burn-in el...
Human dopamine receptor and uses
Integrated motion detector in a mobile communications device
Antimicrobial treatment of polymers
System, method, and article of manufacture for wireless enablement of the world wide web using a wir...
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Media content protection utilizing public key cryptography
Method and system for managing accesses to a data service system that supports persistent connection...
Methods for regulating MEKK protein activity
Antisense oligonucleotides for mitogen-activated protein kinases as therapy for cancer
CDC37 cell-cycle regulatory protein and uses related thereto
Interactions between RaF proto-oncogenes and CDC25 phosphatases, and uses related thereto
Methods for designing inhibitors of serine/threonine-kinases and tyrosine kinases
Method of securing the playback of a DVD-ROM via triggering data sent via a cable network
Injection incoherent emitter
Means for detecting and measuring the concentration of acetylene dissolved in a fluid
Swim mask with floating air-suction device
High accuracy aerosol impactor and monitor
Headspace sampling and monitoring systems and methods
Processing of oxide superconductors
Semiconductor device having chamfered silicide layer and method for manufacturing the same
Three Dimensional imaging system
Process for the preparation of 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexylamine
Juvenile booster seat
Method of repelling insects
Optical beam steering switching system
Curcuma plant named `Thai Supreme`
Method and apparatus for accessing an ordered array structure
Method and system for selectively varying signal delay in response to detection of a quiescent signa...
Parallel index maintenance
Spindle motor unit having hydrodynamic bearing
Combination structure for oil-impregnated bearing
Split bearing arrangement and method of making same
Transmission output bearings with intermediate speedometer sensor
Sheave assemblies and pulley blocks
Bottom bracket assembly for bicycles
Mechanical coupling for elastic axial and radial constraint with torsional freedom, especially for e...
Removably mountable cleat
Liquid crystal display device and associated fabrication method
Marine electrical generator
Method of tuning thin film resonator filters by removing or adding piezoelectric material
Method for associating a discussion with a document
Computer system with preferential naming service
Gas-phase modification in earth materials
Remote control convenience and information conveyance system associated with a vehicle
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Disk unit having a head suspension
Device for determining distance and for transmitting data in a motor vehicle
Host port interface
Steam generator
Essential bacterial genes and their use
Storage medium, robot, information processing device and electronic pet system
Injectable and swellable microspheres for dermal augmentation
Mechanism for moving two alignment devices simultaneously in opposite directions
Paint strainer for use with paint sprayers
System and method for transmitting data from a server application to more than one client node
Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods
In-situ automated contactless thickness measurement for wafer thinning
Object-oriented system and method for visually generating software applications
Apparatus for performing animal related operations
Transaction manager supporting a multi-currency environment
Cribrostatins 3-5
Hollow cathode type color PDP
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect memory cell, MRAM and method for perfor...
Fuel cell and polymer electrolyte membrane
Inhalation device
Apparatus and process for aerosol size measurement at varying gas flow rates
Hardware or software architecture implementing self-biased conditioning
Integrated optics chip having reduced surface wave propagation
One-step synthesis of double metal cyanides
Microfabricated AC impedance sensor
Method of producing a semiconductor device comprising a cleaning process for removing silicon-contai...
Composition for polishing a semiconductor device and process for manufacturing a semiconductor devic...
Method for fabricating semiconductor components with high aspect ratio features
Aglaonema plant named `Emerald Bay`
Anti-plaque emulsions and products containing same
Vehicle seat occupant characterization method including ultralight child seat detection
Vehicle seat occupant characterization method including empty seat detection
Thruster systems for spacecraft station changing, station keeping and momentum dumping
Lower address line prediction and substitution
Substrate conveying system in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Device for measuring the velocity of a magnetically receptive object
Fixing apparatus with first and second heating rotation members having a potential difference
Backstrap module configured to receive components and circuitry of a firearm capable of firing non-i...
Linear ignition system
Method and apparatus for controlled small-charge blasting by decoupled explosive
Method of personalizing message tags for footwear
Liquid crystal display device and plasma-addressed display using the same
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave device, and communication device using shear ...
Toy figure with force measurement and audible messages
Coating of carboxyl (meth)acrylic copolymer or polyester and urea anti-sag agent prepared in polyepo...
Fluorinated alkanoic acid purification process
Hydroformylation of conjugated dienes to alkenals using phosphonite ligands
Vapor phase oxidation of propylene to acrolein
Method of quantifying visual uniformity of planar objects
Hydrotreating catalyst for hydrotreating hydrocarbon oils
Dryer pearls
One-part organopolysiloxane rubber composition for use as a protection coating
Process for producing polyester with coated titanium dioxide
Process for the production of nylon 6
Population data acquisition system
Fast invalidation scheme for caches
System and method which compares data preread from memory cells to data to be written to the cells
Computer-readable data product for managing sales information
Microelectronic package comprising tin copper solder bump interconnections and method for forming sa...
Method of forming a synthetic cap on a bulk material pile
Vibration wave detector
Polymer blends and tapes therefrom
Laminated packaging material, method of manufacturing of said laminated material and packaging conta...
Thermoplastic vulcanizates and process for making the same
Graft copolymer of syndiotactic styrene copolymer
Composition of polyester sulfonate salt ionomer, polyamide and polyepoxide
Method of making elastic articles having improved heat-resistance
Process for producing glyceryl ether
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
Single domain state laminated thin film structure
Rasping level
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
Stimulation of cell proliferation by glycosylated cystatin C
Comparative phenotype analysis for assessment of biologically active compounds such as antimicrobial...
Slow consumable non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Fuel-cell engine stream conditioning system
Photographic label suitable for packaging
Conductive and roughening layer
Capacity affinity sensor
Dialysis solutions and methods
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary...
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cell
Electrode compositions with high coulombic efficiencies
Method of manufacturing porous sheet, porous metal sheet manufactured by method, and electrode for b...
Pivoting injector arrangement
Method and device for filtering events in an event notification service
Shielded housing for electronic circuit or components
Protective device for deployable fins of artillery projectiles
Securely sharing log-in credentials among trusted browser-based applications
Method and apparatus for forming piles in place
Satellite navigation receiver and method
Capacitive element
Jewelry box
Method of producing a reactive coating by after-glow plasma polymerization
Calcium zirconate/magnesia porous composites and their fabrication process
Nano-particle preparation and applications
Wiring structure of a semiconductor integrated circuit and a method of forming the wiring structure
Antimicrobial detergent composition
System and method for redirecting message attachments between a host system and a mobile data commun...
Antibiotic hydrophilic polymer coating
Redundancy mapping in a multichip semiconductor package
Cold-end device of a low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Delaminated sedimentary mica
Magneto-optical recording medium
Shampoo compositions
Method of forming a copper-containing metal interconnect using a chemical mechanical planarization (...
Methods for protein purification using aqueous two-phase extraction
Method of chemically coating fasteners having improved penetration and withdrawal resistance
Photosensitive silver halide element with increased photosensitivity
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with (derivatised) hydroxyalkyl derivatives ...
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polymers
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polyamide polymer supported latices
Curing catalyst, resin composition, resin-sealed semiconductor device and coating material
Anthraquinone colorants for inks
Optical logic device and optical memory device
Substituted aryl or heteroarylamides having retinoid-like biological activity
Low-torque electro-optical laminated cable and cablewrap
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing s...
Optical waveguide with dissimilar core and cladding materials, and light emitting device employing t...
Method of using a specimen sensing end effector to determine the thickness of a specimen
Short-arc discharge lamp
Method of separating prions from biological materials
Polyanhydride photochromic coating composition and photochromic articles
Protease regulator screening assay
Solar blind-UVC photochromic detector and method for calibration
Method and apparatus for modeling gate capacitance of symmetrically and asymmetrically sized differe...
IC substrate noise modeling with improved surface gridding technique
High-level synthesis device high level synthesis method and recording medium with high level synthes...
Method for determining cleanup line routing for components of an integrated circuit
Synthesis of nanostructured composite particles using a polyol process
Passive solid-state magnetic field sensors and applications therefor
Tailored wing assembly for an aircraft moveable slat system
Adjustment rule generating and control method and apparatus
Toy figure with articulating joints
Separator for fuel cells
Method and apparatus for delivering humidified air to a face mask
Spacer for use with a metered dose inhaler
Composite catalyst composition for inhibiting generation of dioxin
Method of arranging reinforcement in forming foundation of ground reinforcing type and foundation bo...
Methods and systems for image sharpening
Method and apparatus for using rotatable templates within look-up tables to enhance image reproducti...
Reversible shutter lockout feature
Method and apparatus for automatic customer replaceable unit (CRU) setup and cleaner blade lubricati...
Method and apparatus for toner cake delivery
Extended life recycleable silencer assembly
System for communicating a plurality of information processing modules using two cascaded links
Pharmaceutical carrier formulation
Sensing unit provided with separated detection light guiding
Geranium plant named `Amri Pink II`
System and method for an interactive knowledgebase
Method and system for efficiently coordinating commit processing in a parallel or distributed databa...
Polymorphic token based control
Push button shutdown and reset of embedded systems
Pharmaceutical composition of the intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 for use in anti-viral proph...
Method for determining tiles in a computer display that are covered by a graphics primitive
Device using selected receivers to facilitate handoff to a base transceiver station in a mobile comm...
Laser diode antenna for mobile phone
Multi-room entertainment system with in-room media player
System and method for dynamically identifying free registers
Method and apparatus for building and managing multi-clustered computer systems
Mechanism for releasing articles from kites
Fiber optic taper coupled position sensing module
Laser transmitting system and hand instrument having such system for use with laser device
Image forming apparatus with a blower to cool a scanning unit
Method and apparatus for paying bills electronically using machine readable information from an invo...
Information processing apparatus using index and tag addresses for cache access
Tensioner with plunger stopper pin
Silent chain
Multiprocessor system including a docking system
Method and apparatus for eliminating contention with dual bus masters
Updating termination for a bus
Artificial ankle joint and prosthetic devices formed therewith
Method for achieving copper fill of high aspect ratio interconnect features
Electronic device including multiple capacitance value MEMS capacitor and associated methods
Capacitive element driving apparatus
Interactive role-playing posable toy
Bus management using logic-based arbitration among bus access requests
Method and apparatus for collapsing writebacks to a memory for resource efficiency
Method for recovering from computer system lockup condition
Method and apparatus for performing field diagnostics on a computer system
Reconfigurable logic for a computer
Radio frequency coil for open magnetic resonance imaging system
Low noise MRI scanner
Expandable MRI receiving coil
Cooled NMR probe head with uniform temperature control of the sample
Porous particles comprising excipients for deep lung delivery
Protein phosphatase
Use of codon-varied oligonucleotide synthesis for synthetic shuffling
Therapeutic preparations for inhalation
Use of estramustine phosphate in the treatment of bone metastasis
Pyrazole compounds
Phototherapy methods and systems
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the water-in-oil type
Cosmetic skin conditioning compositions containing high performing retinyl esters
Process and composition for temporarily suppressing pain
Aqueous carrier systems for water-insoluble aromatic polymers
Active topical skin protectants using polymer coated metal alloys
Underarm products with water lock component
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring conditions affecting color
Plastic container component and method of forming the same
Dispensing device
Method for attaching subsea manifold to pipeline tee
Detecting a low performance takeoff condition for aircraft for use with ground proximity warning sys...
Determining loading time of an operating system
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human synthase proteins, and uses thereof
Process for producing flexible sheets from demineralized, elongate, bone particles
Low spin golf ball comprising a mantle with a cellular or liquid core
Elatomeric laminates and composites
Top spin valve sensor that has an iridium manganese (IrMn) pinning layer and an iridium manganese ox...
Water soluble rapid prototyping support and mold material
Tapered light probe with non-circular output for a dental light curing unit
Reference pattern producing apparatus with controlled contribution of learning coefficients
DNA fragment encoding a protein involved in fatty aldehyde decarbonylase activity, recombinant molec...
Frequency dependent inductor apparatus and method for a narrow-band filter
Method for retrieving data from an information network through linking search criteria to search str...
System and method for cross-document coreference
Transgenic models of inflammatory disease
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, processes, compositions, and methods
MRI apparatus
Multi-wavelength frequency domain near-infrared cerebral oximeter
Method and apparatus for fast, local corba object references
Manufacturing method of monolithic integrated thermal bubble inkjet print heads and the structure fo...
Dentifrice dispensing electrical toothbrush with snap-on dual brush unit
System and method for a classifying cardiac complexes
Device for the transvenous cardioversion of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter including three co...
Method and apparatus for reduction of pain from electric shock therapies
Temporary atrial cardioversion catheter
Dilatable cardiac electrode arrangement for implantation in particular in the coronary sinus of the ...
Noise-cut filter
Aircraft drainmast assembly
Transmission security for wireless communications
Automatic query and transformative process
Reuse of immutable objects during object creation
Memory controller with programmable delay counter for tuning performance based on timing parameter o...
Remote reboot of hung systems in a data processing system
Circuit and method for improving memory integrity in a microprocessor based application
Absorbent, deodorizing, hygienic animal bedding composition and method of manufacture
Network system for ensemble performance by remote terminals
Thermally enhanced chip scale package
Soil erosion collector
Plasma displays containing fibers
Floor lamp with a plurality of adjustable light-source carrying arms
Lost glass process used in making display
VCT controls integrated into front cover of engine
Navigation system with automatic change of data medium
Apparatus and method for determining ground speed of a work vehicle
Recursive vehicle mass estimation system
Portable networked computer system
Process for searching for a noise model in noisy audio signals
Electronic bulldozer game
Game call apparatus
Method and apparatus for externally generating system control interrupts as resume events from power...
Cationic cross-bonded starch with stable and tailor-made viscosity
Interactive kiosk
Interactive kiosk
Method for storing data to optical disks using interleaving and sequential modes
Data processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Emulsion film media employing steganography
Method of processing image information and method of preventing forgery of certificates or the like
Method for encoding bits in a signal
Method for recycling pet flakes
Automatic generation of graphically-composed correspondence via a text email-interface
Polynucleotides encoding a novel neuronal cell growth factor
Method for producing biotin
Method for helper virus-free packaging of a gene vector DNA
Derivation of pluripotential embryonic cell lines from ungulate species
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Biocide material and method of preparation of said material
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Human chimeric antibody specific for the ganglioside GD3
Method for recognizing and selecting a tone sequence, particularly a piece of music
Equipment and process for music digitalization storage, access, and listening
Computerized shopping cart with storage and distribution system, for supermarket use
Representing data in a scripting tool
Transport packet distribution system and method using local header
Technique for effectively searching for information in a vehicle
Modular broadcast receiver system and memo
Router image support device
Load balancing using directory services in a data processing system
Variable format memory access device
Quick identification of defect-uncovering files
Debugger for support of debugging of program, array data displaying method in debugger, and recordin...
Method and apparatus for dynamic discovery of data model allowing customization of consumer applicat...
Method of standardizing address data
SQL-Based automated histogram bin data derivation assist
System and method for private information retrieval from a single electronic storage device using ve...
Antisense inhibitor of RECQL4 expression
Erythromycins and process for their preparation
Electrode for discharge lamps
Portable control device for networked mobile robots
Method for manufacturing group III nitride compound semiconductor and a light-emitting device using ...
Magnetic memory device
Etching method and etching apparatus method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor...
DNA encoding a human histamine receptor of the H3 subtype
D-wing deployable solar array
Storage life enhancement in lithium-sulfur batteries
Enhanced ventilation waveform device
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system
Method and system for using real-time traffic broadcasts with navigation systems
Catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation
Cable truss system and related method of installation
Electronote wall mounted messaging device
Interactive computer program for measuring and analyzing mental ability
Method and device for checking the correctness of answers to quiz questions over the media and in ev...
Learning-support device and learning-support method
Method and apparatus for storing audio data
Vehicle simulator having head-up display
Method, system and storage medium for providing training to multiple users
Neck and spine protection apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures
Self aligning robotic arm calibration apparatus
Substrate transport apparatus and transport teaching system
Piezoelectric resonator
Junction structure of dielectric strip nonradiative dielectric waveguide and millimeter-wave transmi...
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device including same
Silicon carbide substrate for forming magnetic head
Character layout method, image forming method and stamp-making method and apparatus therefor
Relational database method for accessing information useful for the manufacture of, to interconnect ...
Aqueous organopolysiloxane emulsion and method for the preparation thereof
Metal filter for high temperature applications
Process for preparing aligned in-situ two phase single crystal composites of titanium-niobium alloys
Iron-based alloy for internal combustion engine valve seat inserts
Cast B2-phase iron-aluminum alloys with improved fluidity
Corrosion-resistant zinc alloy powder and method of manufacturing
Method and apparatus for making measurements of accumulations of magnetically susceptible particles ...
Triazine compounds and their use
Developing device, printing device, and charging method through contact
Use of carbon nanotubes as chemical sensors by incorporation of fluorescent molecules within the tub...
Organic electroluminescence layer with oligomer hole injection layer
Display apparatus
Display device having a light emitting element
Sol solution and method for film formation
Semiconductor sensor for optically measuring polarization rotation of optical wavefronts using rare ...
Electrochromic device
Ferroelectric capacitor
Unitary microcapiliary and waveguide structure and method of fabrication
Adaptive optical waveguide router
Method for conducting sensor array-based rapid materials characterization
Effector apparatus in electronic musical instrument
Drive system
System for determining the position of an object with respect to a magnetic field sources
Obstruction detection method for vehicle
Crash detection system
Air interface simulator and method thereof
System for the observation of traffic
Telephone instrument with built-in modem device, and system for voice communications over the intern...
Absence reception information device and absence reception information method for folding portable c...
Elliptical exercise machine with adjustment
Universal resistance cross-training system
Block copolymers from macrocyclic oligoesters and dihydroxyl-functionalized polymers
Drum-type motor with inner gear
Optical device using photonics
Data input method, encoding apparatus, and data processing apparatus
Product and method for improving avian health
Sliding door hardware assembly
Recreational floating device having underwater projectile dispensing feature
Hibiscus plant named `Largo Breeze`
Chemical compounds
Flow-efficient, static pressure-shielding, fire-resistant decompression panel assembly
Electric power steering apparatus