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Synergistic antioxidant veterinary compositions
Method and apparatus for prefetching superblocks in a computer processing system
Process for making defoaming compositions
Aechmea plant named `Maya`
Dynamic data cache for object-oriented computing environments
Automated reclamation scheduling override in a virtual tape server
Transparent local and distributed memory management system
Methods for comparing a number of primary targets for two or more drug compositions
Data replication system and method
Method and apparatus for collecting page-level performance statistics from a network device
Telephone handset sterilizer method and apparatus
Applicator for applying a viscous fluid
Eyelash curler
Hair holder
Cosmetic container
Kneeling disk
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Snow vehicle
Digital data retrieving, organizing and display system
Semiconductor device having a chip mounted on a rectangular substrate
Door approach communication apparatus and door lock control apparatus
Inductor-capacitor resonant circuits and improved methods of using same
Receiver of tire inflation pressure monitor
Wireless communication system and method and system for detection of position of radio mobile statio...
Radio communications handset antenna arrangements
Utility meter label support and antenna
Wireless communications protocol
Reed Solomon decoder and decoding method utilizing a control signal indicating a new root for an ini...
Construction of retroviral producer cells from adenoviral and retroviral vectors
Insertion sequence
Process for making polymeric phenol sulfide
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor and related DNA compounds
Human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions and methods employing same
Therapeutic multispecific compounds comprised of anti-FCA receptor antibodies
Method for fixing cultured tissue and artificial skin fixed
Controlled local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for treating solid tumors
Foaming aqueous medium stable in the presence of grease, stabilization of a foaming aqueous medium i...
Minimally invasive medical apparatus for dispensing a biologically active compound and an associated...
Hydroxy-kojic acid skin peel
Bacillus thuringiensis toxins with improved activity
Process for the production of expanded olefinic thermoplastic elastomer products
Display device for helmet-mounted display
Aqueous fuel for internal combustion engine and method of preparing
Implantable defibrillators with programmable cross-chamber blanking
Method and apparatus for performing bearer independent wireless application service provisioning
Structure for an optical switch on a silicon on insulator substrate
Circuit board having thereon coupled ceramic capacitors and method for the manufacture thereof
High power control signal transmission and low power data signal transmission in a wireless security...
Device description and management language for computer network devices
Remote data access and synchronization
Method and apparatus for erasing data after expiration
Engine control monitor for vehicle equipped with engine and transmission
Method and device for cruise control
Method and system for dynamic testing of a vehicle exhaust system in a rigid frame test fixture
Data processing system, apparatus and method
Substituted 2-benzylamino-2-phenyl-acetamide compounds
Jewelry setting
Event recording in a service database system
Self-triggering inflatable balloon device and valve therefor having an improved puncture stake
Vehicle with swivel control of casters for enabling rider or external steering
Fin structure of balloon
Player programmable, interactive toy for a shooting game
Noise making novelty baseball bat
Control system for internal combustion engine
Cam activated electrically controlled engine valve
Oil passage system of valve moving apparatus for internal combustion engine
Vane type hydraulic actuator
Device for adjusting the phase angle of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for detecting crank angle of engine
Engine arrangement for small planing watercraft
.beta.-xylosidase, nucleotide sequence encoding it, and use thereof
Method of producing vitamin powders
Compounds with electron donor and electron acceptor functionality
Process for the manufacture of D-erythrose
Interactive kiosk
Display rotator for a kiosk
Method, system, and computer program product for trading interest rate swaps
System and method for premium optimization and loan monitoring
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Distributed electronic billing system with gateway interfacing biller and service center
Method and system for injecting errors to a device within a computer system
Peer-to-peer data transfer using pre-existing caller ID CLASS FSK signaling infrastructure
Cleaning methods and/or articles for hard surfaces
Method of encoding information using a position-based encoding scheme
System and method for data hiding in compressed fingerprint images
Image marking to permit later identification
Computer system for protecting a file and a method for protecting a file
Data hiding method and system using statistical properties
Compact scanner apparatus and method
Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assemblies to free fishing lures
Fishing lure storage system
Magnetic rattle system
Geranium plant named `Jolly Bee`
Osteospermum plant named `Vanilla Cream`
Aster plant named `Moercass`
Kalanchoe plant named `Sumaco`
Biodegradation of the gasoline oxygenates
Biotin biosynthesis in bacillus subtilis
Methods for preparing polynucleotide transfection complexes
Method for antigen and antibody determination in bloodgroup serology
Music timer
Scalable audio processing on a heterogeneous processor array
Playback device having text display and communication with remote database of titles
Access system for distributed storage
Method and device for assigning an authorization device to a base station
Turbo code interleaver using linear congruential sequence
System for interactively distributing information services having a remote video session manager
Method for computer-assisted testing of software application components
Relational database management system for chemical structure storage, searching and retrieval
Search system for providing fulltext search over web pages of world wide web servers
Hydrothermally stable high pore volume aluminum oxide/swellable clay composites and methods of their...
Metal complexes with a tridentate ligand as polymerization catalysts
Power management sensing rotating platter with liquid contact switch responsive to platter rotationa...
Low pressure mercury discharge lamp having a mercury holder with reduced lead oxide
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Microlithography system for high-resolution large-area patterning on curved surfaces
Process for making aromatic aldehydes
Apparatus and process for improved aromatic extraction from gasoline
Partly synthetic multigrade crankcase lubricant
Process for producing polymer grade olefins
Alkylation reactions of aromatic subtrates
Process for producing ethylene
Method of producing olefins from petroleum residua
Process for the preparation of metal sulphides
Steam reforming catalyst
Process for producing pentacyl-type crystalline zeolites and a process for producing .epsilon.-capro...
Silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure, and their preparation
Endohedral metallofullerenes and method for making the same
Disabling and enabling transaction committal in transactional application components
Reducing composition and process for the permanent reshaping of the hair
Polypeptides conjugated with polymers
Hair care compositions
Water-based, hair care products containing homogeneous terpolymers having both hair styling and cond...
Use of water-soluble/dispersible reactive derivatives of polyimido compounds for modifying proteinac...
Process for producing labeled article
Process for the preparation of a controlled release system
Water and oil repellent masonry treatments
Heat developable color photographic photosensitive material
Polycyclic copolymer compositions
Method for forming a fibers/composite material having an anisotropic structure
Human interferon-epsilon: a type I interferon
Bioerodable polymeric adhesives for tissue repair
Composite nonlinear optical film, method of producing the same and applications of the same
Aminoindan derivatives
Process for the production of water soluble modified rosin ester vehicles for laminating inks
Noble metal preparation and its use to produce noble metal decorations by direct and indirect printi...
Pressure sensitive materials based on a multistep constituted of polymerizates
Moisture curable polyurethane compositions
Method of producing disazo pigment
Fluorescent substance, fluorescent composition, fluorescent mark carrier and optical reader therefor
Apparatus and method for carrying out flow through chemistry of multiple mixtures
Method and system for intelligently controlling a remotely located computer
Nucleoside pyrophosphate and triphosphate analogs and related compounds
Thermo-optic device with evanescent wave coupling
Fiber optic cable having a component with an absorptive polymer coating and a method of making the c...
Dry fiber optic cable
Rail adapter for fiber optic perimeter lighting system
Tiled fiber optic display apparatus
Optical glass, optical waveguide amplifier and optical waveguide laser
Aggregate job performance in a multiprocessing system by incremental and on-demand task allocation a...
Diarylsulfone non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus
Cathode ray tube and image correcting method
Method for producing polymers stabilized with protective colloids
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Recombinant procvf
Combination therapy for chronic hepatitis c infection
Adjuvant formulation comprising a submicron oil droplet emulsion
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
FTCD antigen
Crystallizable compositions comprising a hepatitis C virus NS3 protease domain/NS4A complex
Immunoreactive polypeptide compositions
Vitro suppression as a tool for the investigation of translation initiation
Breast stabilization devices and imaging and interventional methods using same
Systems and methods for imaging fluorophores
Personal monitor and method for measuring heart rate
Heating element construction for floor warming systems
Method of improved magnetic resonance spectroscopic localization using spectral-spatial pulses
AB challenger exercise apparatus
Waste discharge system comprising water closet carrier
Indolicidin analogs and methods of using same
Supportive therapy for diabetes, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia
Removal of sterols from fats and oils
Error correction architecture for pipeline analog to digital converters
Method for removing sulfolane present in hydrocarbon
Polymorphism detection
Permeation layer attachment chemistry and method
Expression monitoring for gene function identification
Content addressable magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for displaying information with a perceived partial transparency over a televisi...
Using time resolved light emission from VLSI circuit devices for navigation on complex systems
Analog/digital cable TV capable of performing bidirectional communication
Information processing system and method of using same
Method and apparatus for separating and cooking eggs
Remote pile driving analyzer
Audio diagnostic system and method using frequency spectrum and neural network
Edible bubble making composition and child's toy
Hot melt composition and use thereof
Apparatus and method for distinguishing paper articles from plastic articles
Ink transfer printer
Space saving mobile device
One-time use camera with film winding detection to enable exposure-related component
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Artist's marking material
Fuel cell channeled distribution of hydration water
Method and apparatus of automatically generating a procedure for extracting information from textual...
Kalanchoe plant named `Lican`
Protective headgear and chin pad
Automated debt payment system and method using ATM network
Multi-valve dental handpiece supply reservoir
Steering axle for vehicular hydraustatic drive system
Fan heat sink and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit having thereon on-chip capacitors
Technique for correcting single-bit errors in caches with sub-block parity bits
Gift receptacle and kit for assembling same
Method for enforcing integrity constraints in a database table using an index
Apparatus for removing fine particles in exhaust gas and apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas
Defibrillator system including a removable monitoring electrodes adapter and method of detecting the...
External defibrillator system with diagnostic module
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising modified alkybenzene sulfonates
Detergent tablet
Liquid detergent and foam compositions comprising a diester or diamide quaternary ammonium compound
Process for obtaining highly esterified polyol fatty acid polyesters having reduced levels of difatt...
Microwave packaging with improved orientation feature
Microwave packaging with improved divider
Progressive start-up circuit for activating a charge pump
System and method for enhanced performance of a relational database management system through the us...
Active damping of actuator bearing translational mode
Testing system for voice system equipment in switchboard
High resolution, high accuracy process monitoring system
Cochlear electrode array having current-focusing and tissue-treating features
Automatic construction of conditional exponential models from elementary features
Mechanism for storing system level attributes in a translation lookaside buffer
Aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate compounds and their use as adjuvants and immunoeffectors
Diaryl ethers and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions containi...
Pharmacokinetic modulating chemotherapy
Water soluble lipidated arabinogalactan
Aminopyrimidine derivatives, processes for their preparation, compositions containing them and their...
Use of 2-methyl-thiazolidine-2,4-dicarboxylic acid as a mucolytic agents
Enhanced anti-cancer agent delivery to solid tumors by primer compounds
Flash suppressor
Method for removal of lipids via a perfluorocarbon tumescent solution
Coenzyme Q products exhibiting high dissolution qualities
Polyester/polyurethane vinyl dioxolane based coating compositions
Straddle type vehicle seat
Method and apparatus for electrically assisted topical delivery of agents for cosmetic applications
Electrical apparatus having metal case with thermal insulation
Noninvasive method for increasing or decreasing the body temperature of a patient
Aerosol paint stripper compositions
Method and system for improved enumeration of tries
Quick Change system and method for converting an aircraft from a cargo mode to a passenger mode and ...
Free fall payload distribution device and method
Vortex generation for control of the air flow along the surface of an airfoil
Lightning protection for electrically conductive or insulating skin and core for honeycomb structure
Apparatus and method for lasercom tracking acquisition
Spacecraft attitude control systems with dynamic methods and structures for processing star tracker ...
Computer system for allowing a consumer to purchase packaged goods at home
Arrangement for detecting a gaseous component in a gas flow
Method and apparatus for preserving human saliva for testing
Process for the removal of water from evacuated chambers or from gases
Method for optically brightening paper
Isolation of small-bandgap fullerenes and endohedral metallofullerenes
Coating solutions for use in forming bismuth-based ferroelectric thin films, and ferroelectric memor...
Process for the continuous production of citric acid by fermentation
Transparent glass-ceramics based on alpha- and beta-willemite
Method of decontaminating medium containing polychlorinated biphenyls or dioxins
Utilization of telluride quaternary nonlinear optic materials
Adhesive agent and use of such adhesive agent
Triaminepentaacetic acid compound and paramagnetic metal complex prepared from using the compound as...
Process for isolating and purifying viruses and sugars from plant sources
Computer system, method and user interface components for abstracting and accessing a body of knowle...
Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system having reduced short wavelength loss
Mode coupling buffered optical fiber apparatus and method for making
Space-time diversity receiver for wireless systems
Method for extending the range of a wireless communication system
Method for reducing the effect of atmospheric ducting on wireless transmissions
Mode mixing buffered optical fiber apparatus and method for making
Transom trunk
Horizontal shotgun and/or rifle rack assembly for hunting boats
Boat mountable stowable enclosure
Trailer tongue extension apparatus
Antifouling structure having effect of preventing attachment of aquatic organisms thereto
Gelled foodstuff for aquatic animals
Monochromatic R,G,B laser light source display system and method
Method of manufacturing a thermoplastic resin composition and moulded articles
Preparation of blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with a molybdenum-bas...
Water-absorbent or water-retention material and production method thereof
Methylene dioxy tetrahydroindane derivative
Process for the preparation of acyloxyalkanesulfonic acids
Driving control circuit of a hood motor
Aqueous shellac solution or dispersion
Golf putter and method of manufacturing
Ball for a ball game
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of cover for game ball
Image generating system and information storage medium capable of changing angle of view of virtual ...
Self-adjusting cables and method for making same
Semiconductor device comprising silicone adhesive sheet
Earthen liner with clay seam cover
Anisotropic permanent magnet
Compounding process for achieving uniform, fine particle size dispersion of curing agents in the sub...
Web server with direct mail capability
Apparatus for aiding the layout and editing of items of sheet material
Method and apparatus for language training
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and apparatus for on-line teaching and learning
Pedometer with game mode
Kalanchoe plant named `Malabar`
Foaming agents containing liquid carbon dioxide
Portable safety device
HS-40 enhancer-containing vector
Method for conferring herbicide, pest, or disease resistance in plant hosts
Inbred corn plant 09DSS1 and seeds thereof
System and method for recognizing user-specified pen-based gestures using hidden markov models
Method and apparatus for implementing two-dimensional digital filters
Stock library mechanism for providing visual representations of stock objects in an image reproducin...
Mounting boot for a photoreceptor belt
Printer with superposed trays for print output and document handling
Rotary encoder error compensation system and method for photoreceptor surface motion sensing and con...
Data converting apparatus and coefficient determining apparatus for use therewith
Accessory tray
Step stool with tray
Juvenile tray
Secure data broadcasting
Verification of server authorization to provide network resources
Digital compact disc player security system reproducing method and apparatus
Secure software system and related techniques
Method and apparatus for managing trusted certificates
Adjustable counterbalance mechanism for a coordinate measurement machine
Gripper apparatus for robots
Substrate transport apparatus with double substrate holders
Master device having force reflection function
Means and method of robot control relative to an arbitrary surface using camera-space manipulation
Lens barrier for a camera
Heat sealer for synthetic resin bag
Coin handling device
Tape printing apparatus and method
Power transistor having large electric current capacity and semiconductor integrated circuit device ...
Liquid crystal display having an off driving voltage greater than either zero or an optical characte...
Process of preparing catalyst for producing alkenyl acetates
Nanocomposite magnet material and method for producing nanocomposite magnet
Ferritic alloy for constructions
High strength Al-Mg-Zn-Si alloy for welded structures and brazing application
Soft magnetic thin film
Amorphous metallic glass electrodes for electrochemical processes
Weld material, gas metal arc welding method, and welded structure
Device for monitoring traffic
Routing and mobility management protocols for ad-hoc networks
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening
Automated medication dispenser with remote patient monitoring system
Removal of organic anti-reflection coatings in integrated circuits
Method for manufacturing a panel for a liquid crystal display with a plasma-treated organic insulati...
Image sensors made from organic semiconductors
Adhesive sheet for semiconductor connecting substrate, adhesive-backed tape for tab, adhesive-backed...
Organic semiconductor recognition complex and system
Liquid crystal display apparatus having patterned insulating layer formed over a substrate except fo...
Organic electroluminecent display device suitable for a flat display and method of forming the same
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Organic EL panel and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical device and semiconductor circuit
Apparatus for driving a display panel
Driver for a liquid-crystal display panel
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Encapsulation of biomaterials in porous glass-like matrices prepared via an aqueous colloidal sol-ge...
Optical temperature sensors and optical-chemical sensors with optical temperature compensation
Low temperature chemical vapor deposition process for forming bismuth-containing ceramic films usefu...
Process for physical isolation of regions of a substrate board
Dielectric ceramic, method for producing the same, laminated ceramic electronic element, and method ...
Organic/inorganic composites with low hydroxyl group content, method for their production and applic...
Environmentally benign bismuth-containing spin-on precursor materials
Loudspeakers comprising panel-form acoustic radiating elements
Peptides related to TPC2 and TPC3, two proteins that are coexpressed with telomerase activity
Telomerase-associated proteins
Bass-reflex speaker assembly
Method of obtaining improved geophysical information about earth formations
Acoustically insulated flexible tube assembly for stethoscopes
High-performance muffler
Pulsation damper
Method and apparatus for lowering audible noise emissions from lithotriptors
Steering control method and apparatus
Locking device, in particular for a vehicle
Vehicle behavior estimating and controlling method and system as well as body slip angle estimating ...
Enhanced active brake control system functionality through system integration with adaptive cruise c...
System for controlling speed and distance in a motor vehicle changing traffic lanes
Signal capture for telecommunications switch
Power supplying to CPU of telephone
Foldable communication device and method
Audio/navigation system with automatic setting of user-dependent system parameters
Technique for managing files in telephone switching system
System and method for denying connection to electronic mailbox if mailbox is empty
Exercise methods and apparatus
Speed-control exercise method and apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise device
Process for production of thermoplastic moulded part
Substituted azabicyclic compounds
Evolutionary controlling system
Apparel color and image effect system
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Swing set bracket
Rear view and multi-media system for vehicles
Child exerciser/rocker
Methods to securely configure an FPGA using encrypted macros
Calibrachoa plant named `Colorburst Rose`
Compositions comprising 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)benzenesulfinate and alkyl-substituted derivatives thereo...
Fungicidal active substance combinations
Benzoylphenylurea insecticides and methods of using certain benzoylphenylureas to control ants
Biodegradable polymers, preparation thereof and use thereof for producing biodegradable moldings
Polyester and process for producing the same
N-[1,2,4]triazoloazinyl) benzenesulfonamide and pyridinesulfonamide compounds and their use as herbi...
Human signal transduction serine/threonine kinase
Heterocycle derivatives which inhibit factor Xa
One pot synthesis of 2-oxazolidinone derivatives
Conformable vehicle coating composite
Embossed metallic flakelets and method for producing the same
Control system using plural objects, a programming method therefor, and a peripheral devices control...
Leak-resistant cryptographic method and apparatus
System and method for building a web site using specific interface
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server event driven message f...
System and method for optimizing cache write backs to disks
Data processor with localized memory reclamation
Peer-to-peer backup system with failure-triggered device switching honoring reservation of primary d...
Object property meta model emulator for legacy data structures
Information packet reception indicator for reducing the utilization of a host system processor unit
Method and apparatus for pre-compression packaging
Negotiating optimum parameters in a system of interconnected components
Method and apparatus for embedded process control framework in tool systems
Method for hot swapping a programmable adapter by using a programmable processor to selectively disa...
Information processing system architecture
Bicycliccarbonyl indole compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Apparatus and method for grouping texture cache requests
Floating/dropping ball game table structure
System manager and hypertext control interface for interactive cable television system
Reverse mount heat sink assembly
Method for attaching a fluoride-based polymer layer to a polyphenylene ether or polystyrene layer, a...
Personal handy-phone system wireless local loops and methods of transmitting information within pers...
Method of establishing a radio chain in a radiocommunications network
Transmitter circuitry for a cellular phone
Radio equipment and transmit power controlling method for the same
Mobile unit communication apparatus having digital and analog communication modes and a method of co...
System and method for calibrating a signal detection threshold circuit
Amusement and virtual reality ride
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Sulphonamide derivatives
Lordotic interbody spinal fusion implants
Magnetically directable remote guidance systems, and methods of use thereof
Cyclin D binding factor, and uses thereof
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Bladder insert for encapsulant displacement
Test, protection, and repair through binary code augmentation
Singing voice synthesis
Pressure stabilized inflated air transport vehicle
Conveyor control system employing zone control module
Latency server and matchmaker
Client-controlled link processing in computer network
Internet system and method for selecting a closest server from a plurality of alternative servers
Multi-level security network system
Intelligent network security device and method
Voltage control of integrated circuits
Management system for selective data exchanges across federated environments
Method and systems for allowing data service system to provide class-based services to its users
System, method and article of manufacture for a gateway system architecture with system administrati...
Queue-based predictive flow control mechanism with indirect determination of queue fullness
One-to-many bus bridge using independently and simultaneously selectable logical FIFOS
Tumor associated nucleic acids and uses therefor
Methuselah gene, compositions and methods of use
Nucleic acids encoding mammalian alpha helical protein-1
Gene encoding oxalate decarboxylase from aspergillus phoenices
Image forming apparatus having an electrically charged paper dust removing brush
Switching power supply for gas laser
Endothelin-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Compositions and methods for nucleic acid delivery to the lung
Cross-linked polysaccharide drug carrier
Therapeutic methods utilizing naturally derived bio-active complexes and delivery systems therefor
Kappa agonist compounds and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Water-soluble eye drop
Use of water-soluble/dispersible reactive functionalized derivatives of polyimido compounds for modi...
Method and system for providing formatted information via a two-way communications system
Polynucleotide crosslinking agents
Use of dipeptidyl peptidase IV effectors for lowering the blood glucose level in mammals
Optical head, method of manufacturing the same, and diffraction element suitable therefor
Optical transmitter for reducing impulse noise in a fiber optic link
Apparatus providing variable reflectivity to electromagnetic radiation
Precision optical mounts
Echelle grating dense wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer with two dimensional single chan...
Method and device for aligning optical fibers in an optical fiber array
Bendable illuminating appliance
System for optically identifying an object
Very high volt oxide formation of aluminum for electrolytic capacitors
High speed telemetry system using transmission medium as a component of a telemetry link
Method and apparatus for real time clock frequency error correction
Hybrid maize plant & seed 39n03
Compiler design using object technology with cross platform capability
Anchor sheet and anchor sheet module
Methods of increasing power handling capability of a power line
DNA encoding a transcription factor controlling phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathway
Apparatus for actuating a passenger safety system
Radially magnetized plastic pipe
Blue diode-pumped solid-state-laser based on ytterbium doped laser crystals operating on the resonan...
Apparatuses for processing security documents
Non-invasive optical measurement of blood hematocrit
Compressing/decompressing bitmap by performing exclusive- or operation setting differential encoding...
Paintball gun and light emitting projectile-type ammunition for use therewith
Method of forming multi-purpose hunting apparel
Firearms and docking station system for limiting use of firearm
Process of producing a propellant charge igniter
Image sensing operator input device
Barrel assembly with axially stacked projectiles
Gun noise and recoil suppressor
Utility vehicle for rescue and defense
Non-lethal projectile with fine grain solid in elastic infrangible envelope
Treatment for shut-in gas well
Methods and apparatus for a portable golf training system with an optical sensor net
Vivo protein production and delivery system for gene therapy
Missile severance device
Tooling apparatus and method for producing grid stiffened fiber reinforced structures
Thermal welding of fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepreg
Transmitter coil, improved fuze setter circuitry for adaptively tuning the fuze setter circuit for r...
Sabot anti-splitting ring
Electrostatic arming apparatus for an explosive projectile
Payload fairing with improved acoustic suppression
Method of fabricating plain bearings
Two Axis stage with arcuate surface bearings
Fluid sealing device for use with a motor for rotating a disc drive
Long-lived rotary ball bearing for reciprocating applications and method of lubricating same
Steering bearing assembly for wheeled vehicle
Oil-free screw rotor apparatus
Copper-based sliding alloy
Sealant layer for container lid
Formation of and methods for the production of large bacillus thuringiensis crystals with increased ...
Dynamic termination for non-symmetric transmission line network topologies
Water dispersed primers
Checkpoint logging without checkpoint display device availability
Bilaterally symmetrical battery powered microprocessor controlled lightweight hand-holdable electron...
Photoresist coater
Bowling center system
System and method for providing a comparable branded product based on a current branded product for ...
Implantable lead with dissolvable coating for improved fixation and extraction
Hardware simulator for a transaction processing system
Preparation of cycloalkylacetylene compounds
Coating agent for film, laminate and method for producing it
Use of a peptide compound in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus
Bi-stable micro switch
Apparatus for sensing patterns of electrical field variations across a surface
Biochip detection system
Oral care composition
Adhesive cosmetic patch containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids
Process for applying perfume to dryer sheets
Method of bleaching stained fabrics
Method of stabilizing fabric softening compositions
Camera with elastic gasket for providing watertight seal
Instant camera
Viewfinder and camera having a viewfinder
Camera with flash unit disposed in between viewfinder lenses
Apparatus capable of generating place information
Film cassette having an indication of underexposure
Chain tensioner and chain system
Chain tensioner
Receiver for RF signals
Storage rack for stoneware
Silent chain
Foldable canopy for the operator's position on a truck mounted knuckle boom
Keepsake urn and picture holder
Communion cup
Self service terminal
System and architecture for distributing, monitoring, and managing information requests on a compute...
Telephone handset interface with feedback control
Method and system for creating and sending graphical email
Mobile base station for disseminating information
System for managing multimedia objects
Multimedia server
Copy protection apparatus and information recording medium used in this copy protection apparatus
Distributed interactive multimedia system architecture
Multimedia conference call participant identification system and method
System for retrieving multimedia information from the internet using multiple evolving intelligent a...
Centering cuts or tabs for binder frames
Document made fraud-proof by an irreversibly distortable weakening pattern
Bi-colored lined instructional writing paper
Bag tag and novel laminate for making same
Secure sticker and integrated label/form
Tamper-evident electric paper
Substrates secure against unauthorized copying and their production
Placement of conductive stripes in electronic circuits to satisfy metal density requirements
System and method for propagating clock nodes in a netlist of circuit design
Method for improving wiring related yield and capacitance properties of integrated circuits by maze-...
Automatic statement completion
Tip technology and its application to sparcompiler pascal
Method and apparatus for dynamic selection of instructions for compiling using tags
Lifetime-sensitive instruction scheduling mechanism and method
Pop-up items having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Light device with holographic optics
Sign holder for book shelving
Sign holder for book shelving
Device for presenting multiple illuminated messages and a method for making same
Article of seating furniture
Otoplastic for a hearing aid
Determination of neighbour cells in a base station
Auto-recoverable and auto-certifiable cryptostem using zero-knowledge proofs for key escrow in gener...
Method and apparatus for the imaging of gases
Compositions and methods for determining the activity of DNA-binding proteins and of initiation of t...
ZnS photocatalyst, preparation therefor and method for producing hydrogen by use of the same
Metal complexing
Imidazoles as cholesterol lowering agents
N-end rule pathway enzymes
Amino acid decarboxylases
Method for improving the adhesion of a photopolymerizable composition to copper
Two-stage process for the production of 1,3-propanediol by catalytic hydrogenation of 3-hydroxypropa...
Fluorinated diester melt additives for thermoplastic polymers
Polymerizations based on cyclic oligomer
Curable polymeric composition and use in protecting a substrate
Process for the production of gamma-butyrolactone
Changeable color shaving aid
Process for treating an aqueous solution of titanyle sulfate
Process for the preparation of cyclopropylacetylene
Catalytic distillation process
Apparatus for DNA sequencing
Endless rubber track and vehicle containing such track
Nail varnish with a chased effect
Aromatic liquid crystalline polyester resin and resin composition thereof
Microsphere adhesive coated article for use with coated papers
Apparatus and method with improved field of view for determining vehicle wheel alignment measurement...
GaInAsP/AIGaInP laser diodes with AIGaAs type II carrier blocking layer in the waveguide
Planar waveguide grating device and method having a passband with a flat-top and sharp-transitions
Interconnect traffic tracking
Optical waveguide device and method for fabricating the same
Phase modulator for semiconductor waveguide
Optical pumping field emission type light-to-current converter
Microwave vacuum tube device employing grid-modulated cold cathode source having nanotube emitters
Surfactant-containing acetoacetoxy-functional and enamine-functional polymers
Methods for the detection of a novel hepatitis C virus (HCV) terminal 3' noncoding region
De novo priming activity of hepatitis C virus replicase
Hepatitis therapeutics
Decoy probes
Permanently deformable dressing
Methods of mediating female fertility in plants
Photoelectric converter with a plurality of photoelectric conversion layers deposited in a predeterm...
X-ray mammography apparatus
Method for calibrating a detector means
Method and device for measuring the absorption of radiation in a portion of tissue
Process for making .beta.-carotene
Detecting states of signals
System for distributing computer programs
Hardware test coverage using inter-chip event filtering in multi-chip simulations
Method for efficient manufacturing of integrated circuits
Method of forming conductive film and capacitor
HCV genomic sequences for diagnostics and therapeutics
Motion vector detecting apparatus
Phase error estimation method for a demodulator in an HDTV receiver
Moving target detecting system and moving target detecting method
Device for and method of detecting motion in an image
Extracting image frames suitable for printing and visual presentation from the compressed image data
Anaerobic digester system
Stable adhesive composite material made of polyurethane and of another thermoplastic material, a pro...
Sound deadening member for electrophotographic photoreceptor and electrophotographic photoreceptor u...
One-pack waterborne adhesion coatings for thermoplastic olefins
Charging apparatus which stores electrically conductive particles in granule form
Deep selective hydrogenation process
Toner container for an image forming apparatus
Silicone-containing polyimide resin, silicon-containing polyamic acid, and methods for manufacture
Process for the preparation of hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitanes
Method for acylating hexakis (arylmethyl) hexaazaisowurtzitane
Process for purifying difluoromethane
Partial color-corrected projection lens system
Zoom lens system
Layered structure manganese dioxide for cathode material in lithium rechargeable cell and process fo...
Process of making alkali metal tetrathiocarbonates
Process for the aqueous purification of hydrogen peroxide containing impurities
Enhanced methanol utilization in direct methanol fuel cell
Mousse sachet
Surface pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Chelating agents for improved color fidelity
Process for the preparation of 1,2,4-thiadiazoles
Foldable snorkel
Method of preventing potentially hazardously misleading attitude data
Bulk single crystals of aluminum nitride
Parallel high-performance liquid chromatography with serial injection
Measurement of complete electrical waveforms of tissue or cells
Method and apparatus for chemical polishing using field responsive materials
Glass for a substrate
Method of waste treatment
Expert support system for authoring invention disclosures
Electromagnetic interference shielding enclosure
High availability distributed call processing method and apparatus
Method for multi-mode operation of a subscriber line card in a telecommunications system
Automatic speed dial updating
Method for performing image-acquisition with preview of image to be transferred
Plenum rated high modulus buffered optical fiber
Splice mount having improved structural integrity and method of making
Surface effect ship (SES) hull configuration having improved high speed performance and handling cha...
Flexible vessels for transporting fluent cargoes
Docking fixture
Towing apparatus for personal watercraft
Treated waste, method for making the same and apparatus for making the same
Automatic tethering system for a floating dock
Low cost high performance portable phased array antenna system for satellite communication
Soybean cultivar 73798609
Image processing apparatus, image output device, image processing method and record medium on which ...
Logic-based image processing method
Method and apparatus for automatic image segmentation using template matching filters
Electrostatic powder coated wire for hybrid scavengeless development applications
Apparatus providing improved image transfer to an intermediate transfer belt
Reversible seat pad
Osteogenic devices
Object oriented software build framework mechanism
Q-switched cavity multiplier
Washing solution of semiconductor substrate and washing method using the same
Method for the formation of a planarizing coating film on substrate surface
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent light-emitting array and optical head assembly
Transponder identification and record assembly
Method and apparatus for dynamically coating a substrate
Antimicrobial fabric and medical graft of the fabric
Electric circuits for camera
Anthurium plant named `Pink Champion`
Structure extraction on electronic documents
Method and apparatus for removing blank space from a document to be displayed
Checking serialization compatibility between versions of java classes
Mechanism and process to transform a grammar-derived intermediate form to an object-oriented configu...
Event distribution system for computer network management architecture
Method and system for supplying a custom software image to a computer system
Non-invasive networked-based customer support
Bump mapping in a computer graphics pipeline
Electric bicycle and methods
Computer system including priorities for memory operations and allowing a higher priority memory ope...
Radio-operated communications terminal with navigation key
Combined GPS and cellular band mobile antenna
IC card-type radio communication device
Method for killing mosquito larvae
Combined magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic stereotaxis surgical apparatus and processes
Compound and process for producing .beta.-adrenergic receptor agonist
Indane compounds with smooth muscle relaxing and/or mast cell stabilizing and/or anti-inflammatory a...
Absorbent articles having wetness indicating graphics providing an interactive training aid
Encoding and decoding methods and apparatus
System and method for manufacturing test of a physical layer transceiver
Energy supply unit on board an aircraft
Cleaning apparatus and process cartridge
Disk-cartridge detection system incorporating an angled light emitter/detector
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Stray light absorption
Optical fiber switching arrangement
Capacitor with thermosealed polymeric case for implantable medical device
Methods and apparatus for treating fibrillation and creating defibrillation waveforms
Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac electromechanical dissociation
Method and apparatus for forming a tube-encased bragg grating
System for monitoring workpiece and tool carriages movement using a two-axis scale attached to a car...
Oscillating cavity paint meter
Test socket and method for testing an IC device in a dead bug orientation
Solar radiation sensor
Image heating apparatus
Image transfer device incorporating a fuser roller having a thick wearable silicone rubber surface
User specific real-time weather information source for compiling time varying weather conditions rel...
Computer security
Upland pack vest
Projectile guide
Tamper resistant container
Initiator for air bag inflator
Multipurpose vehicle flag holder
Disc tossing/target receiving game with surface features
Water game systems and methods
Apparatus for inflating a side curtain
Base drag reducing device
Lubricant-containing polymer-filled rolling bearing and process for the production thereof
Center bearing for a shaft
Self-aligning roller bearing
Strut bearing
Mounting clip elements
Gas bearing and lithographic apparatus including such a bearing
Composite container having foamed adhesive
Plating media for the presumptive identification of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis
Sandal with resilient claw shaped cleats
Directional light-diffusing film, a method of manufacturing same, and a display device that uses sam...
Pipette tip
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft combination
Battery powered microprocessor controlled hand portable electronic pipette
Pipette tip
Refill pack for pipette tip racks and improved pipette tip support plate for use in such packs and r...
Pipette tip
Method and apparatus for plasma-chemical production of nitrogen monoxide
Amps from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Diagnostics in a process control system
Surface acoustic wave device and production method thereof and mobile communication equipment using ...
Surface acoustic wave device with split electrodes and outermost electrodes of a different width tha...
Medical system having improved telemetry
High impedance electrode tip with internal drug delivery capability
Vehicular velocity controlling apparatus and method to follow up a preceding vehicle running ahead o...
Control apparatus for drive system composed of engine and transmission
Navigation system for providing an optimal route from traffic messages
Methods and apparatus for providing voice guidance in a vehicle navigation system
Vehicle locating system utilizing global positioning
Video game machine and computer-readable recording medium containing video game program
Pyramid-style video game method and device
Security control for computer power supply system
Residual vector quantization for texture pattern compression and decompression
Trie compression using substates and utilizing pointers to replace or merge identical, reordered sta...
Remote procedure calling with marshaling and unmarshaling of arbitrary non-conformant pointer sizes
Speech recognition system with changing grammars and grammar help command
Method and system for providing multiple entry point code resources
Credit based telephony service facilitation
Styling shampoo compositions containing cationic styling polymers and cationic deposition polymers
Convertible walker/rider toy for a child
Container, character toy, and toy combination
Toy capsule
Toy figure having enhanced punching feature
Linkless variable valve actuation mechanism
End-feed variable cam timing oil supply and control module
Baggage tag
Latent image structure
One-pass method for preparing paper size emulsions
Split ion exchange system and method of operating
Beverages for enhanced physical performance
Continuous process for the preparation of a high-purity hydrogenated ose by catalytic hydrogenation
Photo service order kiosk
Method and system for capturing images from a video tape for the purpose of creating a motion card
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Film drop-off apparatus and method
Use of visual building alarm system to display public information to building visitors
Electronic database operations for perspective transformations on relational tables using pivot and ...
Image data encoding system and image inputting apparatus
Image transformations in the compressed domain
Joint compound including recycled constituents and method and system for making the same
Intelligent processing for establishing communication over the internet
System and method for providing access to the internet via a radio telecommunications network
Local service provider for pull based intelligent caching system
Perforated polymeric film with limited oxygen and water permeability
Cheese making with bacteriophage resistant bacteria
Method and apparatus for drying or heat-treating products
Infrared food warmer
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACmega`
Grandiflora rose plant named `JACbrant`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JAColfa`
Hosta plant named `Paradise Joyce`
Brassica transformation via microprojectile bombardment
Production of phosphonopyrazoles
Lipid composition for infant formula and method of preparation
ING-encoded p33ING1 protein as a mediator of p53 signaling pathway in mammalian cells
Soybean cultivar J540909
Golf cart
Collapsible trolley
Steering-gear for conveyor
Self-service terminal
Therapeutic use and formulation
Polypeptides displaying HBV antigenicity or hbv antigen specificity
Glycoside indoles
Code image data output apparatus and method
Floating point addition pipeline including extreme value, comparison and accumulate functions
Method and apparatus for optimizing playback of media files over a data network
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a mark...
Digital signature method and information communication system and apparatus using such method
Digital recording apparatus and copyright protection method thereof
Integration of authentication authorization and accounting service and proxy service
Object oriented storage device having a disc drive controller providing an interface exposing method...
Computer disk management system using doublet A-B logging
Method of controlling payment of debts
Document output device
Data flow computer incorporating von neumann processors
System and method for conditional moving an operand from a source register to destination register
Computer operating process allocating tasks between first and second processors at run time based up...
System for loading a current buffer desciptor register with a value different from current value to ...
Interactive interface for viewing retrieval results
Management in data structures
System and method and computer program for filtering using tree structure
System and method for generating domain names and for facilitating registration and transfer of the ...
Contraceptive method using ajoene
Polynucleotide encoding TNFL1
Plasma source ion implanting apparatus using the same
Method for seamless and near seamless audio and non-video splicing of a digital transport stream
Focus detecting optical system
Radio apparatus head-protective helmet
Superconducting magnetoresistive memory element using controlled exchange interaction
Method for forming a film and method for manufacturing a thin film transistor
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding cancer associated antigen, the antigen itself, and uses ther...
Resealable closure
Image tracking apparatus for tracking an image within a local region to continuously track a moving ...
Method and flow system for spectrometry and a cuvette for the flow system
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39A26
Autonomous gyro scale factor and misalignment calibration
Amusement device for preventing boredom in a traveling vehicle
Solvents and novel electrolytic compositions having a large range of stability and high conductivity
Method of determining signal delay of a resource in a reconfigurable system having multiple resource...
Combined mailbox and post
Anaesthetic machine
Method and instruments for the on-line detection, sizing or analysis of aerosol particles
System resource display apparatus and method thereof
Methods for automatically entering carrier or cost center information in a mail-shipping system
Sulfide catalysts for reducing SO2 to elemental sulfur
Inspector for computed relevance messaging
Hydrosilylation crosslinking of thermoplastic elastomer
Apparatus for exsitu thermal remediation
Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening
Millennium object
Flexible grip with promotional indicia and handheld articles incorporating same
Multiple interacting computers interfaceable through a physical manipulatory grammar
Spinning as a morpheme for a physical manipulatory grammar
Active properties for dynamic document management system configuration
Method of applying pigmented material to a screen to create an artistic image and the resulting pigm...
Missile firing simulator with the gunner immersed in a virtual space
Method and system for facilitating communicating and behavior skills training
Diet method and apparatus
Ventilation training analyzer manikin
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenereba`
Helmet backpack
Robot having independent end effector linkage motion
Method for in-cassette wafer center determination
Artemisinin analogs having antimalarial antiproliferative and antitumor activities and chemoselectiv...
Power storage device and method of measuring voltage of storage battery
Results-oriented help displays for computer software programs
Image display device having shift commands and automatic scroll process
Super-textured air bearing surface slider design for data transducers in rotating media random acces...
Method and device for forming/processing character string image
Microcomputer and method of determining completion of writing in the microcomputer
Site-specific instillation of cells or site-specific transformation of cells and kits therefor
Electrically conductive resinous material and radiation curable formulation for producing the same
Preparation of oxidized polyolefin waxes
Heterocyclic aromatic anion salts, and their uses as ionic conducting materials
Chemically amplified resist
Enzyme catalysis in organic solutions containing water
Microporous amorphous mixed metal oxides for shape selective catalysis
Rare earth/iron/boron-based permanent magnet alloy composition
Lead-free solder alloy
Coated hot- and cold-rolled steel sheet comprising a very high resistance after thermal treatment
Amorphous metal alloy strip and method of making such strip
Sliding bearing material based on aluminum with 10-25 wt % tin alloyed with manganese and silicon
Integral load beam push-pull microactuator
Systems for electrophoretic transport and detection of analytes
LCD with plurality of pixels having reflective and transmissive regions
Organic electroluminescent device
Color cathode field emission device, cold cathode field emission display, and process for the produc...
Organic electroluminescence element and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence full color display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display
Welding system and method
Multilayer electrode for ferroelectric and high dielectric constant capacitors
Microlens for surface mount products
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Electric resistance measuring apparatus and method for circuit board
Noise reducing exhaust system and method
Lightweight acoustical system
Acoustical insulating barrier and method of making the barrier
Transfer case engagement and disengagement system
Engine control system and vehicular anti-theft system
Vehicle remote control system having keyless entry and piggyback control features and associated met...
Force-responsive detectors and systems
Ringing-tone control device for telephone set, using audio signal sent by caller
Telephone line interface architecture using ringer inputs for caller ID data
System for protecting telecommunications equipment from transient voltages
Radio switching equipment permitting a plurality of mobile terminals to use one trunk circuit and a ...
System and method for remote data entry
Fastening system as well as a suitcase provided with such a fastening system
Bicycle camper trailer
Quick release dropout and wheel hub assembly
Electric air pump having multiple impellers and method
Exercise device with parallelogram structure having movable longitudinal bars
Locked shut down with remote monitoring of large equipment
Aerialift warning system and method
Aminophospholipid compositions and uses thereof
Human ion transport-like protein
Method of detecting aneuploidy by amplified short-tandem repeats
Remote access medical image exchange system and methods of operation therefor
Computer-implemented system for controlling resources and policies
Networked computer game system with persistent playing objects
Electronic ballast for fluorescent lighting system including a voltage monitoring circuit
Method of playing game and gaming device with at least one additional payout indicator
1-2-3 card game
Method and system for maintaining audio during video control
System and method for paying bills and other obligations including selective payor and payee control...
Gaming machine system operable with general purpose charge cards
Baculovirus artificial chromosomes and methods of use
Low-technology inexpensive logic module system
Exposure count indicator for camera
Method and apparatus for shared persistent virtual storage on existing operating systems
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of a Java bean
Data processing device for processing virtual machine instructions
Method and apparatus for selecting ways to compile at runtime
Technique for managing enterprise JavaBeans (.TM.) which are the target of multiple concurrent and/o...
Floribunda rose plant named `JACpolpa`
Biodegradable polymers, the production thereof and the use thereof for producing biodegradable moldi...
Process for obtaining unsaponifiable compounds from black-liquor soaps, tall oil and their by-produc...
Nitroimino-nitromethylene--azole or-azine heterocyclic compounds, insecticidal compositions containi...
Process for the preparation of aldehydes and ketones
Structure, materials, and applications of ball grid array interconnections
Herbicidal compositions of tetrazolinone herbicides and antidotes therefor
Process for the preparation of methyl (2s)-2-[(3r)-3-(n-{tert-butyloxycarbonyl 9-amino)-2-oxopyrroli...
Hydroxamic acids substituted by heterocycles useful for inhibition of tumor necrosis factor
Bleed reduction agents for ink printing inks
Nucleic acid encoding amp-activated protein kinase
Production of optically active 2-substituted tetrahydropyran-4-ones