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Substituted pyrazin-2-yl-sulphonamide (-3-pyridyl) compounds and uses thereof
Consumer profiling system
Ring-based public key cryptosystem method
Compositions for treating infection using optically pure (S)-lomefloxacin
All terrain vehicle with improved motor arrangement
Method for vectoring pread/pwrite system calls
Chair with zero front rise control
Semiconductor plastic package, metal plate for said package, and method of producing copper-clad boa...
Method for the production of substantially open-cell polystyrene sheet
Video copy protection process enhancement to introduce horizontal and vertical picture distortions
Method and system for synthesizing operational amplifiers for amplifying systems with minimal total ...
Method and system for reducing hysteresis effect in SOI CMOS circuits
Method to connect and distribute power to an electromechanical braking system
Torque distribution device
Stackable low profile printer with an input and output media telescoping tray cassette
Device for automatic compensation of the level of chemical treatment baths, applicable in particular...
Apparatus and method for noninvasive glucose measurement
Method for promoting angiogenesis with a nucleic acid construct comprising an SM22.alpha.0 promoter
Carbamate derivatives of diaryl 1,3,4-oxadiazolone
Myc homology region II--associated protein and uses thereof
Gene encoding oxalate decarboxylase from aspergillus phoenices
Magnetic recording medium
Method for forming color image
Heat-sensitive recording material
Digital recording method, digital disk, digital disk recording device, and digital disk reproducing ...
Method for forming polymeric patterns, relief images and colored polymeric bodies using digital ligh...
Positive photosensitive composition, positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method ...
Process for preparing a semiconductor wafer
Intramedullary nail with non-metal spacers
Composition for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy
Cosmetic or dermatological preparations comprising oligopeptides for lightening the skin of age mark...
Coated pigments and extender pigments, and cosmetics containing the same
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing skin conditions
Methods of enhancing functioning of the large intestine
Method for inducing viral resistance into a plant
System for dispensing gift certificates
Discharge pulsation damping apparatus for compressor
System and method for computing an offset sequence function in a database system
Analytical methods and apparatus employing an optical sensor device with refractive index modulation
Device for controlling suspension shock absorbers of vehicles based upon phantom substitute therefor
Method and apparatus for reducing bus bridge thrashing by temporarily masking agent requests to allo...
Using multiple serial bus devices with a driver program
System for managing input/output accesses at a bridge/memory controller having a status register for...
Trigger points for performance optimization in bus-to-bus bridges
Apparatus and method for initiating hardware priority management by software controlled register acc...
Coherent variable length reads from system memory
Cushioned carpeted floor mat with at least one cushioning integrated rubber protrusion
Decoration and method of making the same
Connector apparatus with nesting ridges
Noise-making sole for footwear
Display box with display card
Method of attaching a strip to a rubber molded part
Polyester molding composition
Vinyl fluoride interpolymers of low crystallinity
Lubricating oil additives
Foam material
Compositions having improved ignition resistance
Absorbable E-caprolactone polymers and medical devices
Bioabsorable cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives
Absorbable polymers and surgical articles fabricated therefrom
Copolyesters with minimized hydrolytic instability and crystalline absorbable copolymers thereof
Polymers having improved processability
Plasticizable implant material and method for producing the same
Water-retaining and optical-brightner-activating polymer composition, paper coating colors and sheet...
Emulsion polymerization using a cocyclic silicone
Olefin polymerization catalyst, process for preparing olefin polymer, and olefin polymer
TFE polymerization process
Detergent builder, production process therefor, and poly(meth)acrylic acid (or salt) polymer and use...
Polymerization of olefins
Micro lens array, method of fabricating the same, and display device
Method and system for copyright protection of digital images transmitted over networks
Apparatus and method for detecting, identifying and incorporating advertisements in a video image
Method and system for interactively developing a graphical control-flow structure and associated app...
Three-dimensional cursor for a real-time volume rendering system
Fungicidal compositions and methods, and compounds and methods for the preparation thereof
Mid-body obturator for a gun-launched projectile
Local navigation alternatives
Explosive detection system and sample collecting device
Information retrieving method, information retrieving system, and retrieval managing unit for the sa...
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions having improved processing properties
Method of dynamically adjusting NCP program memory allocation of SNA network
Use of nuclear magnetic resonance to design ligands to target biomolecules
Apparatus and method for macromolecule delivery into living cells
Kits for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) antigens
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp with a segmented electrode
Stud, top plate, and rafter tie down
System for sound file recording, analysis, and archiving via the internet for language training and ...
Film image reading device and a storage medium which stores a control procedure for the film image r...
Low temperature coefficient low power programmable CMOS voltage reference
Traffic information servicing method
Catalyst based on a halogenated alumina, its preparation and use for the isomerization of normal C4-...
Gallium nitride type laser for emitting blue light
Reference layer structure in a magnetic storage cell
Cell block structure of nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Doped zirconia, or zirconia-like, dielectric film transistor structure and deposition method for sam...
Pesticidal toxins and genes from Bacillus laterosporus strains
Dual stream liquid dispensing structure
CD-ROM product label apparatus and method
Ophthalmological surgery technique with active patient data card
Automatic photobooth with electronic imaging camera
Method and apparatus for selling an aging food product
Integrated spacecraft control system and method
Method of establishing baseline filter for air quality
System for two-way digital multimedia broadcast and interactive services
Field device management system
Modifying an unreliable training set for supervised classification
Toy musical device
Electrophotochromic smart windows and methods
Methods and apparatus for enabling dynamic resource collaboration
Secure modular exponentiation with leak minimization for smartcards and other cryptosystems
Publish and subscribe data processing with failover using cascaded sequence numbers
Parallel concatenated convolutional coding
Cisplatin and folic acid administered to treat breast cancer
Substituted urea and isothiourea derivatives as no synthase inhibitors
Gene for transcription factor capable of altering characters of a plant and use thereof
Recognition and translation system and method
Off-site data entry system
Method and apparatus to share instruction images in a virtual cache
Packaging and method for solid dose administration of medicaments
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising bis-hydroxyphenylbenzotriazole and benzazolyl/benzo...
4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides
Two-phase cosmetic and/or dermatologic composition which is useful in particular for removing make-u...
Fungicidal trifluorophenyl-triazolopyrimidines
Oxime amides and hydrazone amides having fungicidal activity
Antifoaming agents
Day and night weapon sights
Flare attachment for a firearm with a removable barrel
Laser device for use in adjusting a firearm's sight and a method for aligning a laser module
Non-lethal projectile for firearms
Breech plug for muzzle loading firearm
Coin display holder for the fifty statehood quarters
Steel alloy for compound tubes
Reactive ion etching method of fabricating nozzles for aerosolized delivery of therapeutic or diagno...
Method for automatic processing of information materials for customised use
Card activation at point of distribution
Mesoporous carbons and polymers
Block oligomers containing 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl groups as stabilizers for organic materia...
Real-time IMU signal emulation method for test of Guidance Navigation and Control systems
Method and apparatus for interfacing two or more applications in a client server
Microfluidic pumping
Process for the preparation of Grignard reagents and novel Grignard reagents
Bioadhesive polymer compositions
Fluororubber compositions and method of making
Condensation copolymers having supressed crystallinity
Benzocycle-substituted triazine and pyrimidine ultraviolet light absorbers
Method of determining authenticity of a packaged product
Light fixture containing optical film
Optical image rotating device used with afocal image relaying optics and laser diode array
Stripline laser
Eight sided pyramid alarm unit
Trimmer/cutter attachment for landscaping trimmers
Laser precision bore sight assembly
Use of cocoa solids having high cocoa polyphenol content in tabletting compositions and capsule fill...
Method for inactivating sexually transmitted enveloped viruses
Diamide compounds and compositions containing the same
Disinfecting use of quaternary ammonium carbonates
Method for preparing optically active 5-methyl-2-(1-methyl-butyl)-5-propyl-1,3-dioxan
Process for preparing oxoisophorone using additives
Odor evaluation
Fractional denomination gaming system and method of playing
Video game system and video game memory medium
Steering wheel spring assembly
Adaptable playing fields with ventilated structures
Method of making hidden image game piece
Backside keyboard for a notebook or gamebox
Apparatus for and method of displaying image and computer-readable recording medium
Radiation-curable optical glass fiber coating compositions, coated optical glass fibers, and optical...
Alkylation/transalkylation process with pretreatment of the alkylation/transalkylation feedstock
Apparatus and method for managing number sources
System perforated cell confinement
Methods and systems for producing off-shore deep-water wells
Assembly line for mounted units
Mandevilla.times.amabilis cultivar Monite
Evaporative personal cooler
Robot crash sensor system
Polymer mixture
Zone selective interlock for a circuit breaker system
Industrial control systems having input/output circuits with programmable input/output characteristi...
Triggered optical biosensor
Hybrid thermal-defocusing/nonlinear-scattering broadband optical limiter for the protection of eyes ...
Method for modulating eicosanoid mediated immune responses in arthropods
Exposure count indicator
Hosta plant named `Paradise Power`
Secure document access system
Cryptographic method and apparatus for non-linearly merging a data block and a key
Apparatus and method for high reliability PC platform telecommunications systems
Variable posture component system seating device
Angled flying lead wire bonding process
Water expanded polystyrene particles
Method of and apparatus for scrambling a video signal with full network transmission and recording c...
Method and apparatus for electrospray ionization
Vascular sealing apparatus
Method and system for compiling and linking source files
Interconnect minimization in processor design
System and method for automatic music generation using a neural network architecture
System for modifying the functionality of compiled computer code at run-time
Combined stationkeeping and momentum management
Motorcycle training wheels apparatus
Household espresso coffee maker machine
Glucose detector and method
System and method for reliability transporting aural information across a network
Insect resistant use of sweet potato sporamin gene and method for controlling pests using the gene
Adenovirus-medicated gene transfer to cardiac and vascular smooth muscle
Debit card box package
Electroacoustic transducer with improved tonal quality
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35H53
Document searching apparatus
Vehicle suspension system with variable geometry
Object-based numeric-analysis engine
Process for controlling lepidopteron pests
Dispensing device and method for separately storing components and mixing the components
Method of washing dishes and preparing equipment for use in the arrangement and serving of flight me...
System and method using partial trap barrier instruction to provide trap barrier class-based selecti...
Human disintegrin metalloprotease KUZ gene
Antisense modulation of SRC-1 expression
Flourescent lamp with uniform output
Magnetic element with dual magnetic states and fabrication method thereof
Method for forming a ferroelectric capacitor under the bit line
Vertically-stacked process reactor and cluster tool system for atomic layer deposition
Tamper-evident dispensing closure for a container
Unidirectional rotary drive mechanism for multi-part construction toy
Oral compositions containing dimethicone copolyols
Detergent-making process using a high active surfactant paste containing mid-chain branched surfacta...
Audio or video steganography
Chassis grounding ring for a printed wiring board mounting aperture
Speech coding selection based on call related information
Non-linear temperature compensating device for fiber gratings and a package therefor
Multipitch optical fiber ribbon
Integrated cellular telephone basestation with Internet gateway
Static partial order reduction
Method of forming a fiber preform to minimize shifts of the zero-dispersion wavelength
Process for producing optical waveguide
Method of spacing fibers of optical fiber tapes and coupling the fibers
Method and device for fire-polishing a lengthwise extended glass body
Method of making an optical fiber with an axially decreasing group velocity dispersion
Method of forming a fiber optic coupler by dynamically adjusting pulling speed
Wavelength selective optical couplers
Microactuators including a metal layer on distal portions of an arched beam
Locking structure
Compositions and methods for treating cellulose containing fabrics using truncated cellulase enzyme ...
Compositions and methods for controlling plant pests
Guzmania plant named `Apache`
Air spoiler for automotive vehicle and method for manufacturing the same
Modular automotive seat frame
Circuit module and information processing apparatus
UV protected syndiotactic polystyrene overlay films
Method and apparatus for scrambling and descrambling of video signal with edge fill
Associative memory having a mask function for use in a network router
Multiple stator, single shaft electric machine
Paper machine frame installation
Welded stud hanging assembly for a blasting and coating containment system
Transition assembly for optical fiber
Intermodal modular spent nuclear fuel transportation system
Internally mounted pipe clamping device
Marine pipeline recovery system and method of recovering marine pipeline
Brewing device for preparing coffee or tea
Automatic expresso coffee maker
Automatic dispenser of frothed milk and pre-made liquid coffee
Espresso brewing head unit
Beverage preparer, in particular coffee machine
Milk frothing device
Saddle for a bicycle capable of hooking directly to the sleeve which supports the saddle
Method and apparatus for generating basis sets for use in spectroscopic analysis
Method and apparatus for executing electronic commercial transactions with minors
Web scan process
Anti-pollution cosmetic composition
Appliance for plucking hairs out of human skin
Visual messaging system for high speed networks
Method and apparatus for multi-level security evaluation
Multi-dimensional color image mapping apparatus and method
Contraceptive vaccine
Electron gun for electron tube with cold cathode
Optimal write conductors layout for improved performance in MRAM
Method for removing contaminants from a semiconductor wafer
Electronic components with doped metal oxide dielectric materials and a process for making electroni...
Dispensing structure with frangible membrane for separating two products
Genetic procedure for multi-deck elevator call allocation
Jumbo bubble blower toy
Olefin thermoplastic elastomer composition and process for producing the same
Structure for attaching brush holders to an electric power tool
Toner cartridge
Solar cell module and power generation apparatus
Warming system and method for heating various items utilized in surgical procedures
Flexible electrically heated tiles made from crumb rubber
Wound battery and method for making it
Bellows arrangement for a ventilator/anesthesia system
Active tuning of a torsional resonant structure
Multi-level leaching system
Method of exposing a path on a curved, or otherwise irregularly shaped, surface
Carbocyclic nucleoside hemisulfate and its use in treating viral infections
Apparatus for CFC-free laser surface cleaning
Polymeric powders and method of preparation
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Method of augmenting a vaccine response by administering CD40 ligand
Artificial dielectric device for heating gases with electromagnetic energy
Biphenylene lactams as prostaglandin receptor ligands
Injection molded thermoplastic integrated front end reinforcement and method of making same
Method and apparatus for listening for incoming calls on multiple port/socket combinations
Seat with biomechanical articulation
Three dimensional package and architecture for high performance computer
Process for producing extruded foam products having polystyrene blends with high levels of CO.sub.2 ...
Method and apparatus to defeat certain copy protection pulses within a video signal
Apparatus and method for improved vector processing to support extended-length integer arithmetic
Teletext receiver
Monitoring of physiological analytes
Electronic gift certificate system
Apparatus for maintaining an ordered list
Installation of lower skive plate in the fuser section of an electrophotographic machine
Products from sweet potatoes, cassava, edible aroids, amaranth, yams, lotus, potatoes and other root...
Cosmetic composition containing an anionic polymer and an acrylic terpolymer, and use of this compos...
Method and device for coding a sequence of pictures
KUZ, a novel family of metalloproteases
Reverse-turn mimetics and methods relating thereto
Cell-permeable protein inhibitors of calpain
High intensity light irradiation apparatus
Peak program current reduction apparatus and method
Producing devices having both active matrix display circuits and peripheral circuits on a same subst...
Method of forming a T-shaped gate
One-piece dispensing system and method for making same
Process and a control device for a motor output suitable for being controlled through a communicatio...
Toy figure with articulating joints
Child nasal decongesting device
Electrostatic chucks and a particle deposition apparatus therefor
Nanoparticle-based electrical, chemical, and mechanical structures and methods of making same
Method for improving the wear and corrosion resistance of material transport trailer surfaces
Indirect calibration of polymer characterization systems
Encapsulated MEMS brand-pass filter for integrated circuits
Apparatus for and method of constructing concrete block mat under water
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Distinctive protective headgear
Bicyclic amines and their use as insecticides
Tunnel-hulled boat
Suspension system for inflatable boat
Vehicle trailer assembly
Self-dispersing curable epoxy resins, dispersions made therewith, and coating compositions made ther...
Support for high performance affinity chromatography and other uses
Securely accessing a file system of a remote server computer
Stabilization of isothiazolone
All wheel drive power buggy
Session creation mechanism for collaborative network navigation
Polyisocyanate based polymers perpared from formulations including non-silicone surfactants and meth...
Vibration and shock resistant heat sink assembly
Polyelectrolytic battery having a polyelectrolyte based on a polystyrene main chain and polyethylene...
Video copy protection process enhancement to introduce horizontal and vertical picture distortions
Espresso coffee maker
Method for non-invasive blood analyte measurement with improved optical interface
Interface between two proprietary computer programs
Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, ...
Joining a winding to a connector using a transition ring
System and method for automatic atrial capture detection and atrial pacing threshold determination
Defibrillator housing with conductive polymer coating
Single-pass atrial ventricular lead with multiple atrial ring electrodes and a selective atrial elec...
Automatic MDF (main distribution frame) apparatus
Gas bearing and method of making a gas bearing for a free piston machine
Mechanical linkage device with self-regulating stabilizer suitable for any rotating element
Rolling bearing
Bearing device for machine tool spindle
Shaft mounting with enhanced stability
Annular gimbal assembly suitable for disc drive spindle bearings and method of making same
Oil cooled bearing assembly
High volume portable concrete batching and mixing plant having compulsory mixer with overlying suppo...
Floor-planning technique applied to circuit design in which a circuit is divided automatically into ...
Computer system and method for dynamic information display
Methods of using ajoene
Uses of diterpenoid triepoxides as an anti-proliferative agent
Method for detecting a substance having an activity to inhibit HIV infection using immunoassay and v...
Diode connected to a magnetic tunnel junction and self aligned with a metallic conductor and method ...
Atomic layer deposition apparatus for depositing atomic layer on multiple substrates
Dispensing valve closure with inner seal
Optical alignment of superpositioned objects
Decoding device
Processing apparatus for synthetically extending the bandwidth of a spatially-sampled video image
Economical apparatus for producing improved combustion and safety-enhanced fuel
Virtual medical instrument for performing medical diagnostic testing on patients
Method and apparatus for changing brain wave frequency
System for the prediction, rapid detection, warning, prevention, or control of changes in activity s...
Implantable hearing assistance system with calibration and auditory response testing
Method and apparatus for measuring and analyzing physiological signals for active or passive control...
Method and device for evaluating an EEG carried out in the context of anaesthesia or intensive care
System for treatment of neurological disorders
Method of controlling fluid flow in a microfluidic process
Method for treatment of dredged materials to form a structural fill
Resin composition
Ring-band adjustment structure of crush helmet
Free-space quantum cryptography system
Sync suppression television security system with addressable sync restoration
5-arylpyrrole derivatives
Miniature image acquistion system using a scanning resonant waveguide
Method and device for electrochemical immunoassay of multiple analytes
Method of minimizing reactive ion etch damage of organic insulating layers in semiconductor fabricat...
Process for producing halogenated phenol compounds
Resin sealed semiconductor device having improved arrangement for reducing thermal stress within the...
Air filter, local facility, and clean room
Methods and apparatus for cleaning semiconductor substrates after polishing of copper film
Method for forming an L-shaped spacer with a disposable organic top coating
Semiconductor chip package
Thin-film field-effect transistor with organic semiconductor requiring low operating voltages
Electroluminescent display device and a driving method thereof
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
OLED active matrix using a single transistor current mode pixel design
Display unit having transistor of organic semiconductor stacked on organic electroluminescence eleme...
Liquid crystal displays using organic insulating material for a passivation layer and/or a gate insu...
Method of forming insulation films for liquid crystal display
Multilevel interconnect structure with low-k dielectric and method of fabricating the structure
Nucleotide sequences for the control of the expression of DNA sequences in a cell host
Stereo slide mount and stereo camera
Control system for a hybrid vehicle
Call center system where users and representatives conduct simultaneous voice and joint browsing ses...
Resilient molded preform made from staple fibers of self-texturing filaments
Apparatus for multichip packaging
Freeze-dried polystyrene-polysiloxane foams
Method and apparatus for copy protection for various recording media using a video finger print
Superabsorbing fibers and films and processes for preparing same
Fluid distribution materials with improved wicking properties
Space Launch system with pressure reduction devices between stages
Household espresso coffee maker machine
Methods and apparatus for tailoring spectroscopic calibration models
Method for classifying a time series, that includes a prescribable plurality of samples, with a comp...
Optically anisotropic film, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Wavelength division multiplexing device
Method and apparatus for determination of verified data
Liquid-crystal shutter
System and method for sharing a spare channel among two or more optical ring networks
Method and system for gift credit card
Delivering alternate versions of objects from an object cache
Storage apparatus
Field device of the pressure-resistant encapsulation type of protection
Endoscopic image processing system capable of estimating absolute shape of object entity
Protective container/installation fixture for image-recording/image-transfer drums
Rifle rest
Rotatable pintle arm assembly for supporting a machine gun
Pegged holsters and support means
Chemically reactive fragmentation warhead
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
Alignment element for multiple channel sight and method
Code-labeled ammunition
Granulate backstop assembly
Lightweight, fighting position excavation system
Compression mold
High energy gun propellants
Plastic liner for bayonet primers
Moisture seal for composite sabot with depleted uranium penetrator
Bayonet primer
Method for producing fiber reinforced structures
Cover for a wall mounted media converter housing
Protection against electrical faults in a mass memory data storage system
Communication controller
Learned speed dialing
Method and system for configuring computers to connect to networks using network connection objects
Apparatus for biophilically promoting personal relaxation, for reducing physical and/or psychologica...
Detergent cosmetic compositions for hair-care application and use thereof
System and method for an RC controller and software
Method and system for software recovery
Process for electrolytically producing metal-amalgam
Methods for wet cleaning or purifying gases or fumes to remove gaseous pollutants
Alkaline cell with insulator
High-pressure discharge lamp, high-pressure discharge lamp apparatus, and light source
Liquid crystal display device having orientation film oriented by light
Reverse hydroxamate inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Process for producing water-soluble polysaccharide
Indole and azaindole inhibitors of Fructose-1,6-biphosphatase
Formulation for electrically assisted delivery of lidocaine and epinephrine
Exothermic process
Fischer-Tropsch wax and hydrocarbon mixtures for transport (law938)
Antifoulant control process
Precursor fiber bundle for production of a carbon fiber bundle, a process for producing the precurso...
Oxide thin film
Aluminum-nitride sintered body, method for fabricating the same, and semiconductor substrate compris...
Volumizing hair care compositions
Hydrophobic biodegradable cellulose containing composite materials
Bead or particle manipulating chucks
Method for extraction and reaction using supercritical fluids
Gauge effect battery tester
TRAF inhibitors
Nanoscale patterning for the formation of extensive wires
Semiconductor chip interconnect barrier material and fabrication method
Flow-enhanced pigment preparation for offset printing
Processing additives for hydraulic cements
Method for forming printed product
Paper machine with closed loop control system
High strength monoazo yellow pigment
Packaged pre-adhesive composition
Electronic circuit device comprising an epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolym...
Serial bus control system for sewing equipment
Genes and proteins for treating cystic fibrosis
Alkynyl-substituted quinolin-2-one derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Asymmetrical miniature bends in optical fibers and method of forming same
Optical fiber ribbon cables
Non-linear optical switch
Optical waveguide plate for display
Optical fiber array
Apparatus for estimating bit error rate by sampling in WDM communication system
Normally black liquid crystal display with twisted compensator and . .DELTAnd of 1500-1800 nm
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Display device and electronic watch
Liquid crystal display having a light source through an opening of a reflective film covering a side...
Projector for modulating polarized luminous flux
Liquid crystal display device
Multideterminant peptides that elicit helper T-lymphocyte cytotoxic T-lymphocyte and neutralizing an...
Ultraviolet and visible filter for ceramic arc tube body
Molding materials having anticoagulant properties, their preparation and processing to give articles...
Personal care compositions containing toughened grafted polymers
Gradual-releasing capsule and method for manufacturing the same
Incorporation of functionalized comonomers in polyolefins
Lightweight gypsum composition
Method of eliminating malodors from gases
Method and apparatus for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Nucleic acid constructs whose activity is affected by inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases and use...
Polynucleotide amplification method
Processes for photoreactive inactivation of a virus in blood cell or coagulation factor containing c...
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and method of using same
Aminobenzoic acid derivatives having anti-tumorigenic activity methods of making and using the same
UV dosimeter
Appliance warning light device
Camera capable of using film having magnetic recording part
Method for preparing norbornene and substituted derivatives of norbornene
Method and apparatus for providing and expression data mining database
Method and system for providing a probe array chip design database
Method of detecting nucleic acids
Electrochemical denaturation and annealing of nucleic acid
Apparatus and method for detecting samples labeled with material having strong light scattering prop...
Method for designing a tiled memory
Alignment techniques for photolithography utilizing multiple photoresist layers
Container and closure with non-rising rotatable housing, dispensing valve, and separate releasable i...
Method and system for detecting a flaw in a sample image
Control system for air bags in different vehicle locations
Learning edit distance costs
Solid polymer electrolyte based on polyacrylonitrile
Method and apparatus for multicast indication of group key change
Timed aerosol spray dispenser
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Travelling table for J-Lay pipelaying system
Flexible aerodam to reduce the sound of turbulence
Method of making an insulation assembly
Method for forming an insulated roof structure having a heat reflective layer
Heat-reflective roof structure
Advanced composite roofing shingle
Laminate insulation barriers having a cementitious structural matrix and methods for their manufactu...
Thermal reflective packaging system
Highly insulative cementitious matrices and methods for their manufacture
Method for introducing a gene into a plant using an adventitious bud redifferentiation gene under th...
Heat tolerant broccoli
Nonionic surfactant-free emulsion polymerization process
Structure and method for a microelectromechanically tunable fabry-perot cavity spectrophotometer
Method of color correction using multi-level halftoning
Method and apparatus for image processing employing image segmentation using tokenization
Apparatus for non-interactive electrophotographic development
Curved legs for a playard
Juvenile seat assembly
Endosulfan microcapsule dispersion
Composite metallizing wire and method of using
Method and apparatus for loading native object code in data processing system
Method and apparatus for dynamically selecting bytecodes for just in time compiling in a user's envi...
Cleaved silicon thin film with rough surface
Laser peening at elevated temperatures
Shock wave dissipating laser chamber
On the fly laser shock peening
Disc loading mechanism in a disc player for positioning a disc and an optical pickup while reducing ...
Multiple beam time sharing for a laser shock peening apparatus
Image processing for laser peening
Specific binding assays
Oxygen-free, dry plasma process for polymer removal
Method and apparatus for partial just in time compiling in a data processing system
Photo printing system and camera for the same
Method and apparatus for distributing keys to secure devices such as a postage meter
Network-based system for the manufacture of parts with a virtual collaborative environment for desig...
Method and system for processing a memory map to provide listing information representing data withi...
DMA controller translates virtual I/O device address received directly from application program comm...
Apparatus and method for controlling context of input/output devices in a computer system
Method for providing high quality audio by storing wave tables in system memory and having a DMA con...
Method and apparatus for scaling images having a plurality of scan lines of pixel data
Method and apparatus for providing a plurality of color formats from a single frame buffer
System for FIFO informing the availability of stages to store commands which include data and virtua...
System for determining from a command storing in a storage circuit an application program which has ...
Drive arrangement for a motor vehicle
System and method for communicating with a telco-return cable modem as a single communications devic...
Combustion-modified flexible polyurethane foams
Test mounting for surface mount device packages
Block copolymers interpolymerized with in situ polystyrene and process for preparation thereof
Video finger print method and apparatus
Short distance communication and remote control capability for mobile telephones
Mobile communication system, base station, and base station controller
Multi-full rate channel assignment for a cellular telephone system
Multi-mode radio frequency network system
Portable radio information terminal
Offset rotor flat media processor
Cathode current control system for a wafer electroplating apparatus
Process and manufacturing tool architecture for use in the manufacture of one or more metallization ...
Semiconductor processing using vapor mixtures
Inflatable door seal
Thermal processor and components thereof
Thermocapillary dryer
Method and apparatus for data compression in memory devices
System and method for enhanced solar array pointing in sun-nadir steering
Photographic printer and method for monoline printing
Method and apparatus of non-invasive measurement of human/animal blood glucose and other metabolites
Transforming growth factor .beta. crystals
Apparatus and method for forming an image using a developing device capable of obtaining a high qual...
Retinoid induced gene
Nucleic acids encoding B7-1 and B7-2 molecules
Plants having modified response to ethylene by transformation with an ETR nucleic acid
Method and apparatus for electronically evaluating the internal temperature of an electrochemical ce...
Erasable image forming material
Thermal transfer sheet
Thermally-responsive record material
Five-transistor SRAM cell
Control of lubricant production by a method to predict a base stock's ultimate lubricant performance
Non-impact recording method and conductive recording medium
Method for an osteoimplant manufacture
Composition and method for treating inflammatory diseases
Compositions containing polyanionic polysaccharides and hydrophobic bioabsorbable polymers
Method of disinfecting a foodstuff using gaseous ozone
Digital Certificate
Method of automatically classifying a text appearing in a document when said text has been converted...
Silent chain
Toothed belt with positioning-aiding and position-identifying functions
Roller conveyor for conveying elongated articles
Silent chain
Chain-winding reel
Silent chain
Load monitoring apparatus
System and method for providing a wide operand architecture
Vehicle roll rigidity control device
Method for multi-directional anticipatory arming of vehicle restraints
Dynamic load compensation method for an automatic transmission shift pattern
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Route setting device for setting a destination route from a departure point to a destination
Material for passage through the blood-brain barrier
Dispenser for pull tab tickets and other articles and a pull tab ticket and article therefor
Greeting card construction and methods of making and using same
Tamper evident labels and methods of producing the same
Free form laminated cardstock assembly
Apparatus and process for electrodialysis of salts
Stored-value card value acquisition method and apparatus
Man-machine interface
Internet service of differently formatted viewable data signals including commands for browser execu...
Combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access
Global packet dynamic resource allocation for wireless networks
Focus in/out actions and user action pass-through mechanism for panel subunit
Methods and apparatus for embedding 2D image content into 3D models
Access network over a dedicated medium
Method of dynamically assigning a logical network address and a link address
Method of identifying geographical location using hierarchical grid address that includes a predefin...
Cool ICE data wizard
Computer architecture for multi-organization data access
Method and apparatus for the production of high viscosity paste products with added components
Method for reducing color migration in multi-layered, caramel colored, gel-based dessert products an...
Noncarbonated beverage products with improved microbial stability and processes for preparing
Method for reconstituting a frozen product with microwaves
Low foaming rinse agents comprising alkylene oxide modified sorbitol fatty acid ester and defoaming ...
Peach tree named `Island Prince`
Geranium plant named `Sincerely Yours`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenebu`
Petunia plant named `Revolution Bluevein No.2`
Chimeric antibodies for delivery of antigens to selected cells of the immune system
Alkaline protease deficient filamentaous fungi
Nucleic acids containing modified human immunodeficiency virus genomes devoid of long terminal repea...
Use of multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny for the screening of drugs and other biologic...
Porcine neural cells and their use in treatment of neurological deficits due to neurodegenerative di...
Method for making insertional mutations using a Tn5 synaptic complex
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Sucker of plunger
Refuse container
Decorative rolling dolly for moving recycle bins
Methods for treatment of asthma using S-oxybutynin
Denture adhesive compositions
Modified polymers containing poly(2-hydroxyethyl(meth)acrylate segment in the molecule
Optimized allocation of data elements among cache lines
Detection of an imported transaction for finding the global transaction identifier
Setup of new subscriber radiotelephone service using the internet
Configuring vectors of logical storage units for data storage partitioning and sharing
Method and apparatus for assuring cache coherency
Recovering resources in parallel
Method and apparatus for error management in a solid state disk drive
Objective, quantitative method for measuring the mental effort of managing a computer-human interfac...
Real-time user-defined creation of network device information collections
Method and apparatus for converting a geographic location to a direct marketing area for a query
Method and apparatus for indentifying clauses having predetermined characteristics indicative of use...
Method and system for creating designs using internet-based agents
Method and apparatus for eliminating the transpose buffer during a decomposed forward or inverse 2-d...
Pharmaceutical compositions and uses of inorganic pyrophosphates
Sulfonylbenzene compounds as anti-inflammatory/analgesic agents
Repellent for ants
Peptides immunologically related to known viral protein
Nematode-resistant gene
Cathode ray tube
One time use camera uses magnetic micro-shutter as an exposure frame counter
Method of providing distributed operational control of a radio communication system
Three-dimensional image texture mapping
Method for making multilayered coaxial interconnect structure
Spurt minimizing dispensing structure
Security document and method of producing it
Object data processing apparatus, object data recording apparatus, data storage media, data structur...
Infrared food warming device
Inbred rice lines A0044 and B0044
Flap angle measurement system for an active rotor control system
Automatic invocation of computational resources without user intervention across a network
Semiconductor memory apparatus having a protecting circuit
Method and apparatus for the automated design of memory devices
Winch jack attachment bracket
Particulate source, circulation, and valving system for ballistic aerosol marking
Dynamic determination of optimal process for enforcing constraints
Travel planning system
Special adsorbent for carbon dioxide acquisition on mars
Method and apparatus for distributing fluid in a microfluidic device
Low-depth water bottom observing system
Inflatable chamber for hydrostatic balancing jackets
Holder for calendar display
Advertising device for beverages with bubbling luminous animation
Method for displaying holidays in a locale-sensitive manner across distributed computer enterprise l...
Method product `apparatus for modulations`
Portable organizer
System for analyzing television programs
Hybrid lesson format
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images personal image pro...
Torenia plant named `Sunrenilapiho`
Developing unit having a conveying fin for loading a supply roller with toner
Insert-molded helmet
Electronic component mounting method
Compensation of coriolis meter motion induced signal
Robotics for transporting containers and objects within an automated analytical instrument and servi...
Robot controller
Tape printing apparatus and tape printing method
Wiring board having excellent heat-radiating property
Integrated thin-film solar battery
Split directory-based cache coherency technique for a multi-processor computer system
Electronic control system for single and series throttle valves
Foamable polypropylene polymer
Reaction-based selection for expression of and concentration of catalytic moieties
Process and plant for the production of methanol
Bismuth-containing catalysts
Propylene homopolymers and methods of making the same
Asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by transition metal complexes with chiral ligands
Modified polyvinylacetals with low solution viscosity
Inoculant and inoculant method for gray and ductile cast irons
Formation and applications of AlCuFe quasicrystalline thin films
Heat resistant steel
TiAl intermetallic compound-based alloy
Aluminium alloy for use as core material in brazing sheet
Energy-efficient full-color liquid crystal display
Spatially-encoded analyte detection
Pattern forming body, pattern forming method, and their applications
Thin piezoelectric film element, process for the preparation thereof and ink jet recording head usin...
Reduction of imprint in ferroelectric devices using a depoling technique
Silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure
Silica glass composition
Spheric semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and spheric semiconductor device ma...
Slurries of abrasive inorganic oxide particles and method for adjusting the abrasiveness of the part...
Sheet music stand
Method and apparatus for improving java virtual machine performance using persistent execution infor...
Vehicle safety running control system
Method for assessing actuations of the accelerator by a vehicle driver to detect nervousness
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling the travel of the vehicle
Data transfer method in a restraint system connected to a bus line
Co-operative control system for a vehicle
Hinge device
Aircraft headset
Mobile communication system that supports soft handoff between switching stations and method for imp...
Dynamic binding and bridging in a communication system
Modem for selectively connecting to a land line or to a cellular telephone
Alignment of tirks using network manager
Foldable frame assembly for a bicycle
Bicycle wheel rim
Operating device for vehicle component assembly
Operating force compensating apparatus for a bicycle transmission
Quick release derailleur
Cluster sprockets for bicycle transmissions and other prime movers
Context life time management of a user interface in a digital TV broadcast
Method and apparatus for bundled asset trading
Automated league and tournament device
Real-time network exchange with seller specified exchange parameters and interactive seller particip...
Network commercial system using visual link objects
Digital integration of wide dynamic range signals
Portable, self-contained stove and system
Multi-player ticket redemption arcade game
Selective internet request caching and execution system
Prize redemption system for games
Lottery game
Method of playing a casino game
Method and apparatus for processing orders from customers in a mobile environment
Method and apparatus for allocating, costing, and pricing organizational resources
Educational and entertainment device
Adaptive motivation for computer-assisted training system
User-operated amusement apparatus for kicking the user's buttocks
Multi-dimensional puzzle
Magnetic tic-tac-toe assembly
Drive force transmission device for camera
Wafer level packaging process of semiconductor
Method of enhancing the metabolic function and the growing conditions of plants and seeds
Skin care and protection composition and a method for preparation thereof
Crop protection products
Deer repellent and method
Method for regenerating sodium hydroxide by partial autocausticizing sodium carbonate containing sme...
Herbicidal composition
Plant protection agents
Pyrazolinone derivatives
Method for using neem extracts and derivatives for protecting wood and other cellulosic composites
Aqueous polymer emulsions
Chemical compounds
Process for the preparation of an organozinc reagent
Heat dissipation module
Enzymatic process for stereoselective preparation of a tertiary acid
Process for producing an image on a substrate
Oxindolylquinazoline derivatives as angiogenesis inhibitors
Anti-interleukin-1 receptor antagonist antibodies and uses thereof
PCI add-in-card capability using PCI-to-PCI bridge power management
Vertically adjustable back construction for seating
Inverted board mounted electromechanical device
Purification of polystyrene recycle streams
Method and apparatus to defeat composite video signal protection
Resorbable pin systems
RTL analysis for improved logic synthesis
Spacecraft momentum management system
Supply system for an electric traction vehicle
Method of manufacturing a bicycle saddle
Method of producing elastic roller whose external curved surface cylindrical shape is of varying dia...
System and method for security control in a data processing system
Method for providing connectionless data services over a connection-oriented satellite network by as...
Method and apparatus for cross-referencing text
Discrete-length polyethylene glycols
Measurement apparatus
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing modified boraaryl ligands
Fishing lure mold and fishing lure
Inbound gateway authorization processing for inter-carrier internet telephony
System and method for detecting the output of a clock driver
Fluidized bed reactor and process for producing 5-ethylidene-2-norbornene
Wiring design apparatus, wiring determination apparatus and methods thereof
Isolated human metalloprotease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, an...
Inhibition of mammalian telomerase by peptide nucleic acids
Interleukin-1 beta converting enzyme like apoptotic protease-6
Electron-beam apparatus and image forming apparatus
3 component cathode collector bar
Electronic part protecting structure having deformable pins
Structural laminated wood and construction members for framework structures of buildings
Apparatus and method for a class AB output stage having a stable quiescent current and improved cros...
Semiconductor substrate, light-emitting device, and method for producing the same
Magnetic tunnel junction device having an intermediate layer
Ferroelectric memory devices including capacitors located outside the active area and made with diff...
MOS transistors with improved gate dielectrics
Transmembrane serine protease overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma and uses thereof
Valve with rolling sleeve
Core printed security documents
Method and apparatus for displaying video data and corresponding entertainment data for multiple ent...
Microwaving in a carousel with magnetrons below a food product isolated by a nonconductor
Techniques for monitoring and controlling yaw attitude of a GPS satellite
Powertrain control system for a vehicle utilizing vehicle acceleration
Method and apparatus for patching program text to improve performance of applications
Method and apparatus for creating multimedia electronic mail messages or greeting cards on an intera...
Apparatus for simulating internet traffic
Debug watch mechanism and method for debugging a computer program
Multi-disk boomerang
Cyano-substituted methide and amide salts
Rating hypermedia for objectionable content
Method and apparatus for preventing information leakage attacks on a microelectronic assembly
Method and apparatus for distinguishing reference values from non-reference values in a runtime envi...
Symbol based algorithm for hardware implementation of cyclic redundancy check
RNA binding protein and binding site useful for expression of recombinant molecules
Gene expression in plants
Gantry-mounted laser nozzle and method for controlling laser positioning
Built-in-self-test circuitry for testing a phase locked loop circuit
Method and system for translating call processing requests
Combined spline and block based motion estimation for coding a sequence of video images
Method and apparatus for adaptively or selectively choosing event-triggered cycle-based simulation o...
Solid dose delivery vehicle and methods of making same
Staphylococcus aureus antigen-containing whole cell vaccine
Pharmaceutical composition containing diphosphonic acid or salt thereof
Pharmaceutical tablet suitable to deliver the active substance in subsequent and predeterminable tim...
Fused heterocycle compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal compositions containing t...
Extended type 1 chain glycosphingolipids as tumor-associated antigens
Methods of treating tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders
Magnetic tag firearm safety enhancement system
Firearms and ammunition
Liquid projectile launcher
Harmonic optimization technology
Shoe outsole
Hydrogen manufacturing and supplying apparatus and electric motorcar
Antimicrobial compositions comprising a benzoic acid analog and a metal salt
Compositions containing mimosa phenolic compounds
Compositions with enhanced photoprotective effect and method for using same
Cosmetic compositions containing serine protease inhibitors
Towelette product for minimizing facial fine lines and wrinkles
Methods and materials for making and using laminin-5
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system
Aerosol pharmaceutical formulation for pulmonary and nasal delivery
System and methods for synchronizing two or more datasets
Systems and methods for monitoring patient compliance with medication regimens
Process for decomposing fluorocarbons reagent and apparatus used therefor
Mineral pelletisation
Methods and systems for presentation and evaluation of constructed responses assessed by human evalu...
Internet content and television programming selectively displaying system
Core insertion method for making optical fiber preforms and optical fibers fabricated therefrom
Method and apparatus for programmable fluidic processing
Dry-strength system
Water-responsive, biodegradable compositions and films and articles comprising a blend of polylactid...
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Photoinitiators and applications therefor
Alpha-methylstyrene dimer derivatives
Image recording apparatus and heat development recording apparatus
Optical material and optical device
Granular compositions having improved dissolution
Process for preparing mono-long chain amine oxide surfactants with low nitrite, nitrosamine and low ...
Copolymer, cationic high molecular weight flocculating agent comprising the copolymer, and process f...
Wash cycle unit dose softener
Use of ergosterol and its apparent compounds for stimulating the proliferation of skin cells
Uracil derivatives and antitumor effect potentiator and antitumor agent containing the same
Apparatus and methods for packaging and distributing combinations of foods and beverages
Method and assembly for playing a variation of the game of baccarat
System, method and article of manufacture for tournament play in a network gaming system
System for adapting gaming devices to playing preferences
Stadium game for fans
Shooting game target with graphic image display device
Image perspective control for video game images
Blocky picture template generator
Microelectronic assembly with conductive terminals having an exposed surface through a dielectric la...
Silicone rubber composition
Gateway apparatus for transferring voice mail to an electronic mail server or transferring electroni...
Apparatus for transporting and installing a deck of an offshore oil production platform
Very fine-grain field programmable gate array architecture and circuitry
Production of unvulcanized tread rubber for pneumatic tires
Geranium plant named `Amri Bright Red`
Porous transfer members and release agent associated therewith
Protective headgear
Robot control method and device
Pyrethroid compounds and composition for controlling pest containing the same
Speaker assembly
Items changing magazine
Methods for making integrated micro-optical systems
Response regulator
Abrasive silica compositions and dentifrice compositions prepared therefrom
System and method for music downloads over a network
Method and apparatus for providing downloadable functionality to an embedded coprocessor
Bacillus thuringiensis strains active against lepidopteran and coleopteran pests
Gaming machine payout system and method
Power feed for network devices
Digital optical chemistry micromirror imager
Transmission rate judgment method and apparatus
Compounds of the benzylaminodiacetamide family, compositions comprising them, preparation process an...
On-time delivery, tracking, and reporting
Framework and method for facilitating client-server programming and interactions
Method and apparatus for monitoring internal bus signals by using a reduced image of the internal bu...
Method for converting non-phonetic characters into surrogate words for inputting into a computer
Methods of using Ajoene for treatment of shock
Antiviral protease inhibitors
Display screen comprising a metal oxide-containing phosphor composition
Utility golf club
Programmable oscillator using magnetoresistive memory technology
Method of producing optical waveguide system, optical device and optical coupler employing the same,...
Dispensing closure for package containing a consumable beverage
Driving circuit for toy car
Water-developable plate package
Sealing frits
Differentiation inhibitor
Method for producing a glass mat
Photochromic compositions, photochromic compounds (co)polymer matrices
Head for optical disc drive
Apparatus for reducing concentration of carbon monoxide
Beverages with improved texture and flavor impact at lower dosage of solids
Dissolution agent and process for making rapidly soluble instant beverage products
Topsheet systems for absorbent articles exhibiting improved hydrophilicity gradients
Cotton soil release polymers
O-substituted N,N-diacylhydroxylamine bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Solid supported synthesis of hydroxamic acids
Aerosol actuator
Power control for mobile wireless communication system
Apparatus and method which saves call related information when the status of recorded voice message ...
Apparatus and method to insert the default local area code into a dialed telephone number
Multi-mode optical fiber having improved refractive index profile and devices comprising same
Hierarchial subband linear predictive cepstral features for HMM-based speech recognition
Task-independent utterance verification with subword-based minimum verification error training
Polyimide coated heavy metal fluoride glass fiber and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for reducing sample dispersion in turns and junctions of microchannel systems
Device for moving an individual relative to a surface with the assistance of wind
System for pumping liquids having a low specific gravity from a subterranean storage cavern
Rain and sun shielding collapsible ventilator
Retention mechanism for a helmet
Peptides which promote bone-forming cell attraction and adhesion
Self-aligning rotor assembly
Adjustable saw device
Self assembly of sensor membranes
Removal of CMP residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxide process
Compositions and methods of attracting overwintering boll weevils
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Danharpley`
Method for tapping the immunological repertoire
Motor vehicle transmission main shaft, corresponding transmission device and motor vehicle transmiss...
Trans-modal animated information processing with selective engagement
Chair construction and method of assembly
Board for mounting semiconductor element, method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor devic...
High impact polystyrene containing polyphenylene oxide
Apparatus for inserting blanked formatted fingerprint data (source ID, time/date) in to a video sign...
Parallel backtracing for satisfiability on reconfigurable hardware
Method for thermally reforming emulsion
Compression absorption heat pump
Valve handle
Underwater sightseeing craft