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   From: Smithk675, Thu, Jul 26, '18
   I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! Thank goodness You've made my day! Thanks again!

   From: ankit, Mon, Apr 12, '10
   hi!!i wanna know on how to control air pollution in automobiles

   From: BRCS Reddy, Sun, Apr 5, '09
   I want to know the US and Indian patent litigation and patent expiry calculation process

   From: Jim Malloy, Mon, Jul 14, '08
   I have a pantented model of a ladder/tresle from 1878,# 206,470 by T. Mikeal. Was trying to find imfo on this fellow. Jim

   From: Joydeep, Tue, Mar 25, '08
   good site.

   From: Graziano Maldonado, Thu, Feb 14, '08
   Excellent source!PatenAlert, an excellent source!

   From: jahir hussain, Tue, Oct 30, '07
   Thank for accepting my subscription.

   From: karo, Sat, Feb 24, '07
   Great site! Keep up the good work :))

   From: gater, Wed, Nov 29, '06
   It is e very good web site that offers a large documentation.Good Luck for futur

   From: Joon, Sun, Aug 27, '06
   Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

   From: PKUMAR, Wed, Feb 1, '06

   From: Voltaire, Mon, Jan 30, '06
   looking for a device to measure our fuel volume inside our main tank

   From: Md. Jabed Iqbal, Sat, Dec 31, '05
   search for perforated dye tube

   From: sushil kumar gupta, Thu, Dec 29, '05
   hello patent alert. how can i patent my project please tell me

   From: tony, Tue, Dec 20, '05
   Hi, i found your site with google.com. its a cool site. best wishes from good old germany. merry xmas cheers, tony www.backtony.com

   From: ishaq akindele, Mon, Dec 19, '05
   I want to more about litographic printing off-set, and how to operate it.

   From: Kasondra T, Tue, Dec 13, '05
   love ur site and love the one how mad it!!!! (: ;)

   From: Niki, Sun, Sep 25, '05
   Hi! May I aks you who did design for this site? I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all. Yours looks much better I guess. Im trying to find someone who are really great designer.

   From: Dr.Abbineni Ratnakar, Tue, Aug 30, '05
   Unfortunately while I am searching for the publications work done on Thio coumarins I found your website. It was so nice and more informative. If it is possible to send some material regarding thio coumarins and its derivatives.If the above compounds are containing biological activity please send them also.

   From: Ivan Oder, Tue, Aug 23, '05
   Very great site. I will visit again.

   From: FRANK JOHNSON, Sun, Jul 17, '05
   Good service

   From: DINESH, Mon, May 23, '05

   From: sankar, Fri, Apr 15, '05
   good help

   From: bob, Sun, Apr 10, '05
   yeha wat a swell website. im comin here again cheers me maties who made this page!

   From: Vikas, Mon, Mar 28, '05

   From: hamid rezaee, Sun, Mar 27, '05
   This site is an interesting site which it could act as a reference for researchers!

   From: hamid rezaee, Sun, Mar 27, '05
   let me know how can I down load images?

   From: Omoluabi Bamisaiye, Thu, Mar 24, '05
   I am interested in the part played by precision calibration in systems performance in general and in Digital Signal Processing in particular. Any information you can provide will be appreciated, and thanks for your time.

   From: ronald decamp, Thu, Mar 3, '05
   Looking for research data to support a term paper for my master's program

   From: ashwini sandu, Mon, Nov 15, '04
   it is a great service. but can you have more than one alerts from different areas?

   From: Larry G. French, Thu, Nov 4, '04
   I was issued a patent number for an induction chamber for small animal. I sold that patent to a veterianary supply company or distributor I've come up with a induction chamber that research labs are or were interested in. Hopefully I could find someone who is interested in forming a business relationship with.

   From: Mohammed, Thu, Nov 4, '04
   its soo god site

   From: rajesh, Fri, Oct 29, '04
   i have already suscribed i would like to have an update on AIDS can you please send them to me

   From: Dr.Maga, Wed, Oct 13, '04
   A very nice site keep it up

   From: irfan khimani, Fri, Sep 24, '04
   i found one of new creation in this website whose imagination is beyond the horizon. thank you.

   From: consumer electronics, Tue, Sep 14, '04
   I read about ur site in the India Today. A really very good effort.

   From: Dave, Wed, Sep 8, '04
   im lookin for what substances are insoluble in water but im still not really sure..... good site tho.....

   From: Manuel, Sat, Sep 4, '04
   great site!!

   From: Piper, Mon, Aug 30, '04
   Nice webpage, I like the layout.

   From: hans, Tue, Jun 8, '04
   super site! thanks for your help!

   From: Liat Malka, Mon, Feb 16, '04
   Hi patent alert people, I found your site as the very thing I was looking for. Before I found you I was drowning in the US patent site looking for something, knowing that even if it doesn't exist now - maybe tomorow it will be there. Really - a great idea, a great site. Liat

   From: Karlo, Fri, Dec 19, '03
   Nice Site THANK YOU for the informations!

   From: Paolo, Mon, Dec 15, '03
   sounds like a very nice service. Paolo

   From: Aaron, Tue, Oct 28, '03
   Great service!!! When will you extend the service to other free to search patent office databases like esp@ce/DEPATIS, IP Australia, IPONZ, PAJ? This will make this great service even better!!!

   From: Layola, Mon, Sep 22, '03
   Hallo, eure Homepage ist sehr informativ gemacht, auch wenn ich zuerst mit der Navigation nicht klar kam. Wie schafft ihr es blo?, immer so aktuell zu bleiben? Mu? doch ein Riesenaufwand sein, oder? Viele Gr?sse, Layola

   From: Manuel, Tue, Sep 2, '03
   This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings..

   From: Liszt, Mon, Jun 2, '03
   very good site.

   From: Mike, Tue, May 27, '03
   Hello, this is a nice web page! Very good work! Greetings from Germany Mike

   From: adil, Thu, Jan 16, '03
   this is the best place on net i found where i can have a look how man invents.....

   From: europe, Sat, Sep 7, '02
   hello and many greetings from europe

   From: Donghoon Park, Thu, Mar 7, '02
   In a word, "Great". This web site is really great and very useful to many people, I believe. I hope you guys keep doing good job! I'm kind of hooked up already.

   From: Eric Strimel, Fri, Nov 16, '01
   Nice site...

   From: Fernando U. Juan, Tue, Nov 6, '01
   This is great. Found your site by accident. I am interested in your Patent Alert Online Service. I have a "patent pending" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and they have given us a "secret" number. This is the reason I am curious about your service in the net. Please keep me in your e-mailing list

   From: DC, Fri, Oct 19, '01
   Great service and nice looking website.

   From: Theo, Tue, Aug 7, '01
   You need to start having the automatic searches available for the US applciations as well. This would be a great additional feature.

   From: Ta, Fri, Feb 23, '01
   Your new look is great! :)

   From: richard, Thu, Oct 19, '00
   I'm an inventer looking for information on patenting and selling my inventions