Patent Alert FAQ

How do I
start using your
Subscribing is free and open for everybody. To subscribe, click on the New User link. After entering your e-mail address and choosing a password, you will be able to choose your topics, delivery frequency, format options (HTML or plain text) and other options.
How will you use
my e-mail address?
Your e-mail address will be used strictly to facilitate delivery of Patent Alert content. We do not give subscriber e-mail addresses to third parties.
I want to change
my existing subscription.
Follow the Login link below to manage your subscriptions and preferences. Log in using the e-mail and password you specified when subscribing for the service. If you have forgotten your password, click here. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail.
How do I
If you wish to cancel your subscription, log in using the Login link below, and delete the subscription from your account.
Before I subscribe,
I want to search 
for patents.
Use Search link below to perform a search in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database. Patent Search will also be available when subscribing, making it easier for you to determine how broad you want your updates to be.
How up-to-date is the information? Patent Alert sends out postings once a day. Each posting usually includes patents that have been issued since the last update. For weekly subscriptions it is last 7 days, and so on. There is an option to enable a subscription to deliver 'past' patents. In this case, it delivers older patents if there are no new ones.
How do I specify
which patents
I would like to be alerted to?

Free accounts. You can choose from dozens of Patent Alert topics, such as Aeronautics, Internet, and others.

Expert service. You can select patents by company name, patent class, keyword, country, and several other options. Patent Alert uses queries consisting of one or more fields, connected with Boolean Not, And and Or operators. Field code designates an attribute such as inventor name, assignee (company), patent title, international or U.S. classification, and other. For example, 'an/Boeing' query represents patents granted to Boeing company. For the list of all fields, click on the Search link below.

How much patent information can I receive per posting?

Current server capacities allow to include up to 21 patents into a posting per subscription. This limitation may be removed in the future.

I would like to receive multiple predefined subscriptions in one custom subscription. This option is not currently available. One possible workaround is to create a folder in your e-mail program to receive all mail that comes from Patent Alert. Popular mail programs allow for this with features like 'message rules'.
I am interested in X patents. I could not find the above category. Use the following links:

to find the class and subclass for the patents you need. Also, if you know some patents from this field, it must be easy to determine their class and subclass and start from there. Make a search by patent title and/or keywords, and look at the class information of the found documents. Then, enter the found class or classes into a query of a custom subscription.

Do you have archives for X patents? We don't maintain an online archive of patent data, but you can always use the Search page to look for specific patents.
I'm wondering if you have available the links between patents and cases? Every Patent Alert posting comes with a 'Document online' hyperlink. It will bring you to the USPTO web page that has full text of the patent, along with the hyperlinks to referenced patents, images, and more. There is also 'Referenced by' link at the same page, which is useful for finding about references to the patent.