A method, system, and method of doing business in a standards-based medical imaging environment is described in relation to the communication of computer-aided detection (CAD) results among devices, with one embodiment relating to the DICOM standard. CAD results are fixably integrated into the pixels of a secondary image derived from a source image, and the secondary image is transferred using a DICOM Secondary Capture Image Information Object Instance (SCI-IOI). The DICOM SCI-IOI is transferred to a viewing workstation, whereby a clinician can open, manipulate, and view the secondary image in a side-by-side comparison with the source image or derivative images thereof. Advantageously, CAD results are communicated to the clinician in a DICOM-conforming manner independent of whether the viewing workstation supports standard DICOM accommodations, such as CAD Structured Report Information Object Instances (CAD SR-IOIs), for the type of CAD results that need to be presented. Optionally, an equipment information entity identifier in a CAD SR-IOI and/or the SCI-IOI can be modified to change or shield the identity of the manufacturer of the CAD processing unit.

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