Techniques for attaching a replacement chip to an imaging cartridge are described. An exemplary method of modifying a toner hopper assembly for use in a toner cartridge consists of providing the toner hopper assembly having a generally cylindrical shape and an at least partially non-functioning electronic chip with electrical contacts disposed in an endplate section of the generally cylindrical shape. The method further modifies the toner hopper assembly by affixing a replacement chip to the toner hopper assembly to form a modified toner hopper assembly. The replacement chip includes replacement electrical contacts which allow the replacement chip to communicate with a printer when the modified toner cartridge is installed in the printer.


< Aliphatic polycarbonates, methods of making, and articles formed therefrom

> Polyethylene film having improved mechanical and barrier properties and method of making same

> Support element, toner replenishing device, toner supply apparatus, and image forming apparatus

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