The present invention relates to an IF address lookup apparatus using a Bloom filter and a multi-hashing architecture that includes a buffering means that outputs a prefix of an inputted address having the number of bits reduced by one bit whenever a control signal is received at the time of outputting the prefix of the inputted address; a hashing hardware that generates a plurality of hashing indexes by hashing the prefix (hereinafter, referred to as "output prefix") outputted from the buffering means; a Bloom filter that determines whether or not the output prefix is an entry of the hash table by using the plurality of hashing indexes; and a processor that includes the hash table and an overflow table and outputs a prefix that matches the output prefix by searching entries of locations of the hash table indicated by the plurality of hashing indexes and entries stored in the overflow table when a Bloom filter's determination result is positive and outputs the control signal to the buffering means when the matched prefix is not provided or the Bloom filter's determination result is negative.


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