A semiconductor device having a semiconductor element (a thin film transistor, a thin film diode, a photoelectric conversion element of silicon PIN junction, or a silicon resistor element) which is light-weight, flexible (bendable), and thin as a whole is provided as well as a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device. In the present invention, the element is not formed on a plastic film. Instead, a flat board such as a substrate is used as a form, the space between the substrate (third substrate (17)) and a layer including the element (peeled layer (13)) is filled with coagulant (typically an adhesive) that serves as a second bonding member (16), and the substrate used as a form (third substrate (17)) is peeled off after the adhesive is coagulated to hold the layer including the element (peeled layer (13)) by the coagulated adhesive (second bonding member (16)) alone. In this way, the present invention achieves thinning of the film and reduction in weight.

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