The present invention relates to a thermoplastic resin composition comprising an aromatic polycarbonate resin (component A) [which may comprise an aromatic polycarbonate resin (component A1) and a thermoplastic resin other than the aromatic polycarbonate resin (component A2)], a granular talc (component B) having a bulk density of 0.4 to 1.5 g/mL which is obtained by granulating a talc having an average particle size of 0.1 to 10 .mu.m, a rubber polymer (component C; optional component), a flame retardant (component E; optional component) and a fluorinated polyolefin (component F; optional component), wherein the granular talc (component B) has a particle size in which a proportion of a 500 .mu.m-mesh screen residue thereof is not less than 55% by weight; as well as a resin molded product obtained by molding the thermoplastic resin composition. The thermoplastic resin composition and the resin molded product are excellent in extrusion moldability, rigidity, flame retardant, impact resistance and thermal stability, and exhibit an excellent balance between these properties.


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