A axial tapered roller bearing comprising an upper pressure disk, a lower pressure disk and tapered rollers between the pressure disks which are kept at uniform intervals from one another in the circumferential direction by a disk cage. The inner surface of the one pressure disk is a circulation path running radially obliquely outward for the tapered rollers and a circumferential outer rim which, with its annular surface facing the tapered rollers, is in radial supporting contact with the outer end faces of the tapered rollers, while the inner surface of the other pressure disk is formed as a flat mating circulation path for the tapered rollers. The annular surface of the outer rim of the one pressure disk has a concave curvature, and the outer end faces of the tapered rollers have a convex curvature and both in the vertical and in circumferential directions, a lubricating wedge with a constant geometry is formed which is suitable for hydrodynamic pressure development by a lubricant.

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