An optical switch is provided which includes a plurality of input/output ports for receiving one or more wavelength component(s) of an optical signal. The optical switch also includes an optical arrangement that directs the wavelength component to any given one of the plurality of input/output ports. The given input/output port may be selected from among any of the plurality of input/output ports. If the optical signal includes a plurality of wavelength components, the optical arrangement includes at least one wavelength selective element such as a thin film filter. The wavelength selective element selects one of the wavelength components from among the plurality of wavelength components. The optical arrangement also includes a plurality of optical elements each associated with one of the wavelength selective elements. Each of the optical elements direct the selected wavelength component, which is selected by its associated selective element, to a given one of the plurality of input/output ports independently of every other wavelength component. The optical elements may be tiltable retroreflective mirror assemblies.


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