A system for protecting buried optic fibre nodes which permits surface inlay installation of cable without the need to expose free ends of the cable for threading through any apertures, includes a protective housing (10) composed of spaced apart panels (14,16) which define an interior space. The panels open to expose the interior for installation of a length of cable (50) therein. An insert (30) fits within the space, which includes a channel (38) which is exposed when the panels (14,16) open for insertion of a cable. The insert includes a void (32) to receive a cable junction box (34). A removable protective outer casing may be provided, either in the form of a pair of outer walls with a removable cap or base, or a can-like container having a removable top and two or more opposed slots communicating with the upper rim of the container. The housing fits within the container, with the cable entering and exiting through the slots, which also permit a saw cut to pass through the slots to facilitate installation of the system. The system also includes a pre-assembled cable network including nodes, cable and housings that may be buried within trenches cut into a surface.

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