A dielectric ceramic composition for low-temperature sintering and hot insulation resistance (hot IR) is capable of carrying out low-temperature sintering, improving a hot IR characteristic, and meeting X5R characteristics, and a multilayer ceramic capacitor makes use of the dielectric ceramic composition. The dielectric ceramic composition includes a main component BaTiO.sub.3, and sub-components, based on 100 moles of the main component, MgO of 0.5 moles to 2.0 moles, Re.sub.2O.sub.3 of 0.3 moles to 2.0 moles, MnO of 0.05 moles to 0.5 moles, V.sub.2O.sub.5 of 0.01 moles to 0.5 moles, BaO of 0.3 moles to 2.0 moles, SiO.sub.2 of 0.1 moles to 2.0 moles, and borosilicate glass of 0.5 moles to 3.0 moles, where Re includes at least one selected from the group consisting of Y, Ho and Dy.

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