Piperidine Compounds; compositions comprising a Piperidine Compound; and methods for treating or preventing pain, UI, an ulcer, IBD, IBS, an addictive disorder, Parkinson's disease, parkinsonism, anxiety, epilepsy, stroke, a seizure, a pruritic condition, psychosis, a cognitive disorder, a memory deficit, restricted brain function, Huntington's chorea, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, dementia, retinopathy, a muscle spasm, a migraine, vomiting, dyskinesia, or depression in an animal comprising administering to an animal in need thereof an effective amount of a Piperidine Compound are disclosed. In one embodiment, the Piperidine Compound has the formula: ##STR00001## and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein Ar.sub.1, Ar.sub.2, X, R.sub.3, R.sub.4, and m are as disclosed herein.

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