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Method and system for tracking an operating performed on an information asset with metadata associat...
System and method for the managed security control of processes on a computer system
Real-time mitigation of data access insider intrusions
Thick film conductor composition(s) and processing technology thereof for use in multilayer electron...
Process for reducing fluorosurfactant content of fluropolymer dispersions using anionic surfactant-t...
Molecular structures with controllable electron conducting properties
Cut-resistant gloves containing fiberglass and para-aramid
P-alkoxyphenylen-thiophene oligomers as organic semiconductors for use in electronic devices
Polymerization process using bivalent monomeric phenoxy tin catalysts
Poly(trimethylene-ethylene ether) glycols
Process for coating vehicle exterior parts comprising polyamide resins and parts and articles coated...
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate)/poly(alpha-hydroxy acid) bi-constituent filaments
Negative imaging method for providing a patterned metal layer having high conductivity
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Anthranilamide insecticides
Removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions using anion exchange polymer with f...
Staged addition of non-fluorinated anionic surfactant to reduced fluorosurfactant fluoropolymer disp...
Therapeutic agent for type II diabetes comprising protease-inhibiting compound
Heteroaryl benzamide derivatives
Cyclohexylalanine derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors for the treatment or prevention ...
1-benzylindole-2-carboxamide derivatives
Process for the preparation of [(1R), 2S]-2-aminopropionic acid 2-[4-(4-fluoro-2-methyl-1H-indol-5-y...
6-aminoisoquinoline compounds
Tetralin and indane derivatives and uses thereof
Methods and apparatus for sensing cardiac activity via neurological stimulation therapy system or me...
Method and apparatus for selecting, analyzing, and visualizing related database records as a network
Process for producing structural body and etchant for silicon oxide film
Diffraction grating, light-receiving element, and optical head and optical recording/reproducing app...
Optical pickup apparatus
Recording method of optical disc device and method for determining whether there is abnormality in t...
Holographic recording medium, method for recording and reproducing the same, and reproducing apparat...
Optical recording medium and optical recording/reproducing method
Method and radiation source for generating pulsed coherent radiation
System and method for high power laser processing
Multi-laser system
Narrow spectral width lasers optimized and temperature stabilized with volume Bragg grating mirrors
Semiconductor laser and method of manufacture
Laser diode
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Semiconductor laser device and method for its production
Device for small spot analysis using fiber optic interfaced spectrometers
Device for measuring parts by triangulation sensors and an evaluation unit for determining
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using optical scanner
Method and apparatus for manufacturing electrophoretic displays
Thermally assisted magnetic recording method
Exhaust manifold for internal combustion engine
Contrivance for automatic rope length correction
Indicator device with a lighted pointer
Shackle structure for suspension leaf spring
Vehicle occupant protection system
Vehicle passenger restraining apparatus and method for the same
Frame or mesh mounted system for attaching a trim set to a mesh material surface
Non-heat treated steel for hot forging with easy fracture splitting
Titanium alloy of low Young's modulus
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Controller and method for frequency-varying control of power converter
Apparatus for making a helically wound conductor
Fire door
Sensor element, sensor device, object movement control device, object judgment device
Internal combustion engine
Packaging container consisting of a plastic film
Device for opening a human bladder
Composite products
Radar reflector
Automated cleaning system for structures
Liquid cleanser compositions
Melt-formulated, multi-particulate oral dosage form
Modified catalyst and use of this catalyst for the conversion of synthesis gas to hydrocarbons
Aqueous compositions containing perfluoropolyether di-carboxylic salts for the oleo-repellent paper ...
Catalyst system consisting of a carrier and of a co-catalyst
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device using the same
Interferometric modulators having charge persistence
Membrane structure and method of making
Apparatus for photocatalytic reaction
Bistable liquid crystal display device
Phosphoric acid ester containing photoconductors
Single layered photoconductors
Photoconductors containing fillers
Base station apparatus of mobile communication system
Method of providing signal diversity in an OFDM system
Method and system for adjusting the amplitude and phase characteristics of real and imaginary signal...
Radio receiver
Removing interfering signals in a broadband radio frequency receiver
System and method for detecting a presence and frequency offset of a spread spectrum radio frequency...
Mobile communication system, relief method of competition between downlink RRC message and inter-cel...
Remote radio data communication system with data rate switching
Managing page cycle periods of access terminals
Radio communication equipment and method used in said equipment
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating system selection in a multi-network radio communi...
Controlling method, secondary unit and radio terminal equipment
Music purchasing and playing system and method
Implantable device including multiple communication antennas
Memory access to virtual target device
Packaging container with surface ornamentation
Dental floss pick
Disposable absorbent articles with replaceable absorbent core components having regions of permeabil...
Tufted laminate web
Fibers comprising hemicellulose and processes for making same
Pre-moistened nonwoven webs with visible compressed sites
Active containing delivery particle
Absorbent article having a multi-dimensionally contoured barrier cuff
Method of placing a material transversely on a moving web
Wet wipe lotions comprising particulate material
Carton for storing substrates
Production and use of novel peptide-based agents for use with bi-specific antibodies
Mammalian cell culture process
Aerosolization apparatus with rotating capsule
Concatameric immunoadhesion molecule
Human DNAX toll-like receptor 4 proteins, related reagents and methods
Gastrointestinal-specific multiple drug release system
Antibodies and peptide antigens for producing antibodies having a selective binding specificity to b...
RFID switching
Wire bar, method of manufacturing wire bar, and image forming apparatus
Aminopyrazole derivatives as GSK-3 inhibitors
Interface and system for manipulating thumbnails of live windows in a window manager
Method and apparatus for compensating an integrated circuit layout for mechanical stress effects
Enhancing relocatability of partial configuration bitstreams
Method and apparatus for generating an area constraint for a module in a programmable logic device
Enterprise information unification
Method and system for improved modeling language profile
System and methods for generating a software component interface
Ignoring output arguments of functions in programming environments
Scalable integrated high density optical data/media storage delivery system
3-deoxyglucosone and skin
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Stable liquid cleansing compositions comprising fatty acyl isethionate surfactant products with high...
Fabric conditioning compositions
Vehicle environment monitoring device
Image forming apparatus
System for linear amplitude modulation
Hardware-based state machine for use in discriminating near field signals from far field signals for...
Method and apparatus for monitoring a microstructure etching process
Logging of level-two cache transactions into banks of the level-two cache stores the transactions fo...
Flow control methodology for digital retiming devices
Broadcasting receiver and method of receiving a broadcasting wave
Medical devices having porous regions for controlled therapeutic agent exposure or delivery
Peptide-based conditioners and colorants for hair, skin, and nails
Mesenchymal precursor cell
Method of determining toxicity with three dimensional structures
Reinforced absorbable multilayered fabric for use in medical devices
Catheter systems for delivery of agents and related method thereof
Ex vivo and in vivo expression of the thrombomodulin gene for the treatment of cardiovascular and pe...
Method of producing hydrogen, and rendering a contaminated biomass inert
Hydrogen generator, method of shutting down operation of hydrogen generator, and fuel cell system
Reformate cooling system and method for use in a fuel processing subsystem
Determination of the lambda value of reformate
Resuscitation and life support system, method and apparatus
Espresso coffee machine
Espresso coffee machine
Print medium
Image reproducing apparatus, method of controlling same and control program therefor
Object classification and indexing of very large name spaces using grid technology
System and method for integration of medical information
Multi user client terminals operable to support network communications
Method and system for automated handling of service problems identified by a wireless device custome...
Apparatus, system, and method for generating a name for a system of devices
Online testing unification system with remote test automation technology
Method and system for incorporating via redundancy in timing analysis
Flexible method of security data backup
Reflectors, reflector/LED combinations, and lamps having the same
Lighting device and display apparatus
Compact, steerable, multidirectional photographic light diffuser and reflector
LED lamp
Fragrance releasing electronic candle
Floor lamp having low light replaceable bulb
Bending beam headlamp with multi-filament bulb
LED collimator element with an asymmetrical collimator
Status indicator lens and light pipe structure for a dimmer switch
Lightening apparatus
Backlight module
Artificial acetylene gas candle
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Liquid crystal display, illuminant module and its manufacturing method
Light exposure control device and apparatus
Portable electronic reference device with pivoting light lid
Liquid crystal display comprising at least one LED and a PCB and a frame having an opening with a na...
Optical sheet and method of assembling liquid crystal display module using the same
Optical transport network having a plurality of monolithic photonic integrated circuit semiconductor...
Flat design composite drop fiber cable with mid-span access capability
Optical fiber and a method for fabricating a low polarization-mode dispersion and low attenuation op...
Silicon optical device
Coupling device for use in optical waveguides
Telecommunications patching system with patching modules
Optical cable having an enlarged section to facilitate pulling
Fiber service blocker
Optical switch system
Optical communication system with light guide having variable slidable point of entry or exit
Electronic device
Light emitting diode structures
Solar energy concentrator
Illumination light source and image display apparatus
Configurations and methods for manufacturing optical devices using an athermal platform
Achieving gaussian outputs from large-mode-area-higher-order mode fibers
High speed semiconductor optical modulator
Space expanders in optical devices
System and method for determining edges of objects in an image
Dithered encoding and decoding information transference system and method
Judging image type with an image scanning device
Image processing device, method, and program
Registration of separations
Identification and/or authentication method
Method and system for improved detection of material reflectances in an image
Generation of still image from a plurality of frame images
Noninvasive in vivo measuring system and noninvasive in vivo measuring method by correcting influenc...
Miniature wireless apparatus for collecting physiological signals
QT-based system and method for detecting and distinguishing dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure...
Method and system for the denoising of large-amplitude artifacts in electrograms using time-frequenc...
Multi-variable feedback control of stimulation for inspiratory facilitation
Health services delivery system with incentives
Dibenzo chromene derivatives and their use as ER.beta. selective ligands
Nematode fatty acid desaturase-like sequences
Illuminated key-pad assembly
Method of renaming soft switch controls in all participant's cell phones by an administrator
High strength vacuum deposited nitinol alloy films and method of making same
Halogen substituted metallocene compounds for olefin polymerization
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation and semiconductor device using the same
Patterning and treatment methods for organic light emitting diode devices
Compounds comprising 2,6-naphthyl groups
Second order nonlinear optical polyimides having benzobisthiazole-based pendant groups, and preparat...
Method for producing semicrystalline polylactic acid articles
Conjugate addition reactions for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds
Alkali soluble polymer and positive working photosensitive resin composition using the same
Membrane-based assay devices
Method of making fluoropolymer dispersion
Tire with a component made of a rubber composition comprised of rubbers having pendant hydroxyl grou...
Modified polymers prepared with lanthanide-based catalysts
Polymers functionized with hydrobenzamides
Functionalized polymers and tires made therefrom
Ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters, polyesters formed thereby, and articles comprising the...
Second order nonlinear optical polyimides having benzobisthiazole-based pendant groups, and preparat...
Processes for preparing high inherent viscosity polyareneazoles using metal powders
Determination of the position of a radiographic or radioscopic unit
Method and system for providing tomographic pictures of a patient by using contrast medium injection...
Instrument support apparatus
Microcontact printing
Transgenic mouse model of B cell malignancy
Fishing system
Pet activity system
Fluid-filled durable pet bed
Bird feeding system
Dog drinking device
Self-cleaning pet litter box assembly with reciprocating bars
Pet platform assembly
In vivo assay for neurite outgrowth in zebrafish and its application in drug screening
Process for production of optically active cyclopropanecarboxylate compound
Optically active bisoxazoline compounds, process for production of the same and use thereof
Display device with birefringent substrate
Optical film and surface light source using it
Method of producing probe arrays for biological materials using fine particles
Multifunctional cationic photoinitiators, their preparation and use
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved adhesive properties
Polar monomer-olefin copolymer and process for producing the same
Hydrogen response through catalyst modification
Active player tracking
High-directional wide-bandwidth antenna
Point-of-purchase display with RFID inventory control
Image capture and distribution system and method
Server apparatus and information providing method
Flash memory device and program method thereof
RFID tag antenna
Method of addressing messages and communications system
Mediation system and method for hybrid network including an IMS network
Method of and system for determining the delay of digital signals
Forms for completion with an electronic writing device
Prescription order position tracking system and method
Least-Square Deconvolution (LSD): a method to resolve DNA mixtures
Laterally-actuated dispenser with one-way valve for storing and dispensing metered amounts of substa...
Surface-modified metal oxides prepared by precipitation in the presence of a copolymer having N-viny...
Method of producing glycogen
Single-use moisturizing product
Additive for non-aqueous electrolyte and secondary battery using the same
Lithium secondary battery
Proton conductor, single ion conductor, manufacturing methods thereof, and electrochemical capacitor
Fused pyrrolocarbazoles
High internal free volume compositions for low-k dielectric and other applications
Perylene n-type semiconductors and related devices
Derivatization and solubilization of insoluble classes of fullerenes
Nonaqueous cell with improved thermoplastic sealing member
Cathode active material and lithium secondary battery containing the same
Copper metallization of through silicon via
Lithium ion battery with oxidized polymer binder
Spirally-wound non-aqueous secondary battery and electrode plate used therefor
Positive electrode active material, production method thereof and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary ...
Method of producing titanium
C0G multi-layered ceramic capacitor
Print engine for an inkjet printer
Charging cradle
Hypoxia induced mitogenic factor
Composition containing beta-glucan for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
Pharmaceutical compositions containing cyclodextrins and taxoids
Sulfonylguanidine compounds and pharmaceutical uses thereof
System and method of navigating a medical instrument
Optical detection system for flow cytometry
Systems and methods for measuring pulse wave velocity with an intravascular device
Method and apparatus for determining excitation-physiologic response delays
Neural stimulator to treat sleep disordered breathing
Tissue modification device
Fixing apparatus using induction heating system for image forming apparatus
Injectors, injector systems and methods for injecting fluids
Bird guard
Mobile phone
Solenoid actuated valve with a damping device
Rolling member and producing method thereof
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Untreated diffusion media with mesoporous layer and devices incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for replicating a transport layer protocol stream
Pipe coupling and male coupling member
High reliability pest detection
Interpolymers of ethylene/.alpha.-olefins blends and profiles and gaskets made therefrom
Hydrogen powered vehicle refueling strategy
Direct epoxidation process using a mixed catalyst system
Roof coverings made without roofing granules
Systems and methods for ambulatory monitoring of physiological signs
Information processor, database search system and access rights analysis method thereof
Isothiazole dioxides as CXC- and CC-chemokine receptor ligands
Enclosed carton magazine assembly
Trunnion air ride suspension system
Swivel seat and suspension apparatus
Suspension trailing arm
Metal oxide supercapacitor having metal oxide electrode coated onto titanium dioxide ultrafine fiber...
Long-term hydrophilic modification of PDMS substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Structure and method for self aligned vertical plate capacitor
Silicon based light emitting diode
Embedded trap direct tunnel non-volatile memory
Method and system for providing a magnetic element having a current confined layer
Method of operating multi-level cell
Method and system for versioning codes based on relative alignment for single instruction multiple d...
Architecture for converting control types in a data bound user interface
Automatic database diagnostic monitor architecture
Auto conversion of tests between different functional testing tools
Method and apparatus for generating code for scheduling the execution of binary code
System and method for compile-time non-concurrency analysis
Method and system for optional code scheduling
System and method for dynamically verifying the compatibility of a user interface resource
System and method of expediting certain jobs in a computer processing system
Configuration of WiFi network parameters
System and method utilizing clean groups for security management
Model for demonstrating pathological physiological conditions
Chest press exercise machine with self-aligning pivoting user support
Manually adjustable outrigger
Configurable multi-function vessel
Convertible top for yacht
Riser disconnect and support mechanism
Procedure for installing horizontal drains for uptake of sea water
Method for surveying fishery sources and device for effecting such method
Adjustable rigging system for a rowing boat
Beam for a drywall ceiling soffit
Fire stop for light fixture
Process and apparatus for bending gypsum board
Image sensing apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining the temperature of a charging power source
Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices
Method and apparatus for handling deeply discharged batteries in a mobile station
Host machines for battery charging system
Safely removable battery pack
Electrical device with a swivelable rechargeable battery pack
Integrated circuit for controlling charging, charging device using the integrated circuit, and metho...
Battery pack and method for protecting batteries
Method for predicting remaining capacity of a battery
Multi-mode charging system for an electric vehicle
Method of charging a lithium-ion battery comprising a negative electrode
Arrangement and method for monitoring and controlling a plurality of series-connected capacitors
Systems and methods involving operating variable speed generators
Semiconductor device having an integrated, self-regulated PWM current and power limiter and method
Voltage boost circuit and voltage boosting method using voltage boost clock signal with varying freq...
Apparatus and method for projected on-time regulator
Ground voltage drop reduction circuit for a buck DC-DC converter
High-potential output stage
Method for Mass Candidate Detection and Segmentation in Digital Mammograms
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image forming apparatus, and computer program p...
Display Device and Display Method
Apparatus and method for changing the size of displayed contents
Sensor for magnetoencephalography meter and supermultichannel magnetoencephalography meter system us...
System and method for conducting pet death, and other pet related transactions over a computer netwo...
Hair marker
System and method for embedding a printer and a card swipe in a hand held device
Discriminative training of hidden Markov models for continuous speech recognition
Automated creation and delivery of database content
Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen
Lysophosphatidic acid receptor
Bag support system
Simple inclined-hole drilling jig
Communication device
Healing cap for dental implant
Stand upon protector for radiological cartridge
Blood pressure measuring apparatus
Test meter
Dialysis system sorbent cartridge mount
Dental appliance
Medical training apparatus
Medical training apparatus
Side portion of a stirrup of a pivoting ankle brace
Outside of upper portion of a pivoting ankle brace
Skin clearing and toning device
Light therapy apparatus
Control device
Memorial light
Scroll-type refrigerant compressor having fluid communication between lubrication duct and return du...
Method for spearation crude oil emulsions
.beta.-mannanase from coffee berry borer, hypothenemus hampei, and uses thereof
Nucleotide mixture for improved nucleic acid amplification performance
Activation and expansion of T-cells using an agent that provides a primary activation signal and ano...
Enumeration of CD4+ lymphocytes
Methods and compositions for whole genome amplification and genotyping
Tricyclic, heteroaromatic compounds modulating CXCR4 and/ or CXCR7
Compositions for use in recombinational cloning of nucleic acids
PAAD domain-containing polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids, and methods of use
Method for diagnosing insulin resistance from nasal secretions
Method of therapeautic treatments including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease and other con...
N-(3,4-disubstituted phenyl) salicylamide derivatives
Method of using a system including an assembly exposed to a cryogenic region
Antenna for picking up magnetic resonance signals and provided with its own communication unit
RF body coil with acoustic isolation of conductors
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
On-coil switched mode amplifier for parallel transmission in MRI
Levitation of objects using magnetic force
Phantom for diffusion tensor imaging
Sample analyzer and sampling system
Package particularly a cigarette package, and method and device for the production thereof
Cartridge for machine tool
Amino alcohol compounds or phosphonic acid derivatives thereof
Method and apparatus for guiding sheets to a sheet processing machine, in particular a printing pres...
Folding station with adjustable folding strap
Methods of treatment using specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
Methods of treatment using specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
Methods of treatment using specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
Method of separating nitrogen gas and molecular sieve carbon
Process and apparatus for removing coke formed during steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks conta...
Image forming method, liquid developing device, and image forming apparatus
Titanyl phthalocyanine silanol terphenyl photoconductors
Inorganic salt recovery during processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks
Field-effect transistors with weakly coupled layered inorganic semiconductors
Configuration of high-voltage semiconductor power device to achieve three dimensional charge couplin...
Method for making carbon fabric and product thereof
Viscoelastic wellbore treatment fluid
Methods for atomic-layer deposition
Chain extension for thermal materials
Optical disc having a reduced planar thickness
Walker with lift-assisting seat assembly
Folding mechanism
Foam product
Bicycle hub gearbox
Battery assembly
Processes for the 3,3-dialkylation of 4-chromanones
Systems and methods for remote utility metering and meter monitoring
Magnetic pulse generator for measuring wheel revolutions on bicycles
System and method for recording physical response
System and method for monitoring consumer purchasing activity
Method of inputting text into a data processing apparatus
Bicycle light
Rear mounted bicycle light
Bicycle attachment
Drive apparatus
Bicycle wheel securing adapter and bicycle fork using the same
Method and Apparatus For Providing an Integrated Network of Processors
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Photoactive compositions for liquid deposition
Composite substrate and method for manufacture thereof
Asymmetric bis-silanes and methods for making and their use
Hole transporting material and solid electrolyte and photovoltaic device using same
Compact reforming reactor
Compact reforming reactor
Electrolysis cell with gas diffusion electrode
Silicide fueled power generators and methods related thereto
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system, related method and current measuring device for fuel cell system
Apparatus and method for heating fuel cells
Solid electrolyte fuel cell supported by an integrated reformer
Fuel cell system with purifying apparatus
Fuel cell seal with integral bridge
Cerium-modified doped strontium titanate compositions for solid oxide fuel cell anodes and electrode...
Metal oxynitride electrode catalyst
Fuel cell electrode and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for remote sensing of molecular species at nanoscale utilizing a reverse photoa...
Power board and plug-in lighting module
Magnetically enhanced, inductively coupled plasma source for a focused ion beam system
Device and method for achieving enhanced field emission utilizing nanostructures grown on a conducti...
Integrated micro array system and methods therefor
Electronic device fabrication
Nanowire capacitor and methods of making same
Silicone hydrogels
Tunable capacitor using electrowetting phenomenon
Methods and apparatuses for forming an article
Method and apparatus for detection and tracking of objects within a defined area
Polarizing plate with optical compensation function, and liquid crystal display device using the sam...
X-ray arrangement and x-ray contrast process for imaging an object under examination that contains a...
Optical film, optical compensation film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display unit and self lumi...
Device for feeding electrical energy from an energy source
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Compositions and methods of use of targeting peptides for diagnosis and therapy of human cancer
Methods of increasing cartilage deposition using FGF homologs
Modulators of chemokine receptor activity, crystalline forms and process
Capacitance type light-emitting switch and light-emitting switch element used for such capacitance t...
High resolution mass spectrometry method and system for analysis of whole proteins and other large m...
Laser produced plasma EUV light source
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
System and method for measuring air bearing gap distance
Lithographic apparatus having masking parts and device manufacturing method
Systems, circuits and methods for reducing thermal damage and extending the detection range of an in...
Fault interrupter and disconnect device
Electrically excited gas discharge laser for generating high-repetition frequency light pulses and m...
Metal vapor vacuum arc ion source
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including multiple inpu...
Breast homing peptides and methods of identifying same using aminopeptidase P
N-(alkoxyalkyl) carbamoyl-substituted 6-phenyl-benzonaphthyridine derivatives and their use as PDE 3...
Non-steroidal farnesoid X receptor modulators and methods for the use thereof
Low pressure electrospray ionization system and process for effective transmission of ions
Angiotensin peptide-carrier conjugates and uses thereof
Oral formulation for delivery of poorly absorbed drugs
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical compositions for reducing inflammation and the treatment or prevent...
Process for the preparation of perindopril
Green and orange fluorescent labels and their uses
Selection of patients with increased responsiveness to botulinum toxin
Coupling of excitation and neurogenesis in neural stem/progenitor cells
Positively-charged peptide nucleic acid analogs with improved properties
Key with variable position capability
Method for evaluating the quality of a printed matter, provided by a printing machine
Plasma apparatus and system
Fixing device to reduce warm-up time and apparatus using same
Cooking appliance cowling apparatus and method
Sheet processing apparatus, fixing unit and image forming apparatus provided with the fixing unit
Magnetic encoder and roller bearing unit having magnetic encoder
Bass guitar
Ergonomic histology station
Apparatus for improving reception in a wheel monitoring system and manufacturing the same
Luneberg dielectric lens and method of producing same
Spacer forming method and spacer forming apparatus
Method for manufacturing magnetic field detecting element, utilizing diffusion of metal
Radiotherapy apparatus
Laterally insertable artifical vertebral disk replacement implant with curved spacer
Method and apparatus for coating of substrates
Methods for treating cardiovascular disease using a soluble CTLA4 molecule
Method of driving organic EL device and display device
Electroactive solid-state actuator and method of manufacturing the same
Transition metal complex, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process for producing olefin polym...
System and method for production system performance prediction
Presenting an alternative product package offer from a web vendor
Product data classification
Controlling access message flow
Trusted network transfer of content using off network input code
Support for sharing computation between aggregations in a data stream management system
Accelerating queries using temporary enumeration representation
Suggesting an alternative to the spelling of a search query
Speculative search result based on a not-yet-submitted search query
Mechanism for creating member private data in a global namespace
Method and system for providing short block length low density parity check (LDPC) codes
Panel presentation
Process for the manufacture of 1,2-dichloroethane
Method and device for using reaction heat during the production of 1,2-dichloroethane
Method for producing 1,2-dichloroethane by means of direct chlorination
High sensitivity microsensors based on flexure induced frequency effects
Hook clamp unit
Fast image and video data propagation and blending using intrinsic distances
System and method for lattice-preserving multigrid method for image segmentation and filtering
Method for encoding image pixels a method for processing images and a method for processing images a...
Nonrigid registration of cardiac perfusion MR images using adaptive local template matching
Integrated circuit for transmitting and/or receiving signals
Controller for a radio-frequency amplifier
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive imaging of anatomic tissue structures
System and method for controlling an implantable medical device subject to magnetic field or radio f...
Methods and apparatus for effectuating a lasting change in a neural-function of a patient
Method of performing three-dimensional molecular superposition and similarity searches in databases ...
Method for the reduction of image content redundancy in large image databases
Method for data and signal transfer between different sub-units of a medically-related system
Addressable fusing for an integrated printing system
Electrode for measuring electrocardiogram and electrocardiogram device including the same
System and method for pointing a laser beam
Method for adjusting the degree of substitution with acetyl group of cellulose acetate
Test device for internal combustion engine
Blood and interstitial fluid sampling device
System for automatic opening of reagent vessels
Reagent vessel
Pancreatic cancer genes
Integrated disposable for automatic or manual blood dosing
Carousel system for automated chemical or biological analyzers employing linear racks
Automated analyzer
Dispensing container and storage container for analytical disposables
Myeloperoxidase detection in diagnosis and prognosis of hematopoietic disorders
Automated method and reagent therefor assaying body fluid samples such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Automatic differentiation of a sample solution and a control solution
Pyrrole based inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase 3
Method and apparatus for detecting misalignment of train inspection systems
Light bulb loudspeaker and sound system
Polymer, resist protective coating material, and patterning process
Process to prepare pioglitazone via several novel intermediates
Diazepinoquinolines, synthesis thereof, and intermediates thereto
Acetone solvate of phthaloyl amlodipine
Arylamino-arylpropanolamine derivatives and methods of their use
Developer cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of adjusting a moving speed ratio
Developing device and toner cartridge
Developing roller and image forming method employing the same
Fuser assembly having heater element with spaced-apart features
Method and apparatus for image forming and effectively applying lubricant to an image bearing member
Non-linear electrode array
Two-part implantable cardiac lead
System and method for operating a flow process
Closed loop control system for controlling production of hydrocarbon fluid from an underground forma...
Methods of modeling physical properties of chemical mixtures and articles of use
Modeling device variations in integrated circuit design
Enhanced process yield using a hot-spot library
Internal marker device for identification of biological substances
Roller holder
Ultrasonic metal welding techniques and batteries manufactured using such techniques
Method for squeezing off and sealing a tube
Methods for assaying acetyl transferase or deacetylase activity
Imaging apparatus and its control method displaying an electronic viewfinder screen and a frame with...
Image transfer system and method therefor, image transmission apparatus, and image reception apparat...
Image taking apparatus, image taking system, and lens apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having a movable grip portion
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Position detecting method and apparatus
Image recording system, image data resource apparatus, image recording apparatus, image processing m...
Optical device, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Semiconductor laser drive control apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Image processing method, program, storage medium, and apparatus for executing a quantization process...
Image formation control based on printing rate
Toner usage control between differing image regions
Low power chip architecture
Method and device for configuring an electronic document processing peripheral in a communication ne...
Method of drying organic liquid electrolytes
Flocculating agent
Sodium salt recycling process for use in wet reprocessing process of spent nuclear fuel
Methods for the removal of organic nitrogen, organic and inorganic contaminants from an aqueous liqu...
Surface acoustic wave filter and resonator utilizing a branch electrode with an electrically opened ...
Area X-ray or UV camera system for high-intensity beams
Batteries and methods of manufacture and use
Parallel gripper for handling multiwell plate
Electric drive system
Library device
Probe, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical recording medium and recording/reading method therefor
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical informa...
Manufacturing process analysis and optimization system
Semiconductor package having double layer leadframe
Microarray package with plated contact pedestals
Semiconductor package including top-surface terminals for mounting another semiconductor package
Microelectronic devices, stacked microelectronic devices, and methods for manufacturing such devices
Light emitting apparatus
Electron beam RF amplifier and emitter
Enhanced mechanical strength via contacts
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
CPP type magneto-resistive effect device having a semiconductor oxide spacer layer and magnetic disk...
Technique for moderating stresses cause by a difference in thermal expansion coeffiecients between a...
Electronic packaging apparatus and method
Circuit board configuration
Internet control system communication protocol, method and computer program
Mechanism for pipelining loops with irregular loop control
Method, apparatus and system for maintaining connections between computers using connection-oriented...
Determining a user's groups
Pipeline for data exchange between medical image applications
Fast-path apparatus for transmitting data corresponding to a TCP connection
Bus system and methods of operation using a combined data and synchronization line to communicate be...
Computer system having daisy chained memory chips
VLIW optional fetch packet header extends instruction set space
Method and system for controlling a mixed array of point-of-load regulators through a bus translator
Managing power in a parallel processing environment
Personal computer bus protocol with error correction mode
Method, system, and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a maste...
System and program for transmitting input/output requests from a first controller to a second contro...
Reprogrammable built-in-self-test integrated circuit and test method for the same
Automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol having multiple complementary feedback mechanisms
Development system for an integrated circuit having standardized hardware objects
Interrogator and interrogation system employing the same
Computerized tomography using radar
Method and apparatus for acquisition, compression, and characterization of spatiotemporal signals
Weighted surface-to-surface mapping
Method and apparatus for optimizing electrical stimulation parameters using heart rate variability
Method and apparatus for using heart rate variability as a safety check in electrical therapies
Neural electrode treatment
System and method for stochastic DT-MRI connectivity mapping on the GPU
Methods and systems for classifying mass spectra
Diffusion-controllable coatings on medical device
Pharmaceutical composition containing an active ingredient and a micronised carrier/diluent
Method for the production of a metallic substrate having a biocompatible surface and substrate produ...
Computer-implemented method and system for security event correlation
Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
Image recording apparatus
Method for providing scaleable restart and backout of software upgrades for clustered computing
Detecting e-mail propagated malware
Anti-virus scanning co-processor
Intra-data license for using data
S-video type cable connector
Projector mounting device
Tobacco cultivar AOB 176 and products therefrom
Generating and displaying level-of-interest values
Tobacco cultivar AOB 171 and products therefrom
Method and apparatus for configuring a plurality of server systems into groups that are each separat...
Tobacco cultivar AOB 175 and products therefrom
Method and apparatus for assisting with playback of remotely stored media files
Method and system for controlling video selection and playback in a portable media player
Telephone device with handset
Transceiver with a test mode of operation
Group file delivery including user-defined metadata
Partial configuration of a programmable gate array using a bus macro and coupling the third design
Packaged liquid laundry compositions
Isolated polypeptide having arabinofuranosidase activity
Sulfonated estolides and other derivatives of fatty acids, methods of making them, and compositions ...
Use of polymers based on modified polyamines as additives for detergents
Method for simultaneous removal of asphaltene, and/or paraffin and scale from producing oil wells
Unit dose detergent product comprising silicone oil
Remote isolator interface
Vehicle anti-theft apparatus and method
Speed exceeded notification device for vehicle having a data bus and associated methods
System and method for providing secure identification solutions
System and method for efficient call management for directory assistance services
Method and system to transfer and to display location information about an object
Method for coupling a telematics device to a vehicle using an in-vehicle wiring harness with multipl...
Moving history conversion apparatus and moving history conversion method
Interface device, inferring system, and visual expression method
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle propulsion circuit
Determining respiratory or circulatory health condition in animals for improved management
Virulence of streptococci
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
Aequorin-containing compositions and methods of using same
Use of a combination of cyclosporine and pegylated interferon for treating hepatitis C (HCV)
Delivery system for heparin-binding growth factors
Use of GnRH agonists to support the luteal phase during infertility treatment
Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs
Abuse-resistant amphetamine prodrugs
Phenyl substituted cyclic derivatives
Method for producing recombinant trypsin
Polypeptides of Botryospaeria rhodina
High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
Methods and devices for diagnosis of appendicitis
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof
Inhibitors of 11-.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Systems and methods for inferring concepts for association with content
Method and system for controlling access to data communication applications
Apparatus, system and method for context and language specific data entry
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and r...
MPGA products based on a prototype FPGA
Information control in federated interaction
System and method for managing messages in a queuing system
Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
System and method for providing program criteria representing audio and/or visual programming
System and method for enhancing broadcast programs with information on the world wide web
Method and apparatus for generating an interactive radio program
Information transmission/reception system and method and information processing method and apparatus...
Audio and video transmission and receiving system
Method and apparatus for encrypted communications to a secure server
Ad-hoc creation of group based on contextual information
Process for the hydroconversion in a slurry of heavy hydrocarbonaceous feedstocks in the presence of...
Oxidative desulfurization and denitrogenation of petroleum oils
Desulfurization system with enhanced fluid/solids contacting
FCC closed cyclone with snorkel
FCC feed injection system
Curable perfluoropolyether compositions and rubber or gel articles comprising the cured products of ...
Systems and methods for monitoring a modem in a networked environment
System and method of power management for computer processor systems
Method and apparatus for obtaining stack traceback data for multiple computing nodes of a massively ...
Methods and systems for updating and recovering firmware within a computing device over a distribute...
Fluid drive unit and heat transport system
Method of obtaining required power on demand from an engine
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor
Apparatus for changing capacity of multi-stage rotary compressor
Diaphragm pump position control with offset valve axis
Seal section oil seal for submersible pump assembly
High pressure fuel pump for internal combustion engine
Adapter for motor lead extension to electric submersible pump
Metallic powder for powder metallurgy whose main component is iron and iron-based sintered body
Method for preparing an electrokinetic element
Pump structures integral to a fluid filled heat transfer apparatus
Method of assembling a modular portable compressor
Method of operating an engine with a pressure-wave supercharger
Apparatus and method for maximizing production of petroleum wells
Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water with adjustable solar panels
Fluid metering device
Hot gas blowing fan
Motor mount assembly for an air cleaner
Mounting apparatus for fan
Display package
Method of priming filter for molten metal
Paper articles exhibiting water resistance and method for making same
Paper articles exhibiting water resistance and method for making same
Durable paper
Uncoated facestock for adhesive-backed labels
Game board
Method and device for hydroentangling a web made of a fibrous cellulose product, and a web of this t...
Process for producing absorbent sheet
Absorbent paper product such as napkin or handkerchief, methods for manufacturing such a product, an...
Stable phenolic resin polymer dispersions having low free aldehyde content
Thoracic impedance detection with blood resistivity compensation
Multi-channel catheter tip
Detector configurations for optical metrology
Photogrammetric system and method used in the characterization of a structure
Automated process control using optical metrology and a correlation between profile models and key p...
Optical analysis system using multivariate optical elements
Cuvette apparatus and system for measuring optical properties of a liquid such as blood
Blood processing apparatus with dedicated stroboscopic controller for LED source
Systems and methods of using a flexible imaging surface to capture a rolled fingerprint
Information maintenance during intensity attenuation in focused beams
Method for improving surface plasmon resonance by using conducting metal oxide as adhesive layer
Surface plasmon resonance sensor and biochip
Optical property measurement apparatus and optical property measurement method, exposure apparatus a...
Method and system for using computed tomography to test pulmonary function
Signal processing device, method, and program
Background intensity correction of a scan of a document
Image processing device, method, and program
Method and apparatus to provide visual cues indicative of the level of severity or importance
Methods and apparatus for electronically trapping digital images
Motion artifacts compensation
Systems and methods providing automated decision support and medical imaging
Method of incorporating prior knowledge in level set segmentation of 3D complex structures
Method for analyzing medical image data using level set
Processing medical image information to detect anatomical abnormalities
Method, apparatus and computer program for displaying marks in an image data set
Forming three dimensional objects using a decision rule in medical image data
Computer aided disease detection system for multiple organ systems
Method for correcting inhomogeneities in an image, and an imaging apparatus therefor
Method and system for identifying illumination flux in an image
Image information processing apparatus and method, virtual space presentation apparatus, information...
Dual ZScreen.RTM. projection
Information processing method and apparatus
Substrate-guided optical devices
Current protection apparatus and method
Grounded flexible circuits
Miniaturized wireless inertial sensing system
System and method of semantic correlation of rich content
Battery compartment for a hearing aid
Hearing aid with a volume wheel
Adjusting and display tool and potentiometer
Hearing aid system
Method for adjusting the transmission characteristic of a hearing aid
Differential temperature sensor system and method
Frequency shift keying modulator having sigma-delta modulated phase rotator
System for oscillating a micromechanical cantilever
Method and apparatus for detection of a frequency coded sequence in the presence of sinusoidal inter...
Computer network device and method of assembly
Compression and decompression for network systems
Method and system for quality of service in host bus adapters
Virtual write buffers for accelerated memory and storage access
Method and system for storing frames in networks
Host bus adapter with multiple hosts
Method and system for using application specific integrated circuits
Method and system for efficiently recording processor events in host bus adapters
Network node, switch, and network failure recovery method
Determining traffic flow characteristics in a storage area network
Dynamic and intelligent buffer management for SAN extension
Solvent supply with correction of piston movement
Device for treating fluids, especially waste water, comprising a stack of disks
Self-cleaning screen with check valve for use in shallow water pumping
Adjustable, configurable storm inlet filter
Filter cartridge construction with carbon profile
Water treatment assembly
Phosphorus removal system and process
De-pressurization scheme for chromatography columns
Economical filter changing apparatus and method for electrical discharge machines and other applicat...
Method for purifying effluent in an anaerobic reactor
Fluid storage and purification method and system
Buffered compositions for dialysis
Method of removing a metal ion from a water stream using organo-ceramic composite materials
Mobile vacuum flotation and clarification unit
System, method, and apparatus for end-to-end control of water quality
Flow-through oxygenator
Centrifuge and a support for use in a centrifuge
Coolant mixture separator assembly for use in a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell power p...
Monitoring column breakthrough in a process for removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer...
Purification methods and purified polymers
Heat pump apparatus
Device for controlling power transfer between two cores of a direct current network
Switching controller having synchronous input for the synchronization of power converters
Input sampling network that avoids undesired transient voltages
Frequency-converting circuit and down converter with the same
Transient load response for a voltage regulator with a load current based control loop
Damage-resistant epoxy compound
Extension of aircraft tracking and positive identification from movement areas into non-movement are...
Methods and apparatuses for projectile fuze setback generator power source and projectiles including...
Systems for safe carriage and deployment of hand-held non-lethal/lethal deployable devices
HCV NS-3 serine protease inhibitors
Isothiourea derivatives of imadazo[2,1-b]Thiazoles and 5,6-dihydro derivatives thereof useful as CXC...
Automatic software update detection and flexible installer for set-top boxes
Software object verification method for real time system
Segmented linker using spatial locality of reference for over-the-air software updates
Simplified device drivers for hardware devices of a computer system
Multithreaded kernel for graphics processing unit
Managing transactions in a messaging system
Virtual OS computing environment
Disc cartridge for storage of a disc
Channel merging method for VOD system
Set top terminal for displaying television program menus
System and method for maintaining security in a distributed computer network
Server certificate issuing system
Communication system and security assurance device
System and method of efficiently identifying and removing active malware from a computer
System for avoidance of collision between an aircraft and an obstacle
Error proofing system for portable tools
Method of reducing viscosity of high concentration protein formulations
Probing blade conductive connector for use with an electrical test probe
YKL-40 as a marker and prognostic indicator for cancers
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Anti-static ball and method of manufacture
Honeycomb structure body
Cycloalkylamino acid derivatives
Synthesis and uses of pyroglutamic acid derivatives
Determining and reducing immunoresistance to a Botulinum toxin therapy using Botulinum toxin B pepti...
Method for the purification of microbial protease
Method of analyzing C-terminal amino acid sequence of peptide
Dispersible alcohol/cleaning wipes via topical or wet-end application of acrylamide or vinylamide/am...
Cleansing composition containing hydrophilic silica and oxyalkenylated compounds
Formulations and methods for delivery of growth factor analogs
RGD-enriched gelatine-like proteins with enhanced cell binding
Peptides that antagonize FPR class receptor mediated signaling
Bupropion hydrobromide and therapeutic applications
Amphiphilic dendritic dipeptides and their self-assembly into helical pores
Films and particles
Chemotherapeutic antineoplastic treatment
Piperazine-piperidine antagonists and agonists of the 5-HT.sub.1A receptor
Tinted, abrasion resistant coating compositions and coated articles
Catalyst system for olefin polymerization, its production and use
Crosslinked polymers with amine binding groups
Crosslinked polymers with amine binding groups
Control of polymer surface molecular architecture via amphipathic endgroups
Unsymmetrical aromatic ether diacids and absorbable polymers therefrom
Biological Agent Signature Detector With an Optical Fiber Cladding Combined With a Bio-Indicator
Sheet-like probe, method of producing the probe, and application of the probe
Search system and method
Electronic message and data tracking system
Method and apparatus for accessing data within an electronic system by an external system
Methods and systems for repairing playlists
Apparatus and methods for controlling the transmission of messages
System and method for e-mail message action requests
Social network email filtering
Request authentication token
Network scanner for global document creation, transmission and management
Filtering and policing for defending against denial of service attacks on a network
Aggregation system
Mechanism to search information content for preselected data
Appliance and method for preparing a froth from a food liquid
Food pressure-cooking device with a cover module
Cooking appliances and food holders particularly useful therein
Multiple upstanding support food cooking rack
Multi-purpose culinary implement
Interdental space cleaner
Packaging and dispensing system for sandwich food products
Food cutting device
Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
Marinating device
Fluctuating blood glucose notification threshold profiles and methods of use
Removal of fiber from grain products including distillers dried grains with solubles
Method for vacuum stripping of oils and fats
Aerated frozen suspension with adjusted creaminess and scoop ability based on stress-controlled gene...
Process for preparing isomalto-oligosaccharides with elongated chain and low glycemic index
Antimicrobial and anticancer lipopeptides
Hydrolysate of avian cartilage, process of preparation and uses thereof
Gelled biopolymer based foam
Gelled biopolymer based foam
Gelled biopolymer based foam
Stay 'n play children's toy restraint
Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
Image frame abstraction model for image codecs
Cable with a coating layer made from a waste material
Toner container and toner supply device unit using the same
Developing device using electrostatic transport and hopping (ETH)
Image forming apparatus
Data communication and control for medical imaging systems
Portable apparatus that delivers power and information to implantable devices
Reinforced sensing and stimulation leads and use in detection systems
Modifying and supplying liquid nutritional feeding
Operation assist apparatus
Navigation system using radio frequency identification system and method for displaying construction...
Method for sampling seepage
Computerized method for adherence to physical restriction in the construction of an ITE hearing aid
Transportation planning with drop trailer arrangements
Construction payment management system and method with automated electronic document generation feat...
Information processing apparatus having SMP license information
Angle and force measurement instrument
Motor control apparatus providing exercise resistance and auto-rewinding functions
Multi-angle exercise balance platform
Repetition sensor in exercise equipment
Physical training system
System comprising magnetically actuated motion control device
Exercise device
System and method for selective adjustment of exercise apparatus
Handle-pass trainer method and apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Exercise machine having rotatable weight selection index
Squat machine for exercising