A system including a storage processing device with an input/output module. The input/output module has port processors to receive and transmit network traffic. The input/output module also has a switch connecting the port processors. Each port processor categorizes the network traffic as fast path network traffic or control path network traffic. The switch routes fast path network traffic from an ingress port processor to a specified egress port processor. The storage processing device also includes a control module to process the control path network traffic received from the ingress port processor. The control module routes processed control path network traffic to the switch for routing to a defined egress port processor. The control module is connected to the input/output module. The input/output module and the control module are configured to interactively support data virtualization, data migration, data journaling, and snapshotting. The distributed control and fast path processors achieve scaling of storage network software. The storage processors provide line-speed processing of storage data using a rich set of storage-optimized hardware acceleration engines. The multi-protocol switching fabric provides a low-latency, protocol-neutral interconnect that integrally links all components with any-to-any non-blocking throughput.

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