An improved outdoor lighting system is provided that comprises a light assembly formed from at least one tubular mast having a distal end for supporting an electrically powered light source, and a proximal end mounted in the ground, and an electrical cable for connecting the light source to an underground power source. The improved system includes an electrical connector assembly in the cable located in the vicinity of the ground-mounted distal end of the tubular mast. The electrical connector assembly spontaneously disconnects in response to an application of an tensile force indicative of an automobile collision with the mast, thereby preventing damaging tensile forces from being transmitted along the underground portion of the cable to the circuit breaker. The system further comprises an underground fuse assembly and lightning arrestor, both of which are mounted in an underground box electrically connected between the circuit breaker, and the underground portion of the cable that terminates in the aforementioned connector assembly. The remote, underground location of the fuse assembly and lightning arrestor provides easy and safe access to these components by maintenance personnel while discouraging vandals from tampering with or stealing these components.


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> Photonic bandgap materials based on silicon

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