A self-propelled aquatic apparatus having a duck shaped body, wherein the body is partially filled with floatation material, a base, a waterproof battery container, a battery, a battery compartment, an electro-mechanical propulsion mechanism having a pair of webbed feet, which alternately articulate from a forward down position to a rearward raised position, and a power switch. The webbed feet are slightly cupped to enhance paddling efficiency when moving from the forward down position to the rearward raised position, and are made of a relatively flexible material, such that the webbed feet will distort rather than break if they encounter a hard surface or are bent, and will not scratch the skin. The webbed feet have a coupling extension, where said coupling extension has an end that is longer in the front and shorter in the back, where the shorter end enables each of the webbed feet, while in the rearward raised position, to rotate closer to the body as the apparatus is propelled through water, thereby lowering the hydrodynamic resistance of the raised webbed foot.

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