An assembly is provided which can crimp or compress an intraluminal device or measure the radial strength of an intraluminal device. The crimping assembly includes at least two moving-element subassemblies, each with a pair of moving elements. The moving elements having a first side and a second side joining at a tip. The moving-element subassembly is able to move in such a way that the moving elements move relative to each other from a first position with the tips offset from each other by a first distance, to a second position with the tips offset from each other by a second distance different than the first distance. The assembly also includes a movement assembly that interfaces with each of the moving-element subassemblies. The movement assembly moves the pairs of moving elements between the first position and the second position.


< Nebivolol and its metabolites in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods of use

> Aminoalkylphosphonates and related compounds as Edg receptor agonists

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